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ZTP is one of the competent white paper box manufacturers that offer one-stop services from production and designs to delivery. With over 20 years of experience in the paper packaging industry, we are proficient enough to serve the needs of our clients.

We are devoted to giving the most cost-effective and productive printing and packaging solutions at hand. We have a team of professionals and highly skilled designers who are capable of producing excellent products.

Select Your Type Of White Paper Box

When it comes to white paper boxes, ZTP has lots to offer. You are free to suggest the type of white paper box you want.

White Paper Gift Boxes
The white paper gift boxes are completely eco-friendly and are made of recyclable materials. These white gift boxes are perfect for weddings since the color symbolizes purity and positivity.
White Paper Box With Lid
The white paper box with lid is designed by professionals. It is perfect for transit and storage since the lid secures the items inside from dirt, moisture, dust, and erosion.
White Paperboard Box
ZTP uses paperboard since it is thicker and solid than normal paper. We make sure the durability and quality of our product will satisfy you.
White Kraft Paper Box
The white kraft paper box is made of unbleached pulp and is 100% recyclable. It is affordable and ideal for any packaging used.
Custom Paper Boxes
ZTP is designing all types of custom paper boxes. You can get stylish and elegant prints that are cost-effective and premium.
Printed Paper Box
This printed paper box has cute and adorable designs that can easily display while surprising your loved ones or for business. We will surely appreciate the cool designs.

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Why Is White Paper Box Important?

If you’re not a fan of using printed boxes, a white paper box is an affordable and easy way to make your brand notable. White paper box looks more clean or hygienic, which adds positivity to the perception of customers.

Every type of white paper box gives you advantages. White considerably gives a clean and sophisticated look. Other businesses like medical, health and food products choose white paper because of its sanitary characteristics.

Additionally, the hygienic look and sharper colors of the white paper box provide a more fabulous feel. Regardless of what you want, we have a variety of choices to choose from. ZTP ensures that you will be satisfied with our products and services. That’s why we produce several forms of white paper boxes.

Choosing a perfect box for your business helps you increase your sales, brand awareness, and trust from your customers.

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ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
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20 Years Experiences of White Paper Box Manufacturing

With 20 years of expertise in the industry of printing and packaging, ZTP has the potential to provide you with excellent packaging solutions. We are one of the leading manufacturers that specialize in producing high-quality white paper boxes. Also, we provide flexible services to suit your business needs.

We ensure to accommodate and offer both small and big businesses by making affordable and premium white paper box products. Our team of experts are capable of providing you with a set of recommendations, depending on your preferences and needs. We are dedicated to giving efficient, smooth, and up-to-date services for all your white paper box needs. For sure, you will never forget the experience we’ve offered you.

Why You Should Choose Us For Your White Paper Box Needs

At ZTP, we commit ourselves to both innovative and quality customer service. To sustain our prominence as a provider of high-quality printing and packaging solutions, ZTP is dedicated to only using advanced equipment and recyclable materials. Our equipment is regularly checked and constantly upgraded to industry top standards.

Since we have been serving for 20 years, we know how to solve customer’s printing and packaging challenges. We have trained structural designers and packaging professionals that can provide you with excellent white paper box products.

Our skilled staff can work with you at all times for your packaging needs, offering competitive rates and innovative solutions. We honor ourselves on our commitment and consistent excellence of services to our clients.

ZTP sustains the satisfaction of every customer by striving to enhance the quality of our services and products. So, if you’re searching for an excellent white paper box, choose ZTP. We will ensure to serve you every step of the way to provide you first-rate white paper boxes.

White Paper Box – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

White Paper Box – The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a perfect guide containing numerous facts and the information you need to know all about white paper boxes.

The Guide is a collection of the frequently asked questions about white paper boxes and their answers like characteristics, types, cost, and thickness.

White Paper Box – The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a comprehensive guide that helps individuals to find out more information about the white paper box.

This Guide helps you to understand the white paper box better and to choose what you have required. It also has information about its lifespan and basic material to make a white paper box.

  1. What Is The Handmade Production Line Of White Paper Box?
  2. What Are The Types Of White Paper Box?
  3. Why Choose the Product?
  4. What Is The Role Of The Product In the Corporate Sector?
  5. How Does The Product Work As Eco Packaging?
  6. What Factors Affect The Cost Of a White Paper Box?
  7. What Can Options Be Choice When Custom The Box?
  8. What Are The Characteristics Of The White Paper Box?
  9. How Is The Product Helpful In E-Commerce?
  10. What Are The Applications Of White Paper Boxes?
  11. What Are The Methods To Obtain White Paper Box?
  12. What Is The Manufacturing Process Of The Product?
  13. How To Design My Logo For White Paper Box?
  14. What Is The Lifespan Of The Box?
  15. How Can You Use White Boxes In Different Ways?
  16. What Different Between White Paper Box And Cardboard boxes?
  17. What Weight Can Be Hold In This Box?
  18. Which Type Of Paper Is Used To Make This Box?
  19. What Should Be The Thickness Of This Box?

1.    What Is The Handmade Production Line Of White Paper Box?

The handmade production line of the white paper box is not the same as the factory production line.

A handmade white paper box is one of the general birthday card boxes; it has many professional designs.

The handmade white paper box can be applied for various kinds of packaging in daily life, also can use as a promotional gift or advertising medium.

And handmade production of the paper box can make your budget not tight.

China manufacturer’s white paper box provides services from production and designs to delivery. With over 20 years of experience in the paper packaging industry, China has mastered the art of paper boxes to meet the needs of its clients.

China has a team devoted to providing the best quality printing and packaging solutions at the lowest prices.

China’s skilled, professional team of designers can produce beautiful products for any budget.

2.    What Are The Types Of White Paper Box?

There are a lot of types of a white paper boxes. Few types are explained below:

  1. White Paper Gift Boxes:

White paper gift boxes are eco-conscious. Made from recycled paper, they are environmentally friendly and can give a gift or an elegant display stands for a wedding. This color symbolizes purity and positivity, making it the perfect color for weddings.

  1. White paper box with lid:

white Paper Box With Lid
The white paper box with a lid is designed for fast and convenient shipping. With the top securely fastened, there is no need to worry about dirt, moisture, dust, or damage.

  1. White paper board box:

China uses paper board because it is thicker and sturdier than regular paper. It makes sure your final product is of the highest quality so you can be assured of satisfaction.

  1. Paper Box Paper:

The white kraft paper box is made of 100% recyclable materials and is ideal for packaging. It is an affordable option for any brand, organization, or business looking to grow your customer base through better customer service.

  1. Custom White Paper Box:

China is a leading manufacturer of custom printed white paper boxes. These are print on the highest quality yet economically attractive papers that fit any event, promotion, or marketing campaign. From business cards to envelopes, all the products are perfect for any application.

  1. Printed White Paper Box:

White Paper Box Printed
This gorgeous, white paper printed box is decorated with a cute, appealing design that will surely make your loved ones happy. It’s great for business promotional purposes or any party theme-related activity.

3.    Why Choose the Product?

At the China Printing and Packaging Corporation, the mission is to create quality products.

China uses only advanced technology and environmentally-conscious materials for products, and it regularly checks our equipment to ensure it remains at top-of-the-line standards.

Since China’s manufacturers have been in business for many years, their expertise in box designing and custom packaging solutions has allowed you to develop a deep understanding of what makes a great white paper box.

Their team understands the needs of different industries and can create custom solutions for you.

Their skilled staff is always available for your packaging needs. The best manufacturer provides you with competitive rates and innovative solutions. They value the commitment made to you for exceptional services and continuous improvement.

China is a global leader when it comes to providing excellent customer service. So if you’re searching for a superior quality white paper box, China is your best choice. The manufacturer will make sure that you receive top-notch white paper boxes.

4.    What Is The Role Of The Product In the Corporate Sector?

The role of the white paper box in the corporate sector is to store or transport goods from manufacturers to warehouses, shops, or industrial outlets.

White boxes are one of the most elegant and most versatile bases for your packaging solutions.

It can be used to create something unique and tailor-made for your business, whether you are a chef, fashion designer, or artist.

China’s online manufacturer makes it easy to find and order the white cardboard boxes that best suit your needs.

5.    How Does The Product Work As Eco Packaging?

The term “eco-friendly packaging” implies the usage of recycled materials only.

But, making packaging out of recycled or recyclable materials is just another way to make its product more attractive and sell it at higher prices.

white Paper Box Eco-Friendly
Eco-friendly packaging must consider the impact on the environment, including emissions of greenhouse gases and water intake from landfills.

It also needs to be cost-effective, recyclable and made of renewable resources. Examples of products that are eco-friendly include sustainable paper products, organic cotton clothing, etc.


6.    What Factors Affect The Cost Of a White Paper Box?

Paper material prices, white paper prices, shipping costs, production costs, and the box size all affect the cost of making a white paper box.

The size of the box determines the biggest variable in cost: the bigger the box, the more expensive it is for manufacturers to make because more materials are used in its making.

A few of the factors that affect most are listed below:

  • Cost
  • Food and perishable goods
  • Dangerous goods
  • Waste Legislation
  • Mode of Transport
  • Security
  • Protection to save damage
  • Wood packaging requirement

7.    What Can Options Be Choice When Custom The Box?

By designing a custom-designed cover for any customizable white paper boxes, you can create an advertisement for your company and a white paper box that lasts.

You can customize the white paper box by adding your logo or making color, size, and printing according to your requirement.

White Paper Box Custom
You can upload your brand logo and other graphic elements via the internet you want to a white paper box, then place them on a plain brown shipping box.

After that, you can choose from various shapes and sizes for all of our recycled shipping boxes.

Things to make sure ordering a custom white paper box:

  • Shape and Size
  • Attractive Look
  • Divisions if any
  • Ergonomic Packaging
  • Material
  • Your Budget

8.    What Are The Characteristics Of The White Paper Box?

From a lot of characteristics, few characteristics are described below:

One of the main characteristics of white paper boxes is that it absorbs sound and vibration and remains intact after repetitive folding.

The white paper box is mostly made of cardboard, a material used for strong and rigid packaging.

The cardboard crania do not get damaged or ripped over time.

The most significant facts about the proper white paper box are that it is lightweight, tear-resistant, and can be easily recycled.

The waterproof protective packaging keeps your cardboard alive for the longest amount of time.

Due to its durability, it can be reused for multiple uses, such as putting in old books, newspapers, and other belongings.

9.    How Is The Product Helpful In E-Commerce?

The best choice for e-commerce brands and brick-and-mortar retailers is large white paper boxes with lids.

The selection of quality white paper boxes with lids will help you create a uniform, professional impression.

These are the ideal solution for e-commerce businesses that want to brand their store or products.

White Paper Box E-Commerce
White postal paper boxes feature a blank white exterior that’s begging to have your logo and branding printed on it.

With the same strength and durability as any other box in our range, these white paper boxes are a great way to present your products to customers attractively and reliably.

These boxes are the perfect tool for showing your product off to customers.

White paper boxes have been designed to create a sense of luxury and luxury feel.

With your logo on the white paper box, customers will think your product is grand and expensive.

10.   What Are The Applications Of White Paper Boxes?

From various uses of white paper box, few are explained below:

  • White Paper Boxes, also used as stationery gift boxes, wrap a wide range of products, including food, wine bottles, small gifts, work items, and other valuables.
  • White Paper Boxes are currently widely used in the packaging industry for shipping and storing fragile and non-fragile goods.
  • They are highly useful for various product packaging, including books, shoes, stationery, and other products that may require a beautiful packing white paper box.
  • These blank white paper boxes can be used as mailing boxes for small bridal gifts for your wedding or a box for storing food in the refrigerator.
  • Businesses do not just desire white Paper Boxes. Homeowners often find them useful for storing and organizing important documents, and even school students enjoy using paper boxes to keep their notes, books, and other printed materials.
  • White paper bags are used across the country to transport medicine and toiletries to ensure their safety for convenient and environmentally friendly storage and help keep the environment clean.

white paper box is Usually packed with:

  • Electronic products,
  • Mobile phone accessories

White Paper Box jewlry

  • Earrings and pearl necklaces
  • Artwork and collectibles
  • Cartoon character figurines packaging
  • Food such as chocolate boxes

11.   What Are The Methods To Obtain White Paper Box?

When purchasing white paper boxes, there are two kinds of color applications to look out for white paper boxes.

One process involves bleaching, which is a very harsh chemical that removes the dark brown color.

The other process uses mottling, which involves applying a thin layer of white paint to the cardboard.

Depending on your application, one process may be more beneficial.

The one process is comparatively much better because the whiteness of the cardboard is retrieved through a chemical process and not a layer of white paint which is not reliable.

The permanent solution of the whiteness is related to the first process, which is considered the most reliable process.

12.   What Is The Manufacturing Process Of The Product?

White Paper Boxes have a relatively constant size, although the width is slightly narrower than the height and made through different types of white paper, which are made through a process.

It is easy to use by folding and connecting different pieces to make a white paper box.

Small and thin sheet materials such as pasteboard, thin plastic, or flimsy paper can be easily folded.

Following manufacturing processes are involved in obtaining white paper for the white paper box:

  1. Double-sided copper plate jam Paper Inside White

Box Jam Paper
This is made of chemical wood pulp. It is called white sika paper, and it is used for business cards and wedding invitations. Copper sika is used for book covers, postcards, cards, wedding invitations, merchandise, etc.

  1. Copper Plate paper Inside White

The copper card is common among packaging materials, which uses paper as its base material. It has the advantages of high whiteness, smooth paper surface, good ink absorption, and gloss, so it’s useful for all kinds of boxes.

  1. White & Gray Bottom Copper paper Jam

The surface layer is made from chemically bleached recycled paper, and the core layer and the bottom layer are made from unbleached kraft pulp.

They provide better color printing, stretchability, and durability. The main use of these new carton layers is for the flexible packaging of hardcover books.

  1. White Card:

The white card consists of three layers: the top, bottom, and middle layers are all white, smooth, and flat. The surface is a single-sided printing surface, while the bottom layer is a filler layer.

The cards are hard, thin, and stiff. Main uses packaging boxes and other high-end products.

  1. White Paper

The whiteboard paper is a kind of rough fiber structure used as a surface for hanging other materials.

Several materials and systems coat the surface and optically insulate it from light, such as paint or a plastic film. Sometimes a whiteboard marker is included in the package too.

  1. White Cardboard:

A kind of paper that is made up of multiple layers that have been rolled and pressed together.

White Paper Box Cardboard
Paper is used for packaging boxes, commodity sulphonated backing paper, and bookbinding. There are two kinds of gray bottom and white bottom. Depending on the layer, there are two kinds of single-sided and double-sided points.
The multi-roll process allows for a high-quality paper that can be used for many different purposes. Because it is very sturdy, it is often used by companies to distribute information to their customers.

Businesses use white paper boxes and home users for printing business cards, certificates, invitations, covers, calendars, and postcards.

13.   How To Design My Logo For White Paper Box?

You can contact the manufacturer online and talk about your company’s logo design.

White Paper Box Logo
After having all the information and discussion with the manufacturer, you can design and print your logo.

The following information will be required to print your logo:

  • Dimension and size
  • Color
  • Shape
  • Sharpness
  • Logo style Embossed/ Die-Cut
  • Logo Text if any
  • Your budget
  • Quantity

14.   What Is The Lifespan Of The Box?

The lifespan of the white paper box is in effect; it depends on various factors such as usage, transporting items, storing, placing objects, and so on.

It is necessary to use the paper box under proper handling. In most cases, the white paper box can last for a longer period; however, it needs the appropriate care and storage.

The process often involves how something is reused, recycled, or disposed of.

The life cycle of the white paper box relies on its use by the consumer.

Most consumers dispose of their boxes after a few recycling events, while others will keep them for storage or in case they need to transport items at a later time.

15.   How Can You Use White Boxes In Different Ways?

Cardboard is a great material for white paper boxes because it’s both sturdy and lightweight, meaning that your products will be able to withstand rough handling while still maintaining their shape.

With its easy-to-handle malleability, cardboard is perfect for use in shipping white paper boxes.

Here are some creative ways to use them:

  • Use the boxes for packaging and shipping promotional products.
  • Include a logo and other info on the outside of the box.
  • Give away samples or demo products with each box.
  • Print up company posters on the sides or inside of the boxes.
  • Paper boxes can be used in different ways. For example, they can be used for storage and shipping purposes to keep things organized.

When advertising, the packaging can include your logo to make a strong first impression. If you are looking for a unique way to display your product, you can print custom boxes with a logo or design on them.

16.   What Different Between White Paper Box And Cardboard boxes?

The differences between a white paper box and a cardboard box are mainly the material, price, and size.

A white paper box is a hard, thick envelope that comes in various sizes and can be used for promotional purposes. It’s made of heavyweight paper stock or paper pulp, and it’s easier to open.

A white paper box comprises three layers, an inside liner, an outside liner, and a medium between the two. The fluted part of the white paper box saves space and prevents damage to the product being shipped.

White paper boxes are expensive to buy and use. They provide less protection against dust, scratches, and more. In comparison, a white paper box is inexpensive to purchase and just as cheap to use.

White paper boxes are made from recycled paper glued together with resin to make the flaps, bottom, sides, and tops. White paper boxes are square or rectangular-shaped boxes.

17.  What Weight Can Be Hold In This Box?

The capacity of a single-wall cardboard box depends on the size of the box and its quality.

A single-wall cardboard box usually can hold about 30 to 80 pounds, depending on the box’s size and quality.

By contrast, a double-walled cardboard box can hold up to 150 pounds

18.   Which Type Of Paper Is Used To Make This Box?

White paper box is mainly made from three materials:

  • Art paper
  • Kraft paper
  • Cardboard paper

Usually, more than one material is used in making a white paper box, depending on the size of the box.

Fiberboard is a material made by fluting cardboard sheets. It is used for making boxes and usually has two layers boxes.

The most popular type of paper for boxes is white cardboard.

19.   What Should Be The Thickness Of This Box?

The maker decides the thickness of the white paper following the material of this paper.

There are several factors for determining the ideal thickness of the white paper box, i.e., decide the thickness of the white paper according to aspects like needs, dimension, materials, etc.…

The thicker the background of the white paper will be a higher price, and generally, a heavier weight. (in the regulations, there is only one standard, namely 190gsm thickness ) The material of the background of the white paper has a direct relationship with the price.

The thickness of a normal paper box should not exceed 1mm, for the reason that the corrugation overlap each other or bent to the outside, which may cause damages to the package

The thickness of the white paper box depends on the materials used. If you use only cardboard to make the box, it is better to choose a 330-350mg standard thickness.

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