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ZTP is a prominent white mailer box provider that supplies a one-stop-shop for everything—from production to layout to shipping. We have over two decades of expertise in the paper packaging sector, and we are capable of meeting the needs of our customers.

We are committed to providing the most affordable and efficient printing and packaging solutions possible. We have a range of expertise and extremely competent designers who can create high-quality white mailer boxes.

Choose From A Collection Of White Mailer Boxes

ZTP has a lot to offer in terms of white boxes. You have the freedom to specify the sort of white mailer boxes you desire.

Kraft Corrugated Mailers
Our kraft corrugated mailers are totally recyclable and environmentally beneficial. They are appropriate for any occasion and are available in a variety of styles and colors.
Large White Shipping Boxes
ZTP professionals design high-quality large white shipping boxes. The box is ideal for transit and storage since it is spacious and strong and can accommodate a variety of things.
White Corrugated Mailer Boxes
ZTP manufactures recyclable and high-quality white corrugated mailer boxes. We ensure that the product's longevity and quality will meet your expectations.
White Literature Mailer Boxes
The white literature mailer boxes are composed of 100% recyclable unprocessed pulp. They’re inexpensive and great for any type of packaging, especially if you want a brilliant white shipper.
Small Cardboard Mailers
ZTP creates a variety of small cardboard mailers. You could get fashionable and exquisite prints that are both affordable and of high-quality.
Coloured Mailer Boxes
These coloured mailer boxes feature lovely and appealing graphics that you can use to surprise your dear ones or for commercial purposes. The sleek and colorful designs will undoubtedly appeal to them.

Allow Your Brand To Stand Out With Custom Mailer Boxes

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What Makes Us Different

Good things are said to come in little packages. Whether it’s little cartons, giant mailer boxes, or anything in between, At ZTP, we believe great things come in customized packages. With a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, we provide you with the materials to design something outstanding on the exterior while simultaneously exciting your clients about what’s on the inside.

What makes us unique is that we provide 100% water-resistant printing as an eco-friendly and food-safe choice. We also use types of equipment that are advanced, innovative to ensure long-lasting and quality mailer boxes. Every order is fulfilled excellently here at ZTP.

Don’t miss out on a fresh opportunity to reach out to your audience. The package is the first thing your consumer perceives when you ship a product. So, don’t be satisfied with a plain box! Here at ZTP, mailer boxes are quality and customizable.

You may customize it with your logos, colors, and text to create unique branded mailer boxes that will leave a positive impression. Choose from our different styles and sizes to make your business stand out.

At ZTP, we can guarantee you excellent and eco-friendly mailer boxes!

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ZTP pass the ISO9001/ISO14001 manufacturing
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BSCI improve social performance in supply chain.
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ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
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Over 20 years printing and packaging experience manufacturer

Why You Should Rely On Us For Your Mailer Boxes Needs

At ZTP, we are dedicated to providing both creative and high-quality customer care. ZTP is committed to only employing innovative equipment and recyclable materials in order to maintain our role as a key provider of high-quality printing and packaging solutions. Our equipment is continually inspected and improved to meet the industry’s best standards.

With over two decades of experience, we know how to fix our customers’ printing and packaging concerns. We have skilled designers and packaging experts that can create high-quality white paper boxes for you.

Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you with your packaging needs at any time, providing affordable rates and innovative solutions. We pride ourselves on our dedication to providing consistently excellent service to our clients.

ZTP strives to improve the quality of our services and products in order to maintain customer satisfaction. So, if you’re searching for the perfect mailer boxes, go with ZTP. We will make every effort to assist you every step of the way in order to supply you with quality mailer boxes.

Mailer Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide

Mailer Box – the Definitive FAQ Guide is a comprehensive guide to help you decide on what size, color, and the material will fit your needs.

Which type do I need? Box or Mailer? What size? How much does it cost? And many other questions that are answered in an easy-to-understand format.

The Definitive FAQ Guide is the ultimate guide to mailer boxes. In this concise read, you will learn almost everything you need to know about custom mailer boxes in general.

The Guide will save you a lot of time, money, and effort by giving you all the answers you need.

Mailer Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide is perfect information to help you in your business.

This all-inclusive package contains everything you need to create the best-looking mailers and optimize your business.

  1.    What Is Mailer Box?
  2. How Do You Use This Box?
  3. How Do I Ship A Mailer Box?
  4. What Are The Types Of Mailer Boxes?
  5. What Is The Standard Size And Weight For Shipping?
  6. What Are The Benefits Of This Box?
  7. Which Variant Of Boxes Fits My Product?
  8. How Many Do You Order Will Be Cost-Effective?
  9. What Products Can Fit In Mailer Boxes?
  10.  What Paperboard Do You Use To Manufacture Mailer Box?
  11. uring shipment from suppliers to retailers and retailers back to suppliers.
  12.  Are Mailer Boxes Safe To Ship?
  13. What Are The Applications Of The Mailer Box?
  14. How To Choose The Mailer Box Type For Your Product?
  15. What Do You Need Your Box For?
  16. How To Custom Your Box?
  17. How To Design The Box When You Only Have Product?

1.    What Is Mailer Box?

Mailer box is a box product that is convenient for the postal services and transportation of various products, mailer boxes under the different transport requirements can be produced.

A mailer box is a cardboard packaging designed to store and send your products.

It can serve as a practical and secure way to ship its contents thanks to double-sided flaps and wings that lock securely in place.

Mailer Box

An interlocking flap and wing system makes it easy to assemble, requiring no adhesives.

Its double sidewalls make it an incredibly durable and effective packaging solution.

Mailer boxes are custom printed, specially designed for sending products.

Unlike regular cardboard boxes, mailer boxes are made with super-strong corrugated cardboard and scored to fold into a tailored tray shape.

They have three divider panels to keep your products from getting damaged and offer more space than an envelope or envelope pack.

2.    How Do You Use This Box?

From the multiple uses of these mailer boxes, few uses are explained below:

  • Mailer Boxes are the traditional promotional mailers that have been used globally to promote businesses and products.
  • These mailer boxes offer quality, convenience, and flexibility in all the right places.
  • Mailer box is a specially manufactured box used in mail marketing and deliveries.
  • These mailer boxes are mostly used by companies who send newsletters or other types of information to their customers.
  • Mailer box is an easy way to give your customer a sense of quality and professionalism.
  • Mailer Boxes are designed to be the most versatile, cost-effective packaging solution available.
  • A Mailer box is a type of package used by businesses to mail various products to their customers.
  • Businesses will often have many of the same products they want to send to different customers, generating huge savings for businesses when using mailer boxes instead of shipping each product one by one.

3.    How Do I Ship A Mailer Box?

A Mailer box is a protective carton used as a mailing container for products when mailed through the postal service.

Mailer boxes can be made in various sizes, shapes, and materials. They are also designed to fit product size requirements and can even be padded or have dividers added inside to protect the products or materials being shipped.

Shipment Mailer Box

You can use a shipping service to ship your mailer box or rent a mailer box from an internet freight company.

To make it easy for you, freight companies can provide free boxes to fill and deliver.

You can also choose the size of your mailing box based on the size of your products.

Surprise mailer boxes are personalized cardboard boxes in which people can send gifts, collectibles, or surprises to their friends and family.

For the most part, the surprise mailer box market is divided into two categories:

  • Standard mailer box
  • Premium mailer box

A Mailer Box is a customized shipping box that helps make a “wow” factor when a customer first opens their package.

Available in many different styles and sizes, mailer boxes can be placed inside an ordinary mailing box to create an even more engaging unboxing experience.

They cost between $3-$8 each, depending on the style and quantity. They take 1-2 weeks to be manufactured and ready for shipping.

4.    What Are The Types Of Mailer Boxes?

From a lot of types of mailer boxes, few Types of Shipping Boxes are listed below:

  1. Roll End Tray with Locking Cover mailer box

Roll End tray Mailer Box

  1. Rack-mountable rolling shipping mailer boxes are essential for the safe, fast, and efficient transportation of products.

These mailer boxes are built using stamped panels. They feature a reinforced bottom and multiple layers of corrugated material to resist impact and provide superior load-bearing strength.

Locking covers to these mailer boxes provide excellent sealing capabilities that prevent damage to products inside the mailer box.

  1. Die-Cut Self Locking mailer box:

A self-locking flap is a mechanism that holds the flaps of a mailer box shut when it is closed.

This mechanism is used in cardboard mailer boxes that hold food items.

Die-Cut Mailer Box

These types of mailer boxes have walls that fold into each other without tape or glue.

Also, packaging companies make cartons with self-locking flaps that can be folded into a mailer box before it’s sealed to protect the product inside.

  1. Full Overlap mailer box:

Full Overlap Mailer Box
All flaps in this type of mailer boxes have the same length, but they overlap when closed.

The extra thickness adds extra protection and is used to keep the mailer box securely in place.

  1. Wrap around blank mailer box:

A nonjoinder wraparound mailer box is formed by folding a rectangular-shaped sheet of paper around a product.


The positioning of the product and folding is done automatically by machine.

Wrap Around Mailer Box

The finished mailer box is essentially an RSC opened like a book so that one side of the box is open while the other side is closed.

  1. One Piece Folder mailer box:

A protective cardboard mailer box that fits around your product, designed specifically for the dimensions of a product.

One Piece Folder Mailer Box

  1. Regular Slotted Container (RSC) mailer box:

The standardized, slotted container is the extremely trendy mailing container in the world.


This single-piece reusable box can be used to ship a wide variety of products.

RSC Mailer Box

Its simple design and ease of use make it popular with retailers and consumers alike.

  1. Five Panel Folder mailer box:

The Five-Panel Folder mailer box is the ideal and versatile solution for shipping long, heavy, or flat products.

5PF Mailer Box

Made up of five corrugated panels, this versatile shipping container is perfect for long and flat items.

A fifth panel can be opened to cover the product when shipping fully.

  1. Full telescope mailer box:

Full Telescope Mailer Box
The Full Telescope mailer box is a box that consists of two side panels that can be read separately or joined together.

It’s also known as a ‘slatted’ container, and it’s made by stacking two boxes on top of each other and adding ‘slat’ panels in the middle.

5.    What Is The Standard Size And Weight For Shipping?

The standard size and weight for shipping mailer boxes are measured in inches (width x height x depth), with the maximum length being 8 1/2″.

The typical weight is 25 pounds. These are just a few examples, but larger or smaller mailer boxes can be customized, as well.

In addition to the measurements, the material and production determine the cost for mailer boxes.

Shipping By Air:

While shipping by air, the maximum weight of a parcel is 21kg (44 pounds).

When calculating the value of the parcel’s weight, its length, width, and height are multiplied together to determine its volume.

If a parcel’s volume exceeds 44 pounds, then it will cost more to ship by air.

Weight for shipping:

Weight is a critical part of accurately determining the cost of shipping.

To determine the weight of your order, divide the total length by 6,000 (the number of cubic inches in one standard shipping box) for each item in your order.

volume weight = length×width×height(cm) ÷6000

If volume weight over the weight, then choose volume weight to check the shipping cost

6.    What Are The Benefits Of This Box?

There are a lot of benefits. Few benefits are explained below:

  • The mailer boxes are manufactured and designed to be easy to fold.
  • They are perfect for shipping because they can fit in spaces where other boxes do not work.
  • These boxes save shipping space and quickly fold into any shape.
  • They are shipped flat while folded to the desired shape, saving valuable parcel space.
  • This box protects the product inside from damage.
  • It is designed to be waterproof and sturdy, which prevents the item inside from being damaged.
  • Rigid (set-up) mailer boxes are made of thick board overlaid with a printed paper wrap.

7.    Which Variant Of Boxes Fits My Product?

All mailer boxes are made of recycled cardboard. Here’s some advice on choosing a style for your printed mailer box:

  1. Eco mailer:

Eco Mailer Boxes are the most “un-branded” option in our line. These do not feature any graphics, and they’re a good choice for brands that aren’t interested in anything too “flashy” on their product packaging.

  1. Eco White:

Eco White is the environmentally friendly version of Eco. It has a refined white imprint on the cardboard, and it looks great in any environment.

The customers who buy this product will choose from the most biologically friendly and environmentally sustainable choices when shopping for their business.

  1. Eco Color:

Eco Color is a method of applying the final color layer in a commercial printing process.

The method is unique because the colored substrate is applied immediately before the final print.

This method ensures that any minor variations (e.g., white registration) will not affect the final product.

  1. Full Color:

Full-color mailers are a sophisticated and classy way to send your marketing materials.

This mailer style comes with a thick wall and a full-color logo or design imprinted on the outside.

It includes white inside material, making this version ideal for upscale businesses.


8.    How Many Do You Order Will Be Cost-Effective?

China’s manufacturing machines are fast and flexible. China is the world leader in manufacturing, so that you can be assured of speedy delivery.

In addition, the machines are large and fast so that they can print 1000 pieces of mailer boxes in 20 minutes. That means you can send an order of over 1000 mailer boxes easily.

If you are looking to put more mailer boxes in the transaction, the mass purchase is the best option for your business.

It’s always a good idea to order as much as you can, and it always costs less than ordering just a few at a time.

9.    What Products Can Fit In Mailer Boxes?

You can use the following tips to fit your products n mailer boxes:

  • To pack items safely for shipping, start by filling the heaviest items on top.
  • Fill in any remaining space using crumpled newspaper or bubble wrap.
  • Then stack your heaviest objects on top of that and so on.
  • You’ll want to do it until you’re able to pack the box with just as much leftover on the sides as there is on top.
  • Finally, pack products securely inside the box, so nothing slips out when you close it.

10.   What Paperboard Do You Use To Manufacture Mailer Box?

Corrugated cardboard is mostly used to make mailer boxes because it is sturdy, hard that can be difficult to cut.

It is made from corrugated paper because it’s light and strong. However, the material is tough to cut because it’s stiff and thick.

Corrugated mailer boxes are one of the most widely used shipping materials in the world.

They are lightweight, flexible, and easily recyclable.

In addition to being lightweight and easily recyclable, they protect products from damage during shipment from suppliers to retailers and retailers back to suppliers.

11.   What Is The Difference Between CMYK Colors And Pantone Colors?



CMYK stands for the four-color printing process:

  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow
  • Black

Literature Mailer Boxes

The CMYK model is used in many industries, including printing, food labeling, and publishing.


Pantone is a color system that identifies shades of the same color by assigning a number to it.

Pantone Mailer Box
Colors have an identifier that helps us match colors in different formats, while we can also use Pantone numbers themselves when we need to mix different colors.

The Pantone color is an industry-standard for color identification. You can use the Pantone number to reference colors, as well as discuss paint and ink colors.

12.   Are Mailer Boxes Safe To Ship?

Yes, mailer boxes are safe to ship. Ordinarily corrugated carton mailer boxes for shipping.

These are made from wood pulp layers glued together with waterproof adhesive.

They can be used for many purposes. The main objective here is the shipping benefits they provide, especially in comparison with other supplies such as paper or plastic bags or wooden crates or cabinets.

When it comes to shipping, especially via air, there are some precautions you should take to ensure that your product arrives in good shape.

Mailer boxes are designed with this knowledge in mind. The box’s structure is designed specifically so that your mailer box will arrive intact when it is shipped to your customer.

13.   What Are The Applications Of The Mailer Box?

One of the most common problems that people face while shopping online is picking the right mailer box.

It can be a challenge to choose the right mailer box, and if you are not very careful, it can lead to disappointment, and for that reason, it’s important to focus on the small details.

Few ways regarding applications of mailer boxes are given below:

Use of Custom printed mailer box:

Custom printed mailer boxes are practical and helpful. They can be used for branding, communication, or sales promotion.

Custom Mailer Box
To get the most out of these mailer boxes, they must be creative. While it would be nice if they were completely original, the best ones use branding and design as a guideline.

These designs should be unique but foster brand awareness with artwork that is not too over the top.

Use of Crafted Mailer Box:

Hand-crafted mailer boxes can be a personal touch for your business. A personal touch is important since your clients will remember and appreciate it.

With knitted accessories, you can make the mailer box look warm, cozy, and even vintage. The soft and warm feeling that your clients will feel will last long after they use it.

Use of Promotional mailer boxes:

If you provide mailer boxes for each order as a gift, you can make them a specialty service for regular customers or promotions with the purchase deals.

It makes customers feel like they’re getting an award. Mailer boxes are one of the best ways to give customers something special that will keep them coming back for more.

Use of Adding inserts in mailer boxes:

The mailer box adds a personal touch to the package. It also allows you to add more creative ideas and make the unboxing experience more delightful.

Some ideas for inserts inside the mailer box are:

  • Tissue paper
  • Coins
  • Candies & Chocolates
  • Pens

and other cute trinkets.

Use Thank You Notes in mailer boxes:

Personalized thank you notes are just as important as a good e-commerce product or a beautiful website.

A highly useful tool for brands is sending personalized notes to each customer in mailer boxes.

This goes well beyond traditional marketing and helps build a lasting relationship with customers.

Use of Social Messages in mailer boxes:

Global warming is global. It’s not a secret that we need to take action to save the planet.

Eco-friendly postcards to put in mailer boxes are an excellent way to raise awareness about this critical issue.

Writing them out is much better for the environment than using paper or printing them out.

Use of Fitted and Fillings in mailer box:

Unlike standard shipping boxes, special inserts can be designed for specific products.

You can even design a custom-fitted insert mailer box to fit the shape and size of any product you sell.

14.   How To Choose The Mailer Box Type For Your Product?

Choose a packing mailer box that is just slightly larger than your item.

When shipping fragile items like electronics or glassware, it is important to provide protection material and protect the contents from scratch.

However, too much packing can cause damage to products during the shipping process because they may shift around as they are moved within the mailer box.

15.   What Do You Need Your Box For?

It is the security feature of virtually impregnable mailer boxes. Corrugated mailer boxes offer full-time security for what is inside.

These boxes also protect against damage and greatly reduce the chances of loss or theft.

They are lightweight and easy to carry. They are used as packaging for products by retailers because of their lightweight, user-friendly nature and cost-effective nature. Since the weight of your products is charged based on the importance of your product, and the cost of shipment remains minimum, it is a good idea to be using these mailer boxes.

Indicate what you need your box for, choose a variety of popular colors, and select your ideal production specs.

Then, you will instantly receive the cost of each mailer box style you have selected.

Mailer box is great for retail shops, stores that need to keep small items ready to hand out, or subscription boxes.

16.   How To Custom Your Box?

Choose a customized box for your product. There are many shipping mailer boxes that you can choose from.

You can choose the size and shape of the mailer box and add any design that you want. A custom-made mailer box helps you create a unique brand image in the market.

In this age of fast fashion, it is the customer’s right to choose their mailer box as per their taste and preference.

You can customize your mailer boxes based on your requirements.

You can also add designing and other customization to the mailer boxes to help you build your brand’s credibility in the marketplace.

You can configure your packaging and delivery options according to your needs.

Customers can choose from a wide range of different custom-made mailer box options (e.g., flat, square, tall, short, round) and various delivery methods (e.g., courier, postal service).

17.   How To Design The Box When You Only Have Product?

Take a single mailer box to build any size of mailing boxes you want.

This heavy-duty corrugated cardboard mailer box has sturdy brown construction with double glued sides and center seams.

The flaps of the mailer are reinforced with two strong staples for extra security.

Just input your data. No need to think of anything else. the manufacturer will offer instant quotes for you so that our customers can place an order by simply clicking “Order Now.”

The answer is to use the mailer box. The sender may indeed have only one type of enclosure, and then you choose your best product to use as a gift box or package box.

You can design your mailer box by following these options:

  • Paint a picture with creative illustrations
  • Choose the right material
  • Be playful with patterns
  • Select purpose-oriented colors
  • Take inspiration from vintage designs
  • Design the inside in an interactive or compelling manner
  • Leave just enough space
  • Typography
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