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ZTP is one of the leading toy packaging box manufacturers in China, including coated paper toy boxes, corrugated paper toy boxes, kraft paper toy boxes, folding type toy boxes, toy display boxes, and blind boxes. Our company offers durable and high-quality materials to help you vend your products and services in distinctive ways that will catch your customers’ attention.

Based on advanced production equipment, professional hand craftsmen, and ISO9001 quality management system, our products are globally accepted by clients all over the world. In a global economic ambient, we continue to serve our customers with high professionalism and maintain and control every stage of the manufacturing process rested on the advantages of cost and skill in China while maintaining high-quality standards. We constantly affirm on offering products of top quality, excellent services, and competitive prices to our guests.

Our long-term commitment has helped us turn into a leading manufacturer in China in the display box business, and our platoon has expanded to the position where we can give expert support to customers from all over the world. And it’s an honor for our company to be trusted, as well as an honor to be the sole appointed provider of display boxes. The company is equipped with advanced production equipment, great technology, rich operation skills, and a devoted client service staff as a result of adhering to the group head office’s 20 years of successful experience.

Choose a Toy Packaging Box to highlight your product

Material, function, and messaging are three main aspects that play a role in toy packaging design, just as they do in every other business. You want to choose the correct material for the purpose, one that performs well and sends the right message to the intended audience, which in this case is children and their parents. Let’s take a closer look at each product that ZTP offers

Coated paper toy box
The coated paper toy box has a smooth, consistent, and fine paper surface that is mostly used for offset and gravure printing of tiny mesh lines, producing attractive and clear text and patterns. A coated paper toy box is smoother than offset paper and has higher tensile strength and surface strength. As a result, coated paper is widely applied for printing complex prints, which ZTP provides using innovative automation machines and packing methods.
Corrugated paper toy box
The corrugated paper toy box is one of the most common types of packing and with good reason. It is a cost-effective, ecologically beneficial, ethical, and renewable option for business owners. ZTP not only provides high-quality products but also uses materials that are environmentally beneficial. While you probably haven't given corrugated paper toy boxes much thought, they are actually really impressive. They are the building blocks of the transportation and packing industries because they offer outstanding versatility and durability.
Kraft paper toy box
The public has been more interested in recyclable, degradable, and reusable bags as a result of the plastic restriction order. Our company can make Kraft paper toy boxes out of recyclable, biodegradable, and reusable materials. These toy boxes are made of Kraft paper and are designed to accommodate tiny toys for storage or transport. The box is composed of a double layer of thick and sturdy Kraft paper and stands alone in a child's bedroom to save space. These Kraft paper toy boxes are perfect for organization and suit any style area because of their basic and minimalistic design.
Folding type toy box
Folding type toy boxes are packaging boxes that are commonly used to package children's toys and have designs printed on them. It has an appealing design, is packaged conveniently, and is excellent for protecting interior toys. ZTP produces a product that is both high-quality and environmentally sustainable without sacrificing the end result.
Toy paper display box
Toy display boxes will allow you to exhibit your toys in a unique manner. To attract children's attention, these boxes might be printed with images of popular cartoon characters or images of the toys included in the package. ZTP can assist you in creating personalized toy boxes that will help you expand your toy business.
Blind box
Do you enjoy the thrill of discovering a new piece of art or toy figure when you open a blind box? Nothing beats the thrill of opening a blind box and discovering the incredibly rare chase piece or figure you've been waiting for. ZTP is one of the most well-known manufacturers of blind boxes, which helps to protect the rarity and collectability of the figure inside. The element of surprise, as well as the thrill and excitement, have remained at the center of what we do Rather than a lottery ticket, get them the limited edition blind box.

ZTP Will Design High-Quality Boxes to Promote Your Product and Brand.

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Toy Packaging Box Expert – ZTP

ZTP is your most trustworthy provider for Toy Packaging Boxes, with more than two decades of experience in this line of business. For our highly qualified fabricators on-site, no work is too big or too small. ZTP’s professional teams give you assured service, from concept to fast and secure delivery.

Practicality, pricing, printing, and customization capability are all important considerations when it comes to packaging materials. Consumer perception is influenced by material quality. You want the package to reflect your company’s image. You want the package to be purchased by the parents. If it appears sloppy, dangerous, or flimsy, this will reflect off on the product. Parents carefully inspect the product after seeing the manufacturer’s concern for the end user’s safety.

That’s why our company uses a variety of sizes, graphics, and colors to produce a toy display box that will set your product or service out from the competition. We make certain that our display cardboard box will endure a long time and can resist the typical wear and tear that other promotional items go through.

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Make a lasting impression

Make an excellent first impression with your toy packaging box, as it is the first tangible product customer see. First impressions are formed in milliseconds and typically remain unchanged even when confronted with contradictory information, according to studies.

It’s challenging enough to start a product-based firm. You must come up with product ideas, figure out how to bring them to life, establish a marketing strategy, and basically minimize the space left on your calendar.

Packaging is usually the last thing on your mind since, let’s face it, it’s just a way to get your goods into the hands of your customers, right? Incorrect. In the world of business, packaging your product comes in maybe the only physical touch your clients have with your company, so make it amazing.

Differentiate yourself from the competition.

Today, there are several items on the market, and new products are being produced on a daily basis. Because many stores group comparable items on shelves, having a good first impression is crucial. More purchasers will be drawn to your goods if it is packaged well and with the consumer in mind. While many firms utilize identical sizes and forms, such as lay-flat or stand-up pouches, you may help establish a lasting impression on your clients by designing a design that sets you apart from similar companies and products.

Unique Designs and Colors: Creating a creative design on your own or working with a packaging firm’s graphic design team will set your product out from the competition. Consumers seek out visually appealing designs and components because they increase their likelihood of purchasing your product. Especially if your target market is children, toy packaging boxes with unique designs always appeal to them.

Emphasize Reusability and Convenience: Consumers prefer resealable packaging because it stimulates reusability and makes their lives easier. Including resealable features in your packaging encourages conservation and allows your customers to use your product for longer lengths of time.

The Toy Packaging Box – The Best FAQ Guide is here to help.

  1. What are some benefits of using a corrugated paper toy box?
  2. How have you made your toy packaging stand out?
  3. What is the difference between coated and corrugated paper?
  4. How can we help the environment by using toy packaging box?
  5. What are some of the advantages of using a Kraft paper toy box?
  6. What will allow you to exhibit your toys in a unique manner?
  7. What are some of the features of these toy boxes?
  8. Why Toy Packaging Is Necessary?
  9. What is the definition of a blind box?
  10. What makes a toy packaging box functional?
  11. What makes a good toy box packaging?
  12. What were the most important things you considered when designing your toy packaging?
  13. How does the design of your toy packaging help with its success?
  14. Why do you think parents are willing to spend more on a product that is in a nice package?
  15. What are the most important qualities to consider when choosing a box manufacturer?

1.    What are some benefits of using a corrugated paper toy box?

The corrugated paper toy box is commonly utilized by manufacturers because it offers users convenient storage and functional packaging that is appealing and easy to handle. Furthermore, because it is made from recycled materials and comes in a variety of forms and sizes, this sort of packaging is extremely environmentally friendly.

Benefits of corugated toy packaging box

Brands benefit from the simplicity of corrugated paper packaging as well as visibility. In addition, the ease with which items can showcase their distinctive packaging and visuals to communicate a brand’s story, its excellent product protection, and the fact that it’s easy to stack are all positives.

2. How have you made your toy packaging stand out?

The first step in making your product’s packaging stand out is to learn everything you can about your target market. It’s not as difficult as you might believe to come up with an eye-catching design. Designers with a lot of imagination and creativity can do amazing things. But what good is it if the packaging attracts the wrong kind of eyes? If your product is intended for children, but its packaging is slick and sensual, like something created for a corporate executive, you can bet it won’t attract the correct customers. So, the first step in creating great packaging is to figure out who your target market is and design for them.

Toy packaging stand out

Packaging should elicit an emotional response from your audience and increase the toy’s appeal; it should be eye-catching and colorful. Consider the hue and what it means to you. You could be tempted to go with the always-attractive red, but red can also be scary or suggest danger, while white can be bland or drab.

Experiment with shapes, but make sure there’s enough room on the packaging for supporting content (logo, age group of consumer, the functionality of toy, contents, toy rating, brand details).

3. What is the difference between coated and corrugated paper?

The term “coated paper stock” refers to a type of paper that has a matte or glossy texture. They are normally smooth and have a modest shine, although they can also have a high sheen. Furthermore, colors appear brighter on coated paper than on uncoated paper. The excellent resistance to wear and tear water, and dirt is one of the best features of coated paper stock. When compared to uncoated paper, this type of stock maintains your printed products sharp and professional. If you’re wondering why colors appear brighter and coated paper is more resistant to wear, it’s because the coated paper absorbs less ink than uncoated paper.

Coated paper toy boxCorrugated paper toy box

This type of material is ideal for customers who enjoy clear, clean visuals. The reason for this is that ink adheres to the paper’s surface. Furthermore, the more ink that a stock absorbs, the less sharp the images appear. Photographers, restaurants, designers, and painters all like coated paper because it gives their photographs the finest available light. Coated paper stock is often used for brochures, glossy pictures, booklets, and other printed materials because it makes them more shiny and bright.

There are single, double, triple, and quadruple walls, among others. The first two are commonly used. Fluting, adhesive, drying, slitting cutting, printing, indentation score, slotting, nailing stitching, or a paper packing container formed by a multi-step process such as joint stitching, corrugated cardboard is made of corrugated base paper, core paper, and cardboard paper, among other materials.

Low-weight paper is typically used as the core paper in corrugated boxes, whereas high-weight paper is typically used as the face or back paper. Low-weight, high-strength, lightweight corrugated box goods will be the main focus of future development.

4.    How can we help the environment by using toy packaging box?

Unfortunately, the current situation forces adult customers to make some difficult choices. Of course, they have the option of just purchasing toys packaging that is highlighted in eco-friendly gift suggestions that appear around this time of year. Children, on the other hand, do not make wish lists based on these guides.

help the environment by using toy packaging box

If toy companies insist on encasing their delightful toys in layers of shiny packaging, they must also decrease the harm the packaging will cause to their target demographic in the future.

Make your packaging compostable or, at the very least, biodegradable, as ZTP does. We provide environmentally friendly toy packaging without sacrificing quality. Give no option to a three-year-old between a lump of plastic that is like chips and a healthy ocean. They have no understanding of what an ocean is, and those chips appear to be enjoyable to sell at a focus on making shop.

5. What are some of the advantages of using a Kraft paper toy box?

Years ago, Kraft boxes swept the packaging world by storm. They are the underachiever for some, who must be avoided at all costs. Kraft boxes are frequently linked with cardboard shipping boxes that lack flair, personalization, or beauty due to their brown tone.

For many firms, Kraft cartons are the best option. Their gritty aesthetic is the secret ingredient in a slew of brilliant branding ideas. The fact that they’re constructed entirely of post-consumer recycled materials is the cherry on top.

advantages of using a Kraft paper toy box

Kraft boxes are as attractive as they are functional due to the high amount of personalization available. Despite the fact that kraft paper is uncoated card stock, its thickness (18 points) makes it resistant to moisture and more intensive handling.

Scratches and chaffing are also prevented by the rough texture. They’re ideal for heavier goods like candle jars, cups, and toys items because they include an auto-lock bottom.

6. What will allow you to exhibit your toys in a unique manner?

It’s important to have a well-thought-out package design. You can find your preferred brand by scanning retail shelves for package color, structure, graphics, and logo. And if you’re undecided about which brand to buy, you normally go with the one with the most appealing package. Packaging is important since it helps to sell products and gives value to brands.

Because collectibles attract high prices, the packaging created for them reflects the item’s value. When you compare the packaging of limited-edition collectibles to that of mass-produced items for the same brand, you’ll instantly notice the difference.

exhibit your toys in a unique manner

If you’re looking for a Barbie doll for your child, for example, the distinctive packaging of Mattel’s legendary fashion maven makes it easy to spot her among a sea of dolls at a store. The characteristic emblem in its famous unique script is likely to be the first thing that catches your sight. Barbie and her companions are depicted in character artwork, confirming that this is the doll you’re looking for. A die-cut glass allows you to see the majority of the doll when you come close to the shelf. Barbie’s background art suggests that she is either a powerful career lady or a pop cult fashion queen.

Limited-edition collectible Barbie dolls, on the other hand, are packed differently than regular Barbie dolls. High-end packaging stands out from the rest of the crowd. The packaging’s matte finishes, unusual inks, and limited typography all hint at the presence of a collector object inside. Collectibles may be presented and displayed in a dramatic manner thanks to the unique packaging structure and high-end design.

7. What are some of the features of these toy boxes?

Durable: All customized game packaging must be durable and resistant to tearing or breaking. Packages can be subjected to a lot of pressure, tossing, and turning during transport, which can harm the toy. Toys with PVC or hard plastic covers can be kept safe in their packaging.

Tamper-Free: Nobody enjoys receiving a toy that has already been opened and tampered with by another person. As a result, it’s critical that toy manufacturers wrap their products in such a way that no one can pull them out, steal them from the store, or damage them while they’re still in the package.

features of these toy boxes

Colorful: Graphic designers play a significant role in the custom toy wrapping of a product because great design is supposed to engage the target audience. The reverse usually provides product specifications, whereas the front is usually more colorful, showcasing the toy in real-life scenarios and cool artwork.

Feel & Touch: Manipulative packaging, especially for children’s custom game packaging, is extremely successful. Customers enjoy experimenting with the toy to see what sounds or lights it may produce. It is an important aspect for the customer to consider when making a purchase decision, and it helps the product sell well.

8.    Why Toy Packaging Is Necessary?

Secures the Toys –  Some toys are delicate and must be placed in a toy package that will protect them from harm. If this is damaged, the manufacturer will lose business since the buyer will have a negative image. As a result, firms concentrate on finding the finest material to preserve the product within.

Toy boxes made of corrugated paper are a fantastic option. The reason for this is that they are extremely durable. Toys are frequently packaged in a corrugated paper box. They provide good protection for the contents. They are both lightweight and easy to store. Kids can even embrace them by themselves.

Toy Packaging Is Necessary

Attracts children – Toys are developed for kids, so custom printed toy boxes should be created with them in mind. You should be aware that creating packaging for children differs significantly from developing packaging for adults.

Children do not have the same level of adulthood as adults. They have a distinct perception of sensory inputs than adults. As a result, bright toy boxes that appeal to children’s senses must be considered. The graphic images on toy boxes must be vibrant in order to grab the attention of children. It should persuade them to desire to acquire the item.

9.    What is the definition of a blind box?

The toys are packaged in such a way that the purchaser has no idea what toy is inside. The only information available to the consumer is the source of the toy and the item they may obtain from the series. Blind box toys are toys that are randomly placed in boxes and have been a popular draw for decades. Blind box toys, which originated in Japan, have become a huge hit in the United States. Despite their popularity, no one knows what makes blind box toys fun, and no one has done any research into what makes them different from opening toys when the user knows what’s inside.

definition of a blind box

Toy businesses may take risks and produce more figures with blind boxes, and toy stores don’t have to worry about being stuck with unpopular figures. Blind box toys, like gumball machine toys, keep enthusiasts coming back for more. Rarely does a person buy a single blind box, open it, and get exactly what he or she wants. Rather, individuals buy blind box toys in bulk or by the case, returning for more in their quest to complete the series. Of course, this is fantastic for toy manufacturers and retailers.

10. What makes a toy packaging box functional?

The purpose of packing is to keep the goods safe and secure throughout transportation and stacking. However, it should be simple to unwrap and use the goods without the child throwing a fit (once again, a reason to avoid clamshells). The box should be easy for the toddler to grip and should not have any sharp edges.

makes a toy packaging box functional

Consider the reusability of the box when it comes to the shape of the packaging, which is usually governed by the toy within. That’s because some of your customers will want to stack their toys back into the box when they’re not in use. Consider parents who want to regift or save toys as their children grow older.

Toys such as board games and card games must be stored in the box in which they were purchased. The packaging material used in these cases should be durable and long-lasting.

The package also has a “function” of displaying the product well. Toys are packed with a clear window to highlight the toy inside and elicit desire. To enable product display without having to open the package, interactive options such as buttons or speakers are revealed. The ability to view the actual toy rather than an image, and to interact with it before purchasing, has an impact on the purchasing choice.

11.   What makes a good toy box packaging?

The toy market is extremely competitive, with a variety of manufacturers competing for children’s attention. To set itself apart from the competitors, the packaging must be unique and innovative. The packaging should be able to reflect the specific brand and be consistent with the brand.

good toy box packaging

Many factors, such as color, images, and logos, contribute to brand identification and help buyers identify with the brand. The product may make some short-term sales without establishing brand recognition, but it will struggle to establish long-term brand awareness and commercial success.

12.   What were the most important things you considered when designing your toy packaging?

Packaging is an important aspect of our branding, as we all know. Our product packaging design’s visual aspects are critical in building a connection with our customers. This holds true for every product. When it comes to creating product packaging, there are some common standards to follow.

However, there are several extra aspects to consider while designing the greatest toy packaging design.

important things you considered when designing your toy packaging

Both the buyer and the user should be pleased with the design. – Always keep in mind that the user and the buyer are not the same people while creating toy packaging. This means that your design should appeal to both kids and adults. The most appealing toy packaging design is one that encourages kids to interact with the toy inside. However, in order to purchase it, the parents must like it as well. So, during the design process, you’ll have to consider two ideal clients. Keep that in mind at all times.

Age of the children – When your item is for extremely young children, this is especially critical. However, there’s a bit more freedom, If you’re designing for aged children. Still, if your toy is intended for kiddies under the age of three, you must be extremely careful in your design. You must ensure that there are no elements of your package that they can use to injure themselves. You do not want any pieces of your product or container to cut, strangle, or suffocate a kid by accident. Yes, it appears to be a serious situation, and it is. Parents will examine the packaging to see if it’s safe. And they’ll stay down from anything that could harm their child.

13.   How does the design of your toy packaging help with its success?

The word “toys” brings to mind childhood for most individuals. Furthermore, toys have a deep connection to our youth, prompting us to recall memories that may have remained buried in our busy lives. It reminds us not only of our childhood but also of the memories we share with others. Toys, on the other hand, have always been an important part of everyone’s life. However, if you want to be successful in the toy market, you must consider a variety of factors as a brand. Toy packaging is one of these things. These boxes are critical to the success or failure of the firm.

design of your toy packaging help with its success

Using high-quality packaging material is one of the most important aspects of developing customized toy boxes. It’s because a third-grade material won’t be able to safeguard the objects, and you’ll end up losing them. As a result, get your hands on the long-lasting packing material. In the market, the possibilities are endless. However, the most suitable packaging materials include cardboard, paper, kraft, and corrugated. It’s because all of these packaging materials are long-lasting and inexpensive, making them ideal for packaging products. Make boxes with creativity in mind: One of the things marketers must keep in mind when creating boxes is to incorporate creativity. It’s because being creative benefits in gaining new customers and retaining existing ones.

14.   Why do you think parents are willing to spend more on a product that is in a nice package?

Parents must always approve purchases made by their children. The satisfaction of the parents is always prioritized. If a child’s parents believe the product is worth their trust, they will use it. Children’s guardians frequently want a product that includes educational learning as well. For parents, a toy box with educational content is an obvious choice.

parents are willing to spend more on a product that is in a nice package

Parents in today’s world seek a product that is hygienic. They are usually on the lookout for goods that will protect their infant from hazardous diseases. We can now develop a healthy packaging covering for all types of toys thanks to the latest packaging machinery. The use of eco-friendly materials in the production of massage-bearing toy boxes for children is advantageous.

15.   What are the most important qualities to consider when choosing a box manufacturer?

Because packaging materials play such a crucial part in product protection, purchasing managers should be aware of the attributes to look for when comparing brands and suppliers.

Price is a significant concern, as it is with many other goods; but, it isn’t the be-all and end-all aspect, especially since the decision-making process must also consider the shipping, storage, and delivery of the products in perfect condition to your customer’s hands.

Breakage, product returns, tampering, spoiling, and a myriad of other issues may all be reduced with the correct packaging material, as every warehouse manager knows. Look for the following qualities in packaging materials in general:

most important qualities to consider when choosing a box manufacturer

High-quality and long-lasting: Before purchasing in bulk, collect samples of the product you’re interested in and thoroughly evaluate it for build quality and longevity. Many business owners skip this step entirely, resulting in low-quality packaging materials or materials that aren’t exactly the best fit for the purpose.

Cost-effective and practical: Price isn’t everything when it comes to purchasing packing supplies, as we’ve already established, but it does have a significant impact that should not be neglected. Find items and sources that strike the correct price-quality balance.

Secure and tamper-evident: Security is another key element to consider when selecting packaging materials. Choose items with tamper-evident seals and safety features. To prevent tampering and theft, use devices like container seals, shrink wraps, water-activated tapes, and poly straps. Wrapping things in opaque wraps also helps to obscure them for added security.

Environmentally friendly and compliant with the law: Choose products that are both ecologically friendly and lawful in terms of logistics and shipping rules. Also, check to see if the things you’re purchasing infringe on any existing copyrights or patents.


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