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ZTP is the leading company in the printing and packaging industry. We have been serving and producing soap paper box products for 20 years. We make sure to offer you an excellent full service to make things more convenient for you.

Our team of professionals, designers, highly skilled, and committed packaging specialists can provide you 100% handmade, durable, and high-quality soap paper boxes. We can also offer you suggestions and the knowledge you need to pick a packaging that your customers will love.

Choose Your Preferred Type Of Soap Paper Box

ZTP is designing different forms of soap paper boxes. If you have another type in mind, you can approach us. You are free to choose your desired size, materials, and designs.

Kraft Soap Boxes
The kraft soap boxes are professionally made using 100% recycled materials. It is an ideal option to use for all types of soaps.
Soap Packaging Boxes
ZTP creates high-quality soap packaging boxes that come with many designs to choose from. We ensure our packaging secures the soaps from erosion.
Soap Boxes With Window
We make soap boxes with windows to allow your customers to see what they are buying without the necessity of removing the packaging. It is 100% eco-friendly and durable.
Soap Gift Boxes
The soap gift boxes are being crafted by our expert designers. They come in various prints and sizes that are perfect for all occasions.
Cardboard Soap Boxes
The cardboard soap boxes use high-quality but eco-friendly materials. They are a great choice for your soapbox.
Luxury Soap Packaging
ZTP produces luxury soap packaging that can make your brand stand out from the crowd. Its cost and quality will surely satisfy you.
Handmade Soap Boxes
We use top-end materials in creating handmade soap boxes. These boxes are specifically made for protecting your soap from any damage.
Paper Box For Soap
The paper box for soap is durable due to its high-grade materials. These boxes are cheap yet amazing.
Custom Printed Soap Boxes
This luxurious paper bag is designed with glossy laminated finish to ensure your premium packaging. You can be assured of a lasting use. It can be customized to meet your specific brand and gifting need.

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A Captivating Soap Paper Box Is Essential To Your Business

Soap is not just an extra but a necessity for the people as it is the most utilized product in any establishment and household. Moreover, soap paper boxes carry the same amount of importance in your business as the soap you’re marketing.

With the growing industry, it is essential that you choose your soap paper box packaging carefully as they have a great effect on improving your deals.

A unique and enthralling soap paper box takes more customers. Specifically, if you have a soap business, your packaging needs to be more captivating, which improves your brand recognition among your competitors.

Moreover, soap paper boxes do not just secure the products, but they also play a crucial role in promoting your brand. Hence, ZTP will ensure that the quality and design are excellent.

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Get Custom Paper Soap Boxes

Creatively redesigning and improving your soap paper box is the most modern strategy to take it to the next level. Moreover, by modifying your soap boxes, you can get ahead of the basic, and dull soap packaging and take out your captivating boxes that will excel each item.

In fact, simple and colorful boxes attract buyers. Thus, choosing ZTP for your soap paper box needs will be the best option to do.

Why Choose ZTP For Soap Paper Box

ZTP has a broad range of soap paper box products, from luxury soapboxes to soap gift boxes. You will have plenty of selections to choose from.

The good thing about ZTP is that we’re capable of providing you with premium and cost-effective products that are 100% made from recyclable materials. We only use high-quality materials and advanced equipment to produce your packaging needs. Also, we ensure to offer you soap paper box designs that complement your business.

So, if you’re searching for a soap paper box, ZTP is here. You no longer need to waste your time browsing online. We have a group of knowledgeable and skilled individuals to create the types of paper packaging you want.

Soap Paper Box-The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The Definitive FAQ Guide is a comprehensive guide to answer all questions you may have about shopping for soap paper boxes.

You will learn about the different types of soap paper boxes, including Soap in the sleeve, kraft top window box, soapbox, and more.

It also answers your questions about pricing and shipping, customizes soap paper boxes, and much more to ensure you find the best cost and shipping available.

Soap Paper Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide is a comprehensive guide to soap paper boxes handmade soap.

This guide is written for soap makers and those interested in learning more about the world of soap paper boxes.

This guide gives easy-to-understand answers to common soap paper box questions and special features such as homemade tips and a section on making your soap paper box.

  1.   What Are Soap Boxes?
  2.   How Do You Make A Soap Box?
  3. How Do You Reuse A Soap Box?
  4. How To Improve My Soap Sales Volume On Packaging Design?
  5.   How Do You Wrap Homemade Soap With Paper?
  6. How Do You Customize Soap?
  7. What Are The Box Types Of Soap Boxes?
  8.  Which Kind Of Paper Is Used To Make Soap Box?
  9. What Are The Reasons To Choose Soap Boxes?
  10.  What Are The Benefits Of The Product?
  11.  What Are The Materials, Finishes, And Extras For Soap Box?
  12.   What Are The Uses Of Soap Box?
  13.  What Are The Packaging Types For Soap Box?
  14.   What Is The Cost Of Soap Box?
  15.   What Are The Tips To Create Homemade Packaging Of Soap Box?
  16.   What Is The Lifespan Of Soap Packaging Box?
  17.   Why Is Printing On Soap Boxes Important?
  18.   What Are The Styles Of Packaging Used For Paper Box?
  19.   Why Are Customized Soap Boxes Necessary?
  20.   What Are The Techniques Involved In Printing?
  21.   What Are Things To Remember While Purchasing Soap Paper Box?

1.    What Are Soap Boxes?

Soap Paper Boxes are used for packaging soap products such as liquid hand soaps, body washes, bar soaps, and other bathroom essentials.

Soap Paper Boxes are also used for packaging other items like products that come with fragrances and aromas.

Typically, Soap Paper Boxes contain a 5 inch by 3-inch bar of Soap.

However, depending on the product or the company, they can contain various bar sizes.

These Soap Paper Boxes are made from paper coated with polyethylene plastic on both sides that allow the Soap and the box to remain waterproof.

2.    How Do You Make A Soap Box?

Soap paper boxes are usually made of very thin paper painted green and sealed with clear, strong tape.

The paper is then cut into various shapes and sizes to hold soaps, bath bombs, or other substances.

They can be used for handmade soaps and solid perfumes.

To make a soap paper box:

  • You can download a template via the internet according to the required shape and size you want to pack Soap Paper Boxes.
  • Trace it and fold it according to the required shape.
  • Glue the edges and corners.

3.    How Do You Reuse A Soap Box?

Reuse soap paper box
A soap paper box can be reused in the following ways:

  • Rethink the basic Soap Paper Box.
  • Recycle it into a cute gift tote, a matchbox boat, or a sailboat with a little paint and glue.
  • Make these adorable miniature books with recycled soapboxes.
  • A reused soap paper box is something that kids use to put their toys in a while playing house.
  • It is a simple, versatile object that can be repurposed into something useful.

4.    How To Improve My Soap Sales Volume On Packaging Design?

If you do not want to lose customers, you should choose the right soap paper box for your soap products.

To increase the sales volume of your soap paper box supplies, you should consider three aspects:

  • The quality of its content (soap bars)
  • The best soap paper box and the best Label
  • With a good soap paper box and Label (for handmade Soap)

We can use some packaging design tips to improve soap paper box sales and create unique and interesting soap paper box packaging for our handmade products to love it.

  • A good way to enhance sales volume is to strongly add the colors of the soap bar or the tone of the liquid in Soap on the soap paper box packaging, avoid using negative space, make the soap paper box look lively.
  • With different colors, different flavors also can be shown through color differences on soap paper boxes.
  • printed soap paper box
  • The combination with pattern is also preferred by customers who like creative ideas.
  • The plain white soapbox has become a staple for manufacturers and resellers of handmade soap paper boxes.
  • However, to get each buyer’s attention, the design needs to stand out amongst other similar soap paper box options and get the customer’s attention.

5.    How Do You Wrap Homemade Soap With Paper?

  • You can wrap soap paper boxes in two ways: with a paper towel or by using a coffee filter.
  • The latter method is more practical because it is an inexpensive solution that does not require any adhesives.
  • You can also create custom labels for soap paper boxes using your computer and Photoshop program.

homemade template soap paper box

  • Make a bar of Soap into a present. Cut a piece of paper to the appropriate size and wrap all the bars together with the paper strips. Add a label or sticker to finish it off.
  • You can use brown paper. Either way, it’s important to keep the wrapper from touching the Soap.
  • You can either cut a piece of paper that fits the diameter of your soap bar, or you can use plastic wrap. Once the wrapping is in place, seal the edges with tape.

Soaps may be wrapped in various ways. There are two commonly used wrap options to use any page size or shape.

  • The most common method is the “tube” wrap.
  • The other option is the “slip-on” wrap.

6.    How Do You Customize Soap?

There are various ways to customize the soap paper box when selling your own handmade soap paper box.

You can try to do it with a label, and some people draw directly on the paper box.

customize soap paper box
There is no official rule to customize soap paper boxes, but it is better if you only use one method for labeling.

Many designers online offer free soap paper box design, and you can download it directly because these designers turn out professionally looking gift boxes every day.

Custom-Made soap paper boxes are Soapboxes specially made for an individual’s Soap that help preserves the shape and prevent it from getting damaged while transporting the product.


7.    What Are The Box Types Of Soap Boxes?

Few important types of soap paper boxes are given below:

Sleeve soap paper box

  • Soap Sleeves soap paper box


  • Fancy soap paper box With Soap Box Cutouts
  • Custom Printed soap paper box
  • Coatings & Finishes soap paper boxes
  • Elegant Or Luxurious soap paper boxes With Foil
  • Kraft Paper soap paper boxes
  • soap paper box exposed with half or Holster Boxes
  • Blank soap paper box with Label

8.    Which Kind Of Paper Is Used To Make Soap Box?

The answer to this question lies in the fact that there is no specific grade or type of paper specially prepared for use in soapboxes.

Soapboxes are generally made of the same paper grades used for descriptions, forms, and other printing purposes.

During the box-making process, the same types of inks, coatings, and tipping treatments are used as are employed for any other product whose outside appearance is a factor in obtaining marketing acceptability.

As for which kind of paper is used to make a soapbox, it is cardboard with long fiber.

The cardboard used for making soap paper boxes must be non-poisonous, hygienic, and easy to bear stamp or Label. For long time storage, sulfite pulp is commonly used.

PET / BOPP is printed on the back of the wrapper with high-quality PEG-coated paper. It helps to maintain the lay flatness of the wrapper for maximum protection of our product.

kraft pillow soap paper box
One of the most common ways to wrap Soap is with cardboard. The most popular type of cardboard used for this purpose is brown kraft paper.

The most common soap paper box is wrapped with Kraft papers, but we also have a nice collection of Ivory White, Bronze, and Lemon Yellow paper boxes.

9.    What Are The Reasons To Choose Soap Boxes?

Few important reasons to choose soap paper box are described below:

Best For Soap Wrapping:

When you’re looking for a unique, thoughtful gift, nothing beats a handmade soap paper box. With so many different styles and shapes to choose from, your recipient can find the perfect set of soap paper boxes to give their loved one.

Best for Soap Wrapping:

With so many soap paper box brands in the market, the packaging is essential to grab people’s attention. If you want to make your Soap popular, then you should consider buying a soap paper box.

Decorative Concept For Homemade Soaps:

decorative soap paper box

Homemade soap paper boxes are a must-have gift for all occasions. They’re an easy gift to give, and your recipients will appreciate it. If you want a creative talent, homemade soap paper boxes are also an excellent option for you. You can have them made of any material of your choice.

Marketing Capability:

A custom soap paper box is a perfect option for soap retailers because it provides a unique and personalized experience. In-store, consumers can get to try out different types of soap paper boxes in their containers. Online retailers can get creative with their products by offering something truly unique.

Cheap Packaging Option:

People prefer these soap paper boxes because they are customizable and hold up to the elements. Even though they are made out of plastic, they are durable and made to endure hard use. They are also less likely to trap dust and other harmful particles.

10.   What Are The Benefits Of The Product?

There are a lot of benefits of soap paper box, but few are described below:

  • Print reorder information to boost sales.
  • Promotes your brand in a retail environment.
  • Depict yourself as a trustworthy brand.
  • Protects your soap & brand reputation.
  • Differentiate your brand from the competition.
  • Valuable information for retailers and consumers
  • Customizable options to meet your needs

11.   What Are The Materials, Finishes, And Extras For Soap Box?

Soap Paper Boxes are available in all kinds of materials. The first and foremost material is, of course, paper.

To give additional strength, support, and durability, paper is bonded to linen or cardboard.

Finishing Material Soap Paper Box
It helps to facilitate a strong and rigid structure for both wrapping and closing the soap paper box while avoiding any risk of spillage.

Additional extras can be added, such as custom auto-bars, creases by sides, or even business cards.

Various other paper products can be used in some soap paper boxes to extend their functionalities, for example, cupcake boxes, journal cover sheets, and cotton yarn.

Finishes or coatings:

  • Matte UV Coating
  • Gloss UV Coating
  • Coating – Free
  • Soft Touch (Karess) Laminate
  • Scuff proof Matte laminate
  • Gloss laminate


  • Specialized Cutouts
  • Foil Stamping
  • Debossing
  • Embossing
  • Metallized Print For Mind-Blowing Effects

Material Options:

  • Waterproof Label Stocks
  • Metalized paper Board
  • A white paper board with 17.2points thickness
  • Kraft Paper board 100 percent recycled content
  • A white paper board with 19.2 points thickness

12.   What Are The Uses Of Soap Box?

Few important uses of soap paper box are described below:

  • The soap paper boxes with windows give you a cheap option to make a fantastic-looking and high-end presentation.
  • With a simple design of the soap paper box, you can print your soap products and get more client’s attention to your new product!
  • The uses of the soap paper box are to protect the Soap against moisture and other environmental factors that may damage the product.
  • Soap paper boxes are used for maintaining hygiene, beauty, and sanitation.
  • Soap paper boxes can be designed with custom graphics and shapes as per the customer’s requirement.
  • Soap paper boxes can either be made from kraft paper with an adhesive label, or the box lid itself can be printed with your artwork.

13.   What Are The Packaging Types For Soap Box?

From a packaging point of view, there are the following types of soap paper boxes:

  • window soap paper box

window soap paper box

  • Custom soap paper box
  • Handmade soap paper box
  • Kraft soap paper box
  • Flip soap paper box
  • Bath Bomb soap paper box

bath bomb soap paper box

14.   What Is The Cost Of Soap Box?


The estimated cost of a soap paper box will be around 20 cents to 25 cents.

The price for custom soap paper boxes ranges from $3 to $7 per unit.

The price for handmade soap paper boxes is from $0.5 to $1 per piece.

The overall cost includes the design, and other related expenses are not included in the prices.

Before deciding on the price of soap paper boxes, you need to consider several factors.

  • First, you must consider the size and weight of the soap paper boxes.
  • Second, you need to understand the materials of the soap paper box and the printing on the outside of it.
  • Third, you need to compare the costs of shipping, labor, and the cost of packing materials.
  • Fourth, it would be best if you considered taking into account any delivery or storage charges.

15.   What Are The Tips To Create Homemade Packaging Of Soap Box?

Few important tips for creating a homemade soap paper box are given below:


Presentation is just as important for soap paper box packaging. With consumers being encouraged to try new products at the point of purchase, soap paper boxes must be packaged in a way that catches their attention.


If you are selling a handmade soap paper box, then a brown card box with full-color printing will make your packaging look professional. Brown-colored card boxes are easy to find, and they come in an array of sizes. Chose a printer that offers the best quality printing and great service.

Research for solution

If you have an eye for design and an impeccable soap paper box, your soaps will sell well. The packaging of your soap paper box is as important as the product itself. If your packaging is good and professional, customers are more likely to purchase your Soap.

Create product identity

Your soap paper box identity should be targeted; that way, you will be able to attract customers who want the benefits of your products. The most important step is to make a soap paper box identity that’s great for your products.


Once you receive your custom printed soap paper boxes, then wrap carefully. Also, do not dirty the boxes during packaging or do not use soap wraps. The best soap paper box for this purpose is with windows so that buyers can see the Soap.

Design the boxes

China is specialized in creating packaging solutions for soap paper boxes with colorful and distinct flavors.

China manufacturer is designing the soap paper box that supports all your product ranges in different product flavors or colors. In this way, you can get a complete experience and a well-rounded assortment of your favorite products.

Create Selling Point/Feature

Your soap paper box needs to have a selling point. One of your most important tasks as a marketer is to conjure up the right words to help consumers choose your soap paper box over all others. Your Soap needs to be attractive and particular in its features.

16.   What Is The Lifespan Of Soap Packaging Box?

The lifespan of soap paper boxes can be very different from each other.

This is because there are many factors to affect the life of this soap paper box.

The quality of materials used during production is also largely affected by several factors such as weather, storing, handling, etc.

The average lifespan of a soap packaging box is about 12 months.

17.   Why Is Printing On Soap Boxes Important?

Printing on soap paper boxes is important because you want a high-quality product and want a beautiful image on their soap paper box.

printed soap box
Printing on the soap paper boxes is important because it helps carry your message out to the public. In addition, it allows people to easily see what type of soap paper box you are selling.

If your soap paper box has crystal clear printing, then purchasers will know that you have been professional with them and are not just a fly-by-night company.

The printed soap paper boxes are important because they let the consumers know what is inside the box and sometimes use the box’s soap paper box.

18.   What Are The Styles Of Packaging Used For Paper Box?

Transparent soap paper box
Transparent Soap paper Boxes:
Transparent soap paper boxes are allowed using beautiful soap bars inside and make them eye-catching.

Sliding Drawer Soap Paper Box: Sliding Drawer soap paper boxes are the packaging design of a soap paper box with a sliding drawer on the bottom for soap and soap products.

Die Cut printing soap paper box
Die-cut soapboxes:
Die-cut boxes are a classic packaging shape. They don’t get more innovative than using them for soap paper boxes.

Custom display boxes: Display soap paper boxes are a great way to sell your product. They are widely used by retailers and are an excellent choice for displaying products on the counter.

19.   Why Are Customized Soap Boxes Necessary?

You can also do the custom design on the top window of your soap paper box if you have special requirements for the procedure.

Soap paper Boxes are very useful to be sold at your market in the retail stores or any small events.

Customized soap paper boxes, customized soap sleeves, and personalized soaps will make your business unique from the rest.

China is the best online supplier of custom printed soap paper boxes of premium quality that stands out amongst all others due to their practical uses and high durability.

20.   What Are The Techniques Involved In Printing?

There are many techniques involved in soap paper box printing, and you don’t need to know them all at once.

The most basic technique is to print your design on the soap paper box, but there’s more to it than that, and one of those things is ink.

Three different inks are used:

  • Black plate
  • Grey plate
  • Special varnish

Few latest printing techniques on soap paper boxes are listed below:

golden foiling soap paper box

  • Golden Foiling
  • Gloss Laminated
  • Cardboard
  • Window

Embossed soap paper box

  • Embossed
  • Full colored
  • Pillow
  • Recycled
  • Matte Finish

21.   What Are Things To Remember While Purchasing Soap Paper Box?


There are many things to remember while purchasing a soap packaging box.

  • First of all, consider the shape and size of the Soap to be packed inside the box.
  • Secondly, try to get a customized soapbox using your design and pattern.
  • Thirdly, keep in mind the design and size of lettering, color combinations, and printing on packaging labels.

It would be best if you chose Soap Packing Boxes that best suit your product image, and you should keep in mind before purchasing:

  • Soap Paper Box Turnaround time: Four to Six Business days, Rush
  • Soap Paper Box Coating: Gloss, Matt, Spot UV
  • Soap Paper Box Publishing: Inkjet publishing, screen publishing
  • Soap Paper Box Dimensions: All sizes and shapes are available
  • Soap Paper Box Quantity: it should be available according to your need
  • Soap Paper Box Paper Material: Kraft paper, cardboard, cardstock
  • Soap Paper Box Default Process: Perforation, Scoring, Gluing, Die Cutting
  • Soap Paper Box Proof: Physical Sampling, Flat view, 3-D Mock-up


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