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ZTP is a respectable and professional printing and packaging company with over twenty years of service. We offer a range of packaging materials options, like soap gift boxes. Besides that, we have a selection of soapboxes that can be used for any kind of soap product.

Our soap gift boxes are designed for both personal and commercial purposes. It’s available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and designs. Furthermore, our company can make the soap gift boxes of your choice. In essence, ZTP possesses the industry’s greatest production team and designers, and we only use the most modern techniques.

At ZTP, we promise that all of our soap gift boxes are 100% environmentally friendly and of excellent quality.

Select Your Favorite Types Of Soap Gift Boxes

ZTP offers a wide variety of soap gift boxes to choose from. Start by looking at these unique and stunning soapboxes. Our experts can make boxes in a wide variety of structures and designs.

Gift Boxes For Handmade Soap
Our gift boxes for handmade soap are made from excellent materials and are 100% eco-friendly. These packaging boxes are ideal for any handmade soap.
Luxury Soap Packaging
ZTP creates high-end soap packaging that will set your company apart from the competition. It will surely meet your expectations in terms of both price and quality.
Custom Soap Packaging
ZTP specializes in custom soap packaging of various kinds. You can find low-cost prints that are trendy and appealing.
Window Soap Boxes
We produce window soap boxes so that your buyers could see what they're buying without the need to take the packaging off. It is both environmentally friendly and long-lasting.
Custom Printed Soap Boxes
ZTP specializes in all types of custom printed soap boxes. You may get elegant and trendy prints for a reasonable price.
Cardboard Soap Boxes
In order to produce cardboard soap boxes, we use high-quality materials. These boxes are particularly designed to keep your soap safe at all times.

Customized Your Soap Gift Boxes

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Excellent Soap Gift Boxes Are Crucial To Your Company's Success

Because soap is the most widely used commodity in every office or family, people regard it as a necessity instead of an extravagance. Nevertheless, the soap gift boxes you offer are just as significant as the soap you sell. With the rising industry, it’s vital to pick your soap gift boxes wisely since they have a big impact on your business.

Soap boxes that are unique and intriguing attract more clients. For instance, if you manage a soap business, your packaging must be more enticing in order to boost your brand image among your competitors.

Additionally, soap gift boxes do not only secure the products, but they also help promote your business. As a result, choosing ZTP will ensure that the quality and design of your product and packaging are both exceptional.

Updating and improving your soap gift boxes is the most recent strategy for bringing them towards the next level. Furthermore, by changing your soap boxes, you can move beyond the basic, boring soap packaging to eye-catching boxes that will enhance any product.

Two Decades Of Soap Gift Boxes Manufacturing

ZTP aims to deliver you not just a soap box solution and a variety of services to make things easier for you. We are proud to say that we are competent and qualified in the packaging market, with over twenty years of knowledge.

We also make high-quality, affordable soap boxes to meet your expectations. Our knowledgeable designers and specialists can give ideas and opinions that are tailored to your specific objectives.

In general, buyers are drawn to packaging that is simple and vibrant. As a result, choosing ZTP for your soap gift box needs is an excellent choice.

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ZTP pass the ISO9001/ISO14001 manufacturing
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BSCI improve social performance in supply chain.
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ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
20 Years Paper Packaging Manufacturing Experience
More Than 20 years Experience
Over 20 years printing and packaging experience manufacturer

Why ZTP Is The Best Choice For Soap Gift Boxes

ZTP offers a wide choice of soap boxes—from high-end to low-cost options. There will be a variety of options available to you.

Moreover, the advantage of ZTP’s is that we can provide you with high-quality, low-cost products made entirely of recyclable materials. We use only top-grade materials and modern approaches to make your product. Furthermore, we ensure that the soap gift box designs we give you are relevant for your business.

So, if you’re searching for soap gift boxes, ZTP is here. You no longer need to waste your time browsing online. We have a group of knowledgeable and skilled individuals to create the types of paper packaging you want.

Soap Gift Box – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Soap Gift Box – The Ultimate FAQ Guide book isn’t your typical soap gift box. It is a step-by-step guide to all of the most frequently asked questions and their answers about soap making and creating your custom soap packaging.

Soap Gift Box – The FAQ Guide is about soap gift boxes containing different types of soapbox materials. The questions in the box will help you to choose each product correctly.

This guide will help you with everything you need to know regarding the soap gift box and how your customers can benefit after using these soap gift boxes.


Soap Gift Box – this guide is your unique guide to create amazing customized soap gift boxes, personalized information, and tips to give you the top soap gift box in the market.

This guide gives ‘straight answers’ to many common questions and concerns about handmade soap, bath, and beauty products.

  1. What Material Is There For Soap Packing?
  2. What Are The Features Of Soap Gift Box?
  3. How Can I Customize The Colors Of Soap Boxes Wholesale?
  4. What Do You Know China Manufacturer Offer Soap Boxes?
  5. How To Improve The Soap Value By Packaging Boxes?
  6. What Are The Custom Soap Packaging Boxes?
  7. How To Select Amazing Shapes And Dimensions For Soap Boxes?
  8. How Do Boxes Prevent Soaps From Being Slippery?
  9. How Can I Get Soap Images Printed On My Soap Boxes Bulk?
  10. How Brown Kraft Soap Boxes Are Easy To Assemble And Give Appealing Packaging?
  11. How Can We Offer Custom Printed White Paper Soap Packaging Option As Well?
  12. How To Choose Good Material For Custom Soap Boxes?
  13. How To Get Attractive Custom Soap Boxes With Logo?
  14. What Are The Design Tips For Soap Gift Box?
  15. What Sizes Of Soap Boxes Are Available?
  16. What Is The Importance Of Custom Soap Boxes?
  17. What Are The Innovative Ideas For Gift Soap Boxes?
  18. How Can We Obtain Guaranteed Results With Kraft Soap Boxes Wholesale?
  19. What Are The Available Offers For Stylish Soap Boxes To Enhance Your Business?
  20. What Type Can Be Used For Soap Gift Boxes?
  21. How Is The Soap Packaging Boxes An Appealing Instrument?

1. What Material Is There For Soap Packing?

There are many different types of soap gift boxes.

One of the most common soapboxes is the cardboard-based model used to hold soap bars.

Kraft paperboard is the most popular material used to make these boxes.

These boxes are made with eco-friendly material in varying shapes and styles according to the purpose for which they are going to be used.


They are free from all kinds of harmful chemicals and toxicities.

The form of packaging that best suits soap is the one that is made from paperboard.

This type of packaging is easy to customize, can be molded into any shape or size, and is environmentally friendly. It’s economical, and safe to use too.

Kraft paperboard is the best material for this purpose as it is easily customizable, versatile, environmentally friendly, easy to handle, economical, and safe to use.

2.    What Are The Features Of Soap Gift Box?

These additional features will help increase your brand’s aesthetic appeal:

  • Soap Boxes come with various add-ons that you can choose from if you need to uplift your brand.
  • If you want to make it transparent, you can add a window to the packaging.
  • This will help your customers trust your brand and make your products easier to find in the store.
  • Foiling on an attractive soap packaging paper card makes a beautiful presentation of your product and helps it be easily recognized.


  • The impressive range of glossy and matte finishes for soapboxes make them ideal for advertising.
  • We also offer soap embossing and metallic foil stickers.
  • You can use embossing to create a beautiful label for your bar of soap, or you can use metallic foiling to enhance your soap packaging.
  • These additional features will help increase your brand’s aesthetic appeal.

3.    How Can I Customize The Colors Of Soap Boxes Wholesale?

China’s manufacturers of soap gift boxes offer various neutral colors, such as chocolate brown, white, creamy yellow, and lemon green.

You can also provide your color or graphics for your Logo-Printed Soap Boxes or Gift Boxes.


They offer several options to our business partners. They can choose their color and printing, as well as other packaging and logistics features.

All of our soap gift boxes are custom printed, so we will send you color samples to choose from for your unique designs and packaging.

When you find one that works with your brand, we’ll have the boxes custom-printed to match.

4.    What Do You Know China Manufacturer Offer Soap Boxes?

These boxes are an ideal way to market to the target audience. China’s companies work with customers to design the perfect package.

Packaging experts use the latest technology to ensure that your product looks great.

Additionally, they can offer you a variety of packaging solutions to suit your needs. We can create and ship your order quickly.

The manufacturer produces customized shipping boxes, which are an ideal way to reach your target markets.

They craft any box design, using your specifications for measurements, colors, and materials.

Packaging designers will give you a great idea of how your product is represented in a soap gift box.

5.    How To Improve The Soap Value By Packaging Boxes?

Soap gift boxes are an essential business requirement to improve soap’s value.

Without a customized soap gift box, it would be tough to sell a soap gift box.

With the development of technology, you can get your hands on whatever you need from the internet.

Manufacturers deal in large quantities; some producers can customize the boxes accordingly.

The soap gift boxes will help improve your product value tremendously by utilizing the images of your business on the outside of your custom soapboxes.


And you can also customize your soap gift boxes with whatever messages you like to increase sales, promote events, or a variety of other purposes.

The addition of soap gift boxes has transformed the soap business. Not only it provides the package to carry or store the soap, but it also makes it more exciting and enticing to buy.

With the elegantly designed soap gift box packaging, the mere presence of the soap is a statement that says this is a unique item for special people.

6.    What Are The Custom Soap Packaging Boxes?

Digital Printing:

Digital printing is a process that is quite different than offset. In digital printing, you can stop and restart the process to get multiple copies of your product. Digital printing is a time-saving procedure when compared with offset printing.

Offset Printing:

Offset printing is a faster and cheaper printing method compared to digital printing, but it cannot always produce the same results. Our soapboxes are printed on both offset and digital printing, giving our customers the best of both worlds.

Spot UV Printing:

Spot UV is a printing technique that fills a design with ink. This happens when a projector scans a plan into the so-called “cathode ray screen.”

The ink is then spread in an image utilizing the spot UV lamps. The main challenge of using spot UV is that the customer can see the raw material used and it’s quality during production.

7.    How To Select Amazing Shapes And Dimensions For Soap Boxes?

The websites of manufacturers’ brands related to soap gift boxes have every size from small to large to choose what you need without any hassle.

They can deliver your product in a well-packed box so that you can have everything exactly as you want.

The most common dimensions for soap gift boxes are 6 x 3 x 2 inches, mainly used for   6″ x 3.5″ soap bars or 7″ x 4.5″ soap bars.

One of the most critical factors in selecting the proper size is the thickness and height of your soap gift box.

8.    How Do Boxes Prevent Soaps From Being Slippery?

Soap boxes prevent soaps from being slippery in several ways. Cellophane wrapping is placed over the whole box, top, and bottom.

This isolates the soap from the sides of both the inner and outer box. So when you open a soap gift box, your soap will not be sliding around inside a slippery box.

Wrap each bar of soap in tissue before you ship to keep it protected from outside elements.

A layer can be put of paper between each of the soaps and then placed in the box.   Also, the cellophane packaging has a coating that is both clear and slippery on one side.

That site sits to the bottom of the soap gift box with all soaps covered in a transparent layer of this material.  This gives us our anti-slip packaging.

9.    How Can I Get Soap Images Printed On My Soap Boxes Bulk?

China’s brand making is the best in custom-made soap gift boxes. They have various materials and printing options you can choose from to personalize this product even further.

Different surfaces can be printed, including black soapboxes, and we can even custom design your own.

It would help if you understood that the final look of your soap gift box is essential to you.


Customize these soap gift boxes with any design, style, and color for you so that they are precisely what you want.

If the manufacturer offers custom printing for all your printing needs, you can print photo images on your soap gift boxes to like them more.

10.   How Brown Kraft Soap Boxes Are Easy To Assemble And Give Appealing Packaging?

A variety of customizable products for you to choose from soap gift boxes can be applied to the box to create an appealing look. You can use your soap in a stylish black box with high-quality printing methods.

  • Printing techniques such as digital prints
  • Foil stamping
  • Laser engraving
  • Embossing

Custom soap boxes make your product packaging much more impressive. Enhance the quality and look of your soap products with attractive, durable packaging.

You’ll get the assurance that people will be impressed by your soap’s appearance, packaging, quality, and excellent brand name.

11.   How Can We Offer Custom Printed White Paper Soap Packaging Option As Well?

Make a white paper soap box packaging for other products. White virgin Soap gift box packaging has the advantage of being printed with more beautiful artwork than Kraft boxes.

Unlike other paper boxes in various designs and colors, white paper is our ideal choice to make a Soap gift box.It can be printed with more beautiful artwork than Kraft paper, making the Soap gift boxes seem more sophisticated and luxurious.

White paper soap packaging is also suitable for other types of white paper, such as white toilet paper. The beautiful artwork that can be printed on white virgin paper is gorgeous to soap makers.

12.   How To Choose Good Material For Custom Soap Boxes?

Cardboard is a common material for Soap gift boxes. Other than this and Kraft, paperboard and cardboard are also popular choices.

Paper products for Soap gift boxes have the advantage of being recyclable and eco-friendly.

Cardboard is one of the most robust and most durable packaging materials.

It is a commonly used material for packaging products and requires little to no care to keep it looking new.

The primary reason for using cardboard in clean product packaging is to ensure that the product itself stays safe from damage during delivery.

Cardboard is a highly recyclable, environmentally friendly, and durable packaging material that can be used to pack all types of Soap gift boxes.

13.   How To Get Attractive Custom Soap Boxes With Logo?

The ideal approach to boost a Soap gift box is to introduce it to work in the customer’s brain.

Lovely Soap gift box packaging provides an expert look, triggering a buy reaction in the customer’s brain.

The Soap gift box packaging material assists brands with distinguishing themselves from different organizations on the lookout.


A beautifully designed presentation Soap gift box is an essential part of a beautifully designed product.

It makes the product feel valued and helps it to stand out from the competition.

It’s also a great idea for retailers to create presentation samples of Soap gift boxes. They’re fun and make shoppers want to buy the full-size product.

Each of our products is created with the most modern synthetic compounds. This means that the manufacturer can produce items precisely to your specifications, within your deadline.

The best manufacturer in China will never deliver a product that does not meet your expectations.

Every time a business has a logo, it dramatically enhances its credibility and can be an effective branding tool.

A logo isn’t just something pretty. A logo is a critical element of any brand and can act as a focal point for its visual identity.

It also allows for consistency and brand recognition.

Brand design plays a vital role in the success of any business. Brand design and branding are essential aspects of business management.

A logo is an essential part of a brand’s identity, but it may be used in all kinds of print materials.

14.   What Are The Design Tips For Soap Gift Box?

A minimalist, simple, and modern look are on-trend in design. Keep these tips in mind for your handmade soaps.

We need to design a nice soap gift box to highlight the product, natural handmade soap, and elegant packaging.

Custom colors are available upon request. But you should must inform during order on a web page to know your color choice before purchase.


For instance, the Designer suggests that there should be no color contrast. Otherwise, it will appear that the Soap gift box design as a whole is not integrated:

  • Put a picture on both sides of the box to improve the visual experience of the Soap gift box
  • Even if the main shape is not very complex, you have to use vivid colors to make it stand out;
  • “Solid” does not have a perfect sense of space. The Soap gift box itself must convey enough of a sense of freedom;
  • Pay attention to the overall pattern in the design of the soap gift box.

15. What Sizes Of Soap Boxes Are Available?

You can get printed Soap gift boxes of any size you need. You should decide the best size box for your soap.

Whether you’re printing soapboxes in the factory or order on-demand, our printing service is always ready to help you.

You can get free samples to help you decide which size is best for your Soap gift box packaging.

You can get printed your bar design on these boxes in any size you need.

Your exact specifications have been decided with the manufacturer while booking order that which box is best for your product needs.

16.   What Is The Importance Of Custom Soap Boxes?

Save time and money with our downloadable soapbox templates. A variety of professionally designed templates will help you create a one-of-a-kind soapbox for your business.

You can easily download our templates and then use them to design a custom soapbox, or you can let us create a unique soapbox for you.

Downloadable templates make it easy to create custom soap boxes for your business.

You can use them to design your own, then upload your finished design to our website when you are ready to order.

17.   What Are The Innovative Ideas For Gift Soap Boxes?

These days Soap gift box is manufactured in various shapes and styles and could be availed in different shapes & sizes.

People love some extra; you can offer bath foam and related items for enhancing the sale of your Soap gift box.

Fill these Soap gift box combos with your favorite soaps, chosen from an array shown above, and you’re sure to please everyone.


The wrapping and style determine the image and appeal of the product.

The creative Soap gift boxes for soap are numerous and varied in colors.

Soap gift boxes for soap should display the brand’s identity, paying attention to attract the eyes of the consumers.

18.   How Can We Obtain Guaranteed Results With Kraft Soap Boxes Wholesale?

Confide in your printers and let them take care of the printing of your packaging.

Choose a reliable printer with an efficient printing facility, and you will not have to worry about the quality of your packaging.


Above all else, if you choose to work with us as our product packaging service provider,

You will not have to think twice about the presentation of your other products.

China is a reliable and highly respected supplier of packaging products, printing services, promotional materials, custom packaging, wrapping services, and other related products and services.

You can contact online manufacturers for guaranteed results.

19.   What Are The Available Offers For Stylish Soap Boxes To Enhance Your Business?

A wide variety of Soap gift box packaging options are there, which are also available in various sizes to meet the needs of your product and business.

The online manufacturer can guide you in making the ideal soap packaging choice for your product and business.


Custom soap packaging boxes mean you can choose the colors and sizes that work best for your products.

The expert design team can help you get the most from your custom soap packaging boxes, including how to enhance your brand like:

  • Make your product stand out from the competition by creating an eye-catching box design,
  • Enhance the appeal of your soap by adding any seasonal décor you can,
  • Protect your soap from external contaminants by covering it with a heavy protective cover,
  • Provide your customers with information about your soap by including a label on each bar,
  • Catch the eye of new customers by placing them in high-traffic areas.

20.   What Type Can Be Used For Soap Gift Boxes?

We offer so many different designs at our “Kraft” stationery and gift store, and you can choose one that’s right for you.

You’ll love the variety of excellent designs you can make with the Kraft boxes!

We offer a wide variety of gift boxes that you can choose from, allowing you to present your best customer service whenever needed.

You are free to select the style that you want from among our many choices. We can make it for you within a short period.

You can make your gift box. Please choose from one of our pre-made styles, or select from our custom options.

You can make your decisions about customizing the design of your go-to box. We can customize the design and style according to your choices.

21.   How Is The Soap Packaging Boxes An Appealing Instrument?

The soap packaging boxes must be informative and attractive altogether. Customers will be drawn into the selection process by getting the basic idea of the product and seeing it in action.

The Soap gift boxes must also appeal to customers’ senses, including sight, touch, and sound. Most importantly, they must get customers to consider purchasing the products and want them in their homes.


The all-inclusive Soap gift boxes must be beautiful, drawing in consumers and requesting them to understand that they need this item in their everyday routine.

Packaging the soap bars in colorful boxes with eye-catching graphics will grab customers’ attention and create a sense of urgency.

The importance of the product is emphasized by the inclusion of benefits designed to appeal to shoppers’ daily habits.

The soap packaging boxes must be highly appealing altogether. This is necessary to draw in customers and make them feel that they require this item in their everyday schedule and without utilizing it day by day is inadequate.

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