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ZTP is one of the market leaders in the printing and packaging industry. For the past 20 years, we’ve been servicing and creating soap boxes with window products. To make things easier for you, we make sure to provide you with exceptionally versatile services.

Our skillful team of professionals, designers, and dedicated packaging specialists will provide you with 100% handcrafted, sturdy, and high-quality soap boxes with window. We can also provide you with recommendations and the information you need to select the packaging that your clients will absolutely love.

Select Your Desired Type Of Soap Boxes With Window

ZTP provides a wide range of soap boxes with window designs. You can always inquire with us if you have a specific design in mind. Moreover, you are always free to choose the materials, designs, and sizes that you desire.

Kraft Soap Box With Window
The kraft soap box with window is professionally handcrafted using 100% recycled materials. This type of packaging is perfect for any packaging purpose. Given its rustic and natural look, it will absolutely capture the buyers’ attention.
White Soap Boxes With Window
With a variety of designs to select from, ZTP manufactures high-quality window soap boxes. We make sure that our packaging preserves the quality of the soaps for an extended period.
Window Soap Boxes
With a variety of designs to select from, ZTP manufactures high-quality window soap boxes. We make sure that our packaging preserves the quality of the soaps for an extended period.
Kraft Soap Boxes
We use top-end recyclable materials in the production of handmade kraft soap boxes. These boxes are also 100% eco-friendly and very durable.
Soap Gift Boxes
Our skilled designers are the ones crafting our soap gift boxes. They're available in a wide range of prints and sizes, making them ideal for any type of occasion.
Custom Printed Soap Boxes
ZTP provides all types of custom printed soap boxes. Not only can you make your brand stand out, but you will also get the kind of design that will suit yours and your client’s taste.

20 Years Of Manufacturing Soap Boxes With Window

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An Exceptional Soap Boxes With Window Is Crucial To Your Business

Soap boxes with window do not just secure the products, but they also play a crucial role in promoting your brand. Hence, ZTP will ensure that the quality and designs of your packaging are excellent.

People would consider soap to be a need rather than a luxury, as it is the most often used essential in every establishment or home. However, these soap boxes are just as necessary as the soap you’re selling.

With the increasing industry, it is critical that you carefully select your soap boxes with window packaging, as they significantly influence your profits.

More clients are engaged in captivating soap boxes with window, given their unique features. For example, if you have a business, your packaging must be more interesting to increase brand awareness among your rivals.

Personalized Your Soap Boxes With Window

The most effective plan in taking your soap boxes with windows to the next level is to modify and improve them with a unique customized design creatively. Furthermore, by customizing your soapboxes, you will be ahead of the typical, boring soap packaging and bring out eye-catching boxes that will enhance each product.

In reality, customers love bright and straightforward packaging. As a result, selecting ZTP for your soap boxes with window is the ideal alternative.

ZTPs’ objective is to give you a soap packaging solution and a range of services to make things easier for you. We are pleased to say that we are skilled and qualified in the packaging industry, with over two decades of professional experience.

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Why Choose ZTP For Soap Boxes With Window

You will have a wide range of options available. From luxury soapboxes to soap gift boxes, ZTP offers a wide selection of soap boxes with windows.

The good thing about ZTP is that we can provide you with high-quality but low-cost products manufactured entirely of excellent materials.

Besides, to create your packaging needs, we only utilize top-grade materials and equipment. We make sure to provide soap boxes with window designs that will suit your company’s brand.

Therefore, if you’re searching for soap boxes with window online, look no further; ZTP is here to give you the best packaging there is. With the help of our highly skilled and knowledgeable staff, you’ll surely get the type of packaging that you want.

FAQ Guide

  1. How Can You Choose The Right Soap Packaging For Your Product?
  2. Why Choose China For Packaging Of Custom Soap Boxes?
  3. What Are The Important Things Need To Know About These Boxes?
  4. Which Material Will Be Suitable For Soap Boxes?
  5. What Are The Types Of Window Soap Box That Manufacturer Offers?
  6. What Shape Can I Choose About Soap Boxes.
  7. How To Avail Quality Printing And Manufacturing Techniques For Eco-Friendly Soap Boxes?
  8. How To Give An Attractive Look For The Packaging Boxes?
  9. What Advantage Is Choosing Manufacturer In China?
  10. What Is The Importance Of Packaging Supplies?
  11. What Is The Customization Of Soap Boxes?
  12. Which Kind Of Paper Is Used To Make Soap Box?
  13. What Are The Materials, Finishes, And Extras For These Soap Boxes?
  14. What Is The Lifespan Of Soap Packaging Box?
  15. What Are The Techniques Involved In Printing Of These Boxes?
  16. How Much Does Soap Box Printing Cost?
  17. How Long Will It Take To Get My Soap Boxes?

1. How Can You Choose The Right Soap Packaging For Your Product?

If you are thinking about needing soap packaging for your product, you might be wondering what the ideal packaging is for soap. There are many options available, and you need to choose the best one that can fit your product.

Soap Boxes With Window

It would help if you considered several factors to ensure you end up with the right soapbox packaging. The first thing to note is what you want your soap to look like when you present it to your potential buyers.

Is it going to be a luxury product? Or something basic and more casual? Once you have decided on the image for your product, you can choose the style of the box. There is bound to be a choice for nearly any soap on the market.

Choosing the right soapboxes with windows for your products requires considering your product’s size, shape, texture, and color. It’s important to make sure your packaging can accommodate the shape and weight of the soap you’re selling, as well as the label information you’ll need to include on it.

Whether you are a new company or one around for a while, there are many questions to ask yourself when seeking the right soapbox packaging.

If your soap is for personal use, you want something to protect the product from damage and spoilage. If the soap is for sale, you need something that will look appealing on the shelf and can be displayed easily.

2. Why Choose China For Packaging Of Custom Soap Boxes?

Packaging can make or break a product, so it’s important to get it right. That’s why many overseas companies choose China as the source of their packaging needs.

This brief guide will help you understand why China is the right choice for soap boxes with windows.

According to your target market, China’s efficient and professional packing boxes manufacturers can help you layout and design the way you want it.

China manufacturers have manufactured many designs of soapboxes; different methods attract different consumer groups.

Custom Soap Boxes With Window

At one point or another, many of us have displayed a bar of soap in a pretty box to show it off. If you are now wondering where to buy soapboxes in China, there are many reasons to choose China for the packaging of custom soapboxes.

Compared to other packaging materials, custom soap boxes made in China are usually much cheaper.

It’s important to remember that the reason for this great cost difference has nothing to do with low quality, which is always guaranteed when dealing with suppliers from our platform.

The main reason for the difference is that raw materials have a lower price index in China at present.

3. What Are The Important Things Need To Know About These Boxes?

Boxes are a significant part of packaging and business. Any business that requires storage or transportation daily should look into the pros and cons of using this product for their business.

When using this product for business, several things must be considered. For example: is your material fragile, non-fragile? The soapbox you use could make the difference in keeping your belongings or having them obtain damage throughout the trip or while they are stored away.

Quality is an important aspect to know before purchasing your soapbox. The Soap Boxes with Window is manufactured with clear acrylic, making its effects more potent.

It is known to have a longer duration and is low in maintenance because it comes with a watertight gasket that tightly fits the soap bars. A window feature allows the user to see the level of soap remaining.

You should know the price. In the category of Soap Boxes, you’ll find a wide range of products from different sellers. Prices for these products vary as well, depending on their qualities. The item’s price depends on its features and the producer’s reputation.

It would help if you kept in mind the window on a soap box. Soap Boxes are one of the most economical ways to build a brand.

Mount or display your products inside promotional soapboxes with a window and showcase them in trade shows, fairs, and shops. With the different varieties available like tube packaging, folding boxes, and brochures, these can be easily customized as per your requirements.

4. Which Material Will Be Suitable For Soap Boxes?

Which material to make soapbox is the question often asked by clients. Each time, the answer is different, as different customers have other demands for soapboxes.

The material depends on clients’ special requirements for various soapboxes in different shapes and colors.

When choosing material, you have to take into account the soap products. Soap is a product that contains oil, so it’s best to select materials that have good waterproof quality. And it’s better if the material will not cause any oil slip in the box.

Kraft Paper for Soap Boxes With Window

It’s very important to choose suitable materials for soapboxes. Soap is a sensitive chemical product, and the effects of solar radiation are becoming increasingly harsher with time. As the name implies, soaps are based on fatty acids and oils.

The acid part has a melting point of 8-12°C. This means that with air temperatures at ten °C, the soap bars’ content in the soapboxes reaches about 5-6 degrees Celsius before hardening and becoming unusable.

Soapboxes are commonly used as advertisements for companies. To give a personal touch to soapboxes and make them look more attractive, a clear cover is used to cover the soapboxes.

This clear cover must be transparent, having a window design to show what is inside the box. The clear body must be a sturdy and good material to avoid troubles in the future.


5. What Are The Types Of Window Soap Box That Manufacturer Offers?

China’s manufacturers offer two types of soapboxes with windows: a window display box and a gable box with a full-length window. The window display box commonly comprises two or more panels, while the others are the common single panel or two-panel type.

With the highly competitive environment that the soap makes industry is in, the manufacturers today are consistently coming up with new and innovative products to survive. One of these innovations is the transparent window soapbox. It gives a clear idea about the product to the customers.

Manufacturer Window Choice Soap Boxes

Window soapboxes come in the following three major types:

  • OPA/Label Slit Window – this window is 3 to 4 inches in height, appears on one side panel, and is placed at the upper center portion of a soapbox;
  • Full-size Front Window – it’s a full front, open slant as well as width that stretches above half of the box face’s height; and
  • Half-size Front Window – this window is smaller and doesn’t cover most of the soapbox face.

6. What Shape Can I Choose About Soap Boxes?

There are at least three shapes of window soap boxes an individual can purchase depending on their window size.

They are the rectangle window soapbox, the oval window soapbox, and the square window soapbox. Each type has a different shape but has the same function: to keep your soap dry and easy to find when you need to use it next time.

Window soap boxes can be categorized into two types.

  • The first is around the soapbox, which contains the soap outside the box.
  • The second is Triangular-shaped window soapboxes with transparent windows to show off the product inside.

The shape and look of the boxes can vary depending on your preference.

Window Shapes of Soap Boxes

Soapboxes with windows come in a variety of shapes and styles. Some are completely rectangular, some are tall and thin, and others are shaped like cubes with rounded edges.

7. How To Avail Quality Printing And Manufacturing Techniques For Eco-Friendly Soap Boxes?

Eco-Friendly soapboxes with windows are important for packaging clean and pure soaps. It is important to provide the brilliance of printing and manufacturing for packages that hold such sensitive products.

To make a package that is Eco-Friendly and user-friendly, it is essential to opt for innovative processes. Soapboxes with window manufacturers like ours focus on innovation and ensure that your product meets the necessary standards.

China’s transparent soapboxes have gained popularity due to their transparency along with the window. These soapboxes are well-manufactured using eco-friendly materials.

The clarity of the box is one of its many merits. Manufacturers use these soapboxes for packaging soaps and other related products.

Printed Techniques Soap Boxes

A promotional soapbox with a viewing window is a great way to showcase your brand while giving it the exposure it deserves.

These boxes with windows are made up of sturdy cardboard and are customized as per the requirements of our customers.

They can be customized in any size and shape; they are eco-friendly, ideal for gifting purposes, and one of the best options when you need a high-quality gift box.

8. How To Give An Attractive Look For The Packaging Boxes?

Soap is made with natural materials, so the manufacturers want to give an attractive look to their packaging boxes.

So as in this case, we have been working on designing an eye-catching, creative and attractive box by using white-colored paper and using a broad window placed on the wide portion of the box not only makes it stand out from other packages but also protect the soap and make it more attractive to look at that has a glossy finish.


Soap Boxes with windows are available in different shapes and sizes, going from a simple rectangular to a box with an irregular shape.

This is an effective solution for many companies that want to make their products stand out. Inserting a soaped window in the packaging box, in general opaque and without any special cutouts, will give a special effect, look unique, and make your product more visible to your customers.

Creating eye-catching and attractive packaging is an art. The idea is to grab the customer’s attention by simple means of good packaging design.

For example, a good packaging design for windows cleaning soap would be a logo that reflects the cleaning solution and can give an attractive look to the packaging boxes.

9. What Advantage Is Choosing Manufacturer In China?

Soapboxes from China are popular in the worldwide market. They are aimed at the buyers who prefer low prices and good quality.

The soapboxes with windows come in different shapes and designs, which are wonderful for guests to use or sell individually wrapped products in retail shops.

Chinese soapboxes manufacturers have gained popularity worldwide because of the excellent qualities of their products.

They can easily produce great numbers of good-looking soap boxes when it comes to volume.

Lastly, they are often known for delivering products on time. This is why many soap makers or business people choose China’s manufacturers as their suppliers.

As the world’s largest manufacturing country globally, Chinese manufacturers have been developing a series of excellent products for home, personal care, and other fields.

China is the largest supplier of soap boxes globally and the biggest manufacturer of soapboxes.

The soapboxes with windows in China have high quality and low prices. The styles and colors can be customized based on your requirements. There is much for you to choose from.

More and more companies purchase soap boxes from China in recent years because of the good features.

10. What Is The Importance Of Packaging Supplies?

Nothing is more important to your company than the package it comes in. The tactile feel of the design communicates essential information to the customer and allows you to present your brand with a competitive edge.

At Soap Boxes With Window, we offer a wide selection of high-quality packaging supplies that boost your products’ sales by creating a strong first impression with your customers. Whether you’re looking for shipping boxes, soap boxes, or toiletry boxes, we have what you need!

Soapboxes are small rectangular boxes in packaging with a built-in window. They feature a window that shows the product.

This is important because it allows someone to look at the variety of packaging products available while standing in front of the shelf. Since these boxes’ packaging is made out of clear material, there is no need to spend time opening the box to take a quick look at the product.

The packaging greatly makes its brand stand out from the rest for a business. If it weren’t for packaging, we would be buying in bulk or directly from the company that produces the product.

Even if the product is manufactured on a very large scale with an already recognizable brand name, you need packaging to keep them safe and secure during transportation.

11. What Is The Customization Of Soap Boxes?

Personalized soapboxes with windows are available to pursue your desire for soap packaging by providing your images, words, and fonts on the clear custom window.

Custom soap boxes are made of corrugated paperboard material and covered with 350g-600g/m2 white color art paper; the window will be trimmed with white cardboard as a window core, Then paste the solid black color waterproof PC film lamination on two sides and fold it to create a window in your soapbox.

Customization Soap Boxes With Window is a charming and unique promotional gift for various enterprises to promote their product.

Soap Boxes With Windows can be customized with the shape and size of windows, but only through the window can you see clearly. Your products will look beautiful when put inside.

Customization Soap Boxes

Customization is when a business client requests additional information to be added to products.

This can be printed or handwritten by the manufacturer’s production unit directly on products. It can also be laser engraved or silk-screened onto products.

12. Which Kind Of Paper Is Used To Make Soap Box?

To make Soap Boxes With windows, the paper we use is called Wrapping Paper. This kind of paper is made from refined bamboo, and there are many types of Wrapping Paper.

The first one is called Chinese Color Paper which has several colors used for dying. You can also choose other wrapping papers according to your color preferences.

Soapboxes and soap chips are commonly made with four different kinds of paper: cardboards, wooden pulp paper, special printing, and heavy-duty paper. Some soapboxes are even made from paper mixed with plastic. The choice of paper used in this case depends on the manufacturer’s preference and budget.

Soapboxes are typically made from recycled and recyclable paper also. We use about 20s-30s of world standard printing & drawing paper for each soapbox.


13. What Are The Materials, Finishes, And Extras For These Soap Boxes?

Soap Boxes With Window usually have a last-minute finish that leaves the soapbox with some gloss.

This soft sheen will resist fingerprints, so the soapboxes look clean for a longer period.

We try using Egg Shell Finish for our bulk soapboxes for several reasons, but mostly because this finish gives a warm touch to the soapboxes but still lets them stay glossy.

If your business focuses on luxury packaging, you can choose a matt finish or even request we apply wood grain wraps to make your brand stand out.

Four basic parts make up any soapbox packaging with a window:

Appealing packaging should feel high-quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Soapboxes will more than likely change every year as trends change in daily life and marketing.

Color and Material for Soap Boxes

We use one of the most durable plastics to make our soapboxes. Every plastic in our soapboxes is UV protected, adding even more durability to these products. The window pouches used in our soapboxes are also made from special plastic, as are our candy bags.

14. What Is The Lifespan Of Soap Packaging Box?

The lifespan of soap packaging boxes is generally dependent on the frequency of exposure to daylight.

The transparent window allows the sunlight to warp and fade the bottom layer of the box, which will shorten its lifespan compared to [other] boxes. We suggest that customers use safety pins to cover up the hole or use opaque tape to wrap it up if the brand requires this kind of package.

Well, it depends on a lot of factors. The lifespan of any soap packaging will be dictated by the shelf life (how long the soap is good for) and the exposure to light.


15. What Are The Techniques Involved In Printing Of These Boxes?

The printing technique involved in these boxes is the digital offset process. We can print any color with fineness in this method, from etching look to glitter effect. All the design elements can be printed in full colors.

The printing and coloring of these boxes will be done through the process known as offset printing. This is a system that allows for partial shade on the boxes. So if you have your logo or design, it can be created in up to four colors depending on the complexity of your arrangement and logo.

This printing method is non-toxic and eco-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals being around you or your kids.

Printing Techniques Soap Boxes

The printing process is called “silk screen printing.” A screen is placed over the box, and ink is pressed into the screen’s mesh.

The mesh separates the ink as it passes through the eyelets of the screen, which gives the image its definition. Energized lines or solid areas of color are created by deciding which eyelets or openings to use.

The manufacturing process of these boxes is divided into two basic parts: Printing the design on the box and making it strong enough to carry the weight of the soap.

Printing involves a process of transferring images and text onto a surface using a wide range of materials such as inks, dyes, paints, and adhesives.

The end product can be directly applied on a substrate or mounted to other substrates like a corrugated board. Printing techniques are used to ensure that the image is transferred correctly and completely onto the box, allowing you to see what’s inside clearly.

16. How Much Does Soap Box Printing Cost?

The cost of printing depends on how much you will be printing and where you will be printing the labels.

The price for one piece is about $0.5, and the average cost of printing 100,000 pieces of soapboxes is about $2,000, and with high-quality printing, it accepts to publish on both side cover with high-quality standards.

The average price for printing a soapbox is around $0.15-0.25, some even as low as $0.12 depending on the amount of your order and which company you go to.

17. How Long Will It Take To Get My Soap Boxes?

Production time varies based on the specific product that you order, with an industry-standard of 7-10 business days.

While most of our orders ship within three business days, we ask that you allow 5-7 business days for delivery.

Orders of more than 500 boxes may take longer to ship due to the extra time it takes for the order to ship from our warehouse.


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