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Luxury Round Paper Box For Your Gifts and Packaging
ZTP round paper box is a circular box with lid handmade or custom made by professional designers to meet your needs.

ZTP Manufactures Round Paper Box In Fifferent Colors To Match Your Preference.

ZTP manufactures round box packaging in different colors to match your preference. You can purchase it in brown, pattern, or any color you would like. Besides the colors, you can order a custom print on any of your round packing boxes.

The round box packaging quality guarantees you durable but pocket-friendly circle cardboard boxes, unlike other products in the market. Some products like the round cardboard box are made with cardboards making them durable.

Choose From Our Variety Of Round Paper Boxes

ZTP is designing different forms of soap paper boxes. If you have another type in mind, you can approach us. You are free to choose your desired size, materials, and designs.

Round flower box
Made of Superior paperboard quality. This box is suitable for decorative needs and flower packaging.
The luxurious round jewelry Box is made uniquely. You can use it to store your jewelry or a gift package.
circle gift box
The circle gift box is handmade and of superior paperboard quality. It is suitable for gift wrapping. You can add a ribbon touch to it to get the best out of it.
The round candle box is handmade and custom made by professional ZTP designers. Round candle box seems classier for holding your candles.
round cardboard boxes
Cut with precision and made of cardboard, this box is ideal for your packaging needs. You can use it store a variety of items including tea bags.
This box is available in different sizes, colors, and design. It is ideal for your gives, jewelry and accessories.
round boxes with lids
Made of superior paper quality, and a strong lid. The box is ideal for your packaging and gifting needs. All the box needs, is a ribbon touch.
circle cardboard box
Made of superior cardboard, and a smooth interior finishing. The box comes in different sizes and colors making it ideal for all your packaging needs.
Round Gift Box
This round paper box is made by cardboard, high-end rigid paper board. We can print your design on it and make different surface process for it, such as lamination, hot stamping, embossing and Spot UV

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A Captivating Soap Paper Box Is Essential To Your Business

Soap is not just an extra but a necessity for the people as it is the most utilized product in any establishment and household. Moreover, soap paper boxes carry the same amount of importance in your business as the soap you’re marketing.

With the growing industry, it is essential that you choose your soap paper box packaging carefully as they have a great effect on improving your deals.

A unique and enthralling soap paper box takes more customers. Specifically, if you have a soap business, your packaging needs to be more captivating, which improves your brand recognition among your competitors.

Moreover, soap paper boxes do not just secure the products, but they also play a crucial role in promoting your brand. Hence, ZTP will ensure that the quality and design are excellent.

Paper packaging ISO certification of Zhongtai Printing
Factory Base On ISO9001/ISO14001 Standard
ZTP pass the ISO9001/ISO14001 manufacturing
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BSCI Certificate
BSCI improve social performance in supply chain.
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ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
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More Than 20 years Experience
Over 20 years printing and packaging experience manufacturer

Get Custom Paper Soap Boxes

Creatively redesigning and improving your soap paper box is the most modern strategy to take it to the next level. Moreover, by modifying your soap boxes, you can get ahead of the basic, and dull soap packaging and take out your captivating boxes that will excel each item.

In fact, simple and colorful boxes attract buyers. Thus, choosing ZTP for your soap paper box needs will be the best option to do.

Why Choose ZTP For Soap Paper Box

ZTP has a broad range of soap paper box products, from luxury soapboxes to soap gift boxes. You will have plenty of selections to choose from.

The good thing about ZTP is that we’re capable of providing you with premium and cost-effective products that are 100% made from recyclable materials. We only use high-quality materials and advanced equipment to produce your packaging needs. Also, we ensure to offer you soap paper box designs that complement your business.

So, if you’re searching for a soap paper box, ZTP is here. You no longer need to waste your time browsing online. We have a group of knowledgeable and skilled individuals to create the types of paper packaging you want.

Round Paper Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide

Round Paper Box – The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a detailed guide in the form of questions and their answers.

The Round Paper Box is a guide about frequently asked questions and their answers to help users gain a perfect understanding of the round paper box and various aspects of a round paper box.

Round Paper Box – The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a comprehensive guide for those who want to start a profitable business by selling round paper boxes.

The guide contains information on making a round box, how to decorate a round box, and its uses in the corporate sector.

1. How To Make A Round Paper Box?
2. How To Cover A Round Box With Different Paper?
3. How Do You Line A Round Box With Fabric Decoration?
4. How To Measure Your Package Size?
5. Why Choose Cylinder Boxes Packaging?
6. How Many Types Of Boxes Are There?
7. What Are The Professional Uses Of The Box?
8. What Is The Role Of a Box Making Machine?
9. Who Is The Best Manufacturer Of The Product?
10. How Can This Box Be Made As Strong?
11.  What Is The Benefit Of Round Paper Box?
12. How Can Be Reused Round Paper Box?
13. What Is The Cost Of The Product?
14. What Are The Printing Technologies Used To Make?
15. How Many Shapes Are Available In Market?
16. How To Use Round Paper Box For Decoration?
17. What Is Required To Make A Homemade Round Box?
18. How Much Weight Can Be Packed In It?
19. What Is The Basic Material From Which This Product Is Made?
20. Is There Any Product With Handle Grip?
21. What Accessories Can Be Added For The Round Paper Box?
22. How Can The Product Be Used In Corporate Sector?
23. What Should Be The Thickness Of The Box?
24.Why Should You Choose Window For Round Paper Box?


1.    How To Make A Round Paper Box?

You can make a round paper box with straight sides’ lies in the precise cutting of the paper during the assembly of the boxes.

How to make Round Paper Box

There is no magic to it, just accurate measurements and a well-tuned eye, which means that as long as you follow this technique to the letter, you will be able to make perfectly round paper boxes such as:

  • Make a bottom for your box in a circle.
  • Lift the bowl and fold down the sides.
  • After you decide the size of the rectangle,
  • From the point where it is shorter than itself,
  • Cut it, glue it and fold it back on.

2.    How To Cover A Round Box With Different Paper?

You can cover a round paper box with different paper, like crape paper, glaze paper, pattern paper, texture paper, and etc. such as:

  • Glue the lid to the base,
  • Score paper and cardboard around the top to make a loose fit
  • Press the form down over the lid
  • Glue the lid’s lip, then smooth down

3.    How Do You Line A Round Box With Fabric Decoration?

Following ways can be adopted to line a round paper box with different colors of silk fabric decoration:

Fabric Decoration Round Paper Box

  • Fold the cardboard over and then fold the edges of the fabric up and over the paper.
  • Firmly pull the cardboard, but not so hard that it bends.
  • Make sure the fabric is pinned straight and not twisted.
  • Wrap the fabric with masking tape and trace around the material to cut out your box
  • Once cutting out the box
  • You must be careful not to rip through your tape
  • Place the belongings into your round paper box
  • Lining it up with the bottom
  • Apply Glue to the top of the cardboard and then allow it dry

4.    How To Measure Your Package Size?

Measuring at 16W x 19.6H x 5D, the round paper box can easily hold any round item while allowing for exceptional full-color printing on all four sides of the box.

To calculate the size of a round paper box manually:

  • Measure the diameter and the height of the round paper box.
  • Subtract the height from the diameter.
  • Add these two measurements.

This is your circumference.

To measure the size of the round paper box through computer software:

  • On the Picture Tools Format tab, select the Crop tool (.) from the toolbar.
  • Using the drop-down menu, choose Aspect Ratio from the popup menu.
  • Now click on the top of the crop button, and using the drop-down menu,
  • Choose Aspect Ratio, 1:1. Click once again on the top of the crop button,
  • Select Crop to Shape from the popup menu.
  • This will change your crop to a round shape.

5.    Why Choose Cylinder Boxes Packaging?

There are the following reasons to choose cylinder boxes while packaging:

Ecological Safety:

Like paper gift boxes, paper cylinders or round paper boxes are made of paper, which is a naturally renewable and environmentally friendly resource.

paper tubes can naturally degrade without causing harm to the environment.

Since the box is made of Kraft paper, it is completely recyclable and environmentally friendly.

In addition, it has been designed to minimize littering on the ground and will not spread waste to neighboring planets or satellites.

Low Cost:

Cylindrical and round paper box packaging machines utilize less labor than the bottom of paper gift boxes.

You will be able to customize its size, and your business will look more professional.

With a machine, mounting paper can be mounted quickly and efficiently into a round paper box.

Circular box packaging is uniquely suited for recycling. Its low cost and high efficiency make it a great choice for leading brands whose primary objective is to achieve a significant reduction in waste and carbon footprint.

Custom-Built Publishing Consumer Layout:

There is a large selection of paper sizes, paper colors, and patterns.

Most customers want to select the type of paper that matches their design preferences.

You can print on round paper boxes, such as metallic, glitter, or foil. Then, print your designs when you receive customer submissions.

Round paper box can be used for multiple uses such as embossing, laser cutting, decal printing, and punching.

Wrapping different goods

Round boxes are perfect for both cosmetics and food packaging.

These round paper boxes are an ideal choice for products like cosmetics, electronics, and jewelry.

Round paper boxes are often used by designers to enhance the marketing of their product.

These boxes are also great for packaging small items, especially if you want to make sure that these items remain protected while in transit.

Low weight and durable:

Compared with other packaging alternatives, round paper boxes are lightweight and stackable.

The core design of round paper box makes them an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic materials.

When customers reuse round paper boxes, they can continue using the same look and feel of their original product packaging.

6.    How Many Types Of Boxes Are There?

There are many kinds of boxes in the world of packaging, and not everyone knows what the correct terms for them are.

  • A round folding paper box is a box that folds in half to form a two-dimensional box with no three-dimensional sides. These boxes are designed primarily for stacking. They are usually used for small items such as chips or cookies, or frozen food.
  • A round rigid paper box is a box that is a smooth, solid shape. It is used for a wide variety of products, from household items to electronics.
  • Set-up round paper Boxes are boxes that are rectangular with a flat bottom and rounded corners.

7.    What Are The Professional Uses Of The Box?

There are a lot of professional uses of the round paper box. A few of the professional services are given below:

  • The packages of the round paper box are mainly used in events.
  • The main use of a round paper box is to act as a gift bag.
  • It can also be used to pack some samples of goods and deliver them to customers.
  • Round paper boxes can be used for packaging flowers, tea, chocolates, cosmetics, and jewelry.

Flower Box

8.    What Is The Role Of a Box Making Machine?

The box-making machine is custom-sized Kraft box-making equipment.

Using the HMI controls, you can produce a customized round paper box for any size or shape needed.

Round Paper Box Making Machine


At the plant, layers of paper are stacked on each other and cut into strips.

In a huge machine called the corrugator, the strips are folded into packages and then cut and printed on the paper machines.

9.    Who Is The Best Manufacturer Of The Product?

Yes, Of Course, China is the best manufacturer of the round paper box.

The best material for the round paper box is white paper or recycled materials at a competitive price.

China’s round paper box manufacturers have a long history and expertise in producing all kinds of round paper boxes.

More than 300 million tons of paper is produced in China every year, so they are rich in raw materials.

Manufacturers in China have developed customized solutions to suit the needs of clients for decades.

They offer a price that is 10-20% lower than those from other locations.

They can deliver products tailored to the clients’ needs.

Even though China boasts the largest number of factories, its quality products still receive much acclaim on the international market.

10.    How Can This Box Be Made As Strong?

That is not easy to say. It is a matter of understanding what makes a round paper box strong.

If you can understand the structural weakness, one could determine the materials needed to make a strong ring-shaped packaging system based on your product and its contents.

The paperboard production line starts with three main raw materials:

  • Pulp
  • Papermaking Chemicals
  • Deinking Chemicals

A round paper box is a container that can be of any shape. It is often made from a sheet of paperboard, cardboard, and paper-based materials.

The design of the round paper box adds to its strength.

Our round paper box is made stronger by adding extra sheets of the board in the sidewall areas.

This helps support the weight of heavier items you intend to pack within the sturdy little container.

It also gives this round paper box a slightly heavier feel when lifting it.

11.    What Is The Benefit Of Round Paper Box?

  • The Round Paper Box is a good product for packaging. It has many styles and patterns for you to choose from, such as stars, the lowest price, and delivery.
  • It is also good to consider the feedback and the search option before deciding which ones to buy.


  • A round paper box can be used to pack many things with the shape of a ball, such as fruits, vegetables, decorative bulbs, and supplies.
  • The curvature shape could make these elegant and presentable. What’s more, it is easy to deliver.
  • The round paper box has been widely used in the wedding and birthday party and sent a gift.
  • People can view the round paper box at a glance, and its appearance can be very attractive, which will not easily onto the chest of dust.
  • The creative and elegant round paper box has practical functions and has the leading position in advertisement promotion.
  • It is the ideal product due to its stable and beautiful packaging effect.

12.    How Can Be Reused Round Paper Box?

  • It can be reused as Shredded paper, wastepaper, and co-mingled office paper widely used in housebuilding, timber and wood-furniture manufacturing, furnishing, cardboard box making, and others.
  • The round paper box can be recycled, and it is a kind of environmental protection. After use, it can be recycled to make protective packaging, decoration materials.

Round Paper Boxes

  • You can place different kinds of small goods at the bottom of the cardboard box.
  • The delicate paper box can also be used to pack snacks or cookies, which can be delivered to relatives, friends, and colleagues.
  • You can reuse by putting Coin, keys, nails, beads, earrings, rings, bracelets, money, stationery items, and many more.

13.    What Is The Cost Of The Product?

The cost of the Round Paper Box depends on the number of styles of candy and the contents, the types of printing and decorating you want on it, the size of the paper box you want, etc.

The estimated cost of the Round Paper Box in China is from $17 to $42, depending on the material, size, quantity, and other factors.

Round Paper Box is a great choice if you buy this product, you can pay money or cheaper.

Round Paper Box is made of high quality and easy-to-use; it is built from durable materials.

There are also other cheap products if you want to order online because you need a cost-effective discount system; China is the best product selection and ordering system.

14.    What Are The Printing Technologies Used To Make?

Many methods are used for printing package boxes. From the high gloss to the matte finish, there are varying options in each case that make a big difference in the round paper box.

In this guide, you have the most popular techniques in packaging like:

  • Label Stickers
  • Litho-Laminating
  • Flexographic Printing
  • Pre- Print
  • Screen Printing

15.    How Many Shapes Are Available In Market?

There are two design styles of the round paper box; one is a solid circle, the other is a “Bucket” style with a hollow circle center; you can change the design easily.

In addition, the top lid can be designed any size and shape as you needed. However, few famous figures of round paper boxes are explained below:

  • Cylindrical Paper Box
  • Circular paper Box
  • Tube Paper Box
  • Pillow Fort Round Paper Box

Pillow Fort Round Paper Box


16.    How To Use Round Paper Box For Decoration?

You can cover the outer surface of the round paper box with a pattern to make it looks beautiful.

Using appropriate colors can let your round paper box match the theme of your works.

By decorating the cylinder boxes with customer-designed face paper, brands can get more attention from customers.

The designs of cylinders with faces are more eye-catching and colorful than others. They are also able to help brands promote their business and get more customers.

Using a round paper box for decoration need your imagination and creativity.

Round Paper Box made from high-quality paper can be directly used for decoration or use in the present, toy box, and other fields.

special quality round paper box

The Round Paper Box is the best way to add style to any place.

Round paper boxes are popular round shape products for decoration.

They can be used as a centerpiece, gift box, or sweets holder.

17.    What Is Required To Make A Homemade Round Box?

A round box can be made out of a round piece of paper.

Two cuts are required to make the box.

One straight horizontal cut and one curved vertical cut.

The horizontal straight cut is made first, ensuring that it is large enough to wrap around the paper cylinder and overlap the side pieces.

Once the proper size is determined, cut with a utility knife or scissors at a sharp angle above the horizontal cut to ensure no jagged edges on the inside of the box.

The vertical cut should start at the top of the horizontal amount and curve down toward the center to meet with the bottom base of the round paper box.

Tape/Glue will also be required to join the paper pieces of the round paper box

18.    How Much Weight Can Be Packed In It?

It depends on the density of the filler.

If the density of the filler is more accurate according to the size and shape of the round paper box, it can be good for lifting weight.

Our Round Paper Box is a 14x14x14cm brown paper box, which can hold many items that are 14x14cm round.

You can put chocolates, cupcakes, 12 pcs of cookies or other items.

19.    What Is The Basic Material From Which This Product Is Made?

The round paper box is made by folding one sheet of kraft paper.

The main material for the paper box is kraft paper.

And almost all of China’s packing factories use it to make the circular paper box.

The making process is easy, and it is cheap too; the good quality round paper box price can be compared with the low cost of flat cardboard gift boxes.

20.    Is There Any Product With Handle Grip?

There are plenty of round paper boxes with handles, but they are popular shapes and sizes to make the most of your space.

handle grip round paper box

I would only give you an option hand grip if you had a particular round paper box shape in mind; feel free to call in your request to the china manufacturer, and you would be happy to help find what you are looking for.

For example, Pillow Fort Round Paper Box is with a handle grip.

21.    What Accessories Can Be Added For The Round Paper Box?

Many accessories can be added to the round paper box.

For example, you can choose the color of the package and the color of the line.

The round paper box is made of white art paper, Kraft paper, and cardboard.

The unique use of a round paper box provides excellent strength and has a high moisture resistance.

It meets all the industry requirements for strength and safety in shipping and storage simultaneously as it keeps costs low.

It is manufactured by using innovative technology, making it a superior product in the market that is:

  • Logo printing
  • Stickers
  • Patterns
  • Textures
  • Colors
  • Silk Fabric

22.    How Can The Product Be Used In Corporate Sector?

Incorporate sector many industries consider round paper box the best for their drive for:

  • Food packaging
  • Cosmetic packaging
  • Jewelry packaging
  • Gift exchanging
  • Events Greetings

23.    What Should Be The Thickness Of The Box?

A round paper box can hold up to 2-3 pounds, and its thickness is only 0.0075″(0.19mm), which is the thinnest in the world.

The round paper box has a life span of at least three years and comes with many different patterns on top of its practical usage.

24.    Why Should You Choose Window For Round Paper Box?


The round paper box is famous for cheap and delicate.

You can produce the round paper box in any size and products with different materials.

You can choose a window on the round paper box to clearly show your goods and attract customers’ eyes.

To produce the window on the round paper box, you can print your logo onto it.

The round paper box itself is very beautiful; you can do color printing to enhance its beauty.

window round paper box

Gift boxes can be decorated in many ways. Adding a window to one of these boxes is an excellent way to show your love for the person receiving the gift.

These specially made packages are a unique way to surprise your loved one with a beautiful product or gift.

The mesmerizing display is important for food because it protects items, makes them more attractive, and lowers costs.

Window packaging is necessary for food so that consumers do not need special storage containers.

Window packaging is important to food because it displays the product, increases sales, and makes a good impression on the consumer.

Window packaging is a cost-effective way to promote your products because it is less expensive than other marketing options.

1.    How To Make Illustration Design For Round Box?

To make an illustration of a round paper box, download a template of the round paper box through the internet and then:

  • To make the bottom of a box, you need to cut out a circle.
  • Next, prepare a rectangle that will be the top of your box.
  • Later calculate a bit above the longest part of your foot.
  • draw a line through this line.
  • Cut rectangle out and glue it on top of the circle using a glue gun.
  • Repeat these steps until you have an illustration of a round paper box.

The Round Paper Box is a versatile and cost-effective packaging solution that is perfect for any industry.

It is built tough for shipping efficiency; these round paper boxes are perfectly rounded to fit most items and save you money compared to using a traditional rectangular box.


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