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We've Been Offering Efficient Printing and Packaging Services For Over 20 Years

We've Been Offering Efficient Printing and Packaging Services For Over 20 Years

ZTP offers a wide variety of round cardboard boxes that are recyclable and ecologically beneficial. We are committed to reusing waste paper as a company, and we use high-quality, biodegradable materials in all of our goods. This is where you’ll find our exquisite selection of round cardboard boxes, which are available in quantity at a discount. In addition, there are cardboard boxes to suit any purpose here, so take a glance and add any item that grabs your attention to your shopping cart.

Here at ZTP, we also provide luxury round cardboard boxes in a variety of colors and patterns. These items are both stylish and cost-effective, which is something we all aim for! Furthermore, ZTP’s paper bags may be personalized with your choice of text, logo, or design, making them an excellent method to personalize a gift or brand for a company.

Select Your Desired Style of Round Cardboard Boxes

Take a look at these elegant and unique round cardboard boxes. Feel free to contact us if your desired style isn’t available. Our experts can create cardboard boxes in a variety of designs and sizes to meet your specific needs.

Cylinder Cardboard Box
This cylinder cardboard box is ideal for companies since it can be purchased in bulk. Apart from that, there's plenty of room for items, like clothing, books, and a variety of other present ideas.
Round Cardboard Box With Lid
These boxes are defined by their excellent round cardboard box with lid design, which adds a degree of toughness. The incredible depth of our cardboard box makes it perfect for shops, special events, and festivities.
Round Cardboard Gift Box
This round cardboard gift box may be used for a number of occasions. Also, these boxes may securely keep a wide variety of goods, including tiny items of clothing, stationery, and other different delights. It is also ideal for a range of distinctive and great gift-giving ideas!
Small Round Cardboard Boxes
ZTP’s small round cardboard boxes are made of high-quality paper, and the shape of the grip adds to the box’s sturdiness. These boxes are also a great alternative to plastic bags for craft fairs, festivals, and other special events.
Circle Cardboard Box
This round cardboard box is an environmentally friendly packaging that can be used by a variety of companies and is perfect for craft fairs and retail festivals. It's made entirely of environmentally produced paper that's totally recyclable when you’re done using it.
Round Cardboard Packaging
This round cardboard packaging is made of excellent cardboard and is both durable and fashionable. This great packaging is also available in various hues that would look stunning in any company brand.

Pros Of Using Round Cardboard Boxes

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20 Years of Experience in the Manufacturing Industry

Our business success is defined by our long-term relationships with our customers. As a result, we plan to spend time learning about your business and its particular design requirements. We’ll always be there for you, and your victory means a lot to us.Further, almost all of our round cardboard boxes are composed of premium cardboard and are 100% biodegradable, allowing you to conserve the earth while still serving your packaging demands.

Round cardboard boxes are becoming more popular since they are 100% recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable, as well as being environmentally friendly and presenting less of a threat to the environment. In summary, in contrast to plastic bags, they are much friendlier.

Furthermore, cardboard boxes have become something of a craze and brand awareness in today’s economy due to the amount of time and care that ZTP invests in creating attractive cardboard boxes for its products. Customers also offer free branding strategies by carrying appealing round cardboard boxes with the company’s logo on them.

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Why Is ZTP The Best Option For Your Round Cardboard Boxes?

ZTP is the world’s largest provider of round cardboard boxes. We take pride in being the finest and promoting handmade products. All of our items are made from materials that are sustainable, recyclable, and ecologically friendly. We believe that accomplishing more with less is the greatest option. In order to ensure client satisfaction, we also strive to offer outstanding customer service and prompt delivery.

We offer a wide variety of beautifully handcrafted round cardboard boxes that may be modified to suit our clients’ requirements. We also aim to form long-term business relationships that last forever.As a result, if you’re searching for high-quality, low-cost round cardboard boxes in a range of styles, ZTP is the place to go.

Round Cardboard Boxes – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Round cardboard Boxes – The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a helpful, easy-to-use tutorial for the most frequently asked questions about Round Cardboard Boxes.

Round cardboard Boxes – The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a comprehensive guide that provides various boxes, packaging materials, and supplies for all your business needs.

Round Cardboard Boxes

Round cardboard Boxes – The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a guide that provides the reader with an assortment of responses for various situations where questions are posed about different aspects.

The purpose is to help serve as a resource to aid in better, more effective customer service by alleviating common concerns and stress at critical points of customer contact, such as working with shipping companies, moving companies, and the like.

1.    How Can I Reuse Round Cardboard Boxes?


There are many different creative ways to reuse the round cardboard boxes:

  • Stationery use
  • Beads, cosmetic items
  • For putting jewelry items
  • For kids money box
  • For a collection of tiny items like tickets, shining small stones, etc
  • For decorating flowers

Round cardboard boxes can be reused in several different ways. These are usually sturdy enough to hold heavier items such as glass jars.

Round Cardboard Boxes Use

The size also makes them the perfect accessory for storing even larger items you don’t know precisely how to pack, such as books or electronic equipment.

2.    How Can I Have My Custom Logo?


Printing your logo on Cardboard Boxes is something you want to do right the first time.

A good, knowledgeable supplier will be very experienced at this and can help you design your logo on round cardboard boxes properly.

To help you get your custom logo printed on Round Cardboard Boxes, use the manufacturer’s inquiry form available on the website to send the details about the custom logo you want to print on Round Cardboard Boxes.

China’s manufacturers use first-class printing techniques at very efficient prices that meet or exceed your expectations.

Their quoted prices for Custom Printing Is the Best Price. The manufacturer can Offer for Your Round Cardboard Boxes

High-resolution printers can print your custom logo or product information on any paper cardboard boxes for your company.

Round Cardboard Boxes Custom Logo

The round cardboard boxes are made to resist simple handling stress, making them perfect for shipping goods anywhere in the world.

The boxes are also available with a wavy layer patterned edge, which allows them to be opened without tools.

You can even print custom retail packaging for small businesses at affordable prices.

3.    What Should Be The Thickness Of Round Cardboard Box?

Round cardboard boxes should be chosen according to the product specification. And it should be аt least 2mm thick. The more padding it has, the better you make use of the box.

The thickness of a round cardboard box usually can be 3mm-4mm for its outer layer and 1mm-2mm for its inner layer. But for this kind of round-shaped box, maybe have some wavy/curve.

Round Cardboard Boxes thickness

The thickness of the round cardboard box should be determined by the role and function of the box. If the box is used as a sales presentation, its’ thickness must be enough to give a sense of high value to ensure sales.

4.    How Can Inserts Be Added In These Boxes?


The insert or filling can be of any product or different products according to the user’s requirement. Some of the examples are envelopes, plastic covers, ceramic products, etc.

Round Cardboard Boxes inserts
The interior can be divided with inserts into two or more levels, which can be arranged according to different needs. Appearance: different colors, patterns, and textures The box can be customized to meet the diverse needs or requirements of the customer.

These insert packages are designed following their particular needs or preferences. Such as with a lifting handle or pull-out drawer, and will not affect the volume of the package. Which will make it easier and cheaper for your customer to deliver your advertising materials and products.

5.    How Can I Print My Artwork On These Boxes?

Get your artwork printed into a round cardboard box and fill it with your product.

The possibilities are endless. You can even create your custom shape or design.

The cost depends on the size and quantity of the boxes you wish to purchase.

Art can be printed on these and water imagery as the box is round and the printing, as we call it “inside out,” we print through the board and onto the cardboard.

Round Cardboard Boxes Artwork

One other aspect about printing art onto this size cube is that we can print in both directions. Depending on your artwork, you can easily do a wrap that will illuminate two images overlapping each other.

The other thing that can be done is to have your artwork printed with transparency. You could then convert it into different colors or create part of the image with clarity to produce an interesting effect.

6.    Which Is The Hardest Cardboard?


Many factors determine the choice of cardboard boxes. Cardboard is the raw material that makes up the linings of the box for packaging for storage and transportation of various products.

For packaging, models must be resistant to crushing, so it is best used with corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is designed to withstand tremendous pressure and is often used in packaging to protect delicate or heavy goods.

When you are making round cardboard Boxes for shipping your product, there are many things to consider.

Almost any raw material will work, but the right choice is crucial if you want your packages to perform well.

You can choose from paper or cardboard for this purpose, and both have positive attributes that make them worth considering.

7.    What Is The Difference Between Coated And Uncoated Paper?


Coated and uncoated paper is two of the most common materials that we use. Depending on the application, they come in various thicknesses and may be covered to add additional strength or add print quality such as glossy paper, etc.

The coating is only an option for uncoated paper, but you will not have the opportunity for a layer if you select uncoated. Coated papers tend to be more scratch-resistant than uncoated, depending on if they are a matt or a gloss coat/lamination.

Coated paper is typically used with printed product packaging because it is durable, high-quality paper.

Round Cardboard Boxes coated uncoated

For example, a coated paper can be used to produce corrugated boxes because the coated paper has a high degree of stiffness and will withstand use for packing goods for shipping or storing goods.”

Coated Cardboard Paper composite a paper sheet and a plastic layer between the paper layer and corrugated board.

It is more expensive than uncoated cardboard paper, but it is textured, waterproof, has muscular surface tension, ease of closing, etc. Furthermore, it prevents printing from being affected by moisture.

Uncoated paper is a versatile material that is available in a wide variety of grades and styles. Uncoated paper not only has many applications, but it’s also great for packaging, printing, and construction because of its strength, durability, and sustainability.

Uncoated paper is a cellulose fiber, reeled or sheeted. The paper product is not coated with clay or other substance but has printing on both sides.

The factors related to its cost are the former, finish coating structure, the width of the paper, roll diameter, and packaging.

Uncoated paper is a non-fibrous sheet of cellulose material, except for a small proportion of calcium carbonate or calcium sulfate.

Uncoated paper can be glossy or matte. It is commonly used in note cards, invitations, posters, greeting cards, brochures, catalogs, and magazines.

8.    How Is Round Box Made Step By Step?


Round Cardboard Boxes are made from paper pulp, cardboard, and other materials.

It is a package with a multi-layered structure, mainly for electronic products, gifts, household electrical appliances, and daily necessities for packaging.

Round Cardboard Boxes making

The round cardboard boxes are manufactured based on advanced techniques and advanced production equipment.

  • Firstly, they are designed according to customers’ special requirements.
  • Secondly, corrugated paper or cardboard is made into a roll by a roll milling machine. Then the rolling stock is transported to devices for printing.
  • At last, the round cardboard box is packed up by an automatic packing machine, convenient for transport and warehousing.


9.    What Information Do I Need To Provide You For A Quote?


China’s manufacturers have many options for corrugated boxes if you are looking for standard sizes to ship products.

If you are trying to make your unique item look great until it is opened, our designer can help you determine your raw materials sample costs.

Round Cardboard Boxes quote

If you need custom boxes or unique packaging for gifts, our engineers can work directly with our vendors to help provide whatever solution you are looking for. If you need advice, I’m here to help you figure out the best way to package your product

What Information is required For A Quote? All we need to know is:

  • The size of the box you need.
  • The Facial, Width & Depth of the box.
  • The Design or Picture you want on your box.
  • The number of pieces required.
  • How many days between now and the date you need the boxes.

10.   What Does Paper Board Mean In Printing And Packaging?

Paper board is a collection of paper made by processing pulp obtained after primary paper manufacture. The paper includes recycled fiber, usually 10% to 65%, the majority being wood pulp derived from wood or other cellulose fiber sources.

Some common types of paper board are:

  • bond paper
  • copier paper
  • construction paper
  • drawing paper
  • file folder
  • kraft brown wrapping paper
  • manila yellow or tan wrapping paper
  • newsprint the cheap
  • the rough feeling type used in newspapers
  • pasteboard light brown surface often used in boxes for canned goods
  • poster board
  • recycled paper
  • shipping tags
  • toilet tissue
  • wax-coated shipping

Paper board refers to a variety of wood-free fibers made from pulp, particularly paper. It is used in the same manner as wood in manufacturing for things like boxes and another packaging. Because it is typically made using recycled materials, it is often considered eco-friendly.

Round Cardboard Boxes Printing&Packaging

Paper cardboard is a material created from a mixture of pulp which is then pressed into sheets. It is then placed on top of a giant roller, distributed using heat and pressure. The result is the desired product.

11.   From Where I Can Purchase Round Boxes?

In China, Gift Box, Packaging Box, Square Box manufacturer, supplier, and factory promotion gifts provide a wide variety of Round boxes for you. It’s an excellent choice to purchase products from China.

We all know that China is one of the leading producers and sellers of Round Boxes.

The cost and quality of China Round Boxes make it essential for businesses.

There’s even a saying: “good at packing,” which points out the exemplary skills of Chinese manufacturers in producing carton boxes for shipping items.

The abundance of carton manufacturers helps to reduce your product cost dramatically.

China’s competitive advantage is the cost advantage. As the largest manufacturer, China can produce goods at a lower cost due to the large production scale.

Low labor costs accelerate the process of price decrease because firms can save on labor costs by moving the factories into inland areas that are less populated and where wages are cheaper.

12.   How To Print On Round Cardboard Boxes?

Printing on round cardboard boxes can be a little tricky. One of the most important things to remember is to follow the printing guidelines very closely. This will ensure that you get a clear and professional look for your boxes.

To print on round corrugated cardboard boxes, it will require a printer capable of printing small diameter circles.

This type of printer is designed to print 4-inch diameter circles, which is suitable for most printing jobs for this type of packaging.

The larger the chips (or curved sides), such as those found with milk cartons, the larger the round diameter you will need to purchase.

13.   What Is The Best Type Of Packaging For These Boxes?

Cardboard circle boxes are the best type of packaging for your business. The fact that they are made from thick cardboard makes them a long-lasting container for all different kinds of products, both small and large.

Round Cardboard Boxes best packaging

They are ideal for storage or transportation; if you carry your products across state lines, then cardboards are the only packaging adequate for these tasks. They are an excellent alternative to corrugated cardboard if you’re looking to save on cost.

14.   How To Make A Round Cardboard Box?

Making a round cardboard box is simple. A round box with easy-to-follow instructions will require you to cut two bottom flaps, one side flap, four side strips, and one top cap. The directions are illustrated with diagrams of the construction steps.

  • First, cut out the top and bottom of the box.
  • Trace and cut four circles in different shapes with a hole in the middle.
  • You will need holes in each of the four corners for it to fold neatly, with no lines showing when unfolded.

15.   What Is The Most Efficient Method Of Packaging?

The most efficient packaging method is that the box into one layer because the entire package is in the columnar trunk; as long as heavy to be placed at the bottom of the middle, each layer loads lighter to reduce the height of the box. Products must start from outside to inside stacked so as not to damage products inside.

The packing method should be designed to get the product in the box, compressed to the maximum efficiency. The most common materials used are cardboard “chipboard” and fiber “cushioned” or “bubble.”

However, cutouts or other raw materials like fabric may also be used. The use of these different materials requires different methods to pack effectively.

16.   What Is A Luxury Round Cardboard Gift Box?

A luxury Round Cardboard Gift Box is of high quality and high standards. It comes with waves of the wave design of paper cardboard available in many of our product lines.

They can be of different sizes and types, but they are all crafted to make the presentation of gifts and floral arrangements elegant and functional. These luxury packaging boxes can all be used for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, get-togethers, celebrations, or any souvenir you want to present with an elegant touch.

Round Cardboard Boxes luxury round

A Luxury Cardboard Box Is A Round Shaped Box Perfectly Suited For Packaging Various Gifts, Decorations, Food And Other Things. It Can Also Be Used As A Ceremonial Gift Box.

17.   What Are The Creative Ways Of Surface Finishing?


The surface treatment can affect the overall performance of the packaging; the main effect is to prevent the surface slippery, corrosion is prone to damage, or changes instability.

A wide variety of ways of surface finishing are available for cardboard boxes.

A surface finish consists of the outer layer on any object, some examples, including the outside of a soda can, an apple, or some types of toys, or even the cover on a book.

The finish protects the object and is the first thing people see when they look at it.

Finishing is the process of improving the surfaces of materials to make them more pleasing to the eye or improve their function.

Round Cardboard Boxes surface

The main difference between finishing and coating is that finishing refers to making surfaces meet specified requirements. In contrast, coating refers to adding a cover to the substrate to change its appearance or properties.

18.   How To Ship These Boxes?


Shipping around cardboard boxes is a freight carrier service. It is a method of delivering a solid object.

This is done by placing the item to be delivered inside a container designed to efficiently package the object, minimize the amount of packaging materials, and protect the thing from theft, damage from handling, and other hazards.

We provide various shipping options to ensure that your packages arrive at their destination as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The best shipping type will depend on the size and weight of your box, as well as its destination. Thanks for choosing our quality boxes.

19.   What Is The Difference In Cardboard And Paper?


Cardboard and Paper are both biodegradable products made from natural products, many of which come from trees. The main variance is that the paper is created from cellulose, a wood component. In contrast, cardboard is made from cellulose in plants and often incorporates recycled paper as raw material and other biodegradable products.

Cardboard is commonly used for packaging and shipping items because it is strong yet lightweight. Cardboard boxes have a wide variety of uses, including storing, shipping, and presenting gifts.

The most significant difference in both is source of fiber also.

All type of Paper is made from trees or wood pulp, while cardboard is made from virgin corrugated fiberboard.

Cardboard, although composed primarily of fibers, may also contain additional fillers. These fillers can also vary depending on the end-use of the cardboard or whether it is intended to be recycled or composted.

Paper and cardboard can seem very similar, but they are very different.

Cardboard is the stronger of the two materials. It is usually made from a combination of paper and recycled wood fibers.

Round Cardboard Boxes Paper and Cardboard

It can be recycled a second time and has a longer shelf life than paper. However, it is not as flexible as paper or as strong as plastic, especially when heavier items, such as books with hardcovers.

Cardboard is ideal for permanent storage, shipping, and displays because it protects against contamination and moisture loss for perishable items.

20.   How Much Does Custom Round Boxes Packaging Cost?


Round custom boxes can be created using various materials, including coated cardboard, plastic sheets, and Laminated Paper.

All three of these materials add to the cost of the product.

The actual cost will depend on other factors, including the size and shape of the custom box.

21.   How To Get Discount On Bulk Order?


In business, when you have established a customer base for yourself when you have been providing the same exemplary services and products to the customers for a long time, it is then that you can think of coming up with a promotional scheme

In other words, when you have been doing good business in your industry, it is then that you can think of thinking about ways to reward yourself and your generations to come.

And this is what exactly manufacturers do at Discount Cardboard Boxes, which offer a rewarding scheme in our cardboard boxes.

The scheme offered on the manufacturer’s website is in demand in the packaging industry because of the advantages you can get.

22.   How Do You Print A Shipping Label If You Don’t Have A Printer?


Universal shipping labels are easy to apply to most items. There are no ink or ribbon cartridges to mess with; they are colorless and eco-friendly when you remove them. They do not leave a residue on your package when removed.

If you prefer not to use them for shipping purposes, they can be easily removed without any residue or marks, then reapplied for alternate uses.

They can be used to customize boxes for gifting items at parties or weddings; they can label storage boxes.

If you want to print shipping labels, you will need to order the shipping label sheet. You can use an equivalent service to print shipping labels if you don’t have a printer or choose not to use one.

The unique design features a unique, slightly wavy edge that will allow you to place a shipping label right on it.

Even if you do not have a printer, this is a must-have item, especially when shipping gifts or gifts boxes, which always contain small things that can get lost at the bottom of the box.

This smaller sticker also ensures that your packaging will be safe and secure while shipping if you don’t have a printer.

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