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We feel that surprising someone with a box made of high-quality, environmentally friendly, durable, and recyclable materials is one of the most excellent gifts they can get, especially when it’s manufactured from ZTP.

ZTP is a company that has a vast selection of custom printed corrugated boxes to choose from. Depending on your demands, you can choose from a range of box styles, ranging from typical printed corrugated boxes to more specific designs.

We can also make your boxes with a variety of strengths. So, no matter what you need to pack, move, or ship, our custom printed corrugated boxes will be able to withstand it. After two decades of printing and manufacturing corrugated boxes, we’ve gained a lot of experience and decided to step up our game when it comes to corrugated printing boxes.

ZTP is a respected company that produces high-quality, environmentally safe, and long-lasting materials. This is why many of our clients entrust us with their manufacturing needs.

Huge Selection Of Printed Corrugated Box

ZTP offers a wide range of printed corrugated boxes that you will like. Suppose you’re seeking something more to your taste. If you are, remember that we’re only one call away.

Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes
Our custom printed corrugated boxes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. It is made of high-quality materials and is reasonably priced.
Custom Corrugated Mailer Boxes
Environmentally friendly materials are used to make our custom corrugated mailer boxes. It is well-known for the long-lasting nature of its construction.
Corrugated Box With Printing
Our corrugated box with printing is made from high-quality, recyclable materials. It is suitable for any occasion.
Corrugated Paper Packaging Box
The corrugated paper packaging box from ZTP is constructed of premium material. It has a smooth texture that will undoubtedly appeal to you.
Customized Corrugated Boxes
ZTP's customized corrugated boxes have proven to be durable. The use of high-quality, long-lasting materials is well-executed.
Printed Corrugated Box Manufacturers
ZTP's competent workforce produces printed corrugated box manufacturers. The materials are affordable, and the manner they're made is magnificent.

ZTP: Your Printing And Manufacturing Partner

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Why Use Printed Corrugated Box For Packaging?

Everything is something that ZTP excels at, particularly when it comes to manufacturing numerous forms of packaging.

Our printed corrugated boxes will help you grow your business and increase your profits. Moreover, our packaging products are distinct from those produced by other printed corrugated box manufacturers. We ensure that they are composed of high-quality materials and do not affect the environment.

When it comes to shipping, you don’t have to be concerned because we’ve already taken care of everything. We ship on time so that you may have a sample of our custom corrugated boxes right away.

We will not be successful until we have the support of our clients. We’ve been working together for a long time to achieve success, and we’ve finally reached the pinnacle.

In addition, we didn’t stop working for our customers until they were delighted. As a result, we are constantly interested in working with new customers to help them develop their brand.

We won’t abandon you on your journey to success; in fact, we’ll be there for you even when things go wrong since we’re all in this together.

Furthermore, our printed corrugated boxes are composed of high-quality, long-lasting, recyclable, and environmentally friendly materials that benefit both you and the environment.

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ZTP’s Printed Corrugated Box Is The Perfect Choice

ZTP has 20 years of manufacturing and packaging experience and is still here to serve you.

We have a long history of being the most respected company still operating in the manufacturing industry.

We excel at consistently delivering high-quality printed corrugated boxes on time. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the ideal corrugated box for your requirements. Aside from that, we have extensive experience dealing with printing and packaging issues for our clients. We also have a team of skilled designers and packaging professionals on hand to help you create high-quality printed corrugated boxes.

Moreover, ZTP’s mission is to deliver client contentment, and we are motivated to provide a more ideal printed corrugated box. If our customers’ expectations are not met, we will go to great lengths to meet them. ZTP is a company that can help you succeed in the business world.

We look forward to welcoming more customers in the future. We will continue to improve our packaging and manufacturing services to inspire you to build your brand.

Printed Corrugated Box – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Printed Corrugated Box – The Ultimate FAQ Guide comprises questions and answers for anyone who uses printed corrugated boxes.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide is the ultimate FAQ guide covering all the details involved in printed corrugated mailer boxes.

This guide includes information on printed corrugated boxes for shipping and more. The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a complete box-making solution for your business.

  1. What Is The Basic Purpose Of Printed Corrugated Boxes In Corrugated Boxes?
  2. What Are The Advantages Of a Printed Corrugated box?
  3. How Do Printed Corrugated Boxes Work In Marketing?
  4. How Many Types Of Printed Corrugated Boxes Are There?
  5. What Is The Future Of Printed Corrugated?
  6. Why Is Corrugated Box Manufacturing Profitable?
  7. What Are The Standards For Printed Corrugated Box?
  8. What Are Corrugated Box Dimensions Inside Or Outside?
  9. How Do You Know If A Box Is Corrugated Or Not?
  10. What Is the Difference Between Printed Corrugated Box And Non-Corrugated Box?
  11. How Are Corrugated Boxes Good For Food Packaging?
  12. How Do You Control Moisture In A Corrugated Box?
  13. What Are The Types Of Corrugated Board?
  14. Why Is Printed Corrugated Cardboard Preferred When Making A Marketing Model?
  15. What Are The Printing Technologies Involved In Corrugated Printing?
  16. How To Make Printing Eco-Friendly?
  17. How Much Weight Can A Printed Corrugated Box Hold?
  18. How Are Custom Corrugated Boxes Printed On Different Sides?
  19. Are Printed Corrugated Boxes The Same As Cardboard Boxes?
  20. How Can You Manufacture The Corrugated Box, POP Display, Or Corrugated Tray I Need?
  21. How Corrugated Is The Best Material For Packaging Heavy Items?

1.    What Is The Basic Purpose Of Printed Corrugated Boxes In Corrugated Boxes?


A printed corrugated box is a material used to pack fragile or heavier products. They are sustainable, recyclable, and lighter than the standard wooden kits. What’s more, they are less expensive.

They are usually associated with direct manufacturer boxes, which are always available with the Product.

Printed Corrugated Box

The base of the printed corrugated Box is generally made of recycled paper or wood material, but you can also find them made from plastic or aluminum.

2.   What Are The Advantages Of a Printed Corrugated box?


There are many advantages to using printed corrugated boxes. Smarter Packaging, also known as ‘Printed Corrugated Boxes,’ is an environmentally friendly way to create custom boxes for your business at a reasonable price.

One of the advantages of Printed Corrugated Box is that it provides a protective advantage by providing a durable, customized solution to package your products for shipping. It is a standardized box which means a box can be used more than once.

The advantage in terms of cost is mainly in the final price being cheaper if you have a good print run with good volumes and a lower setup cost than a die-cut box. A printed corrugated box has a small environmental impact, which also helps with customer satisfaction in some sectors.

Mailer boxes are an investment that will help you get your products to customers in a reliable manner. They are also durable, cost-effective, and affordable. Ideally, it would help if you had several mailers on hand before you begin packing products.

The printed corrugated Box is one of the best advertising mediums now available. The facts are simple, these “mini billboards” stand out in every individual’s daily routine.

They are immediately recognized as marketing tools that become very effective tools for business success.

Printed corrugated boxes are themselves a marketing piece that not only conveys the message but promotes your further interest by creating an interest to go back to the source.

In a world in which appearance matters in most businesses, the appeal of a sharp-looking printed corrugated box in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes can’t be underestimated.

The lightweight nature of printed corrugated boxes makes them ideally suited for shipping internationally.

It is easily packed so that the space used is minimized. While light, printed corrugated Box is also water-resistant and can help protect items within the package from damage due to moisture.


3.   How Do Printed Corrugated Boxes Work In Marketing?


There are lots of benefits to using the printed corrugated Box for your business.

First, it is the most economical type of packaging.

Second, marketing benefits are gained by using eye-catching design and content on the Box.

Your business name or logo is also frequently included, along with promotions designed to draw the potential customer’s eye. The combination makes for amazing visibility. There are many other advantages made possible through the use of printed corrugated boxes.

Marketing printed corrugated boxes are a powerful marketing tool. One of the best and most profitable promotional products and services you can use to reach or customers and customers are your printed corrugated mailer boxes.

Marketing Corrugated Box

Printed corrugated boxes can be utilized for a wide variety of purposes depending on the customer and their needs. Some many different materials and options can be utilized in marketing programs.

Printed corrugated boxes are one of the best deals you can get for marketing, package delivery, and storage applications.

They are quite affordable when compared to many of the options on the market today.

Plus, they are incredibly versatile. Today, you get more durability, versatility, and marketing potential in a printed corrugated box than other materials on the market.

Printed corrugated boxes are used for marketing purposes by many different kinds of people who are aware that this marketing tool can grab customers’ attention because the package looks appealing.

The person receiving the package will wonder why they are getting it and may be intrigued to open the Box once it arrives. This helps promote products or services to customers, especially if they are unfamiliar with using corrugated boxes before.

The marketing industry has been using the printed corrugated Box for decades as promotional packaging.

Printed corrugated boxes can work well as marketing tools for companies to reach a wider customer base and increase sales.

Printed corrugated boxes are a fantastic way to get your brand out there because of their impact and effectiveness. Printed corrugated boxes can be used to show off your Product, as a publicity stunt, or just as a way to spread the word about your company.


4.    How Many Types Of Printed Corrugated Boxes Are There?


There are many types of printed corrugated boxes, since there are two flaps called “tongues” that are tuck under flaps at the end.

  • End-Gusset Boxes,
  • End-Gusset Tuck Under flaps Boxes,
  • Side Gusset Boxes,
  • Side Gusset Tuck Under flaps Boxes,
  • Tuck Top Boxes,
  • Overlap Transport Boxes,
  • Overlap Tuck Under flaps Boxes,
  • Flush Top Boxes.

There are a wide variety of corrugated mailers available with a wide array of features, depending on the application.

Printed Corrugated Box Types
Several different mailer boxes are currently available, with options for single wall, double wall, and triple wall construction.

Depending on the materials used to make a box, a corrugated mailer can be designed for any purpose, from heavy-duty shipping containers to basic, lightweight protection.

5.   What Is The Future Of Printed Corrugated?


The future of printed corrugated is bright. With the rise in popularity of e-commerce, many consumers are looking to buy goods online.

Shopping online saves both time and money; however, products still need to be delivered safely. Printed corrugated is the ideal packaging option for shipping electronics, cosmetics, and other fragile items.

Dealers can protect their stock by using custom boxes, so shipping the products to customers through the post ensures they will arrive undamaged to their destination.

Changing technologies and the expanding demand for personalized packaging make it possible for businesses everywhere to be on the leading edge.

Today’s corrugated mailers are more versatile, affordable, sturdy, and stylish than they have ever been before.

6.   Why Is Corrugated Box Manufacturing Profitable?

The Product consists of a range from a variety of corrugated mailers, paperboard boxes, and equipment through various shapes and sizes to meet your needs.

Military products of different shapes and sizes, for maximum protection of your Product. Mailers online unique corrugated Box with a wide range of benefits to the customer.

Corrugated Mailer Boxes are a cost-effective method of shipping and packaging on an everyday basis and add up to your sales’ final price tag.

Regardless of whether you’re shipping heavy-duty tools, fragile art pieces, or a combination of both, you can’t overlook the importance of a strong, high-quality corrugated box.

This type of business has seen the strongest growth in recent years. People now prefer to give gifts and congratulations cards in printed corrugated boxes as decorative and safe protection than the traditional gift wrapping options.

Because you can charge more for it, you can select any product for this box type. It is possible to produce the boxes in many different sizes and with various color combinations.

The most suitable size of your Box depends on your target market. You can choose between square or rectangular boxes or try out various square shapes along with the rounded corner design.

7.   What Are The Standards For Printed Corrugated Box?

Several standards should be followed when printing a corrugated box, depending on the item’s size to be shipped.

The basic ISO standards are dimensions 30 by 23 by 20 inches to contain smaller items, while 46 by 33 by 22 are better for larger items.

The largest standard for corrugated boxes today is the C-Flute. The C-Flute size determines the outer of the Box, but you can print any design on it.

Standard Printed Corrugated Box

Since there are no specifications for the minimum height or width of the Box, the printer is free to experiment with printing any design he likes on it.

Outer dimensions of the Box determine box sizes. The standard heights are 7, 10, 14, and 18 inches, so there are more types of shapes of boxes available in these sizes.

8.   What Are Corrugated Box Dimensions Inside Or Outside?

The outside dimensions of a printed corrugated box are the measurement from the inside flaps to the outside flaps of the Box. However, when you are calculating for shipping purposes, it is generally more important to know the inside dimensions of your printed corrugated boxes. This will tell you how much Product can fit into that Box based on space restrictions for size items.

The inside dimension of a 12″ x 12″ x 5″ corrugated shipping box with either single or double walls is 11-3/4 x 11-3/4 x 4-1/8.

Dimensions Printed Corrugated Box

Printed corrugated boxes are measured in terms of length, height, width. The outside dimensions are usually larger than the inside measurements.

Boxes are designed to allow maximum packing space and protection. The main difference between the inside and outside dimensions of a box is that the inside dimensions will always be smaller than outside dimensions, allowing for an expansion of approximately 1/2 inch (1.27cm) on both dimensions.

9.   How Do You Know If A Box Is Corrugated Or Not?

The key feature that identifies a corrugated box from a noncorrugated, composite box is the fluted construction.

The simple answer is if they are corrugated, most likely they are corrugated. The lip of a corrugated box will curl up at the top of the Box, where they contain small perforations. If they are most likely not corrugated, they will most likely have solid sides with no visible perforations.


Corrugated boxes are sturdier than chipboard boxes, making them perfect for shipping items that might be damaged during transit.

There are two main types of corrugated boxes: fluted or solid.

  • The fluted corrugated board has small ridges running horizontally, giving it added strength so the Box won’t collapse under the weight of heavy products.
  • A solid corrugated board is made by pressing layers of paper together and does not have ridges.

10.   What Is the Difference Between Printed Corrugated Box And white paper Box?

The main difference between printed corrugated boxes and white paper Box is durability.

Corrugated paper is strronger and thicker than the white paper. But white paper box seems cleaner when use for food.

There are different printing machine for these two types paper. Corrugated paperboard and white paper both have special machine to print, also using different ink.

Corrugated Pizza box

The corrugated cardboard boxes are made from flat pieces of paperboard glued together, while paper boxes can be kraft paper, coated paper and art paper.

Often, these boxes are available in a range of sizes and shapes that make it possible to pack various items efficiently.

The difference lies in the process of packaging. Noncorrugated boxes are made of solid material, usually kraft paper for solid flat products. In contrast, the other Printed Corrugated boxes are available in many colors, sizes, and designs that can be finished off to provide a super attractive business look to your Product.


11.   How Are Corrugated Boxes Good For Food Packaging?


Using a printed corrugated box in food packaging can help keep your Product fresh. The groove in the Box foils light so it cannot penetrate in and damage the food. The air space between the walls also keeps oxygen from entering and harming the food.

The printed Corrugated Box’s strength is great for items with many moving parts, such as produce or meat. The shape gives the item room to move when being transported without being damaged. Corrugated mailers protect products from external variables, such as heat and cold.

The printed corrugated Box is the most popular food packaging material in almost every industrial hub of the world. The reason behind the popularity of the printed corrugated boxes for this purpose is that it is most effective, strong, and cost-efficient than other packing material for a shipping service.

Corrugated Pizza box

This shipping service only allows you to pack a product safely and ensures its delivery to a destination intact.

Printed Corrugated boxes are great for shipping food products. They provide great insulation, protection against moisture and impact damage, can be printed on to fit your brand, and meet the needs of all types of products.


12.   How Do You Control Moisture In A Corrugated Box?


Moisture control in a printed corrugated box is critical during storage or distribution to prevent damage to the contained Product.

The moisture comes in two forms: internal and external.

Internal moisture is created in the environment where the boxes are stored or where they are being transported.

The ability to contain this moisture is crucial because it can lead to the spoilage of the Product contained in the Box.

Moisture Control UV Coating Printed Corrugated Box

Corrugated boxes are made with Kraft paper which tends to absorb moisture. Therefore, if the headspace of the Box is not sealed, the internal moisture will be absorbed into your merchandise.”

13.   What Are The Types Of Corrugated Board?


The flutes have been defined as an A board that is 2.0″ to 4.0″ thick used for all of the interior panels of a corrugated box that measures from 1/8″ to 3/4″ thick.

In the past, there were many different grades of flutes, which were specified by using a number before the width of the boards, such as “3x#3”.

Types of Corrugated board

There are 4 main types of printed corrugated boxes.

  • The 1st being printed, printed corrugated can either be color printed or printed on one side.
  • The 2nd is kraft, also known as expandable; this material has an added layer of paper to make it heavier.
  • The 3rd being solid, this is plain corrugated with no layers to make it stronger.
  • The final is colored; this type allows the boxes to be fully colored on both sides and single side print (single side print means that it’s either blank on the opposite side of it will have print on only one side).

14.   Why Is Printed Corrugated Cardboard Preferred When Making A Marketing Model?

Corrugated cardboard is made up of three layers. The core is the middle layer of the Box, which is made up of semi-soft material. When printing with UV flatbed printing, this core will absorb almost all of the ink colors.

This will create a more vibrant print than using a gloss or matte lamination that has no print absorption capabilities.

A printed corrugated box is durable and inexpensive. It can store multiple products at one time; they are also water-resistant and easy to assemble.

No one would like to market any product without printing it on corrugated cardboard.

Printing on corrugated boxes is an easy way to grab the attention of the targeted customer market. It is also known as a packaging material that is used all over the world for various purposes.

15.   What Are The Printing Technologies Involved In Corrugated Printing?


There are many printing techniques involved in corrugated Printing.

Digital Printing and Offset Printing are the most commonly used techniques. At the same time, Screen Printing and Embossing are used to add visual interest to the Product and add thickness and rigidity to the piece.

Offset Printing

Corrugated Printing can be done using several printing technologies, from screen to offset to digital Technology for Printing on corrugated is quite varied.

Heat Transfers, lithography, or UV coating are the most common methods.

Sometimes a printed piece is referred to as a “three-color,” a reference to the fact that three different printing processes are involved, one for each color that will be applied.


16.  How To Make Printing Eco-Friendly?


Corrugated boxes and other packaging and shipping products can be made from Soy inks, and because these inks do not contain harmful toxins, they’re safer for the environment.

This shift to soy-based inks is not much of a shift because soy has been used in printing ink for over 75 years.

This shift is more accurately a return to the sustainable practices of past generations who were smart enough to know how to create effective and environmentally friendly goods.

The benefits of using soy ink for Printing are that it is environmentally friendly and more biodegradable than the average non-eco-friendly ink.

Soy based Printing

Soy inks are made from organic dyes, which dyes are extracted from plants. The dyes extracted from plants are usually brown; therefore, when mixed with soybean milk, they form a rich brown color.

Compared to regular inks, soy inks tend to darken the overall color of the printing process due to their richer shade of brown compared to other types of inks used. The best part about soy inks is that there are eco-friendly.

17.   How Much Weight Can A Printed Corrugated Box Hold?


Printed Corrugated boxes can withstand a weight of up to 125 lbs./cu. Ft. Fiberboard corrugated has a density of 210 lbs./cu. Compared to 75-95 lbs/cu ft for plain paperboard (also known as chipboard), Ft.

A printed corrugated box weighs approximately 46 pounds when it is empty. It can hold 60 pounds of Product; however, we do not recommend packing it that full because it can be very difficult to close and seal.

Weight carry Printed Corrugated box

Any Product can be shipped in a printed corrugated box, though we do not guarantee that the Box will fit that Product perfectly. When purchasing printed corrugated boxes, the important thing to consider is the weight of the item you want to ship.

18.   How Are Custom Corrugated Boxes Printed On Different Sides?

A custom corrugated box is printed in one color on all four sides. The boxes are intended to be reversed when the customer receives the job. To ensure that the printer prints on all four sides, each side of the Box is notched when it comes down the conveyor. The printer positions the colors in different positions for each side.

Different sides Printed Corrugated box

There are 3 types of ink commonly used to print corrugated boxes. They are UV, digital, and offset.

Normally the side that gets printed first is considered the top of the Box.

First Print Side is called First Print Top (FPT), and Second Print Side is called Second Print Top (SPT).

19.   Are Printed Corrugated Boxes The Same As Cardboard Boxes?


It is sometimes difficult to comprehend the simple prospect of purchasing a printed corrugated box. Corrugated boxes are fun to shop for but can be complicated for many.

Luckily, you will find that your Product gets to your customers safe and sound each day because of these corrugated boxes.

These printed corrugated boxes keep fragile items out of harm’s way during transit. Manufacturers print custom labels onto these corrugated mailers, which reads “Fragile” or “Handle with Care” or “This Side Up.”

Printed Corrugated Boxes are just another name for Printed Corrugated Boxes. Cardboard boxes are printed on one side with a printing press to have a brand name or what you have.

Yes, both are boxes that are made to transport or store an item. Their intended purposes are not the same. Cardboard boxes are meant for short-distance transportation, while corrugated mailer boxes are specifically designed for sending items through the mail.

20.   How Can You Manufacture The Corrugated Box, POP Display, Or Corrugated Tray I Need?

Manufacturers’ team of packaging professionals are ready to assist you with the flexibility to manufacture the corrugated Box, POP display, or corrugated tray you need. They can help you select the right materials for your specific application.

Their staff can help you determine the best type of shipping box or display for your needs. Our team members are highly trained on all shipping boxes, packaging, POP Display, and corrugated tray options on the market.

They will use this training to guide you through selecting the correct Box or display to ship your items safely and efficiently.

Printed Corrugated boxes are printed on both sides. Corrugated is a sturdy cardboard material that can be made with directional fibers to make the Box stronger.

These fibers are placed parallel or perpendicular to one another to make sheets. To make corrugated boxes, these sheets are folded in half, creating two inside layers. The Product is placed on top of the Box, and the Box is closed with pressure-sensitive tape, staples, or hot glue. We take great care when we work to create boxes for our customers so they can ship fragile items safely and efficiently.”

21.   How Corrugated Is The Best Material For Packaging Heavy Items?

Corrugated is the most popular packaging material. It is made of paper and has ridged surface (one or both sides). The combination of ridges and junctions provides superior strength and the ability to bend without breaking.

Corrugated boxes can be used for a wide variety of purposes; their design and material allow them to be shipped, used as packaging, immobilize fragile items and pack smaller items (particularly when folding boxes are used).

A well-packaged product is very important to the success of your mail-order business. Printed corrugated box products are well-suited to bundle products securely for shipping.

Corrugated offers strength, durability, economy, and easy shipping. To determine how much corrugated you need for shipping, take the length of your Product, then multiply by 3 inches.

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