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Professional Handmade Production Line Of Paper White Bags

In the industry of paper white bags, ZTP is a leader in the production and packaging of these bags. We have served a large number of businesses with their diverse range of goods. Moreover, the company takes precautions to ensure that we are not damaging the environment during production. Also, ZTP’s goods are manufactured from high-quality, environmentally friendly, and re-usable materials.

We are also open to new clients when it comes to our services, which is a plus. To produce our goods, we rely on a staff of highly experienced manufacturers and designers. Furthermore, ZTP’s paper white bags may be customized with your company’s logo or other design elements. Furthermore, if you own a business, you may commission ZTP to create your logo or design. With ZTP, all possibilities exist!

Selection Of Paper White Bags

The ZTP team creates a broad range of paper white bags from which you may pick. Take a look at some of our selections, which are minimal but exquisite in design.

White Kraft Paper Bag
Because it is composed of environmentally friendly materials and can be reused, a white kraft paper bag is an excellent option for your branding requirements.
White Paper Wine Bags
Our white paper wine bags are designed to be simple and elegant at the same time. It is ideal for any type of wine, champagne, or liquor.
White Paper Bags With Logo
The white paper bags with logo from ZTP are an excellent choice for your business. It comes in various sizes, shapes, and colors, and it is constructed of high-quality materials.
White Paper Gift Bags
Our white paper gift bags are the perfect solution no matter what type of event or occasion you're planning. We can create a unique design for your paper bag based on your specifications. Moreover, our white paper gift bags are both eye-catching and straightforward at the same time.
Small White Paper Bags
Our small white paper bags are manufactured from materials that are both long-lasting and environmentally friendly. It has a reasonable price and is appropriate for any occasion.
Large White Paper Bags
You will benefit from our large white paper bags if you are a shopaholic person. It is constructed with high-quality materials and can withstand many goods over an extended length of time.

Advantages Of Using Paper White Bags

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20 Years Of Manufacturing Paper White Bags

Most manufacturing and packaging businesses have been creating goods for a single purpose exclusively, but we don’t believe in settling for anything less. When it comes to paper white bags, ZTP is at the top of the chain. The reason for this is due to the professionalism and expertise of our staff. Currently, we are devoting the majority of our time in manufacturing goods that will satisfy the needs of our consumers.

Furthermore, the paper white bags produced by ZTP are composed of high-quality, environmentally friendly, and re-usable materials. In addition, ZTP’s production process does not pollute the environment, which most of its customers appreciate. Our goods may be utilized in various products such as fruits, clothing, equipment, accessories, and many more items, among other things. It is feasible to transport such items since we make sure that our paper bags are strong and long-lasting.

ZTP has been in the industry for almost two decades and is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end paper white bags. It is feasible because of the decades of expertise in the manufacturing and packaging industries and the professional and talented teams who work together to make it happen.

Moreover, ZTP has experience working with both small and large businesses. We manufacture our goods at a reasonable cost and according to the specifications of the company. ZTP’s staff has also been offering our clients a wide range of choices to ensure that they are entirely pleased. We will always be here for you, and we will always be open to welcoming new businesses that are ready to invest and thrive in our region and beyond. We can guarantee you that you will not be dissatisfied with the service you get from us.

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Factory Base On ISO9001/ISO14001 Standard
ZTP pass the ISO9001/ISO14001 manufacturing
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BSCI Certificate
BSCI improve social performance in supply chain.
Paper packaging production line
Auto Production Process Line
ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
20 Years Paper Packaging Manufacturing Experience
More Than 20 years Experience
Over 20 years printing and packaging experience manufacturer

ZTP Is Your Best Choice For Paper White Bags

ZTP is regarded as one of the most dependable businesses in the manufacturing and packaging sector. In addition to offering a broad range of packaging choices, we may tailor your paper white bags to meet your specific requirements. The majority of businesses use ZTP because our goods are constructed of high-quality materials. In addition, we test our paper bags to ensure that they are long-lasting and sturdy.

Moreover, businesses who have worked with ZTP have seen increased success in their operations. ZTP is increasing production because we think having a significant number of objectives increases your chances of success. We aim to provide our clients with the highest level of satisfaction possible with the services we can give them.

Everything about ZTP is what you’ve been searching for in a business. We offer paperwhite bags that are both cost-effective and environmentally beneficial, as well as high-quality and environmentally friendly materials.

Paper White Bags-The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Paper White Bags – The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a comprehensive guide that answers the most frequently asked questions about paperwhite bags. With this guide, you will learn about paperwhite bag sizes, prices, colors, and much more.

Paper White Bags – The Ultimate FAQ Guide is exact, detailed, and highly readable; whether you are using the Paper White Bags for yourself or are looking to use them as a gift or for business, you will find the info you need in this guide.

It also contains solutions to problems encountered when using Paper White Bags for the first time. In addition, it includes specifications, sizing options, and paperwhite bags for the corporate sector.

1.    What Is Paper White Bag?


Paperwhite bag is a perfect and sturdy bag that is made up of Paper. It is widely available in the market and can be gifted to your loved ones and friends for any occasion. Paperwhite bag is quite sturdy, and it lasts for a very long time.

Paper White Bag is the industry leader in white plastic bags, paper bags, and kraft paper bags.

Paper White Bags

China has many years of experience in the white bag industry. The days of searching for reusable shopping bags are behind you.

Paper White Bags offers so many advantages over the other options available to you.

They are strong enough to hold just about anything. Paper White Bags are widely used for grocery shopping, party supplies, clothing purchases, furniture protection, product packaging, shipping product, etc.

2.    What advantage is the Paperwhite bag for packaging?


The Paperwhite bag for packaging is a new type of kraft paper bag. It uses fine cold-rolled kraft paper as the base material. It adds non-toxic, low-temperature technology to turn it into a paperwhite bag with high yield, many colors, and transparent features, tasteless.

Compared with traditional paper bags that are prone to yellowing, innovative technology can reduce discoloration caused by time and sunlight, extending the life of the paperwhite bag.

Because of its neutral color, it can be used on various occasions. Kept clean, the paperwhite bag will not affect the marketability of the products. It is cost-effective in both mold making and operation in comparison to plastic bags.

Most consumers have accepted paperwhite bag with a good reputation for its features, is an environmentally-friendly choice.

Paper White Bags Consumer Use

This kind of packaging is a perfect way to improve environmental protection and can be recycled, used as a medium for storage or as a new sales point for sales, and has received tremendous support from people.

3.    What Are The Specifications Of Paper White Bags?


Paper White Bags is paper lunch bags with handles. Paperwhite bags are our most popular line of products in the market.

China’s manufacturers have a total of different sizes to offer to fit your needs, including small and large bags available in the size of 6.5×1.25×9 inch and 8×1.5×10 inch, which is smaller than medium and more significant than small.

Also, they have three different sizes of paper gift bags with handles, including 8.5×6 x4.5 inches, 10×7 x7 inches, and 12×8 x8 inches.

Paper White Bags specifications

Medium white paper bags with handles are available in several sizes, from 10g to 50g.

A low range of prices for a 50cm x 38 cm 100g bag is there. The more you buy, the cheaper they get.

Paperwhite bags are made from a solid 210gsm paper and have a generous gusset, perfect for filling with various treats, gifts, or party favors.

4.    What Is The Role Of Handle Of Paper White Bags?


The handle of white paper bags is used to load and unload. Usually, the white paper bags are the kind of bag which are opened back; the open mouth can be put in the products, products through the bags in, products out.

It is very convenient, but it is difficult to carry when loading because the products are not in place, falling out when falling off.

So people want to use a handle, the straw handle used in the past, straw handle in ordinary life is often seen in cartons of milk, yogurt packaging uses.

Pape White Bags handle

Paper Bag Handle is the central part of Paper Bag; as a matter of fact, being created from handle can attract people’s attention.

If the handle doesn’t look good, the entire bag will lose its value. There are many kinds of handles, such as:

  • Long handle and short handle,
  • Handle with logo and handle without logo.

Customers can choose any of them according to their needs.

5.    How Long Does It Take To White Paper Bags To Decompose?


Decaying time can vary depending on many factors, including the weight and thickness of the Paper, the moisture content of the material, and the temperature.

Paper products may begin to decompose if left undisturbed in a moist environment for an undefined period of years.

The longer it takes for something to decay or compost, the harder it is to determine how long it will take.

How long does it take for white paper bags to decompose? A lot of this depends on the type of bag and the materials it is made out of.

Depending on technological advances and new regulations, some companies try to use more eco-friendly products and packaging that can help reduce this time and keep more waste from generating around the world.


6.    How To Make Paper White Bags Luminaries?


Instant paper luminaries are easy to make, even for events. These white paper bags can also serve as decorative packaging or gift bags for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and Christmas.

Paper White Bags lumanaries

You really can make Luminaries with paper bags. You can use large or small paper bags, but what you are interested in is the pack’s color. The luminaries must be white, so you want to use them.

Paper luminaries are easy to make with items you probably already have at home

To complete this project, you will need a paper plate, scissors, paper cutter, tape measure or ruler, etc.

7.    How Many Times Paper Bags Can Be Used?

Standard bags, such as grocery, bakery items, and retail store bags, can be used hundreds of times before they begin to wear out.

Paper White Bags uses

Paper White Bags that you use only once at a specific event or activity can be used many times. If you reuse them, you can use most paper bags over and over again.

8.    How Do Paper Bags Help The Environment?

White Paper Bags Are Environmentally Friendly, The Reason That They Are Environmentally Friendly Is That They Are Compostable.

People around the world buy and use paper bags daily, and indeed that is true.

However, after just one use, those paper shopping bags usually end up in landfills

Paper bags take little time to decompose. Since we all live in a world where we need to be as environmentally friendly as possible, plastic paper bags are not suitable for the environment.

With their apparent natural materials and plain white color, white bags are among the most popular choice of eco-friendly shoppers.

Many major retailers have eliminated all other options like plastic bags from store shelves.

Why? Because millions of grocery shoppers have been made aware that paper bags help the planet by being more convenient and healthier for everyone, including future generations.

9.    Why Is The White Paper Bag Important?

The white paper bag is essential because it goes with any theme or color scheme and matches everything.

A party in the corporate sector is never complete without white paper bags on the table. It provides a more appealing look for the products.

White shopping bag with design space
White shopping bag with design space

White paper bags are primarily used as regular lunch bags. They can also be used to fill up with gifts, treats, or other goodies that you would like to give to your guests at parties.

The white paper bag is essential because it’s a tradition / it looks great in pictures and ensures your groceries didn’t get soggy or any skin products leak.

Excellent to use for children’s events, birthday parties, anniversary parties. If you’re going to be giving away free bags, these can also be used for fundraisers.

The white paper bag has been around for a long time. It is an excellent way to package a product because it allows our most vulnerable area, the visual space, to be protected.

The white paper bag is easier to handle than a box; therefore product can be packed in with minimal effort.

10.   How To Print White Paper Bags With Standard Brand Colors And Images?


White Kraft Paper Bags are manufactured with a two-sided laminate layer of 10-point C1S, which has a good gloss finish for retail applications.

The manufacturer can print any customized images on white paper bags. It is suitable for food packaging. White Paper Bags are widely used in parties, weddings, gifts, and souvenirs and can be used as courier bags to carry your items.

The Paper White Bags are the only natural white paper bags available in the printing industry today.

Paper White Bags brand

These bags have a color-reducing agent added to them so that you can print all your customers’ brand colors and logos white on a whiter-looking bag.

The bags have a natural feel, not unlike a Kraft bag, so your customers will love them. The paper handles are made from twisted solid Paper.

White Paper Bags make an excellent printing surface for any image or to show off your brand colors.

The white paper bags are also available in bulk and with different shapes like open-top, and flat bottom, which will suit all your packaging needs.

Printed white paper bags naturally help to increase the sales of your business or product.

11.   How To Choose The Printing Method?

The white paper bags are printed using offset printing and digital printing techniques.

They mainly use eco-friendly inks to produce white paper bags. Offset printing is used for a large volume.

Manufacturers also use this high-pressure offset (HPO) printing technique for small volume or short run of goods such as lunch or gift bags with handles.

It can be customized from various color openings; listed prices are according to the quantity of production, not including packaging costs.

There are several printing techniques for printing white bags; the most common one is called offset printing, which uses plates for striking down ink onto Paper. Other available printing methods are:

  • Silkscreen printing
  • Laser engraving

12.   Does The Cost Change When Printing Different Sides Of White Paper Bags?


If you’re printing on white paper bags for the first time, you may be interested to know that there is no significant difference in price when printing one color of text or graphics on either side of the bag.

The cost depends on the volume of bags that you need.

The cost of printing different sides of white paper bags will change depending on the bag style selected. The cost to print both sides of one paper bag is also more.

Some of the factors that determine the cost of printing white bags are:

  • The quantity printed,
  • Size of bags,
  • Design set up fee,
  • Ink colors used in the design,
  • Bag thickness,
  • Material type.

13.   How Can I Make Amendments In My Custom Order For Paper White Bags?


If you want to change anything about your Paperwhite bags order, it can be made at any time before shipment.

Just reach out to the manufacturer’s customer service team with the reason for the change, and they will update your order.

You can meet your needs, most especially when it comes to Paperwhite bags.

Manufacturers have a lot of designs and sizes of these bags for your choice.

Just contact the manufacturer and let their service team know what kind of Paperwhite bag you want to make amendments to the custom order for Paperwhite bags; you will get your bags at an even better price.


14.   What Are The Sizing Options For Paper White Bags?


There are many sizing options for the bulk white bags that you can purchase through the manufacturer’s online store.

Most white paper bags range from (4 x 5) inches to (5 x 7) inches in size.

Paper White Bags different sizes

For a smaller paper bag, manufacturers offer a small bag that is a perfect size for candies and trinkets and is designed for use as a favor bag at a wedding.

Paper White Bags come in a variety of sizes. Select from

  • 12 x 18 inch
  • 14 x 20 inch
  • 16 x 24 inch

bags with three different handle twist options: Handles, Twisted Handles, or Handles and grip Strip.

The Paper White Bags come in 3 ccommon sizes:

  • 9″ X 13″,
  • 5″ X 6.5″,
  • 5″ X 9″

There are many colors to choose from: red, orange, yellow, purple, navy blue, green, brown, black, coffee, and ivory. The pricing differs depending on the size you are looking for and the color you need.

15.   What Are The Difference Between Paper White Bags And Paper Brown Bags?


Paperwhite bags are the most popular type of paper bag. Paper brown bags are slightly less common. While brown paper bags are classic, the white color is the industry standard for wholesale business supplies because it’s traditional, neutral, and can be used for any occasion

Paper White Bags and Paper Brown bags

Paper White bags are the complete opposite of brown Kraft bags in terms of their creative design. Where brown kraft bags have a natural and creative appeal to innovative buyers, Paperwhite bags have an immaculate and creative appeal to their creative buyers.

White paper bags have a natural and vibrant appeal to their buyers; brown kraft bags have a vintage and earthy charm.

16.   How Paper White Bags Are Environmental Friendly?

Paper White Bags are washable, reusable, and recyclable, and they can handle more than just your products.

It is the perfect solution for all of your packaging needs while helping to reduce waste.

We at Paperwhite Bags understand that our customers come first. We feel the need to be environmentally conscious, so we ensured that these eco-friendly bags were durable and environmentally friendly.

Paper White Bags are eco-friendly, chlorine-free, 100% recyclable paper bags. These bags are anti-static, wear-resistant, resistant to sunlight damage, and offer underweight and pressure crush resistance.

When compared to plastic and environmentally unfriendly bags, they provide a sustainable solution for your carry:

17.   Is Paper White Bag Is Better Than The Plastic Bags?

Paperwhite bags are much excluisive for the environment than anyother  bags like plastic bags because the average plastic bag takes over 1,000 years to decompose, while white bags can be recycled at most grocery stores.

These paper gift bags feature an easy-to-tie twisted handle for a casual look.

Paper White Bags are the perfect solution for the environmentally-friendly consumer.

With better quality than plastic bags, lower cost than other options, and more versatility than paper grocery bags, Paper White Bags are the perfect solution for an ever-changing society.

There are a lot of reasons that paperwhite bags are considered the best than plastic paper bags. These paperwhite bags have an immense amount of uses and have been a part of daily life for centuries.

Paper is one of the oldest artificial materials and has a higher level of biodegradability than plastic.

18.   How Paper White Bag Is Beneficial For Businessmen?


There are so many businesses these days that have been investing in Paperwhite bags.

These kinds of bags have proven to be very beneficial for business people indeed.

Today, almost all businessmen have been using Paperwhite bags to sell their products outside stores and establishments.

Paper White Bag is the most innovative stuff of today. This bag is handy for storing and carrying items in businesses.

Paper White Bags businessmen

It belongs to the category of bags that are made from white Paper. The paperwhite bag also varies in terms of quality and price.

Hence, while you are shopping, make sure to understand how beneficial it can be for your business?


19.   Where Can You Use Paper White Bags?


Paper White Bags are the best practical choice for all gifts any time of the year, including Christmas.

They can carry various items. But most importantly, they are great for gift giving.

  • To go for a wedding, birthday or other celebrations
  • To come to the office.
  • To carry goods purchased in the store.
  • To send gifts to friends and relatives.

The bags are perfect for gifting a special occasion like baby showers, graduations, etc.; besides these purposes, plain white paper bags are used in grocery stores for packaging groceries.


20.   What Are The Shapes And Sizes Associated With Paper White Bags?


The Paper White Bags are carry-out bags that feature a paper design.

The Paper White Bags also come in two shapes, rectangular and accordion.

The rectangular Paper White Bags size is (11.5 x 10.5) inches, while another size of Paper White Bags is measured 13 inches by 3 inches by 3/4 inch.

Paper White Bags shapes and sizes

The White Paper Bags are available in Three shapes,

  • Rectangular
  • Triangular

Each of the bags can be customized using your business information or personal information for promotional purposes.

21.   What Are The Features Associated With Paper White Bags?


Paper White Bags are made of white kraft paper, the most commonly used Paper for bags; it can also be custom-printed.

The most important features associated with them include:

  • Sizes
  • Prices
  • Colors
  • Paper handles.

White Paper Bags with Handles are an eco-friendly option for parties, weddings, special events, shipping gifts, shopping online, or carrying groceries.

These 100% recyclable bags are available in different sizes ranging from small to extra-large. They are also flexible with recycled handles so that they can be carried with ease.

Paper White Bags Features

Paper White is a paper kraft bag with twisted handles that can be used in various ways to cater to your needs.

They are cheap, affordable, and the perfect choice for any event.

Paper White bags are available in different printing color options: brown, ecru, yellow, navy, hunter green, burgundy, purple, gray, copper red, and silver-gray colors.


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