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ZTP has a large selection of recyclable and environmentally friendly paper gift bags. As a firm, we are dedicated to repurposing wasted paper, and all of our products are made of high-quality, recyclable materials. This comprises our beautiful collection of recycled paper gift bags, which are offered in bulk at discounted pricing. Furthermore, there are paper gift bags here to fit every need, so take a look and add any bag that catches your eye to your shopping cart.

Biodegradable paper gift bags in a wide range of colors and designs are also available here at ZTP. These products are fashionable and economically friendly, which is something we all strive towards! Besides, ZTP’s paper bags can be customized with your selection of text, logo, or design, making them a great way to personalize a present or branding paper bags for a business.

Choose Your Type Of Paper Gift Bags

Check out these beautiful and creative paper gift bags. If your preferred style isn’t provided, please contact us. Our professionals can design paper gift bags in an array of styles and sizes to suit your needs.

Paper Gift Bag Bulk
Since it can be ordered in quantity, this paper gift bag bulk is great for businesses. Aside from that, there is plenty of space for products like apparel, books, and a wide range of other gift options.
Paper Gift Bags With Handles
This beautiful paper gift bag with handles design adds a level of durability that defines these bags. Our paper gift bag's amazing depth makes it ideal for stores, special events, and celebrations.
Paper Gift Bag DIY
This paper gift bag DIY is suitable for a variety of events. Furthermore, a wide range of products, such as small things of apparel, stationery, and other various goodies, can be safely stored in these paper gift bags. For a variety of unique and excellent gift presenting ideas, these DIY paper bags are perfect!
Small Gift Paper Bag
These amazing small gift paper bags are produced from high-quality paper, and their handle design contributes to the gift bag's strength. These bags also are an alternative to plastic bags and are ideal for craft fairs, festivals, and special occasions.
Door Gift Paper Bag
This door gift paper bag is an eco-friendly type of gift bag that is created to accommodate a range of businesses and is ideal for garage sales and shopping festivals. It's composed completely of sustainably sourced paper that's fully recyclable once it's been used.
Brown Paper Gift Bag
This brown paper gift bag is constructed of high-quality paper and is both robust and stylish. Also, this amazing bag comes in a brown color that would look great at any trade fair or retail outlet.

High-quality And Economical Paper Gift Bags In A Variety Of Designs.

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Advantages Of Using Paper Gift Bags

Paper gift bags are gaining popularity since they are completely recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable, as well as being ecologically friendly and posing less of a hazard to nature. In short,  they are also considerably safer when compared to plastic bags.

Due to the amount of time and attention that ZTP spends in producing an appealing paper gift bag for their commodities, paper bags have become somewhat of a trend and brand recognition in today’s market. Besides, customers provide free marketing and promotion by carrying appealing paper gift bags that advertise the company’s brand.

When you choose ZTP for high-quality paper gift bags for your tea, coffee, nuts, cookies, spices, chocolate, and candy, you’re giving them a professional look that customers adore. In addition, any paper gift bag from ZTP may be customized with your own logo to market your brand. You’ll impress and amaze your consumers with professional quality and aesthetic impact.

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BSCI improve social performance in supply chain.
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ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
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Why Is ZTP The Best Choice For Your Paper Gift Bags?

ZTP is the leading supplier of paper gift bags in the world. We are happy to be the best and to promote handcrafted items. All of our products are created from sustainable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly materials. We feel that doing more with less money is the best way to go. Also, we aim to provide excellent customer care and quick delivery in order to achieve client pleasure.

We have a tremendously huge selection of exquisite handmade paper gift bags that may be customized to meet the needs of our customers. We also believe in establishing long-term business partnerships that will endure a lifetime.

Therefore, if you’re looking for high-quality and economical paper gift bags in a variety of designs, look no further than ZTP.

Paper Gift Bags – The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Paper Gift Bags – The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a brief content that outlines the most often asked questions about paper gift bags and addresses them in an easy to consume format that covers all of the information you need to know, such as Paper Gift Bags are always available when you desire to buy one.

The FAQ Guide is a guide created to answer all the questions you have about paper gift bags. This guide contains everything you need to know about paper gift bags, along with some more valuable features.

This is a comprehensive guide in answers to readers’ frequently asked questions about Paper Gift Bags. It provides answers to common questions and solutions to their problems about the Paper Gift Bags.

The Ultimate Guide is a collection of questions and answers related to the Paper Gift Bags-The Answer to All Your Gifts Needs.

  1. What Is The Process Of Paper Gift Bag Production?
  2. What Is The Printing Method For A Paper Gift Bag?
  3. Which Kind Of Lamination Should I Choose?
  4. How Can You Do Hot Foil Stamping?
  5. What Are The Color Options On Hot Foil Stamping?
  6. How Can You Do Spot UV?
  7. What About Embossing And Debossing On My Bags?
  8. What Are The Handle Options On These Gift Bags?
  9. What Is Your Standard Handle Length?
  10. What If I Want A Different Size Of Handle?
  11. What Will Happen If My Design Is Not Ready?
  12. How Can I Send My Artwork?
  13. What Are The Minimum Order Quantities?
  14. What Is The Printing Area On My Bags?
  15. What Is The Printing Methodology Of The paper Gift Bags?
  16. What Is The Lines Production Process?
  17. How Can I Receive An Exact Order Quantity?
  18. What Does Eco-Friendly Paper Bag Mean?
  19. What Does Sustainable Material Mean?
  20. What Is Pantone Color Matching System?
  21. What Does CMYK Mean?

1.    What Is The Process Of Paper Gift Bag Production?


Paper Gift Bags are manufactured from recycled paper pulp.

Option exist to get your paper gift bag manufactured from pulp of paper. You can achieve this by getting the paper pressed by passing through a series of rollers.

After that, there is a need to cut these pressed sheets of paper into desired size to make paper gift bag.

Then, they are folded over and glued together parallel to each other.

In the Paper Gift Bags manufacturing facility, the thing that happens in the paper gift bag production process is preparing the paper stock used to make the bags.

The process of manufacturing paper bags starts at the design phase, where companies determine the shape, size, and quantity of paper bags they need.


Manufacturing also includes a proofing and printing stage, followed by the film surface finishing step. Die-cutting is then carried out to make the bag’s opening.

The process of manufacturing Paper Gift Bags is quite complex. Design, printing, surface finishing, and die-cutting are all essential aspects.

The first step is designing the bag, including proofing the design to ensure that it meets specifications.

The misprinted design is then printed onto a film, and once all the parts are assembled, the inside of the bag gets the surface finished.

Finally, the die-cut determines how many times the paper will be folded for the final product.

2.    What Is The Printing Method For A Paper Gift Bag?

There are many printing techniques for custom paper bags. Screen printing is one of the most popular methods and can be great for printing on various materials.

This technique can be used for printing in different sizes. Foil printing is also popular and lithographic printing, flexographic printing, and digital printing options are available to you.

Printing Through Screens: This technique is the most widely used ones to get your different types of materials printed. It is very beneficial and durable method since your paper does not fade.

Paper-Gift-Bags-Prinitng method

Also the paper printed through this method looks aesthetically pleasing and boost your brand awareness thus by enhancing net revenue.

Foil printing: Foil printing is often used to apply metallic images or textured graphics to paper. It’s also suitable for printing on a variety of materials of different sizes.

This method is perfect for high-quality work, but it’s not the best for short runs or many prints. On the other hand, litho and flexo are ideal for short runs with low quantities.

3.    Which Kind Of Lamination Should I Choose?

Matte lamination is more elegant than other types of gloss lamination, such as glossy, tend to accentuate color contrasts and textures.

Matte laminates have a soft feel and a velvety texture, making them a more pleasant experience.

Matt lamination is the ultimate way to achieve a natural look. Compared to gloss, matt lamination is more subtle and often provides a softer look, as it can lower the contrast on dark colors. Matt gloss also has a velvety texture that makes it pleasant for users to touch.

When it comes to gloss, some people like the natural look. That’s because matt laminate is less shiny than gloss and provides a softer, more soothing contrast on darker colors. The texture is velvety, which many people find pleasant.

4.    How Can You Do Hot Foil Stamping?

The process of hot foiling is quite simple. Heat and pressure are applied to the foil, then pressed against the medium supported by a plate or cylinder.

This causes the adhesive layer in the gold or silver foil to activate and attach itself to the other medium.

Hot foiling is a type of printing where heat and pressure are applied to the foil to make it stick to the medium. The adhesive layer in the gold or silver foil melts when this happens, attaching the machine hot foil to the medium.

Paper-Gift-Bags-Hot Foil-Stamping

When hot foiling, heat, and pressure activate the adhesive layer of gold or silver foil. This silver foil or gold foil is then pressed against the material that is being foiled.

The release layer melts when it touches the adhesive layer and attaches the machine hot foil to the medium.

5.    What Are The Color Options On Hot Foil Stamping?

There are many colors that can be used for hot foil stamping. Few important colors used in hot foil stamping are given below:

  • Pink Foil
  • Rose Gold Foil
  • Blue Foil
  • Bottle Green
  • Copper-Red
  • Silver-Gold


6.    How Can You Do Spot UV?

Spot UV is a finish applied during the printing process of Paper Gift Bags that gives the bags a glossy look on the outside while keeping its matte finish on the inside.

If you want to bring your logo to Paper Gift Bags, give it a special touch, and increase its memorability consider spot UV. Spot UV can be used on printed Paper Gift Bags such as shopping bags, gift bags, and tissue paper.

Some of the most effective applications are for Paper Gift Bags and clothes. These items are often lifted off the shelf because of their exciting look or feel.

A UV varnish is spread across a die-cut template, placed over a sheet of paper or other material. Then, the sheet is subjected to either infrared or ultraviolet light. This dries the coating instantly and makes Paper Gift Bags more vibrant than a traditional print.

7.    What About Embossing And Debossing On My Bags?


Embossing and Debossing are two processes that create either raised or sunken images or designs in paper and cardboard products like Paper Gift Bags.


Embossing is when you raise an image against the surface.

Debossing is when you sink an image into the surface.

8.    What Are The Handle Options On These Gift Bags?


Choosing a handle for your ribbon is easy. Choose from rope, cotton, satin, grosgrain, or die-cut.

The handle is mainly used to strengthen the bags and make them convenient for carrying out. Traditionally can be made of cloth, metal, or leather.

The bag handle can also be seen at the top of a bag. Various handlers are available, like plastic bag handles, bag tape handles, and ribbon handles. Depending on your need, you can choose accordingly.

Paper-Gift-Bags-Handle Options

The flat handles come in the most significant quantity of colors in both regular and long lengths.

The second most common handle is the messenger style which only comes in black, brown, and white to match the most common paper bag colors.

Most miniature Paper Gift Bags are available with the eyelet, grosgrain ribbon handles, and twine or ribbon bows for dressier occasions.

9.    What Is Your Standard Handle Length?


This is a great paper bag at a fantastic price. We choose our bags to hold 8×4.25×10.5 inches, and each pack has a standard 11″-15″ long handle.

This means the bottom of the bag will hold approximately 8×4.25×10.5 inches, and above that is the handle length.

The bag range includes bags with handles of various lengths, depending on how long you want them to be.

Paper-Gift-Bags-Handle Options
For party bags, you’ll need handles that are 7″ – 10.5″, which is probably the most common length.

The shorter 5″ handles are standard for gift card packaging and items such as tissues.

10.   What If I Want A Different Size Of Handle?

We carry several sizes of paper gift bags, ranging from 5-inches × 7-inches to 8-inches × 12-inches.

The sizes listed on our website are only the most popular bag size combinations.

For example, if you add an item that requires a 5-inch × 7-inch bag on the shopping cart page, clicking the “Proceed To Checkout” button will bring up an 8-inch × 10-inch bag as an available option.

Most often, this alternate option is less expensive than buying the original shipping combination.

“Paper Gift Bags-They are economical, come in all shapes and sizes, and are perfect for any occasion.

These matte-finish gift bags are used as packaging items such as greeting cards, paper flowers, or gifts.

Paper gift bags with handles are widely available and plentiful for both small businesses and personal use.

11.   What Will Happen If My Design Is Not Ready?

China’s manufacturers know you’ve been looking forward to your order, and they want to make sure it meets your expectations. Send your images, and their experts will work with you to create a design that you love.

Getting the right design can make or break your business. Their expert team is there to help you with that. Send your images, and they will prepare a plan for you.

If you need help in choosing the right bag for your project, or if you don’t have the time to make your own, then we are here to help.

Experts have provided quality designer paper bags and helping their clients with affordable prices for over ten years.

China’s manufacturers offer high-quality bags of various types and sizes, including gift wrap, shopping bags, gift boxes, and more.

12.   How Can I Send My Artwork?


The best way is to use an online upload form. This will allow you to upload the artwork directly you would like printed. The manufacturer’s team will contact it back for a quote.

The biggest challenge when it comes to sending artwork for custom paper gift bags is choosing the medium.


Best manufacturers offer three choices:

Matte Paper

Glossy Paper

Canvas Material

Matte Paper has a very realistic look when applied to your gift with all paper bag features in place.

The matte surface creates a very textured look that will give your customers some visual distraction from the boring printed words outside your product packaging.

The glossy Paper option produces a smooth and shiny look that is perfect if you’re looking for something modern or trendy.

13.   What Are The Minimum Order Quantities?

The minimum order quantity for a paper gift bag is 100 cases. This is the same for both the 10×8 and 12×6.

We have found that most customers will always need more than 100 cases, so we offer this option to accommodate their needs.

Bulk quantities are also available upon request. Please feel free to contact the manufacturer if you have any questions regarding our products or services.”

We offer both 10×8 and 12×6 paper gift bags with handles.

14.   What Is The Printing Area On My Bags?

The printing area is the space available for printing on a gift bag.

There are no limits to the places you can print on these paper bags! The surface of these paper bags is produced at paper mills and is provided to us. This means there is an endless amount of space for your custom design.

When shopping for paper gift bags, one thing you should consider is the printing area.


The printing area refers to how much room there is on each side, beyond which you cannot print what you want.

Typically, a paper bag has a minimum size of 8 inches in length and 4 inches in width. The larger these dimensions are, the more space you have for printing your logo or designs.

The printing area is the measurement around the fold of a paper gift bag. This applies to most supermarkets, warehouses, and stores selling bulk paper items like gift bags, business cards, and wrap.

15.   What Is The Printing Methodology Of The paper Gift Bags?


Foil printing:

Foil printing is excellent for promotional products like pens, magnets, and keychains and is easy to execute.

Flexo printing:

It is excellent for items that need a little more durability or strength.

Paper-Gift-Bags-Flexo Printing

Litho printing:

It is a popular printing technique that is good for printing on a variety of materials. It can be used on everything from large items to small ones.

Digital Printing:

Digital printing is another popular printing technique and works well with small-to-medium-sized projects.

Printing Through Silk-Screen:

Silk-screen is popular printing technique on various materials and is suitable for printing on multiple materials of different sizes. It’s often used for large Paper Gifts Bags. It would help if you had ink, a screen, and an image.

16.   What Is The Lines Production Process?


The production process of a product can be broken down into several steps.

Production starts when a designer lays out the design on paper, which is then printed and laminated.

The finished product is then cut and folded before being glued together. Handle attachment, quality control, packing, and shipping are all integral parts of the production process.

Manufacturing is a long process, and each stage of the line is critical.

Starting with printing and ending with shipping, the steps that happen in between are laminating, cutting, folding, and gluing.

Quality control is crucial to ensuring every step is performed correctly and to ensure the product is of the highest quality.

This is all before handle attachments are added, which cannot be skipped if you want to ensure there is a good grip on your product, follow these steps:

  • First, print the materials. Then, laminate them to make them more durable.
  • Next, cut the materials into shapes and sizes before finally folding them into the final product.
  • A few other steps are necessary for ensuring quality and safe handling of the product.
  • Finally, attach the handles and pack the product before shipping it to customers.
  • The process begins with printing. Then, it moves onto laminating, cutting, and folding.
  • After that, the glue is applied to the handles. The quality control step makes sure every order is perfect.
  • Finally, packing is done, and the order is shipped.

17.   How Can I Receive An Exact Order Quantity?


You can receive an exact order quantity by offering a discount on the whole order and enhancing your features.

Paper gift bags are the perfect solution for anyone looking to purchase many gifts and save money. You will receive 100% of the exact order quantity you request.

The paper gift bags come in various shapes, sizes, and colors; select your favorites.

All Paper gift bags are made from high-quality white kraft or brown kraft paper material, so you can be sure that they will last through years of use.

The exact order quantity of 150 is the minimum for imprinting a logo on our paper gift bags. This minimum is required to maintain the highest quality standards and deliver an outstanding product presentation that will gain your trust and confidence.

18.   What Does Eco-Friendly Paper Bag Mean?


This eco-friendly paper gift bag includes an inner liner for extra protection so they can be used multiple times over.

The Eco-Friendly Paper gift bag is a paper bag that has all the advantages of conventional brown paper bags without using any additional chemicals.


It has better protection against food decay and preservation because it does not contain any harmful substances.

Eco-Friendly Paper gift bag is s paper bag that is made from recycled materials and processed chlorine-free. They will have an environmental message, such as “Biodegradable Hanging Bags” or. “Processed Chlorine Free Material.”

It is a program to improve business processes and the environmental performance of Paper gift bags operations by reducing costs while maintaining high-quality standards.

Typically Paper gift bags, this plastic bag is made entirely from recycled materials and uses recycled fiber and non-toxic water-based dyes that are safe to use around children.

19.   What Does Sustainable Material Mean?


Sustainable Paper Gift Bags are manufactured with the idea of conserving the environment in mind. With less natural resources and eco-friendly disposal, these Paper Gift Bags aim to curtail environmental damage.

Considering recent events, sustainable materials have become more critical than ever before.

Manufacturing these materials uses fewer natural resources, and the by-products are discarded in an environmentally friendly way. The focus of these products is to conserve and care for the environment.

20.   What Is Pantone Color Matching System?


Pantone is a color standardization system used for matching colors. Various brands worldwide use this system to ensure that they agree about what a specific color should look like.

With this system, different manufacturers worldwide can use the same terminology to make sure colors match without direct contact with one another.


It’s beneficial because different companies can use it to make sure colors match without ever meeting. This makes it possible for manufacturers in other locations to refer to the Pantone system and make certain colors are identical.

21.   What Does CMYK Mean?

There are many different types of color printing, but CMYK is the one used most often. CMYK refers to four other inks:

  • C stands for Cyan
  • M stands for Magenta
  • Y stands for Yellow
  • K stands for Key-black

It is a dye pattern, which means , it uses layers of ink to produce different colors.

If you wanted to print a color mix of all four, like red-green, you would use the CMYK process to create it.


These four primary colors make up millions of different possible combinations, which create all the various hues in nature.

Each color is made up of a combination of all four CMYK printers creating its final color by combining.


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