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ZTP offers a wide range of wine paper bags that are both recyclable and environmentally friendly. Our goods are made entirely of high-quality, recycled materials. All of the company’s goods are created from recycled material, and it is committed to converting used paper into new products.
Moreover, ZTP offers a variety of biodegradable wine paper bags in a variety of colors and designs. These items are both fashionable and cost-effective, which is something we all strive for! Furthermore, ZTP’s wine paper bags can be personalized with your choice of text, logo, or design, making them an excellent method to personalize a gift or brand paper bags for a loved one.
Most wine paper bags often get ripped easily. That is why customers resort to using a plastic bag for their wines instead. However, using plastic bags is a bit more expensive than paper, and they aren’t environmentally friendly. But with ZTP, you don’t have to worry about this.
We ensure that our wine paper bag are durable and long-lasting. Moreover, they are stylish and made of recyclable materials. Hence, we recommend that you try our wine paper bag out.

Find Your Favorite Paper Carry Bag

Our designers can create a paper carry bag in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your requirements. Please let us know if your preferred style isn’t mentioned so we can create it for you.

Brown Paper Carry Bags
These stylish and long-lasting brown paper carry bags are made from high-quality paper. This bag is also available in a brown color that would look perfect for any use.
Kraft Paper Carry Bags
These awesome small paper carry bags are made of high-quality paper, and their structure enhances the bag's durability. For any special occasion, these bags are a perfect alternative to plastic bags.
Craft Paper Carry Bag
This craft paper carry bag comes in a variety of designs. You can find a cost-effective and excellent paper bag that is both trendy and durable.
Kraft Paper Carry Bags
These kraft paper bags are produced entirely from scratch and are eco-friendly. They're perfect options if you want to attract and make your customers satisfied.
Carry Out Paper Bags
These carry out paper bags are recyclable and made up of high-quality material. Furthermore, it's designed to fit a variety of products and is perfect for garage sales and retail festivals.
Printed Paper Carry Bags
These printed paper carry bags are expertly crafted from high-quality materials. They are made for companies that need printed paper bags for their products.

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Benefits Of Using A Paper Carry Bag

Paper carry bags are becoming increasingly popular since they are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly, as well as being biodegradable and causing no threat to the environment. In fact, as opposed to plastic bags, they are significantly safer.

Paper carry bags have become somewhat of a trend and brand awareness in today’s market due to the amount of time and attention ZTP devotes to creating an enticing paper carry bag for their commodities. Customers also give free marketing and promotion by carrying attractive paper gift bags with the company’s logo on them.

When you choose ZTP for premium paper carry bags for your coffee, sweets, cookies, chocolate, soap, and jewelry, you’re giving them a classy touch that your consumers will appreciate. Not to forget, any ZTP paper carry bag may be personalized with your own brand to grow your product. With professional quality and aesthetic effect, you’ll wow and astonish your customers.

ZTP can provide you with outstanding paper carry bag solutions due to its extensive experience in the printing and packaging sector.

We guarantee that our packaging is both high-quality and budget-friendly. Our designers and team are knowledgeable and considerate in supplying you with relevant advice and ideas to help you make the best decision possible.

We look forward to delivering outstanding printing and packaging services to you. You will certainly be satisfied with our products and services!

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ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
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Why Choose ZTP For Your Paper Carry Bag Needs?

We provide a passion for creativity and elegance, with a thorough paper bag and carton variety available in China. Whether you need a small paper carry bag or a large one, we’re your solution.

With any style of the paper carry bag, you may rest assured that we’ll have what you need, whenever you need it. This implies a consistent brand experience for your customers and cost-effective packaging for you.

We place a premium on the packaging that does not affect your brand’s principles.

Our manufacturing process has been approved to the highest global ethical principles, and we offer China’s largest recyclable retail packaging range. We use sustainable planted trees to make our products.

Choose a packaging supplier like ZTP who takes your duties seriously as well.

Paper Carry Bags – The Definitive FAQ Guide

Paper Carry Bags – The Definitive FAQ Guide is a comprehensive guide that answers frequently asked paper Carry bags.

It has been written to provide detailed information on the features of paper carry bags, including why they are needed, how they can be used.

This Paper Carry Bags – The Definitive FAQ Guide is the ultimate guide to shopping for, buying from, and using paper carry bags.

It provides consumers and businesses with prices and quantity discounts available at the top online sources and traditional retail stores.

Paper Carry Bags

It’s a great way to discover new Paper Carry Bags merchants in your area so that you can get more choices on how you want to spend less money while doing it.

Paper Carry Bags – The Definitive FAQ Guide is an extensive guide that seeks to answer any questions about paper shopping bags.

Paper Carry Bags attempts to provide answers to many questions that buyers may have.

This guide details the different paper carryout bags found in retail stores, grocery stores, and wholesale distributors.

It gives recommendations on what type of Paper Carry Bag to use and how to react if asked by a cashier or manager if you can bring your reusable bags.

  1. What Kind Of Paper Carry Bags Are There?
  2. What Are The Paper Materials For Paper Carry Bags?
  3. What Is The Strength Of Paper Bag?
  4. What Is The Usability Of these Carriers Bags?
  5. What Is The Lifespan Of Paper Carry bags?
  6. What Is The Provision Of Customized Paper Bag  Fabrication?
  7. What Are The Benefits Of These Bags?
  8. How Printed Paper Carry Bags Are Attractive?
  9. What Is Bespoke Printed Packaging?
  10. How Can I Do With My Artwork?
  11. What If I Don’t Have Artwork, But I Have Ideas Of What I Want?
  12. Do You Have Templates/Dielines Available For Paper Carry Bags?
  13. What File Formats Do You Accept?
  14. What Custom Carry Bags Should I Use?
  15. How Can The Material Affect How My Design Will Look?
  16. Are There Limits To The Colors I Can Use?
  17. How Can I Design Custom Branded Bags?
  18. How To Use Old Carry Bags For Your Little Angels?
  19. What Are The Easy Ways Of Converting Your Old Carry Bags Into Utility Boxes?
  20. How To Design The Unique Specifications?
  21. How Is The Success Of A Business In The Paper Carry Bag?
  22. How Can We Get Paper Packaging Samples?
  23. How Can I Rely On The Accuracy Of Screen Colors When Ordering My Bags?
  24. What Are Colour Options Of Hot Foil On Paper Carry Bag?
  25. What Are Spot UV Paper Bags?

1.    What Kind Of Paper Carry Bags Are There?

You are considering getting Paper Carry Bags for your company. Paper Carry Bags are a cheaper way to advertise and work as a great marketing tool.

The kinds of paper carry bags depend upon:

  • Paper quality
  • Shapes
  • Sizes
  • Handle type
  • Strength

So keep in mind while shopping Paper Carry Bags. Manufacturer offer various styles and sizes, ranging from paper shopping bags to gift bags with many printing options.

Plus, Manufcaturer have various paper bag finishes that you can choose from, including

  • Lamination
  • Varnish
  • Foil Stamping
  • Embossing
  • Spot UV

2.    What Are The Paper Materials For Paper Carry Bags?

These paper carrier bags can be kraft paper, brown recycled paper, white kraft paper, flat handles, or twisted handles.

The kraft paper shopping bags and twist handles are popular and stand upright in the car or home.

China offers a variety of paper materials for your packaging needs.

For heavier items, we recommend thicker paper like our 100% cotton brown kraft paper.

-Paper Carry Bags-Material

China’s manufacturers often use following basic material for making paper carry bags:

  • Virgin Card Board
  • Brown Kraft Paper
  • White Kraft Paper
  • Cardboard

If you need a paper bag with printing effects, use standard paper carry bag for different goods pacaking.

For example, grocery, clothes, toys, etc.

3.    What Is The Strength Of Paper Bag?

Paper Carry Bags will be a relief to your worries. Kraft Paper Carry Bag is sturdy enough to carry things like heavy groceries. Your fear of paper bags will vanish once you see how tough they are.

Paper Carry Bags-Strength

Paper Carry Bags are not very strong. You may be concerned about their ability to hold heavy items such as groceries.

This is a reasonable fear since Paper Carry Bags is not very durable. However, all your worries will be gone once you experience the convenience of using a paper bag.

4.    What Is The Usability Of these Carriers Bags?

These Paper Carry Bags provide you with extra spaces to keep your product secure and protected from water.

These Paper Carry Bags can be promoted as a valuable and convenient way for shopping that spreads awareness toward your brands.

These Paper Carry Bags will surely bring a better shopping experience to your customers that why they would come back again to your store and buy more of your products.

Paper bags are perfect for carrying your shopping, but they can also be used for gift packing. Even if you don’t have any wrapping paper, you can work quickly and creatively by repurposing your paper bags.

No matter the occasion, Paper Carry Bags are great for many things. Whether you’re looking to carry a gift home or package it up, these paper carriers are perfect.

5.    What Is The Lifespan Of Paper Carry bags?

Paper Carry Bags are seemingly not just for carrying your groceries anymore. Though they can be used for that, they have a whole lot of other uses too.

With their seemingly endless life, Paper Carry Bags are the perfect thing to always have on hand.

As the Paper Carry Bags condition changes, you can modify how it is used accordingly. For example, when it’s new and clean, it can be used at the supermarket for groceries.

A Paper Carry Bag is so durable because it can be recycled again and again. When it first comes into your possession, use it for grocery shopping or carrying your items.

When it starts to get a little worn out or dirty, use it at home to pack books, toys, and clothes, or even food.

6.    What Is The Provision Of Customized Paper Bag  Fabrication?

Being Carry Bags China’s manufacturer, they can make paper bags from start to finish according to your own will.

You can get Paper Carry Bags of your choice, color, shape, and size.

The personalized Paper Carry Bags provision refers to every kind of solution of your Paper Carry Bags from production to delivery and of every type of printing.

Paper Carry Bags-Personalized

7.    What Are The Benefits Of These Bags?

The benefits of paper carry bags are given below:

  • Typically they are made out of recycled paper. When buying paper carryout bags, it is essential to factor in the size, weight, and strength you need for your specific application.
  • Large paper shopping bags are available that can handle more weight and volume than standard paper carrier bags.
  • Paper carry bags are an economical and environmentally friendly way to package your products and hand out samples during the holidays or when shopping at a retail store.
  • Paper carry bags are made with recycled paper material, so you can be sure that you will be doing your part in lessening the waste in the environment.
  • The paper materials can also restrict oxygen from entering the bag, which helps extend the life of foods being stored in your groceries.
  • Paper carry bags can be recycled and break down quickly.
  • Paper bags also have a shallow carbon footprint, therefore helping our environment.
  • There are many different styles of paper bags like flat handle paper carry bags, paper twist handles, paper loop handles, and we offer the best price in kraft paper shopping bags.
  • These paper carrier bags can be bought in bulk and manufactured by a company with over 50 years in manufacturing paper tote bags.
  • Paper carryout bags are a preferred choice in businesses like supermarkets, convenience stores, and fast-food restaurants.
  • These paper carryout bags are even more popular than plastic bags at retail stores and are made from recyclable corrugated fiber, making them environmentally friendly.

8.    How Printed Paper Carry Bags Are Attractive?

When it comes to your business, you want to do everything in your power to ensure that your customers are happy.

You want to provide a comfortable shopping experience for their home and give them the best deal possible on all products.

Paper Carry Bags-Attractive

To do this, you need to have a wide variety of paper carry bags available for purchase.

Paper carry bags are highly preferred for shopping in all seasons. Their durable and robust nature looks pleasing and aesthetic while holds maximum weight with ease.

These carry bags can be found in shops, malls, retail outlets, business conglomerates, schools, offices, etc., as these are extensively used in almost every field of commercial use.

A well-designed bag can turn a purchase into an impulse buy, and that is one of the main reasons for carrying a paper bag to your grocery store.

Commercial paper bags are given a trendy look that will encourage consumers to carry their groceries to the car or back home.

9.    What Is Bespoke Printed Packaging?

Bespoke packaging is a term often used in the printing industry, which means that the supplied artwork is printed to match the overall packaging design.

As opposed to mass production of generic designs or even handling a specific project, bespoke artwork requires a one-of-a-kind creation to fully benefit from the design and color schemes created for your brand.

Paper Carry Bags-Bespoke
Bespoke printed packaging is the name given to the packaging style that features designs created around a particular theme or individual product.

These are often colorful and bold and can be great for getting your products noticed.

Bespoke Packaging is a term that encompasses all aspects of the packaging process, from design through to the finished product.

10.   How Can I Do With My Artwork?

To print on paper bags, you must submit the artwork to the manufacturer’s production team.

They will set the dimensions of the art based on the space of the paper bag. If the artwork is not too big for the paper bag, it will be sent for printing.

Paper Carry Bags-Artwork
The only way that your artwork can get printed is if it does not exceed the size of the paper bag. This company welcomes your artwork and is always ready to satisfy its customers.

11.   What If I Don’t Have Artwork, But I Have Ideas Of What I Want?

You can share your ideas with the design team, and they will create a design according to your specifications.

The designer will create templates of what you want, and you can choose the one that best suits your idea. If you are satisfied with the template, the product manufacturer can begin work on the product.

If you’re not satisfied with your artwork, the manufacturer will work with you to create a new template. The process can be repeated until you are happy with the template’s design according to your thoughts.

12.   Do You Have Templates/Dielines Available For Paper Carry Bags?

It’s easy to get the perfect bag for your product. All manufacturers offer templates and die that can be used to produce your paper carry bag.

Paper Carry Bags-dielines
You can ask them to show you their templates or dies. Most manufacturers have these dies/templates available online, where clicking only once will give you access to them.

Pausing to think isn’t necessary, as some manufacturers offer a three-dimensional view of the template or diecut.

13.   What File Formats Do You Accept?

Here are the types of files you may find on this page, Most of the manufacturers accept following formats for custom paper carry bags:

  • PDF
  • AI
  • PSD
  • CDR

14.   What Custom Carry Bags Should I Use?

Your Paper Carry Bags may depend on your business and the products you ship.

For instance, if you’re a small store, your budget might be smaller than someone who ships Paper Carry Bags.

Either way, you can be creative with your Paper Carry Bags. For example, some businesses add custom packing tape, while others may focus on custom boxes that include their logo.

Paper Carry Bags-Custom

Nowadays, it’s not enough to send out your Paper Carry Bags with a label.

To stand out from the competition, you need to include custom printed poly mailers in your Paper Carry Bags lineup.

You’ll instantly brand your shipments and make them stand out from the other mailers.

Custom shipping boxes are a great idea if you are interested in building anticipation and excitement for your customers.

They can make your package look fancy and expensive. Another way to do this is to wrap customer orders in tissue paper.

It will add value and class to products inside the box.

15.   How Can The Material Affect How My Design Will Look?

The material and printing process you use will always affect the final product. For example, matte and dark textures will make colors darker and more subdued.

Glossy and bright textures will result in a more promising product with more impact. The texture and printing process of the material will always affect the final product.

Materials with a matte texture, like kraft boxes, will be more subdued and darker.

Materials with a gloss or brighter tone, like custom poly mailers, will affect color brightness and impact.

Different brands have different needs when it comes to branding and design. The most common is textures, materials, and colors. Textures and materials can be used to your advantage.

16.   Are There Limits To The Colors I Can Use?

There are many options when it comes to custom packaging. For example, the manufacturer offers 20 different colors for custom boxes.

Custom printed tissue paper uses a printing pattern of two different colors. And custom labels are printed in full, vibrant color on vinyl material.

Paper Carry Bags-Colors

It’s essential to know the limitations of both color and final product when looking into customization.

17.   How Can I Design Custom Branded Bags?

There are two ways to get your packaging design made. You can either recruit a graphic designer to make it for you or do it yourself.

A good graphic designer will listen to your company’s guidelines and goals and create something in line with your branding.

Paper Carry Bags-Custom-Branded

A well-packaged product can be the difference between selling well or not selling at all. To ensure your package is perfect, there are several options available to you in our custom shop.

You can use logos, colors, text, stock artwork, and even photos in our free online custom packaging designer tools. Be sure to use high-quality artwork to achieve the best results.

18.   How To Use Old Carry Bags For Your Little Angels?

You’ve got boxes and boxes of gifts lying around, but you don’t know what to do with them.

This is a common problem that many people have on their birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and special occasions. But if you have kids or toddlers in your house, there is a quick and easy solution.

Paper Carry Bags-use for kids

One way to reuse old gift baskets is to use them for kids, while other uses are:

  • You can find lots of ways to do it, but here are the best ones
  • You can make a fort out of it
  • You can turn it into an obstacle course
  • You can use them to build a playhouse
  • You can use them to make a little bed
  • You can use it as a bit of a toy chest.

19.   What Are The Easy Ways Of Converting Your Old Carry Bags Into Utility Boxes?

You have plenty of old gift boxes lying around the attic, but you might not have ever given them any thought. But let me tell you, there are valuable ways in which you can use them.

Old gift cases can be used to store and organize your belongings. Here are some easy and stylish ways to use your old gift cases.

Or you can add a sentence: You can make use of the old gift cases to store your things and to keep them organized in a well-defined manner.

20.   How To Design The Unique Specifications?

It’s time to make your product stand out with a custom paper bag. The type of paper, size, and imprint are all up to you (although we have some great suggestions).

Paper Carry Bags-Unique Specifications

You should always focus for unique specifications for your paper carry bags like:

  • Paper Type
  • Color
  • Size
  • Hande type
  • Shape



21.   How Is The Success Of A Business In The Paper Carry Bag?


A stylish paper carrier bag is a great way to put your business ahead of the competition. But what’s the first step? Utilizing the Paper Carrier Bag Guide will make it easier to make a great decision about your company’s signature shopping bag.

Paper Carry Bags-Business-Success

The experts who consider your product and advertisement aims will try it easier to create a stylish paper carrier bag in no time.

Keep your brand in the spotlight. Design a paper bag that will reflect your company’s signature style and personality.

Your design professional will make your shopping bag a breeze with their expertise, understanding of your company’s goals, and unique creativity.

It is a need of each corporate sector to have a executive and luxury paper carry bag that enhance the race in market.

An executive paper carry bag is the key to success of your business so you should be careful while selecting paper carry bags for your products.

22.   How Can We Get Paper Packaging Samples?

If you are ordering in bulk, you can talk with the manufacturer before they call and provide them with a free sample of the paper bags.

This will make you happy, and you can ask that they go ahead and order more so that it is enough for your needs. You can also discuss the shipping charges for the sample, and Maybe it will be free, and you will have to pay the shipping costs.

23.   How Can I Rely On The Accuracy Of Screen Colors When Ordering My Bags?

Paper Carry Bags-Screen-Colors
When picking the perfect color, you need to be very careful. The computer monitors vary in displaying colors, so manufacturers recommend referring Pantone for a more accurate reference.

Computer monitors display color differently, so manufacturers recommend viewing Pantone color references to see what the color should look like. “Computer monitors vary in the way they display colors,” so manufacturers recommend you refer to the Pantone Code for accurate color reference.

24.   What Are Colour Options Of Hot Foil On Paper Carry Bag?

The different colors of hot foil are silver, gold, and bronze. These are the most popular colors that customers choose. Manufacturers offer an essential tool, our color chart, where you can see all the different options.

16-Paper Carry Bags-hot foil stamp

Manufacturers have a wide range of hot foil colors if you’re looking for a unique way to decorate your latest project with a metallic sheen. Silver, gold, bronzes, and copper are the most popular options

25.   What Are Spot UV Paper Bags?

Spot UV is a glossy finish that is applied to a specific area of a paper surface. It’s usually used to create contrast between different paper surfaces like gloss, matte, or uncoated.

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