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ZTP is a reputable manufacturer of paper bags with logo that has over two decades of experience in the field. We provide a wide range of high-quality, recyclable paper bags. In addition, as a firm, we are committed to producing high-quality paper packaging for our clients.

Furthermore, our logo-printed paper bags are both stylish and long-lasting. They come in a range of sizes and designs to meet the needs of every market.

We can assure you that all of the products we sell have undergone thorough inspection and passed our quality standards.

Select Your Desired Type Of Paper Bags With Logo

Look more closely at these elegant and high-quality customized paper bags. Our crew is capable of producing the type of paper bags you want.

Paper Bags Printed With Logo
These paper bags printed with logo are ideal for any business because they can be customized with your company's name. Aside from that, these paper bags are perfect for storing items such as clothing, books, and more.
Custom Paper Bags With Logo
Because they are flexible, these custom paper bags with logo are excellent for any branding enterprise. Furthermore, these paper bags are available in a variety of styles.
Paper Shopping Bags With Logo
This paper shopping bag with logo can be used for a variety of purposes. A wide range of items, such as clothing, stationery, and other diverse goodies, can be stored in it.
Paper Bags With Logo Printed
These white paper bags with logo are an environmentally friendly sort of paper bag that can be used for a variety of enterprises, and their color is perfect for weddings and christenings.
Custom Kraft Bags With Logo
These customizable kraft bags with logo are made from high-quality paper and are both durable and fashionable. Furthermore, these bags are fully customizable, making it great for any rebranding of your company.
Paper Bags For Wine Bottle
The advantage of paper bags for wine bottle is that you may customize them like the other paper wine bags. It is durable, has a luxurious appearance, and is made of high-quality materials.

20 Years Of Experience In Producing Paper Bags With Logo

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The Advantage Of Investing In Paper Bags With Logo For Your Business

Customized packaging is a good addition to any business and may give a sense of elegance to the products you offer. From luxury printed bags to custom paper bags with logo, ZTP offers a variety of unique packaging choices.

There are numerous advantages to having unique packaging created with your brand, regardless of your industry. Customers love the added personal touch that printed bags provide, and when you use quality paper bags like our luxury printed bags, you can provide a truly prestige feel to your product offering, making your customers feel valued and attached to your business.

Another advantage is that giving consumers printed bags with  logos or branding is a terrific way to raise brand recognition because everyone will see them every time a client walks around with one of your handmade bags. Even if your company doesn’t sell items, you can advertise your brand by handing out printed bags and accessories at events where your target buyers might be present.

Paper bags with logo can help to connect your entire business altogether, and they’re just as economical as plain ones. As a result, when it comes to paper packaging, ZTP is the way to go!

We provide a wide variety of paper bags with logo solutions at ZTP so that we can assist you in selecting the best for your business based on the size and design that you require. Whether you need paper bags with your company’s logo to promote your business or more luxurious bags to convey exquisite products, we can help you.

We can print your paper bags in a variety of styles and styles, including full-color printing to ensure that your brand colors and bag design are perfectly aligned.

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Why Choose ZTP For Your Paper Bags With Logo?

ZTP is the world’s leading manufacturer of branded paper bags. We take pride in being the best in promoting handcrafted things. All of our items are made from materials that are sustainable, recyclable, and ecologically friendly.

Moreover, we believe that getting more accomplished for less money is the way to go. To ensure client satisfaction, we strive to provide exceptional customer service and prompt delivery.

We provide a big assortment of beautiful handmade paper bags with logo, which might be modified to match our customers’ demands. We also believe in forming long-term business relationships that last a lifetime.

Hence, if you’re searching for high-quality, low-cost paper bags with logo in a range of styles, ZTP is the right place to go.


Paper Bags With Logo – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Paper Bags With Logo -The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a collection of the most common questions about paper bags with logos asked by business owners and readers without a printing background or bag-making experience.

Paper Bags With Logo -The Ultimate FAQ Guide is an insider’s look into the essential areas of paper bags for bag printing purposes.

Whether you’re a professional graphic designer or want to print out a few bags to carry your groceries, this guide can help you find the information you need to make the right choice.


This FAQ guide is an incredible resource that walks anyone through the most common questions and concerns regarding paper bags with logos in a convenient question and answer format.

This guide offers everything you need to know, including: -How to Identify if a Paper Bag is Right for You. -How to Choose the Right Paper Bag Promo for your Business.

  1. What Are The Rules Of Paper Bags with the Logo?
  2. What Are 5 Characteristics Of Paper Bags With Logo?
  3. What Are The Golden Rules Of Logo Design?
  4. What Is A Good Bag Logo?
  5. How Can I Create My Logo On Bags?
  6. How Many Colors Should A Logo Have?
  7. How Do You Make A Timeless Logo?
  8. What Are The Three Things A Logo Should Be?
  9. What Is The Purpose Of A Paper Bag With a Logo?
  10. What Is The Most Popular Logo Bag?
  11. What Are The 5 Principles Of An Effective Logo Design?
  12. Can Logos Be Detailed?
  13. How To Know The Business Target?
  14. How To Create The Dieline And Print Design Artwork?
  15. How To Find Expert to Get creative Printing Designs?
  16. How To Choose The Proper Paper Material?
  17. What Are Paper Types For The Paper Bag Logo?
  18. What Should Be Paper Grammage And Thickness For Paper Bag?
  19. How To Select Appropriate Paper Bag Handles?
  20. What Are The Art Paper Types Bags With Logo?
  21. How To Choose Best Handles For Your Bags?
  22. How To Decide Whether To Have Lamination?

1.    What Are The Rules Of Paper Bags with the Logo?

A company’s logo represents what it stands for – not to mention something that is often remembered.

Paper Bags With Logo should be unique and honest, and they shouldn’t have too many details.

The design should work in black and white.

  • Paper Bag’s Logo should also be scalable so it can be used in a variety of sizes.
  • The Paper Bags with Logo should also be artistically balanced.
  • Your Paper Bags with Logo should be visually appealing and accurate to your company.
  • Avoid too much detail, and make sure your logo is one color.
  • Your logo should look good in black and white and also be scalable.

Give some thought to artistic balance, so it is pleasing to the eye.

2.    What Are 5 Characteristics Of Paper Bags With Logo?

If you want to have Paper Bags with Logo instantly recognizable and connects with your customers, you need five things.


  • The first is simplicity. Many of the most memorable logos in history are surprisingly simple.
  • The second quality is relevance. Your Logo should be appropriate for the culture in which it exists in making Paper Bags with stamps.
  • The third is memorability. Your Logo should be easily recalled, even if it’s seen for only a moment. The fourth is timelessness.

A Paper Bags with Logo should not be limited to a single design. A versatile logo will help your brand stand out from the crowd and keep your Logo recognizable when used in many contexts.

3.    What Are The Golden Rules Of Logo Design?


  • To make a successful Paper Bags with Logo, follow these seven rules religiously.
  • A strong foundation is a base for any Paper bag with Logo.


  • When sketching, designers should prioritize brand recognition. That means making the Logo memorable and unique.
  • When designing, colors should come last. Designers should focus on making the Logo’s design strong first and foremost.
  • Designers should also make sure the Logo speaks for itself and stand out among other similar logos.

4.    What Is A Good Bag Logo?

A memorable logo is a sign of a successful company. A good logo should be simple and easy to remember while also conveying the business’s message. There should be an underlying concept behind the Logo, and it should represent what the company stands for.

Paper Bags with logos are a way to represent your brand. You should not be confused with other symbols, and they should be unique and memorable.

Paper-Bag-With-Logo-Good Logo

A good logo does not have to be simple. But it should stand out and convey what the brand is about. A lousy logo might have many unpleasant qualities: confusion, ambiguity, over-complexity, or just being recognized at all.

5.    How Can I Create My Logo On Bags?

The Paper Bags with Logo is an essential part of the branding process. You need to know why you need it and what a great logo looks like.

Begin by defining your brand identity, finding inspiration for your design, checking out the competition, choosing a design style, and choosing the right type of Logo.

Once you have your design idea, pay attention to color and typography.

Knowing why you need Paper Bags with Logo and why it needs to be great is essential.

A successful Paper Bag with a Logo is an expression and reflection of your brand identity, so define yourself in the design process.

Look for inspiration to know what direction you want to take your design. Check out the competition to see what trends are prevalent in your industry.

The Logo should be unique, so choose an appropriate design style. Choose the correct type of Logo and pay attention to color and typography for the best results of Paper Bags with Logo.

6.    How Many Colors Should A Logo Have?

Colorful logos are not recommended unless you have a reason. Design experts like China’s manufacturers offer professionally designed logo templates with all the colors you’ll need.

Paper-Bag-With-Logo-Good Logo
Each color is carefully contrasted in a beautiful palette that will look great no matter what.

When it comes to Paper Bags with Logo, you know that the experts say that they should not have more than three colors. Unless.

But even then, you must use just enough colors to make your Paper Bags with Logo stand out and be readable. That’s why Vexels designs come with beautiful color palettes that are easy to use and look great.

7.    How Do You Make A Timeless Logo?

In this new era, Paper Bags with logos are more than just a logo. A logo is a foundation for the entire company’s branding, and it should convey the company’s values.

When designing a timeless logo, there are some general rules to follow: such as

  • Simplicity and strength.
  • Make it classic and timeless by using simple fonts and sticking with two or three colors.
  • What’s more, the design should be flexible and work across all platforms (social media, packaging, etc.).

8.    What Are The Three Things A Logo Should Be?

A design that conveys your business philosophy. The method of Paper Bags with Logo should deliver an immediate and honest impression of a company’s philosophy, saying why it is unique.

An appropriate style choice might be to use a modern and sleek font or an old-fashioned serif font. A Paper Bag with Logo will also typically include the company name and a color scheme relevant to the brand’s philosophy.

You know that a suitable Paper Bag with a Logo should be appropriate, distinctive, and straightforward. Appropriate logos must be felt in just the right way.

The Logo should be unusual enough to stick with us. And finally, a logo must be simple enough to be displayed on many different mediums and in many different sizes.

9.    What Is The Purpose Of A Paper Bag With a Logo?

Logos are like fingerprints. They represent a company and give it its identity. The Paper Bags with Logo look should be instantly recognizable because customers will use it to identify your brand. More importantly, the Logo should convey how your company makes them feel.

Paper-Bag-With-Logo (2)

10.   What Is The Most Popular Logo Bag?

Combination marks are a popular option on Paper Bags with Logo these days. They come in one of four categories:

  • Symbol Marks,
  • Emblem Marks,
  • Letter mark

11.   What Are The 5 Principles Of An Effective Logo Design?


  • Paper Bags with Logo must be a unique concept based on the business’s design requirements.
  • There should be careful use of colors, fonts, and other elements in the Paper Bag with Logo and its scalability, versatility, and memorability.
  • A successful logo is an effective brand representation for a company to build recognition and familiarity from one generation to the next.
  • It should incorporate and other memorable design elements. And it should be scalable and versatile.

12.   Can Logos Be Detailed?

When Paper Bag with Logo’ Logo is small, it loses detail and may look like a smudge or mistake.

Keep a logo simple to make sure it’s memorable. Simple logos are less overwhelming and easier to remember.

A complex design might be complicated for viewers to process. Complex logos have more detail and information for viewers to process.

When you print a more detailed logo, the viewer has to process more information about it.

If your Logo has too many details, it will be hard to remember. One way to make it memorable is by keeping things simple.

13.   How To Know The Business Target?

To decide who your target market is, look back at your current customer base, check out your Paper Bags with Logo competition, and analyze your Paper Bags with Logo or service.

Targeting specific demographics is a good idea, as well as looking at the psychosocial side of things. It’s essential to evaluate your decision and have some additional resources ready in case you need them.

14.   How To Create The Dieline And Print Design Artwork?

When you’re looking for a printer to produce your print Paper Bags with Logo, it’s essential to find out if they can create a sample design template.

Once you have the template, you can hand it off to a graphic designer and let them create and customize the print design.


In China, most manufacturers do not want to provide a free digital copy of your Paper Bags with Logo because they fear you will give the order to someone else after you approve their design.

Best manufacturers give clients templates for their Paper Bags with Logo. You are provided with these templates at no charge, and we believe in the power of lasting trust.

Your printer will use a template to create your paper bag. Make sure you specify the dimensions correctly. If you enter the wrong measurements, it can lead to frustration.

15.   How To Find Expert to Get creative Printing Designs?

When designing a paper bag, it’s essential to understand the variations of digital printing and graphical printing.

It can save you a ton of money. For instance, if you are printing many paper bags for a long time, you may see huge savings.

Consider an RGB web design if you want your images to have a great look on the computer while maintaining standard print quality.


If you want the best of both worlds and are a particular Photoshop guru, you can modify your design according to codes in CMYK.

RGB is a color mode with a broader color range than CMYK because red, green, and blue are mixed to create color.

16.   How To Choose The Proper Paper Material?

With a plethora of paper materials available, selecting the one that best suits your needs can be challenging. The paper type you use can make or break your marketing and visual effect.

Whether you’re looking for finishing printing, it’s essential to know what you need.

Choosing the suitable paper material is essential for Paper Bags with logos of all types- performance, quality, and dependability are all factors to consider.

Whether a canvas shopping bag with a prominent logo or a brown paper food bag, its appearance matters to marketers and, ultimately, shoppers.

17.   What Are Paper Types For The Paper Bag Logo?

Paper Bags with Logo is made from three types of paperboards:

  • Unbleached Coated
  • One Sided Coated
  • Bleached Solid Sulphate

A coated Paper Bag with a Logo, which means it’s been treated with a liquid or gas to protect one side of the paper from water and dirt.


For paper bag’s logo, it is essential the paper has vividness, paleness and slickness. Paper bags are usually printed with lithography offset printing.

If you want to know what CUK is, it’s a type of paperboard made from an unbleached board that has been coated with kaolin clay.

This coated Paper Bag with a Logo is highly durable for bags.

Black specialty Paper Bags with Logo is an excellent option for brands.

China did something different: they produced a luxury paper bag with a unique feel.

Manufcaturers have some excellent news for our China-based clients.

The best manufacturers of China have the distinction of preparing luxury and executive class paper bags with logo with Silve Hot Foil Stamping which enhance the grace of paper bag with logo.

18.   What Should Be Paper Grammage And Thickness For Paper Bag?

The best packaging Paper Bags with Logo are usually the ones that are durable enough to last. Toughness is dependent on how thick the paper is.

It matters how thick and what type of paper it is because some paper is more durable than others.


Paper Bags with Logo comes in a variety of weights:

  • 6-8 pt (157 gsm) is recommended for smaller jobs,
  • 10-11 pt (210 gsm) paper is excellent for heavier products like books.

When you need a sturdier bag for large or heavy items,

  • 15-17 pt (300 gsm) art paper is the best option.

There are many different units of measurement for paper thickness.

For example, in China and Australia, they use “grammage” to measure paper thickness, but in North America, they use “point.”

19.   How To Select Appropriate Paper Bag Handles?

The Paper Bags with Logo handle is an essential part of the bag’s aesthetic and functional performance.

The handle also determines how long the bag will last, it depends on handles. The most common handles are used in making of paper bags logo are ribbon and twist handles.

Different types of twist grip are available for paper bags. Nylon is the most durable and is often used for this purpose.

Cotton is the most popular material because it can make the paper bag feel soft in your hand. Paper handles are great for giving the bag an artistic look, but you need a good design to get this result.


The Paper Bags with Logo is cheaper than the nylon bag. The cotton handle is the most inexpensive.

Generally, the cotton rope is the most used because it has a good feel.

There are few tips to select the type of paper bags:

  • The paper and thickness of the Paper Bags with Logo will affect how it looks and feels.
  • A heavier paper will give you a sturdy bag, while a lighter piece will lead to softer Paper Bags with Logo.
  • The type of paper you use will also affect the strength and durability of your Paper Bags with Logo.
  • Paper Bags with logos can be manufactured using paper of different weights.
  • Kraft paper is a 100% plant fiber with a natural, rough feel. It’s popular because it’s cost-effective, and you’ll most often find it used in printed Paper Bags with Logos with twisted paper handles.
  • White, Brown, or Colored Recycled Paper Manufactured from 100% recycled materials; this paper has a natural feel that can produce all our Paper Bags with logos.
  • This eco-friendly option does not require any additional trees, so it is a sustainable choice.

20.   What Are The Art Paper Types Bags With Logo?

Art Paper is made of wood pulp and can be bought in different thicknesses to suit your needs. It has a smooth, printing-friendly surface that’s available in a variety of sizes.

  • Colored Art Paper is a high-quality paper with depth and opacity. It provides a smooth surface for printing and, when used with products like our Unlaminated Paper Bags, can be screen-printed or embellished with special finishes such as hot foil stamping and UV varnish

Paper-Bag-With Logo-Artwork

  • Coated art paper is an excellent choice for customers looking for an opal-like whiteness and smooth feel. The opaque coating is created by layering a thin mixture of mineral pigment and glue onto the paper, then smoothing with special rollers. Graphics printed on these bags are more vibrant and intense, with clear, crisp lines.
  • Textured and embossed paper is a high-quality paper used for many paper bags. This type of paper can be white or colored and has a luxurious texture to it. It’s used primarily for unlaminated paper bags.

21.    How To Choose Best Handles For Your Bags?

Following handles are attached with the Paper Bags with Logo:

  • Twisted Paper Handles: These are perfect Paper Bags with Logo for your store, office, dorm room, garage, or home. They’re made with 100% recyclable material and are robust and straightforward. You can get them in any color you want.
  • Cotton and polypropylene rope is the perfect handle materials; they’re soft, affordable, and come in many different colors. T-lace or knot these handles with a simple knot, and you’re finished. Ready to hang your fruits and veggies.
  • Die-cut handles: These have the perfect shape for a more modern look. This gives your luxury Paper Bags with Logo a condition that makes them easier to store and more practical.

Paper-Bag-With Logo-Best-Handle

  • Ribbon handles: These are available in various colors and can be customized to match your brand. This is great for Paper Bags with logos that are laminated or unlaminated. The ribbon handle is perfect for any size, from small to large bags, and can be used for any paper bag.

22.   How To Decide Whether To Have Lamination?

Lamination is the process of placing a thin amount of plastic onto paper sheets for enhancement and protection. This makes them tear-resistant, water-resistant, and durable, which can lead to more use.

Gloss lamination:

it gives the paper a glossy finish, a crisp and sharp appearance of the print, and a durable finish that resists dirt, dust, and fingerprints.

Matt lamination:

It gives a softer look than glass. It is not recommended for Paper Bags with Logo with dark colors because it’s not as resistant to scuffs.

Soft-touch lamination:

It offers a distinctive finish with a velvet-like texture. It is a lot more expensive than the other types of lamination, but its worth is for its protective qualities to enhance the look of Paper Bags with Logo.

Paper-Bag-With Logo-laminated

This finish is more likely to resist fingerprints and is naturally more resistant to scuffs than other materials. The distinctive effect encourages consumers to engage with the product, as it is very tactile.

Metallic Finish:

Bright metal film on paper A glossy finish is essential for Paper Bags with Logo, reflective look. To achieve this, we can apply metalized laminate film to your paper bag for an authentic metallic finish.

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