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ZTP has accomplished a great deal in the industrial sector. For more than two decades, we have been manufacturing the most convenient paper bags for people to use. We are not just focused on producing paper bags, but we also have a great deal to offer.

At the same time, we make sure that our goods are both durable and appealing. When it comes to meeting the needs of our clients, we have a team of experts that are very committed. With our top-notch designers and manufacturers, everything is possible. Furthermore, our mission is to provide the highest possible quality in manufacturing our paper bags with handles while also ensuring that every client is completely pleased.

Assorted Paper Bags With Handles Collection

When manufacturing paper bags with handles, we don’t limit ourselves to a single kind of product. Instead, we manufacture more so that you may choose the type of paper bag that you want.

Twisted Handle Paper Bags
These twisted handle paper bags are ideal for takeaway. It is constructed with high-quality materials that are both pleasant to handle and sophisticated in appearance. Moreover, it is guaranteed to be durable and may be easily stored.
Small Paper Bags With Handles
These eco-friendly small paper bags with handles are strong enough to carry even the heaviest of items. Because this kind of paper bag is constructed of high-quality materials, you cannot compare it to your usual small paper bag.
Kraft Paper Bags With Handles
Our kraft paper bags with handles are constructed from high-quality, environmentally friendly materials. Moreover, our kraft paper bags are designed to be simple yet elegant.
White Paper Bags With Handles
Nowadays, monochrome is a new luxury. These white paper bags with handles are constructed of durable materials that will last for years. Moreover, these white paper bags may easily make you look expensive.
Paper Wine Bags With Handles
Our heavyweight paper wine bags with handles are perfect for any kind of alcoholic beverage. Moreover, our reusable paper wine bags are constructed of high-quality materials.
Paper Gift Bags With Handles
Our paper gift bags with handles are available in a variety of sizes, designs, and colors. We may make changes to the design based on your preferences. Moreover, when it comes to handling large items, our paper gift bags are very durable.

Features Of ZTP’s Paper Bags With Handles

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Features Of ZTP’s Paper Bags With Handles

One of ZTP’s goals is to surprise its consumers with each product they create. ZTP’s paper bags offer several characteristics that every client appreciates, including:

  • Sturdy. Our paper bags with handles are strong and long-lasting. Using our paper bags when shopping or traveling somewhere is a good idea.
  • One-of-a-kind. We make sure that our paper bags with handles are uniquely made. Our paper bags are made from high-quality, environmentally friendly materials.
  • Reasonable price. We can guarantee you that the goods that we use are reasonably priced.

Versatile. Our paper bags with handles are popular since you can use them for any activity or occasion. Moreover, they are ideal as a gift for that particular someone

Our clients and we have a strong working connection in the business world. We’ve been an excellent method to market their brand in many regions, and we can see that it has paid off. We are more concerned with the success of our clients than with our own since we are just a stepping stone to their success.

Moreover, we have been expanding globally with our eco-friendly and high-quality products due to our customers. If you want to be successful in business, never settle for less than the best. Start working with us and test our paper bags with handles, and we promise you’ll be on top.


Paper packaging ISO certification of Zhongtai Printing
Factory Base On ISO9001/ISO14001 Standard
ZTP pass the ISO9001/ISO14001 manufacturing
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BSCI improve social performance in supply chain.
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ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
20 Years Paper Packaging Manufacturing Experience
More Than 20 years Experience
Over 20 years printing and packaging experience manufacturer

Why ZTP Is The Ideal Choice For Your Paper Bags With Handles Demands

ZTP is an excellent option because of its extensive experience in the manufacturing and packaging industries. Their high-quality and elegant paper bags with handles never failed to wow their clients. ZTP has worked with a variety of businesses and will continue to do so as much as possible.

Moreover, ZTP’s staff is composed of committed and trustworthy individuals. They’ve been utilizing cutting-edge technology to create their goods. They demonstrate their full capability with these, demonstrating that ZTP is a force to be reckoned with.

Overall, you can tell that ZTP is the place to go because of all their effort into their work. ZTP has all of the qualities that you want in a business. We are a knowledgeable workforce and a company that can fulfill your needs as a client.


Paper Bag With Handles – The Ultimate FAQ Guide


“Paper Bag With Handles” is the ultimate FAQ guide to all the questions you might have in your mind on hearing this word.

This guide contains information on the raw materials of the paper bag, manufacturing process, trending and available styles, different sizes, calculation of measure for “Paper Bag With Handles,” printing techniques employed in the printing process, uses of “Paper Bag With Handles,” the accessories that you can add onto your “Paper Bag With Handles,” recycling and reuse, and their importance for businesses and brands.

You can keep reading this guide if you also want to know the information related to Chinese paper bag manufacturers.


1.    What Materials Are Used In Manufacturing Paper Bags with handle?

As the name says, paper is the primary raw material used in manufacturing “Paper Bag With Handles.”

The paper for “Paper Bag With Handles” can be made from two sources wood and paper pulp.

Depending upon usage, the paper used to make paper bags can be made of virgin paper or recycled paper.

Virgin paper is used if the “Paper Bag With Handles” are used to carry food items.

You can also use recycled paper to use “Paper Bag With Handles” for regular non-food items.

The types of paper and other materials included in the manufacturing process of “Paper Bag With Handles” are

  • Kraft paper
  • Offset paper
  • Coated paper
  • Eco-friendly or recycled paper
  • Cotton  hand-holders
  • Paper handle
  • Clips

2.    How Is A Paper Bag Manufactured?


The manufacturing process of “Paper Bag With Handles” is very convenient.

Paper pulp is a mainly used ingredient in the manufacturing of “Paper Bag With Handles.”

To kick start the process, the paper sheets or paper rolls are made from paper pulp.

The report is then subjected to printing if you want your logo or message printed on it.

The information is then cut into the shape of “Paper Bag With Handles” using a die-cutting process.

You can cut the paper into shape if you are making it at home.

Before the cutting step, make sure to measure the size of the bag you want and then cut it.

The size must be twice the size of the finished “Paper Bag With Handles.”

After cutting the paper into shapes, you need to fold it over and attach the open sides on the parallel.

For connecting sides, you can use glue or use other methods like heating and pressing the parallel sides together.

After that, you can attach rope handles on the upper side of “Paper Bag With Handles” to make them easy to carry.

3.    What Are The Available Types Of These Bags?


There is a wide range of “Paper Bag With Handles” that are used for different purposes.

There is a bag for every occasion with the following types:

  • SOS paper bag

SOS paper bag

These paper bags can stand on their own.

The SOS paper bags are used for carrying food such as lunch for the office and children.

  • Bakery paper bags

As the name shows, these paper bags are perfectly designed, glazed, and finished for use in the bakery.

Bakery Paper Bag

These are unique paper bags used to store bakery items while not compromising the taste and freshness of bakery items.

  • Recycled paper bags

Recycled paper bags are widely used by e-commerce businesses to maintain and protect the earth’s environment.

These bags are made with recycled materials.

  • Party paper bags

party paper bag

The party paper bags are the “Paper Bag With Handles” used to pack gifts for different occasions like anniversary parties, birthday parties, celebration parties, etc.

  • Euro tote paper bags

Paper Shopping Bags With Logo

High–end businesses use euro tote “Paper Bag With Handles” and brands as merchandise bags.

These bags are embellished with ribbon handles and logos to mark an impression on customers.

  • Merchandise paper bags


These “Paper Bag With Handles” are used by businesses to pack products.

Merchandise paper bags play a significant role in developing your brand image.


4.    Can I Use My Artwork For Printing The Bag?



You can always use your desired artwork for the printing of your “Paper Bag With Handles.”

You can either print your “Paper Bag With Handles” at home or custom order them from manufacturers.

You can also select your desired printing technology to be employed.


Different printing techniques will give a different surface finish to your artwork on “Paper Bag With Handles.”

“Paper Bag With Handles” can be printed with most artwork. Manufacturers accept .ai, .eps, .psd and high res JPEG formats.

They use the finest quality machines to ensure colors and fonts are printed cleanly.

Printing experts will design the artwork for you, and we’ll print on demand.

Their first-class shipping department will ensure your purchase arrives in time for the big event.

5.    What Are The Available Sizes Of These Bags?


“Paper Bag With Handles” are available in various sizes and shapes.

Depending upon the length, breadth, and height, “Paper Bag With Handles” sizes can be categorized as follows:

Sr no. “Paper Bag With Handles” Sr no. “Paper Bag With Handles”
1 (14” x 5.25” x 10.5”) (18” x 6’’ x 14”) 6 (10” x 4” x 13”) (12” x 4” x 16”)
2 (14” x 4.5” x 18”) (12” x 4” x 16”) 7 (10” x 4” x 13”) (14.5” x 4” x 12.5”)
3 (13” x 5” x 17”) (16” x 5” x 13”) 8 (7” x 5” x 9”) (9” x 4.5” x 9”)
4 (14.5” x 4” x 12.5”) (17” x 5” x 13”) 9 (10” x 4” x 13”) (12” x 5” x 16”)
5 (7.5” x 3.5” x 8.5”) (8” x 4” x 10”) 10 (12’’ x 6 x 14’’) (12 x 6’’ x 18’’)


Different businesses use different sizes of “Paper Bag With Handles” for the packaging of their products.

You can also make or order a custom-sized “Paper Bag With Handles” from paper bag suppliers.

Brown paper bags with handles are paper shopping bags available in a variety of sizes.

They are ideal for mail orders, department stores, clothing boutiques, and grocery stores. They are made from high-quality paper and feature brown Kraft paper bags with handles.

6.    What Are The Uses Of A handle Paper Bag?


The uses of a handle paper bag are pretty simple but yet so diverse.

There are many different kinds of bags with handles out. They can be offered in a variety of colors, often with a variety of sizes as well.

You can vary the impact of your paper bags by putting your company logo or name on them.

With handles in their design, they make the most convenient to carry compared to other ordinary paper bags.

You can use the paper bags for various purposes as follow:

  • For Shopping
  • For packaging
  • For placing in trash cans
  • For cleaning purposes (to clean windows, etc.)
  • For kitchen purposes (serving snacks, popping popcorn, ripening fruit, etc.)
  • For covering books
  • For decorating home
  • For stationary holding purpose
  • For storing different items

7.    In What Business Field Could handle Paper Bags Be Used?


Many business fields use “Paper Bag With Handles” to save the environment from the harmful effect of other types of synthetic bags.

There are the following business fields that use “Paper Bag With Handles” in their business regimen:

  • Retail business
  • Food business
  • Beverage business
  • Pharmaceutical business


  • Chemical business
  • Construction business
  • Household business


8.    What Accessories Could Be Made On The Bag?


  • Paper: Coated paper, kraft paper and special surface paper
  • Handle: paper rope, cotton rope, silk rope and hemp rope.
  • Button

9.    Are These Bags Friendly For The Planet?


Yes, Paper Bag With Handles are friendly to the planet.

Paper Bag With Handles are made from wood that is a natural material.

So, when you dispose of the Paper Bag With Handles, it decomposes quickly compared to other bags.

The ability to use them more than once also makes them suitable for the environment.

Also, Paper Bag With Handles , does not emit harmful gases when they decompose and thus helps in saving the planet from pollution.

These Paper Bag With Handles are friendly for the planet. These bags are made of paper and 100% biodegradable.

China produces our paper bags with recycled kraft paper, made out of trees cut down years ago that would otherwise be destined to landfills.

A natural resource was saved while producing a high-quality bag that won’t harm the environment if it ends up in one.


10.  Are These Bags Better Than Plastic Bags?


Of course.

Paper Bag With Handles are far better than plastic bags.

Paper Bag With Handles are difficult to dispose off and take decades the decompose.

Plastic bags are not recyclable, but paper bags are.

Plastic bags cause a threat to land and sea life, but paper bags are environmentally friendly.

Moreover, plastic bags can be used only once, but you can reuse paper bags in various ways.

Brown kraft paper bags with handles are perfect for holding a variety of items.

They are durable and have a clean, professional look that will make your products stand out.

Manufacturers offer them in various colors, sizes, and quantities to suit any event or situation.

11.  How Can I Use Old Bags?


You can use old “Paper Bag With Handles” in various ways like to put empty cans.

You can use old “Paper Bag With Handles” just like any other paper to do a craft project.

You can bring an old “Paper Bag With Handles” with you when you do the grocery.

You can chop the old “Paper Bag With Handles” into small pieces and use them as compost.




Everybody wants to protect their favorite books, so you can too, just by cutting the old “Paper Bag With Handles” and pasting them onto the covers of your books.

You can also reuse them by making something artistic like masks for occasions such as Halloween.


12.  Can I Use A Bag For Gifts?



You can use a “Paper Bag With Handles” for gifting to your loved ones.

If you want to pack your gift in a “Paper Bag With Handles,” you can enhance the look of “Paper Bag With Handles” in many ways.

You can draw or paint on a “Paper Bag With Handles” to make it more personalized.

You can add accessories like ribbon bows, handles, tissue paper inside the paper bag, lace, sequins, etc.

White Kraft “Paper Bag With Handles” are ideal for both retail and wholesale gift packaging.

This durable paper bag features handles for easy carrying and a wide-mouth opening for easy filling.




The strong kraft paper material ensures that your products will remain safe while inside the bag.

Featuring natural brown kraft coloring, this “Paper Bag With Handles” can be customized to fit your branding needs.

The versatile gift bag can be used as either a shipper or a package. As a shipper, you can use this bag to securely ship products with confidence.

The sturdy handles ensure that the bag is easily transportable without being damaged in transit.


13.  Can I Make A Colorful Kraft Bag?


Yes, you can make a colorful “Paper Bag With Handles” by using colored paper.

Color papers come in many colors so that you can make a colored “Paper Bag With Handles” of any color.

You can make a solid color “Paper Bag With Handles,” and the idea to embellish your colored “Paper Bag With Handles” with pieces of different color papers.

This way, you will have a bag that is handmade, durable, and colorful.




You can easily make a colorful “Paper Bag With Handles” of any size at home.

China’s manufacturers make colorful “Paper Bag With Handles” with handles from high-quality brown kraft papers.

You can choose any color you like. China’s manufacturers will help your store become more colorful and clear up messy shelves and countertops.


14.  Can I Make A Bag From Recycled Paper?


You can make a “Paper Bag With Handles” out of recycled paper.

You can use a newspaper for this purpose as well.

However, other papers that you can easily find at home, like scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, etc., are also good choices for making a paper bag from recycled paper.

Manufacturers can make bags from recycled paper.

They are working with experts that use recycled materials as an approved source for some of their raw materials.


15.  How To Pack A Paper Bag?


Packing a “Paper Bag With Handles” requires no fuss.

All you have to do is place the things you want to put in your “Paper Bag With Handle,” and that’s it.

If you have a paper bag with a ziplock, put the item inside and slide the zip to close the paper bag’s mouth.

Keep in mind to select the “Paper Bag With Handles” according to the size of the item you will put in it.


16.  How Do You Seal A Bag?


You can use different materials to do so.

The things you can use to seal your “Paper Bag With Handles” are

  • Glue
  • Labels
  • Staple fewer staples
  • Tape

You can use glue to bind the parallel sides of your “Paper Bag With Handles.”

If you want to seal the paper bag’s mouth, you can use adhesive labels, stapleless staples, and pre-applied tape.

You can also heat seal the “Paper Bag With Handles.”

Heat seal can be the best option to protect the food item inside the “Paper Bag With Handles”  and crisp and fresh.


17.  Are Paper Bags Safe To Use?


“Paper Bag With Handles” is safe to use because it is made from natural rather than synthetic raw materials.

“Paper Bag With Handles” do not cause a threat to the environment and living organisms like plastic bags.

Moreover, you can reuse and recycle them quickly as they are 100% biodegradable.

“Paper Bag With Handles” do not emit toxic gases upon degradation.


18.  What Do You Mean By A Paper Bag With A Handle?


A “Paper Bag With Handles” with a ribbon handle is the bag in which a ribbon handle is attached to the opening lips of the bag.

The holes are pinched two times on each side of the “Paper Bag With Handles,” A ribbon handle is passed through the holes.

The ribbon is knotted on the inner side of the “Paper Bag With Handles” to secure the handle.

Ribbon handles give a subtle and delicate presentation to the “Paper Bag With Handles.”

You can use a ribbon of your desired color as a handle on the “Paper Bag With Handles.”

You can also custom order your “Paper Bag With Handles” with ribbon handles at affordable prices.


19.  What Do You Mean By Custom Paper Bags?


A custom “Paper Bag With Handles” is a bag that is made according to your desire and needs.

There are a variety of options that you can keep in mind while ordering a custom paper bag.




The size, color, paper, texture, sealing options, accessories, handle types, with or without windows, printing technique, etc., are customizable options.

When custom ordering your “Paper Bag With Handles,” you can order any “Paper Bag With Handles” from manufacturers.

If you add embellishments to the “Paper Bag With Handles,” then the price of the paper bags will increase accordingly.


20.  What Printing Technologies Are There For The Cardboard Bag?


Various printing technologies are widely used in the printing process of “Paper Bag With Handles.”

Every printing technique gives a different and unique finish and texture to the surface of your “Paper Bag With Handles.”

The printing technologies that can be employed in the printing process of paper bags can be categorized as follows:

  • Offset printing technique
  • Hot stamping printing technique




  • Ultra Violet printing technique
  • Solid color stamping printing technique
  • Thermal transfer printing technique
  • Laser direct thermal printing technique
  • Holograph stamping printing technique
  • Inkjet printing technique


Offset printing technique

Offset printing is a popular printing technique used by many modern job printing presses.

Offset printing results in a softer, smoother image.

The ink is not forced into the surface but sprayed onto the print carrier, typically containing a soft rubber blanket.

The rubber blanket pulls the ink against the surface of the print carrier, allowing for smooth and even ink coverage.

Hot stamping printing technique

Hot stamping is a printing process that uses heated molds to transfer an image onto a surface by pressing the image into the surface using heat.

The image is typically transferred onto the surface using hot stamping dies, metal molds, or stamps.

Hot-stamping is a sophisticated method of creating tooling for use on a wide variety of consumer products.

It involves using high heat and pressure to create crisp, durable impressions in materials that are then vacuum-metalized.

Ultra Violet printing technique

This unique printing method is also known as Ultra Violet curing printing technology and utilizes special inks that dry quickly when exposed to UV light.

Ultra Violet Printing is used for various applications, including graphic arts, film, and flexible packaging.


21.  Are Paper Bags And Brown Bags The Same?



“Paper Bag With Handles” and brown paper bags are the same as there is no difference in both of them.

The brown paper bag’s brown color is due to the usage of specific paper in the manufacturing process of “Paper Bag With Handles.”

Brown “Paper Bag With Handles” are made of brown kraft paper.




Brown “Paper Bag With Handles” come in different sizes, shapes, and styles, just like paper bags.




22.  Can I Buy Bundles Of Bags From Paper Bag Manufacturers?


Of course.

You can buy any amount of “Paper Bag With Handles” from paper bag manufacturers.

There is no limit regarding the order amount of “Paper Bag With Handles.”

Many paper bag manufacturers provide “Paper Bag With Handles” at wholesale rates.

Buying bundles of “Paper Bag With Handles” tend to reduce the cost per “Paper Bag With Handle.”

So, you can order your desired “Paper Bag With Handles” in bundles from them.


23.  How Many Types Of Handles Are There:


There are the following types of handles:

Ribbon Handle,




Cotton Handle,

Rope Handle




Twisted Paper Handle

Folded Paper Handle




Plastic wire Handle


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