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ZTP does not only produce durable paper bag for your product, we transform your retail packaging and goods delivery. ZTP paper bag is made from quality paper pulp with extra solid matte or gloss lamination finish. It has reinforced handle attached to it to secure your products.

ZTP paper bag is made in many designs and range of sizes to suit your gifting needs and product item. The paper bag can be customized to refine your brand marketing. It serves as an advertisement for your brand long after the customer might have left your store.


Which Of These Paper Bag Designs Best Suit Your Retail Or Gift Packaging?

If there are no type you want, also you can contact us to create your box type.


wine paper bag
The wine bag is tall and thick, which makes it ideal for your champagne and whiskey bottle packaging. It is made with strong handle to hold one or two wine bottles.
custom paper bags
Get custom-made paper bags with a material of your choice, and a simple but classy design to give your brand its unique value. Custom paper bags come in different colors and sizes. Contact our sales department for more inquiry and bookings.
Gift paper bag
Our reusable paper bag is the best for your gifting needs. It is durable and of quality design. It is perfect for your birthday, wedding and surprise gifts.
paper carry bag
Our paper carry bag is made with quality material. It is made with extra cover to secure and protect your dress and groceries from dust and dirt. It is perfect for your shopping and daily use. Available in a range of colors and handle types.
paper bags with logo
Enhance your brand recognition with a custom paper bag with logo. We get your logo imprinted on your kraft paper bags, using a silkscreen imprint, and stamp imprint method. Ideal for shopping malls, restaurants and corporate events.
decorative paper bags
Leave a lasting impression on your customers and loved ones when you decorate your paper bags with holographs, glitters and ribbons. Perfect for wedding, birthdays, valentine and Christmas presents.
white paper bag
Plain white paper bag is available in variety of sizes and designs. It is made with gloss and matt laminated finish. Our white paper bag is ideal for your shoe, clothing and confectionery store. Kraft white paper bag is suitable for pharmacies.
Kraft paper bag
Get your brand a solid finish kraft paper bag for your wineries, liquors and groceries store. The bag is made from strong brown paper and is eco-friendly. It can be custom-made to suit your brand need
golden paper bag
This luxurious paper bag is designed with glossy laminated finish to ensure your premium packaging. You can be assured of a lasting use. It can be customized to meet your specific brand and gifting need.
Christmas Gift Bags
Your holiday gift packaging has just been made easy with the Christmas gift bag. This beautiful bag is created with colorful designs; often in the traditional red and green Christmas pattern. It is perfect for gifting jewelries, gift cards, and accessories. It is available in different sizes and designs.
Large paper bag
Get a durable paper bag for your small gifts. Made with creative design to give your gift bag a sophisticated look. The bag is suitable for party souvenirs and special gifting. It can hold small items such as stationeries and assorted goodies. It can be decorated with ribbon and tailored-made to suit your event, brand, and gifting purpose.
Small paper bag
This high-quality gift bag is suitable for large size products. Has an impressive depth, and can hold items of about 10kg. It is suitable for clothing, books, and other assorted gift ideas. Available in varying colors. It can be supplied blank, or customized with your brand information.

ZTP Paper Bags Product Strength

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ZTP Paper Bags Factory Process

ZTP paper bags are essentially designed for demanding packaging. Our uniqueness lies in the strength and durability of our products. Our paper bags are strong and remain sturdy after repeated use.

Our paper bags are made of smooth surface and uniform paper formation, making it easy to achieve high quality print result that enhances your bag’s appearance.

We design different handles for different packaging purposes. And we provide free designs and samples for you to check and confirm the quality of our product.

We are able to produce in high volume, just as we ensure quick and safe delivery of your orders to any part of the world.

We do not just produce paper carry bags, we also provide packaging solution and branding for your business with our custom-made designs. We provide specialized consultation on the best bags and designs to promote your company image.

Paper packaging ISO certification of Zhongtai Printing
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ZTP pass the ISO9001/ISO14001 manufacturing
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BSCI Certificate
BSCI improve social performance in supply chain.
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ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
20 Years Paper Packaging Manufacturing Experience
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Over 20 years printing and packaging experience manufacturer

Why Choose Us

Our choice of material remains best quality kraft paper, coated paper and cardboards. The materials are tough, strong and 100% biodegradable.

Our bags are cut to produce uniformity of each size and design of paper bags. Our handmade kraft paper bags are neatly done to produce unique outcome.

Our workers are highly trained and motivated to manufacture the best products. And we possess highly sophisticated machines to ensure mass printing and production within the shortest time


Paper Bag – The Definitive FAQ Guide

Paper Bag – The Definitive FAQ Guide is a book that answers all your questions about paper bags. It is an informative guide you can refer to when buying paper bags.

Paper Bag

The Guide is for anyone who wants to know about paper bags. This Guide will tell you everything that you need to know about paper bags.

It has easy-to-read text and high-quality images. You will discover things like a paper shopping bag, carry bag, and gift bag.

Paper Bag – The Definitive FAQ Guide is a collection of frequently asked questions about paper bags like their uniqueness, recycling process, uses, and environmental benefits.

This FAQ guide is a comprehensive guide that focuses on paper bags.

  1. What Are The Traits In Making Of Paper Bag?
  2. What Are The Different Types Of Paper Bags?
  3. How Much Weight Can Be Put In These Bags?
  4. What Is The Uniqueness Of The Product?
  5. Why To Choose Manufacturer In China?
  6. What’s Paper Bag Used For? 
  7.  Are These Bags Really Better For The Planet?
  8. What Can You Do With The Used Empty Bags?
  9. Which Kind Of Paper Is Used In Making Of These Bags?
  10. What Is The Recycle-Process Of Paper Bag?
  11. What’s Handle Type For These Bags?
  12. How Do You Make A Homemade Paper Bag?
  13. What Are The Printing Technologies Used In Printing Of These Bags?
  14. What Is The Difference In Brown Bag And A Carry Bag?
  15. How Can It Be Used As A Business Promotion Event?
  16. What Are The Environmental Benefits Of Paper Bags?
  17. What Should Be The Standard Weight Or Thickness Of A Raw Paper Sheet To Make A Bag?
  18. What Types Of Surface Process Can Be Done On The Bag’s Surface?
  19. How Is The Valuable Product Resource After Using?


1.    What Are The Traits In Making Of Paper Bag?

There are few traits in making of paper bags:

  • China produces paper bags that are durable, strong, and tear-resistant. China offers you durable packaging solutions that will help preserve your products and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • A Paper bag is a paper container, which is used to transport dry goods. It ensures that your product is secure while allowing air to circulate it.
  • Making of Paper bag
  • Paper bags are available in a variety of designs and sizes. You can choose from various colors and patterns to match your brand identity with your product range.
  • Paper bags are useful for advertising your brand long after selling the product because they can be used repeatedly.

2.    What Are The Different Types Of Paper Bags?

The three most popular types of paper bags are:

  • Brown paper bag
  • Flat-bottomed
  • Craft Bag

These have the same composition as kraft paper, but they are made with a coating that gives them a brown color.

Flat-bottomed paper bags are characterized by their structured bottoms that prevent groceries from falling out. They include gussets for extra strength and durability.

Few common types of paper bags are listed below:

wine paper bag

  • Wine
  • Gift
  • Carry
  • Sticker
  • Decorative
  • White
  • Kraft
  • Golden


3.    How Much Weight Can Be Put In These Bags?

Paper bags can be strong and thick or thin and flimsy. These bags are wider than most plastic ones but not as thick as many recycled paper bags.

The weight limit for most paper bags is 25 pounds. If the shopping list in your grocery store requires more than 25 pounds of bulk items for one trip home, perhaps you should consider using a reusable container.

It also depends on the type of bag. Flat bottomed paper bags are often used as a substitute for plastic grocery bags. They are sturdy and maintain their shape when stacked.

The weight put in paper bags is depending on the size of the bag and its volume.

4.    What Is The Uniqueness Of The Product?

Paper bag has some uniqueness:

  • Paper bags are one of the most durable packaging choices. Paper bags are made with high-quality prints that withstand repeated use and provide a premium look and feel.

Unique Colorful Paper bags

  • Paper bags are made from high-quality, smooth surface papers and uniform folded sheets. They can be printed to increase their appeal and visually enhance their appearance.
  • China manufacturers design different handles to suit different packaging needs. China can also provide free samples and designs so that you can check our quality.
  • The manufacturer from China can produce at high volumes and can deliver orders worldwide within 24 hours.
  • China offers a wide range of paper bag and packaging solutions that can help any business design and distribute custom-printed bags that will be an attractive and effective marketing tool.

5.    Why To Choose Manufacturer In China?

China’s manufacturers are the best because:

  • Choice of material is the best quality paper. They use kraft paper, coated paper, and cardboard. Because they are an environmentally conscious company, they make sure that their packaging is 100% biodegradable.
  • Paper bag manufacturing processes are strictly controlled to produce the most robust paper bags available.
  • They ensure that each bag is created by hand with meticulous attention to detail so that each one is tailored to our customers’ needs.
  • Their employees are highly skilled and motivated. They are working with state-of-the-art machines to provide the best product quality possible.

6.    What’s Paper Bag Used For?

There are a lot of uses for paper bags. Few important services are given below:

  • Paper bags can be used in the shopping of children’s and household goods.
  • Paper bags can be used to keep kids’ clothes clean.
  • Wine bottles can be carried in paper bags which is a simple and decent way to gift wine.
  • Give your loved ones this beautiful carry bag as a gift to celebrate the festival or occasions.

Paper bag

  • Cute and decorative paper bags are perfect for packaging gifts or carrying around personal items. They are also great to use for a facility on any occasion.


  • Their different designs make a durable and strong handle to carry lightweight products, and it’s a fashionable choice.
  • Decent-quality white paper bags that make a great gift. You can write on the bags with permanent ink or put stickers on them to make them look more attractive.
  • Paper shopping bags from Kraft are somewhat common. They have been used for a long time to carry dry goods.
  • A fancy way of using paper bags is to make Golden Bags. Golden Bags are excellent for expressing your feelings with a special someone.
  • You can use a paper bag as a souvenir to award a special gift such as corporate events, conferences, conventions, trade shows, seminars, and university graduation ceremonies.

7.    Are These Bags Really Better For The Planet?

Paper bags are a more environmentally friendly choice than plastic bags. They require fewer reuses, so they aren’t as damaging to the environment.

On the other hand, paper bags are more environmentally sustainable than different types of bags.

Choosing to use a paper bag rather than a plastic bag will have a much bigger environmental impact than just using a plastic bag.

8.    What Can You Do With The Used Empty Bags?

There are a lot of uses for empty paper bags. Few important services are given below:

Collecting Recycling Material:

A paper bag is great for carrying your recycling to the recycling center. It’s also an easy way to recycle other items, like newspapers and plastic bottles. And by leaving your paper bag at the curb, you effectively decrease the amount of trash that gets tossed into landfills.

Cleaning Windows:

To see the glass cleanly, you need to use paper towels. But for better results, paper bags work the best when used with vinegar to see streak-free shine easily.

Storing Onions and Garlic:

You can store fresh or dried onions and garlic in a paper bag for at least three months. Punch holes in the top of the bag to allow air to circulate. Fill the bag with the desired quantity of onions and garlic, then fold the top over. Store it at room temperature in a cool, dry place.

Refresh Tasteless Bread:

If your bread has gone stale, Place the bread in a paper bag and then put it in a steamer for just a few minutes. The moisture from the bag warms the bread and will make it moist and fresher.

Pack Belongings:

Paper bags are great for packing things inboxes. They are also useful for filling gaps when building furniture or in papercrafts. You can also make a paper bag into a decorative piece, such as a valance or hanging decoration.

Cool your cookies:

When you take the freshly baked cookies from the oven, place them on a paper bag to cool instead of setting them on a wire rack. This ensures that the air circulates the cookie, helping to remove moisture and creating crispness.

Paper bags are ideal for keeping baked goods sterile. They will also protect them from excess grease as they cool down.

Make Compost:

Paper bags are a useful composting item. They can be shredded for compost or used to collect other items for the compost pile. Paper bags are also used to cover soil, which helps prevent weeds and keeps air and moisture in the ground.

9.    Which Kind Of Paper Is Used In Making Of These Bags?

There are various kinds of paper used in making the paper bag. Few are listed below:

  • Newsprint paper
  • Recycled or Echo Friendly Paper
  • Coated Paper
  • Offset Paper
  • Kraft Paper
  • White Cardboard Paper

10.   What Is The Recycle-Process Of Paper Bag?

It is the process of waste paper into new paper products or raw materials.

Paper bag recycling can be done by re-pulping and pressing, which involves whole pulping trees and other plant waste to extract fibers.

It can also be done by using recycled paper pulp, which is made from partially recycled paper.

Paper bags are environmentally friendly materials. They are durable, strong, and come in a variety of sizes.

The fibers are made from recycled materials and can be recycled up to 3 to 4 times.

11.   What’s Handle Type For These Bags?

Handle grip plays an important role in the making of paper bags. There are various types of handle grips. Few are listed below:

Ribbon Handle bag

  • Ribbon Handle
  • Rope Handle




  • Die Cut


  • Twisted


12.   How Do You Make A Homemade Paper Bag?


  • Get the things you have required
  • Get the template from the internet
  • Fold the paper accordingly
  • Make a horizontal fold
  • Insert a cardboard piece for the base
  • Seal the base
  • Make accordion folds on both sides

Homemade Paper bags

  • Attach the handle grip as you want to die cut or any else

13.   What Are The Printing Technologies Used In Printing Of These Bags?

The variety of ways in which various types of printed graphics can be applied to paper bags is wide.

The most common of these techniques are:

  • flexographic printing is easy and works well for many types of paper bag printing.
  • If you need a more customized solution, consider spot or screen printing.
  • Additionally, laminating and pre-printing solutions are also worth considering.

14.   What Is The Difference In Brown Bag And A Carry Bag?

Both are paper bags; a Brown paper bag is a flat paper bag with a printed or colored tag. It is used to carry groceries and other items. Brown paper bags cannot be used in events as they can be easily dirty, ripped, or damaged.

While a carry paper bag can hold various products, it must have a comfortable handle. An exceptionally useful tool for brands to use is a custom carry bag. Carry bags are useful for retail store use and gift packaging and can be made from cardboard.

15.   How Can It Be Used As A Business Promotion Event?

Paper bags are a great method of promotion for your brand. Print your brand’s name and logo onto the paper bag, and you’re ready to go.

Perfect for use as giveaways, the paper bag can now promote your business and is a great way of reaching out to new customers.

This is more fashionable and environmentally friendly than using a disposable plastic bag or using an old newspaper. Few important uses as a business promotion event are described below:

  • The Paper bag has a variety of different colors.
  • It has a lot of different variety of images
  • Paper bag is quite technical to design in business promoter events
  • paper bag is durable, because it can be used repeatedly. A paper bag can be used many times before it needs to be thrown away.
  • You can make paper bags at home with a few supplies you can find in any craft store.
  • Cost-effective and good quality. The price is reasonable and doesn’t differ much from a crackle bag.
  • Paper bags are available in a large variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Paper bags are Environmentally friendly because they can decompose quickly, which helps return nutrients to the soil.
  • Paper bag is a convenient, eco-friendly, and fashionable way to store all your daily necessities.
  • Not only does the recycled bag keep your belongings safe, but it also keeps our environment clean. There are many benefits of paper bags that are not so obvious at first glance.

16.   What Are The Environmental Benefits Of Paper Bags?


Inspite of numerous advantages , its one advantage can be that they help in reducing energy consumption. Paper is made from locally available materials, which helps save money on transportation costs and ultimately conserves energy.

They are naturally biodegradable and buffer against the harmful effects of persistent organic pollutants in the environment. Using paper also helps reduce the amount of energy needed to transport goods.


First, paper bags do not persist in the environment for thousands of years. Unlike plastic bags, paper bags cannot disintegrate over time. Paper bags may not be as damaging to land’s fertility as plastic bags that get into the soil and contaminate topsoil by rotting.

If the world switches from plastic to paper packaging, this provides a means for recycling and reducing plastic pollution. Paper bags degrade more quickly than plastic takes to degrade. In most cases, they are turned into nutrient-rich compost that is suitable for the growth of plants.

Conserving Natural Resources:

Environmentally conscious consumers and retailers in China can readily use paper bags made from recycled brown kraft paper, a superior and renewable alternative to plastic.

It is said now that one must use paper bags in order to save the environment. One of the best ways to do this is by switching over to paper bags made from recycled materials.

Paper doesn’t release toxic gases or create pollution when recycled. The most common reason people use paper bags is to avoid plastic bag waste.

These are part of a valuable recycling system. Unlike plastic, paper has many uses and can be recycled multiple times.

What Are The Things To Remember In Ordering Of Paper Bags?

Whenever you decide to purchase, you should keep in mind

  • Estimate and make sure the quantity you need to order
  • Estimate and finalize your budget for purchasing
  • Select the appropriate size of the paper bag that you need
  • Select the type of paper bags you want
  • Select the colors, outer theme that supports your product need
  • Select the handle grip, which is quite comfortable for you while carrying a paper bag.
  • Select the lamination type if your requirement of the paper bag with lamination.
  • Add special effects logo, stickers, or anything else for finishing

17.   What Should Be The Standard Weight Or Thickness Of A Raw Paper Sheet To Make A Bag?

Various papers for paper bags have different thicknesses and weights. It mostly depends on the thickness of the form like:

  • Coated white Art paper 170-300gsm
  • Brown or white Art paper 170-250gsm
  • Textured Art paper 180-250gsm

Colored 250gsm Art Paper Bag

  • Colored Art paper 157-250gsm

18.   What Types Of Surface Process Can Be Done On The Bag’s Surface?

Lamination is a surface process of applying a thin layer of plastic or film to a paper bag’s surface to enhance and protect the printed content.

The laminated surface bag protects the printed content from tearing, water damage, and wear and tear. Its types are given below:

Metallic Lamination:

Metallic Lamination Paper Bag

For a mirror-like finish, you can apply reflective laminate film to your paper bag. With a metallic silver finish, this film is an excellent choice for a shiny paper bag.

This paper bag can be applied to the front and the back to create a more even gleam.

For a professional metallic lamination on your paper bag, we recommend the metallic laminate film.

Paper bags can now be made shiny and reflective just like the real thing and a true reflection of your brand,

Gloss Lamination:

Gloss Lamination Paper Bag

This gives your paper bag a professional look and feel, making it seem more refined and upscale. It helps your bag to remain looking as good as new, even after repeated use.

This provides a durable, glossy finish that is resistant to damage from dirt, dust, and fingerprints.

Soft Touch Lamination:

Soft Touch Lamination Paper Bag

Matt Lamination:

Matt Lamination Paper Bag

Matt-laminated leather is the epitome of luxury. It is not as glossy as gloss lamination, but it is more resistant to scuff marks.

A matt finish is a good choice if you are printing in dark colors.

Matt laminations are ideal for printing on darker paper colors as it is resistant to being scuffed or scraped.

Hot stamping:

hot stampSilver foil

  • Gold foil
  • Silver foil

Spot UV

Spot UV



19.   How Is The Valuable Product Resource After Using?

The Recycling Information Council is a consumer-oriented organization that promotes free and fair markets for recycled materials like paper bags.

With refusals of sale for wood-based products on the rise, you can believe that market forces should take precedence.

You should oppose bans and product fees for paper products like the paper bag manufactured into viable, competitive commodity-grade materials, with no subsidies.

The vision of the recycling industry is to increase recycling rates, decrease reference costs, and reduce overall costs to customers.

The Recycling Partnership is a non-profit organization that aims to assist recycling companies and provide guidelines for businesses that wish to recycle material.

The paper bag recycling program aims to stem the amount of plastic and other non-recyclable material entering our landfills.

By encouraging paper bags to be used in curbside recycling programs, the industry works together to promote, protect and preserve the environment.

To boost recycling and economic opportunities for paper bags, you must promote the proper recycling of paper bags.

To encourage the addition of paper bags to curbside collection programs, you should strongly support paper bag usage and reuse in an environmentally sustainable manner.





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