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Make your gifts and product standout in the midst of other similar items with a luxurious packaging box. At ZTP we engage in the production and supply of quality packaging boxes. These boxes are made from various packaging materials. We have kraft paper, corrugated cardboard, virgin and ivory board materials with laminated finish.

As a manufacturer of packing box in China, ZTP are made with sophisticated machines under the supervision of experienced professionals.

We understand the role of packaging to add to the perceived value of your gift or product, hence we offer excellent packaging solution for your business and brand. Our box is relevant in various industries and suitable for numerous products and gift items.

Our box comes in varying colors, shapes and sizes. We also provide customized designs to fulfill your gift and product packaging desire.

Select The Best Box For Your Gift And Product Packaging

If there are no type you want, also you can contact us to create your box type.


Gift Packaging Box
This sturdy box is ideal for gifting your loved ones on special occasions such as; birthdays, wedding, valentine and Christmas. It is also perfect for corporate gift packaging. The material allows you to customize the box with brand and personal information to add uniqueness to you product. It is available in various colors and sizes to suit your packaging need.
Eyelash Packaging Box
Get the most classic eyelash packaging box for your eyelash wholesale business. The box is made from quality paperboard. We provide you with ideas and designs to make your product standout in the market. We can help you print your logo on the box with custom-made colors to give your product a unique look.
candle packaging box
Add a touch of beauty to your candle packaging with our colorful candle box. Our box sizes reflects the range of candle designs out there. We offer customized designs and printing on your box.
Cardboard packaging box
Cardboard boxes are ideal for just about any form of product packaging. Our sturdy cardboard packaging box is suitable for storage and shipping of items. Our bespoke cardboard box is suitable for wine, clothing and jewelry packaging. Available in various sizes, shapes and color for your effective packaging solution.
Packaging Paper Box
Our paper box is lightweight and can be used to gift perfumes, cosmetics, cakes, chocolates and food items. We offer a wide range of design and sizes to cater for your paper box packaging.
Custom Packaging Box
Your packaging box can be customized with your brand logo and unique design to add a touch of creativity to your product and promote your brand image. We produce custom packaging box in different sizes and quantities based on your order.

ZTP Provide Free Design And Free Packaging Box Sample Solution.

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Win The Competition For Customers Attention With ZTP Packaging Box

We are intentional about satisfying your packaging needs. As a customer, we want to give your product an elevated image that attracts more clients to your product and to provide a packaging that speaks about your brand long after your customer might have left.

In ZTP, we can help you to show many different solution of packaging box for your products.we ensure quality and speedy production process for whatever quantity you may need for you order. We also ensure safe delivery to you anywhere in the world. Your clients can unbox your product with so much excitement that creates a first and memorable experience with your brand. Hence, you no longer have to compete for customers’ attention because you earned it already.

Contact our sales department today for further inquiries and to place your orders.

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Factory Base On ISO9001/ISO14001 Standard
ZTP pass the ISO9001/ISO14001 manufacturing
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BSCI improve social performance in supply chain.
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ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
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Over 20 years printing and packaging experience manufacturer

Packaging Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide

Packaging Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide is a resource guide for those who need help to choose the appropriate packaging for their items.

The Guide is designed to provide you with all of your packaging options and help you understand what decision will suit your need.

This book is called a definitive guide because it answers all your most commonly asked packaging questions in a clear, concise, user-friendly way.

Packaging Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide is an extensive guide to help designers, customers to understand better the purpose of packaging design and its relationship to the commercial world.

It will also teach you about various environmental aspects of packaging design and how you can make a difference in doing business in today’s global economy.

Packaging Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide is a highly detailed, comprehensive guide talking about the answers to all of the frequently asked questions related to Packaging Box.

1.    How Can I Amend The Style Of My Packaging Box That I Have Ordered?

As the packaging box supplier in China, You can send product or size to us when you have no idea about the packaging. ZTP will design vairous box type to you.

You can change the file in 3 days when you order.

So, we’re so excited that you want to change the design of the box. All you have to do is let us know three days before your event, and we’ll get it done.

2.    Which Are The Templates Or Samples Of Boxes?

We do have many samples of our packaging materials and designs, as well as the boxes you can select.

However, these boxes you can customize to suit your needs, just from looking at our samples. Furthermore, you can also express your choice in a more significant way by customizing your box completely.

Of course, we have many samples of our box material and styles. However, if you’d like to select a model, we can provide you with a selection of different ones.

Additionally, you can modify the box design as well. If you wish to change the box from the one we show you, choose one of your choices.

3.    How Can I Order Custom Boxes With No Print?

Just click the “No Printing” box in the Printed Sides section of the Custom Boxes web description page to order boxes without Printing.

Otherwise, you can specify everything from the Custom Boxes description web page, like the type of box, size, color, and more.

4.    How Can I Customize The Size Of The Box?

You can customize the packaging box by customizing the size of the product:

By customizing the size of a product, you will automatically customize the size of the packaging box that will be used to ship that product to your customers.

If your product is displayed in inches, you can edit the height, width, and depth.

The size of the packaging box depends on the product you wish to package. In most cases, you can customize the length, width, and height so that each box is different.

The first thing you should do is to decide on is the size of the packaging box.

The last thing you want to do is wind up with a box that is too small for your product.

Plan out what will be placed inside the box before you start designing the outside of it.

Once you know the dimensions of your packaging box, set those measurements as your base for the customized packaging box.

Just email us your desired size, and we will send you a custom quote. We will create your custom-sized box with high-quality paperboard for the best possible shipping solution.


5.    How Can I Create The Design Of My Custom Box?

The design of a packaging box can be done by using a variety of shapes. It will be possible to choose the color, size, and texture for your custom packaging boxes.

The process is done by asking you some questions to make your packaging box as helpful as possible for your needs.

Your packaging box is up to you. It will display your artwork, logo, brand, or products with custom boxes. The possibilities are endless.

Design a Packaging box with a manufacturer packaging designer, including sizes, colors, shapes, product, and price, also ask for a sample. You can receive a sample packaging box for your approval before the production of the mass target begins.

You can do it one of two ways, or both. Use the online box creator to create your box in three easy steps, or upload the layout drawing you made in any graphics software application and upload it to the Manufacturer’s website.

After that, we can email it back to you for final approval before moving forward with production.

6.    What Do You Know About The Accurate Resolution Uploading For Printing To Obtain Best Results?

The best resolution for Printing on a packaging box depends on the size of the box that you are printing on.

For example, if you are printing on a small pizza box, you won’t need a high-resolution image to print well, and the image shouldn’t be too large.

On the other hand, if you are printing out larger boxes such as for electronics or kitchen appliances, your images should be of a higher resolution and more considerable in dimension to be clear and still pleasant to view before purchase.

This is important for a crisp and sharp presentation. To ensure the best-looking image possible, use an image from a reputable website or purchase it through a hosting provider such as Flickr.

For a resolution of at least 300 dpi, ensure that the image is saved at 72 dpi. Saving images at this resolution allows for sharp, clear images on your website and effective use of space.

For high-quality graphics, don’t rely on web images; the ones you find online will be of a lower resolution, with low contrast or poor color. Instead, visit the Library of Congress and download premium-quality photos.

7.    What Are The Points For Graphics, Optimal Design And Artwork While Using Designer?

The symmetrical effect in packaging design can be used to advantage. Any time something is displayed on a package, the goal is to convey consumer interest and persuasion.

Symmetry activates an unconscious awareness of balance that can help drive more decisive consumer action and sales.

Zoom in on critical panels to scrutinize the details. You often overlook the small elements of an illustration, which means that things can get lost in the art.

So it’s a good idea to zoom in on essential areas of your art and make sure everything is correct.

When setting the font for your final design, note that some fonts may require a longer embedding time.

A minimalist design style is a popular aesthetic choice for packaging designs. It focuses on creating an appealing package rather than a luxurious one.

Keep tiny graphics and text to a bare minimum. The pictures should clearly show off the benefits of the product in an easy-to-understand way.

8.    What Are The Color Modes That You Know Printer Accept Often?

You can upload a JPEG, but you’ll get the best-looking results if you convert it to CMYK in your conversion settings.

For the best quality print, we recommend using our converted graphics and text. This produces high-resolution images with richer colors and better contrast for a beautifully finished product.


As it’s known, soft proofing is a printing feature that allows you to adjust the colors of images and illustrations onscreen, making them more vivid when they are printed.

While it’s true that the CMYK color model works less effectively than RGB when converting from screen to print, it’s not quite as starkly noticeable as many people think.

9.    What Should I Do If I Want To Add Barcode In My Custom Packaging Box?

For barcode scanning,  the barcode must be at least 2.2 inches wide.

For optimal scanning performance, we recommend that the barcode be .5 inches tall.

We recommend using a 300-dpi image or uploading a .ai, .eps, or .pdf file as an alternative to PDFs.

10.   What Is The Procedure To Obtain My Packaging Boxes Embossed Or Stamped?

The options for your packaging are almost limitless, from color and material to custom graphics and imprinted logos.

Talk to the Manufacturer’s professional staff today so they can recommend the best solution for you.

The packaging boxes are the essential element for moving and transporting a product.


It’s also an essential part of retail, distribution, and other value-added logistics process.

Stamping your brand name on Packaging boxes and embossing your logo on custom boxes to build branding awareness can be a cost-effective way to advertise your business.

11.   WHAT RESOLUTION SHOULD Is There If I Print Graphics And Photos?

Get your images to 150 dpi. Many pictures are used on the web, and the results are often low-resolution and poor quality.

Images pulled from the internet may not print correctly if they are saved in RGB mode.


Permanently save images in CMYK mode when possible, as they will look better on print.

For best results, avoid using graphics with a low resolution, such as those found online.

Unless necessary, consider uploading higher-quality images for use on your digital marketing emails.


White should only be used when appropriate, such as when using a colored paper.

If you do use white paper for any printed items, make sure to include your text in a different color.

Paper comes in a variety of colors. White is the standard color.

Colorful paper can highlight text or graphics, but the color must not be the dominant part of the message.

In other words, if the primary color is white, it would be best to use black text or black background.

13.   How Would I Know If There Are Any Serives And Types Of Product You Deal With?

China’s Manufacturer is a full-service shop, and we offer many different products and services to you.

To learn more about our products, services, and pricing, please visit our website’s Products & Services pages.

We are a custom packaging box company specializing in fulfilling our customers’ needs with quality products and services.


There are many different packaging boxes to choose from, including gift boxes, transit time display, transit time article, transit time shape, packing, shipping boxes, and more. For custom sizes, we can help you out.

Packaging Boxes offers high-quality custom packaging, wholesale boxes, and other packaging-related products and services below retail prices.

Besides the cost savings, you’ll have convenient online shopping with much more flexibility to choose from a large variety of packing boxes.

14.   How Would I Know If You Are A Gift Packaging Box Manufacturer?

By searching online for the best packaging manufacturers, you will find a lot of China manufacturers for doing the business.

China’s Manufacturer has the most advanced automation equipment and experienced packaging workers. They provide high-quality custom gift boxes to you.


Their ability to produce a wide variety of packaging boxes has made us the premier supplier of both retail and commercial packaging boxes in China.

China has state-of-the-art gift packaging factories. China’s manufacturers of packaging boxes use top-of-the-line machines and experienced employees to ensure your gift arrives safely.

15.   How Do I Place A Bulk Order With A Sample?

You can select from sample boxes before you purchase to see how your products will look.

Orders are usually ready for shipment within one week of material preparation and are shipped immediately after production.

There are Big Discounts on Bulk Orders. These refer to the discounts offered to customers who procure a substantial amount of product or services at one time.

By offering bulk discounts, businesses can compete more effectively with other companies for less competition in the marketplace.

Most of the manufacturers offer discounts on bulk orders. By selecting the required quantity in our price calculator, you can see how much you can save by ordering multiple packaging boxes together.

The more you order, the lower the price per packaging box gets.

16.   Why Does It Cost More For Small Quantity Order?

It is because of the packaging material. It takes a more significant amount of labor, time, and machines to make the custom packaging boxes for small quantities separately.

Packaging boxes should be simple in shapes and easy to make if demand is low. It seems some suppliers think the opposite way.

The cost of a packaging box depends on the size, product, and color selection.

More extensive products are cheaper to package because more boxes fit the product.

Smaller products use more boxes because it doesn’t all fit in one package. The box price also depends on whether you are buying in bulk or obtaining multiple small orders.

17.   What About If You Have An Artwork Guide To Prepare The Design File?

Balancing your product information with sample choice can be difficult. Start by making a decision about which sample you would prefer to use.

Then check out the additional material options and see how these choices will benefit your business.

The preferred file type for submissions is Adobe Illustrator file format.

The following formats are acceptable:

AI (Adobe Illustration),

EPS (Encapsulated Postscript),

PDF (Portable Document Format).

The maximum file size is 10 MB, and the minimum image size should be 3 MB.

Please include one color illustration in CMYK format with a resolution of 300 dpi at 100% size.

Colors must be set accurately for the output to be correct and for the customer to be pleased with their product.

However, colors on screen proofs may not always match the actual packaging box. This can happen especially with skin tones, rich colors, or graphics that best benefit from a contrasting color.

Downloadable dieline design template will not have any dimensions or orientation changes, and your artwork must be in separate layers. We do not flatten the vector-based dieline design template of the packaging box for easy use. We suggest you make a PDF of your project and include this as an attachment.

There are many additional options for stamping and embossing. These can be added with the proper naming of a separate layer.

Bleed-outs should be included to ensure that the art doesn’t print over itself. A minimum of 0.125″ bleed around the perimeter of a piece is required. All fonts must be outlined, and images must be in CMYK mode and linked.

18.   Are You Able To Do Other Custom Printing Products For Us?

China’s manufacturers can create customized custom printing bags, boxes, folders, and custom packaging.

China manufacturers can also help our clients with card design, greeting cards, business cards, flyers, and various other marketing items.

Besides custom boxes, custom bags, and custom packaging, they can help our clients customize all kinds of products.


Designers are prepared to help you with your ideas and make the designs happen.

Business cards, brochures, leaflets, flyers, greeting cards, stickers, and labels to hang tags and paper cards occidental Printing does it all for you.

19.   Where Can I Source Packaging Materials?

To find the best general packaging supplier, start by looking at your immediate local market or use one of the online packaging suppliers available to help you source more specialized items. You can also try contacting distributors via mail and phone.

With the choice of small businesses and large retailers alike, our selection of packaging boxes is sure to find the right solution for your business.

Whether you’re looking for packaging boxes, card stock, or small business shipping supplies, the Manufacturer can assist you in finding the perfect packaging solution for you. Would you please take a look at their online catalog today?

Trade magazines and specialized packaging websites sell specialty packaging boxes that support their industries.

20.   Can I Reuse Packaging?

Reuse the Packaging Box to package plants, living and dead flowers, candles, or any product that needs an excellent presentation.

Many items can also be put in the Packaging Box. If you have an exciting ribbon display, you can tie those to the sides of the Packaging Box too.

Add an insert(s) to hold your product inside. The 3″ x 3 1/2″ size fits a standard 4″ x 6″ picture frame perfectly as an insert.

Packaging Box is a natural product that can be recycled at the end of its life because of its durable properties.

Reusing Packaging Box reduces the number of new materials needed to be made while saving energy and creating less pollution during their production.

Most trade journals have advertisements from specialist Packaging Box companies. To maximize your business with them, look at Packaging Box.

Shredded paper and wood shavings are excellent Packaging Box materials for breakable items that other types of packaging cannot damage.

They can help with fast turnaround times and large orders. Even if you have a deadline, you should be able to get the job done at a price that works for your company.

21.   How Can I Stop Breakages During Transit?

The most cost-effective way to gain a realistic idea of the sort of packaging you need is to look at your industry’s returns figures.

For example, if over 2% of packages returned to online retailers are damaged, you should consider how you can get better packaging.

Mailing items that come in small packages may include glass items, fragile items, or other small items.

The best way to ensure safe transportation of these delicate products is to pack the item in a box big enough to hold it.

These items will be tossed around during the shipping process, so either make sure the box is too large or wrap the item with bubble wrap to cushion it during the flight.


To keep your products safe and secure, apply corner protectors and edge protectors, and store products in secure packaging.

Use foam or wooden base trays to protect delicate items such as jams or delicate components handled by store staff.

Before shipping products out, provide shoppers with damaged return packing slips to ensure that claims are not accepted unless notified within 48 hours.

22.   How Can I Create An Impression With Custom Printed Boxes?

Packaging Boxes are what customers remember about your brand after they receive the product.

A Packaging Box promotes a positive emotional experience and sets the stage for a memorable first impression.

If you want to create a lasting impression on your customers, it’s essential to consider the products’ packaging.


A high-quality Packaging Box conveys a greater sense of quality and trustworthiness to your customer.

Properly packaged products look attractive and allow customers to feel a sense of quality and assurance.

Great customer experiences start with suitable packaging. Your customers have an excellent first impression of your company based on your Packaging Box.

Adding a custom touch to boxes, labels, and enclosures will give them a much stronger first impression of you and your brand.

Customers are the best brand ambassadors you can have. So why lose your first impression with old boring plain boxes? Add some colors into your product with custom printed boxes and get noticed.


23.   What Is A Packaging Box?

A packaging box is a rectangular container made of corrugated fiberboard with a rigid surface, usually reinforced on the inside.

This box is a type of packaging, a container used to preserve, transport, or market products requiring specialized treatment.

A packaging box is a corrugated box that is used for the delivery of products. They are available in various sizes, colors, and styles.

Packaging Box

The primary materials used to make these boxes are paper and plastic fibers. The manufacturing processes of the Packaging Box involved include cutting, folding, and laminating.

The term packaging box is generally used to describe any box that has been made using kraft paper, most often brown kraft but also cream and yellow.

The term is more generic and usually refers to all co Packaging Boxes made from any paper and is used for packaging purposes only.

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