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ZTP offers a wide range of magnetic closure box containers that are both recyclable and eco-friendly. We have always been committed to repurposing waste paper as a company, and we make sure to only use high-quality, recyclable materials in all of our products.

Our production team carefully makes the magnetic closure box with high-quality paperboard and strong magnets. Our rigid magnetic closure box is durable, rendering it still useful after being used for a long time. It is also available in different sizes and colors.

We have a vast collection of durable magnetic closure boxes that are available in bulk orders or retail. In fact, there is a magnetic closure box for any type of packaging, so take a look and add any item that grabs your attention to your online cart.

At ZTP, we have biodegradable magnetic closure box containers in a variety of colors and styles. These items are both eye-catching and budget-friendly, which is something we all strive for!

Choose Your Type Of Magnetic Closure Box

Check out our wide selection of sophisticated magnetic closure box containers, and feel free to contact us if your preferred style isn’t available. Our technicians can create any magnetic closure box in a variety of designs and sizes to meet your specific needs.

Magnetic Closure Gift Box
Our gift boxes are suitable for professional gifts and keepsake boxes; it is also available in bulk orders or retail. We have been making this luxurious magnetic closure gift box for perfect packaging in company anniversaries and wedding gifts.
White Magnetic Closure Box
This pristine-looking white magnetic closure box is perfect for medical supplies and branding packages. Moreover, the white magnetic closure box has a smooth white interior and exterior finish, perfect for your product packaging.
Decorative Gift Boxes With Magnetic Closure
We have a wide selection of decorative gift boxes with magnetic closure, just the perfect fit for debuts and any occasion. Having a beautiful gift box is great, but our product will give you an exquisite cover design that will last for a long time, given the quality of raw material tested thoroughly to provide you with high-end gift boxes.
Rigid Box With Magnetic Closing Lid
Made from superior quality rigid paperboards, our rigid box with magnetic closing lid can withstand logistic damages and can last for a long time without losing its quality.
Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes
The magnetic closure rigid boxes are the perfect gift box for your loved ones. It can safely contain cosmetics, chocolates, jewelry, and wines. Moreover, the magnet snap allows a strong closure, making it ideal for secure packaging.
Custom Magnetic Closure Box
Send your customers and loved ones a gift with a high-end custom magnetic closure box. Our company is well known for our quality custom made products that meet our clients’ demands. So, feel free to contact us anytime, and we’ll assist you in creating the gift box you so badly needed.

ZTP: The Best Choice For Your Magnetic Closure Box

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Pros Of Using Magnetic Closure Box

Magnetic closure box is now in demand in the global market; since it is made entirely with reusable and eco-friendly materials, it poses minor damage to nature. Long story short, they are considerably safer compared to plastic boxes.

You’re giving your product a professional look when you choose our high-end packaging. Any ZTP magnetic closure box is customizable. So, if you want to market your business, we can add your logo to your preferred box design. With our superior quality and exquisite designs, you’ll surely captivate and impress your customers!

Because of the professional quality control ZTP conducts during the production of the magnetic closure box. It has received global recognition through the testimonies of our clients and partners.


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ZTP pass the ISO9001/ISO14001 manufacturing
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BSCI improve social performance in supply chain.
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ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
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Why ZTP Magnetic Closure Box Is The Best Choice For You.

ZTP is the world’s top manufacturer of magnetic closure boxes. We take pride in being the best and promoting handcrafted products. All of our items are from sustainable, recyclable, and eco-friendly materials. We believe that doing more with less is the most excellent option. To ensure client satisfaction, we also strive to provide exceptional customer service and prompt delivery.

We have quite a large selection of excellent handcrafted magnetic closure box containers tailored to fit our customers’ needs. We also believe in forming long-term business relationships that will last a lifetime.

Furthermore, at ZTP, we strive to consistently produce a magnetic closure box that will revolutionize the concept of elegant packaging with enhanced durability. That is why our experts always double-check our raw materials and production process.

So, if you still have questions about our magnetic closure box, please contact us anytime! We’d love to hear from you.

Magnetic Closure Box – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Magnetic Closure Box – The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a guide about the box with magnetic closure. This product makes it easy to close and open your magnetic box quickly.

The use of these magnetic boxes helps you ensure that your products are safe from any damage while transporting from one place to another through shipping, by air, or land vehicles.


The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a unique book designed to help you provide clients with a thoughtful and meaningful shopping experience.

The FAQ Guide is a complete how-to guide about magnetic boxes. This helpful resource contains all the information necessary to design your custom products.

You can select colors, sizes, and materials to create the perfect magnetic box for your items.

  1. What Are Magnetic Closure Boxes?
  2. What Is The Importance Of These Closure Boxes?
  3. What Are The Types Of These Closure Boxes?
  4. What Are High-Quality Printing And Packaging Boxes?
  5. What Are The Best Services At Wholesale Prices?
  6. How Has Magnetic Closure Packaging Gained Huge Popularity?
  7. How Have You Needed To Put Many Efforts To Customize Them?
  8. How Do Complete Protection To Packed Products?
  9. What Are The Features And Advantages Of These Boxes?
  10. What Is The Reason For The Popularity Of Gift Boxes With Magnetic Closure?
  11. Where Can You Order Wholesale Custom Magnetic Boxes For Cheap Prices?
  12. What Are Stiff Packaging with Lids?
  13. What Are Luxury Foldable Hard Paper Magnetic Closure Gift Boxes?
  14. What Is Custom Foldable Hard Paper Magnetic Closure Gift Box?
  15. What Are Magnetic Closures packagings?
  16. How Magnetic Is Fixed While Making Magnetic Closure Box?
  17. How Can You Enhance Appearance Of Magnetic Closure Boxes?
  18. How To Customize Magnetic Boxes?
  19. What Are The Related Products Of These Boxes?
  20. What Are Custom Magnetic Closure Boxes Attracting The Eye And Capture The Hearts?
  21. How Magnetic Closure Box Packaging Is The Soul Of Your Brand?
  22. Why Are The Boxes With Magnetic Lids Illuminated For The Retail World?
  23. How Can You Give Your Product Packaging An Elegant Exterior With A Tough Interior?

1.    What Are Magnetic Closure Boxes?

Magnetic closure boxes are boxes that feature a magnetic lid. They are available in a variety of materials, including many options for custom colors and artwork.

These boxes incorporate a magnetic closure by nature, but the rest of the box’s design is wide open for customization.

These magnetic closure boxes are ideal for packaging items such as jewelry, gifts, watches, etc.

The term magnetic closure refers to a unique type of product closure that holds firmly in place with the pull of a magnet.

Closure options include simple epoxy, polyurethane, or plastic magnet, laminate, and metal closures.


A magnetic closure box is a kind of rigid boxes with magnetic closure. These boxes are specially designed for the gift industry and are widely used in cosmetic packaging and related areas.

These small packages are used for delivery devices. These boxes have a solid magnetic closure system on all sides to ensure all the items specially made for these products stay together inside the package until its recipient opens it.

2.    What Is The Importance Of These Closure Boxes?

The importance of these closure boxes is to give your customer a quick and easy way to open their product.

Magnetic boxes can be customized on the whole box top or accentuate the beautiful high gloss and matte finishes.

These boxes close swiftly and with a professional look using our magnetic closure tabs.

These boxes are great for small gifts or even for thin books, manuals, or CDs.

Use the magnetic closure boxes to display your products in an eye-catching manner at any tradeshow.

The magnetic closures will impress your clients and help you stand out above the competition.

These rigid packaging options protect your products, such as picture frames, dried flowers, soaps, herbs, or spices, to name a few.


Magnetic closure boxes have various significance in the present business or marketplace.

Several companies use these boxes to provide their clients more convenience and excellent personalization.

Using these presentation magnetic closure boxes will be very advantageous from a business point of view.

3.    What Are The Types Of These Closure Boxes?

The types of these magnetic closure boxes are described below:

Magnetic Closure Window boxes

These boxes are with windows to enhance the grace of the box. A window is often transparent. A window is used to display the inside product.

Magnetic Closure Food boxes

These magnetic boxes are used to pack luxury food items and gifts you’re loved once with excellent presentation.

Magnetic Closure Sleeve Boxes

Sleeves are the cover with labels. Magnetic closure boxes having sleeves enhance the outlook of the magnetic closure boxes.


Magnetic Closure Custom Boxes

These are the boxes designed by you. You can talk about the size, shape, color, and cost of the box having magnet closure to your manufacturer. You can even ask about the template of your product.

Magnetic Closure Flower Boxes

This magnetic closure flower box is designed for corporate events, weddings, birthdays, happy New Year, Christmas, hospitality, festivals, etc., to present flowers.

Magnetic Closure Gift Boxes

These are magnetic closure boxes with different shapes and colors for gift packaging.

Magnetic Closure Soap Boxes

These are the magnetic closure boxes for packaging stylish soaps and fragrances. These have a unique outlook.


4.    What Are High-Quality Printing And Packaging Boxes?

High-quality printing and packaging magnetic closure are the special boxes in which products can be customized for logo color and text, company name, advertising message, phone number, discounts, offers, and more.


It is a perfect choice to package products with different sizes or shapes, such as Accessories

  • Jewelry
  • Gift cards
  • Vouchers etc.

High-Quality Printing of magnetic closure boxes include:

  • Surface Varnish
  • Spot UV
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Laminations
  • Logo Designing
  • Labeling

5.    What Are The Best Services At Wholesale Prices?

You can get the best services at wholesale price if you purchase and place the order in bulk quantity. You can discuss with the manufacturer about the discount.

You can also ask for the 3d template of your product. You can send your customization details to the manufacturer, and his expert team will help you.

6.    How Has Magnetic Closure Packaging Gained Huge Popularity?

Recently manufacturers and merchants worldwide have been focusing on modernizing their packaging techniques to make them as secure, appealing, and eye-catching as possible.

One of the techniques that have gained immense popularity in recent days is Magnetic closure

A magnetic closure box is the best packaging solution because it gives a delightful appearance, and it grabs the customer’s attention through this great magnetic attraction.

All you need is to give a touch of innovation into the packaging industry with these attractive magnetic closures gift boxes specially made for your products with special care.

Magnetic Closure Boxes is an ideal packaging solution for beauty products, health and personal care, jewelry, accessories, gift boxes, food & beverage.


Magnetic closure box has intelligent life compared with traditional packing methods and helps to attract customer’s attention.

Magnetic closure packaging has gained massive popularity over the past years in almost all kinds and industries.

Mainly used for retail window display, promotional gifts, and giveaways, and as the packaging on items, magnetic closures can help communicate your business message to customers, all while keeping your products safe from being opened by consumers before purchase.

7.    How Have You Needed To Put Many Efforts To Customize Them?

No, there is no need to put so much effort into customizing these magnetic closure boxes.

To provide you with the best experience possible. Manufacturers have made it easy so that their experts will work with you and find the right solution for your business.

From design to delivery. The manufacturers want to be your one-stop place for magnetic closure boxes and anything else needed to succeed in your project.

Products and options can be added, so you can see immediately what your creation will look like. You can change colors, shapes, graphic designs or upload your artwork.

The lift-off panel makes the retrieval of items quick and easy. It’s available in an assortment of designs and colors.

These boxes are beautifully crafted using recyclable paper material. Customized magnets are another option that can be added to any rigid boxes for an additional charge.

These customizable boxes are ideal for special packaging needs for seasonal promotions, gifts, artists, or craft markets, and the manufacturers can provide according to your needs and choice.

8.    How Do Complete Protection To Packed Products?

Complete protection during a product’s packaging is essential to protect it from damages during transit.

To achieve this benefit, different types of shipping magnetic closure boxes and packaging are available in sleeve boxes, window boxes, custom window boxes, and custom magnetic closure boxes.

Securely close all your packaging materials with magnetic closure boxes and panels. Whether it is one or multiple inserts, we have that covered with magnetic closures.

The ability to customize foam interiors adds strength to a finished product that consumers will use to store their most valued items.

Magnetic packaging options are solid and durable, with sturdy handles for easier lifting.

Not only do the tuck flaps add rigidity, but they also help when applying decoration to the magnetic closure box.


These boxes are easy to die cut and seal, allowing for tight corners and detailed designs without sacrificing the bag’s structural integrity.

9.    What Are The Features And Advantages Of These Boxes?

The features and advantages of these magnetic closure boxes are as follows:


  • Magnetic closure boxes are considered a catchall for magnetic closures and are trendy due to their versatility.
  • Magnetic closure boxes with various features such as a wide range of sizes, custom options, and items packages appeal to an individual looking for all possibilities.
  • They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to pack and organize anything from makeup and small accessories to makeup and valuables.
  • They offer a reliable closure on an affordable, consumer-friendly packaging solution.
  • They have magnets in the covers to keep them closed.
  • Two thicknesses of material and two choices of eyelets allow you to customize the look and feel of the box.
  • With its attractive glossy surface, the Eco-Friendly Magnetic closure box is one of the best in the collection.
  • They have a magnetic stripe on the bottom for easy closing.


  • The enclosed magnet provides better protection and safety in packaging where ferromagnetic elements are involved in the process.
  • Magnetic closure boxes can help small business owners stand out from their competitors.
  • They have a magnetic closure design that provides a secure fit by being opened with a gentle pull.
  • They can be customized with inserts to showcase all your products.
  • They offer enough space inside the box for your items.
  • Most importantly, they keep your items safe from damage caused by shocks or bumps during transportation.

10.   What Is The Reason For The Popularity Of Gift Boxes With Magnetic Closure?

There are many reasons for the popularity of magnetic closure boxes.

The ability to quickly close, open and re-use products magnetically are what users of this type of packaging boxes are looking for.

Even the most intricate parts of the packaging, such as the best way to seal a product safely inside a box, rely on magnetic closures as part of the solution.

Closing these boxes is much easier than with other types of closures, such as snaps or clasps.

This is since magnetic closure boxes are recognized for their strength and durability.

They are widely used on many gift-giving occasions such as birthdays where many gifts are given, engagement, promotions, etc.

Some additional advantages of using these custom magnetic boxes include saving people from difficult situations when they have no time to use fancy ribbons to tie up the gifts given.

The main reason for this popularity is that there is no need to buy aluminum tape on the box.

At the same time, it is very convenient to take out cookies and close the box, which can fit many different shapes of cookies.


The growing popularity of magnetic closure boxes is mainly since they are very convenient, safe, and reliable.

11.   Where Can You Order Wholesale Custom Magnetic Boxes For Cheap Prices?

China’s market is the best place to order wholesale custom magnetic boxes at a discount even.

You can go through the internet to the best manufacturers and discuss the details of your custom magnetic closure box online with their experts.

You can get any shape, size, and color of your magnetic closure boxes at low prices after discussion with the online manufacturers of china.

12.   What Are Stiff Packaging with Lids?

These are specifically designed to provide a quality solution for your product offerings in a wide range of industries and price points.

Rigid Boxes with Magnetic Lids are manufactured using the highest quality materials, standard and custom sizes, and options such as custom inserts, colors, and style of magnetic closure.

The magnetic closure is equally as effective when an object is placed on top of the lid or underneath it. The strength of the magnet and the height at which it is placed adds to its sensitivity.

The Rigid Boxes with Magnetic Lids is an excellent way of showcasing your merchandise.

They come in many different shapes and sizes and are a perfect way to secure the box contents.

The style is completely customizable so that you can have exactly what you need for the gift of a lifetime.

Rigid boxes with magnetic lids are innovative packaging items that make them easier to open and close.


These laminated cardboard boxes have a magnetic closure that works like closure on a dry-erase board or refrigerator.

13.   What Are Luxury Foldable Hard Paper Magnetic Closure Gift Boxes?

Luxury foldable stiff paper magnetic closure gift boxes are the perfect way to give a complete gift in one package.

These boxes are designed specifically for jewelry and are available in multiple sizes.

They include a clear, rigid window for easy viewing of the product and an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.


The paper used in these boxes is made from 100% recycled material that meets or exceeds strict global standards to ensure that your item is protected against moisture fading or cracking.

Magnetic closure clasps keep the box closed and secure and seal to protect from light.

Suppose you need Luxury hard paper magnetic closure gift boxes customized with specific size, shape, and color. In that case, you can fill the online custom form for your desired product available on the manufacturer’s website.

They are waterproof and feature a magnet closure that makes it simple for customers to open the box with one hand.

This makes them perfect for jewelry, cosmetics, and other gifts where ease of access is essential.

14.   What Is Custom Foldable Hard Paper Magnetic Closure Gift Box?

Custom Foldable stiff paper magnetic Closure Gift Boxes are the regular paper gift packaging boxes with reinforced stiff paper and magnetic closure.

The folding boxes can close each other with a light touch and create a unique appearance; the magnetic closure is more practical.

There are options for you to set up the artwork and contact us when you place an order to customize the design for you according to your requests.

Custom Foldable stiff paper magnetic Closure Gift Boxes are an excellent packaging solution for jewelry, artwork, electronics, and gift-type items.

In addition to looking great in retail locations, Custom Foldable stiff paper magnetic Closure Gift Boxes can be customized with your company name and logo.

Not only do these Custom Foldable stiff paper magnetic Closure Gift boxes look great once printed, but they are also straightforward to assemble using our patented magnetic closure technology.

Custom Foldable stiff paper magnetic Closure Gift Box is a perfect packaging solution for store sales and e-commerce selling.

A magnetic closure box is a foldable rigid paperboard box with magnet closures. It’s closed by the magical magnetic force.

15.   What Are Magnetic Closures packagings?

These are cardboard packagings with a hidden magnetic closures system that helps keep their contents secure.

Magnetic closure boxes are packaging that helps keep products secure and safe from the outside elements that may cause damage or destruction.

A magnetic closure box is an airtight, waterproof, and dustproof solution. It comes with a magnetic closure system to keep contents secure inside and moisture and other outside elements securely out.

The magnetic closure box can be printed with your artwork or decorated to match your product line.

16.   How Magnetic Is Fixed While Making Magnetic Closure Box?

The Magnetic Closure Box is an automatic magnetic box. The magnet is fixed in the outer sidewall of the box.

The magnetic force should be balanced for packaging to close magnetic boxes, and it is good if the inside of the magnetic packaging box accommodates personalize items.

High-quality glue machines attach the magnetic, laminated devices having several layers of fiber paper.

17.   How Can You Enhance Appearance Of Magnetic Closure Boxes?

To enhance the appearance of these magnetic closure boxes, it can be printed on specialized Flexographic presses, guaranteeing high-resolution images or textures with vivid color reproduction.

All custom print magnetic closure boxes can be quoted using artwork or samples provided by the customer.

In addition, color-matched inserts and matching ribbons can be added in various styles, colors, and textures to enhance the outlook of boxes, which means there is an ideal match for every occasion.


18.   How To Customize Magnetic Boxes?

Magnetic closure boxes must be customized with a magnetic closure to work as intended.

Custom designing is typically done in Photoshop or Illustrator and then transferred onto the vector file.

Two files are needed, one for the rendering and one for the technical aspects of creating the box. Manufacturer’s experts can assist you if you need help with this process.

Custom Magnetic-Closure-Boxes-

Magnetic closure boxes on the manufacturer’s online website are custom designed according to your needs.

There are options for sizes, insert materials and colors, sourcing, add-ons, cartouches, and handle design. Their experts will assist you and get back to you with the template of your desired format.

19.   What Are The Related Products Of These Boxes?

The related boxes of these magnetic closures are:

  • Magnetic Hair Extension Boxes
  • Magnetic Handle boxes


  • Hexagon magnetic boxes
  • Cardboard Magnetic Boxes
  • Corrugated Magnetic Closures
  • Kraft Magnetic Boxes

20.   What Are Custom Magnetic Closure Boxes Attracting The Eye And Capture The Hearts?

The boxes have high-quality flexible magnets inserted inside a specially designed cardboard insert that can be attached:

  • Ribbon
  • Custom Artwork
  • Hand-Crafting


  • Color Selection
  • Box Paper Type & Quality

These will be applied, making the package look more elegant, upscale, and personalized than a traditional paper box.

In addition, size options, materials, and colors to choose from let you truly make this gift box package perfect for your jewelry store, boutique, or spa.

21.   How Magnetic Closure Box Packaging Is The Soul Of Your Brand?

Magnetic closure box packaging is the soul of your brand. It represents strength, trust, and loyalty.

Therefore, many businesses use magnetic closures for their product; in fact, they have become a standard for many industries such as jewelry and pharmaceuticals.

With these kinds of products, you need to either provide security or appeal to your customers’ senses so that they continue to buy from you.

Magnetic closure boxes are the soul of your brand because, without them, you could never be successful. We all wear clothes, eat food, drink beverages, and use a countless number of products. A magnetic closure box is a decorative one-way closure.

22.   Why Are The Boxes With Magnetic Lids Illuminated For The Retail World?

These Boxes with magnetic lids are artistic illumination of the retail world and a necessary component of decoration of retail chain stores and commercial trade enterprises.

In addition to flexibility and practicality, they are a combination of practicality and artistic value.

The Boxes with magnetic lids illuminate the retail world because the box with magnetic closure keeps your products securely closed when not in use and strengthens your brand’s identity.

You can shop your boxes with magnetic closures and brighten up your shelves, offices, and homes.

23.   How Can You Give Your Product Packaging An Elegant Exterior With A Tough Interior?

You can give versatile looks to your magnetic closure boxes for an elegant exterior by providing status symbols that can influence others online or offline to purchase your magnetic closure box.

You can offer the following to become a leading trend online/offline for magnetic closure boxes:

  • No Resistance towards wear and tear
  • Irresistible aesthetics
  • Unlimited customization possibilities
  • Engineered Internal Inserts


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