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ZTP has grown into one of China’s top producers of paper printing and packaging throughout its 20-year history. We aim to live up to our mission, offering reliable services while being consistently innovative. Our factory is located in a well-known free trade zone with excellent worker productivity. We have succeeded in becoming the majority of worldwide businesses producing magnetic box with ribbon after years of growth.

The business has grown into a bigger and medium-sized commercial printing company that specializes in the manufacture of a wide variety of paper goods, such as a magnetic box with ribbon and other paper items. We also specialize in manufacturing magnetic gift box with ribbon, magnetic ribbon gift box, magnetic ribbon box, white magnetic gift box with ribbon, magnetic closure gift box, big magnetic gift box with ribbon, and other papercrafts. From creation and printing to handicraft processing, we provide a one-stop shop.

Choose From A Variety Of Magnetic Box With Ribbon

There are many different types of magnetic boxes with ribbons to select from at ZTP. If the style you want isn’t available, let us know, and we’ll create it for you.

Magnetic Gift Box With Ribbon
Our magnetic gift box with ribbon is perfect for a wide variety of gifts. It's convenient since it includes a magnetic cover that makes it simple to close and open.
Magnetic Ribbon Gift Box
Our magnetic ribbon gift box is suitable to use for any occasion. It comes with a magnetic cover that may be kept securely with any product. It also has a ribbon on it, which adds to its beauty.
White Magnetic Box With Ribbon
ZTP's white magnetic box with ribbon is perfect for storing or wrapping gifts for any occasion. It is composed of a durable paper substance that may be reused several times.
Magnetic Ribbon Box
The magnetic ribbon box from ZTP is ideal for every occasion. It's a beautifully designed strong paper material box that's built to endure. It also possesses magnetic cover properties that make it exceptional.
Large Magnetic Gift Box With Ribbon
Our large magnetic gift box with ribbon is an environmentally friendly gift bag that can be used by a range of brands and is perfect for wrapping large goods. It's entirely made up of a magnetic cover for further security.
Magnetic Closure Gift Box
Our magnetic closure gift box is made of high-quality paper and is both sturdy and fashionable. This wonderful bag also comes with a magnetic cover that is great for protection.

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Why Select Magnetic Box With Ribbon From ZTP?

ZTP is the most dependable supplier for unique magnetic boxes, with decades of expertise. Our highly experienced designers on site can handle any project, big or little. From concept to delivery, ZTP’s expert teams provide you with a One-Stop, hassle-free service.

The magnetic boxes with ribbons from ZTP are just stunning. These high-quality gift boxes feature a matt or glossy surface and are made from partially recycled and completely recyclable material after the ribbon tie has been detached. Besides, the layout of these boxes all features an attractive ribbon tie that may be used to open the box. The boxes are then firmly closed with a magnet fastening, which makes a “snap” sound when the magnet grabs.

Moreover, the magnetic box with ribbon comes in a variety of sizes and may be utilized to present anything from eyeglasses and big jewelry pieces to pillows, beverages, and food packs.

ZTP is always pleased to provide packaging and printing assistance and will work with you to ensure that your packaging accurately represents you and your goods.

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Why Choose ZTP?

ZTP is the world’s leading manufacturer of magnetic boxes with ribbons. We take pride in being the best and promoting handcrafted items. All of our products are made from materials that are sustainable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly. We believe that doing more with less is the best option. In order to achieve client satisfaction, we also strive to provide excellent customer service and prompt delivery.

We have a large selection of beautiful handcrafted magnetic boxes with ribbons that can be designed to meet our clients’ needs. We also think about forming long-term business relationships that last a lifetime.

If you’re searching for a high-quality, low-cost magnetic box with ribbon in a number of styles, ZTP is the place to go.

 FAQ Guide

  1. What Is A Magnetic Box With Ribbon?
  2. How Does Manufacturer Make the Magnetic Box?
  3. How Magnetic Gift Box Is Helpful In Brand Promotions?
  4. What Insert Can Be Used On Magnetic Boxes?
  5. What Box Type Can Be Used For Cosmetic Packaging?
  7. Do These Boxes Come Flat Packed Or Do They Need To Be Assembled?
  8. What Are The Uses Of Magnetic Boxes?
  9. What About If I Want My Brand Name Get Printed On Ribbon?
  10. What Are The Related Products Of Magnetic Closures?
  11. How Can I Get The Help Of An Expert For Designing Custom Magnetic Ribbon Boxes?
  13. WHAT FORMATS ARE AVAILABLE Of These Magnetic Box With Ribbon?
  14. What Are The MATERIAL And COATINGS Are Used In Making These Boxes?
  15. What Are THE COLOR Options OF These Ribbon?

Magnetic Box With Ribbon – The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a guide that contains all the information you need to know about your product in one place. It comes with everything you want to know, including features, benefits, and FAQs.

Magnetic Box With Ribbon – The Ultimate FAQ Guide is the ideal tool to answer all your questions about the Magnetic Box With Ribbon business.

Magnetic Box With Ribbon – The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a guide created and developed by our team of experts, who put their heads together to answer your most critical questions and present you with the best product there is in this category!

1. What Is A Magnetic Box With Ribbon?

A Magnetic Box with Ribbon, also known as a Magnetic Ribbon Box, is a round-shaped box with a magnetic strip attached to the front flap to close it up in one easy movement without any tape or tacks.

Magnetic Box with Ribbon is a combination of ribbon and a simple magnet. The magnetic Box is designed to be a promotional product, promotional gift, or corporate gift.

Magnetic Box With Ribbon

This is a beautiful magnetic box with a ribbon. The magnetic Box comes in many colors and can hold jewelry, fridge magnets, craft projects, and more. Your customers will love the function of this magnetic Box on the back of the Box.

These fantastic magnetic boxes are perfect for storing small items and keeping them safe and dry. Ideal for various uses, including craft supplies, jewelry, office supplies, and more.

A magnetic box with a ribbon can store anything from dried herbs and spices to paper clips or even broken jewelry. With a ribbon glued to the top, you can create a decorative container that’s also very practical.

A magnetic box with ribbon is a small storage container that can store items you use every day but need access to often.

2. How Does Manufacturer Make the Magnetic Box?

Magnetic Box is made from corrugated paperboard with a liner inside. The material is coated to prevent printing fading and strong the cardboard box. Then we proceed the process into luxury magnet boxes and supermarket magnetic gift boxes in many colors and sizes.

This magnetic Box with ribbon is corrugated cardboard and has a magnetic closure. Cardboard is a marvelous material. It can be folded, made rigid with walls of paperboard or plastic, sealed or glued together, or printed upon. Cardboard is the most widely used material for making magnetic Boxes.

Magnetic Box with Ribbon is a decorated storage box that is perfectly suitable for storing your jewelry, lapel pins, medals, and so on. You can fasten the lid and ribbon with magnetic force easily. When you open the Box to take out something, the Box will automatically become flat.

Magnetic Box With Ribbon Template

Magnetic Gift Box with Ribbon will be a perfect festive decoration for your gifts and cards. This Box has made of high-quality eco-friendly thin cardboard for you to use many times. It is wonderful, durable, and reusable.

A flexible Magnetic Box is produced with a magnetic ribbon adhered internally to a cardboard core. The Box can be closed and opened repeatedly without ever tearing the ribbon, which means it can have tens of thousands of openings before becoming weak or warping.


3. How Is Magnetic Gift Box Helpful In Brand Promotions?

If you plan to brand your company and want to give gifts to your clients, then it is a perfect marketing technique. Magnetic gift boxes have the power to attract customers’ attention and provide them with a positive experience.

A magnetic Box is a handy tool for promotional activities. If you want to promote your company, product, or service, a magnetic gift box is a much more effective way.

Magnetic gift boxes designed with ribbons and bows make special offers or announcements look vivid. You can get any premium design and logo printed on magnetic gift boxes with perfect customization service. It is the simplest but effective way to catch consumers’ attention.

Magnetic Box With Ribbon Brand Promotions

A Magnetic box with a ribbon is used to pack a product for a gift item. It is a technique or style of product packaging that can effectively improve the appearance and esteem of the gifted item. Magnetic gift boxes are gift boxes that have magnetic closures.

They are usually made from paperboard with plastic lamination, card, cardboard, or other page materials as the cover material. When creating your package, whether it’s a generic package or personalized packaging with your business logo printed on it, there are certain design issues to consider.

4. What Can Insert Be Used On Magnetic Boxes?

The inserts are the inside compartments in the Box. Inserts dividers make your storage system hold more stuff and separate them. You need to customize the insert for your needs.

Inserts assist in adding a new meaning to the cardboard boxes since inserts can also be used together with a company’s packaging.

This magnetized integration of the cardboard inserts and the outer packaging makes hard-assembled cardboard boxes feasible to shiploads of fragile items as well. Concerning mailings, inserts are added to increase security, support structure, and integrity.

Magnetic Box With Ribbon Brand Promotions

Magnetic Ribbon boxes with Inserts can be very useful in diverse ways, and that is why the Magnetic Box With Ribbon is ideal for an innumerable number of uses. One of the best gifts you can give to the people you love is the storage solution for their clutter.

Houses are where you live, not just live and store stuff, which becomes difficult when one runs out of space. This Box adds to your storage options. It has a magnetic insert that allows for easy storage of your things.

The inserts are designed to fit into the Magnetic Box With Ribbon to hold all your important items. Each insert can be infinitely customized to meet your needs.

5. What Can Box Type Be Used For Cosmetic Packaging?

A magnetic box can be used for cosmetic packaging design. As a trend of the development of cosmetic packaging, it is a clever way and idea to provide the user with a convenient and interesting opening experience.

This Box is covered with faux fur material outside; round opening presents an illusion effect in black and white color. Inside, no magnetism to protect cosmetic accessories inside the Box.

The magnetic Box is compatible with all kinds of magnet ribbons; it has good stability and high intensity, reliable quality with flexible sizes.

This can be used for cosmetic packaging, adornment, and other displays. You need to choose a nice ribbon to meet your needs.

Cosmetic Magnetic Box

Magnetic Box is the newest packaging option that can be used to wrap and display cosmetic items at the store.

Magnetic box packaging is made of high-quality cardboard that can go with any product, from perfume and gift sets to spa sets.

A great alternative to cello bags, magnetic boxes are made of thick cardboard, which is already perfectly sized for your products.

Magnetic boxes are a must-have for any nail salon or spas as it allows you to place your products on display in an organized, professional way.


These magnetic boxes are great for storing small items or transporting them from one location to another.

They feature a removable divider and neodymium magnets that provide high holding power, specially designed with an elaborate lid.

The magnet affixes to the top of the Box firmly, helping you wind up the ribbon into it. Few benefits are given below:

The Magnetic Box With Ribbon is a white magnetic box designed to hold jewelry and other valuables.

Whether you are making a travel slideshow, carrying a portable DVD player, or keeping your cosmetics safe in the bathroom, these boxes can help keep your devices clean and organized.

The metal fastens firmly closed with magnets, and the ribbon can be wrapped around your package with a bow in one easy step, allowing you to present a beautifully packaged gift.

Magnetic Box With Ribbon Benefits as gift

Promotional magnetic advertising bins are a one-of-a-kind and cost-effective way to reach customers.

This magnet box will keep all of your small business’ materials safe, visible, and easily accessible to passing patrons.

This magnetic box is a great way to keep notes, messages, or other special items that you want to keep close at hand. Each Box comes with an attached ribbon that’s magnetized as well, so the Box won’t fall closed.

These magnetic boxes are sealed, so they are ideal for storing items that must be kept clean and safe. Magnetic boxes make it a cinch to bust open birthday presents or party favors.

They are easy to move – all these boxes have a large interior space, and the lid is easily detachable without any effort.


7. Do These Boxes Come Flat Packed Or Do They Need To Be Assembled?

These magnetic boxes come flat packed and require no tools or glue. Fold out the sides, slip in the ribbon, and hang. Boxes come in three sizes to hold a variety of craft projects.

Magnetic boxes come flat-packed, just like any other box would. Rarely will you get one assembled unless it was bought from a store that assembles things for customers.

In a flat box, all sides are precut and will not stretch after assembly. The flat cardboard sides are less costly and more economical than assembled boxes.

Magnetic Box With Ribbon Flat Packed

On the other hand, assembled boxes come already assembled with glue applied to the seams and ready to fill, making them sturdier than flat boxes. Plus, they come with a ribbon so you can easily package and label your items.

Flat boxes are designed for shipping in large quantities and arriving flat, so they can be easily stored, stacked, and transported when empty. The top of a matte box folds down and rest on the sides, while the flaps or middle tabs are folded on top of the Box, creating four walls.

An assembled box is designed to be filled by placing items on every four sides. This is great if you need to see the contents inside the box before you close it.

Magnetic Box With Ribbon Assembled

8. What Are The Uses Of Magnetic Boxes?

There are many uses for magnetic boxes.

  • There are many sizes and colors available to fit your needs. You can use them to store photos, toys or medicine,
  • You can use these boxes to keep small metal parts together for your hobbies, such as jewelry-making or model-making.
  • There is a ribbon attached to the front of the box that can be used to attach a photo that represents what is in the Box.
  • Advertising businesses, promotional companies, and other organizations use these boxes for marketing or clients’ gifts.
  • Apart from businesses, home-based businesses also purchase magnetic boxes for storage purposes.
  • They are ideal for holding tools in your garage, sewing supplies in your craft room, or even as a gift box
  • It can be used to store an assortment of items, such as stationary, toys, decorative items, etc.

Magnetic Box With Ribbon For toys

The Magnetic Box with Ribbon is a stylish box considered the safest packaging with its high-quality lid that is specially designed to hold food and its ribbon handle. This package can effectively show your product while keeping it fresh and ready to eat.

9. What About If I Want My Brand Name Get Printed On Ribbon?

The ribbon is 12mm x 6.5 meters long, and the printing on the ribbon is available in a full-color process. Ribbon imprinting can be up to 3 lines, 25 characters per line.

This magnetic Box with ribbon is perfect for your retail items, promotional products, and more. With your brand or business name printed on the ribbon, this item is a great way to spread your message.

You can also add a ribbon with your brand name, advertising logo, or other important information. And it’s very easy to apply. For that, all you need is a double-stick tape, and then stick your ribbon on the Box.

Printed Ribbon

You can choose the ribbon of your color or as your requirement to make a unique and attractive food gift box.

To get the brand name printed, please contact China’s manufacturer directly by E-mail or by Fax. We are looking forward to talking with you and welcome any inquiry.

China’s manufacturer offers a very suitable ribbon for packaging and presenting your product; if you want to put your LOGO on the ribbon, please inform China’s manufacturer when you place an order.

10. What Are The Related Products Of Magnetic Closures?

The Magnetic Closure is used to seal food packages and product cartons, used primarily in dry packaging like plastic bags, paper bags, cardboard boxes, metal cans, etc.

The magnetic package is made up of the closure and magnet (magnet strip or magnet plate), with a structure that the closure is put on the body firstly, and the interest is fixed on the inside of the closure through the thin adhesive layer.

These magnetic Boxes with ribbons have high quality and are a very good price. As one of the largest manufacturers and wholesalers of promotional items, we offer customized services to satisfy customers’ individual needs. Our company has won a sound reputation in the customized metal products industry.

Magnetic Closures

This packaging box can be applied to pack any small magnetic item. It is made of high-quality brown paper material, nice, and convenient to tear by hands.

The interior is covered with a beautiful red ribbon, and the strong magnetic closure makes it easy to open and close the lid of this packaging box. It will be an excellent display packing for your customer; you can also fill it with some nice and colorful gifts.

11. How Can I Get The Help Of An Expert For Designing Custom Magnetic Ribbon Boxes?

Magnetic ribbon boxes are a great way to add a splash of color and vibrancy to your promotional campaign. These attractive, custom-designed magnetic ribbon boxes are designed especially for easy opening.

They feature special magnetic strips that allow you to open the flap by simply pulling with one hand. The magnetic strip is also strong enough to ensure an airtight closure and keep contents secure.

Have you been looking forward to designing a custom magnetic ribbon box but haven’t made the big step yet? All you need to do is call us. We have a team of well-qualified personnel who will be able to design the perfect magnetic ribbon box for your business.

Custom Magnetic Ribbon Boxes

Get help designing the right magnetic plaques, ribbons, and award boxes with our magnetic box maker. Making magnets is a lot easier when you can create your attractive magnetic Box to hold them in.

China’s market is the easiest way to order custom magnetic ribbons, plaque or awards that hold important papers and documents functionally and attractively.

Manufacturers have a team of experts who guide you in designing a Magnetic Ribbon Box. We work with you at each stage of your project, from concept design to final production.

Whether you are looking for budget-friendly or unique boxes for your project, our wide range of packaging options can satisfy every possible need.


The special features are listed below:

  • Magnetic Boxes with Ribbons offer a special place for your keepsakes.
  • You can place diaries, photo albums, and family papers in a box with a ribbon.
  • Magnetic boxes help you make additional storage space by putting documents that you want to save on the fridge or a wall.
  • The inner magnets make sure that these boxes are perfect for magnetic surfaces.
  • What is more, they can be stacked one on top of another.
  • The 3/8inch super strong magnet is coated on both sides with a smooth coating for extra durability to ensure you can use it for a long time.

All magnetic boxes are 4-sided and do not need to be turned over like other magnetic boards, allowing you the freedom of using them anyway you want, from displaying photos or postcards, acting as a memo board, or even displaying artwork on canvas. A few important features are:

  • Magnetic Box with ribbon
  • material of magnetic board: MDF;
  • magnet strength: 30kgs/26pcs;
  • Color: as per customer requirement;
  • Pocket size: 300mmX250mm,ribbon: 550mm;
  • OTM box size: 400×290×100mm.

13. WHAT ARE FORMATS AVAILABLE Of These Magnetic Box With Ribbon?

These Magnetic Box With Ribbon products come in 2 different designs and come in vertical or horizontal positions. They are available in PSD, JPG, and TIFF format.

The magnetic ribbon is a versatile addition to any brand. Our magnetic ribbon can be used as a closure or attachment mechanism on various packaging formats.

The glossy laminated cardboard will not bend or warp easily, and the all-sided magnetic force of the Box makes the magnets attach to any steel surface on the Box when closed.

The thermochromatic ribbon reflects with high contrast against any color background, making it useful for identifying the contents of a box/bin.

14. What Are The MATERIAL And COATINGS Are Used In Making These Boxes?

This Gift Box has an extra thick magnet to hold your metal gift card without a problem. The material used inside the magnetic Box is also metal to avoid any scratches. Covered with a high-quality silk screen printed design in UV coating. It comes with a beautiful and elegant finish.

Our Gift Boxes are made with three layers of high-quality cardboard. The interior is protected by a thin layer of a non-toxic resin coating. Our boxes come in 4 different sizes and can be customized to your particular needs.

A non-toxic, water-based rubber coating on the outside of this Box protects against scuffs and scratches. It is constructed from a high-density pulpboard board pressed onto the layers.

The boxes are recycled paper with a high gloss lamination for dent resistance.

15. What Are THE COLOR Options OF this Ribbon?

</div >These magnetic ribbons are made in 4 attractive colors: The Orange Ribbon, The Light Blue Ribbon, The Pink Ribbon, and The Brown Ribbon. All colors match almost any dorm room or office theme!  There is no extra charge for colored ribbons.

Ribbon Color Options

These are the following colors I have for these magnetic boxes. You can choose which one you would like.  Black (as pictured), Pink, Royal Blue, Yellow, and White.

If you want a different color or a specific color not offered, please let me know; they will be custom orders; therefore, they will be more money, and it will need to charge a custom listing price.

The Magnetic Box With Ribbon is all 100% brand new and high quality. Manufacturers offer hundreds of different themes for you to choose from. These boxes can be designed into any shape or size you want.

More Color options contain lime green, red, purple, orange, white, blue, red, green, and blue.

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