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With over two decades of professional expertise, ZTP is a reliable and skilled printing and packaging provider. We supply magnetic box packing, as well as a range of paper packaging alternatives. We also offer a variety of magnetic box items that may be used for a variety of products.

These magnetic box packagings may be used for both personal and business purposes. It comes in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Additionally, ZTP can create the magnetic box packaging of your option. In fact, our business has the finest manufacturing team and designers, and we exclusively utilize high-quality materials.

At ZTP, we guarantee that all magnetic boxes are fully recyclable, eco-friendly, and of the highest quality.

Choose Your Preferred Form Of Magnetic Box Packaging

We provide a wide variety of magnetic box packing options at ZTP. They’re all expertly crafted from high-quality materials. Furthermore, we provide bespoke packaging, which means that if your preferred box is not available, we can create it.

Custom Magnetic Box Packaging
Our custom magnetic box packaging is a great option for any kind of packing, whether it's for a gift or for shipment. It may be customized and includes magnetic qualities that make it easy to open and close.
Magnetic Packaging Box
ZTP produces a magnetic packaging box that can hold a wide range of goods. Our boxes are always made to order and are both recyclable and reusable.
Magnetic Folding Box
Our packaging magnetic box is most likely a suitable fit for any product. It has high-quality materials and a magnetic cover that provides further security while in use.
Magnetic Closure Gift Box
Our magnetic closure gift box is expertly crafted from recycled materials. It features a magnetic clasp and is ideal for keeping all kinds of gifts.
Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes
The magnetic closure rigid boxes are the perfect gift box for your loved ones. It can safely contain cosmetics, chocolates, jewelry, and wines. Moreover, the magnet snap allows a strong closure, making it ideal for secure packaging.
Magnetic Box With Ribbon
One of our most popular items is our magnetic box with ribbon. It includes magnetic qualities and a ribbon that gives it a more elegant appearance. For sure, you'll love this packaging.

Great Benefits Of Using Magnetic Box Packaging

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Two Decades Of Producing Magnetic Box Packaging

One of the various advantages of utilizing a magnetic box is that it reduces the chance of goods being destroyed. Moreover, magnetic box packaging is regarded as one of the most effective methods for businesses to minimize risk in their manufacturing, operations, and commercial activities. It was designed to keep the product protected from outside contamination.

Another advantage of utilizing magnetic boxes is that they enhance the value of the goods. ZTP’s magnetic box packaging is a high-end box made of high-quality paper that is extremely strong, helping to preserve the goods within and giving the consumer a sense of security while opening the box.

Furthermore, using features such as the box logo, color, printing, and design, magnetic box packaging allows you to convey your brand. This feature assists consumers in recognizing and selecting the appropriate items, as well as avoiding the purchase of counterfeit or low-quality goods, which may negatively impact a company’s performance and brand identification.

So, if you don’t want this to happen, have ZTP create your brand packaging that your consumers will never forget.

ZTP has 20 years of printing and packaging knowledge and can offer you excellent magnetic box packaging solutions. We are a prominent manufacturer capable of producing high-quality boxes.

Besides that, ZTP aspires to offer magnetic box packaging that is both first-class and cost-effective. Our skilled designers and team are competent in creating items that meet your requirements and expectations.

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Why Should You Choose ZTP For Your Magnetic Box Packaging Needs?

Magnetic box packagings are flexible and may be utilized for a wide range of purposes. For all circumstances, ZTP provides a large selection of high-quality, handmade magnetic boxes. In addition, these boxes are appropriate for both home and business usage.

You have a lot of choices to choose from in ZTP! Many customers value our creativity and expertise in printing and packaging services, which is one of our great strengths. We make it easy for customers to choose their favorite magnetic box.

We can also offer you high-quality, low-cost packaging as a competent manufacturer. Our paper packaging is guaranteed to be biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and of excellent quality.

ZTP is the way to go if you’re searching for low-cost, premium magnetic box packaging. We can develop the design and style you need in a timely manner. Our experienced staff is ready to help you with your packaging needs!

Magnet Packaging Box – The Ultimate FAQ Guide


The magnetic packaging box FAQs are intended to answer the most common questions about magnetic packaging boxes.


It contains plenty of information about types of magnetic packaging boxes, materials used to manufacture magnetic packaging boxes, costs of magnetic packaging boxes, benefits of magnetic packaging boxes, machines used to manufacture magnetic packaging boxes, and much more.

This guide provides you with all the relevant information about the magnetic Packaging boxes you are striving for.

1.    What Are The Types Of Magnet Packaging Boxes?

There are several types of packaging boxes; some of the most popular are listed below:

Folding magnetic Carton:

Folding boxes are the most common packaging used in retail stores. It doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish or whimsical, for example, like the light bulb box.


Rigid magnetic Boxes:

A rigid box offers increased protection for both the product and the consumer. It is also a high-end finishing touch for luxury products.

Shoulder magnetic Boxes:

Shoulder boxes are containers with a lid and base that meet but don’t close. This creates a space between the top and bottom that can be used in a design.

Corrugated magnetic Cardboard Boxes:

Made from a flute and two liners, they are traditional. Corrugated boxes are inexpensive and easy to customize and can be used for the packaging of almost anything.

Regular Slotted magnetic Boxes:

A standard box is a versatile packaging solution that’s often used for shipping small items. It’s available in several sizes and with many different flaps, allowing you to customize the boxes and make them your own.

Corrugated magnetic Trays:

If you need to show your products off, a corrugated tray is a great option. They are a common type of storage container for point-of-sale displays and are often used for packaging and more.

Half Slotted magnetic Boxes:

Like a regular box, these boxes are great for storing products. These are specially designed boxes with one open side.

Roll End magnetic boxes:

A box with a roll-top lid that is easily opened and closed allows companies to create unique packaging for their products. This packaging style makes it easy for shoppers to see what’s inside and understand the product’s value.

Complete Overlap magnetic boxes:

These are the boxes that are perfect for shipping products. They feature a durable, rugged exterior and are available in a variety of attractive colors.

Telescope type magnetic Boxes:

A telescope box is a popular type of portable storage container which consists of two separate parts: a base and a lid. It is often used for presenting high-quality products such as technology.


Slide Type magnetic Boxes:

Another flexible box, the slide-open case, is made of two parts: a sleeve and an inner compartment that can be assembled into a package.

Mailer magnetic Boxes:

Mailer boxes are designed to fit easily in post boxes and letterboxes. They are created to be small enough to fit in your customers’ mail slots, making your delivery effortless.


Shelf Ready magnetic Boxes:

Shelf-ready packaging is created to look attractive and appealing on retail shelves. They can be designed to catch the eye of retail customers and help them find exactly what they’re looking for.

Custom Boxes:

These boxes can be customized in any shape and size that is needed.

2.    What Is The Manufacturing Process Of The Packaging Box?


The manufacturing process of the magnetic packaging box consists of a few steps that are listed below:

Selection of Tree:

The First step is selecting a tree from which the magnetic packaging box is made. It affects the quality and color of the packaging box.

The Pulp:

From wood chips, the pulp is made after adding several chemicals and bleaching agents for improved strength and white appearance.


Cardboard is made from dried pulp, with a higher or lower number of flutes depending upon the desired high-quality or low-quality magnetic packaging boxes.


The cardboard is then sent for cutting and trimming into desired shapes. This method can be manual or automatic, depending upon the product required.


After cutting, the pieces are assembled using glue, stitching, and tape, depending upon the type of magnetic packaging box.

3.    How Many Printing Technologies Are There For These Magnetic Boxes?

Many printing techniques are used to apply printed graphics on magnetic packaging boxes.


Each has its benefits. In this guide, you’ll learn about the most common techniques that are widely used.

  • Flexographic Printing
  • Screen Printing
  • Litho – Laminating
  • Pre – Print
  • Label Stickers

4.    What Are The Best Packaging Box Materials?


Depending on what you are packaging will determine which material is best.

Each material has its pros and cons, as well as common uses in the packaging process.

The best magnetic packaging box materials are paper, cardboard, and plastic.

These basic materials can be combined to make high-quality magnetic packaging boxes that will protect products during transport.


5.    What Is The Primary Purpose Of Product Packaging Boxes In The Packaging Industry?


Magnetic Packaging boxes have several purposes. Some of them are as follows:

The primary purpose of a product magnetic packaging box is to make sure items are safe from physical damage during transportation or storage.

Packaging boxes promote your product and help strengthen your market presence.

The magnetic packaging box provides information about what is inside, usage instructions, precautions, etc.


Product packaging is essential because it is what catches a buyer’s attention.

Magnetic Packaging boxes help identify the specific type of inventory among several products in the inventory store.

One of the main functions of product magnetic packaging boxes is to protect the quality and functionality of the contents of the package.


6.    What Are The Advantages Of These Packaging Boxes?


There are several advantages of magnetic packaging boxes.

  • Magnetic Packaging boxes provide maximum protection.
  • You can get your magnetic packaging box designed specifically to your product needs
  • Magnetic Packaging boxes are cost-effective, and you don’t need specific tools or machines to manufacture packaging boxes for yourself
  • Magnetic Packaging boxes help increase brand awareness and create product marketing or advertisement.
  • Magnetic Packaging boxes are usually made up of 70% to 100% recyclable material. Options exist to choose from environmentally friendly materials for packaging boxes.
  • They are lightweight and does not add up to the weight when you are shipping heavier products
  • Magnetic Packaging boxes can be easily reused and recycled.
  • They offer increased flexibility, and you can make single, double, or even multiple walled magnetic packaging boxes for more protection. You can pack anything you want to; this quality makes them flexible.


7.    What Are Material Options There For The Magnet Packaging Box?


Foldable magnetic packaging boxes have the lowest cost, while corrugated and rigid boxes are comparatively more expensive.


The best price for the foldable magnetic boxes is under the price of $1.

The price range of corrugated magnetic boxes that are fully labeled and printed is $2 to $3 per piece.

The price range of rigid magnetic boxes resides from $4 to $5 when fully printed with multiple colors and labels.

The price for custom magnetic packaging boxes is often determined by the size and material they are made. It can also vary based on how many graphics will be printed on each box.


8.    How To Choose This Type Of Box Material For Your Products?


Here are the things you need to consider before choosing a magnetic packaging box material for your products:

  • What type of product you will pack, understand the environmental and temperature effects of food, cosmetics, or healthcare.
  • Determine the lifespan for which the product remains inside the box. For this, you need to choose a material that supports the specific lifetime.
  • Determine the shape, size, or volume of the material or product you want to put inside the magnetic packaging box
  • Select the material whose cost remains within the boundaries of your budget


9.      How Can I Use A Label On The Packaging Box?


You can use labels on the magnetic packaging box.

Despite appearing so ordinary and unnoticeable, the magnetic packaging box is a powerful sales tool for any business.

Labels are an excellent idea for identifying your products and services.

You can print your company logo or any other message on the magnetic packaging box.

The design and color of your logo could match your choice of magnetic packaging box materials and colors.

A label can attest to your company’s brand name and deliver an essential message to the customers.


For instance, it can relay information about your product, including contents, warranty, usage instructions, precautions, etc.

The Label creates brand awareness and boosts your sales by catching the attention of customers in retail stores.

10.   How Can I Get A Free Box Template?


You can get free magnetic packaging box templates. Thousands of templates exist online.

You can either select a premade template that suits your needs, or you can choose one and modify it following your product’s requirements.

The online websites have specific tools that allow you to edit the colors of your magnetic packaging box, themes, and fonts.


You can also add or remove the information you want to convey to your customers.

The option exists to modify the shape and size of the magnetic packaging box that fits your needs.

Modifying premade templates is the best choice that saves time and money incorporation.


11.   How To Make A Box Without Glue?


You can make a magnetic paper box without glue by using the folding technique. You can follow the given steps to make a paper box:

  • Cut the paper in a square shape
  • Please fold the paper in a way that it makes four squares
  • Fold each square up to the center
  • Now fold it to make a shape similar to a pamphlet
  • Fold from corners each half-inch inside with behind flat support and then fold it inside
  • Now do this to all corners
  • Following similar steps to make the top lid of the magnetic packaging box
  • Attach the magnetic device with the lid and bottom.
  • Now place the base and lid together to have a final magnetic packaging box ready to use.

12.   What Is A Brown Magnet Packaging Box?


The brown magnetic box means that if the item was purchased in bulk, then delivered to you in a plain brown box, which would indicate that a distributor initially bought it before being sold to the customer, the customer should return it.


The brown magnetic packaging box is a box or container made of cardboard, paperboard, corrugated fiberboard, or fiber material.

Its primary function is to transport goods after being manufactured to retail sale points where they are unpacked and sold to the final customer.


13.   What Are The Popular Colors Used In The Box?


Having the right colors and graphics on the outside can make a great first impression on a potential buyer or customer.

This is why understanding what magnetic packaging box colors are popular when applying to packaging is vital.

Bright colors help you stand out from the crowd.

Different colors represent different attributes, and you can select one which suits your product. Colors with their characteristics are listed below:

  • Blue: Harmony, Strength, Honesty
  • Red: Passion, Excitement
  • Green: Growth, Security


  • Orange: Friendliness, Adventure
  • Yellow: Optimism, Fun
  • Purple: Spiritually, Luxury
  • Pink: Calming, Femininity

14.     What Accessories Can You Choose For Your Box?

There are many packing accessories for your magnetic packaging box, including paper insert, EVA/foam tray, silk or another fabric lining, blister tray, ribbon, etc.

You can choose the most suitable one from them.

These accessories help you stand out from the crowd by making the outer surface attractive and attention-grabbing.


You can use Ribbons and Silk to make a heart shape or fabric lining to create a text for a gift magnetic packaging box.

You can also use a foam tray to provide a strong foundation that keeps your product firmly in its place, e.g., wristwatches, pen box, etc.

You can also make use of metal chains or rings to make the looks of your magnetic packaging box aesthetically pleasing.

15.   What Do You Mean By Custom Packaging Boxes?

Custom magnetic Packaging boxes mean that you can decide what goes on in your box and how much room you get.

You can select the dimensions of your magnetic packaging box just according to the size of your product that will differentiate you from your competitors.


You can also change the color of your box, add logos and graphics to it, and select different materials depending on what kind of product you are packaging.

16.   What Are The Best Machines Used In The Manufacturing Of Packaging Boxes?

There are different types of machines used in the manufacturing of magnetic packaging boxes. These machines are used to make various products of magnetic packaging boxes in the market.

Some of these machines require operators who have gained knowledge, experience, and skills in using these machines, while others are Automatic.

These magnetic packaging boxes manufacturing machines are listed below:

  • ZQCX 800 3 Phase High-Speed Corrugated Box Forming Machine
  • Suba Automation
  • Paper Corrugated Machine
  • Semi-Auto Packaging Device
  • Rigid Packaging Device
  • Urgent Selling Sweet Box Forming Machine
  • Golden Mechanical 3 Phase Box Making Machine

17.   What Do You Mean By Waterproof Packaging Boxes?

Waterproof magnetic packaging boxes are water-resistant packaging boxes. Technically, the word waterproof means that liquids cannot pass through.

Waterproof magnetic Packaging Boxes are a great option to protect your products in transit.

They also help individuals and businesses all over the world to keep their goods safe. Waterproof magnetic packaging boxes come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, so they can be used to transport nearly anything.


These boxes are built from 100% recycled materials.

The box can protect your products from water, dust, and any other damage.

It is sealed tightly with a layer of air bubble sheet and can be foldable or flat based on your needs.

18.   How Many Faces Could A Packaging Box Be Printed?


Usually, five faces of magnetic packaging boxes have a print.

The reason is north, south, east, west, and topsides face a customer when he looks at your magnetic packaging box.

So, it is necessary to print these faces to further communicate with your customer and help you convey your message.

There is no need to print on the sixth face, but some renowned magnetic packaging boxes are printed on the sixth face.


This is a bottom face and doesn’t need any printing, and it indulges extra cost.

If you think you have a budget for this, you can print all faces because it will build customer confidence in your brand.

19.   What Is The Impact Of Marijuana Boxes On These Boxes?

The effects of marijuana sales on society in the form of magnetic packaging boxes are undeniable.

It is undeniable because marijuana sales can affect customers and the content prices on the magnetic packaging box that is being sold.

Without a doubt, the content of the magnetic packaging box will also affect the customers who buy it.


The impact of marijuana magnetic packaging boxes is forecast to become more broadly significant over the coming years.

The most recent developments and statistical data interpret how the growing popularity of marijuana magnetic packaging boxes will shape the market outlook.


20.   What Do You Know About Sleeve Magnetic Packaging Boxes?


A sleeve magnetic packaging box is the most commonly used retail packaging and shipping of small products and items.

As its name indicates, a sleeve magnetic packaging box is a box that can be folded lengthwise into a long sleeve.

Made with basic paperboard, magnetic packaging sleeve boxes are pretty affordable.

The folding carton construction makes them lightweight but strong.

The primary purpose of using this magnetic packaging box is to save space in shipping during the transportation process.

In this case, you will find that sleeve magnetic packaging boxes are pretty sturdy to help your items make it through a transport trip safely.

21.   What Are Wholesale Display These Magnetic Boxes?


Wholesale display magnetic packaging boxes are specifically made to present your products.

They are designed for optimal viewing and durability.

Packaging materials have changed over the years as retail customers look for new ways to maximize product visibility; these display magnetic packaging boxes have added a fresh perspective on the current trends of displays.

With wholesale display magnetic packaging boxes, people have a better chance of becoming familiar with your product.

This is great if you are a business owner because people will remember you and remember your logo or slogan.

Customers will also be more likely to purchase products that they recognize, which for store owners means more profit.

22.   How Do I Check The Quality Of Boxes?


There are several things to take into consideration when purchasing a magnetic packaging box for your specific needs.

The first thing that you should look at is the overall quality of the box itself and whether it will handle the weight of your items.

The thickness of the board used in making your magnetic packaging box can make a big difference in the quality and durability of the overall piece.

You should check for the lifetime of the specific material magnetic packaging box.

The magnetic packaging box you are choosing must be waterproof, has high tension and wear and tear resistance.

It would help if you bore in mind packaging materials consistency, quality of manufacturing process, and brand reputation.

23.     What Are The Factors Affecting The Design Of Cosmetic Boxes?

Many factors affect the design of magnetic cosmetic packaging boxes.

These factors include the quality, shipping costs, dimensions, artwork, packaging styles, colors, and quality.

There are several surface finishing processes available to help you package your product in the style you want.

These processes may be faster than traditional options like printing or laminating and still give you a finished look that will make your customer gasp with delight.

24.   Is Rigid Material The Best For Gift Packaging Boxes?


Yes, Rigid material is commonly used for magnetic gift packaging boxes.

Rigid material creates a classic look, while a cushioned interior will cradle your gift and keep it from shifting around during shipping.

The cardboard used in manufacturing these magnetic packaging boxes is thick and sturdy to stand up to heavy items, chemical reactions.

A rigid box can offer various color and shape choices, so you can choose the one that best compliments the gift inside.

For example, square gift magnetic packaging boxes are famous for jewelry vendors because they maximize presentation.

While these magnetic packaging boxes help serve decades-old family heirlooms, they’re also ideal for selling vintage fashion items online, such as old necklaces or other accessories with an ornate feel.

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