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For the past 20 years, ZTP has been a leader in the market in producing handcrafted luxury gift boxes, and we will continue to pursue our goal of producing high-quality boxes. Our customers can choose from paper boxes, corrugated boxes, gift boxes, magnet boxes, and customized boxes. If you’d like a box for your gifts, let us know. We, at ZTP, would like to present our high-quality luxury boxes.

We double-check every package we deliver to our customers to ensure its quality and design, and we strive to send defect-free shipments. ZTP and our delivery partners are continually in touch to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service. Moreover, our mission is always to prioritize our customers by providing them high-quality boxes of their chosen designs.

We can provide happiness to our customers with the help of our exceptional designers and packaging staff. We place a high value on our customers’ branding because it can assist them to improve the appearance of their enterprises. Your brand’s recognition is due to your personalized and premium packaging.

Other Types Of Luxury Gift Boxes

Are you still pondering on what kind of packaging would be best for your company? We have a large selection of boxes you can choose from. When it comes to packing, we are pleased to serve and assist you. The following gift boxes are available to you.

Custom Luxury Gift Boxes
Custom luxury gift boxes are in demand by many companies as presented their products as a gift. These boxes are made from high-quality rigid materials. Custom luxury gift boxes are used to present luxurious gifts but these boxes are also used to design various products and products.
Luxury Gift Box With Ribbon
This gift box is perfect for present, cosmetics, and lingerie items with style. With the ribbon, you may add a nice finishing touch to your items, which will increase their overall attractiveness.
luxury white gift box
This Luxury White Gift Box also increases the value of the product. It is a great solution to pack your gift and keep it in good condition.
Luxury Black Gift Box
The elegant black gift box will prevent stains. Your package's black finish matches your premium gifts and items well.
luxury gift box design
Your product's luxurious gift box design draws buyers, increasing sales. Customers desire attention-grabbing packaging that provides a good first impression.
luxury jewelery gift boxes
Giving a high-end jewelry gift box is as vital as giving diamonds. So ZTP creates jewelry boxes that complement the pieces.

ZTP Can Assist You enhancing Your Design Of Packaging

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ZTP Company: Your Perfect Package Partner

You’re halfway there if you want to make a name for yourself in the marketing sector. If you are already well aware of the significance of packaging in your industry, then, the next step is to choose a reliable packaging partner for your company.

You should put your business and product packaging in the hands of ZTP. We can assist you with enhancing your desired design for your brand’s packaging at ZTP. We also have some of the best teams in the industry to help you through the process. Our artwork is exceptional and wonderful, and we can assist you in creating a wonderful box that matches your business.

Starting a concept like this is difficult if you rely solely on yourself. Finding the ideal one for your company will make your life easier. So  send us a message, and we’ll put together a box for you.


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ZTP pass the ISO9001/ISO14001 manufacturing
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BSCI improve social performance in supply chain.
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ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
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Why Is Your Product Packaging Important

Your packaging amplifies the effect of your product; it’s what captures your customer’s attention initially. Hence, you should always keep in mind that it aids in the growth of your business because your clients place their trust in your packaging to protect their products. You must also ensure that the packaging for your goods is secure and durable so that it isn’t easily torn.

Plastic boxes or packaging, according to reports, are more likely to harm the environment since customers instantly toss the box away because it consists of poor-quality materials. However, these luxury gift boxes are created using environmental-friendly materials, and can be reusable.

Furthermore, you should always keep in mind the features of your product or service that make your target audience pleased. They are, after all, your first priority. Set your sights on client happiness, and never put your things in potentially dangerous packaging.

Luxury Gift Boxes – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The Luxury Gift Boxes –The Ultimate FAQ Guide helps you find out the Luxury Premium Food Gift Hampers information.

It is a guide that has the top Frequently Asked Questions from customers regarding luxury gifts. This will help you find Gifts that are suitable for you.

This Guide is a comprehensive resource that will teach you about material type, customized box, uses, and benefits of the luxury box.

The FAQ Guide is a complete detailed guide for the Luxury Gift Boxes. It is designed to explain every aspect of the basic purpose and different styles with color photos.

Luxury Gift Boxes – The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a concise and to-the-point guide about gifts. It’s a perfect reference for those who struggle to develop an appropriate luxury gift for each occasion.

Luxury Gift Boxes – The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a comprehensive, searchable, solutions-based guide that answers the most frequently asked questions about luxury gift box printing, packaging, Coating, and laminations.

  1. What Type Of Material Is Used In Making?
  2. How Is It Possible To Have My Luxury Box?
  3. What Are The Uses And Benefits Of These Boxes?
  4. What Are The Shapes Styles And Designs?
  5. Which Is The Market For These Luxury Boxes?
  6. What Do You Know About Luxury Gift Boxes?
  7. What Is The Basic Purpose Of These Boxes?
  8. How Many Styles Are There Boxes?
  9. How Is Printing Important In The Production?
  10. What Is The Cost Of These Luxury Boxes?
  11. Why Is Luxury Packaging Necessary For These Boxes?
  12. What Are The Coatings & Laminations Are Required For Lavish Look?
  13. What Are The Printed Options For These Boxes?
  14. How Many Types Of Special Finishes Are Made?
  15. What Is The Elegantly Designed Gift Packaging?
  16. Are There Any Packaging Specialists In China For Dedicated Support?
  17. What Format Is Preferred To You If I Had My Own Design Artwork?
  18. How To Elevate Your Brand With Luxury Gift Boxes?
  19. What Is The Link Between Brand Perception And Gift Box Design?
  20. What Is About Event Oriented Designs And Themes?
  21. How Does Outstanding Printing And Graphics Quality Affect?
  22. How Does Luxury Box Made?
  23. What Type Of Material Is Required To Make Luxury Packaging Solution?
  24. What Are The Specifications Of These Boxes?
  25. What Are The Factors Mandatory For These Gift Boxes?
  26. What Is The Advantage Of Updated Technologies In Making Of These Boxes?
  27. What Are The Things Not To Do With These Gift Boxes?

1.    What Type Of Material Is Used In Making?

Cardboard is the standard packaging material used in the making of luxury gift boxes. When companies make the production of luxury gift boxes, they often use custom printed cardboard boxes. These are durable and long-lasting, able to handle the wear and tear of shipping products safely.

With a wide variety of materials, such as cardboard, Kraft paper, and popular, eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo and paper, Luxury gift box packaging designers can create the right luxury gift boxes for any business or product.

2.    How Is It Possible To Have My Luxury Box?

We design Luxury boxes per your request. We have a design team that can create unique and attractive color combinations to complement your logo or brand tag.

We offer design support with our in-house design team that has expertise in their specialty areas.

Luxury Gift Box
We are dedicated to making Luxury boxes for our customers. Our designers use a variety of colors and designs to create custom boxes to suit your brand.

We can also provide a design service for you if you need help visualizing your products or services.

3.    What Are The Uses And Benefits Of These Boxes?

Few uses and benefits of luxury boxes are listed below:

  • Offer Flexibility
  • Recyclable and Reusable
  • Light Weight
  • Biodegradable
  • Great for branding
  • Cost-effective and Sustainable
  • Easy to customize
  • Maximum Production

4.    What Are The Shapes Styles And Designs?

Luxury Gift boxes come in an assortment of sizes to meet the needs of different gifting occasions.

Whether for a special occasion or just on Christmas morning, the selection of luxury gift boxes is perfect for any occasion.

There are also many personalized luxury gift boxes available on the market.

For every gift, there is a suitable luxury gift box that can hold that item. The shape, size, and style of a luxury gift box should be considered when choosing a gift.

5.    Which Is The Market For These Luxury Boxes?

China is the world’s biggest market for luxury boxes. As a leading manufacturer of luxury boxes, we’re here to help you find and order the perfect box.

China has the most extensive product range, including models in various luxury gift boxes such as rectangular, square, gold, and round.

Their luxury gift boxes are available in a range of materials, from paper to leather. They can even be made from paper, Mache, or wax.

Since you’re researching where to find the best Chinese boxes, you must be looking for a reliable supplier that delivers high-quality products on time.

Many businesses in China can fulfill all your needs, so search online for reviews and the top companies on the market.

6.    What Do You Know About Luxury Gift Boxes?

Birthdays, anniversaries, and all the other celebrations become extra special when you get more than you expect from a well-thought surprise in a kind of elegant gift box.

From beautiful ribbons to carefully arranged packages with colorful flower petals and glittering ribbons, we make every luxury gift box feel like it was personally made for you.

All you need is to choose a gift item and get it packed into a luxury gift box.

The artisans will carefully pack your gift box with care in any style or size that you desire.

The manufacturer will take the time to understand your preferences so that the finished product of the luxury gift box may reflect your desires perfectly.

7.    What Is The Basic Purpose Of These Boxes?

Customer’s value, services provide you with the best quality of luxury gift boxes available. You should understand the importance of branding and know that the best manufacturer offers only the finest luxury gift boxes. Manufacturers have an extensive range of gifts and luxury gift boxes available to meet your needs.

From choosing the right materials and color to selecting the proper design of your custom gift box, we handle every aspect of your order.

Packaging is designed for quality, eco-friendliness, and cost savings.

The top manufacturers are always striving to provide the best quality products at lower prices.

They often have orders for many thousands of products from smaller companies and individuals.

Their system can handle orders in bulk, even those with many different materials and customized designs, which results in lower costs to our customers and fast delivery of luxury gift boxes.

8.    How Many Styles Are There Boxes?

Luxury Gift Card Boxes:

You can make a beautiful luxury cardboard gift box for a special person by putting your special touches on it.

Luxury-Gift-Box-card boxes
These gift card boxes are very fun and unique. You can add anything you want inside the luxury gift box.

You can even request for a particular pattern or card to be printed on it. This way, you can make them look more personal and special to the recipient.

Luxury Gable Boxes:

Luxury Gable boxes are lightweight, easy to carry, and can be used for various purposes.

They are made out of lightweight materials but can be decorated with decorative foil sheets or glossy paper.

Luxury Handler Boxes:

Handlers are versatile boxes that are ideal for gifting cookies, sweets, or dry fruits.

They’re a fun way to send little gifts and deliver messages of thanks and congratulations.

Theme Luxury Boxes:

Theme Luxury boxes are a great way to introduce your customers to new products. They allow you to customize them to highlight certain products or add your special touch to make the theme luxury gift box one of a kind.

Favor Luxury Boxes:

Favors are a wonderful way to give gifts to guests on special occasions, and you can personalize luxury gift boxes to fit your event.


You can choose from various themes, such as wedding favors, baby shower favors, and bridal shower favors.

Luxury Gift Boxes with Lid:

Gift boxes with lids are not only eye-catching but an excellent way to present gifts and ensure that they are protected.

Ornament Luxury Boxes:

An ornament luxury gift box is used to display products in a presentation that makes them more attractive and attractive to the customers.

The luxury gift boxes are usually designed with artistic features like jewels, fragrances, and many more. However, its main purpose is to protect products from damage.

9.    How Is Printing Important In The Production?

The size, design, and color of the gift boxes are important elements when designing a gift.

You often spend a lot of time hand-crafting each box to ensure it fits your gifting needs.

We offer several different paper types that can be chosen and then printed with your desired design. We can print with special papers that will create the perfect luxury gift box.

Offset Printing Tool:

Offset printing is a specialized printing process that produces images that are usually thick and heavy.

Offset printing is used to print standard-size luxury gift boxes on a sturdy, durable material, like cardstock, with a special adhered paper layer at the center that is printed on top of a base layer with no paper.

Digital Machine:

It gives you the chance to create a 3-dimensional design with real-world visual appeal. The designers can easily transfer your idealized designs into functional, beautiful designs.

Luxury-Gift-Box-Digital machine

They provide you with a wide assortment of colors you can choose from for a luxury gift box.

You can choose from our wide range of gift wrapping boxes or design your own to fit your needs.

You will have over a hundred different styles of luxury gift boxes available, and with a quick search on our website, you can easily find the perfect option for your holiday gifts.

10.   What Is The Cost Of These Luxury Boxes?

China’s manufacturers’ customer service is remarkable. They can provide impressive service regarding luxury gift boxes in a way that matches your budget.

Their selection of luxury gift boxes to their customization is flexible and easy to work with.

And since their prices vary depending on the size and design of the luxury gift box, they offer even deeper discounts for large-size orders and custom designs.

The best manufacturers make sure that your package gets to you as fast as possible.

They provide different shipping options depending on the size of your order, the delivery location, and the time of year.

They also offer flat-rate shipping options to help keep your costs down.

Clients are the greatest asset of any reputable manufacturer. You must treat them with great care and service them in the best possible way.

11.   Why Is Luxury Packaging Necessary For These Boxes?

Create a box with gold foil, hot stamping, gold-embossed label, and magnetic closure.

China is the ultimate way to create elegant packaging for your luxury gift boxes. These upscale gift boxes are perfect for gifts for your favorite salespeople or clients.

Make your brand stand out in gift wrap. If you’re selling jewelry or clothing accessories, a bespoke gift box can be a great way to make your products look even more special and luxurious.

A larger luxury gift box will accommodate bulky items such as pottery, ceramics, or glassware.

Large gift packaging is ideal for packing multiple items into a single luxury gift box.

Small luxury gift packaging is suitable for smaller gifts like jewelry or small electronics.

12.   What Are The Coatings & Laminations Are Required For Lavish Look?

A few of the coatings and laminations are listed below for a lavish look at luxury gift boxes:

Food Grade Coating:

Food-safe Coating that prevents cross-contamination in food packaging.

Soft Touch Coating:

The soft surface treatment increases the adhesiveness of the Coating. It produces a smooth surface for decorating and Coating.

Pearlescent Coating:

Pearlescent Coating gives a reflective finish to your surface, giving it a pearl-like sheen.

Metallic Coating:

Luxury-Gift-Box-Coatings and Laminations
Metallic embossing is a metallic textural effect achieved using a roller to apply embossing powder to the hardboard box’s interior, top, and exterior.


Varnish A quick, inexpensive way to protect and shield against scratches and scrapes.

UV Coating:

Spot UV Coating, A single spot application of UV-cured ink, can permanently color or tint a surface and allow for spot or flood applications.

AQ Coating:

AQ Water-based coating creates a smooth, water-resistant, protective surface that combines the benefits of a semi-gloss finish with an advanced water repellent system.

Soft Touch Lamination:

Soft Touch Lamination is a thin plastic film used for packaging, protecting from scratches and providing a smooth touch.

Matte Lamination:

A laminated film plastic sticker, which is usually placed on the box surface, makes the box’s appearance appear flat and glossy.

Gloss lamination:

Gloss lamination is a thin plastic sheet applied to the printed surface of a box or package.

13.   What Are The Printed Options For These Boxes?

Following printing options are described below for luxury gift box:

Pantone Metallic:

Pantone Metallic is a color system for the creative process recognized for its extreme color accuracy when printing.


Pantone Color System for Precision Color Matching Pantone’s color system is a well-known industry standard in the graphic design and printing industries for printing luxury gift boxes.

Pantone can help ensure that your print luxury gift boxes are delivered with the highest level of color accuracy with its precision matching capabilities.

Digital Print:

Digital Print is a low-cost, high-quality, low-volume digital printing option for businesses.

Flexo Print:

Flexo Printing Economical printing rolls with faster turnaround. Ideal for larger volume printing.


Lithography is a great way to have high-quality prints in smaller quantities, perfect for print shops and small manufacturers.

14.   How Many Types Of Special Finishes Are Made?

Few types of special finishing of luxury gift boxes are listed below:

Window Cut-Out:

Window display Special process where a window is created on the luxury gift box’s surface.

Window patching:

A special glue-reinforced patch is used to cover the hole from the outside of a window.

Embossing / Debossing:

Embossing or debossing is a way to create raised or recessed patterns on the surface of a card.

Spot Gloss:

Spot Gloss UV is a glossing agent that is often used to smooth out imperfections, add shine to certain hard-to-reach areas, and create a translucent sheen.

Foil Stamping:

Mono-printing and embossing heat transferred foil onto the paper surface.

15.   What Is The Elegantly Designed Gift Packaging?

Make every detail count in luxury gift box packaging design. It’s key to deliver an eye-catching box that inspires anticipation and delight.

Luxury-Gift-Box-Elegentaly Design
Luxury Gift boxes should exhibit outstanding quality, as well as be aesthetically pleasing to the recipient.

The beauty of a luxury gift box is that it’s designed to present beautiful gifts.

That’s why people want to open it with care and love.

However, when the box is not strong enough for fragile or valuable items, the result is disappointing.

A great way to solve this problem is to use a strong structural solution.

16.   Are There Any Packaging Specialists In China For Dedicated Support?

Yes, China’s product specialists are experts at providing one-on-one product consultation.

From initial design to delivery, product specialists can help you get through all the various stages of product development, from ideation through production, without any hassle.

Product specialists will help you find the perfect solution for luxury gift boxes.

They’ll help you navigate a complex product line, advise you on international shipping, and get your luxury gift box ready for delivery.

17.   What Format Is Preferred To You If I Had My Own Design Artwork?

China’s largest companies and manufacturers of luxury gift boxes have begun to embrace the digital era.

Only AI, CDR, and high-resolution PDFs are accepted now because these formats can store more color images.

18.   How To Elevate Your Brand With Luxury Gift Boxes?

Keeping up-to-date with the latest marketing trends is essential to remaining competitive in today’s modern world.

To survive and compete, you need to be at the forefront of the trends and have a clear plan for the future.

It’s no surprise that human contact is a key element when it comes to businesses with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and positive reviews.

For businesses seeking to provide great customer service, luxury gift boxes can be an easy way to add that human element without sacrificing the efficiency of digital interaction.

Several different ways that your business can use gift boxes:

Elevate the customer experience and focus on your customers’ needs.

Forget about branding your products. Make sure your luxury gift box packaging is attractive, functional, and sustainable.

As for the shipping boxes, use these luxury gift boxes to brand your products and create emotion in the buyer.

19.   What Is The Link Between Brand Perception And Gift Box Design?

At the end of the buying cycle, improve the last step of the buying process and give customers a chance to experience what they’re buying.

Showing your customers that you care about their experience with you and having a purpose behind what you do can go a long way in making sure that you’re remembered positively by your customers.

Adding elegance to your luxury gift boxes can be an easy way to boost your company’s reputation.

20.   What Is About Event Oriented Designs And Themes?

The designers are experts in event-oriented designs for luxury gift box packaging.

We have the skills and resources to provide you with elegant designs that will make your gifting, celebration, or event stand out.

Whether you’re looking for Christmas favor boxes with a baked ham, stunning gable boxes for birthdays, or elegant favor boxes for weddings, our design staff can help you create them.

You can order any luxury gift box from us, and they are available in different sizes and shapes.

You can also get a luxury gift box made by the experts. They will ensure that your gift packs are as original as you want them to be.

The team of designers can help you design the perfect gift packaging boxes that will wow your friends and family.

Our expert packaging designers will create your ideal gift packaging boxes from scratch, whether you need a personal gift box, a corporate gift box, or a special occasion gift box.

21.   How Does Outstanding Printing And Graphics Quality Affect?

We work hard to develop the highest-quality products and solutions.

We also understand that a packaging solution’s printing and graphic quality is very important for enticing people.

When it comes to gifting, one of the most important aspects is the need for unique packaging of luxury gift boxes and exquisite printing.

You should be proud to have the most advanced and state-of-the-art digital and screen printing technology in the industry.

You’ve also equipped our presses with cutting-edge color and offset printing machines, raised ink and foil coloring alternatives, embossing, and debossing capabilities, and a host of custom options.

Printing services enable us to provide you with exquisite, luxury gift box packaging solutions.

You can print anything you need: labels, boxes, wrapping paper, tags that you have the resources necessary to provide you with the best possible luxury gift box packaging.

22.   How Does Luxury Box Made?

A Luxury gift box is a beautifully made, sturdy cardboard box. Made from recycled paper; it’s environmentally friendly and eco-friendly too.

Inside you’ll find a beautiful assortment of the careful curate and tinkered with goods that will put a smile on your face.

Open Gift Box With Red Ribbon Overhead View
Open Gift Box With Red Ribbon Overhead View

Luxury Gift Boxes are a stylish and environmentally friendly way to send birthday gifts.

They come in various sizes, depending on the Luxury Gift Box you purchase, and they’re filled with all kinds of goodies like coupons, candy, and more.

The Luxury Gift Box is then tied with an exquisite satin bow before being placed into a sturdy cardboard box sealed and includes a hand-written love note.

23.   What Type Of Material Is Required To Make Luxury Packaging Solution?

What sets us apart is that we choose to use a wide variety of different materials, including coated paper, bamboo, and leather.

China’s manufacturers can do this to craft a unique and luxurious eco-friendly luxury gift packaging solution that our valued clients can enjoy for years to come.

Your extensive product range includes luxury gift boxes, laser-cut foam inlay packaging solutions, packaging combinations for promotions, and one-time use and disposable packaging for retail and wholesale customers.

Your customers include multi-national corporations; significant producers, marketers, and distributors; and small to medium-sized businesses.

When it comes to designing our products, we put our personality into each design. We use various techniques, including foil stamping, embroidery, screen printing, embossing, and laser engraving.

24.   What Are The Specifications Of These Boxes?

The specifications of these boxes are listed below:

CMYK, PMS Printing

All size available

Unbendable digital card wrapped material

Luxury-Gift-Box-Spot UV
Gloss, Matte, Soft-touch, and Spot UV

As maximum quantity

Window cut, Gold Silver Foiling, Embossing, Foam Inserts

Digital Proof

3D Mockup

In time Delivery according to order quantity

Die Cutting and Gluing

Internationally shipping

25.   What Are The Factors Mandatory For These Gift Boxes?

Essential for gift packages are listed below:

  • Customization and design expertise,
  • High-quality products,
  • Commitment to eco-friendly
  • Packaging practices.

26.   What Is The Advantage Of Updated Technologies In Making Of These Boxes?

The Premium Boxes is the leading supplier of luxury gift boxes wholesale in the country.

The manufacturers utilize a range of high-quality printing technologies to produce your luxury gift boxes with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Premium luxury gift boxes are crafted by hand using only the highest quality materials and chosen for their elegance and refined style.

The printing team has access to hundreds of cutting-edge technologies for print, such as in-line digital printing, offset printing and screen printing.

Innovative processes enable you to provide premium results to your clients and make their marketing messages stand out.

Luxury-Gift-Box-Efficient packaging

You will utilize various inks, the most advanced printing technologies, full color, and crisp redrawn graphics to produce efficient luxury gift box packaging.

You will be able to help our clients make the most of their products with these clever, eye-catching packaging designs.

27.   What Are The Things Not To Do With These Gift Boxes?

The four biggest mistakes that luxury gift boxes go through, as reported by the Luxury Gift Box Association, include

  • Not performing drop tests,
  • Not designing their boxes with social media in mind,
  • Not considering customer needs,
  • Not thinking about their market.
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