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ZTP is a dependable and competent printing and packaging company with over two decades of professional experience. We have a variety of paper packaging options, including a kraft paper packaging box. Also, we have a range of kraft box products that are suitable for all kinds of products.

These kraft paper packaging boxes are suitable for both personal and commercial applications. It is available in a number of styles, colors, and sizes. Furthermore, ZTP is capable of producing the kraft gift box of your choice. Our company, in fact, has the best production team and designers, and only uses the most modern techniques and materials.

At ZTP, we promise that all kraft paper packaging boxes are 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly, and of premium quality.

Select Your Desired Form Of Kraft Paper Packaging Box

Take a look at these exquisite and creative forms of kraft paper packaging boxes. If your preferred type isn’t featured, feel free to contact us. Our staff can create kraft boxes in a number of different forms.

Kraft Paper Gift Box
The kraft paper gift box is most likely a good choice for any type of gift. We make gift boxes in a variety of forms and sizes to meet your demands, using high-quality materials.
Kraft Paper Box With Window
The kraft paper box with window is available in a variety of colors and styles and is ideal for storing beauty products.
Kraft Corrugated Boxes
ZTP manufactures a variety of kraft corrugated boxes that are suitable for a variety of items. All of our boxes are produced professionally and are both recyclable and reusable.
Kraft Gift Box With Lid
The kraft gift box with lid is an excellent packaging option for environmentally friendly products. The majority of our boxes are constructed of recyclable materials that can be used in a wide range of products, including cosmetics and food.
Black Kraft Boxes
ZTP's black kraft boxes can be used for a variety of products. It's a sturdy, long-lasting box with a mysterious, sophisticated black color.
Kraft Box With Handle
High-end Kraft boxes with handles are perfect for small and medium-sized items. They're a rigid box that's easy to handle.

Two Decades Of Producing Kraft Paper Packaging Box

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Why Is A Kraft Paper Packaging Box A Good Choice For Any Product? 

Kraft paper packaging boxes are an excellent choice for any product because it provides extra protection.  Choosing kraft boxes for any packaging needs can be the best and most cost-effective option to do. Besides, using kraft paper can help you save the environment by not using plastics and other harmful materials.

Our kraft paper packaging boxes at ZTP are manufactured entirely from scratch using recyclable materials that are environmentally friendly. We can promise you that all of the equipment utilized to make gift boxes are high-quality.

ZTP has 20 years of experience in the printing and packaging industry and can provide you with exceptional kraft paper packaging box solutions. We are one of the outstanding producers capable of providing high-quality boxes.

Furthermore, ZTP aims to provide a high-quality and cost-effective kraft paper packaging box. Our talented staff and designers are competent at providing products depending on your needs and expectations.

In addition, we are undoubtedly dedicated to supplying exceptional and sophisticated services for all of your packaging requirements. You will surely be happy and content with the service and product we have offered!


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BSCI improve social performance in supply chain.
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ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
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Why ZTP Is The Best Choice For Your Kraft Paper Packaging Box Needs

Kraft paper packing boxes are versatile and can be used for a variety of applications. ZTP offers a wide assortment of high-quality, handcrafted kraft boxes for all occasions. Furthermore, these boxes are ideal for personal and corporate use.

In ZTP, you have a lot of options to pick from! One of our strong points is our artistry and knowledge of printing and packaging services, which many clients appreciate. We make it simple for them to select their preferred kraft boxes.

Moreover, as a professional manufacturer, we can provide you with high-quality, low-cost kraft paper packaging boxes. We guarantee that our paper packaging is biodegradable, eco-friendly, and high-quality.

If you’re looking for a low-cost, exceptional kraft paper packaging box, ZTP is the way to go. We can quickly create the design and style you need. Our skilled team is ready to assist you with your packing requirements!

Kraft Paper Packaging Box – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Kraft Paper Packaging Box – The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a comprehensive guide that aims to present an array of information relating to the utilization of Kraft paper packaging boxes as packaging for products and goods.

This guide is written to help anyone make the most out of their products by covering how and why kraft paper packaging boxes should be employed rather than other cardboard options.

FAQ Guide gives information about Kraft paper packaging boxes. It is a sturdier, recyclable material used to pack and ship other items together. It keeps products organized and safely packaged for delivery.

Kraft paper packaging boxes – the guide is a collection of our frequently asked questions, from choosing the perfect package and the graphic design services for these boxes.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a quick and easy resource that helps you pick the best Kraft Paper Packaging Boxes that fit your needs, budget, and style.

  1. How Do You Offer Graphic Design Services For Kraft Paper Packaging Box?
  2. What Type Of Kraft Paper Packaging Box Can Be Chosen?
  3. How To Design The Kraft Paper Packaging Box When I Have No Idea About It?
  4. Why Should I Choose Kraft Paper For Packaging My Product?
  5. How Can I Have Printing On The Inside And Outside Of The Box?
  6. How Can I Order A Sample Box?
  7. What Are The Differences Between Gloss, Matte, And High-Gloss UV Coating?
  8. What Is A Die Line Template?
  9. How Do You Review The Artwork Before Printing?
  10. What File Format Should I Be Uploading To Printing For Best Results?
  11. How To Check MY FILES BE RGB OR CYMK?
  12. What do you know about the Pantone Matching System?
  13. Why Do The Printed Colors Look Different From The Colors On My Screen?
  14. What Information Do I Need To Provide For A Quote?
  15. How Are You Able To Help Find A Best Shipping Solution For My Order?
  16. What Type Of Packaging Will do I Need For My Products?
  17. Can I Make Recyclable Packaging Into A Selling Point?
  18. How Can I Limit Packaging Costs If I Only Need A Few Units?
  19. How Can I Speed Up The Packing Process?
  20. What Are The Best Custom Packaging Boxes For Your Product?
  21. How Can I Get My Logo Printed On My Containers?

1.    How Do You Offer Graphic Design Services For Kraft Paper Packaging Box?

Graphic Design Services for Kraft paper packaging boxes would range from the look of a product to the way it is presented, including packaging design, logo, manufacturer website design, and more.

Manufacturer’s designers are capable of providing custom designs for your Kraft paper packaging box. They have significant experience in graphic development, product packaging, market segmentation, and brand identity.


They have a passion for creating a strong visual identity and innovative package designs to help you stand out from their competitors.

The manufacturer’s graphic design team can help you develop solutions and ideas for the graphical design of kraft paper packaging boxes to present these boxes on events, birthdays, greetings, cards, invitations, etc.

2.    What Type Of Kraft Paper Packaging Box Can Be Chosen?

There is two material of this packaging box: White Kraft Paper & Brown Kraft Paper.

Brown Kraft Paper
The brown kraft paper packaging box features are very innovative, making the box more environmental and lightweight instead of a transparent window or acetate window.


While the while Kraft box  is made of high-strength white paperboard, if need be decorated on the surface, such as stamping or offset printing with color or NPI, put into various specifications of paper gift boxes.

3.    How To Design The Kraft Paper Packaging Box When I Have No Idea About It?

Designing a kraft paper packaging box means you have to think about the size of the product being offered for sale.

This will help you make a lovely design for your product, so anyone who sees it will surely want to purchase one.

You can take the help of a box manufacturer dealing in box manufacturing for the last few years and having some professional team who can help you with box design and dimensions.

Kraft paper packaging boxes can be made of different kraft paper and then diversified in color, item size, style, stock displays, brown kraft boxes with windows, brown gift boxes with ribbon.


When you are planning to make a kraft paper packaging box, there is no need for you to be worried if you have no idea about it.

As long as you know the size of all your products, such as length, width, and height, qualified designers can easily design the best box for your products. They will help to make your designs into reality.

4.    Why Should I Choose Kraft Paper For Packaging My Product?

Kraft paper is the most natural for printing and is widely used for packaging because of its features and price.

Kraft boxes are the original box material used to make shipping boxes.

Because of its thickness and durability, kraft paper is a mainstay in the packaging industry.

It is a rugged and simple, cost-effective solution. It’s also clean; natural color is a safe choice for selling products of all kinds.

Kraft paper packaging boxes are most widely used in the retail sector. The material is very unyielding, so that it can be used repeatedly for storage.

The kraft paper packaging also provides excellent product protection and easy visibility.

As an economical choice, using materials like Kraft paper packaging box reduces the cost of production while improving product quality and accessibility of the final product to the consumer market.

The reasons why you should choose Kraft paper packaging box for packaging your product

Areas follow:

  • Light-weight, and 100% recyclable
  • Commonly used in the home
  • office and grocery store to protect items
  • Decorated or plain with options of window inserts for visibility
  • Versatile and can be used for gift packaging
  • storage and display
  • It can be easily taped
  • glued or assembled without the use of tools

5.    How Can I Have Printing On The Inside And Outside Of The Box?

Manufacturers can print your logo or company name or product information on the inside and outside your boxes, even your customized artwork.

This sort of printing service is called full-color printing. When the manufacturer puts colorful pictures on the package, it will be more beautiful and practical to show your identity.


Kraft Packaging Box Gift set, Cardboard Box, Gift Packaging with Window-Get printing on the inside and outside of the box using our patented window technology.

For color boxes, the printing on the inside of the box is selected for you. Please note-for some colors; the design will be reversed on the inside of the box. For White boxes, you can choose to print on the inside and outside of the box in one color/one side.

You can print on the inside of a window box and the outside of a wrapping box. You can also have your logo or artwork printed on all four sides of a custom mailing carton.

Flexographic printing works great for this type of Kraft paper packaging boxes. This method allows you to print on the inside of the box outside, giving your Kraft paper packaging box total exposure for consumers to enjoy.

6.    How Can I Order A Sample Box?

Go to the manufacturer’s webpage and find the product you are interested in; click on the “How to order a sample box?” under the “Product Description or click here for more information.

Place a sample order of any Kraft gift boxes or packaging displays and specify your choice of colors, specific styles, and the quantities needed.

When you place your order, include a note explaining what you are ordering regarding styles, color, and approximate box size.

To order a Kraft Paper Sample Box, please contact us and send us the Item Number of the samples you would like to order. The manufacturer will ship items within 3-5 business days of the order.

Sample boxes make a great marketing tool for you to represent your products and be used in any retail space, trade show displays, or store.

Kraft paper packaging boxes are also perfect for promotions such as weddings, birthdays, or anniversary events.

7.    What Are The Differences Between Gloss, Matte, And High-Gloss UV Coating?

Glossy UV coating:

It is the most common choice for wedding invitations because it’s a very bright and high-quality option.

Gloss UV Coating can sometimes be perceived as cheap when applied over cardboard or Kraft Paper because it re-emphasizes the unnatural look of the packaging material.

Matte or dull UV coating:

Its prints appear more like photo matte paper and may be more appropriate for image quality.

High-gloss UV coating:

It is a popular choice for boxes and packaging. It can make printing sharp or more subtle, depending on the design.

8.    What Is A Die Line Template?

A die line template is a detailed illustration of each applicable product packaged in the Kraft paper packaging boxes.

The die line is the most basic printing guideline used in the manufacturing process.

It specifies how much of the product’s surface can be printed on by informing the manufacturer where to put printing and where not to; where to cut away excess material before applying adhesive or lamination.

A die line template is a heat transferred, snap-on contour template for customizing the presentation of your product.


Commonly used in the packaging and garment industry, it is now used by florists to make boxes for wedding arrangements.

Manufacturers use a die line template to cut a product out of a sheet of corrugated board. The sheet of corrugated is then folded and glued to create the box shape.

A die line is a Kraft paper packaging box template that shows the precise location of all stripes and folds that make up the box design. T

The lines are used to cut the parts of the folding Kraft paper packaging boxes for a product.

If you would like to learn how to create your own Kraft paper packaging boxes, there are numerous die-line templates on the company website.

9.    How Do You Review The Artwork Before Printing?

You can review the artwork before printing through the “View Proof” option on the website.

When you need to review the artwork, it’s great to have a window in the box that will allow you to view the image. This helps show the full-color or photograph art before your order is printed.

Review all artwork for any issues, such as pixel alignment and image resolution. If something goes wrong, our team will fix it or contact you to get more explicit instructions.

Review every piece of art and make sure it meets your requirements before printing. If the manufacturer comes across any technical mishaps, the manufacturer’s team will correct them or contact you to help you.


The manufacturer will do a quick review of every piece of artwork before it’s printed. The company’s Quality control department can check for spelling mistakes and make sure that all content is spelled correctly.

10.   What File Format Should I Be Uploading To Printing For Best Results?

Manufacturer’s printing experts offer three PDF file formats. These can be viewed on all platforms, PC or Mac. Microsoft Word for PC and Mac is not recommended as an acceptable file format.

Upload in PDF format as it is the best use of parameters and produces the cleanest results.

See our “File Formats” page for specific software. Printing departments currently accept PDF, .AI, and. EPS files.

11.   How To Check MY FILES BE RGB OR CYMK?

It’s Simple. Most manufacturers do not accept your files whose preview out is RGB if it’s ordered as CMYK because its already mentioned on their website, so there is no need to check.

That means your CMYK files are approved by the designer and are ready to print.

Few manufacturers accept all file types but make sure your design file is clearly labeled as to which color you would like printed on your item.

12.  What do you know about the Pantone Matching System?

It is the world standard for specifying, matching, and communicating color.

The Pantone Matching System has become widely accepted as the language of color communication from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer.

This system lets you specify what you want and how you expect it to look on everything from paint swatches and fabric samples to product packaging and brochures.

The Pantone Matching System is the international standard used for specifying colors. Many of our products are available in the Pantone Matching System and can be coordinated with your branding or marketing materials.

When you order an item in a particular color using the MC or Custom Color option, the manufacturer uses a specially formulated water-based ink to print your color choice onto the product, which is then covered with an evident lacquer seal.

Pantone Matching System

This process allows us to match almost any color that is available through Pantone.

The Pantone Matching System has set the standard for specifying colors in the graphic arts industry worldwide for over 50 years.

Developed in 1967, the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM (PMS) is a standardized color communication system that ensures professionals agree upon language for specifying color.

It represents an international language for color communication across many mediums from paint chips to fashion to interior design and beyond.

h2>13.   Why Do The Printed Colors Look Different From The Colors On My Screen?

Inevitably, the colors you see on your display will not be a 100% match to the printed piece, especially for products that use many colors.

For instance, very bright colors like red often do not print as vibrant as they appear on your screen. White or light colors can also appear slightly different.

Additionally, the color process may differ between a digital press and an offset printing press.

The printed colors you see on your screen may vary from the actual colors of our products.

Color variations can be caused by several factors, including variations in monitor brightness and contrast settings.

Several factors could affect the appearance of colors, including your computer/web browser, the manufacturer being used, and your screen type.

The physical properties of each different brand and type of screen can create variations in the colors that you see.

For example, liquid crystal display (LCD) screens are lighter in color than plasma or CRT displays.

Also, some manufacturers use different names for their product colors. This may cause further differences in the terms used for color descriptions.

14.   What Information Do I Need To Provide For A Quote?

The minimum information you need to provide for a quote on our Kraft boxes is the size and quantity you require.

Depending on these factors, it might also be beneficial for you to include the item you will be packaging/displaying in the box or any attachments such as inserts or ribbons.

Most information required for a note is about Products, Color, Item, Size, Style and quantity.

The following information is required to quote your cardboard box order: product name, quantity, dimensions, a lid, what material (cardboard, corrugated, etc.), and if applicable, any printing or finishing requirements.


The manufacturer also offers added services such as Kraft paper gift boxes, tissue paper, and ribbons.

The first thing you’ll need to provide is a general item description. This can include the name and number of pieces, size, shape, color, etc.

Next, you’ll need to identify your paper type if this is not already specified in the information above and color and other options.

If your purchase includes corrugated inserts, you’ll want to provide measurements so the manufacturer can help determine length and angles.

15.   How Are You Able To Help Find A Best Shipping Solution For My Order?

Thinking about the packaging of your product is essential to open a box that looks like it’s been handled ten times. You do not want it to look like something was shipped with care.

That’s why you should take a look at these tips when designing a packaging box for your product.

China manufacturers have worked hard to earn a reputation for you as an efficient and reliable packing and shipping company.


They are always happy to provide you with the best possible shipping solutions for your order.

Their experts are always at your disposal to recommend the most efficient shipping method based on your needs.

They make sure that all of your solutions are ideally suited and customized for each of your needs.

16.   What Type Of Packaging Will do I Need For My Products?

The packaging you select for your product packaging should be functional and secure.

You can keep your customers safe by using good-quality, strong materials that will keep the goods inside your packaging protected.

Other considerations include using suitable materials to protect your product or providing customers with a resealing and reusing option with the right product.

Make sure that your packaging includes all the necessary information and is compliant with all relevant legal requirements. Packaging may also contain instructions on how to use and store the product.

Packaging plays a significant role in marketing. Ensure that packaging is consistent with how you want to promote your products.

If you will display products in online retail, consider packaging solutions that will help sell them.

17.   Can I Make Recyclable Packaging Into A Selling Point?

The first level is so that your product is environmentally friendly. Secondly, you can emphasize that your product is honest and straightforward without additives and frills.

Lastly, customers will appreciate the value for money. However, each approach may require a different emphasis on the design.

18.   How Can I Limit Packaging Costs If I Only Need A Few Units?

Picking a design that can be produced using an existing cutter costs less than starting from scratch.

To avoid making the setup costs more costly, you should link the request to a run already in production with a big customer.

When setting up a run for a customer, the manufacturer must cover the costs of making a special cutter to cut non-standard boxes.

To keep extra charges down, it’s a good idea to go with a design that the box manufacturer already has in mind.

One way to save on expensive color printing bills is to buy standard boxes from stock and get labels printed with product descriptions, diagrams, and photographs.

Often waiting for a big delivery can be pretty stressful. However, if you would like to minimize your impact on the environment, try using smaller packages and bulk packaging when possible.

This will save paper and resources and reduce the amount of packaging you’ll need.

You can also consider buying from overseas companies like from china, as they might be more environmentally conscious.

19.   How Can I Speed Up The Packing Process?

Either hire professional help or learn to use the right equipment and techniques. Skilled use of appropriate equipment is a significant advantage.

Invest inexpensive tools and equipment if they will speed up production. Whatever your situation, you must be careful about the quality and security of your packaging.

20.   What Are The Best Custom Packaging Boxes For Your Product?

You can choose from cardboard, rigid boxes, kraft boxes, corrugated boxes, or custom printed boxes.

Blue box packaging is one of the best-known names in shipping supplies, with a wide range of options available.

With Kraft paper packaging boxes, you can access expert advice and guidance on the most suitable product for your needs.


With expertise in custom packaging solutions, China has gained a reputation as the best box manufacturer in the world.

Their Kraft paper packaging boxes are designed with a high level of integrity and craftsmanship unparalleled in the industry.

21.   How Can I Get My Logo Printed On My Containers?

You can send your logo and a brief description of what you would like the logo to be printed on. Then it will be the manufacturer’s pleasure to work with your ideas to create an excellent representation of your product or company.

The manufacturer will the best way is to provide your logo in the correct vector image file formats.


The manufacturer can print your logo on any of our boxes. Usually, four-color printing is the best to use, giving you the most brilliant and detailed look.

You can send your information by email or fax or fill out our form listed on the manufacturer site for a free quote on any of our products.

Would you please specify in the form what you are looking for to get a quote?

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