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The Perfect Means of Packaging Your Gifts

Kraft paper gift boxes offer you premium means of packaging gifts that require strength and durability. At ZTP, we have an array of these boxes to take care of your packaging needs.
Every type of kraft paper gift box comes in different shapes and sizes. This takes care of any gift option that you may have in mind, allowing you to meet your gifting goals.
These boxes also come in bulk. This gives you the freedom to package as many gifts as you want. Their unique designs will also take care of your retail and gift packaging needs.
Here are our various Kraft boxes that you can choose from.

Find Kraft Gift Boxes Types You Want

Also you can send me details to custom your own packaging box.

Kraft Boxes With Lids
We can offer you this unique kraft paper gift box with a lid and divider inserts with different slots. It is the best option for packaging snacks such as chocolates and cookies. Your family members will definitely l love them.
Kraft Jewelry Boxes
Have you already spotted a piece of jewelry that would look good on a loved one? Well, you need a Kraft paper jewelry box from us. We have an array of these rigid gift boxes with a base and a lid extending to the bottom, making them easy to open.
Kraft Drawer Box
We also have these kraft paper gift boxes made of high-quality Kraft paper in store. They will give you the sturdiness and durability you need for your packaging. In addition, their user-friendly design keeps the gifts tightly wrapped for added security.
Kraft Pillow Boxes
If you are looking for something aesthetically pleasing for your packaging needs, our Kraft pillow boxes are good options. However, note that you may have to ask for a customized kraft paper gift box in this line of a specific size to meet your packaging goals.
Black Kraft Boxes
These Kraft paper gift boxes are made of recycled fibers and hence environmentally friendly. They are also aesthetically pleasing, thanks to the matt finish. Your package will look classy, which makes them some of the best options for decorating and accessorizing.
Large Kraft Box
We at ZTP understand that your gift may not fit some of the available options. In case you have a larger gift, we recommend using a large Kraft box. This can be further decorated using paints, glitter, and markers and then wrapped with colorful wrapping paper.

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We are a paper and packaging manufacturer that has been around for 20 years. We have, therefore, firsthand witnessed the changes in the packaging world.  We have some of the best automatic machines for the production of gift boxes.

We also offer large-scale production and can produce any paper packaging. Therefore, make sure that you reach out to us for any packaging solution services and packaging products. For more information, make sure that you check out our home page.

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FAQ On Kraft Paper Gift Box:: Understanding The Benefits Of The New Luxury In Product Packaging.

If you are reading this, you definitely are considering the best packaging material for your gift or product and have thought for a second that kraft paper boxes will be an ideal storage and packaging solution. Perfect!

In this guide, we have identified the various concerns of businesses about kraft paper packaging and this book is a unique approach to addressing your concerns. At the end, I hope you find answers to all the possible questions you might have concerning Kraft paper packaging and its benefits to your business.

  1. What Is A Kraft Paper Box?
  2. Why Is It Called Kraft paper?
  3. What Is Kraft Paperboard?
  4. Is Kraft Paper Gift Box Eco-Friendly?
  5. Is Kraft Paper Recyclable?
  6. Is Kraft Paper Gift Box Waterproof?
  7. What Are The Color Classifications Of Kraft Paper?
  8. Can I Print On Kraft Paper Gift Box?
  9. How Do I Print On Kraft Paper Gift Box?
  10. Is Kraft Paper Expensive?
  11. Is Kraft Paper Box Safe For Food Packaging?
  12. How Do I Get Design Ideas For Kraft Paper Gift Box?
  13. What Are The Types Of Kraft Boxes Used In Business?
  14. What Are The Advantages Of Using Kraft Paper Gift Box?
  15. How Do I Assemble A Flat Paper Box?
  16. What Are The Types of Packaging Products?
  17. Where Can I Buy Kraft Paper Gift Boxes?

1.What Is A Kraft Paper Box?

Kraft paper is a paper or cardboard made from softwood using a chemical pulp process known as kraft process. Kraft paper is commonly used for wrapping gifts and flower bouquet. It is also used as shopping bags, envelopes, shipping box and other product packaging materials.

Kraft paper

Kraft paper gift box is a packaging material made from kraft paperboard. It is used for gift and product storage. It is made in different shapes and sizes to meet different packaging needs.

2.Why Is It Called Kraft paper?

The word ‘Kraft’ is a German word which means ‘Strength’. The name was given by Carl F. Dahl the pioneer of this type of paper production. This is because the paper is made through a natural wood pulp process which involves less chemical. It is therefore stronger than other types of paper, making it the most durable and sustainable material for packaging.

3.What Is Kraft Paperboard?

A paperboard is a thick cardboard material used for packaging. It can be made in single or multiple layer to give it thickness, stiffness and toughness. It is usually lightweight.

A Kraft paperboard is a strong fiberboard used for making cartons and boxes for product storage and packaging such as beverage boxes, cigarette packs etc. It is rigid and foldable.

kraft paper board

4. Is Kraft Paper Gift Box Eco-Friendly?

An important factor for choosing a packaging material for your gifts and product is its environmental impact. This is why paper packaging has been chosen over plastic packaging among many businesses and manufacturers. Paper packaging constitute less environmental waste compared to plastic as it is biodegradable.

Interestingly, Kraft paper gift box is more eco-friendly when compared to other paper packaging boxes. Kraft paper is highly biodegradable. It is made of natural wood fiber, unbleached and with minimal chemical composition which makes it easily decompose when disposed, thereby minimizing environmental waste and with no impact on human health. Kraft paper gift box is therefore a sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solution.

5. Is Kraft Paper Recyclable?

Kraft paper gift box is 100% recyclable. It can be easily reused without losing its quality. But if you choose not to reuse it, ensure it is disposed in a recycling bin as it can be used in the manufacturing process of recyclable kraft paper as well as other items.

6. Is Kraft Paper Gift Box Waterproof?

Kraft paper gift box is the top choice especially in the food industry because of its strength which makes it moisture proof and water resistant. But for a more efficient result, Kraft paper or paperboard for product packaging can be made waterproof and oil proof with the addition of a bitumen layer, polythene coating or paint stray. This helps to save the box from harsh environment and to ensure safe and longer storage food products and other items.

7. What Are The Color Classifications Of Kraft Paper?

The natural color of kraft paper brown. But because the tree materials from which kraft paper is manufactured is not the same, there are difference shades of the natural color. While some darker, some are lighter. As a result, the varying colors of kraft paper have been classified into natural brown, yellow, black and white kraft paper.

There is also a final classification of kraft paper called the colored kraft paper, resulting from the various colored designs gotten through the dyeing process.

Reasons for different colors of Kraft paper include:

  • Different trees
  • Different production seasons
  • Different production machines
  • Dyeing process.


  1.        Brown Or Natural Kraft Paper

Brown natural paper

This is the primary color of the kraft paper as made from natural wood pulp. Virgin brown kraft paper is thicker and heavier, which makes it perfect for storage of heavy products. It is commonly used as cement bags and for carton boxes. Recycled brown kraft paper is not as thick and tear resistant as virgin kraft paper, but it is durable and used for lighter product storage and packaging.


        2.   White or Bleached Kraft Paper

While brown kraft paper is made of wood pulp, white kraft paper is made of bleaching wood pulp process. It is durable, strong, and commonly used for food snacks and cake packaging.

White kraft paper

        3. Black Kraft Paper

Because of its durability, dark kraft paper is commonly used for decorations and craft projects.

Black kraft paper bag

         4. Yellow Kraft Paper

A high-grade kraft paper made from wood pulp resulting in a yellowish brown colour. It is commonly used for food packaging.

Yellow kraft paper

         5. Colored Kraft Paper

Colored kraft paper is achieved through dyeing process which turns the natural brown color to any chosen color of the manufacturer. Any rainbow color can be derived from dyeing a kraft paper. Colored kraft paper is used for all manners of packaging designs and crafts.

Color kraft paper

8. Can I Print On Kraft Paper Gift Box?

Absolutely! You can print on Kraft paper gift box.

Because Kraft paper is thick, printing on it using laser inkjet is usually accompanied with some difficulties. But this does not remove the possibility of having beautiful designs printed on Kraft paper gift box. In, fact printing on Kraft paper helps to give your gift box a unique and antique look.

Natural brown kraft paper is usually uncoated and rough which makes it a perfect printing surface. But the choice of color used on kraft paper matters a lot in getting the perfect printing result. For brown Kraft paper, a dark color will always bring out an amazing design.

9. How Do I Print On Kraft Paper Gift Box?

You can customize you kraft paper gift box by printing your brand logo, contact and promotional information on it. This helps to promote brand awareness and increase your product sales.

When printing on kraft paper, the choice of color matters a lot. For instance, having a white ink printed on a brown kraft paper does not produce a perfect outcome except when mixed with other colors. But a dark color such as black, even when used alone, gives a perfect and beautiful printing result.

10. Is Kraft Paper Expensive?

Kraft paper gift box is a cost-effective packaging solution. Kraft paper is naturally produced with less bleaching. Hence, there is little artificial and chemical requirement in its manufacturing process, thereby saving production cost.

Also, Kraft paper gift box is a complete packaging solution that requires no additional packaging material like branded rubber sac. Kraft paper gift box can be easily customized to give adequate brand awareness.

When handled carefully, Kraft paper gift box can be easily reused by customers, thereby saving additional packaging cost.

When ordered in large quantity, kraft paper box is delivered in flat packs and light-weight manner to save cost of shipping.

To get your Kraft paper gift box at an affordable rate, contact a reliable manufacturer. ZTP is a trusted manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in paper packaging and packaging solution.

11. Is Kraft Paper Box Safe For Food Packaging?

When it comes to food packaging, so much attention is being paid to health safety and hygiene of the consumers. Certain chemicals are harmful to the body when consumed. Hence, not every paper is approved for food packaging. Some papers are produced with toxic chemicals that are harmful to the body and may contaminate the food.

How then do you know if a kraft paper is safe for food packaging?

The kraft paper must be accompanied by a certification from the manufacturer or retailer that It meets all food safety requirements and it is FDA approved.

ZTP Kraft paper box is healthy, non-toxic, odorless and certified by relevant health authorities. ZTP kraft paper is therefore safe for packaging of all food items and is ideal for restaurants, grocery stores and wine shops.

Kraft paper gift box is certainly the preferred packaging material in the food industry. Kraft box is chosen in the food industry for the following reasons:

  • Food safety: kraft paper is made with less chemical composition that is non-hazardous to health and without impacting food items when being stored in it. It is simply safe for food storage and packaging without fear of contamination.
  • Strength: compared to other types of paper packaging materials, kraft paper gift box is durable, strong and sturdy. It is used for convenient take away. It has high tear-resistant which makes it easy to carry food items without fear of breakage.
  • Waterproof: kraft paper gift box is a superior packaging material for being moisture proof, oil proof and water resistant.
  • Cost-effective: when compared to plastic packaging, kraft paper is a cheap packaging material for the food industry. It is also easily reusable and recyclable.
  • Brand awareness: When customized, Kraft paper gift box serves as advertisement and brand awareness for restaurant


12. How Do I Get Design Ideas For Kraft Paper Gift Box?

Paper box design is an effective form of marketing for every business today. More than ever, customers are now interested in how the product they purchase is being packaged; whether they are shopping online or when they walk into a store. Hence, you can’t afford to play weak in the game of effective packaging.

Kraft paper gift box requires a different design strategy unlike other forms of paper packaging materials. You need to carefully consider the colors, texts, fonts or images to use.  How simple or complex your design should be depends on your products or target audience.

Here are some quick tips on how to get design ideas for your Kraft paper gift box

  • Use quality Kraft paper box: your box must be made of quality packaging material. This helps to enhance the perceived value and quality of your product.
  • Consider the shape of your box: the shape of your kraft paper gift box must be appealing as well as serving the purpose of your product.
  • Consider the color of your design: you don’t have to use every color of the rainbow. Choose very limited color that speaks volume about your business.
  • Get a unique but catchy logo: this represents the image of your brand which you intend to imprint in the subconscious of your customers.
  • Your design must have a message: you must be telling a story or giving a value of your product through your design.
  • Your design must be simple: you may choose to use a logo stamp, an image or a message. Combining too many ideas on your kraft gift box may do your brand a disservice.
  • Get professional help: Contact the right packaging designer to get design patterns for your Kraft box.

ZTP gives free design ideas and can help you customize your kraft paper gift box to give your brand the best packaging experience. Contact us today for your unique design ideas and complete packaging solution.

Remember, a compelling design sets your brand apart in your industry. It helps you to grab the attention of buyers and to bring more sales for your product.

13.What Are The Types Of Kraft Boxes Used In Business?

Kraft paper box is now widely used in product packaging; in the food, cosmetics, fashion and technology industry, just to name a few. This is largely as a result of its natural but unique outlook which helps to build brand image. Some of the types of kraft boxes used in business are:

  1. Kraft Jewelry Boxes: Kraft packaging is commonly used in the jewelry and cosmetics industry. It is suitable and affordable packaging for storing and selling necklaces, wristwatches, eyelashes, lipsticks etc. Cosmetics and jewelry brands choose custom Kraft paper box to differentiate their brands from others.

Cardboard gift box

          2. Kraft Shoes And Apparel Boxes: Kraft paper box is made into variety of shapes and sizes for clothing accessories. The white kraft boxes is widely used for shoes and clothes packaging.

  • Kraft Gift Boxes: Asides from being used as wrapping material for flowers, Kraft paper box is used for gift packaging. Kraft gift box is used during important anniversaries such as; birthdays, weddings, valentines etc.
  1. Kraft Display Boxes: Used in every shops; clothing, jewelry, cosmetic, wine and accessories shops to display goods on the shelves to attract buyer. Kraft paper box serves as advertisement for products being displayed and increase its perceived value.

kraft paper display box

         2. Kraft Draw Box: Kraft paper is often made in slide drawing shapes for shoes and cosmetic packaging. Custom made draw box is widely used by popular brands.

Kraft Paper Drawer Box

         3. Kraft Bakery Packaging Boxes: kraft paper is an ideal packaging material for consumables. For this reason, kraft paper box is used for cakes, chocolates and pastries delivery. It is often made in different designs to attract buyers.

         4. Kraft Food Packaging Boxes: Kraft paper box is also widely used in fast food outlets for food packaging and delivery. It is often made to serve as lunch box for fresh foods, fried chicken, salad, burger, etc.

Kraft paper food packaging box

14. What Are The Advantages Of Using Kraft Paper Gift Box?

If your goal is to position your company as a unique brand in your industry, your choice of product packaging should be exceptional. Choosing kraft paper packaging will definitely do you a lot of good and position you as the champion in your industry. Here are some of the benefits of using Kraft paper gift box for your product packaging:

  1. Adds natural beauty to your product: Kraft paper gift box helps to give an appealing look to your product whether it is displayed on shelve or in an online sales catalogue. It gives that simple but unique look that helps to drive impulse sales to your product.
  2. Strong and durable: Kraft paper gift box and paperboard remain the strongest paper packaging materials. Hence, the reason for its wide usage among businesses. Virgin natural Kraft paper is tear-resistance and good for shipping products without fear of damage.
  • Easy customization and personalization: Kraft paper gift box can be easily customized with your brand logo or personalized for important gifting purpose.
  1. Good graphics and printing result: the rough texture of Kraft paper makes it suitable for printing purpose. The natural brown color of a Kraft paper produces a stunning look when designed with a dark color.
  2. Cost-effective packaging: Kraft paper gift box is very cheap and readily available in the market. It can be easy shipped in large quantity. The fact that it is also easily reusable and recyclable makes it a budget friendly packaging material.
  3. Eco-friendly: Kraft paper follows easier production process and less chemical usage making it highly degradable and environmental friendly.
  • Brand building and marketing: With printed logo and other artworks, kraft box can be used as tools of marketing materials for your brand.

15. How Do I Assemble A Flat Paper Box?

Your Kraft Paper gift box is often delivered in flat pack. This is to ensure convenience shipping of large quantities of box. You are simply required to assemble the boxes and package your gifts and products. Here are the few steps to assemble your flat paper box:

Step 1 Pull the box open to show the four sides and the square or rectangular shape

box folding

Step 2 At the bottom, there are two short flaps and two long flaps; fold the two short flaps first, followed by the two long flaps

carton box

Step 3 Apply a packing tape to seal the bottom folding.

Step 4 Flip the box over and store your gift or product items.

Folding carton box

Step 5 Repeat step 2 and 3 to seal the top opening of the box.

 top opening of the box.

The above steps are applicable for rectangular and square shaped paper boxes. It is a very simple assembly process. Other box shapes may require a slight difference in the assembly process.

For easy assembly of your large quantity paper box, ZTP Kraft paper gift box and other packaging products are usually accompanied with a manual to guide you and make it easy to put your paper box together.

16.What Are The Types of Packaging Products?


  • Corrugated Box: A multilayered box used to carry heavy products, such as computer and electronic appliances. It is also used in shipping of large products and moving home materials. Because of its strength, corrugated paperboard are sometimes used in furniture and bulk partitioning.

Corrugated paper type

  • Cardboard Box: This is a lightweight paperboard cartons used to package food, cakes, computer accessories, shoes, and other clothing items. It is lighter than corrugated box but thicker than paper bags.

kraft paper box

  • Paper Bag: It is used in shopping of groceries and retail items. It is popularly used by restaurants and as mailer boxes for delivery of consumable goods.

kraft paper bag

  • Kraft Box: A cheap but luxury packaging product made from natural wood pulp material with minimal chemical processing. It is the top choice of many businesses for their product packaging because of its sustainability and brand building capabilities.


Kraft paper can be made into corrugated box, cardboard box or used as paper bags making it the ideal packaging material for any brand looking to give its customers the satisfactory product delivery.

17. Where Can I Buy Kraft Paper Gift Boxes?

If you need to buy quality paper box in large quantity, you need to contact a trusted company who makes Kraft paper gift box.

ZTP is a manufacturer and wholesaler of Kraft paper gift box and provider of sustainable packaging solution. We have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and supply of product packaging materials. Our factory is well equipped with the most sophisticated machines to produce best quality paper packaging materials. Our professional staff are also committed to giving you the best custom made designs for your packaging solutions.

Here are some of the reasons we have remained the most sought after in the packaging industry

  • We provide luxury kraft gift box at an affordable price.
  • We are able to produce and supply in large quantity according to your order within the shortest period.
  • We ensure safe delivery of your boxes and packaging products in any part of the world.
  • We produce variety of designs of kraft paper box including kraft paper gift box, kraft paper draw box, jewelry box, etc., as well as custom made designs to serve your packaging needs
  • We provide free packaging ideas
  • We make it simple for you to place your order and make purchase through our online platform
  • We provide free estimate for your orders
  • We provide free samples for your custom packaging designs
  • We have a team of professionals who attend to your packaging needs from the point of enquiry, to placing your orders and delivery. They are also available and willing to attend to any complaints or provide any help you might need during and after the packaging process.
  • Our goal is to ensure an overall packaging solution for your brand.
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