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ZTP is a leading manufacturer of high-quality kraft paper drawer boxes, kraft gift boxes, sliding cardboard boxes, bespoke drawer box packaging, kraft paper packing boxes, and other kraft paper products. Layout, template production, printing, and manufacturing are all included in our “all-in-one” service. We also have a number of experienced, versatile, and efficient staff.

By combining new ideas, professional design, and modern techniques, we provide highly competitive packaging solutions. In addition, in terms of product development, new machines are provided.

We are proud to offer an amazing package solution as a result of our lengthy expertise and the efforts of our management team in updating our service. Order fulfillment, a competitive price, and a complete service mechanism have all contributed to our success.

Kraft Paper Drawer Box Come In A Variety Of Forms

You can pick from a wide range of professional-made kraft paper drawer boxes. Please feel free to contact us if you can’t find what you’re looking for on the list. We’ll be delighted to fulfill your request.

Kraft gift box
Kraft gift boxes are currently the most popular type of paper packaging since they are recyclable and safe for the environment. Furthermore, they are made of first-class materials and are of exceptional quality.
Sliding Cardboard Box
The sliding cardboard box is made of durable material that will keep your item safe and secure for a long time. It's also an environmentally friendly sliding-style box.
Custom Drawer Box Packaging
ZTP specializes in a wide range of custom drawer box packaging. You may get cost-effective and high-quality custom designs.
Kraft Paper Packaging Box
The kraft paper packaging box is most likely a good choice for any type of gift. We make boxes in a variety of forms and sizes to meet your demands, using high-quality materials.
Kraft Sliding Box
Kraft sliding boxes are ideal for storing a variety of products since they provide security and are easy to open. It's a well-made, eco-friendly box.
Kraft Paper Pillow Boxes
ZTP manufactures kraft paper pillow boxes that are suitable for accessories and gifts. All of our boxes are handmade and are premium and environmentally friendly.

ZTP Manufactures Exceptional Quality Products

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What Are The Advantage Of Using A Kraft Paper Drawer Box?

Typically, kraft paper drawer boxes were used to store products to give them a more upscale appearance. As a result, the packaging manufacturer believes that the principal role of the kraft paper drawer box is to raise the product’s value. That’s why it is used in a variety of businesses.

Furthermore, kraft paper drawer boxes are primarily used for packaging and protecting goods during shipment. Furthermore, the box can support goods by shaking, crushing, trembling, giving sun protection, water resistance, and leak proofing, as do many other things.

Moreover, the kraft paper drawer boxes’ main advantage is their high-end equivalent, which is comparable to that of high-quality iron boxes but at a lesser price.

Manufacturing companies are aware that the kraft paper drawer box is made of paper, which is an environmentally friendly and recyclable material. As a result, many high-end packaging boxes will prefer kraft paper boxes due to these advantages.

Our manufacturing facility is fully equipped with advanced quality control technology. We employ stringent procedures to ensure that each custom rigid kraft paper drawer box we produce is of the highest possible quality. Also, we think that our clients are entitled to the finest, which is why we strive to maintain and raise our standards.

Likewise, every piece of packaging that leaves our facilities has been thoroughly tested and evaluated to ensure that it is easy to use for your customers and that it can be stored for extended periods of time without causing harm.

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Why ZTP Is The Ideal Choice For Your Kraft Paper Drawer Box

ZTP offers a wide choice of kraft paper drawer box options, from high-end to low-cost choices. There will be a wide range of options available to you.

The best part with ZTP is that we can provide you with high-quality, low-cost products that are made entirely of recyclable materials. To design your package, we only employ high-quality materials and advanced equipment. We also make sure to provide you with kraft paper drawer box designs that are relevant for your business.

ZTP is the place to go if you need a kraft paper drawer box. You don’t have to spend time on the internet any longer. To produce the forms of paper packaging you want, we have a team of qualified and skilled individuals.


Kraft Paper Drawer Box – The Ultimate FAQ Guide


The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Kraft Paper Drawer Box is a comprehensive guide that provides answers to the questions that anybody who has ever in his mind and anywhere will easily understand.

The guide has been compiled to read and understand the information in a question-answer format to facilitate a buyer buying kraft paper drawer boxes.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide solves this problem by providing a few clear categories answers like Size, Material, Style, Color, and printing techniques in making kraft paper drawer boxes.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide shows in every category topped off with pictures showing the relevant image of each item.

1.    What type of surface handling can be used for a kraft paper drawer Box?


Surface treatments for Kraft Paper drawer boxes include:

  • Letterpress printing,
  • Foil stamping,
  • Embossing with smooth plaques,
  • Screen printing,
  • Brush on embossing (Gum Arabic),
  • Foiling (with metallic or clear film lamination),
  • Faux-finishing (applying paint or decoupage mediums),
  • Digital printing.

Kraft paper drawer boxes can be coated or laminated with a variety of materials. Use a commercial-grade laminator, heavy-duty spray adhesive, or Print with solvent-based glue to add a high-gloss finish.

Additionally, add a sheet of polyester film between copies for a more professional appearance.

To define the edges of the drawer box and give them a soft and natural feeling, the manufacturer uses brown paper.

You can choose to make it either natural or lightly smoked. The first gives the drawer box a delicate and soft look, and the second shows it a character and makes it more visible on your display.

2.    What process is for making a kraft paper drawer box?

The primary raw material used in kraft paper drawer boxes is paper made from wood pulp.

The raw material is processed by steam-pressure method to extract long fibers from the fibers and then use a certain degree of process to separate the pulp into a certain weight and thickness of papers.

After grinding a box for a suitable thickness, the paper will be coated with a waterproof layer, and at the same time can be Kraft Paper Drawer Box mixed with various additives such as coloring agents to improve its decoration; printing or printing can also enhance the visual appeal of kraft paper drawer box.

Drawer Boxes With Artwork

The manufacturing process for making kraft paper drawer boxes includes a dough-like mixture that is pressed into boards using a heated machine, then cut into proper size with a knife. The raw material goes through a heating process under high pressure and is finally dehydrated to become a kraft paper drawer box.

The final process includes:

  • offset printing
  • digital printing
  • Pantone color
  • wood cutting engraving Design

Customized available Feature of this kraft paper drawer box includes:

  • Aesthetic appearance looks good in your store
  • High quality means it can hold content well
  • Nice DIY sample
  • High quality means it can save content well
  • With suitable price

3.    How Many Type Of Kraft paper Used for the Drawer Box?

There are different types of Paper used in making of Kraft Paper drawer boxes:

  • Black Paper
  • Brown Paper
  • White Paper

You may use any color of Kraft paper for your custom drawer box.

The most popular colors are the White and Brown Kraft Paper.

Standard size for these Kraft Paper Drawer boxes can be 3″ x 6″.

The Kraft paper type is usually brown; standard packing sheath is used for 100 sets, the inner packing is the color box, and the outer carton is white.

4.    What Accessories Can Be Used In The Drawer Box?


Kraft paper Drawer Box is perfect for selling your handmade soap, pens, pencils, earrings, etc.

Kraft paper boxes are an ideal way to promote your business.

These high-quality Kraft drawer boxes are bound at the top, folded box bottom, and come with a blank white sleeve for advertisement.

These Kraft drawer boxes are designed to be used with 1 to 4 ounces of homemade bath bombs.

However, these can also be used for other small jewelry findings, earrings, necklace pendants, beads, etc.

The Kraft Paper Drawer Box also features a cutout that can be used as a display device and includes:

  • Four (4) cutouts and three (3) trays for holding small items
  • Two (2) divided trays measuring 8’W x 4’D x 3’H;
  • Fitted lid with cutouts at the top for adjustable dividers;
  • Six (6) adjustable dividers (three (3) medium and three (3) large);
  • Casters for mobility

Inserts For Drawer Boxes

5.    What Are Kraft paper Made Of?


Kraft paper is constructed in many ways. The most common type of paper is brown Kraft, made from natural fibers including cotton, linen, and wood pulp.

You can look for writing on the packaging to see what kinds of ingredients are used and the base materials needed to make the paper into a final product.

Kraft paper is more commonly known as corrugated paper. When corrugated paper is crafted into a box, it can be made rigid enough for shipping and storage purposes.

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper boxes are easy to open and reuse. Many crafters choose to keep their boxes intact and cut them into smaller pieces for crafting purposes, such as cutting apart the flaps and using the sheet of kraft paper inside to make envelopes, wrapping gifts, and scrapbooking.

These boxes also make great book containers for older kids, storing off-season clothing and toys, or be used as shoe boxes.


6.    How many Type Of Drawer Boxes?


There are many types of kraft paper drawer boxes available:

Single Layer Kraft Paper Drawer Box:

The single-layer drawer boxes are the type with the extended base at the back. They wrap around to the front of the package but are vertical in orientation.

Single Layer Drawer Boxes

Two-Layer Kraft Paper Drawer Box:

The two-layer drawer box comprises two separate pieces of flat kraft board, with one piece wrapped around to form a base.

The front is level with the top of the base piece rather than extending beyond it.

The rear of the box is cleverly clever in that it wraps around to form a base extension on both sides of the box, with interior space to keep it from getting crushed when the package is closed.

Two Layer Drawer Boxes

Two-layer drawers have the dividers in place in the package to create two compartments in the drawer at the time of packaging. This usually is how paper is sold in the retail area.

Three Layer Kraft Paper Drawer Box:

Three Layers Drawer Boxes

A three-layer drawer box is made with a bottom and top and has a center layer glued into each side before building the outside layers.Three-layer drawers are empty compartments that need to be filled with dividers or products after packaging for your specific requirements.

A three-layer drawer box comprises three separate pieces of cardboard, while two-layer drawer boxes are made up of 2 different cardboard samples. Simply put, it’s the number of layers that these 3D drawer boxes are comprised of.


7.    What Can Kraft Paper Drawer Boxes Be Used For?

There are many uses for Kraft Paper Drawer Boxes.

  • They can be used to package handmade soap, chocolate, soy candles, craft items, or even pet treats.
  • Kraft Paper Drawer Boxes are made of quality 100 gsm brown paper. Each Kraft Paper Drawer Box is cut with single-sided brown kraft paper.
  • They’re great for packaging handmade soap, jewelry findings, food, candies, crafts-even toiletries
  • They’re also the perfect temporary storage solution if you’re moving.
  • Your belongings will be safe from dust and dirt as well as getting squished in the back of a packed-up car or truck.
  • Kraft paper drawer box is used for food packaging and other industrial products, such as pharmacy and cosmetic packaging
  • Use these boxes for homemade packaging soap, cosmetics, or craft products for sale.

Uses of Drawer Boxes

  • The Kraft paper drawer box is also ideal for classroom uses and offices and can be combined with colorful tissue paper and ribbon to organize drawers and products.
  • Kraft Paper Drawer Boxes are perfect for handmade packaging soap, jewelry, trinkets, crystals, stones, adornments, and more.
  • These drawers are sold flat (without lids) for you to cut your custom sizes to fit your needs!
  • Kraft paper drawer box is a great way to keep items in an organized manner. If you have kids running around the house, you want to make sure that they know where things like markers and crayons, and other small and breakable objects go.
  • A new toy that they received by Santa or that birthday present of a Barbie doll that broke into pieces can be neatly placed into a kraft drawer box of this nature and put somewhere safe until they ask for it again. Then it will be easy to get to, and you won’t get upset when they get it out and get marker all over their arms or dress.

8.    What Format Is Preferred To You If I Had My Own Design Artwork?


China’s manufacturers can do whatever format you want. As you know, the goal is to get the best product at an affordable price. Average customer purchases standard products. We offer many variations of standard products.

If your artwork is an EPS, AI, or PDF file, the manufacturer can work with it much better than sending them an image.

The computer program “Photoshop” by Adobe will allow you to save files in various formats.


China’s Manufacturers accept all standard files– jpg, png, pdf.

They can also accept a printout of your art that we would use as a template to create the product.

If you would like to attempt and hand-cut and assemble each product yourself, their experts can do that.

9.    What’s The Thickness Of The Thinnest And Thickest Of Kraft Paper And Kraft Card Stock, Respectively?


Kraft Paper is The Thinnest! You can make it thinner and more robust with our unique and proprietary de-inking and de-bunkering process.

It is 10X thinner than regular Kraft paper, and it has a unique thickness of 0.5~0.8mm with an orange peel surface.

You can easily cut it into square or rectangle, with scissors or a utility knife as you wish as a package for your products which require as thin as possible for packaging.

The thinnest kraft paper is 0.06 mm, the most delicate type of Kraft paper used for years.

Kraft Paper Thickest and Thinnest

More than ten years ago, there was a kraft paper thinner than 0.12 mm, but it is now gone, and it has become a memory, like an older man who knows what kraft paper is.

The Thickness Of Kraft Paper Can Be Made According To Order Of Customers After The Measurements, According To Standard Of Kraft Paper We Usually Do It 0.14-0.16MM.

The thickness of Kraft paper is 0.0050 to 0.0055mm, and the surface is smooth and shiny to be printed and colored easily.


10.   How Can You Add Personalization To Kraft Boxes?


Make packaging your products more appealing by using the Kraft box. You can print your custom logo or message onto it.

Choose our kraft paper drawer boxes which include a clear window, and add padded bubble wrap for an extra level of protection.

Personalized Boxes

Customers look for packaging to determine if they wish to buy the item or not.

You can easily customize this Kraft paper drawer box by printing your

  • business name,
  • logo
  • web address,
  • promotional message,
  • your choice of designs.

This idea can be applied to any packaging or folder because Kraft paper is meant for any printed material.

What’s great about the Kraft paper drawer box is its durability. The fact that it can hold items without getting spoiled is a big plus.

It would help if you created a custom paper box for your product. It is essential that together with the presentation of the product, the package also leaves a positive impression on the customer.

After all, first impressions last long. Choosing a high-quality combination of paper and printing is one of the essential factors in creating a professional packaging solution which is possible only by adding personalization to your kraft paper drawer box.


11.   What’s In It For You? Kraft Boxes To Fit All Your Needs?

A kraft paper drawer box is a product that you can fill up with your stored goods.

The most relevant thing for this product is people prefer the products which are practical in use and which contains extraordinary features

If a box is practical, then it is always safe to store anything in it. The main thing about this product here is that it has enough space where you can keep anything. This product meets all your requirements, which make your time worthwhile.

  • Kraft paper drawer box can be used to store your goods. It could be used for cosmetics, stationery, stationery, kitchenware and things like that.
  • You can also use it in any shop like a clothing shop or a jewelry shop and many more where you need some storage for your products.
  • Kraft paper drawer box meets all your requirements. Kraft paper drawer boxes are both economic and practical means to provide protection to products, packaging of products, creating diversity in product display options for online shops, stores, showrooms & different other retail spaces.
  • The Kraft paper drawer box is made from high-quality pure kraft paper with no chemical release agent or wax, which means it meets all of your needs.
  • Kraft paper drawer boxes can help protect products from dirt, moisture, scratches, and other minor damages.
  • The Kraft paper drawer box is bulky, but the boxes are strong, so they can hold many things, especially when you add on some fun decorative embellishments for extra enhancement.

12.   What Are The Advantages of Kraft Boxes?


The advantages of kraft paper drawer boxes are as follows:

  • Kraft paper drawer boxes are great to use when you need something durable and closed on all sides. They work great for jewelry and paper products.
  • They can be customized with a variety of labels, stickers, and tissue paper. Use our easy ordering process and get your custom boxes today!
  • Kraft boxes are sturdy, eco-friendly, and they create a great first impression. Since Kraft paper is the most familiar packaging globally, your customers can quickly identify it on retail shelves, increasing your product’s visibility. Plus, the process is easy and inexpensive to manufacture, which means you can save on inventory costs with fewer damaged boxes.
  • Kraft paper boxes are made of eco-friendly materials, look great, are very resistant to storage and transit, and offer great value for the money. Additionally, their affordable cost does not compromise their charm or attractiveness, providing an excellent and consistent finish.
  • Kraft boxes are a brilliant packaging choice for many reasons, but there is no single reason it stands out from the rest. It is the simplicity and the personality of the box that makes it so appealing. It is such a versatile choice that it can be utilized for many different occasions and events.

13.   How Do You Manufacturer Based On Size Or Weight?

The manufacturer does not consider the size or weight of an item but is based on your requirements (style, material, design, quantity).

There is a lot of controversy over this because it depends on the manufacturer. In general, the weight is used for density because they can calculate size to use in transportation within their country.

However, for international shipments, many factors could affect the cost of shipping…the weight being one of them.

14.   How Can I Get Handles On My Paper Box?


With Paper Drawer Boxes, getting handles on your project is easy. What you need is a way to display your handmade products in style, and here at the Kraft Paper Store, that is what we do best.

Drawer-Boxes-With Handle

You can contact the manufacturer online and ask about the possibility of handles on kraft paper drawer boxes. They have various grips, and you can select your choices like ribbon and rope handle.

15.   How Many Colors Can You Print On My Paper Box?


There are several color printing options for kraft paper drawer boxes. You can choose from gold, blue, purple, red, silver, grey, or white.

Usually, there are two ink color options available for Kraft Paper Drawer Boxes. You can choose your preferred color of Ink to be used for Print on the Product Info page of your product.

There are 32 options for the Kraft Paper Box-style drawers. We can make it look like anything you want, from Black and White to Glitter and Marbleized designs! Check out the pictures on this box and the following few slides to see some of our stock designs.

Colors Printing on Drawer Boxes

China’s manufacturer Prints full-color images on the side of the drawer box with the paper up and with the paper facing out. It can be placed on either side of the drawers.

They can print up to 4 spot colors on high-quality paper stock; no PMS match is required.


16.   How Do You Provide Paper Box Mockups Before I Placed The Bulk Order?


A kraft paper drawer  Box Mockup is used to present a product or design before picking one final version to be produced.

This is mainly to let the client, manufacturers, and designers see what they are working on. It is also called an exploratory model or pre-production sample.

If the seller offers the pre-production mockup at no extra cost, it is worth purchasing.

You can then decide on any changes that you want to be made to the boxes.

Mockup sizes are usually close approximations of the actual box sizes, but if you need to know how big it will be, you can always request a precise quote beforehand.


Also, make sure to ask if the seller will pay the shipping or if it will be added to your final price.

Some manufacturers do provide the mockups before placing the bulk order.

It’s essential to find out whether or not they can provide these materials because different manufacturers have different policies on this.

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