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Possessing 20 long years of experience, ZTP is a trustworthy and professional printing and packaging manufacturer. We offer a broad range of paper packaging, including a handmade kraft gift box. We also have all kinds of gift box products, which are suitable and can be used for all kinds of occasions.

These kraft gift boxes are ideal for personal use or businesses. It comes with a variety of designs, colors, and sizes to choose from. Furthermore, we are competent enough to produce your preferred type of kraft gift box. In fact, our company has the best production team and designers, which uses only the most advanced equipment and materials.

At ZTP, we can 100% guarantee that all kraft gift boxes are recyclable, eco-friendly, and high-quality.

Choose Your Preferred Type Of Kraft Gift Box

Check these elegant and artistic types of kraft gift boxes. If your desired style is not here, feel free to message us. Our team is capable of making a variety of kraft gift box designs and sizes.

Kraft Boxes With Lids
Kraft boxes with lids are ideal packaging boxes for eco-friendly products, and most of our boxes are made up of recyclable materials that can be used in any products, including beauty and food items.
Kraft Jewelry Boxes
Kraft jewelry boxes are 100% handmade and environmentally friendly. We only use recyclable and high-quality paper materials for our jewelry boxes.
Small Kraft Boxes
Small kraft boxes are the perfect packaging for small gifts, like cookies, candies, and other small products. They come in different designs and styles to select from.
Kraft Pillow Boxes
ZTP produces a range of kraft pillow boxes that are ideal for accessories and gifts. All our boxes are made professionally and are recyclable and biodegradable.
Kraft Paper Gift Box
The kraft paper gift box is likely a suitable packing option for any kind of gift. From using excellent materials, we create gift boxes of differents shapes and sizes to suit your needs.
Kraft Rectangle Box
Our kraft rectangle box comes with different sizes and prints to choose from and is highly recommended to use for perfumes, bottles, and etc.

Why Choose ZTP For Your Kraft Gift Box Needs

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Why Should Kraft Gift Box Be Preferred For Any Gift Packaging?

Gifts have sentimental value for anyone. Moreover, giving a gift to your friends or family is not enough until you have the best packaging for it. It’s not just a kraft gift box that will secure the item inside, yet it also makes it more pleasing and alluring.

Choosing a kraft gift box for any gift packaging needs can be the best and most affordable option to do. Besides, you can help to save the planet by not using plastics and other toxic materials.

At ZTP, our kraft gift boxes are 100% handmade from recyclable materials that are safe for the environment. We can assure you that all the materials and equipment used to produce gift boxes are of good-quality and innovative.


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20 Years Experiences of Kraft Gift Box Manufacturing

With 20 years of expertise in the field of printing and packing, ZTP has the capability to offer you exceptional kraft gift box solutions. We are one of the remarkable manufacturers that are skilled in making first-rate packaging products.

We assure to accommodate and satisfy you by producing top-quality and affordable kraft gift boxes. Our skilled team and designers are proficient in giving you a set of suggestions, based on your needs and desires.

Also, we are, without a doubt, devoted to providing excellent and advanced services for all your packaging needs. Surely, you will be happy and satisfied with the experience we’ve provided you!

Kraft gift boxes are convenient to use for any purpose. At ZTP, we provide a broad range of handmade and excellent kraft gift boxes suitable for all events. Moreover, these boxes are great to use personally or for businesses.

Kraft Gift Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide

Kraft Gift Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide is a complete guide to shopping for the correct gift box in the right size from the most trusted name in Packaging, Kraft Gift Packaging.

It will be your reference guide as you decide what type of gift box you need and how to ensure you get the best price.

The definitive guide to the Kraft Gift Box answers some of the most frequently asked questions about the classic Packaging.Kraft Gift Box, this Guide is an educational book for novice entrepreneurs regarding the proper use of kraft gift boxes.

Kraft Gift Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide is a gift box line designed to meet the expectations of most potential gift receivers.

These boxes are available in multiple sizes and can be paired with several card styles to fit any occasion or type of gift-giving.

  1. Which Paper Is Used In Making Of This Box?
  2. How Does It Affect Black Printing On Kraft Paper Gift Box?
  3. How Does Full-Color Printing affect On Kraft Paper?
  4. How Do White Ink Use Printing On Kraft Boxes?
  5. What Are Kraft Boxes With Cutouts And Inserts?
  6. Why Do You Need A Box Outline Before Making?
  7. What Is The Effect About Kraft Boxes With Hot Foil Stamping?
  8. What Strength Of Kraft Gift Cardboard Box Is It?
  9. What Are The Printing Fine Details On Kraft?
  10. How Can I Choose My Box Type?
  11. What Is The Procedure To Obtain A Sample Before Mass Ordering?
  12. What Is The Difference Between A Kraft Cardboard Box And Kraft Corrugated Box Material?
  13. What Does CMYK Mean? How Do I Ensure The Artwork I Submitted for Kraft Gift Box In Said Format?
  14. How Are Your Boxes Environmentally Friendly?
  15. How Can I Print My Artwork Inside The Custom Box?
  16. How To Creative Gift Box Of An Independent Packaging Company?
  17. How Can I Discuss My Packaging Needs With A Representative?
  19. What Are The Benefits Of Personalization Kraft Gift Boxes?
  20. What Are The Best Things For Kraft Packaging?
  21. What Kind Of Box Material Do You Have?
  22. What Is Flute Type For Option?
  23. How Can I Print On Both The Inside And Outside?
  24. How Can I Find Out The Environmental Specifications Of My Box?
  25. What is the  “Die-Cut” Meaning?

1.    Which Paper Is Used In Making Of This Box?

Kraft paper, also known as “cardstock, ” is a heavy weight paper used to create typical gift boxes’ exteriors.

The traditional kraft color brown may be changed to various colors for decorative purposes or holiday gift wrapping. The most popular Manufacturer of kraft paper gift boxes is the kraft gift box.

Kraft paper is used to make Kraft Box as it is the most commonly used paper type for gift boxes.

Kraft gift boxes are made of all-natural fibers (which are derived from sustainable forests). They contain no dioxins, no chlorine, and no aromatics.

The Brown Kraft Style Folded Cardboard Box is made of very finely groundwood pulp and then coated with waterproof sizing.

In this case, the machine uses different coating technology to produce a rugged box with a smooth inside finish.

The most popular type of kraft paper used in the making of Kraft boxes is corrugated fiberboard.

Differing in design and proportions, it is primarily formed from recycled paper for box-making producing a 100% recyclable product.

2.    How Does It Affect Black Printing On Kraft Paper Gift Box?

They are not just brown, dull paper. There are a few things you should consider when printing on Kraft paper. The black print is incredibly bold and powerful and looks great with any design.

It would help if you considered several things when black printing on kraft paper; the most important thing is that the design should have good contrast between the printed and the background.


The kraft paper is not just brown and dull. There are a few things you should take into consideration when printing on this paper. The print looks good, bold, bold, and looks great in any design.

3.    How Does Full-Color Printing affect On Kraft Paper?

Printers do not require a special proprietary ink that is colorfast and permanent. Instead, Full-color effects can be printed onto the Kraft paper as per your demand.

The kraft option is a prevalent choice for printing on kraft gift boxes and offers a slightly more textured look than the smooth surface of most prints.


If you want a less matte finish, we recommend running a raised ink onto the kraft paper gift boxes before printing.

This awesome-looking kraft gift boxes option lets you Full-color printing with a CMYK process, giving your designs a 100% organic and natural look.

4.    How Do White Ink Use Printing On Kraft Boxes?

The white ink effect is achieved in several ways, but the result is always the same: The result is that the design looks completely white when printed on paper.


China’s manufacturers have been able to provide our customers with all-white ink printing.

This finishing is tough to do. It requires different printing processes, and not all paper manufacturers can accomplish this look.

5.    What Are Kraft Boxes With Cutouts And Inserts?

Kraft boxes with cutouts and inserts are printed gift boxes with a cutout section or window in the lid and one of four inserts placed inside.

China provides several sizes of Kraft boxes with cutouts and inserts for you to choose from. Some come assembled, while others require assembly by you.

Kraft boxes with cutouts and inserts are used as gift box packaging for the retail industry.


The idea behind these boxes is that the box itself doesn’t need to be wrapped, but it can be decorated in the same way as any other present.

Also, by cutting out the box’s flaps, you can display items inside while still keeping them all together.

6.    Why Do You Need A Box Outline Before Making?

The Kraft Gift Box outline is an essential part of the gift packaging; on account of playing a crucial role in the effectiveness of the package, the system lets subsequent steps make it easier to pack in the material and shape it proficiently and effectively.

The Kraft Gift Box outline is the basis of the package design. By printing attractive Kraft Gift Boxes, your store will attract attention and make a lasting impression on customers.

A Kraft Gift Box outline is a form of Packaging that refers to a corrugated box used for the storage and shipping of goods and merchandise.

Kraft Gift Box outlines are generally shipped flat. The Kraft Gift Box itself is constructed from cardboard or fiber paper stock and can be disposable or returnable, depending on the Manufacturer’s design.

When constructing your box outline, it is helpful to have an example pointed out that displays the measurements, cut lines, and other details necessary for creating a usable box.

7.    What Is The Effect About Kraft Boxes With Hot Foil Stamping?

Kraft boxes with hot foil stamping are a trendy style. This style of Kraft Gift Box is used for parties and functions such as baby showers, wedding gatherings, and so on.

It is the new trend in gift packaging. If you’re planning an event and want your Packaging to stand out, then this style of box is highly recommended.

Kraft boxes with hot foil stamping are clean and sturdy. Giving a stylish look to your products and brand, they reach out to customers.

Kraft boxes manufactured using new technology and only from natural-based raw materials are of premium quality.


Hot stamping foil is a thin layer of metal vaporized onto the paperboard and will never be removed.

The hot foil stamping can be done on two sides of the box, combined or separated by a cello bag. Hot face foil stamping is done in a full-color process on one side with no cello bag.

You can choose several combinations according to your specific needs, such as interior colors, closure types, and how you expect the boxes will be used and stored.

8.    What Strength Of Kraft Gift Cardboard Box Is It?

Kraft Gift Boxes are made to handle a specific load of weight within each box size. The actual size of the product is not what determines how strong the Kraft box will be.

The way the product is packaged can determine if a box can handle the weight load, not necessarily the size of the gift.

Kraft Gift Boxes have the same structural strength, whether they are small, medium, or large.

Their strength also does not depend on how thin the gift is as long as it can fit into the box.

It is important to note that when a Kraft Gift box is put into a shipping envelope, it must stand up on its own.

9.    What Are The Printing Fine Details On Kraft?

The base of Kraft Gift Box packaging is tricky for 3D printers to handle. The finest detail we recommend is 0.1mm, which allows you to still get creative with your designs.

The paperboard used in printing is crucial to the quality of the prints. The texture of the board affects the outcome of the track. It is essential to choose the paperboard based on the design, image, and quality values.


The texture of the paperboard is tricky to reproduce in a printing setting. We recommend using four or 5pt line weight for the finest detail while still allowing room for error. (For example, we could print this logo with less than 1 point of deviation from the original).

10.   How Can I Choose My Box Type?

There are various Kraft Gift Boxes available, and you can choose the most suitable box type for your requirements.

Although there are many types available, you need first to determine the theme and color of your product.

You can order your favorite card (folding box) or the packaging box you would like to be delivered. You can compare all products from top to bottom by visiting the website.

11.   What Is The Procedure To Obtain A Sample Before Mass Ordering?

To place a wholesale order, choose the type of box you need and use our easy online design tool. Create your artwork digitally or place your order right away to receive a template.

When you contact us to order a product box, you want to know how many Kraft Gift Boxes you will need. That’s fine. Each product box is custom-made to fit your specific needs.

The Manufacturer’s design tool allows you to create your box online using any artwork that you can provide. You can also start an online order right away, and we will design a template for you to copy and use to create your boxes.

12.   What Is The Difference Between A Kraft Cardboard Box And Kraft Corrugated Box Material?

Kraft Corrugated Packaging:

It is the prime packaging primary packing material; it consists of paperboard or carton with kraft paper as the core layer, kraft paper, and kraft adhesive facing layer; the surface protecting layer is usually brown kraft paper.


Kraft corrugated box is made from beautiful kraft brown paper created by applying a hot wax treatment to the form during processing.

Kraft cardboard boxes:

These are also known as brown kraft. Brown Kraft is a heavier box material without gussets. Brown colored, it is used for shipping purposes, as well as gift packaging.

This box type is ideally used to ship or package larger, heavier items because the paper is more substantial and can hold more weight. Both interior and exterior are constructed from the same brown kraft board.

Kraft cardboard box is a product made from uncoated paper.

13.   What Does CMYK Mean? How Do I Ensure The Artwork I Submitted for Kraft Gift Box In Said Format?


Full-color CMYK printing will make your design look great. Online tools are great for creating your print-ready artwork, and you can get creative with designer tools.

With CMYK, you can ensure that your product looks fantastic on the shelf.

To ensure that your prints come out perfectly, please change description in webpage order.

  • To convert RGB files you may have following tips:
  • select the Image icon on the toolbar.
  • The Color Picker will appear.
  • Select a color from this tool to display the color wheel for editing.
  • Press the letter C to access the Color Swatch Tool.
  • Click the color you wish to edit and modify as required.
  • Type C for CMYK.
  • Click OK to open the conversion dialogue box.
  • Choose your output format from the dialog,
  • Click SAVE.

14.   How Are Your Boxes Environmentally Friendly?

Manufacturers use eco-friendly practices to source products of the highest quality.

Boxed items and other products are sourced from wood pulp mills and have up to 65% recycled content, resulting in less pollution from deforestation and fewer trees being cut down.

Always make sure your boxes and packaging materials are clean before putting them in the recycling bin.

Food-soiled boxes can be recycled if you remove the stained or wet portions, and you may cut large boxes into smaller pieces to make them fit into recycling bins.

Finally, it’s turned back into soy protein used for food, fuel, or bio-based products. Plus, because it’s both natural and biodegradable, it’s better for the environment.

Water-based coating is safe, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. It helps us reduce the amount of time it takes to dry our products, which allows us to cut down on our Packaging.

15.   How Can I Print My Artwork Inside The Custom Box?

You can contact online manufacturers from China and can fill the form for custom colors and Packaging. Your box will be printed with your artwork within the interior and exterior.

Your artwork will be printed full-color inside and out. Your small business will have a professional, colorful shopping cart that is lavishly crafted from solid and durable materials.

A complete brand experience encompasses all aspects of a company. The brand must be seen in print, online, and through social media; it should be present in all forms of marketing and communications.

16.   How To Creative Gift Box Of An Independent Packaging Company?

Kraft Gift Boxes make it easy to create a creative gift or presentation for your customers. Our goal is to help equip you with the professional Packaging you need for your business.

Kraft Gift Boxes are strong with classic appeal, making them the perfect Packaging for a host of applications. These boxes are ideal for your retail packaging needs or even gift packaging with a wide range of convenient sizes and color options.

Kraft packaging is their special gift box. They have various types, sizes, colors, and materials of new and simple design for you to choose from.

Kraft Gift Box manufacturers are good at printing packaging. You are nicely printed featuring your company’s name and logo to make your company’s image more distinctive and easily seen.

17.   How Can I Discuss My Packaging Needs With A Representative?

Creative Packaging is a leading company in the industry, with a seasoned expert sales team.

After an online meeting, it can be scheduled at your premises, And the Manufacturer can provide you with effective packaging solutions tailored to your exact needs.

China’s manufacturers specialize in custom packaging. If you work at a business that manufactures products, you can visit the premises and review your products to discuss the different packaging options.


The size of your product determines the size of your bag. Your bag needs to be big enough to fit all of your products.

Your product size will be determined by what the product is. For example, if you have a 6-inch comprehensive product, you will probably want a more giant bag than that.

Don’t overthink it –ask yourself how many products you want in one bag and their dimensions and go from there.

For Kraft Gift Box with different sizes and shapes, the Manufacturer can quickly provide you with details on the dimensions of each item, and our packaging experts will assist you with the optimal packaging size.

19.   What Are The Benefits Of Personalization Kraft Gift Boxes?

Personalization is key to effective customer service. Brands can use these Kraft Gift Boxes to enhance personalization, get things right the first time, and ensure customers have a positive experience.

The main advantage of these Kraft Gift Boxes is that they are very customizable. You can easily change the color, pattern, and design of the Kraft Gift Box to suit your needs.

The best benefits of Kraft Gift Boxes are that they can be personalized in many ways. They can have different printed stickers, ribbons, and many other things.

With customized boxes, you can customize your Packaging to be more effective in conveying information about your products. The use of these customizable boxes with personalization will become one of the mediums of marketing.


Use Kraft gift boxes to enhance your marketing campaigns. With a large selection of sizes and styles, you can create various eye-catching package options for all types of products.

20.   What Are The Best Things For Kraft Packaging?

If you’re looking for unique gift boxes, then you’ve got to check out our new line of Kraft boxes:

  • These boxes are perfect for the perfect gift for any occasion. You can customize and personalize them according to the experience.
  • These Kraft Gift Boxes can be used for birthdays, weddings, and other occasions as they add a special touch to the experience.
  • Moreover, these paper gift boxes are an excellent solution for the problem of wrapping gifts.
  • These Kraft Gift Boxes are a perfect solution for your packaging problems. You can use them to store and ship products.

21.   What Kind Of Box Material Do You Have?

Kraft brown is the leading brand when it comes to creating Packaging. A foil-lined Kraft Gift Box is an excellent choice for your package.

Kraft white box is the most common way to ship for many of our customers. It’s not as bright, but it does bring out some of the more subtle colors on products.

High-gloss premium coated white paper is lovely to look at. The form allows for the most vibrant ink colors to stand out with a glossy, shiny finish.

These brighter colors are not only striking but also look professional. The glossy surface allows for the best image quality – a feature that brands can use to create impactful packaging designs.

22.   What Is Flute Type For Option?

We provide all standard flutes (A, B, C, and E), which most people typically need if you want to make sure that we have the size or the quantity required to meet your needs.


23.   How Can I Print On Both The Inside And Outside?

Absolutely! The Kraft Gift Box is made to be either an inside or an outside, with our full-color printing capability available on both the outside and inside of this Kraft Gift Box.

The online Manufacturer can make an order for printing both sides of the Kraft Gift Box by speaking to the customer representative. Details can be shared, and the order can be booked after confirmation.

24.   How Can I Find Out The Environmental Specifications Of My Box?

Being conscious of our environment is the foundation of everything we do.

Manufacturers try to source products with high recycled content, are recyclable, or contain environmentally safe dyes.

You are more conscious about the environment than ever. The products and Packaging should either have zero or a lot of recycled material as per your need.

It’s always important to check whether the products you are about to buy can be recycled or not.

25.   What is the  “Die-Cut” Meaning?

These type of kraft boxes are made from specially cut panels of paper or cardboard that are scored and folded together.

The paper is scored along one edge so that it folds along the score lines. The panels are then glued together to create one continuous box.


Die-cut boxes are formed by scoring and folding two panels of cardboard together. Since the two panels are stuck together, they do not have a joint.

Kraft Gift boxes can be used for virtually any type of product, including books, toys, electronics, and more.

You have a variety of options to choose from in ZTP! Our artistry and knowledge in printing and packaging services are one of our good traits that many clients love. We make it easy and convenient for them to choose their desired kraft gift box.

Furthermore, as an experienced manufacturer, we can offer you top-quality and affordable gift boxes. We ensure that our paper packaging products are recyclable, environmentally friendly, and premium.

Therefore, if you’re searching for an affordable and exceptional kraft gift box, ZTP is the answer. We are able to make the design and size you like promptly. Our experienced team is ready to work for your packaging needs!


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