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ZTP is the industry’s largest printing and packaging company. For nearly two decades, we’ve been supplying and manufacturing excellent heart shaped chocolate box solutions. We promise that we will offer you the ultimate solution for all of your packaging needs.

Our expert staff, designers, and packaging experts can provide you with a 100% handmade, recyclable, and high-quality heart shaped chocolate box. We could also offer you assistance and information to let you choose the ideal packaging for your business.

At ZTP, we pride ourselves on our passion for innovation, quality, and exceptional customer support.

Choose Your Favorite Heart Shaped Chocolate Box

ZTP is working on a variety of heart-shaped chocolate box designs. Kindly let us know if you are looking for a specific type that isn’t listed below.

Heart Shaped Box Of Chocolate
The chocolate box is made by cardboard and with heart shape type. It usually use for pack gift chocolate.
Empty Heart Shaped Chocolate Box
Our empty heart shaped chocolate box is a great way to keep chocolates arranged. We use high-quality materials to create boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes to match your needs.
Valentines Heart Shaped Chocolate Box
Our valentines heart shaped chocolate box has a variety of sizes, styles, and materials to choose from. They're a great choice for chocolate wrapping for valentines, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and other special occasions.
Valentine Heart Box
Our valentine heart box is manufactured entirely from scratch and is completely recyclable. They're great choices if you want to cheer up or surprise anyone with elegant chocolate packaging.
Valentine Box Of Chocolates
Our chocolate valentine box is made of high-quality materials and is ideal for keeping any type of chocolates. It is both eco-friendly and high-quality.
Heart Shape Paper Box
This heart shape paper box features a bright, colorful, and attractive design, making it great for Valentine's Day. Anyone would be happy to get this package!

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What Is The Significance Of A Heart Shaped Chocolate Box?

This sweet present is perfect for showing your love and concern for those you care about. Hence, you must be carefully packaged in a  heart shaped chocolate box. Moreover, these chocolate packaging boxes must be suitable for the product in order to make a great impression and attract more customers to buy it.

Furthermore, customers are likely to be enticed by delicious chocolates presented in attractive handcrafted heart-shaped chocolate boxes. So, think of chocolates in printed chocolate boxes as a gift or treat for anyone at any time.

The first thing that jumps to mind when we hear the word chocolate is a delicious delicacy with a scrumptious flavor. This product has attracted people of all ages since it is a genuine source of happiness from within.

Therefore, give importance to the packaging of your products if you want potential clients to come to your store. Your product is more appealing because of its packaging, and anyone who receives the package will be pleased and satisfied.

If you’re looking for a heart shaped chocolate box, ZTP has a variety to choose from. There are a number of chocolate box options to pick from. They also come in a variety of shapes, styles, sizes, and even prints.

Because of our long knowledge in the printing and packaging sector, ZTP can provide you with great heart shaped chocolate box solutions.

We guarantee that our packaging is both high-quality and budget-friendly. Our designers and team are knowledgeable and considerate in providing you with relevant information and suggestions.

We look forward to providing you with exceptional printing and packaging services. Our products and services will undoubtedly satisfy you!

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BSCI improve social performance in supply chain.
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ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
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Why Should You Choose ZTP’s Heart Shaped Chocolate Box?

ZTP has been manufacturing heart shaped chocolate boxes for over 20 years. We can handle a wide variety of chocolate boxes, valentines boxes, heart shaped paper boxes, and other sorts of boxes for your packaging needs.

Furthermore, ZTP’s goal is to not only supply you with a chocolate box solution, but also to make things easier for you by providing a one-stop-shop for the complete order. Also, all of our products are made from high-quality, environmentally friendly materials. They’re long-lasting enough that you’ll be able to reuse them.

Additionally, ZTP accepts custom orders as well. Your chocolate boxes’ material, color, and designs are completely under your control.

ZTP is the place to go if you’re seeking chocolate boxes. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced specialists who can put together the package you choose. As a consequence, you won’t have to waste time looking for packaging firms on the internet.

FAQ Guide

  1. How Do You Tie A Ribbon Around A Heart Shaped Box?
  2. How Do You Make A Heart Shaped Box For Valentine’s Day?
  3. What Are Chocolate Boxes Made Of?
  4. What Is The Description Of Heart Shape Chocolate Box?
  5. How Do You Make the Heart Shaped Box?
  6. How Can You Store Chocolate Breakable Hearts In These Boxes?
  7. What Process Can Be Used On This Box Surface?
  8. How Does The Chocolates Boxes Be Packaged For Shipping ?
  9. What Options & Materials Can Be Choose For The Chocolate box?
  10. How Does The Chocolate Box Be Used Hot Foil Stamping And Metallic Paper?
  11. How Can You Give An Attractive Finishing To These Chocolate Boxes With The Help Of Coatings?
  12. What Process of Making Heart Shaped Box Is It?
  13. How Can You Increase Efficiency In Packaging Process?
  14. What Is The Recommended Chocolate Box Packaging Material?
  15. How Do You Include Prints During Chocolate Packaging Process?
  16. What Should You Consider When Preparing Chocolate Box For Packaging Process?
  17. How Can You Reduce The Cost Of The Heart Shape Chocolate Packaging?
  18. What Sealing Techniques Can You Use During Heart Shape Process?

1.      How Do You Tie A Ribbon Around A Heart-Shaped Box?

It depends on the type of ribbon and the kind of chocolate. Sometimes it’s just tied in a simple bow, but because there are so many shapes to choose from, you might want to experiment with different ways to tie a ribbon onto your gift box.

The chocolate heart shape box is easy to make.  All you need are a few simple supplies, including a heart-shaped cardboard box, ribbon, scissors, and glue.

Fold the ribbon into a bowknot, stick it on top of the lid, and voila! You have an exquisite Chocolate Box for any occasion!

How To Tie Ribbon On HeartShape Box

There are more ways to tie a ribbon on a gift box than the single knot most of us remember from childhood birthday parties. There’s a perfect choice for almost any occasion that will look beautiful on any box.

The ribbons tied on the heart-shaped chocolate box’s main body show that your love is special since it is connected uniquely.

Heart shape chocolate box with ribbon decoration is the ideal product for your special business occasions and festivities like birthday, graduation, etc.  Some famous corporations already trust our products.

There are more ways to tie a ribbon on a gift box than the single knot most of us remember from childhood birthday parties. There’s a perfect choice for almost any occasion that will look beautiful on any box.

The chocolate heart-shaped gift box is the most classical and stylish way to tie a ribbon. The special shape gives little surprise.

The ribbons tied on the heart-shaped chocolate box’s main body show that your love is special since it is connected uniquely.

2.      How Do You Make A Heart-Shaped Box For Valentine’s Day?


A Chocolate Box with a heart shape is a suitable gift for Valentine’s Day or any other celebration or occasion. The chocolate Box comes with white chocolate and blond chocolate, as the same way to show your love and care to your friends, relatives, and family members on this great day. You may send it to them or eat it as your breakfast on Valentine’s Day.

Heart Shape Valentine Day Box With Ribbon

Make a heart-shaped box for Valentine’s Day by rolling up a sheet of construction paper and taping the ends together to make an isosceles triangle shape. Then, roll up another sheet of construction paper into a long, skinny tube shape. Tape the limitations of this tube to the top of your heart and then decorate your box

Make your sweetheart smile this Valentine’s Day with a special Heart-Shaped Chocolate Box Wrapper. This heart-shaped box comes ready to wrap with an assortment of our finest chocolates and gourmet treats, so you’ll have the perfect gift for the person who means the most. Now your loved one will know how much you love them with every bite.

Heart Shape Chocolate Box is the easiest Valentine’s Day gift idea. This charming chocolate box will delight your sweetheart with a special message from you on a stylish heart-shaped note card.


3.      What Are Chocolate Boxes Made Of?

The chocolate boxes we carry are made from 1/8″ (3mm) thick hardboard. This makes them very sturdy yet still lightweight. It is a great material for using as a chocolate box for one simple reason– it is food safe.

When you order your chocolate box, the finish on the box will be white. The designs on the boxes are transferred onto that white surface and then filled with an edible colored wax that we use to paint the designs. Once the wax is dry, we fill them with chocolates and add ribbon to close.

Heart-shaped chocolate boxes are made from 2 ply cardboard lined in plastic. Available in 4 sizes: 4, 5, 7, and 8-inch diameter. Also available in mini size.

Chocolate boxes are made of high-quality cardboard that is made strong and rigid. The design of the box makes it easy to handle and carry. Being a premium product, chocolate boxes are also made of material that lasts long.

Paper for Chocolate Box

Our white chocolate boxes are made of paperboard and lined with white tissue, while our milk and dark chocolate boxes are made of paperboard and lined with colored tissue.

The tissue is made by combining pulp, cellulose fibers, bonding agents, fillers, food colors, and other ingredients. The resulting product is a food-safe material used in various packaging applications.

Made of durable cardboard and foil, the heart chocolate box has a container inside for holding your favorite candy or chocolates. Our chocolate boxes come in 3 sizes: x-small, small, and medium.

4.      What Is The Description Of Heart-Shaped Chocolate Box?

A box in which chocolate is arranged in a heart shape and packaged beautifully. It is a must-have gift during Valentine’s Day, a festival of love.

The Heart Shape Chocolate Box is a special set of chocolate boxes with a heart shape design. It is pretty to take as a gift for your loved ones or to decorate your wedding room or anniversary party.

5.      How Do You Make the Heart-Shaped Box?

The following steps could make a workable card box that leads to chocolate, some flowers, or some cards. Choose the template you like, cut the cardboard and glue them together.

Decorate a chocolate box with the perfect pattern for your recipient with this fun, easy and inexpensive 3D heart-shaped chocolate box.

The white, folding cardboard box is trimmed in red and fits an 8 inch (20cm) square chocolate bar. This is a great project for Valentine’s Day or other holidays that lend themselves to gift-giving.

The template sheets make creating a small heart outline from cardstock or heavy paper easy. Just cut around the heart, trace onto the cardboard and cut out.

How to make Heart shape Chocolate Box

You have to print out two large and one small template by 100%. Take the large one and cut out the wall of heart shape. After that, paste the wallpaper on the box firmly and apply it on both sides.

Now take the small template and place it on the outside of the small lid; open two holes on that part with a nail to fix two wires. Then cut out a heart and join the template pieces together to make you hear the shape box.

The template can help you make a heart-shaped gift box with an easy method. It helps by tracing the outline and cutting easily using scissors. Then you can decorate the template of hearts using paper or cardboard according to your liking. The template is very simple and allows you to make two sizes of the box.

6.      How Can You Store Chocolate Breakable Hearts In These Boxes?

The Chocolate Box offers a unique and elegant way to keep chocolate stable within its soft cushiony outer walls. It is heart-shaped so that you can give the box as an affectionate present to your loved ones. It is an ideal gift for Cupid, Valentine’s Day, and Anniversaries that she will always treasure.

Dive into our lovingly made chocolate boxes with a box designed specifically to keep your chocolates fresher for longer. Made of strong, clear plastic with a special seal to keep out light, our custom-designed Heart Shape Chocolate Boxes have been specifically designed to help keep your chocolates safe from the sun’s harmful rays. So, take a break from routine and do something different, something delicious

Breakable Chocolate Hearts

Chocolate boxes are ideal keepsake boxes for sending love to friends, relatives, and dear ones. The Heart shape Chocolate Boxes are a perfect gift item for special occasions.

A box of these may never be used after the chocolates are over, but they always make excellent keepsakes and can be used as memory holders and decorators in the house.

The heart-shapedd chocolate box is a popular choice for packing chocolates and small delicate products. It comes with molded paper dividers to keep your chocolates in place until you’re ready to serve them. Our Heart shape boxes can be used for storing other small items as well.

7.      What Process Can Be Used On This Box Surface?

The outside of a chocolate box is as essential to the overall experience as the inside itself. A smooth, textured finish is one of the classic methods used to achieve this, and we can print onto this surface too. If a rough, textured finish is required, we can easily provide that.

A product produced for food use, such as a chocolate box, maybe designed within a certain temperature range. We can accommodate this temperature range by using different processes and materials outside the chocolate box in line with the requirements from the relevant standards.

Firstly, the surface can be sprayed by art coating onto the cardboard. After that, you can choose to print the logo and text on them in offset printing. Besides, we can also print the picture of the heart-shaped box on it through silk-screen printing according to your request.

Manufacturers can make sure every detail will be perfect after we check the artwork first before making the sample according to your artwork by our skilled workers. Their Chief designer will follow up with you during this process and help you finish this project successfully.

You can introduce a new way of thinking about the cardboard box with a new concept design. The use of texture and pattern design to create different spaces, coupled with light, delicate colors, and contour lines, brought out the elegant design and romantic image.

8.      How Do The Chocolate Boxes Be Packaged For Shipping?

We want to inform you that the chocolates will be packed tight in a standard export carton and wrapped with a stretch film followed by Poly Foam Ball.

The Chocolates will be wrapped in a beautiful packaging box, and they are also secured in a separate box with good quality bubble wrap.

These chocolate boxes are safely packed with delicate foam on the sides to protect them from damage during shipping. An outer layer of carton wraps the strong gift box outside to cover the whole parcel from damage.

Heart Shape Boxes Surface Treatment

We have a high grade paper carton box to pack the chocolate boxes well, and a bubble wraps each chocolate.

Those all will protect the chocolates in good condition. We also use the waterproof wrap to protect the paper carton box when it’s rainy. Maybe some chocolate will be broken or stuck with another one, but they are still safe on your hands-on delivery day.

9.      What Options & Materials Can Be Choose For The Chocolate box?

The Heart Shape Chocolate box has a very sweet structure, and it has a large heart as the logo of this product. In the middle of the heart is a small cup, in which you can put your small chocs.

The top part of the chocolate box is also a heart shape font, which looks like a heart on its cover. There are several hearts printed on the handle, and they make all the difference to the high quality of this chocolate box.

A heart-shaped chocolate box is an impressive gift that you don’t have to break the bank to buy. You can choose from various options and materials to customize your chocolate box with, giving it a sleek and elegant look.

Heart Shape Chocolate Boxes For Shipping

Besides using the best materials possible and a style that will last for generations, we also gave you plenty of options for customization.

Turn your box into a family heirloom or give it as a gift of love to say I love you without saying it aloud; personalize your box with a name, initials, or date of your choice.

Every box is adorned with a heart shape design, and the box has a bottom that flips open to reveal a heart-shaped chocolate bar. We have outlined all of the natural ingused in our selection process on one side of the heart.

The other side has an image of a completed Heart Chocolate Box. The materials used in the manufacture of the Heart Chocolate Box are: – 100% recycled paperboard closed board

10. How Does The Chocolate Box Be Used Hot Foil Stamping And Metallic Paper?

Personalized Chocolate Box is made of chocolate paper; the imprinting can be hot foil stamping and metallic paper. Customers can choose gold/silver/rose gold color on the chocolate box surface.

Hot foil stamping is an excellent way to give a packaging item a luxurious and prestigious look, whether it’s a wedding chocolate box on a gemstone-shaped candy gift box.

Hot foil stamping causes gold, silver, or other metal dies to be pushed onto paper by heat. This process gives rich, foiled patterns to contrast the paper and foil and

Options For Heart Shape Chocolate Boxes

Foil Stamping Hot chocolate box is a kind of Christmas candy packaging; the outside of the box can use hot foil stamping; it just needs to print on stainless steel or paper after being put into the box. Hot foil stamping is popular; it can fully show your brand’s fashional design and add hot elements like a candle, firework, and candy shape logo.

Metical Paper The show window or inside chocolate box use metallic paper is very beautiful and luxurious.

Hot Foil Stamping is generally used to place colorful patterns or images on the box’s surface or make it a perfect gift box. Metallic paper gives excellent color and gloss to your box. It is widely used in the Gift Box and Christmas Packaging industries.

11. How Can You Give An Attractive Finishing To These Chocolate Boxes With The Help Of Coatings?

Coatings have become all the rage in the packaging industry. If you don’t know what they are, they coat the outside of an item with a decorative finish to make it attractive and unique.

Heart-shaped chocolate boxes are often gifts or serve and store sweets at parties.

These boxes help you give a unique finish to your chocolates, cupcakes, and other sweets. The heart-shaped flourishes add a touch of softness to your gifts and sweet treats.

Hot Stamping Foil

The edible coating serves as a perfect Finishing touch that people like to have on their product. The help of layers maintains the look of chocolate, and some coatings are given below, which you can use to make your products look attractive.

If you are looking for the right finishing, the options do not end here. You can quite easily complete this with the help of coatings even without spending through your nose.

There is a wide range of options available in the market, and these may be in line with what to expect from you regarding requirements.

12. What Process of Making Heart-Shaped Box Is It?

A heart-shaped box is creative and simple, made of cardboard and paper cover. It looks like some interesting processor technology, but it’s just made of simple materials.

Firstly, making Heart Shape Chocolate Box consists of three steps, molding, filling, and finishing. The heart-shaped chocolate box is made from high-quality cardboard. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of boxes for chocolate.

One of them is in the shape of a heart or any other shapes that are usually simpler to design. The second one is inspired by chocolates’ shape with box, lid, and chocolate all together. We prefer to make a chocolate box with chocolate and cover it together.

This heart shape chocolate box is made of high-quality PVC materials, which are eco-friendly and safe for human health. Meanwhile, the heart-shaped packing box can also be used as a gift box and holder.

This charming chocolate box makes you romantic on Valentine’s Day, and you surely will fall in love with this adorable heart-shaped packaging box.

13. How Can You Increase Efficiency In Packaging Process?

Efficiency is perhaps the most important thing in the packaging process. It gives you a chance to create quality products and profit from your activity. And the first thing that will help you be more efficient is an upgraded molding process.

For Chocolate, Ice Cream, and other food and medicines, an injection molding machine falls into this category best of all. Even though it seems to be a complicated and expensive device, it won’t cost you much to have one and could bring you a lot of money later.

If in love, then you will surely know how to pack the heart shape chocolate Box; you will do it better than any other way. But what if we tell you that using a heart shape Chocolate Box can give a boost to your packaging process.

This statement might sound silly; however, if we talk about efficiency, then this thing is not less efficient, rather gives a boost in efficiency to a great level. And if you want to know how it exactly works, then let us tell you that using this thing saves up a lot of time and effort, which are necessary to be put in making shapes out of numerous materials

Heart Shape Chocolate Box is a stylish and interesting packaging box specially designed for chocolate. A professional and useful design for the chocolate producer can protect the chocolate from the air, water, heat, and dust. It has passed the test of the time-proof test.

14. What Is The Recommended Chocolate Box Packaging Material?

We recommend that one chocolate box packaging be made out of sturdy cardboard, a material used to make chocolate boxes. Thanks to its durability, your customers can effectively enjoy their specially-crafted chocolates while carrying them around anywhere they wish to go.

Our Classic Chocolate Box is polystyrene (PS), an industry-standard packaging. This material is food-safe, recyclable, and has excellent protection and cushioning properties.

The Heart Shape Chocolate Box comes in seven different colors to display your chocolates. It is made of ABS, PC material, and has a nice glossy smooth finish. They can be given as gifts or used for retail packaging. In addition, it comes with a gift box that delivers the highest degree of protection during and after shipping.

The heart shape of chocolate packaging is sure to impress someone special. When we select the right packaging and design it specifically for our chocolates, we’re making sure you make a perfect impression.

15. How Do You Include Prints During Chocolate Packaging Process?

Our heart shape chocolate box can include print on the boxes. Heart shape chocolate box is a perfectly balanced image of self-absorption and love.

Bestselling heart chocolate boxes can replace your custom packaging boxes or be used for special gifts for your loved ones. We do provide an option for a printed heart shape chocolate box to select if you are interested in it.

Attractive Heart Shape Chocolate Boxes

When designing a chocolate box, the first challenge is to think about esthetics more pragmatically. For instance, we always try to reduce the number of fonts and the amount of information we use to make the design as clear and concise as possible.

A good example is the Heart Shape Chocolate Box (Italian confectionery).  A clear folding structure makes it easy to identify it as a classic cardboard chocolate box; its shape is formed by a perfect heart, and there are no other elements that could compromise its compactness and balance.

16. What Should You Consider When Preparing Chocolate Box For Packaging Process?

For most people, chocolate box packaging is perfect for displaying and delivering your gifts. However, it is also crucial to remember that a few factors are at play while deciding on a chocolate box.

For instance, what’s the price of different types, sizes, and shapes of boxes? Which one is best suited for your needs? What’s the right size of chocolate boxes?

Besides being delicious, the quality of the chocolate must also be up to standard because different customers have different and special requirements for the product.

A good chocolate packaging box is not just about the design itself and printing on it but also talk about its production process, material, and many other things

17. How Can You Reduce The Cost Of The Heart Shape Chocolate Packaging?

There are many different approaches to reduce the cost of the box and make it cheaper, but one of the most effective is to reduce weight and thickness.

The strength of a material has a surprising relationship with its weight, which means if you’re able to find a strong enough material to withstand handling damage and shipping, you’ll have a lighter box overall.

Usually, to reduce cost, the simplest way is to replace laminated cardboard with simple paper.

18. What Sealing Techniques Can You Use During Heart Shape Process?

Sealing a gift box is an important process in the packaging industry that works to help improve the appearance of a package and to keep the gift secure.

Once a box is packed with a product, air must still circulate throughout the box and prevent it from drying out. This can only be accomplished by effectively sealing all sides of the box.

Printed Heart Shape Chocolate Boxes

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