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ZTP is a well-known printing and manufacturing company that specializes in high-grade hair extension boxes. We deal in hair extension packaging and provide assistance on all hair extension box purchases. If you’re looking for a packaging company to pack your hair product for an approaching role, give us a call.

We provide a large selection of hair extension boxes that fully protect your hair extensions. Since we’re a professional company with over 20 years of experience,  we ensure that you will have a wonderful, stunning customized hair box. We have fully qualified personnel on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Here at ZTP, we take pride in our dedication to innovation, quality, and great customer service.

Our Different Variety Of Hair Extension Box

We guarantee you that we produce the most creative and unique hair extension box display. Simply browse our selection for amazing designs organized by category and select your preferred type. Furthermore, some of the hair extension box packing options we have are as follows:

Custom Hair Extension Boxes
Custom hair extension boxes are available in a variety of shapes, colors, designs, and sizes. They are high-quality boxes that have been expertly crafted.
Custom Hair Packaging
Custom hair packaging comes in a choice of attractive and distinctive styles, forms, sizes, and types. We can make your package according to your requests.
Hair Extensions Packaging
Our hair extensions packaging is made of high-quality materials and can be used to store a variety of hair extensions. It is both eco-friendly and high-quality.
Wig Packaging Boxes
Try our elegant wig packaging box, which will complement your wig's elegance. It is expertly crafted from high-quality materials.
Hair Extension Packaging Boxes
ZTP's hair extension packing boxes are perfect for a wide range of hair products. It is made using durable material that's meant to last.
Luxury Hair Extension Packaging
Our luxury hair extension packaging is of the best standard and comes in a variety of luxurious designs, shapes, sizes, and layouts.

ZTP Offer Better Packaging Solutions For You Hair Extension Box

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What’s Good About Our Hair Extension Box?

Most cosmetic companies all over the world depend on our packaging solutions because our hair extension boxes incorporate various items to preserve the quality of the items stored in them. We also supply our clients with great qualities, such as the ability to maintain their hair extensions, hair serum, wigs, hair spray, mousse, and a variety of other products that need protection.

Furthermore, our regular customers have given us positive feedback on how quickly and efficiently our hair extension boxes are formed. Try our hair extension box if you want to create a good image of your product in the minds of your clients, and you will undoubtedly win their hearts. This will improve your profit margin automatically, and you will notice a change in your overall sales.

Shopping for less at a lower cost does not seem appealing while shopping for more at a higher cost is pointless. Purchasing excellent goods at a low cost, on the other hand, is the best achievement. Hence, we are offering you the experience of such fantastic shopping by providing you with basic and sturdy hair extension boxes at the cheapest rates in the market.

Our low-cost packaging solutions are available in large quantities at a retail cost. Simply complete an online form to gain access to our services and view the sale prices associated with each choice for an estimate of each feature prior to completing a final order.

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Over 20 years printing and packaging experience manufacturer

Why Is ZTP The Best Option For Your Hair Extension Box?

With over two decades of experience, ZTP is a competent printing and packaging company. We make a variety of Hair Extension Box suited for both personal and business use. Also, these boxes come in all sorts of colors, styles, and sizes.

Moreover, ZTP is a major provider of high-quality gift boxes. We make sure that the gift boxes we produce meet your standards. In fact, our company includes a team of skilled designers and production staff that only handles advanced equipment and high-quality materials.

To prevent errors and achieve exceptional results, we use a strict standard management process at each stage of the manufacturing process. Our unwavering commitment to providing high-quality items has given us an advantage in the market.

Likewise, our creative design process resulted in exceptional and ecologically sustainable products. So, when it comes to Hair Extension Box we are your greatest option.

Hair Extension Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide

Hair Extension Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide is a fully comprehensive guide that answers all your questions about Hair Extension Boxes, Hair Extension Packaging, and Spots UV printing.

It covers everything from design to production workflow. This guide also includes some general tips on hair packaging to help you get started.

We hope this guide will help you understand all the details to make an informed decision before placing an order for a hair extension box.

Hair Extension Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide is a guide that encompasses all aspects of Hair Extension Packaging.

It is written in an easy-to-understand format with images and videos to ensure that the customer knows precisely what they are purchasing.

Hair Extension is a specialized type of Packaging designed to be used in conjunction with the retail sale of a consumer good.

Hair Extension Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide is a comprehensive guide to every aspect of Hair Extension Boxes. It includes answers to questions such as, “What is the hair extension box?” and “How to get a stylish hair extension box?

Hair Extension Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide will provide you with all answers to your questions about Hair Extension Packing.

This book will be your guide to the art and business of custom hair extensions, including product descriptions, packaging designs, pricing information, order fulfillment, and quality control standards.”

  1. What Are The Beautiful Hair Extension Boxes?
  2. How Does Hair Extension Include Wholesale Boxes?
  3. What Type Of Packaging Of These Boxes Are In Trend?
  4. How To Get Stylish Hair Extensions?
  5. What Are Hair Extension Boxes?
  6. How Can You Strengthen Your Brand And Win Over Customer?
  7. What Are The Specifications Of These Extension Boxes?
  8. How To Make A Distinct Impression With These Boxes?
  9. How To Ensure Ease Of Customers Through Your Product’s Specifications?
  10. How To Make Custom Hair Extension Boxes?
  11. How Does A Marvelous Printing Affect The Brand?
  12. What Is The Eco- Friendly Printing?
  13. How To Make Them Stand Out From The Rest Of The Products?
  14. What Are The Types Of Hair Extension Boxes?
  15. Is The Usage Of Hair Extensions Packaging Boxes In Industries?
  16. How Can Hair Extension Boxes Be Used For Display Purpose?
  17. How To Increase The Worth Of Your Products?
  18. What Are The Boxes For Hair Extensions With Brand Logo?
  19. What Is The Making Process Of These Boxes?
  20. How Do We Get 3D Proof?
  21. Why Is Conscious Selection Of Colors For Packaging Done?
  22. What Are The Printed Boxes For Promotion?
  23. Which Experimentation Is Made Through Shape Of The Packaging Boxes?
  24. How Does Hair Extension Box With Product Visible Through Display Window?
  25. How Many Folding & Rigid Types Of These Boxes Are There?
  26. What Type Of Manufacturing Material And Its Advantages Are There?
  27. How To Create Custom Hair Extension Boxes?
  28. What Are The Styles Of Hair Extension Boxes?
  29. What Are The Advantages Of Using Cardboard Custom Packaging Boxes?

1.    What Are The Beautiful Hair Extension Boxes?

Wig Packaging Boxes
Hair Extension Box is a custom product created for physical samples. This package comprises different components, such as the box, product catalogs, and sample products to meet specific quality standards set by the brand.

The main objective of hair extensions sellers is to have a beautiful Hair Extension Box that will catch the attention of a large majority of a customer in the market. Custom hair extension packaging boxes are the perfect way to enhance the beauty of your hair extension boxes.

These boxes can house up to 6 bundles of hair extensions giving customers an idea of the item dimensions. There are different options, such as spot UV printing which will add a unique and fancy look to your items. Hair extension boxes are also designed to promote original products, including a brand name, images, slogans, etc.

The whole point of Hair extension boxes is to come up with a new style of hair extension packaging that highlighted the product and brand.

2.    How Does Hair Extension Include Wholesale Boxes?

Hair Extension boxes’ wholesale indicates that box design is a complete unit, including materials and manufacturing processes.

Wholesale Boxes are designed for hair extensions and store neatly until needed.

In addition, they can be used with a variety of products, such as essential oils, hair products, fragrance sprays, and more.

Although hair is a vital part of the human body, it can change the way a person looks with some length and style.

In such a short time, the market for hair extensions has grown to become very popular.

Wholesale Packaging is one of the main things that will get your product noticed in a busy marketplace. You can also get a discount on wholesale if you order in bulk quantity.

A well-designed wholesale package can add value to your product and help it stand out from the crowd.

Hair extension boxes wholesale Packaging improves the appearance of the product and makes it easier to use and more appealing to shoppers.

3.    What Type Of Packaging Of These Boxes Are In Trend?

The best cardboard boxes manufacturer of China uses all designers’ talents to invent countless custom designs, sizes, shapes, and styles in trend for you to choose the best form of Hair extension boxes.

First Impressions is the first choice in hair accessory extension boxes packaging.

Do not forget that your choice of hair extension box for your custom hair extension products can profoundly impact your business’ success and market trend.

If you know what we mean, if you are apprehensive about trending hair extension boxes, the manufacturer can help. Its team of stylists offers a wide variety of hair extensions suitable for different styles and colors.

The suitable trend packaging for you is a leading manufacturer of custom hair extension boxes that are made to fit the needs of all customers.

Whether you need a reusable box or an elegant extension box, the manufacturer can provide you with the trending Packaging that will meet your needs and expectations.

4.    How To Get Stylish Hair Extensions?

China manufacturers have an extensive range of products, from household appliances to cosmetics.

They also provide customer service and provide information about their product.

Click the website and speak with a representative who can assist you in getting more information on products and order a stylish hair extension box.

You can get information, price, and availability in real-time with live chat support for getting stylish hair extension boxes.

This is arguably one of the most valuable services that you can find in China.

The product information and the buying process at China manufacturers have been improved. Go to their website and find help from a representative.

5.    What Are Hair Extension Boxes?

Hair extension boxes come in various shapes and sizes, with some even displaying the hair inside.

Customers can see inside the box to check out the original product before they make their purchase.

This makes it easier for them to customize their order and increases sales because of the eye-catching display.


The new wave in the fashion world is the product of hair extension boxes.

To compete with other companies, cosmetic brands try to make their products as attractive and appealing as possible.

6.    How Can You Strengthen Your Brand And Win Over Customer?

Hair extensions boxes are the latest trends in the market. Many shop keepers can use these as a display in their shops to increase their sales.

These versatile hair extensions boxes can be used in different ways to make the look of one more beautiful, either for a wedding, a party, or any other special occasion.

Personalized hair extension boxes are a critical factor in the quality of our appearance-enhancing products, giving them an exclusive image.

In addition to their primary function, these boxes can add to the appeal and allure of your products.

Hair Extension Boxes can be made attractive enough to give your hair-enhancing products more luster and their brands the exclusiveness they deserve.

Add elements of sophistication and class to your Hair extensions and package offerings.

Display the benefits your products offer in eye-catching Packaging that stands out from the crowd.

7.    What Are The Specifications Of These Extension Boxes?

Size: Find the right font for your needs. Available in all sizes and weights from subtle to strong.

Paper Stock: Choose from several (14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 24pt, & C1S) white, gray, & black stock options.

Finishing options: Spot UV, Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Gold Foiling / Silver foiling.

8.    How To Make A Distinct Impression With These Boxes?

Your customers will be drawn to your product by the aesthetics of your Packaging.

It’s important to use durable and attractive materials, and with a selection of colors, you can create a package that reflects your brand.

Enhance your product with custom hair extensions boxes that come in a variety of finishing options.

Your product can be displayed with the latest in art and custom packaging.

The manufacturers offer mirror and wrapping options to make your product’s presentation as unique and attractive as possible.

They can also help you to choose a spot UV or gloss finish to let your product shine with style.

Using customized boxes for promotional purposes and creating unique branding opportunities is a great way to build brand awareness and promote product recognition.

By adding a window on the box, customers can see what is inside and make their conclusions.

Make your printed product information more prominent on your product boxes.

Greater prominence for a name, logo, and tagline will increase the ease of selecting your products in the market.

To build a positive brand image, make sure customers are attracted by your product boxes and are loyal to your brand.

9.    How To Ensure Ease Of Customers Through Your Product’s Specifications?

Hair extension boxes are an indispensable part of almost used by most of the woman’s style routines.

Before sending out hair extensions, make sure that the Packaging of hair extension boxes is durable and made to protect them.

High-strength hair extension boxes are effective in protecting hair extensions from all kinds of minor scuffs and scratches.

The manufacturer’s hair extension experts’ team will help you decide on the proper hair extension boxes thickness to ensure your customers get a beautiful and secure product.

Nowadays, cosmetic brands are searching for ways to ensure maximum ease for their customers.

Adding a sliding box that opens and closes can make hair extension box packaging as easy to use as possible.

The Packaging of your hair extension should be simple but stylish.

It’s just like opening a present. Just pluck the hair extensions out of the box and touch up on your hair.

Separating your e-commerce packaging from the rest of your store is a wise move.

It allows you to highlight your products uniquely, and it lets your visitors quickly find what they are looking for.

10.   How To Make Custom Hair Extension Boxes?

You can choose the colors, displays, content, and formats of your website to convey your personality and appeal to customers.

After all, a website is just a container for information.

Knowledgeable staff will help you pick the best materials for products that will last long enough and look good on shelves.

You can design your custom-made Packaging that is perfectly suited to showcase your products.

The manufacturers facilitating staff can help you decide which materials are best for preserving your products and increasing product shelf life.

11.   How Does A Marvelous Printing Affect The Brand?

China’s packaging manufacturers are always mindful of the quality of their printing.

They use only the finest printing materials to help create unique designs for your cardboard, Kraft papers, and hair extension boxes.

Using the free design assistance some of the manufacturer’s design team members provide, you will rest assured of getting high-quality work at affordable rates.

Hair-Extension-Boxes-digital printed
Market Trend believes in digital printing. The manufacturer’s production units print with the best materials and ink to get the most finished product for our clients.

Their creative designers are available to provide you with free design assistance.

12.   What Is The Eco- Friendly Printing?

China’s manufacturers are “saving the planet” with 100% recycled packaging that uses renewable resources.

Manufacturers are trying to make their Hair Extension boxes packaging more environmentally friendly.

China’s recyclable Packaging is helping save the environment by using almost zero-waste packaging materials.

13.   How To Make Them Stand Out From The Rest Of The Products?

Hair extension boxes are available in different colors, sizes, and designs.

This is because they can stand out from the rest of the products with their attractive designs and styles.

14.   What Are The Types Of Hair Extension Boxes?

There are three basic types of hair extension boxes:

Classic hair Extension Boxes:
These hair extension boxes packaging is perfect for showcasing hair extensions.
The boxes are perfect for customers to find out the unique advantages they hold inside.
These are also simple to purchase and the easiest way to make your choice.
Custom hair extension boxes:
You can have our boxes printed in any shape, size, and color that you desire.
It is made sure the boxes have a strong aesthetic appeal.
With accessories like ribbons, bows, and charms, your hair extension packaging will be a delight to look at.
Eye-Catching Hair Extension Boxes:
Hair-Extension-Boxes-Eye Catching
Eye-catching hair extension boxes that pull in customers would increase a salon’s or stylist’s chances of selling more hair extensions.
Although the marketing potential is great for salons, the decorative boxes are also perfect for attracting potential customers.

15.    Is The Usage Of Hair Extensions Packaging Boxes In Industries?

Businesses are built around their personalities. The broad range of industry-specific design services gives our clients the flexibility to create individual and distinct brands yet still perfectly capture their enterprises’ personalities.

The designs and architectures of these hair extension boxes should be adaptable to meet the needs of any industry.

It is essential to have a look that puts a never-ending articulation onto the purchaser’s brain.

The best way to do this is with our printing and packaging hair extension boxes.

We know that our hair extension packaging boxes will satisfy you.

According to a team of experts and cutting-edge technologies, it is cleared that you will enjoy the best results possible.

Please leave it to the professionals of the manufacturers to handle your packaging needs after ordering.

16.   How Can Hair Extension Boxes Be Used For Display Purpose?

For your hair extension box’s packaging design to be the best it can be, it needs to be executed appropriately.

It will help if you put in the time and effort to ensure that your hair extension boxes packaging goes beyond what’s required.

Primarily as a hair accessories maker, it would help if you designed your hair extension boxes Packaging to be impactful and aesthetically pleasing, and easy to interact with.

To remain a champ in the industry, you do more than just design hair extension boxes packaging. To flourish in business, hair extension boxes packaging matters more than the product.

This is the spot customization that accepts its activity by offering the most fitting response for stamping, altered printing, and solidness of Packaging that you need.

Hair extension boxes are a perfect fit for so many uses.

You can make hair extension boxes as gift boxes for your loved ones, event folders for cosmetic corporate clients, or promotional packages for women.

17.   How To Increase The Worth Of Your Products?

Everyone is searching for ways to advertise their business, but you can make it more competitive with professional custom hair extension boxes packaging.

Your business will benefit from increased brand value from using these unique, attractive, and affordable hair extension boxes.

Despite making so much effort, you still have trouble getting your hair extension boxes to look good.

18.   What Are The Boxes For Hair Extensions With Brand Logo?

  • The first thing that needs to be considered when determining the hair extension cost is the Brand and Logo of the hair extension boxes packaging itself.


  • What you need to do instead is make sure that the hair extension boxes of your hair extensions are solid.
  • Your brand and hair extension boxes packaging design will set the tone for your business.
  • Instead, you will need strong hair extension boxes that you can print onto your brand’s logo.
  • A good-quality hair extension box for hair extensions will make your brand known and popular among people.

19.   What Is The Making Process Of These Boxes?

Hair extension boxes are created with the highest quality materials at a great value.

Computer-controlled technology can be used for every step of the hair extension boxes packaging process.

Affordable custom boxes help boost your hair extensions business while offering a stylish way to protect your valuable hair.

Having an extended or “rollover” display process in custom hair extension boxes is an extraordinary thought for shoppers to see and purchase right away.

Altered hair extension boxes will intrigue shoppers and make up for a lot in a retail space.

The quality and very much customized Packaging of a retail product is a unique instrument for your brand.

Hair extension boxes are offered as a trendy, low-cost fashion choice.

To make the purchases more cost-effective, customers often buy hair extension boxes in bulk and from the company’s warehouse.

20.   How Do We Get 3D Proof?

China has leading manufacturers that offer high-quality, pack free and free 3D packaging services of hair extension boxes.

China can send 2D mockups and 3D models to make sure you understand what your hair extension boxes package will look like before we ship your products.

For hair extension boxes, we can also send many designs in just a few days.

The best manufacturers of China offer free 3D packaging services with free mockups, as well.

They are the fastest manufacturers of hair extension boxes and provide free 2D and 3D proofs for buyers to precisely confirm what they are getting before buying.

You can also design all hair extension boxes quickly, efficiently, and at a competitive price through 3D-proof technology.

21.   Why Is Conscious Selection Of Colors For Packaging Done?

The choice of color schemes for hair extension boxes is unique and very carefully considered.

The colors are selected to help customers identify the type of hair extension they have.

Color schemes for different hair extension products can benefit the customers, giving them the means to differentiate hair products easily.

The vibrant color palette for your e-commerce site helps convey the vibrancy of your brand.

A vibrant color scheme is a great way to represent your brand without any effort.

Being part of the fashion industry means you must be on top of what is going on in the industry.

22.   What Are The Printed Boxes For Promotion?

You may customize each item in these hair extension boxes and attach other details such as the manufacturing location, product ingredients, and directions for use, warnings, and measures to avoid toxic exposure.

This customized hair extension boxes packaging enables customers to communicate with you whenever they need to and gives them quick access to critical information.

23.   Which Experimentation Is Made Through Shape Of The Packaging Boxes?

We are experimenting with a variety of techniques, which include various shapes and sizes.

  • There are plastic pull-type hair extension boxes with magnet closure on the front flap and a magnetic fastener strip on the back.
  • There are also pillow packaging style hair extension boxes with a handle to carry and two-piece style boxes that can fit in a drawer or cabinet.

24.   How Does Hair Extension Box With Product Visible Through Display Window?

Many companies are offering to package hair extension boxes with a window on demand.

This feature is a valuable addition to custom hair extension boxes packaging as it increases appeal and desirability for retail customers.

25.   How Many Folding & Rigid Types Of These Boxes Are There?

There are two kinds of hair extension boxes packaging: the hinged and rigid ones.

  • The hinged: This one type is flexible enough to be folded up. It can be wrapped around the head to fit very snugly.
  • The rigid: This type, however, remain in the position in which they were made.

26.   What Type Of Manufacturing Material And Its Advantages Are There?

Hair extension boxes packaging that is made from these materials is available in various materials and sizes.

This makes hair extension packaging easy to customize into various shapes and sizes.

Hair extension boxes are environmentally friendly, recyclable, and reusable.

These hair extension boxes can easily be used in machines to mold and fold into various shapes.

For foldable hair extension boxes, cardboard and kraft paper are recommended.

Both are easy to work with. They have the flexibility you need for this project, and they provide the strength you want.

These hair extension boxes can easily be used in machines to mold and fold into various shapes.

27.   How To Create Custom Hair Extension Boxes?

Customized Packaging is a great way to protect hair curled or straight hair.

  • By laminating your hair, curly or straight, you can keep it looking good for a more extended period.


  • It also helps retain the print on the custom hair packaging and makes it durable.
  • You can use glossy, matte, transparent, UV protected, and semi-matte laminations if you have a logo or artwork that needs to be printed on it.

28.   What Are The Styles Of Hair Extension Boxes?

The styles of hair extension boxes are listed below:


  • Sleeve style
  • Display style
  • Mailer style
  • Rectangular style
  • Tuck End style
  • Two-piece style
  • Roll End style

29.   What Are The Advantages Of Using Cardboard Custom Packaging Boxes?

Few advantages of hair extension boxes are described below:

  • A hair extension box is printed in a way that makes it easy to customize and recyclable.
  • To make the best hair extension box, it is made sure about what materials are used for the box itself.
  • The materials used for the hair extension box are safe, durable, and easy to recycle or dispose of off correctly if necessary.
  • Hair extension boxes are delivered in a variety of Packaging depending on the client’s needs.
  • Hair extension box packaging is a product that helps the hair extension industry and is also beneficial to the environment.
  • Hair extension boxes are safe from damage but can also be recycled and disposed of properly without harming the environment.
  • Custom folding Hair extension boxes are a great alternative to standard boxes, as they are made from cheap and durable materials.
  • The beauty of Hair extension boxes is the incredible variety of styles and lengths available.
  • The innovative method to create these Hair extension boxes results from machine production and fast labor costs.
  • Because of Hair extension boxes, companies can offer high-quality Hair extension boxes for a fraction of the cost.


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