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Professional Handmade Production Line Of Gift Box

ZTP have 3 automatic gift box production lines and also have 5 handmade production lines for the complex gift box. In our sample team, we have professional sample cutting machine to make the sample. To be sure the mass products same as the sample.

We can produce the gift box with your custom color, material and surface option.

We will send you our box in a package for safe delivery. All boxes are shipped with original and signed labels and cardstock to ensure a safe delivery. Almost of these gift boxes are handmade and all materials are made of high-quality materials.

Choose Your Other Type From Gift Box

If there are no type you want, also you can contact us to create your box type.


Kraft gift box
The box is made out of two 1-3mm cardboard boxes in a very nice structure and beautiful printing.
Kraft gift box
The gift box is made by a professional and made in a real artisan style. Kraft paper seem more classical.
Folded gift box
Folding box can be flat for shipping, so that it can save shipping space and shipping cost. Each gift box is a unique idea that you can use in your personal projects.
Crhistmas gift box
It can be a Christmas gift box. You could make and take a gift inside the box and send to person who you love.
Birthday Gift Box
ZTP can provide a set of gift box for festival and birthday. It’s can be different size in same printing content.
Paper flower box
This flower box is made of rigid cardboard , same material as the gift box. In order to packaging flower, the design usually is elegant.
Cardboard gift box
The cardboard is a rigid material in paper and it can use many time. It’s usually use to package electronic products, cosmetic, toy and earphone.
Magnet gift box
Magnetic box often is book shape. It can be folding type and book type.
Decorative Gift Boxes
We have an array of gift boxes service for your product and high end items

ZTP Provide Free Design And Free Recycle Paper Box Sample Solution.

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A Compelling Gift Box Is A Important Role In Your Business

On special event, elegant design and  gift boxes printing are a great way to promote product quality. Ranging from craft to clothing, cosmetic, jewelry, souvenirs  any kind of product can be packaged in these gift box.

However, a gift box needs to have an eye beautiful design and high end quality when start your own business. So while getting a gift box designed ZTP will make sure that the material used is high quality and the design is perfectly.

Professionally Handmade Gift Box

When you are no packaging experience, but you want to design perfectly to improve your brand quality, then ZTP structural designer can help you to ensure the best option in gift boxes. We are committed to provide accurate and comfortable products.

Paper packaging ISO certification of Zhongtai Printing
Factory Base On ISO9001/ISO14001 Standard
ZTP pass the ISO9001/ISO14001 manufacturing
Paper packaging BSCI of Zhongtai Printing
BSCI Certificate
BSCI improve social performance in supply chain.
Paper packaging production line
Auto Production Process Line
ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
20 Years Paper Packaging Manufacturing Experience
More Than 20 years Experience
Over 20 years printing and packaging experience manufacturer

Why Choose ZTP Gift Box

ZTP covers the full range from gift box to cardboard box, paper box and magnet box so that you can get the suitable packaging solutions for your products.

Base on our artwork files and structural design services, it’s easy for our customers to get better gift box in different box type.

In order to continually improve the quality of our products and services . All of our orders are made quality testing through our QC department.

As a printing and packaging factory, we can give you a competitive price on high quality gift box.

Our freight team and shipping partners have a one-step solution to deliver your gift box in order to your products is in delivery schedule.

20 Years Experiences of Gift Box Manufacturing

ZTP does focus on an aim that not only provides you gift box packaging solution, but also gives you one-step service in whole order, to make sure thing easy for you. Our teams are including structural designers, accurate sample artisan and professional sales. We can give a series of suggestions depending on your any information and requirements. You will never forget the packaging experience in our professional service.


Gift Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide

Gift Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide is the ultimate step-by-step guide on finding a gift box you want, the design you need, the uses of the Gift Box, and factors that affect the gift box’s cost.

The Definitive FAQ Guide is free to use the collection of comprehensive, Frequently Asked Questions that cover the most frequently asked questions related to ‘gifts.’

Gift Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide is the ultimate gift box guide. It contains answers to everything you wanted to know about and question you wanted to ask about gift boxes.

Inside, you will find useful product information, buying tips, gift box trends, popular gift boxes, and much more.

    1. What’s A Gift Box?
    2. How Do You Design A Present Box?
    3. What Are The Types Of The Present Box?
    4. What Are The Related Products Of Gift Box?
    5. What Are The Features Of The Present Box?
    6. What Can I Put In This Box?
    7. How Do You Make A Present Mini Box Out Of Paper?
    8. How Do You Decorate A Cardboard Box For A Gift?
    9. What Do You Put At The Bottom Of A Box?
    10. How Do You Use Cardboard Boxes For Storage?
    11. What Can I Use Instead Of A Basket?
    12. What Is The Most Popular Gift Box?
    13. How Can I Make My Gift Box Look Nice?.
    14. What Do You Write In A Present Box?.
    15. What Are The Uses Of These?
    16. What Do Factors Affect The Cost Of A Gift Box?
    17. What’s CMYK And Pantone Color?
    18. How To Choose A Right Gift Box Packaging Company?
    19. What’s The Difference Between Offset And Digital Types Of Printing?
    20. What Kind Of Gift Box Should I Choose For Retails And Online Products?
    21. What Information Do You Decide On The Design Effect?
    22. What Are Special Print Effects Used For The Gift Box?
    23. How Many Heavy Items Can Be Put In The Gift Box?
    24. Does The Product Fully Support The International Standard Of Quality?
    25. How Can I Send Someone A Gift Box Thorough The Manufacturer?

1. What’s A Gift Box?

The gift box is made of strong cardboard material. You have the choice of either sticking to your designs or choosing from our wide selection of special gift boxes.

The gift box is a practical and elegant packaging for various gifts and is one of the most common package formats in gift-giving.

The most common form of paper box packaging is the box made of paper, which is complementary to our advocacy of paper box packaging.

Generally, the paper box is made of paper and is attached to other gift packages with a ribbon.

Gift Box packaging

A gift box is a multiple-item combination presented inside a colorful box used by gift shops to give merchandise and make sales.

Gift boxes are sometimes collected as personal gifts and are usually available for sale from greeting card shops or in stores specializing in cards and gifts.

A Gift Box is a custom combination of products that can be repackaged into a beautifully designed gift box.

A Gift Box is a creative, innovative, and out-of-the-box solution for consumers searching for the perfect gift. The ideal gift to express gratitude, friendship, love, and more!

2. How Do You Design A Present Box?

Following are the tips for designing a gift box:

  • Add additional wrapping to the box, making sure to fill it up to the top
  • Cover it with multi-colored shredded paper filler and then cover it with more decorative wrapping paper
  • Please take out the food items from their packaging and tie them up in colorful bags
  • This will help protect your business from theft and prevent products from getting lost.

Gift cardboard box

  • Stack a few sheets of paper in the bottom of the box
  • Place fragrant and colorful shredded filler in the center
  • Remove commercial wrappers from edible items, and place them in decorated containers
  • Finally, fill empty spaces with decorative containers that hold small items.

3. What Are The Types Of The Present Box?

There are a lot of types of Gift Box, and Few types are given below:

  • Gift Paper Packaging Box
  • Gift Rigid Paper Box,
  • Gift Packaging Box With Sleeve

sleeve gift box

  • Paper Packaging Gift Box With Silk
  • Gift Packaging Box With Bowtie
  • Pink Gift Paper Box

4. What Are The Related Products Of Gift Box?

The related products with the gift box are as follows:

  • Storage Box
  • Folding Gift Box
  • Drawer Box

Drawer Gift Box

  • Handle Shopping Bag
  • Electronics Products Packaging Box

5. What Are The Features Of The Present Box?

Few important features of the gift box are as follows:

  • Gift box design with custom color & application of a logo or other graphic on the gift box
  • Assembled from cardboard and Printmaking ink
  • Having surfaces like UV laminates, heat-cured vinyl, matte and glossy print graphics, and paint
  • Certified by 1S014001, IS09001, BSCI, FSC.
  • Low minimum order requirements to start

6. What Can I Put In This Box?

You can put any gift in a gift box: flowers, wine, chocolate, jewelry, photo frames, cosmetics, corporate products, and even plane tickets or restaurant menus.

Drop a bunch of paper into the bottom of the box. Add a few shreds of colored paper to the ball before adding more filler.

Make your products look more appealing by taking them out of their original containers and putting them in a more decorative package.

You can use decorative baskets to put smaller products or carry too few items to fit any other container.

7. How Do You Make A Present Mini Box Out Of Paper?

For example, the following are the tips to make a present mini box out of paper:

mini gift box

  • By using a pillow template, cut two pieces of paper into a square and fold them in half
  • Fold the two squares together to make a pillow with creases
  • Turn the paper pillow inside out, with the wrinkles on the outside
  • Unfold the edges, and you have a pillow shape
  • Finish your box by folding both ends in

8. How Do You Decorate A Cardboard Box For A Gift?

You can decorate in the following ways:

  • By using ribbons for decorating because it adds a decorative touch while still protecting the inside and keeps the bag from getting ripped.
  • By using different kinds of paper-made stars, stickers.
  • By using different decorating materials like laces and colorful Buttons.
  • By using pattern, texture colorful wrapping for decorating Gift Box

9. What Do You Put At The Bottom Of A Box?

No matter what size you choose for your hamper, you need to fill it with crumpled paper before adding the gift items.

This is a decorative filler that is perfect for adding a textural element to a tabletop centerpiece.

Crumbled tissue paper can be used as a base, while shredded paper or straw can be used as decorative accents.

10. How Do You Use Cardboard Boxes For Storage?

There are many ways to use cardboard boxes for storage. Few are described below:

Cardboard storage box

  • Cover an empty cardboard box in a fabric for a chic storage bin
  • Make a wooden shoe rack with handles and pull-out shelves
  • Transform the box into a cube with shims for drawers
  • Add a rattan bar to add storage to a desk
  • Make a mobile craft station with patterned stickers
  • Wrap it in burlap to add personality to a bathroom cabinet
  • Add cute fabric tabs to organize tiny items

11. What Can I Use Instead Of A Basket?

Instead of a basket filler, Small pieces of paper, waxed tissue, or shredded or crumpled aluminum foil can be used in the Gift Box; also, balled-up tissues and confetti are common fillers for these gift boxes.

To add some flair to your finished gift baskets, you can use decorative items like shredded paper, small silk flowers, and candy.

For example, you can use shredded paper for the base of a basket or as a filler inside a basket. You can also use small silk flowers if you have a colorful ribbon available.

12. What Is The Most Popular Gift Box?

The most popular Gift Boxes are:

  • Classic gifts
  • Great packaging
  • Delicious treats

Gift boxes are a special gift and great for any occasion. Pick up a “Best Best” food box for the cook in your life, or fill one of the gift boxes with cookies and sweets to get your family and friends delighted.

13. How Can I Make My Gift Box Look Nice?

There are as many ways to make your gift box look nicely, and few tips are given below:

  • A tissue-wrapped bouquet
  • A bow-tied with fabric
  • A variety of beads and flowers
  • A piece of potpourri
  • An embroidered star

14. What Do You Write In A Present Box?

You can write the following quotes on gift boxes like:

  • I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery,
  • Hey, Get well soon!
  • I am sorry for my mistakes. Please accept my apology.
  • if I told you to “get better soon,” it wouldn’t be soon enough; please get better quickly,
  • I am missing you by remembering past memories, and I LOVE you.
  • You can write many quotes according to Birthday, Anniversary, Father day, Mother day, etc.

flower rectangle box

  • You can write by wishing different occasions, like Eid, Christmas, Deepawali, and Happy New Year.
  • According to the events, if you are dealing with corporate sector events, different sentences can be written like if you can wish a successful business journey.
  • If you are awarding someone for motivation and happy for his/her work, you can write “Keep It Up!”

15. What Are The Uses Of These?

There are a lot of uses for gift boxes. However, few important benefits are described below:

  • Gift Boxes can be used for various occasions to give an experience, for love and romance, birthdays and anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, or any special occasion.
  • They are a perfect solution for business promotions too.
  • Gift boxes are used to hold presents, often for giving to people during special occasions.
  • They play a very important role in gift-giving, and many people use them for their giving.
  • Besides, holiday seasons are here, and what could be a better idea to present your special someone with an amazing gift packed in a perfectly designed box.
  • A gift box is used to display and package merchandise.
  • Gift box has a huge market in corporate sector also as various companies extensively use them to showcase their products as gifts and the company’s name and logo printed on it.

Corporate Gift Box

  • The gift box is one of the very good and useful presents that everyone appreciated around the environment.
  • A gift box is a kind of decoration and a very nice present for the dear or loved ones on a special day.
  • Generally, gift boxes hold different types of gifts like jewelry, food items, medicine products, etc.

16. What Do Factors Affect The Cost Of A Gift Box?

  • Box material is a very important factor.
  • It also can be the most expensive factor if you choose some special materials for the gift box.
  • The size can be a factor too, but to avoid some extra boxes-materials.
  • The following factors may affect the cost of the gift box:

Occasion, Type of paper,  Printing,  The shape of the box in relief or flat,  Surface process, Packaging

17. What’s CMYK And Pantone Color?


CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black, the colors used in color printing.

CMYK, or the four-color printing process, is a method of color printing used in offset printing and some digital printers.

CMYK printing

It is also used in non-photographic printing, such as posters, billboards, and books.

CMYK, or the four-color printing process, is a printing color system that uses these four colors to make thousands of different shades of color.


Pantone color printing is one of the most precise methods of creating colors.

Inks are mixed to precisely match a particular hue, and printers use specially calibrated presses to produce consistent results.

Pantone Colors

Pantone printing, unlike the traditional ink-jet or laser printers, is not color specific.

It is not even a printer, but it’s pure color mixing. It’s an intense process that requires precise amounts of ingredients based on a chosen color.

18. How To Choose A Right Gift Box Packaging Company?

Because there are so many occasions when we need to buy appropriate gift sets for our dear ones, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right packaging company and products.

To avoid unpleasant situations and costly mistakes, you need to get good advice and useful information.

You can choose the right packaging box for your company by considering the followings tips keeping in mind:

  • Material of the gift box
  • Transportation of gift box
  • Your Budget
  • Attraction of customers
  • To know about the manufacturer
  • To understand the practicalities
  • To see the information on the packaging
  • Focus on product marketing and selling areas
  • Significance of a graphic designer
  • Environmental Impact
  • Production Limitations
  • Targeted Customers
  • Economic consequences

19. What’s The Difference Between Offset And Digital Types Of Printing?

Digital Type Prinitng:

Digital type of printing uses an image sensor, a small computer chip that converts the image of the document to a digital file. The ink is transferred directly onto paper by an ink roller instead of using plates in offset printing.

Digital printing


Offset Type Printing:

Offset printing is an old process that varies slightly from digital printing but still does not require plates. In offset printing, ink is transferred to a rubber sheet to roll the ink onto paper or other surfaces.

The difference between digital printing and offset printing is their print and how their inks are applied to the paper.

Offset printing

20. What Kind Of Gift Box Should I Choose For Retails And Online Products?

There are a lot of kinds of Gift Boxes that can be chosen for retails and online products. Few kinds and their uses are described below:

Reverse Truck End: These are an open-top, with the closures sealed in the front. These gift boxes are used for shipment mostly.

Straight Tuck End: A serial tuck gift box is flexible and can be folded shut in various ways. The product’s unique design has no folds or creases that might obscure the appearance of the product itself when in use.

Gable Bags and Gift Box: The Gable Bags and gift Boxes are designed to be carried in a handbag. The tuck-in front closure and stable structure of the bag help it stay closed and prevent it from falling apart in the bottom of your bag.

Flash Gift Box: Flash boxes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to help your products stand out and sell. Use flash gift boxes to ensure that your products are secure and presentable on the shelf.

Six Corner Beer: The six corner beer gift box includes an angled box that opens to form a container. The packaging can be stored flat and presented quickly at the point of sale or on site.

Four Corner Beer: It has a classic four-corner design and folds inward to create a tray for carrying and storage.

Sleeve: A sleeve box is made up of two parts. You remove the outer bag and then slide the inner sleeve into a separate bag. This creates a protective structure that means you can safely store your items, even if they are wet.

Foot Lock: It is designed to hold two people. The secure locking mechanism keeps items safe and secure on shelves or in cabinets. When used with two individual locks, they provide an extra layer of security.

Pillow Box: Popular for its simple design, this box is perfect for packaging small items. Ideal for storing small items or gift-wrapping, it’s easy to assemble and open with a single piece of cardboard.

Hexagon/Octagon: With its distinctive shape, hexagonal and octagonal packaging stand out among square, rectangular, and pillow boxes. The unique shape also makes these packaging options great for products like clocks, jewelry, and coat hangers.

Literature Shipper: Literature shipping boxes can be strong and sturdy, making them an excellent option for shipping large quantities of books or other products.

Snap Lock Boxes: These boxes offer a secure seal for sending gifts without the expense of additional locks or higher-end security features.

21. What Information Do You Decide On The Design Effect?

The design effect measures the average treatment difference divided by the sample size.

This simple ratio is used to measure whether the randomization was effective in producing the desired results.

The design effect is a measurement of the efficacy of a test also in which we divide the difference between actual and expected results by the square root of the actual sample size.

Different manufacturers create the perfect packaging to protect what’s inside and raise your brand or product awareness.

Each design element from size, folding, and even color of each item. All matters toward persuading customers to buy your goods.

Product design is a complex process. Therefore, it would be best if you considered many factors, including:

  • Visual appeal
  • Quality of material
  • Storage capacity
  • Size

22. What Are Special Print Effects Used For The Gift Box?

There are several types of printing effects that can be used in packaging. The following is a little detail of special products that can be used in printing for gift boxes:

Foil stamping: Heat-sealing is a process that creates a special, luxurious extra layer on any package. It can also be used to emboss, and it is used in combinations with other processes like die cutting or foiling.


Spot UV : With UV spot printers, your product packaging can be made to look shinier by the addition of ink that shines in the light. The result is a wonderful glossy print effect perfect for emphasizing your brand’s name or logo.

raised spot uv

Embossed Effects: The process of embossing is a great way to add texture and detail to your packaging. Customers delight in the subtle variations in color and pattern when they open their package, giving you an opportunity to show off your brand.

 Embossing Box

23. How Many Heavy Items Can Be Put In The Gift Box?

Like the dimensions of your product, the weight of your packaging plays a role in how your printer will use its materials.

If you want to keep your gift items safe during shipping and distribution, you may want to use corrugated paper rather than a paperboard carton.

The product’s weight can vary on the box, but in general, a professional box can hold up to 3lbs, including the packing materials.

24. Does The Product Fully Support The International Standard Of Quality?

As one of the leading manufacturers of personalized gift boxes in China’s printing specializes in manufacturing, it has a wide range of innovative, luxurious, and distinctive gift boxes.

China manufacturers guarantee the best quality products through strict product testing and ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

The recycled material used in China paper products is also approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

25. How Can I Send Someone A Gift Box Thorough The Manufacturer?

Few gift box manufacturers provide the facility to give them orders and pay, and the company will pack your gift in the Gift Box you selected and deliver it to the recipient on your behalf.Few companies also deliver corporate gifts like office equipment, business card holders, desk gadgets, etc.

You may be able to get your questions answered by searching online. After searching, call the customer service of that manufacturer company or visit their website and place your order after your queries have been answered.

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