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ZTP is one of the companies that produce various kinds of boxes, like a folded gift box, paper box, and customized box. Our company has cutting machines to give each of our customers a good quality sample and produce an exact product like the sample given to them.

This folded gift box can weigh big and heavy presents for your buyers and loved ones. Furthermore, our company knows that every customer has requirements regarding their boxes and packaging that we must comply with. Hence, we utilize many ways to make our customers happy by providing them with cute designed folded boxes. Also, the materials used with the boxes are cardboard and corrugated.

We provide boxes depending on your preferences since we value the satisfaction of our customers. The safety of your packages relies on how durable your boxes are. For you to ensure the safety of your gifts or products, our company sends the handmade boxes and attached proper labeling.

Select Your Type Of Folded Gift Box

Are you confused about what kind of box you need? Look at the other types of folded boxes that you might need for your business or gift box.

If you are looking for extra cute but presentable gift boxes, a foldable box is a good idea! During shipment, we fold it for safe and damage-free packaging.

Folding Magnetic Gift Box
the folding magnetic gift box is a high-end package that can fold up. This product consists of magnetic closure that closes the box securely and can be flat during the shipment.
Collapsible Gift Box
The collapsible gift box is a book shape construct and has a magnetic cover that allows you to seal it securely.
Those foldable gift boxes with ribbon are perfect for your cupcake and beauty business. It looks luxurious and is a solid gift box with high-end materials and design.
These kinds of white foldable boxes are good packaging for cosmetics, jewelry, food, hygiene essentials, or even products for nail care.
This box is made perfectly for your chocolate. The folding chocolate box is crafted to look high-profile for a more appetizing appearance.
Paper Folding Gift Box
The paper folding gift box is a next-level packaging since you can use it for your personal projects or businesses.

ZTP Provide Free Design And Folding Gift Box Sample Solution.

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Why Is Folded Gift Box Beneficial For Your Product?

Your product’s packaging gives your customers their first impression of your business or brand. Also, your boxes will give safety for their purchased product. That is why most business owners view boxes or packaging as important as their business. If you provide your customers a good quality box, they will trust your brand and your products.

Packaging can also be good looking and luxurious. With the folded gift box, together with the magnetic box, your products will be safe and secure. These kinds of boxes will fascinate your customers since they look high-end and have good quality.

Your goodies or food products will also have their presentable package with folded and magnetic boxes. They can easily open and close the box securely without destroying its design or appearance. Also, you can add ribbons on them to add charms. Using these boxes, your business will be attractive and noticed by your customers.


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ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
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Why Do You Need To Choose ZTP Folded Gift Box

ZTP is a company that delivers good and high-end gift boxes. There are varieties of boxes that you can choose from, like magnetic, folded, and cardboard boxes. You can create your design or color because we offer customization of boxes.

We value your product packaging, and we love to help businesses like you by providing safe boxes. Our handmade boxes are secured to carry heavy loads of products without reap or damage. To test if the box is well built, we examine it through our QC department. The ZTP also offers the boxes at a reasonable price and you can expect the delivery date on time.

If you want to increase your brand awareness to your customers by improving your package, you can send your inquiry to us and we will gladly help you. The company has a structural designer that can help you with designs that can provide you high-quality aesthetic boxes. We are glad and are always open to help you with your packaging concerns!

Folding Gift Box – The Complete FAQ Guide

The popularity of folding gift boxes is on the increase as many people have started to realize how useful they are. They are a perfect choice to send a variety of gift items. They are beautiful and easy to use, making the unboxing experience better than a regular gift box. The appeal of this special box is based on how it can be easily labeled and packaged by anyone.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at different aspects relating to folding gift boxes by answering FAQs on the topic in question. Let’s begin!

1.   How To Make Custom Folding Gift Boxes?

Folding gift box supplier

If you are interested in elevating your gift-giving by using fancy gift boxes, you may as well learn how they are made using rigid cardboard. These gift boxes can be used for a variety of applications and to send items all over the world. To make custom folding gift boxes, you would need these materials;

  • Large cardboard paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • X-Acto Knife or Scissors
  1. Cut out cardboard squares: To start with, you should cut out two cardboard squares to serve as the top and bottom of your gift box. A great way to make sure that the top fits perfectly over the bottom, you should make the bottom square smaller by about ½”.

If you are using large cardboard paper, you can measure out your squares and cut them out with scissors. You may decide to make a box of any size but we’ll be using a 12” square to make our box and answer this question. This means that the bottom square should be measured to be 12” while the bottom square is 11.5”. The final box will have a dimension of 4”

  1. Fold each cut square paper in half: Starting with the smaller square at the bottom, fold it in half. Make sure to press down the fold vertically for a better crease. Unfold the square and spread it. Now, switch and press down the fold horizontally while forming a good crease too. When you are done folding, spread out the cardboard. Repeat this sequence of action for the next square. Using nails or a credit card can be an easier way to push down the folds.
  2. Create a Diamond: Fold each corner paper towards the middle to form a small triangle and make sure it creases well. In the end, the paper should resemble a diamond. Repeat this action for the second square or piece of paper.
  3. Make more paper creases: Rotate the diamond 45 degrees to form. Fold the bottom and top edges of the square to meet in the middle and crease them well. Unfold the top and bottom to give the square again. Repeat the process for the second piece of paper.
  4. Turn your diamond into a rectangle: The next thing to do is unfold the top triangle to make sure it lays flat. Repeat this for the bottom triangle. Also, fold left and right edges to the center of the paper and fold them well. The cardboard paper should now look like a tall rectangle with triangles at the top and bottom. Repeat this entire step for the second piece of paper.
  5. Create an L with the rectangle: Now, it’s time for the box to start taking shape. There should be various creases that run horizontally on the folded paper but you’ll want to stand the top triangle at the third crease from the top. This way, you can make an L shape with the paper. Fold it properly at the third crease and press it down properly. Do this for the second piece of paper. If you find that you don’t have the required number of creases, make sure that you rotate the paper in step 4.
  6. Unfold the paper: The next thing to do is to partially unfold the far edge of the paper to form a corner with the first edge. Repeat this process on the opposite edge to create two opposite box corners. Do this again for the second piece of paper. Take note that unless the paper was folded properly till this stage, you may need to re-create it.
  7. Create the box: To create the box, fold a top triangle flap such that it sits against the side and bottom of the box. Repeat this for the other side and top of the box.

2.   What Material Can Be Chosen For Folding Gift Box?

Folding paper box

There are a variety of materials that can be used to make a folding box. You are free to choose any type of folding box that you want. For users, gifts are usually displayed along with beautiful, quality images. The selection of a suitable material is the best way to show that your material is of high quality. The materials that can be chosen for folding gift box include:

Grey Board

The greyboard is popularly used as a material for folding gift boxes. Greyboard may have a vague appearance but when paired and pasted with art paper, pearl paper, blinding cloth, PU leather, virgin paper, flannel, and so on. This material is usually transformed after pasting into an exquisite packaging folding gift box.

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Also, grey board paper is environmentally friendly and is gotten from recycled waste paper. It’s made to be tough and pressure-resistant making it appropriate for small – medium-sized packages. Depending on the size of the box, it may be capable of transporting large-sized packages. This material is ideal for protecting materials from damage by any external conditions.

Corrugated Paper

Corrugated paper boxes are commonly seen around. They are often used to ship and deliver products. Most express packaging gift boxes are made from corrugate paper. The use of this material is not only restricted to the creation of express packaging boxes, but also for folding gift boxes. They are also commonly used for a variety of gift box applications.

White Corrugated Mailer Boxes

Corrugate paper is also durable due to its toughness and compressive strength, but when compared to grey board paper, it performs worse for the same amount of thickness. However, corrugate paper is cheaper than grey board paper. When designing a gift box for heavy materials such as fruit, thick corrugate paper is used for packaging. However, when a lightweight product such as clothing is packaged with light corrugate paper.

White Cardboard

Everyone has probably received gifts at one time or the other that were packaged in cardboard paper. Whenever your colleagues have a celebration such as a new baby or a wedding, they may decide to send wedding cakes and eggs in white cardboard folding gift boxes. They are also used in packaging several other items including teabox, pencil box, and so on. This material is also used in producing invitations, business cards, and so on.

gift box

The white cardboard is same thick and strong as the greyboard . They are ideal to design a white inside paper box.

3.   Why Should I Choose Folding Box For Gift Packaging?


Folding Box is utilitarian, which means that this is used for a variety of applications based on your discretion. Many people have begun to prefer using folding gift boxes as a means for gift packaging. What makes this box special and why should you choose to use it?

Folding Gift Boxes are different from other box types. Their dimensions have been carefully measured to make them as compact as possible. This way, they save space and give extra room for more packages to be boarded. Now, you no longer have to worry about finding packaging that doesn’t take up too much space because a folding box would offer you this quality.

Also, folding gift boxes are easy to assemble. All it takes is a few coordinated steps and you could self-produce folding gift boxes for gift packaging that can be sent to any part of the world. It’s an ideal choice that anyone would want to make use of.

4.   How To Use Foldable Gift Boxes With Ribbons?

Folding gift box manufacturer

Perhaps, you’ve kept your item in a box – ready for packaging and shipping. Now, all that’s left is a beautiful bow to make it look more attractive. You may decide to attach a stick-on bow to the package but going the extra mile and tying a ribbon would add a fancy touch to the entire package. It would also be an indication of how far you are willing to go to make this box look perfect.

Adding a bow to a foldable gift box is relatively simple and once you are familiar with how it’s done, it’s possible to try out making a few other styles.

Place the ribbon horizontally on the top of the box. Make sure that there is an additional 4 – 8 inches of ribbon hanging off the other side. Make sure to not cut the ribbon from the spiral yet. You are allowed to leave more than enough ribbon hanging off the side of the box. You can always shorten the ribbon later on.

Pull the remaining ribbon over and under the box. Do not flip the foldable box or you would mess everything up. Instead, raise the box as you pull the ribbon under it. Place the box down when the ribbon comes out the other end.

Cross the ribbons at the center of the box. Move the ribbon toward the middle of the package and cross it with the shorter one. Twist the ribbons around each other to keep them oriented vertically. If the ribbon is one of those with a right and wrong side, you may have to twist it twice o turn away the wrong side of the ribbon.

Wrap the ribbon around the box by lifting it and taking the strip out the other side. If you have crossed both ribbons, you should be pulling this ribbon vertically over the box now. Keep your thumb on the twisted part as you wrap the ribbon around the box vertically.

Measure the first piece of an excess strip of ribbon against the piece attached to the spiral and cut it. Wrap the ribbon under the twisted part of the ribbon that you find on the box. Pull the ribbon across the twisted join at an angle to the top of the box. Pass the strip under the twisted joint and pull it out back through the same way you started. Pull-on both ends of the ribbon strip to tighten the knot you have formed.

Shape this knot into a bow. Fold both ends of the strip to form loops. Cross both loops over one another to create a smaller one in the center. Take the left loop through the smaller one in the middle and tighten your bow.

Adjust the bow to make sure that it is firm and cut off any excess ribbon. Take some time out to adjust any part of the ribbon that may not have formed or lay properly including the loops and tails. If you prefer to use a wired ribbon, you can also fluff up the loops. For a classy appearance, you may shape the tails into Vs.

5.   How Many Types Of Box Can Be Used For Folding Box?

Folding paper gift box

A folding box can come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the applications of the user. The most common types of box used for folding box include:

Simple Folding Box with Lid

This is the most popular folding box that you will find out there. It’s versatile and an effective style of gift box. This box type consists of a thick base that is paired with a full or partial-depth lid that can be completely removed. The box is easy to use and open. We can design any dimensions of this simple box that suits your taste.

Folding Box with Shoulder

This is a fancy variation of the simple box. This type of box has an internal shoulder that lets the lid and base balance smartly on each other. This type of box can be constructed with a hidden or exposed shoulder. An exposed shoulder can be designed to be any height and is attractive when the box is designed with contrasting colors.

Hinged Folding Box

This box is quite similar to box and lid folding boxes with a variation of having at least one side hinged. There are 3 types of the hinged box:

3-Sides Hinged Lid Gift Box

The lid of this type of folding box is attached to the base of the box on one end. The remaining sides are designed to overhang the base at full or partial depth.

4-Sides Hinged Lid Gift Box

The lid section is carefully attached at one side to the bottom of the box. The remaining sides are designed to overhang the base at full or partial depth.

Gift Box with Hinged Flap Lid

This type of folding box has a hinge on the top or side of the base. There is also a flap on the other side and uses a hidden magnet to hold the hinge in place.

Clamshell Folding Box

This type of folding box bears some resemblance to a three-sided hinged box with a lid. However, the hinge for this variation is attached at the base of the box instead of the top. It is usually made of just a single piece of board and is utilized for media presentation.

Bookstyle Box

The book-style folding box, just like its name suggests, is designed to look like a book. This unique folding box type has a flip or double flip lid that is closed using either clasps or magnets.

Rigid Slipcase

A rigid slipcase is utilized as a high-quality protective cover for items such as documents, CD/DVD set, book, and so on.

6.   What Surface Process Can Be Used For Folding Gift Box?

Surface finishing

There may be times when you want to spice up the vague appearance of your folding gift box. How will you go about this?

  • Printing: Offset printing ( for mass production,CMYK/ Pantone color).

Digital printing( for sample printing) , The color will be 80% same as mass production. It’s just for confirming text, picture on the box.

  • Matt lamination : It can let surface to be smooth and matt .
  • Glossy lamination: It can let surface to be smooth and glossy.
  • Spot UV: It base on matt lamination .The glossy  varnish is putted on the part of surface like logo ,some text and some pattern.
  • Embossing : Some part of logo or words are extruded through embossing machine.
  • Hot stamping: There are many color options for the hot stamping, usually use gold and silver.

Now, you’ll have a transformed gift box that is ready to ship and captivate the mind of the receiver.

7.   How Folding Paper Can Be Made From A Printing Factory?

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A printing factory is known to produce different types of paper that can be applied to a variety of uses. Printing factories produce cardboards which is commonly used in making a folding box. These boxes are then sent to users in different parts of the world.

8.   How To Handle Packaging And Labelling Of Folding Gift Box?

handle folding box

A folding gift box is available in a variety of designs and patterns. However, there are plain ones who need some extra packaging to add some class to their appearance. You can do this by opting for gift-wrapping or adding any unique designs that you deem fit.

For secure packaging of folding gift box, they have to be split into separate categories based on the type of item they contain and their weight class. Then, each of these boxes is labelled according to the categories that they fall in. By doing this, all gift boxes will be shown the right amount of attention until it gets to the final destination and is successfully received.

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