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ZTP is a flower box provider with more than two decades of expertise in the field. We provide a large selection of handcrafted, environmentally friendly packaging options. There is a wide range of box forms, sizes, and colors available from ZTP, as well as various cover materials and customization options. ZTP’s premium flower boxes are used by flower shops, gift shops, and a variety of other enterprises.

We create our goods using high-quality, environmentally friendly cardboard, premium paper.  The flower boxes are made durable and sturdy by the use of a specific binding method. They are boxes that have been created with elegance and flair in mind, and in which flowers leave a lasting impact.

ZTP has all of the necessary resources and printing equipment on hand to create any customized flower boxes that may be needed. It provides services such as business logo applications, custom artwork, custom art prints, and customization possibilities to its customers.

Aiming to develop productive and long-lasting business ties with its customers as a flower box provider that offers a completely customized approach

Pick A Flower Packaging Box That Best Meets Your Needs.

ZTP provides a choice of flower packaging options to ensure that you find the best match for your requirements and tastes. We guarantee that you will get the high-quality items that you have ordered. If you don’t like the designs we have available, we can build customized packaging for you. Get in touch with us and we will do all we can to accommodate you.

Flower Cardboard Box
Flowers are fragile and must be sent in sturdy flower cardboard boxes supplied by a reputable provider in order to be transported safely throughout the world. We can manufacture your flower boxes simply or with a printed design on them. The Flower Box, which is made of durable, 100% recyclable materials and is printed with a beautiful pattern on all four sides, has swiftly gained popularity among florists around China.
Rose Boxes Packaging
This rose boxes packaging is not only a flower packing, but it is also a box that can be used at the workplace or at home to exhibit a variety of beautiful flowers, saving you money and time. It is a practical and multi-purpose empty cardboard boxes.
Floral Packaging Box
Using a floral packaging box is a quick and efficient approach that allows the florist to present the customer with a complete packaging package for their order. The ability to choose from a variety of styles, forms, sizes, and colors allows the florist to express their individuality, flair, and creativity. The aesthetic appeal and perceived worth of the bouquet increase significantly when the arrangement is packaged in a floral packaging box. Buyers who appreciate the simplicity and practicality of the Floral packaging box are more likely to become repeat customers.
A flower paper box is appropriate for use as a present, gift, or product packaging. ZTP is your one-stop shop for small gift boxes, and we provide excellent structural strength together with a distinctive design approach that enhances the appearance of your brand or product. Our flower paper boxes wholesale are available in a number of sizes and colors, allowing you to create a product that is both visually and tactilely appealing. Our clients refer to us as the "ultimate package supplier" since our factories consistently produce stunning luxury packaging boxes for their products.
Flower gift box
Flower gift boxes are available in a variety of various sizes, and these arrangements are attractively arranged before being delivered, ready to brighten someone's day. Beautiful flower gift box to give to your loved ones to show them how much you care. It's true what they say: a present is only as good as the packaging it arrives in. A beautiful box, on the other hand, will always be useful!
Round flower box
Rather than using expensive wrapping paper to package your flower arrangements, try something different and use a round flower box. A bouquet of fresh blossoms in a round flower box is more exquisite than a bunch of flowers wrapped in beautiful paper, which can be difficult to distinguish. Floral shops, gift novelty stores, and other businesses can benefit from this flower box. The box provides you with more area to put together your display. The flowers will not compress as a result of this, which will preserve their appearance and freshness.

We Will Design And Manufacture High-Quality Flower Packaging Boxes For You.

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Expertise In The Production Of Flower Packaging Boxes Spanning Two Decades

ZTP has decades of experience in the printing and packaging industries, and we can provide you with amazing flower packing box solutions that will exceed your expectations. We are regarded as one of the leading producers capable of producing high-quality packaging materials.

We guarantee that we will fulfill all of your requirements and exceed all of your expectations by delivering high-quality, low-cost flower packaging boxes to your door. Our expert staff and designers are skilled at creating recommendations based on your values and desires. Contact us today to learn more.

Our experienced team is here to assist you with all of your packaging requirements at any time of day or night, offering competitive rates and cutting-edge solutions. We take great pride in our commitment to providing our customers with superior services.

Furthermore, ZTP is persistent in its commitment to provide superior and advanced services for all of your packaging requirements. Your satisfaction with the service we have provided you will surely exceed your expectations.

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ZTP pass the ISO9001/ISO14001 manufacturing
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BSCI improve social performance in supply chain.
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ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
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Over 20 years printing and packaging experience manufacturer

Why ZTP’s Flower Packaging Box Is The Finest Partner For Your Company’s Growth.

PRODUCTS SHOWCASED: Here you will find the most representative goods, the most important application areas, and the most important target markets, as well as a description of multi-angle product usage operation and an evaluation of our customer’s experiences with our products and services.

THE VALUE IS EXTREMELY GOOD: China is where we make our products. Our pricing is, therefore more competitive than that of your other vendors. Investing in our company will save money while increasing your profits.

DELIVERY SERVICE FROM A SINGLE DEPARTMENT: The production will be delivered to your door regardless of where you are or how much production you ordered. Shipping by plane and shipping over the ocean are both acceptable methods of delivery. You are under no obligation to take any action in this regard.

EQUIPMENT WITH ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES: We have advanced printing manufacturing equipment at Zhongtai Printing that includes an automatic offset printing machine, a heat transfer printing machine, an automatic hot-stamping machine, a packaging machine, and further automation advanced packaging and printing machinery.

CONTROL OF THE QUALITY: Quality Control Certifications are held by each and every inspector. The ISO 9001 quality system and supplier quality system are used for training and testing. We make certain that your items are of the highest possible quality and safety. Our primary concern is quality.

TEAM OF DESIGNERS: In order to provide you with customized services goods, we have skilled design and development engineers on staff. Give us your ideas, and we will provide you with amazing designs and product quality.

Elegant Items Deserve To Be Packaged In Equally Beautiful Ways.

The flower packaging box is a very common method of expressing one’s feelings about flowers. A delicate flower box can inspire people to appreciate the beauty of the moment that exists between square inches of space. Flowers are increasingly being offered in the form of rapid delivery in today’s society. The flower boxes are easier to deliver than the bouquets because they are smaller. There will be wrinkles in the wrapping paper during the delivery procedure, and the flowers may come off during the process. The usage of flower boxes can save a great deal of time and effort.

The flowers will remain fresher for a longer period of time, and the flower boxes will be more visible for a longer period of time as a result. It will keep the flowers safe throughout shipment because the outside box will protect them.

The flower boxes that we offer are available in a variety of sizes and forms, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs. In addition, we may provide specialized and customized services. We are one of the most experienced flower box manufacturers in China, with a primary focus on bespoke orders. Welcome to our factory, where you can purchase high-quality flower boxes at a fair price.

Your FAQ Guide For The Best Flower Packaging Box

Your Best FAQ Guide for Flower Packaging Box contains questions and answers regarding Flower Packaging Box.

This article will also answer the most common questions that people have when it comes to using a Flower Packaging Box to showcased their product.

  1. How do you choose a cardboard box to be used for packaging?
  2. What is the importance of flower packaging?
  3. What are the benefits of flower packaging boxes?
  4. What makes good flower and floral packaging?
  5. How can packaging help you maximize supply chain efficiency?
  6. Why should you pick ZTP as your supplier of end-of-line packing machinery?
  7. What is the quality of ZTP’s flower packaging box?
  8. Which Flower Box is right for my business model?
  9. Why Does Packaging Matter?
  10. What are the advantages of working with us?
  11. What is the distinct feature of the flower packaging box that has been introduced?
  12. Why does a sturdy packaging box leave a strong brand image in the minds of customers?
  13. Why is it advisable to send flowers in a box for delivery purposes?
  14. What are some of the advantages of having a round flower box?
  15. What are the popular flower packaging trends?
  16. Why do you think flower boxes are so popular?

1.    How do you choose a cardboard box to be used for packaging?

Cardboard packing is an outstanding and cost-effective solution for a wide range of storage and packaging requirements. Cardboard boxes provide a remarkable level of protection for a low cost, and they are highly adaptable and environmentally friendly. You can use cardboard packaging for a wide variety of goods and products, and it is incredibly versatile and has a terrific range of applications. The primary purpose of cardboard packing is to protect commodities (often solid items) that must be stored and transported.

cardboard box to be used for packaging

This is a broad way of looking at cardboard packaging because the reality is that cardboard can be used to store anything from electronic goods to everyday household items. Companies transport products in bulk using cardboard boxes, and businesses put orders in cardboard boxes to guarantee that they reach their clients in good condition.

2. What is the importance of flower packaging?

When you are selling fresh flowers to customers, you will need to keep them fresh in order to keep them appealing to the buyer. Your customers are willing to spend a significant amount of money in order to receive what you have to offer. For this reason, it is essential that you provide exceptional customer service. The packing method you choose, on the other hand, will be able to provide you with much-needed aid in extending the overall vase life of the flowers.

importance of flower packaging

In response to these requirements, flower packaging box design trends are on par. In reality, the necessity to provide a better service to clients is prompting florists to develop innovative flower packaging alternatives for their bouquets of flowers.

3. What are the benefits of flower packaging boxes?

Plant flowers are delicate and easily twisted and damaged by external squeezing; as a result, they must be shown to buyers in a particular manner. In order to present flowers in the best possible condition to customers or friends, flower packaging is the most effective method of protecting them and imparting a specific appearance. To be able to display their beauty, even the most everlasting flowers require proper packaging.

benefits of flower packaging boxes

A variety of flower packaging is available for you to choose from. Some examples include floral cardboard boxes, rose box packaging, floral packing boxes, floral paper box, floral gift box, and round flower boxes. The packaging varieties we offer are completely customizable, allowing you to communicate brand information or shop information to customers through the container and printing content. Refer to some of our flower packaging examples, or tell us about your specific requirements and we will create the best-personalized flower packaging for your occasion.

4.    What makes good flower and floral packaging?

Great packaging communicates to the world what your company stands for, helps people remember your brand, and assists potential buyers in determining whether your product is suited for them. Packaging conveys all of this information through the use of color, shape, and other design features. Discover how to make your flower packaging tell the story of your company.

good flower and floral packaging

5. How can packaging help you maximize supply chain efficiency?

You can optimize the role of packaging throughout your supply chain using ZTP’s combination of unique tools, data, and experience, and you can do it with the confidence that you’re making fully risk-assessed decisions that will result in quantifiable cost savings.

packaging help you maximize supply chain efficiency

In order to optimize efficiency and effectiveness across your supply chain, ZTP allows you to discover, identify, and deploy improvements to packaging, while also limiting risks to your organization.

6. Why should you pick ZTP as your supplier of end-of-line packing machinery?

We’ve been developing, manufacturing, and installing automated packing lines in a variety of nations and regions for more than two decades. When it comes to offering you a complete packaging solution, we combine our packaging automation knowledge with world-class packaging expertise.

ZTP as your supplier of end-of-line packing machinery

In addition, our packing line solutions are designed to shape, fill, shut, and palletize packaging, and they may be tailored to meet your specific specifications.

In collaboration with you, we’ll ensure that your packaging machinery solution is supplied with the highest possible performance while maintaining the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

7. What is the quality of ZTP’s flower packaging box?

All of our flower boxes are built for the export market to give strength and insulation in order to meet the physical requirements of your supply chain, whether it be by road or air transport. The design of the package, in conjunction with the selection of the most appropriate board grade, will ensure that your flowers arrive in the best possible condition at their destination.

quality of ZTP’s flower packaging box

To meet the physical requirements of the supply chain as well as the display requirements of the end retailer, all boxes for the retail flower industry are designed to suit both physical and display criteria. Using the design in conjunction with high-quality print, it is possible to improve the appearance of your flower display in-store while also meeting your marketing objectives.

With 100% recycling and production from a sustainable resource, our flower boxes are an excellent environmentally friendly alternative to polystyrene and plastic flower boxes.

8.   Which Flower Box is right for my business model?

For florists who ship flowers on demand, our Flower Packaging Boxes are ideal because your customer is anticipating a bouquet and is willing to accept the order in a somewhat large box.

Flower Box is right for my business model

Our flower packaging box is the finest solution for e-commerce flower subscription boxes since it is the most convenient because it fits through regular doorways. Your customers will not be required to be there for the delivery; instead, they will be able to return home and find their flowers still in perfect condition.

9.   Why Does Packaging Matter?

Packaging can have a significant impact on the purchasing decisions of consumers. Consumers make a decision about whether or not to acquire your goods in seven seconds, according to studies conducted on the subject. 90 percent of all purchasing choices are made subconsciously, and packaging plays a significant part in establishing a positive initial impression of your goods in the marketplace.

Packaging Matter

In fact, packaging influences as much as one-third of all customer decision-making, demonstrating the importance of packaging when it comes to being prominently displayed on store shelves. Furthermore, the packaging is important due to the fact that it is an excellent method of promoting your brand image and distinguishing your goods from competitors.

Due to the fact that packaging creates the first impression, it is critical to determine what your buyers are looking for in packaging. This is the first step in enabling you to design successful packaging for your product.

10. What are the advantages of working with us?

When you work with ZTP Manufacturer, you and your company will reap significant rewards. A few of the most significant benefits are as follows:

Customer Service – In order to ensure that your finished items meet your exacting standards, our knowledgeable customer care representatives will collaborate with you throughout the whole planning, purchasing, and delivery process.

Flat Cost Shipping – We provide flat rate shipping to various locations across the world, allowing you to save money while still receiving your purchases on time. In a world where transportation costs may make or break a firm, the landing cost is now more crucial than it has ever been before.

advantages of working with us

Design Team — Our ZTP design team has the experience and expertise to assist your company in making a genuine impression on the consumer market. Contact us today to learn more.

Product quality — We provide you with the highest-quality packaging products at competitive costs, allowing you to place your order with confidence.

Product Variety — With our vast choice of products, you may take advantage of one-stop shopping for all of your ongoing shipping, packing, and value-added service requirements.

ZTP manufacturer is available to assist you in determining the best solutions for packaging, wrapping, and distributing your products so that they have the best possible presence in the consumer marketplace. Contact us today.

11.   What is the distinct feature of the flower packaging box that has been introduced?

These flower packaging boxes have fascinating features such as easy handling and being ready to use right out of the box. They provide great protection for packaged goods by keeping them away from potentially hazardous factors such as dampness. Flower packaging boxes are environmentally friendly due to the fact that their materials are recyclable and quickly degradable. You have the option to select. These boxes can be offered as a single item or as a group of related products in order to fulfill the necessary function.

distinct feature of the flower packaging box

12.   Why does a sturdy packaging box leave a strong brand image in the minds of customers?

The strong flower packaging boxes are specifically intended to prevent the flowers from losing their shape and appearance while still displaying the beautiful appearance of your sweet-smelling flower. Personalized flower shipping boxes allow you to distribute your delicate flowers in a spectacular manner while also transforming them into a sign of distinction for your brand.

sturdy packaging box leave a strong brand image

13.   Why is it advisable to send flowers in a box for delivery purposes?

When it comes to floral gift giving, the flower packaging box is really popular. In the space between square inches, a delicate flower box might inspire people to appreciate the beauty that surrounds them. Flowers are increasingly being offered in the form of express delivery in today’s world of commerce. Compared to bouquets, flower boxes are more convenient to transport. There will be wrinkles in the wrapping paper throughout the delivery process, and the flowers may come off during the delivery process, as well. Floral boxes can be extremely useful in saving time and effort.

advisable to send flowers in a box for delivery purposes

It is more likely that the flowers will remain fresh for a longer period of time, and that the flower boxes will be visible for a longer period of time as a result. The flowers will be protected from damage by the outer box while in transit.

Because the flower packaging boxes that we provide are available in many sizes and forms, you can select the box that best suits your needs. Specialized and customized services are also available from us. We are one of the most experienced flower box manufacturers in China, and we are primarily focused on providing excellent customer service to our customers. Thank you for your interest in purchasing wholesale high-quality flower boxes from our manufacturer.

14.   What are some of the advantages of having a round flower box?

The round paper flower box is also one of the most popular shapes for paper flower boxes. The round flower box indicates that it is full. The round flower box will always be a good choice, no matter what the occasion is. Also a wonderful choice for romantic gestures or birthday parties, this flower box is the go-to gift for all of life’s sweet and insignificant occasions and occasions.

advantages of having a round flower box

15.   What are the popular flower packaging trends?

In order to understand the popular flower packaging trends among florists, it is necessary to examine them. Here is a summary of some of the most popular flower packaging trends that are currently available.

Flower packaging made from natural materials: In a similar manner to the usage of synthetic materials for flower packaging, we can observe how many different natural materials are being used for flower packaging by business owners. Flower packaging made of felt is one of the most fashionable natural materials available today, and it can be found in a variety of designs.

Packaging that is environmentally friendly: Floral firms in today’s world are increasingly opting for environmentally friendly packaging. It is one of the most pleasing aspects of environmentally friendly packaging to observe the degree to which they are user-friendly in their design. Over the next few years, we should expect to see this trend continue unabated. This is due to the fact that people are extremely concerned about the preservation of the environment.

Customers of your flower business are extremely concerned about the environmental friendliness of the packaging that you provide for their purchases. If your flower packing is not environmentally friendly, you can’t expect people to spend their money and buy what you have to offer. The alternative is for them to go ahead and purchase what they want from another florist service that specializes in eco-friendly flowers and other green products.

Flower package designs are changing: It is also crucial to remember that the designs of flower packages are changing at a quick pace as time progresses. When it comes to purchasing flower packaging for your floral business, this is something that you should not overlook. Making your products appear more enticing to buyers can be accomplished via the use of proper designs.

You will be able to see how the flower packaging is available in a variety of more natural colors as well. That’s because natural colors merge wonderfully with the natural hues that can be seen in flowers, which is why they’re so popular. You will be able to make an excellent first impression with the packing. This will eventually assist you in improving the overall volume of sales that you generate.

Reusable packaging methods: When it comes to flower packaging, it is recommended that you consider making them reusable if you are supplying premium flower packaging. You must be factoring in the cost of packaging when calculating the price of flowers. Due to the fact that people are spending more money to purchase what you have to offer, you should always consider how you may add morse value to the consumer experience. This is where reusable packaging options can provide you with the much-needed aid and support you require.

People will be able to make quicker selections when they are presented with reusable flower packaging, which is one of the most significant advantages that you can reap from using this method of distribution. This is due to the fact that customers are aware that they will be able to reuse flower packaging for a variety of different reasons rather than tossing it away. This is something that you should be extremely cautious with. In addition to that, you will have the opportunity to become the owner of a flower business that is committed to environmental responsibility. This is due to the fact that your packaging will not end up in landfills once the florists have delivered the flowers to the customers. You can envision how your clients will put them to use for a variety of other purposes over and over again in the future.

16. Why do you think flower boxes are so popular?

Flower boxes are a popular way for both businesses and homeowners with large or small gardens to make it even better. They’re popular because they may be adjusted to fit the user’s environment, can be both aesthetic and practical, and are typically simple to install.

flower boxes are so popular

Additionally, Flower Boxes are popular because they allow individuals to display their flowers. They also make excellent gifts. Flower boxes are small and compact, so they don’t take up a lot of space in the garden. They are available in a variety of sizes and designs to accommodate any budget.

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