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ZTP is a leading manufacturer of high-quality gift boxes, color boxes, kraft drawer boxes, slide paper boxes, flower gift boxes with drawers, and boxes for wine, food, cosmetics, and other products. We provide an “all-in-one” service that includes layout, template creation, printing, and manufacturing. We also have a large number of experienced staff who are flexible and efficient.

We offer very competitive packaging programs, especially for individuals with varied skills, by combining innovative creativity, professional design, and advanced technique. In addition, new machines are introduced in terms of product development.

Due to the long time experience and the efforts of our management team in upgrading our service, we are proud to provide an exceptional package solution. Our success has been based on order fulfillment, competitive price, and a comprehensive service mechanism.


Drawer Gift Boxes Come In A Variety Of Styles

You can choose from a broad selection of drawer gift boxes made by professionals. If the product you’re looking for isn’t on the list, please contact us. We’ll be happy to fulfill your desire.

Kraft Drawer Box
Kraft drawer boxes are possibly the most popular since they are recyclable and constructed from high-quality materials.
Flower Gift Box With Drawer
A flower gift box with drawer is an excellent option for storing flower bouquets. It has sturdy, impact-resistant features that may be reused repeatedly.
Slide Paper Box
The sliding paper box are with acrylic sleeve and also can be used to hold small items, chocolates, and gift boxes. It's a high-quality box that was handcrafted and is quite durable.
Sliding Box Packaging
ZTP's sliding box packaging is comprised of a solid material that will keep your gift safe and secure for a long period. In addition, it is an sliding-style box.
Cardboard Sleeve Packaging
ZTP's cardboard sleeves may hold a wide range of items. It's a well-made box that will endure for a long time. It has an excellent design.
Paper Drawer Boxes
The tops of our paper drawer boxes are covered by an inside drawer as well as an exterior slipcase cover to keep them from becoming damaged. There is a vast variety of items that may be stored in them.

Advantage Of Using Corrugated Mailer Boxes

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We'll Make Sure Your Customized Drawer Gift Boxes Meet All Of Your Standards

Originally, drawer gift boxes were used to keep gifts in order to make them look more upmarket. As a result, the packaging manufacturer thinks that the gift box’s primary function is to increase the value of the product. That is why it is widely applied in a variety of industries.

The basic purposes of drawer gift boxes are to package and secure products during transportation. Moreover, the gift box can support goods by trembling, crushing, shaking, providing sun protection, providing water-resistant, and being leakproof, among other things.

Furthermore, the greatest benefit of the drawer gift boxes is their high-end equivalence, which is similar to that of high-grade hardwood and iron boxes, but at a lower cost.

Manufacturers are aware that the drawer gift box is composed of paper, which is an eco-friendly material that can be recycled. Hence, many high-end packaging boxes will prefer gift boxes precisely because of these benefits.

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BSCI improve social performance in supply chain.
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ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
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Why Choose ZTP For Your Drawer Gift Boxes?

We Care About You

During the design, testing,  and final production phases, you are informed at every step. Your feedback is important to us since it allows us to modify the design process for your satisfaction.

We Check And Monitor

Every packaging that leaves our manufacturing facility has been thoroughly tested and analyzed to ensure that it is convenient to use for your consumers and that it is suitable for storing your goods for longer periods without causing any damages.

We Make Exceptional Quality Products

Our production facility is equipped with advanced quality assurance equipment. We use strict techniques to ensure that each custom rigid drawer gift boxes we make are of the best quality. We believe that our clients deserve the best, which is why we work hard to sustain and increase our standards.

Ccompeletly Customizable

Are you looking for a simple design or something with customized design and branding features? The boxes you order from us can be entirely customized to meet even the most specific demands. We’ll make sure your customized drawer gift boxes meet all of your standards both inside and out.

People’s first perception of your products is based on the packaging. In our view, a great impression has UNIQUE VALUE!


Drawer Gift Boxes – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Drawer Gift Boxes – The Ultimate FAQ Guide is an instructional manual that guides people on how to make their drawer gift boxes.

This guide explains everything you need to know about drawer gift boxes. Does it also explain that how to make your custom drawer gift box?

Drawer Gift Boxes offer a unique way to present gift items. These small boxes are designed to be placed inside larger drawers for extra protection.

When you order these boxes, you also receive the option of choosing from an array of colors and verities.

This guide explains you answer all of the frequently asked questions and their packaging solutions.

  1. What Are Drawer Gift Boxes Made Of
  2. How Do You Use These Gift Boxes?
  3. How Do You Make A Drawer Box Step By Step?
  4. How Can Slide Rigid Boxes Be Opening With A Ribbon Pull?
  5. How Can Drawer Boxes Be Pulled With A Rope Pull?
  6. What Is The Function Of Drawer Open Boxes With A Cut Notch Pull?
  7. Which Style Of Rigid Drawer Boxes Is Made With Paperboard Insert?
  8. What Type Of Drawer Gift Box Packaging Is There With Die-Cut Foam Insert?
  9. How Do You Have Slide Boxes With A Clear Window On The Top?
  10. Which Of The Boxes Are There With Carrying Handle?
  11. Which Printed Sliding Drawer Is Used As Gift Boxes?
  12. What’s The Minimum Order Of These Boxes?
  13. What’s The Production Time Of Drawer Gift Boxes?
  14. Where Are You Based And Where Will These Boxes Be Shipped From?
  15. What Are The Types Of Drawer Gift Box?
  16. How To Design Paper Drawer Box With Drawer?
  17. What Is Drawer Box?
  18. What Are The Material Applications For Drawer Boxes?
  19. When Can We Use The Drawer Gift Boxes?
  20. Why Do More Customer Case For Drawer Style Boxes?
  21. How Can You Avail The Customized Drawer Boxes Mock-Up Service?
  22. What Is Free Die-Cut Layout Service?

1.    What Are Drawer Gift Boxes Made Of?

Drawer gift boxes are trendy promotional and seasonal gift items. The most popular Drawer gift boxes are made from cardboard, a strong material found in almost any home or business.

Drawer gift boxes are the ideal way to package small gift items. The sturdy paperboard or corrugated fiberboard gift boxes are made using a die-cutting process to cut the board.

This process produces a box with a hinged top, which can be easily opened and closed without damaging the contents. Then, decorative paper wrapping is applied over the Drawer gift boxes, followed by a metallic or classic-look foil strip.

2.    How Do You Use These Gift Boxes?

Drawer Gift boxes are often used to contain valuable gifts to be given to amazing people.

Around the holiday season, birthday celebrations, and other special occasions, Drawer gift boxes are often used to give a gift at any time of the year.

Drawer Gift boxes are often used to contain gifts to be given out on special occasions.

Around the holiday season, birthdays, and other celebrations, a gift box may contain presents for specific people.

3.    How Do You Make A Drawer Box Step By Step?

You can make a DIY drawer gift box:

  • Cut out the paper squares
  • Fold the paper squares
  • One of the folding square paper cut in half to make Drawer
  • Fold your paper into the shape you cut the pieces
  • Make the paper creases
  • Turn your paper pieces into required shapes
  • Create a Drawer for the inner box
  • Unfold the edges

Finish your Drawer gift box

4.    How Can Slide Rigid Boxes Be Opening With A Ribbon Pull?

As the inside Drawer is removed from a storage sleeve by pulling or pushing it, a pull tab is hidden behind it.

This pull tab is attached to the Drawer itself, located on the other side of the sleeve.

The other side of the sleeve usually has a wall that prevents access from both sides, so opening the box only from one side requires pulling or pushing it.

To pull out a Drawer of gift boxes, the package must be made of a material whose flexibility does not compromise its strength and durability.

However, Drawer gift boxes are made of cardboard and paper. These materials can be pulled with just as much force as rigid cardboard packaging.

You can use the most popular ribbon drawstring closure to allow the fabric to open and close quickly. It’s a great alternative to a zipper or button closure.

5.    How Can Drawer Boxes Be Pulled With A Rope Pull?

If you don’t like the Kraft paper ribbon on the box, you can also choose to use a rope pull instead. You can also use a linen rope or satin ribbon to match the paper color of the box. Both will come out looking great.

And If you don’t like the old-fashioned brown paper pull on the paper-covered Drawer gift boxes, you can change it to a rope-pull instead. This will give those packages a more unique and natural look.

Drawer gift boxes are perfect for storing the family’s unique treasures. An eye-catching gold logo printed on the top of Drawer gift boxes is a beautiful gift for travelers.

6.    What Is The Function Of Drawer Open Boxes With A Cut Notch Pull?

Some customers like extra ribbons or ribbons to the Drawer gift boxes. They want to have a finger notch cut on the Drawer gift boxes to make them easily pull out.

This is also one of the most popular options in which the Drawer gift boxes feature a finger notch to be easily pulled out. But in this case, there’s a hole cut on the Drawer of the drawer gift boxes.


Some companies make one notch that is dented on the Drawer gift boxes. However, in this case, there’s a gap cut on the Drawer so it can’t seal completely, and the Drawer gift boxes wrapping paper is made with a piece of cardboard and coated with Kraft paper.

If you want a custom cutout on the edge of your Drawer gift boxes and it’s not possible to remove the inside Drawer, you can always pull an interior notch or a hole with this kind of customized notch pull of Drawer gift boxes.

7.    Which Style Of Rigid Drawer Boxes Is Made With Paperboard Insert?

Choosing to have a paper insert in your Drawer gift boxes can help your product stay securely in the box.

It’s not necessary, but it can make a difference if you do so. Choose either Kraft paper or white cardstock with custom printing if this is an option for your products.

Using a paperboard as an insert is the most eco-friendly option because it’s completely recyclable.

It also looks more wood grain than foam or plastic, so it instantly adds to the Drawer gift boxes’ natural look.

Eco-friendly paper inserts are better than other alternatives. A paperboard insert can be more eco-friendly because it uses less packaging material and is a great way to keep your product in the best condition.

8.    What Type Of Drawer Gift Box Packaging Is There With Die-Cut Foam Insert?

If you need a custom Drawer gift boxes packaging for your product, choose to use a high-quality custom foam insert.

High-quality customized inserts include XPE foam, EPE foam, and EVA foam for different application purposes.

Vacuum packaging is an excellent way to seal perishable products. These products often come in various colors and are used on top of the foam to give them the appearance of luxury.


The best part about vacuum packaging is that it allows you to make smaller orders than you can with standard packing.

The good thing about foam inserts is that they can be made in any color or pattern, as long as there is a consistent pattern throughout the item.

Furthermore, they are easy to cut and usually come with a template.

9.    How Do You Have Slide Boxes With A Clear Window On The Top?

Sometimes you’d like to have a clear window in your Drawer gift boxes packaging. If you are selling products in rigid sleeves, it would be nice to view the products without having to open the box.

Let your customers see what is in the box without opening it. This is a beneficial solution for protecting your products or packaging while also allowing for an attractive display of the item in the box.

You can have a transparent PVC window with a logo printed or display your items without a window. Customers may be able to see your products without you having to use a unique film that covers the product.

You can also pick out the shape of the window to get a specific look.

You can choose between a transparent window with a logo imprinted on Drawer gift boxes or a transparent window without a film.

Customers can also customize the shape of the window, for instance, by cutting it into a unique form not available in our standard product range.

10.   Which Of The Boxes Are There With Carrying Handle?

When you want customers to carry your Drawer gift boxes more efficiently, even without putting them in bags, then making them more rigid with handles on the side is a good choice.

You can add a handle of ribbon or a handle made of paper. There are always many options out there for creating custom Drawer gift boxes for your product.

Drawer gift boxes are a great way to package and ship products. Many companies offer different options for personalizing the Drawer gift boxes to fit your brand.

You can choose from ribbons, handles, and tape colors to make the packaging look professional and unique.

11.   Which Printed Sliding Drawer Is Used As Gift Boxes?

Before you create your printed packaging, you should customize it with your logo and artwork. This will set your branded packaging apart from the competition.

To a custom-made packaging, the first part is choosing the color and pattern of the label.

The second step is to print your design to be printed in one or more colors.

If you don’t feel like customizing your design, Pantone-approved color matching services are also available.

However, when people choose to keep the Drawer gift boxes, they usually want a simple design to present the natural Kraft art look with straightforward graphics.

When it comes to packaging, you may want to select a custom Drawer gift boxes packaging.

You can select from either in-house printing or off-the-shelf custom packaging options.

Either way, you can get the look you want and make your offerings look appealing to customers.

12.   What’s The Minimum Order Of These Boxes?

For custom paper drawer boxes, rigid drawer boxes, Drawer gift boxes, and cardboard tubes, if your company’s minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces, then China’s best manufacturer can meet your needs.

You can find the best manufacturer of Drawer gift boxes on the internet in China. You can visit the homepage and get all the information about your product to book minimum order.

If you are a beginner, the manufacturer can work with you to create a minimum order appropriate for your business.

13.   What’s The Production Time Of Drawer Gift Boxes?

Samples of Drawer gift boxes are usually made within 5-7 business days. Production time for mass orders of Drawer gift boxes is usually 10-15 business days.

It depends on the number of Drawer gift boxes purchased. If you order 10, shipping will be free. Otherwise, it will be calculated according to the business days.

14.   Where Are You Based And Where Will These Boxes Be Shipped From?

We are based in China. The Drawer gift boxes are dispatched from our factory to customers worldwide by express delivery, such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Aramex, DPEX, etc. Free of shipping.

15.   What Are The Types Of Drawer Gift Box?

Few important types are described as:

Flatpack Boxes Easy Assembly Drawer gift boxes:

Flat-packed Drawer gift boxes make shipping a breeze, and they’re easy to assemble.

The flatpack Drawer gift boxes process ensures your boxes are structurally sound and ready for storage.

The packaging is simple and intuitive, making the boxes ideal for DIY enthusiasts.

Thick paper Stock Material Drawer gift boxes:

The Thick paper Stock Material Drawer gift boxes are manufactured from high-quality kraft paper stock; after folded, the box has a perfect shape. It won’t be out of the body after packing your products inside.

Drawer gift boxes are made of 350gsm paper stock. They’re made of ultra-strong kraft paper, which is treated to increase durability.

The paper stock can be laid flat and will stay flat after folding and packaging.

Red Color Kraft Options Drawer gift boxes:

Besides the necessary brown and black, there are various red Kraft Options for Drawer gift boxes with different sizes to match your unique packaging needs.


With these red boxes, you can use them to package gifts for city holidays, weddings, and other special occasions.

With visible Dull PVC Sleeve Drawer gift boxes:

We offer a wide range of Drawer gift boxes packing materials, including black kraft paper and brown envelopes. Both are perfect options for showing off your products inside the boxes.

A variety of dull-colored, plain sleeves with paper inserts available are there for you.

These sleeves come in black and brown color, with or without a paper insert.

These are an excellent option for showcasing items that must be stored in a box.

Chocolate Candy packaging Drawer gift boxes:

In this new era of e-commerce, chocolate candy packaging drawer gift boxes are an excellent option for various gift packaging options.

You can stick items such as handwritten notes and photos to make the Drawer gift boxes package look more unique to the customer or you.

Packing small pack snacks Drawer gift boxes:

It’s always nice to have some snacks on hand to share with friends or to sell in your store.

And it’s a great choice to use the best-quality boxes from Kraft, such as the Kraft Drawer gift boxes.

16.   How To Design Paper Drawer Box With Drawer?

A V groove molding is a drawer box in which the front panel is part of the Drawer.

Drawer gift boxes are used to organize and store items, such as accessories and clothing, which are frequently used.

A sectional drawing of Drawer gift boxes with a V-groove fit is the new design for the drawer box by drawing out some basic shapes for the corners, sides, and front.

Die-cut for V groove molding Drawer gift boxes is ideal for storing various items and come in multiple shapes, sizes, and configurations.

They are made by cutting a shape out of a flat sheet of corrugated cardboard (or newsprint), known as a die-cut Drawer gift box.

Design sketch for a V-groove molding drawer box. The designer sketches a mockup to help craft the cardboard box. Development of packaging design sketches is necessary for creating cardboard boxes.

Design sketches are the most basic form of communication within the design process.

These sketches give a designer a sense of Drawer gift boxes’ visual direction and usually convey concepts in the earliest stages.

17.   What Is Drawer Box?

It’s also called the slide-out box or the slide-out packaging box. Drawer boxes are a good way for merchants to give their products a bit of extra exposure in-store.

The Drawer gift boxes can be opened and displayed without removing the lid.

It can also be used in a vertical or horizontal orientation to let the customer see what’s inside.

The outer box can be displayed in another material or color to create an impact on the display.

To ensure that customers know what is inside the box, the box layers can be designed to be easily opened and revealed.

The inner layer can be a different design than the outer layer. Due to the variation in materials and size, this packaging design of Drawer gift boxes should also be suited for multiple products.

18.   What Are The Material Applications For Drawer Boxes?

You’re probably wondering what kinds of materials could be used for these Drawer gift boxes.

Here, we’ll list the most common materials for this type of boxes and how to combine them to get the most popular combination:

Drawer gift boxes are made from paper cardboard by using a variety of techniques.

The1.5mm thick paperboard is printed on high-quality art paper and then coated with a layer of smooth, thin films.

The 2mm thick paperboard is coated with specialty paper that makes it easy to write on.

The thicker designs have a gloss finish, adding additional protection to your product from dirt, dust, and moisture.

The thickness of a product’s packaging is an essential consideration for many consumers.

For instance, consumers will often choose packaging with a higher weight and thickness if they expect heavier items in the package.

Drawer gift boxes Packaging that is thinner and lighter will have less impact on the consumer’s perception of a product’s weight or value.

Drawer gift boxes packaging is one of our most popular packaging styles.

Customers highly recommend single packaging products, as it eliminates the need to use a separate sleeve.

The sturdy construction makes it an excellent choice for fragile items.

19.   When Can We Use The Drawer Gift Boxes?

When you need to provide a premium packaging of Drawer gift boxes for the products, think about it from the point of view of your customers.

Beautiful Drawer gift boxes will fill an empty drawer, but not an open container.

Your product is only as valuable as the Drawer gift boxes you put it in.

Choose a strong enough material to contain your product but flexible enough to protect it in transit.

When your e-commerce packaging needs to be rigid, make sure that the Drawer gift boxes are durable and have a beautiful presentation.

The Drawer gift boxes need to be protected by a layer of foam (EVA, EPE, or XPE) or cardboard insert.

High-quality Drawer gift boxes packaging is essential for preserving the value of your product and ensuring its safe shipment and delivery.

20.   Why Do More Customer Case For Drawer Style Boxes?

With years of experience in cardboard box manufacture, we’ve accumulated a wide range of domestic and overseas orders for each box style.

Here are some examples of our boxes for your reference.

We can help you design the perfect box for your product. We have extensive knowledge of paper products and can offer our customers all types of recycled paper options.

21.   How Can You Avail The Customized Drawer Boxes Mock-Up Service?

When it comes to designing a Drawer gift boxes packaging for China, the choices are endless.

When you want to send a box to China, a professional China packaging manufacturer can build a mockup in English and Chinese.

This way, you can choose the exact components, dimensions, and fit that you desire.

Based on acknowledging design, China’s best manufacturer can provide a sample design for you before the sampling process or bulk order production.

The manufacturer provides multiple views in Adobe software and can provide complex designs that meet your needs.

22.   What Is Free Die-Cut Layout Service?

Designers use high-quality equipment to create your boxes.

Designers can help you make your custom Drawer gift boxes designs or use an existing method of yours. Please email your artwork, allowing us to see what you want to do.

A completely new design is needed, and I can create it for you.

It would help if you looked around the website or drop us an email to get a requested Drawer gift boxes package design for your artwork.
You can download a Drawer gift boxes design template to help you get started with your packaging.

The manufacturer will design your package and print it on high-quality gloss paper.

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