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ZTP is one of the top companies that manufacture a variety of display cardboard box, which includes cardboard counter display boxes, corrugated display boxes, custom cardboard display, custom counter display boxes, small cardboard display boxes, cardboard display boxes with clear lids. Our company provides sturdy and high-quality materials to market your products and services in unique ways to grab the attention of your customers.

We utilize different variations of sizes, graphics, and colors to create a display cardboard box that will help your product or services stand apart from the rest of your competitors.

We make sure that our display cardboard box is extremely long-lasting and can withstand the normal wear and tear that other promotional materials experience over time.

Pick your Display Cardboard Box to showcase your product

A poorly designed display cardboard box may fail to attract your customers, resulting in a loss of sales and revenues for many businesses. For the following reasons, we, at ZTP, can provide you with a product that is customized to meet your demands and offer you the greatest marketing assistance.

Cardboard counter display box
In a competitive retail environment, our cardboard counter display boxes increases the visibility of your products, making them tough to ignore. When you invest in the product's quality, you'll see a big boost in interest and sales of your items and services.
Corrugated display box
We provide corrugated display boxes, which are sustainable materials created from recycled paper because ZTP is an ecologically conscious company that develops opportunities from recycled materials. The durability of this product allows it to endure the continual interaction between the consumer and the display.
Custom cardboard display box
The purpose of cardboard display is to effectively show a wide range of products. The most effective option is to use a custom cardboard display. The product from ZTP is strong and made of a long-lasting substance that not only protects but also extends the shelf life of your product.
Custom counter display box
Make your products stand out by using unique and eye-catching custom counter display boxes. Lovely boxes will make it easy for customers to find your attractive products in a retail store. In addition to printing, ZTP provides high-quality materials.
Small cardboard display box
Our small cardboard display boxes are made for beauty products, with separate parts for each type, such as lippies, which will be placed in a section with small stands to suit them delicately.
Cardboard display box with clear lids
ZTP is excited to offer a variety of cardboard display boxes with clear lids for all kinds of items where you can pack products in clear lids boxes so that they can be displayed even if the box is closed.

ZTP Will Create High-quality Boxes That Will Showcase Your Product and Brand Name

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Advantage of using Display Cardboard Box

One of the advantages of using a Display cardboard box for a product is that it is light enough that it can be readily transported from one position to another after it has been assembled, allowing the merchandiser to move it about the store. It may also be readily dismantled and carried flat to a new home or place of employment.

Compared to the colder, harder plastic and metal counterparts, cardboard is a more welcoming material because of its warm, tactile character, as well as the use of color and graphics, providing it an advantage in attracting customers and generating a sale.

A great way to rapidly and inexpensively develop a retail marketing strategy is to use cardboard displays. They’re bright, multifunctional, and simple to use, and they’d look great on the counters or in aisles of a store, or in a trade show booth.

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Why Must You Choose ZTP Company In Display Cardboard Box Products?

In terms of packaging, ZTP is the most dependable and experienced company. All of your particular requirements will be met by us since we have more than 20 years of expertise delivering high-quality boxes for any goods. You may also choose your display boxes by style from our ZTP website, and our beautiful designs are ideal for many product industries. In order to provide the best protection for your products, we use the best materials available. Design and customized finishes for your high-quality Display cardboard box are assured by high-quality printing using innovative automation machines and packing procedures.

When it comes to custom boxes for any type of goods, the ZTP is a true market leader. We not only provide the greatest quality display boxes to all industries, but we also make it possible for your items to sell much more effectively with our creative display boxes.

Display Cardboard Box – The Best FAQ Guide

The Best FAQ Guide for Display Cardboard Box contains questions and answers regarding Display Cardboard Box. This book is organized as a quick reference guide that identifies the best Display Cardboard Box in one location for easy comprehension.

This article will also answer the most common questions that people have when it comes to using a Display Cardboard Box to display their product.

  1. What are the advantages of using these display cardboard boxes?
  2. What can I fit in these cardboard display boxes?
  3. What display boxes styles are available?
  4. What are the benefits of the different types of corrugated cardboard displays?
  5. What role do these boxes play in the cosmetics industry?
  6. What is the distinction between Display and Traditional Boxes?
  7. How our display boxes are beneficial for your business?
  8. What are the advantages of using custom box inserts?
  9. Why is it more appealing to have a personalized cardboard display?
  10. How should you use additional features to personalize an eye-catching display box?
  11. What is the best way to choose the proper cardboard box packaging?
  12. What color palette should I choose for my display box?
  13. What is the function of the cardboard display box?
  14. What are the benefits of environmentally friendly display cardboard boxes?
  15. What are the latest printing and design trends in display boxes?

1.    What are the advantages of using these display cardboard boxes?

There are multiple characteristics that distinguish cardboard boxes from other packaging boxes. These boxes are relatively flexible. They can simply be cut to any form or size, fused, taped, or stapled in any fashion. These boxes have a multitude of functionality. Because they may be customized or trimmed to any size, manufacturers can produce one-of-a-kind lining boxes that entirely enclose their details.

For the duration of a retailing movement, a cardboard point-of-purchase display will be suitable to repel regular wear and gash, and corrugated cardboard has the physical integrity to sustain the weight of the products displayed on it.

Advantage of display box

The warm, tactile nature of cardboard, as well as the use of color and images, makes it a further inviting material than the colder, harder plastic and essence choices, giving it an edge in drawing the client in and making a trade.

Cardboard displays are a great way to snappily and inexpensively apply a retail marketing strategy. Bright, adaptable, and easy to use, they’re identically suitable for use in-store aisles or countertops, or as part of a trade- show cell

2. What can I fit in these cardboard display boxes?

Counter display boxes are a type of hybrid packaging. For starters, they’re made to keep retail goods safe while in transportation. When the tops of the boxes are folded into the back stand hole, they become micro display stands that can be used to showcase smaller packed items in-store.

They’d look great on shop counters or other shelving. Furthermore, the tear-and-fold design expedites shelf stocking. As a result, these cardboard display boxes have become the preferred food packaging for fast-moving consumer goods such chocolates, candies, dry goods, and other packaged foods.

Fit in these cardboard display boxes

They can also package and display food packages, shampoos, detergents, and personal-care goods, to mention a few, using unique sizing and materials. Overall, these boxes can be utilized for a variety of purposes.

3. What display boxes styles are available?

Display boxes, unlike other sorts of boxes, are designed to retain and display their contents. As a result, accessibility and visibility should be your top considerations when it comes to displaying boxes. You may present your things more effectively by employing display boxes that can be opened or seen easily.

The boxes that are best suited for display and presentation gave this purpose and function include:


  • Cardboard counter display boxes

Cardboard Counter Display Boxes

  • Corrugated display boxes

Corrugated Display Boxes

  • Custom cardboard display

Custom Cardboard Display

  • Custom counter display boxes

Custom Counter Display Boxes

  • Small cardboard display boxes

Small Cardboard Display Boxes

  • Cardboard display boxes with clear lids

Cardboard Display Boxes with Clear Lids

4.    What are the benefits of the different types of corrugated cardboard displays?


F FLUTE (0.75mm)

This material has a great print surface, is somewhat sturdy, and can be printed directly on, making it an excellent retail packaging material.

E FLUTE (1.5mm)

Fine flute that is widely used for tiny packaging, presentation boxes, and tabletop displays. It outperforms solid fiberboard in terms of crush resistance and compression strength.

B FLUTE (2.5mm)

Flute profile with a lot of options. Instead, buy EE flute if you want a more distinguished appearance and longevity.

C FLUTE (4.5mm)

Brown cartons and basic packing boxes benefit from a larger flute than ‘B.’ It provides more compression strength and is perfect for brown cartons and simple packing boxes.

Type of corrugated


EE FLUTE (3mm)

This is our most popular flute for prestige displays, and it has exceptional printability, robustness, and long-term durability.

EB FLUTE (4.5mm)

EB is a superior board for outer packaging and sturdy boxes, as it is stronger and thicker than EE flute and has the same outstanding printability.

BC FLUTE (7.5mm)

When strength and performance are vital, this board is a must-have. Pallet containers and especially large boxes are frequently employed.

5. What role do these boxes play in the cosmetics industry?

In today’s market, there are many different cosmetic brands to choose from. These cosmetics are popular among women all around the world. For guys, a number of the products are synthetic. In nearby shopping department stores, you may find a variety of cosmetic shops. Both of these stores are precise makers. Beauty goods from various brands are also available at a few stores. They also have representatives who are spirals. They’ll show you which products are best for your pores and skin. Cosmetics are also sold in printed packaging containers. These personalized cosmetic cartons are top-of-the-line in terms of convenience.

Cosmetic display box

Many brands, on the other hand, choose high-quality printed display packaging for their products since it helps them generate more revenue and sales. Some products are designed specifically for the pores and skin. These items will keep your skin looking fresh and clean. These packaging boxes will assist your clients in remembering the product as well as your brand.

6. What is the distinction between Display and Traditional Boxes?

Traditional boxes were established to be quite simple and standard-sized shortly after their introduction. They were decent, but not very promising or long-lasting. The basic specification that creates a difference between display boxes and traditional packaging containers for products is the ability to see the inner items externally.

Modern Display BoxTraditional box

Customers can see inside the package display boxes to see the products that are packed within. Buyers love this technique since they prefer to see the product before purchasing it.

7. How our display boxes are beneficial for your business?

Display cardboard boxes stands are a low-cost marketing strategy that boosts your return on investment while remaining less expensive than other retail displays. Display cardboard boxes are popular alternatives to purchasing permanent display space within a store, which is typically out of reach for many small businesses. You may increase sales without breaking the budget by designing your custom product display with strong branding and eye-catching colors and work your way toward a more permanent retail solution.

Beneficial for your business

Whether you use digital marketing or physical billboards to pitch your business, marketing can be a huge portion of any company’s budget. Few businesses, however, recognize the full potential of creative packaging and corrugated displays for brand awareness. Custom corrugated cardboard displays, as one of the most cost-effective marketing alternatives, may also help to promote a new brand or product by informing customers and spreading word of mouth. Custom product displays are a great way to make your products stand out on the shelves and enhance awareness.

8.    What are the advantages of using custom box inserts?

Custom box inserts are used for two primary reasons:

  • To increase the packaging’s sleekness and design in order to engage and build a relationship with the buyer upon opening.
  • To give an item an extra layer of protection and prevent it from moving about while in transit.

To present products in retailers, cardboard display boxes are utilized. Display boxes can accommodate any form of an insert.

The separation between items or components of the product is ensured by these inserts, which are sometimes referred to as “dividers.” The best approach to distinguish costs for different things is to use these parts. Inserts for cardboard display boxes come in a variety of options. Tablets, blister cards, window display boxes, and other similar items fall under this category.

9.    Why is it more appealing to have a personalized cardboard display?

On custom display boxes, customers want appealing colors. It establishes a stronger brand promise and provides customization possibilities based on the industry.

When it comes to customized display boxes, the possibilities are endless. Colors that are appealing to the eye are important for attracting your target market and ensuring that your brand is visible in the marketplace. When it comes to customized display boxes, different businesses have different requirements.

Personalized display box

When it comes to products, for example, they want their logo to be noticeable so that potential customers know which company sends them out once they arrive at their client.

The use of appealing colors on display cardboard boxes brings a sense of brand confidence and reliability. Your brand will stand out from the crowd because of the combination of appeal and sophistication.

10. How should you use additional features to personalize an eye-catching display box?

The eye-catching display boxes are all designed to showcase a variety of products. Some products are shown within the packaging box, while others are used without it.

The display cardboard goes beyond and above to create a one-of-a-kind and imaginative design. It’s simple to fit products, elements, or even other boxes within the package without taking up too much room.

Eye-catching display box1Eye-catching display box2

Customers who have set their sights on your product will be drawn to the display boxes. Your merchandise will not be damaged during transportation thanks to the cardboard packaging. These boxes have the advantage of being easily adaptable owing to additional features.

These boxes are made of high-quality materials and come in a variety of sizes. All of the boxes we provide are in high demand among our customers due to their appealing appearances, incredible design, durable structure, and ease of maintenance.

11.   What is the best way to choose the proper cardboard box packaging?

A product launch can be made or destroyed by choosing the correct display box. The size and shape of the packaging are equally significant whether you use plain paper boxes, custom boxes, or acrylic blisters to represent your items.

Measurement of display box

When it comes to selecting the perfect boxes for your goods, there are various factors to consider. The size of the box, the material it’s made of, whether or not it’s pre-scored, the style of artwork on it, and a variety of other elements can all impact your decision.

Choosing the right packaging for your items can be a challenge. To maximize the effectiveness and quality of the cardboard boxes you choose for your display, you must consider all aspects of your order.

12.   What color palette should I choose for my display box?

ZTP recognizes that having the ability to customize your order down to the smallest of elements, such as a color scheme, sets us apart from the competition.

Color pallete

You might go to a cardboard display box manufacturer or an empty cardboard box provider and pick any color scheme you desire. They’ll let you pick from hundreds of color schemes and whatever other extras you want, including personalized display cardboard box printing.

They make it simple by offering a full-color palette from which to choose. Choose from solid colors or teams, brands with personalized artwork, or photos of your brand; whatever you choose, display cardboard boxes can help you get it there in style.

13.   What is the function of the cardboard display box?

Trade exhibits, product launches, retail settings, corporate activities, and other events benefit from the use of a display cardboard box:

The series inserts are designed to fit snugly into the box, creating a three-dimensional product presentation. It also makes your things more visible by allowing viewers to interact with them up close.

Function of display box

Display boxes are a powerful tool for marketing and selling your products. Display cardboards are a marketing technique that may be used by businesses of all sizes. Display packaging can be used by e-commerce merchants, restaurants, and one-on-one service providers to add a professional touch that sets their brand apart from the competitors.

Display boxes are an excellent method to highlight your items. Every business wants to leave an indelible impression on its consumers and prospects.

Packaging is an important aspect of establishing your brand’s identity. Packaging can be used as a marketing technique to draw attention to your product, increase brand recognition, and even reduce shipping costs. Your logo or business information is printed on display cardboard boxes to effectively present and promote your brand.

14.   What are the benefits of environmentally friendly display cardboard boxes?

Attitudes toward the environment are becoming more prevalent. More and more of your consumers are becoming conscious of their personal environmental impact and taking actions to minimize it. Environmentalism is causing big changes in many commercial businesses, from the abolition of plastic straws to an increase in demand for sustainable consumer goods.

While it may appear that consumer attitudes about the environment are posing a threat to companies, this new consumer evolution can be quite beneficial to your business. Customers are more willing to spend a greater price for products that are environmentally friendly and long-lasting. Brands that demonstrate their dedication to environmental protection are also seen more favorably by the general population.

Eco-friendly material

There are numerous opportunities open to brands in the modern period that allow them to support more environmentally friendly activities. Consider sustainable packaging solutions as a simple yet extremely effective means of decreasing your impact. Replacing plastics and composite materials with cardboard boxes is simple, but it can have a significant impact on your environmental standing. But how can cardboard boxes, for example, aid your brand’s sustainability? Attitudes toward the environment are becoming more prevalent. More and more of your consumers are becoming conscious of their personal environmental impact and taking actions to minimize it. Environmentalism is causing big changes in many commercial businesses, from the prohibition of plastic straws to an increase in demand for sustainable consumer goods.

15.   What are the latest printing and design trends in display boxes?

You may create packaging that is original, imaginative, and distinctive, causing people to remember your brand and regard your product as an important stage in your company’s success.

The sort of display box you use to present your product is frequently the first impression you make on potential buyers. Because there are so many possibilities and printing and design approaches, deciding what would work best for your business and the parameters you have available can be tough.

On both sides of the corrugated box, these cardboard display boxes can contain multi-color artwork and text.





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