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ZTP is a well-known company specializing in display cardboard boxes. When it comes to handcrafted and printed display cardboard boxes, we supply everything you could want. We know that quality items come in customized and excellent containers, whether it’s a tiny or large display cardboard box.

Moreover, we’ve created the most effective technique for producing high-quality display cardboard box and delivering them on time to our customers. We’ll be happy to help you with anything you need, from design to customer care.

In ZTP, you get a lot of options to pick from! Many consumers appreciate our display cardboard box due to its high resilience and creativity.


Choose Your Ideal Display Cardboard Box

ZTP offers a wide range of display cardboard boxes. Please let us know if you already have an idea in mind. We’d be eager to help!

Cardboard Counter Display Boxes
Our cardboard counter display boxes are expertly crafted from environmentally sustainable materials. On the counter, they are used to display things, such as cosmetics, groceries, and books.
Corrugated Display Boxes
Corrugated display boxes are made of high-quality materials that are suitable for any purpose. It can be used to present or pack a wide range of items.
Custom Cardboard Display
ZTP offers a huge collection of custom cardboard display. It comes in a wide range of colors and sizes. Moreover, it is completely recyclable and environmentally friendly.
Custom Counter Display Boxes
Our custom counter display boxes are popular because of their fascinating appearance. It is expertly crafted from high-quality, budget-friendly materials.
Small Cardboard Display Boxes
Our small cardboard display boxes are made of high-quality, long-lasting materials and are excellent for displaying a small number of items.
Cardboard Display Boxes With Clear Lids
ZTP's cardboard display boxes with clear lids are ideal for displaying, sealing, and packaging products. It is made of high-quality, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting materials.

You Can Create Your Own Product Line At Ztp

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What Are the Pros of Using a Display Cardboard Box?

Using ZTP’s display cardboard box has several advantages, one of which is that they will help you add sophistication to your branding efforts. It will also persuade your clients to purchase your goods.

As a result, your clients will recognize your brand and you as a trustworthy company. You may also add the benefit of durability to these boxes, which is essential when displaying multiple products and maintaining their quality.

Additionally, due to its sturdiness, it can display and carry a wide range of products, therefore showing a wide range of products is not an issue. In addition, ZTP identifies appropriate material to ensure that your products do not break or shatter when carrying.

ZPT has a lot of advantages when it comes to creating display cardboard box. We use environmentally friendly, recyclable, and high-quality materials to ensure that your products last as long as possible.

Our long-term relationships with our clients determine our success. As a result, we intend to devote effort to learn about your company’s display cardboard box requirements. We think that your success is a reflection of our own. It’s for this reason why we’re all in this together!

Building your brand with us would benefit not only us but also you. We are not the type of business to take and then go. We are the type of business that will help you achieve a higher level of success in the future. This is the assurance you will receive from us.

Furthermore, all of our display cardboard box are made of high-quality materials and are 100% recyclable, allowing you to help save the environment.

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BSCI improve social performance in supply chain.
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ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
20 Years Paper Packaging Manufacturing Experience
More Than 20 years Experience
Over 20 years printing and packaging experience manufacturer

Why ZTP Is The Best Option For Your Display Cardboard Box

With over two decades of experience in the display cardboard box manufacturing sector, ZTP is a company with a rich history and a vibrant culture dedicated to providing outstanding customer care to your business.

We are dedicated to providing timely delivery of first-class display cardboard boxes. Our professional team can help you choose the right type of display cardboard box for your business. Apart from that, we’ve dealt with a variety of printing and packaging concerns for our customers.

ZTP is making efforts to improve the efficiency of its services and products. We’ll focus on your display cardboard boxes with the goal of persuading your target market to acquire your product while also boosting your company’s reputation.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide

  1. What Are Display Cardboard Boxes?
  2. What Are The Benefits Of These Boxes?
  3. What Is The Purpose Of Display Cardboard Box?
  4. What Are The Display Cardboard Specifications?
  5. How Packaging And Printing Of Cardboard Display Boxes Are Made?
  6. What Are Exhibitions And Large Scale Displays Boxes?
  7. What kind of insert does this cardboard box pack?
  8. How To Choose The Right Cardboard Box Packaging?
  9. How Can I Choose My Color Scheme For My Box Design?
  10. From Where I Can Get Cardboard Boxes Supply, Its Services, And Packaging?
  11. How Can You Customize Eye-Catching Display Box with the Help of Additional features?
  12. What Are The Advantages Of Eco-Friendly Packaging?
  13. What Is The Use Of These Boxes In the Cosmetic Industry?
  14. What Are Custom Display Boxes?
  15. What Are The Innovative Display Cartons Printing And Designing?
  16. What Are The Reasons To Invest In Display Box?
  17. How Are Display Boxes Helpful In Easy Approach And Customer Facilitation?
  18. Why Is Custom Printing With Appealing Colors On Custom Display Boxes Preferred?
  19. How Are Die-Cut Design Helpful In-Display Cardboard Boxes?
  20. What Type Of Paper Material Is Used In Cardboard Display?
  21. How Does Custom Printed Cardboard Display Boxes Enhance Your Brands Value?

1.    What Are Display Cardboard Boxes?


Display Cardboard boxes are custom cardboard boxes designed to fit many different marketing products. The boxes are designed with high-quality Printing and paper to display your product so that they will look great to your customers.

You can place your company logo or graphics onto the boxes so that the client will know that you were the one who created these boxes for them.

Display Cardboard Boxes are specially designed for delivering a nice presentation. In any retail environment, especially at big box or chain stores, you need to make it easy for customers to buy your product quickly and easily.

Display Cardboard Boxes

You want the packaging to be attractive and sturdy for candles, candle sets, t-shirts, kitchen products, snack foods, etc. The boxes here are designed to do that.

Display cardboard boxes are the way to ship products on display. These types of boxes are great for clothing, shoes, toys, or any other items that need to be shipped on display so they can be seen at a distance.

Display boxes are shipping boxes used to store and ship apparel, accessories, and other items requiring protection during shipping.

Display cardboard is made of paper and allows you to display your products attractive, extravagant, and professionally.

China’s designs and pricing tier system (starters, intermediates, and deluxe) make it easy for you to create a product your customers want to buy.

2.    What Are The Benefits Of These Boxes?

The benefits of our displays are that you can either use them as a display model to show your brand or as packaging to deliver your product.

  • Display boxes are ideal for retailers looking to package small items. Their materials are made of high-quality kraft paper, ensuring that your product is well protected during shipping.
  • These boxes were designed with flexibility in mind-they can be used for manufacturers, artists, and gift shops.
  • With the ability to accommodate custom sizes, colors, artwork, and more, these boxes can be customized to fit your needs exactly.
  • They can be used for various reasons, all of which will help your business increase its sales and gain new customers.
  • The boxes can be printed with your logo, helping you to create brand awareness and improve brand recognition.
  • Display cardboard boxes are an effective advertisement for your product and an eyecatching advertisement for your company.

Display Cardboard Boxes Advertisement Display

  • Display boxes are an effective way to market and sell your products.
  • Display cardboards provide a marketing tool for businesses of any size, large or small.
  • Businesses such as e-commerce retailers, restaurants, and one-on-one service providers can leverage display packaging as a professional touch that differentiates their brand from the competition.
  • Display boxes are often used in retail shops when selling smaller items such as jewelry, cosmetic items and are also popular in grocery stores when selling smaller items such as candy or food.

3.    What Is The Purpose Of Display Cardboard Box?

Display Cardboard Box is an excellent display for trade shows, product launches, retail settings, corporate functions, and more:

  • The series of Styrofoam inserts fit snuggly into the box to create a unique three-dimensional product display. It also increases the visibility of your items by allowing viewers to interact with them closely.
  • Display boxes are an effective way to market and sell your products. Display cardboards provide a marketing tool for businesses of any size, large or small.
  • Businesses such as e-commerce retailers, restaurants, and one-on-one service providers can leverage display packaging as a professional touch that differentiates their brand from the competition.
  • Display boxes are a great way to show off your products. Every brand wants to make a lasting impression on customers and potential clients.
  • Packaging is an essential part of establishing the identity of your brand. It makes up 50% of the buyer’s experience. Packaging can be used as a marketing tool to attract attention, build brand recognition, and even help you save money on shipping costs.
  • Display Cardboard Boxes are printed with your logo, artwork, or business information to present and promote your brand efficiently.

4.    What Are The Display Cardboard Specifications?


Description Specification
Structure Eco friendly Assembling
Packaging Shipped Flat and Assembled
Add On Deposing, Embossing, raised Ink, Gold/Silver Foiling, Die-Cut Window
Material C2S, C1S, SBS, White, 24Pt, 18Pt, 16Pt, 14Pt and 12Pt
Detailing/Surface Treatment Spot UV, Aqueous Coating, Matte, Glossy

5.    How Packaging And Printing Of Cardboard Display Boxes Are Made?

The printing process begins with the artwork. Once artwork is finalized, die templates are created.

The next step is to make the packaging material printing production-ready.

Then the package design moves onto special finishing to provide durability and longevity of the product.

Finally, cardboard display boxes are printed, making them ready for packaging/storing products

Recent technology has improved display cardboard boxes into withstanding very harsh conditions. They also help in converting heat, cold, and moisture into energy which is then recycled.

Display Cardboard Boxes Printed Display

The process for creating a customized cardboard box printing begins with you. Once you choose your size, finish and quantity, our design team will create a digital layout to show you exactly how your custom boxes will look before they are ever printed.

The designer team can suggest ways to improve any part of the printing process, from the color of the stock to the font that we use for your logo.

We even send pictures of your custom boxes in our production line so you can get an idea of how they will be made.

Before you start the printing process, you take a few important steps.

  • First, you hire a qualified packaging designer to develop a custom design that will fit into your budget and help pull your design theme together.
  • Next, you search for a printing company that can ensure that your print job comes out just as planned and to your satisfaction.

6.    What Are Exhibitions And Large Scale Displays Boxes?

Exhibitions & Large Scale Displays Boxes are customized boxes or crates with artwork illustrator to match the venue with the exhibitor.

The boxes are used for large-scale trade shows, conventions, exhibitions, traveling museum displays, large retail ads, etc.

The boxes promote the products in various ways by displaying them attractively to attract consumers or visitors.

These exhibitions & large-scale display boxes are available in different shapes with customization options. And provide six high-quality experiences in flip-top style to keep your inventory safe. It is made of sturdy corrugated cardboard.

Display Cardboard Boxes Large Display

Exhibitions and large-scale displays box is cardboard box in the form of packaging and their main purpose. In the art and graphics industry, where product promotion and advertising often play an important role.

Box types for exhibitions and displays include mailer boxes with fold-up or perforated sides, boxes with cutout windows, universal display boxes (one size fits all), and several other models with self-supporting bases.

Exhibitions and Large Scale Displays Boxes are “pre-made” boxes or display products that help to quickly and easily create specific marketing, advertising, networking, and retail experience for any business.

These displays can be used to meet and exceed the marketing and visual expectations necessary for various trade shows, conferences, and meetings.

7.    What kind of insert does this cardboard box pack?

Cardboard display boxes are used in retail stores to present products. Any type of inserts may be used in display boxes.

These inserts, often called “dividers,” provide separation between products or sections of the product. These pieces are the best way to separate prices for specific items.

There are several kinds of inserts used in cardboard display boxes. These include inserts containing recyclable materials, inserts containing non-recyclable materials, corrugated cutouts, and inserts containing multiple layers.

There are two types of inserts that can be used in cardboard display boxes. One is the cut insert, and the other type is the formed insert:

Display Cardboard Boxes With Display Inserts

Cut insert: This is used whenever you want to show all the products/contents inside the box and want to slide out one by one easily.

Formed insert: This can be found to go with various shaped boxes. The formed inserts will readily slide out from boxes to fill up the space inside.

There are many different choices of inserts also that are used in cardboard display boxes. These include tablets, blister cards, window display boxes, etc.

8.    How To Choose The Right Cardboard Box Packaging?

The right display box can make or break a product launch. Whether you choose to represent your products in kraft paper boxes, custom boxes, or acrylic blisters, the size and shape of the packaging are equally important.

Display Cardboard Boxes Picking Right Box
There are many things to consider when choosing the right boxes for your product. The size of the box, the material it is constructed out of, whether it is pre-scored or not, the type of artwork used on it, and many other factors can affect your choice.

Choosing the proper packaging for your products is often a difficult task. It is crucial to consider all aspects of your order to maximize the effectiveness and quality of the cardboard boxes you choose for your display.

9.    How Can I Choose My Color Scheme For My Box Design?

China’s manufacturers realize that having the opportunity to control your order down to details as specific as a color scheme makes us different from the competition.

They make it easy for you by providing a full-color palette from which you can choose. Choose from solid colors or teams, Brands with custom artwork, or pictures of your loved ones; no matter what you choose, they can help get it there in style with Display cardboard boxes.

You could go to empty cardboard box suppliers or cardboard display boxes manufacturers and choose any color scheme you want. They will allow you to choose from hundreds of options for the color scheme and any other option you look for as a custom display cardboard box printing.

Display Cardboard Boxes Custom Color Scheme

You don’t need to worry about your design because they do accept customer or third-party design too.

You or your team member will prepare artwork in Ai, CDR, TIFF, PNG, JPG, PDF formats and send us via E-mail or upload it on our link. If you have no idea about the artwork, you can also choose a design from our most popular templates that you can customize at free cost.

The designer will design the display cardboard boxes for you accordingly.

10.   From Where I Can Get Cardboard Boxes Supply, Its Services, And Packaging?

China is the best place to get Cardboard display Boxes Supply, Its Services, And Packaging. What you see in the images is the final product that will be shipped.

Their style can be tailored to meet your needs. Whatever you require, they have the experience and the skill to create a cost-effective solution for your specific requirements.

They have a large range of customizations available for this product – from size, shape, and material down to the color of your logo! Please have a look at our Customization options above to find out more about what these entail.

China’s manufacturers have years of experience in new product development, production, and specialty packaging design.

They have a professional team of engineers and artists who provide custom services, quality control, and creative design.

11.   How Can You Customize Eye-Catching Display Box with the Help of Additional features?

All of the eye-catching display boxes are designed to display various products. Some products are displayed inside the packaging box, while others are used outside the packaging box.

The display cardboard gives an extra effort to produce a unique and creative design. It is easy to place products, elements, or even other boxes inside the packaging without requiring too much space.

The display boxes are designed to appeal to the customers who have set their sights on your products. The cardboard boxes ensure that your products are not damaged during transportation.

Display Cardboard Boxes Eyecatching Display

A good thing about these boxes is that you can easily adapt them with the help of additional features.

Display Cardboard Boxes make an ideal option to present your gifts like clothes, jewelry, or any other.

These boxes are manufactured with high-quality material and are available in various sizes. All the boxes we offer are highly demanded among our clients for their attractive outlooks, incredible designs, sturdy structure, and easy maintenance.

With the help of China’s manufacturer’s dedicated team of experts, they can customize your required specifications.

12.   What Are The Advantages Of Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Eco-friendly packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, with a smaller carbon footprint than traditional packagings like boxes and paper bags.

The recycled content of eco-friendly packaging reduces the amount of virgin paper pulp required to make custom boxes. It can also help shoppers better identify products, which means reduced inventory costs for you.

Eco-friendly packaging, such as our paperboard boxes, protects products and presents them in a bright, attractive manner.

Eco-friendly packaging is energy and environmentally friendly, and it reduces the carbon footprint and helps keep our environment clean. It can be used to create a green image; also, it permits one to achieve positive publicity for their organization.

The biggest advantage of environmentally friendly packaging is that it can reduce waste, leading to lower disposal costs.

Reducing or reusing packaging through eco-friendly alternatives provides immediate environmental benefits for manufacturers and customers alike.

13.   What Is The Use Of These Boxes In the Cosmetic Industry?

Display cardboard boxes are the best option used in the cosmetics industry for displaying cosmetic products.

There are many reasons why I have considered display cardboard boxes to be the best for cosmetics.

First of all, it is unable to get damaged until your product reaches the customer on hand. It means that it is free from contaminants. You will not have any problems when you want to import or send your product to your customer because corrugated display boxes make a strong and protective barrier.

The most important part of a cosmetic’s packaging is the display boxes. These display boxes make the product stand out, and they grab the attention of the customers.

Display Cardboard Boxes Cosmetic Display

14.   What Are Custom Display Boxes?

Inexpensive and versatile, cardboard displays can be custom-designed to fit your specific product, and the materials and artistry can be as classy as you like.

Make the packaging the showcase of your brand by printing eye-catching cardboard boxes. A well-designed box can make your product look its best and turn a regular display into an impactful presentation.

Customize your branding by choosing colors, finishes, and sizes so that your cardboard boxes do more than just house your products.

Custom display boxes allow you to show off your product and keep it safe from getting damaged. Whether you’re looking for an iPad or DVD box, we offer quality cardboard and customization options to help you stand out.

Display Cardboard Boxes Custom Cardboard Display

Custom display boxes are an excellent method to protect your product while adding promotional flair. Custom display boxes will help you stand out when you participate in trade shows, conventions, mailings, fundraisers, retail outlets, and more.

15.   What Are The Innovative Display Cartons Printing And Designing?

You can design innovative, creative, and distinctive packaging that gets customers to remember your brand and consider your product a vital step that will impact your company’s growth.

The type of display box you choose to utilize to showcase your product is often the first impression you make on your potential customers.

Since there are various options and printing and designing techniques, it can be difficult to decide what exactly will work best for your business and the parameters that you have available.

Cardboard display boxes can be printed with either a solid or a spot UV coating on the outside, while the inside has a matte eggshell finish.

Small Cardboard Display Boxes Cardboard Counter Display Boxes

Additionally, these cardboard display boxes can have multi-color graphics and text on both sides of the corrugated box. China’s manufacturers also offer lumber core corrugated for added strength.

The designers do custom designing, Printing, and other designing processes to make it famous among everyone.

The customized design procedure requires a lot of creativity and imagination that helps it be innovative and unique, making display boxes more fascinating.

16.   What Are The Reasons To Invest In Display Box?

There are many reasons for investing in display cardboard boxes:

It is wise to use these boxes to promote your business and give a safe and protective environment to your merchandise and other items.

These boxes help you make a great impression on your potential cust, omers and this helps you create a permanent image in the minds of your clients.

If your business is starting in the clothing industry, you should invest in display cardboard boxes because nobody wants to be seen with a flimsy-looking display or damaged after one use.

Display cardboard boxes are essential in almost all industries, whether food, retail, packaging or much more.

Display cardboard boxes are cost-effective, presentable, and protective. They are versatile in design to meet the needs of customers.

The display box is used for marketing. The customer can put their food in the cardboard to attract more customers to buy it. To attract customers, they need to design a good display box with attractive shapes.

Display Cardboard Boxes has come up with some of the most effective display cardboard boxes available. You can get custom display cardboard boxes to carry your merchandise.

17.   How Are Display Boxes Helpful In Easy Approach And Customer Facilitation?

The display cardboard boxes are very helpful in easy approach and customer facilitation. The packaging companies provide the display cardboard boxes to the customers at affordable rates.

The online stationery stores are selling these boxes at reasonable rates. These boxes are of different sizes, colors, shapes, designs, patterns, etc.

One can make the selection as per their requirement. This type of packaging is commonly used for transportation, the marketing of goods, and many more purposes.

An important aspect of every business is to create a good first impression on a new customer. This can be accomplished by producing great packaging for your products.

A beautiful retail presentation of your product will help improve your products’ aesthetic value and perceived quality.

Professional design ensures that you have a great image and an easy way to access and display your merchandise. The purpose of this article is to share some great options you can use, like display cardboard boxes.

18.   Why Is Custom Printing With Appealing Colors On Custom Display Boxes Preferred?

The customers prefer appealing colors on custom display boxes. It creates a stronger brand promise and gives customization options according to the specific business field.

When you talk about custom display boxes, Appealing colors are important for making sure that it will attract your target market and make sure that this will be plain in view in the market.

Different businesses have different needs when it comes to custom display boxes.

Display Cardboard Boxes DieCut Display

For example, in the case of gifts, they want their logo to be highly visible so that potential customers know which company sends them out when received by their clients.

Appealing Colors on Display Cardboard Boxes convey a sense of trust and reliability from the brand. The combination of appeal and class will make your brand stand out from the competition.

19.   How Are Die-Cut Design Helpful In Display Corrugated Boxes?

Before a boxes be made, there will be a  die-cut mold  following the size and shape.

die-line of display box


The boxes have a die-cut design to provide a distinctive look for a different products.

You also can show us your idea about how to adjust the detail , even changing the material.

Die-cut design is not only an effective method of display but also a cost-effective one. Since it does not require any extra material, die-cut cardboard boxes are a good option for businesses on a budget.

The business’s resources will be saved in additional materials and production time since die-cut cardboard boxes can be made to look like any box imaginable.

20.   What Type Of Paper Material Is Used In Cardboard Display?

Polypropylene is the typical paper stock used with specialty packaging custom boxes. Polypropylene is an ideal material for custom display boxes because it makes the product the focal point.

Cardboard display boxes with polypropylene also offer excellent print quality due to their smoothness.

This material used for manufacturing cardboard display boxes is of top-notch quality. They can withstand heavy weights without tearing out and offer great strength and durability to the boxes.

Display cardboard is manufactured using the highest paperboard quality for its excellent strength, durability, and stain resistance. It is also used for protecting the products within boxes. These are highly available in different design options to choose from.

Cardboard boxes are available in both single wall and double wall versions.

The single wall version is often made out of paperboard, while the double-wall versions are mainly made of corrugated fiberboard.

The two types are also available in varying strengths and thicknesses, depending on how much weight they need to carry.

21.   How Does Custom Printed Cardboard Display Boxes Enhance Your Brands Value?

Cardboard display boxes are more than just tools to hold your product. It enhances the value of your brand. It allows you to be creative, stands out from other brands, and convey clearly and succinct messages. With a printed display box, you have options.

Options can take you from a craft booth at a local event to a full-blown trade show, from e-commerce to storefront, from everyday products to specialty items.

Display Cardboard Boxes Brand Display

Help your customers to help you; When you give them the most effective branding tool you can, you give them a powerful sales tool that is ideal for buying your products.

From business gifts to wedding invitations, custom boxes are the easiest way to impact customers with your brand.

The box can help in adding value to your brand; by using custom printed cardboard display boxes, the graphics add a level of distinction from other companies when being displayed.

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