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ZTP offers a wide range of eco-friendly and biodegradable decorative paper bags. Besides, we are confident in using paper products that come from excellent materials. These include our lovely range of recycled decorative paper bags, which are available in quantity at a discount. In addition, there are paper bags to suit any requirement here, so take a closer look and select any handbag that caught your eye to your cart.

At ZTP, we also provide sustainable decorative paper bags in a range of colors and patterns. These items are both stylish and cost-effective, which is what we all work for! Furthermore, ZTP’s paper bags can be personalized with your choice of text, symbol, or layout, making them an excellent choice for custom brand paper bags for a company.

Select Your Preferred Form Of Decorative Paper Bags

Take a look at these lovely and creative decorative paper bags. Feel free to contact us if your preferred design isn’t offered. Our experts can create paper bags in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your requirements.

Decorating Paper Bags For Gifts
ZTP's decorating paper bags for gifts are ideal for businesses because they can be ordered in a range of designs. Apart from that, these bags have enough room for items like garments, books, and a variety of other present ideas.
Handmade Decorative Paper Bags
The style of these exquisite handmade decorative paper bags offers a sense of sturdiness that distinguishes them from other paper bags. The incredible depth of our paper bag makes it suitable for retailers, special events, and gatherings.
Paper Shopping Bags With Logo
These paper shopping bags with logo can be used for a number of occasions. Besides, these elegant paper bags may safely hold a wide range of products, including small items of clothing, stationery, and other varied delights.
Small Decorative Paper Bags
These excellent small decorative paper bags are made of high-quality paper, and the grip design adds to the present bag's durability. These bags are also a great alternative to plastic bags for garage sales, fairs, and other birthday parties.
Door Gift Paper Bag
This eco-friendly door gift paper bag was designed to accommodate a variety of enterprises and is excellent for craft fairs and retail festivals. It's highly reusable and made of environmentally-friendly materials.
Printed Paper Carry Bags
The printed paper carry bags are made of high-quality paper and are both durable and fashionable. This bag is also available in any prints that would look stunning at any trade show or retail location.

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Why Should You Consider Using Decorative Paper Bags?

Decorative paper bags are becoming increasingly popular since they are 100% recyclable, reusable, and environmentally friendly, as well as posing less of a risk to the planet. In essence, as compared to plastic bags, they are significantly safer.

Paper bags were becoming much more of a craze and brand awareness in the current economy due to the amount of attention and patience that ZTP puts into developing an enticing paper bag for their goods. Customers also give free advertising and promotion by carrying attractive decorative paper bags with the company’s logo on them.

When you select ZTP for high-quality decorative paper bags for your drinks, tea, chocolates, pastries, herbs, and any other goodies, you’re giving them a beautiful image that your consumers will appreciate. Additionally, any ZTP paper bag can be personalized with your own brand to promote your business. With extremely high quality and aesthetic effects, you’ll captivate and astonish your customers.

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Why Should You Prefer ZTP To Manufacture Your Decorative Paper Bags?

ZTP is the world’s leading manufacturer of decorative paper bags. We take pride in being the best and promoting handcrafted things. All of our items are made from resources that are renewable, recyclable, and ecologically friendly. We believe that doing the best possible is the greatest way. In order to ensure client satisfaction, we also strive to provide exceptional customer service and prompt delivery.

Moreover, we provide a vast assortment of beautiful handmade decorative paper bags that can be modified to match our clients’ preferences. We also focus on forming long-term business connections that last a lifetime. Not just that, we are confident that every product we offer is of the highest possible quality!

As a result, if you’re hunting for premium and affordable decorative paper bags in a range of styles, ZTP is the place to go. We rest assure that every product we release is of excellent quality!


Frequently Asked Questions about Decorative Paper Bags

This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Guide for Decorative Paper Bags provides answers to frequently asked questions about the product. A quick reference guide to the best Decorative Paper Bags is provided in the form of a table of contents.

  1. What opportunities do creating decorative paper bags have?​
  2. What is the biggest advantage of paper bags compared to plastic bags?
  3. What is the most popular size of decorative paper bags on average?
  4. What is the best way to decorate eco-friendly paper bags?
  5. Why are your paper bags economical?
  6. What are the best features of your decorative paper bags?
  7. How are your products any different from what’s already in the market?
  8. What are the main reasons people buy paper bags instead of plastic bags?
  9. What is the role of paper bags in the modern world?
  10. How to make your promotional paper bags stand out?
  11. Why are paper bags better than plastic bags from an environmental standpoint?
  12. How can paper bags be used as a good medium for advertising?
  13. What are some of the features of decorative paper bags that make them so attractive?
  14. How can people use your bags to promote their own business or brand?
  15. What is the difference between Shopping Bags and Gift Bags?


1.   What opportunities do creating decorative paper bags have?​

Make your company’s brand identity stand out from the competition.

By selecting eye-catching Customized Paper Bags for apparel, fashion, jewelry, food delivery, tech gadgets, toys, and other products, you are adding a professional intrigue that clients will appreciate and like using.

In addition, you can personalize any Paper Bag to promote your company’s identity by adding your own custom logo. With skilled quality and exquisite intrigue, you are certain to astonish and delight your customers and visitors.

opportunities do creating decorative paper bags have

Increase the visibility of your company’s brand.

Paper bags are increasingly being used by corporations for presentations, seminars, item packaging, and brand awareness campaigns because they are inexpensive and provide a strong return on investment.

Effectively Promote Your Company’s Image

Because of the amount of time and effort that manufacturers put into creating an enticing paper bag for their products, paper bags have evolved into something of a fashion accessory and grown-up play in the current market.

Customers are provided with a type of free promotion and support in the form of enticing Paper Bags that promote the company’s brand.

2. What is the biggest advantage of paper bags compared to plastic bags?

The debate over the use of paper vs. plastic bags will continue, especially as the number of countries that are making a concerted effort to limit the use of plastic bags grows.

To reduce its use, many countries are encouraging the use of paper bags, which have advantages such as the following:

Paper bags are eco-friendly

Paper bags are more environmentally friendly than plastic bags because they are biodegradable and they do not emit toxic gases while being recycled. Paper bags are reusable, whereas plastic bags are disposable.

By using paper bags and leaving plastic bags, one can save whales and sea turtles from eating plastic waste that could kill them.

biggest advantage of paper bags compared to plastic bags

Paper bags are fashionable

Other reasons why a classy brand might choose paper over plastic come down to the customizable nature of paper bags. A paper bag is often stamped with the logo of a brand and given out as free merchandise, advertising the brand while also being reusable and giving an appearance of luxury.

Paper bags are sturdier and can hold more items

Paper bags and plastic bags are similar in that they have the same basic design, with openings at the top and at the base.

However, paper bags are sturdier than plastic ones and provide a wider space for more items in the bag because of their rectangular structure. Sturdiness also allows the paper bag to be reused without being worried that the content will be dropped.

They can be used over and over again, rather than being thrown away after one use.

Recycling and decomposing paper bags is easy

In general, paper bags are far superior to plastic bags in terms of environmental impact. Plastic bags are made from oil, a non-renewable natural resource, whereas paper bags are made from wood fiber, a renewable resource.

Also, since plastic does not break down in the environment and takes centuries to decompose, it constitutes a serious source of pollution and can cause serious harm to wildlife.

In contrast, the paper does decompose relatively quickly and readily in environments with high levels of natural decomposition.

3. What is the most popular size of decorative paper bags on average?

Medium-sized paper bags are currently the most popular choice among consumers because they are the most practical. These bags are typically available in sizes ranging from 8.5 x 4.5 x 3.5 inches.

most popular size of decorative paper bags on averageThey are large enough to accommodate the majority of the items you wish to donate while also being manageable for one person to transport. Medium-sized bags have long been a popular choice among shoppers, and they are now the most widely used size of decorative paper bags in the industry.

4.   What is the best way to decorate eco-friendly paper bags?

To begin, you’ll need to purchase environmentally friendly paper bags. Most likely, you will have to search for them on the internet. If you want to decorate, you can stick to simple patterns and designs. Stickers and markers are effective tools.

Anything complicated isn’t going to be required. Due to the fact that these paper bags are intended to be reused, you won’t have to worry about making them look good.

Just make sure that whatever decoration you choose is appropriate for the occasion.

best way to decorate eco-friendly paper bags

In an exciting and eco-friendly way, there are a variety of ways to decorate eco-friendly paper bags. Make an effort to mix and match design and color combinations in order to create visually appealing bags that can be used for both professional and personal reasons.

Draw any design you want on white, environmentally friendly paper bags by using your imagination. For example, you can draw any geometric shape or pattern, such as triangles, stars, or squares, on the page to illustrate your point.

5.  Why are your paper bags economical?

The bags are made of paper, which is made from recycled fibers and is environmentally friendly. This means that it can be reused over and over again.

These bags are cost-effective due to the fact that they are not made of plastic, which is damaging to the environment.

Because of this, you can re-use them over and over again. They are extremely powerful, long-lasting, unbreakable, and leakproof in nature.

paper bags economical

Bags made of paper have been around for a long time because they are more environmentally friendly than any other type of bag. Given that it is derived from trees, it is considered to be a naturally renewable resource.

There are no harmful chemicals in it, and it is biodegradable and recyclable. Because it is significantly less expensive than plastic bags, it is possible to save a significant amount of money by utilizing them.

Furthermore, because paper bags are not harmful to animals or humans, they are considered to be more environmentally friendly.

There are numerous advantages to using paper bags, but it is important to carry paper bags without tearing them in order for them to last as long as possible.

6. What are the best features of your decorative paper bags?

Paper bag is a biodegradable material.

When it comes to plastic, it has a bad reputation in this regard because it does not dissolve easily and remains buried in landfills for a long period of time after being used.

For example, if you use paper bags, the earth will not lose a vast number of animal species, seas, lakes, and other natural resources. The most important thing to remember is that the soil does not lose its fertility.

As a result, use paper bags to keep your environment and yourself safe. Paper bags degrade in less than six months, and their waste becomes fertile for plant growth after it has decayed.

Paper bags can be reused multiple times.

Due to the increasing amount of pollution in the environment today, environmental experts are becoming increasingly concerned about its impact on the environment.

Numerous paper bag manufacturers are setting up shop in order to assist in the preservation of the environment and the preservation of nature. This will, in fact, be beneficial to the environment.

As a result, once you have used any of the paper bags, you can reuse them for a variety of other tasks. In order to accurately help the environment, a growing number of business owners and customers are now opting to use paper bags instead of plastic bags.

Contributes to the reduction of toxic waste

Toxic waste has emerged as one of the most pressing issues facing governments around the world in recent years. You won’t believe it, but one of the most important factors contributing to this is the widespread use of plastic bags.

So, if you want to ensure the safety of your environment and yourself, you should adopt and promote the use of paper shopping bags.

They are inexpensive.

The price of paper bags on the market is extremely reasonable. The reason for this is that they are made of locally available materials, with the value of export sales being derived from them.

However, if you purchase paper bags in bulk, you will save a significant amount of money.

best features of your decorative paper bags

It contributes to the promotion of a brand.

Paper bags are increasingly being regarded as a fashion accessory, with brands employing them to promote their products and services in recent years.

Various manufacturers request that paper manufacturers print paper bags that are both visually appealing and customized so that every other client will pay a visit to them immediately.

Paper bags are in season.

Decorative paper bags are excellent for packing food (even hot food) so that it stays fresh until it is time to eat it. The reason for this is that they contain air pores, which aid in the circulation of air.

Bananas, for example, are shipped from one part of the country to another using paper boxes to ensure that they remain fresh during transportation.

7. How are your products any different from what’s already in the market?

Our products are the result of research and testing that has been going on for more than two decades at this point. We only use materials of the highest quality, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products.

We believe our products are unique and effective as a result, and we are confident in our ability to back them up with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

products any different from what's already in the market

We have created our products in such a way that they stand out from everything else available on the market. We identified the fundamental problem we wanted to address, and then spent months communicating with customers and conducting online research to find a solution.

We created our products to entice customers to entrust us with the creation of their decorative paper bags.

8.   What are the main reasons people buy paper bags instead of plastic bags?

Plastic bags have a few major issues that put people off. The first is that they can get ripped or punctured, making them a nuisance or even a hazard.

The second major issue is that they are not very environmentally friendly. Many people are aware that these bags are not biodegradable and that they can take up to 1000 years to biodegrade.

That’s a long time to be doing harm to the environment. With paper bags, the environment is the one that wins. Paper bags are fully biodegradable, which means they break down in just a few months.

main reasons people buy paper bags instead of plastic bags

That’s a big bonus for the planet, and it’s an incentive for many to switch to paper products.

Reusable bags have been around for about a decade. They were originally introduced by the grocery chains to cut down on their plastic bag supplies.

Paper bags are much cheaper than plastic bags. Besides, plastic bags can only be used for one time, but paper bags can be used for a long period of time.

If you bring the paper bags back to the grocery store for recycling, it will be more cost-effective. Some people prefer paper bags because they are sturdier. Paper bags can better hold heavy groceries.

Plastic bags can only hold light things. But it is not easy to choose between plastic and paper bags. You should choose the paper bag if you are environmentally conscious.

If you can remember to bring the paper bags back to the grocery store when you are done with them, then the paper bags are a good choice. Plastic bags are convenient and if you bring them back to the grocery store, they can be recycled.

9.   What is the role of paper bags in the modern world?

Paper bags can be used in many ways. They can be used to replace plastic bags, to replace some of the luggage, to replace old newspapers, etc.

The biggest benefit of paper bags is that they are completely biodegradable. They are 100% environment-friendly, unlike plastic bags. They are also strong and light in weight.

role of paper bags in the modern world

They are a very useful and useful product. Paper bags continue to be used in today’s society to package and carry various items. The paper bag was initially just a simple wrapping to carry items in.

Today, paper bags are being used as an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to carry items. Paper bags can be used for many different items, including food and gift items.

Paper bags make it easy to carry items and can be used for other purposes in addition to transporting items.

10. How to make your promotional paper bags stand out?

Design of a logo

When it comes to selecting a design for your bags, the options are virtually limitless. You can choose a detailed or patterned print with an all-over design to make the most of your company’s colors.

We can also print on the inside of your bags if you want to carry the design throughout the entire bag, or with a contrasting and complementary color to really make them stand out from the rest of the pack.

For those who prefer to keep things simple and let their logo do the talking, we can add a special finishing touch to a simple bag.

promotional paper bags stand out


Adding one of our luxurious handle options to your bags is a simple and effective way to upgrade them. The addition of rope handles to our luxury paper bags, which are available in either gloss or matte lamination, is the perfect finishing touch.

They make certain that the bags are strong and comfortable to carry. To make our bags even more luxurious, we can add ribbon handles to them, or we can use a ribbon slot to tie our bags together, which is perfect for giving as gifts.

If you want to make your paper bags stand out, even more, choose handles that are a different color from the bags.

Packaging is provided at no charge.

If you want to add something special to your packaging, it doesn’t have to be limited to the bags themselves; we also offer different kinds of bags and packaging boxes.

Providing packaging and gift bag is always appreciated by customers, and it gives you another opportunity to showcase your branding. It’s a huge win.

11.   Why are paper bags better than plastic bags from an environmental standpoint?

Paper bags, as opposed to plastic bags, are biodegradable, which means they are less likely to end up in our oceans and landfills. Oftentimes, plastic bags are not recycled and end up in landfills where they do not break down for hundreds of years.

Paper bags, on the other hand, can be easily recycled. Paper bags also use less energy to produce than plastic bags, and the entire process of making them creates less pollution.

paper bags better than plastic bags from an environmental standpoint

Plastic bags are created from petroleum products and they take centuries to biodegrade. Plastic bags are not easily recycled because they are irregularly shaped.

Even if they are recycled they cannot be reused because they tend to become weak when recycled. Paper bags are biodegradable and easily recycled. They are also easy to handle.

They do not take much space while they are being transported and they are less prone to damage. This is why paper bags are better than plastic bags.

12.  How can paper bags be used as a good medium for advertising?

Branded paper bags can be used to promote your business and raise the profile of your company. People of all ages and backgrounds use bags on a daily basis to transport their belongings, which is why paper merchandise bags are so popular.

Paper bags, as compared to local promotional items such as keyrings and pens, are more difficult to misplace. Furthermore, because they are more durable, they can be used all year round, regardless of the weather conditions.

These aspects contribute to the fact that carrier bags and personalized paper bags are excellent choices for handing out at trade shows and conventions, among other things.

If you own a small business with a limited marketing budget, you may believe that working with a paper bag supplier is an unaffordable and unnecessary expense.

The good news is that many packaging companies allow you to place an order in bulk, allowing you to take advantage of more affordable pricing.

paper bags be used as a good medium for advertising

In addition, the design and logo that you choose to have printed on your company’s bags should be carefully considered prior to place your order.

If your bag is too simple, it runs the risk of being impossible to distinguish from other bags, and if it is too overcomplicated, it may confuse or overwhelm people.

Along with the printed design, you’ll want to think about what color you want the bag to be, what type of handles you want to use, and what fonts, inks, and printing effects you want to use to make your bag stand out from the crowd.

A bag that visually excites people will stimulate people’s interest in your company, attract potential customers, and contribute to the development of greater brand awareness for your company.

We can all agree that a simple marketing tool such as a paper or carrier bag can be extremely beneficial to a company’s bottom line. For this reason, you cannot afford to overlook the marketing potential of your packaging solutions.

13.   What are some of the features of decorative paper bags that make them so attractive?

As the population grows, so do the demands in all fields. Resources are in short supply to meet this rapidly rising demand. But supply is limited and will eventually run out. To combat this issue, people are now using recyclable or reusable materials.

Plastic, a widely used packaging material, cannot be recycled or degraded naturally. Paper bag is a great alternative to plastic because it is biodegradable and does not pollute the environment.

Decorative Paper bags are widely used for packaging because they can be made in any shape, size, and color. Paper bags are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes including carrying, gifting, wrapping, and storage.

some of the features of decorative paper bags that make them so attractive

Decorative Paper bags come in a variety of colors and designs, making them appealing. They can bear images and slogans. They can be used to advertise or spread a social message.

As the demand for paper bags grows, many companies are taking steps to make them more appealing. One of the major steps taken to make paper bags more appealing is the use of glossy paper in various colors and designs.

Using captivating images and quotes, the paper bags can also spread a social message. Paper bags can hold images of any size, three-dimensional or two-dimensional.

To enhance the beauty of these bags, Glossy paper can also be used to enhance images. Paper bags can be used as a handbag or carry bag. It can be easily customized to look more appealing.

So, it’s not just the paper’s quality and color that makes paper bags appealing, but also the text or images printed on them. And you can get it from us.

14.   How can people use your bags to promote their own business or brand?

Our bags are made to be used at work, outside, or on the go. Bags can become fully independent storage for business cards and company information due to our customers’ busy lives. We love hearing how some entrepreneurs and individuals are using our bags to promote their own brands.

people use your bags to promote their own business or brand

People could use the bags to promote music concerts, art exhibitions, trade shows, fashion shows, seminars, meetings, etc. Any event where visitors must carry their own belongings.

The bags can also promote social causes or local events. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, christening, and other special occasions. To increase exposure, companies can have their logo or name printed on the bags.

15.   What is the difference between Shopping Bags and Gift Bags?

Listed below are some characteristics that distinguish paper shopping bags from laminated gift bags.

Paper shopping bags

The rigid twist handles match or complement the bag.  The top of the bag is usually sharpened, and many are made from recycled materials. This line’s sizes are larger than most. Brown and white Kraft bags have the most size options.

Shopping paper bag

They range in size from small blossom gift bags to extra-large durable take-out bags for restaurants and cafeterias. These bags are available in large and small bulk quantities and can withstand some wear and tear.

There is also an assortment. These shopping bags are great for everyday use in your home, grocery store, restaurant, or retail business. Recycled shopping bags are also popular because they meet plastic bag ban requirements.

Gift Bags

Have coordinating rope handles for each bag The rope handles can be tucked inside the gift bag when not in use and pulled out when ready to use.

Gift Bags

The bags come in heavyweight matte, gloss, kraft, prints, and hot stamp designs. Bulk packs of 100 or smaller packs of 10 allow you to select the exact amount needed for your boutique or event.

The sizes range from an extra small slimmer bag for jewelry to a large fashion tote bag for sweaters or dresses. These luxury paper bags will make a statement at any event!

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