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ZTP is the finest printing and packaging corporation in the industry. We’ve been offering and producing quality decorative gift boxes for over two decades. Hence, be rest assured that we will supply you with an excellent total package for all of your packaging or corrugated box needs.

Our expert staff, designers, and manufacturing experts can provide you with 100% custom-made, recyclable, and exceptional decorative gift boxes. We could also guide you to select the best packaging that aligns with your business and preferences.

At ZTP, we are committed to our dedication to innovation and quality, as well as outstanding customer service.

Choose From a Variety of Decorative Gift Boxes

ZTP is creating a number of different decorative gift box designs. If you have a different type in mind, kindly let us know.

Decorative gift box with lid
Our decorative gift boxes with lids are ideal for a variety of gifts. It's incredibly handy because it includes a cover that makes it simple to close and open.
Decorative Christmas Gift Boxes
ZTP’s Decorative Christmas boxes are elegantly made by professionals. It goes well with cheerful and vibrant patterns that give customers a good vibe.
Decorative Gift Boxes With Magnetic Closure
Decorative gift boxes with magnetic closure are high-end gift boxes that are ideal for small and medium-sized gifts. They're a rigid box that folds flat for extra handling and includes a magnetic closure within the box's walls, enabling the flaps to seal the box securely.
Decorative Cardboard Gift Boxes
Decorative cardboard boxes are perfect for packaging a gift. With colorful prints and designs, our sturdy paper-material cardboard boxes are durable and long-lasting.
Decorative Baby Gift Boxes
Decorative baby gift boxes are a great way to welcome a new baby and appreciate a new parent. These baby gift boxes come in a variety of designs and are 100% handmade.
Personalized Decorative Present Boxes
Bright, colorful, and pleasing decorations are included in this decorative present box, making it ideal for any occasion. Anyone would be excited to get this box!

Two Decades Of Experiences In Manufacturing Decorative Gift Boxes

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What Is the Essence of Decorative Gift Boxes?

You’ve spent so much time hunting for the best present for someone you care about, whether it’s a family or an acquaintance. And now, it’s time to wrap the present you’ve chosen. Of course, especially if it’s a big occasion, you’d like to surprise somebody with a lovely and fulfilling gift box.

As a response, having beautiful, appealing decorative gift boxes will always be meaningful. You’d also like to see your loved ones unwrap the gift with a happy grin on their faces.

Because we think that gifts reflect kindness and love, we at ZTP make every effort to provide our clients with decorative gift boxes. Having such a brilliant present box can make a celebration even more memorable!

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Why Is ZTP The Best Option For Your Decorative Gift Boxes?

With over twenty years of experience in the printing and packaging industry, ZTP can provide you with excellent decorative gift box solutions.

We ensure that our packaging is both high-quality and affordable. Our professionals are well-versed in providing you suggestions, ideas, and recommendations that are tailored with your desires.

Furthermore, we are eager to offer you excellent printing and packaging services. At ZTP, we take pride in our reputation for quality, innovation, and unsurpassed customer service. Our professional team only utilizes state-of-the-art technology and materials in order to retain our credibility as a provider of exceptional quality printing and packaging solutions.

With over two decades of experience, ZTP is a competent printing and packaging company. We make a variety of decorative gift boxes suited for both personal and business use. These boxes come in all sorts of colors, styles, and sizes.

Moreover, ZTP is a major provider of high-quality gift boxes. We make sure that the gift boxes we produce meet your standards. In fact, our company includes a team of skilled designers and production staff that only handles advanced equipment and high-quality materials.

To prevent errors and achieve exceptional results, we use a strict standard management process at each stage of the manufacturing process. Our unwavering commitment to providing high-quality items has given us an advantage in the market.

Likewise, our creative design process resulted in exceptional and ecologically sustainable products. So, when it comes to decorative gift boxes, we are your greatest option.

Decorative Gift Boxes – The Definitive FAQ Guide

Decorative Gift Boxes – The Definitive FAQ Guide is a guide that focuses on potential issues and problems faced by people who are thinking of sending or receiving a gift in a decorative box.

The Definitive FAQ Guide is a comprehensive guide covering various types of gift boxes.

Decorative Gift Boxes
Decorative Gift Boxes – The Definitive FAQ Guide is the simplest way to understand decorative gift boxes, characteristics, and application.
It explains the types of gift box materials and finishes commonly available in the market, as well as standard measures and sizes

This FAQ Guide is a guide that focuses on decorative gift boxes, a description that does not provide much benefit; however, the short description above that defines it as a guide that focuses on packages for gift presentation may have more appeal.

  1. What Are The Characteristics Of A Decorative Gift Box?
  2. What are the Applications of this Gift Box?
  3. What Are The Sizes Are There?
  4. What Extra Customization For The Decorative Gift Box?
  5. What Material Do You Use To Make These Boxes?
  6. What Are Thickness Options There For Box Material?
  7. How Can I Get Samples Of The Decorative Gift Box?
  8. What File Format Do You Prefer For Custom Box Artwork?
  9. What Surface Treatment Techniques Do You Offer For Decorative Box?
  10. What Factors Influence The Price Of The Decorative Gift Boxes?
  11. What Inserts can be used in the box?
  12. What Are The Considerations For Effective Decorative Gift Box Design?
  13. How Do You Design Gift Box Packaging That Appeals To Customers?
  14. What Is The Difference Between Decorative Gift Boxes And Favor Boxes?
  15. How Do You Determine Gift Box Quality?
  16. What Is Spot Color Printing In Gift Box?
  17. Which Other Printing Technologies Do You Employ For Decorative Gift Box?
  18. What Is The Printing Ink For Printing Of These Boxes?
  19. What Are The Specific Quality Standards For Gift Boxes?
  20. How Do This Gift Box And Acrylic Gift Box Compare?

1.    What Are The Characteristics Of A Decorative Gift Box?

The Decorative gift boxes are a useful gift package that is practical and stylish for exchanging gifts.

Decorative Gift Boxes characteristic
It is an elaborate way of decorating a gift like a gift wrap, and it is how we express affection or our feelings for a loved one at any time of the year or even on festive occasions.

In general, the value of a Decorative gift box is proportional to the worth of the Decorative gift box inside. Costly or delicate items often use special linings and ribbons to decorate them.

The product is expensive, and transport costs are high, such as collision avoidance and damage-free.

Decorative gift boxes can be categorized into four types:

  • Paper boxes,
  • Plastic boxes,
  • Metal boxes
  • Wooden boxes.

The Decorative gift box is the most commonly used type in packaging gifts.

Decorative gift boxes are made from recycled materials. It’s easy to produce, printed with beautiful patterns, and has a high recycling rate.

Different cultures have different customs and traditions expressed in their unique ways of celebrating the holidays.

The meaning of a Decorative gift box is also determined by the culture that presents them.

The package is the soul and the connective tissue of a gift. It must have the right appearance and content to convey whether it is a gift for a special occasion or an everyday purchase.

2.    What are the Applications of this Gift Box?

Few applications of the Decorative gift box are described below:

Storage: They can be more useful than you think when ensuring that products are stored properly. You can turn Decorative gift boxes into storage compartments for specific sizes and shapes of products.

Packaging: If your Decorative gift box is packaged, you can use these words and phrases on a label.

Home Décor: You can decorate your home with a Decorative gift box from the market.

Gift Giving: Gift tags can be a fun way to add a personalized touch to a wide range of occasions: birthdays, weddings, new babies, or even office events.

Plantation: They’re used for planting in decorative boxes. They can be dressed using embellishments such as crystals and beads. With minimal space being used, they are perfect for creating a special planting area.

Child Playing needs: Child playing needs are playthings that you can use to make toys and other playthings for kids.

3.    What Are The Sizes Are There?

Decorative gift boxes come in different shapes and sizes. The size of the Decorative gift box depends on the size of the gift and is determined by how it will be transported.

Some of the Decorative gift boxes in the market include 2x2x2.

Also known as a manifold, it is a square box with rounded corners.

It measures 2 inches by 2 inches and fits two standard-size gift cards.

” 3x3x3. Also known as a triplet, this box is a flat box composed of three individual boxes that fit together to form a solid box.

It measures 3x3x3 inches and fits three standard-size gift cards.

4.    What Extra Customization For The Decorative Gift Box?

Yes, you can skip the extra customization of your Decorative gift box. A smart choice is to go over the options with the manufacturer beforehand.

Customized Gift Boxes
It’s also wise to check yes or no on all the features you want in your Decorative gift box before you order.

And one final suggestion is to order a high enough quantity for a Decorative gift box. That will ensure that you have plenty of choices and are sure of getting what you want.

Customization can add considerable costs to a product. For example, it could include custom artwork or engravings.

5.    What Material Do You Use To Make These Boxes?

Materials used to make gift boxes include:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated fiberboard
  • Paperboard

6.    What Are Thickness Options There For Box Material?

Decorative gift boxes come in a variety of sizes. The main difference between the sizes is how much the box stretches while it is opened.

The most common Decorative gift box size is the 4mm gift box, which includes a set of plastic seals to secure the contents and an inner tube that contains a single item.

The 3mm gift box is a thinner version that does not include any plastic sealing but instead includes an air pack to cushion the item inside.

7.    How Can I Get Samples Of The Decorative Gift Box?

You can get your personalized gift boxes by ordering sample boxes from the manufacturer. The samples help you sense what the finished product will feel like before making a final order. To get sample boxes from the manufacturer, you will be asked to submit a form online. Afterward, they’ll send you a special delivery.

8.    What File Format Do You Prefer For Custom Box Artwork?

Some of the file formats we use for our Decorative gift box artwork include AI, CDR, EPS, PPS.

Some of the file types we recommend for Decorative gift box artwork include: Adobe Illustrator / Adobe PDF

9.    What Surface Treatment Techniques Do You Offer For Decorative Box?

Some of the surface treatment techniques we offer for gift boxes include:

  • sandblasting,
  • high gloss lamination,
  • hot stamping,
  • embossing,
    Surface Treatment Decorative Gift

Prolonging the life of your Decorative gift box from water damage is a great way to save money and maintain the look of your g Decorative gift boxes.

Spot uv on the box
The best way to ensure your gift boxes don’t get hurt by water is by protecting them with durable and waterproof coating. Such coatings will allow you to store and give out gifts without worry.

To make gift boxes look more attractive, some companies apply the surface treatment on them. It is used to protect the color of the print and the luster of the lettering. In addition, it makes them more resistant to water.

10.   What Factors Influence The Price Of The Decorative Gift Boxes?

Prices for Decorative gift boxes vary according to several factors, such as the design of the Decorative gift box and the customization options.

Decorative gift boxes come in various shapes, colors, sizes, types of materials, and graphics, while their price can range from under $3 to over $50 per box.

The price of gifting varies based on several factors. These factors include:

  • The type of gift box.
  • Material used.
  • Minimum order quantity.
  • The manufacturer.
  • The size and shape of the gift box.

Some Decorative gift boxes cost more than others because they require a higher degree of customization.

The decorative gift box can also be made from different materials, which means they come at a higher price than the standard cardboard box.

Some Decorative gift boxes are expensive because of the intricate design and customization, which can lead to higher manufacturing costs.

The material used can also add up to the cost of a Decorative gift box, while the MOQ requirement can also increase production costs.

  • Surface treatment

Docorative Gift Boxes Structure

  • Box structure
  • Printing
  • Quantity
  • Material


11.   What Inserts can be used in the box?

Docorative Gift Boxes foam inserts
Foam inserts in Decorative gift boxes are used on many occasions and are commonly used during the shipping of gifts to ensure items are protected while in transit.

The decorative gift box can be found in various materials, depending on the product and the occasion. Examples include, but are not limited to: polystyrene, fabricated foam, plastics, paperboard, cardboard, foam rubber, and more.

Examples of foam inserts that you can use include: polystyrene, polyurethane, polypropylene, expanded polystyrene, fabricated, die-cut, and molded expanded polystyrene.

12.   What Are The Considerations For Effective Decorative Gift Box Design?

Some choices include:

  • Decide which colors are likely to stand out for the recipient.
  • Make sure your gift box and packaging will be appealing to them.
  • Pick a design that is appealing to the recipient or a popular theme.
  • Avoid using pictures on your gift box for a cleaner look.
  • Focus on the key message and an attractive design.

Docorative Gift Boxes Effective
The shape and design of the Decorative gift box for each product must be unique and able to convey information about the product and its value.

The right gift box design will attract consumers’ attention, create a positive first impression, and guarantee a positive sales experience.

13.   How Do You Design Gift Box Packaging That Appeals To Customers?

Every businessperson desires to create attractive packaging that attracts the consumer and has a competitive edge.

It is important to understand the target consumer and the brand’s position in the designing and planning stage of Decorative gift boxes. Unique, eye-catching features are a huge draw to customers and increase sales.

Unique and stylish Decorative gift boxes are all the rage nowadays. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the packaging is arbitrary.

There are certain aspects that buyers will pay attention to when choosing a Decorative gift box for their loved ones.

While customers may be attracted to the box’s design, they will also consider how well it matches the sold items.

14.   What Is The Difference Between Decorative Gift Boxes And Favor Boxes?

Decorative gift box:

Docorative Gift Boxes Designed
A Decorative gift box is a type of gift-giving box that can be used to present gifts individually with care.

Some studies have indicated that Decorative gift boxes might strengthen relationships among people within groups but that they are not effective in enhancing relationships between individuals.

Favor Box:

Favor boxes are small boxes full of small gifts from friends and family used to show gratitude for your attendance at a wedding, party, or similar event.

They can also be used as decor at parties or events to add a little frivolity.

15.   How Do You Determine Gift Box Quality?

Some of the perspectives used to determine the quality of the gift box include:

The color of the package should be bright and appropriate.

A big red logo on a green package doesn’t look very cute.

-Docorative-Gift Quality
The smell is an essential part of gift-giving because it indicates the freshness of the product within.

This helps the receivers to make their determination as to whether or not they would like to accept any sort of gift from you or not.

A luxury gift box should look high-end and be very bright.

Safety is essential for a fine gift box to be used with high-quality products. Efficiency: Gift boxes should be efficient in use and make the job of packing a product easy.


16.   What Is Spot Color Printing In Gift Box?

Spot printing refers to an art-inspired printing technique that uses a specialized ink made up of just one or two colors, like metallic silver and metallic gold.

Docorative Gift Spot Color
The process requires special lithographic film because it’s a single-color run on top of the normal CMYK 4C printing process.

Since it’s an extra step beyond CMYK, spot color printing requires a different type of inks, such as metallic or fluorescent inks.

When spot color printing is used, it can be used for special situations, such as when the design of the custom gift box requires gold or silver.

It will also be useful when different shades of the same color and text should be uniform across the Decorative gift box.

17.   Which Other Printing Technologies Do You Employ For Decorative Gift Box?

Offset printing with hot stamping technology

The traditional hot stamping method is used to apply the image onto the Decorative gift box’s surface.

It creates a Decorative gift box with images using a wax-based material. The images are applied to the surface at normal room temperatures.

An adhesive is used during the process to secure the image transfer onto the plate.

Some of the advantages of hot stamping are: It is fast and accurate. It can be done without heating the print, which saves energy. You can do it at a normal temperature.

One-time custom boxes made from sensitive materials without heating.

Digital printing can be done onto the surface; on top, heat-sensitive foil is not required, saving time and money.

There are several types of personalized printing methods:

  • Digital printing,
  • Digital embroidery,
  • Screen printing.
  • Personalized printing

These methods come in many forms, but the most common is digital printing.

Digital Printing:

Digital printing is a machine-to-plate process that uses a digital image to create custom promotional products with variable results.

Digital printing (1)
Digital printing is the most cost-effective way to apply personalized designs to Decorative gift boxes or promotional items.

Digital Printing, a printer that uses a digital inkjet process, can print on various paper .

This printer utilizes a special feature that allows the ink of a continuous roll to adhere to the substrate material.

Direct inkjet printing is the most common technique for screen printing. Less expensive than offset printing, it is also much less time-consuming.

The color will be 80% same as offset printer machine, so it usually be used to confirm sample in a short time.

Lithography Label Printing:

With this method, you can print on a sheet of paper, cut it out, and attach it to the Decorative gift box’s surface.

The resolution for the printed lithography is high and clear, and it serves as wallpaper. It is important to make sure the provider you choose has experience in the field.

If they are not familiar with printing labels, the costs might be slightly higher.

Lithography printing produces ultra-smooth gradients in color. It is the only method of printing that can print a smooth angle as high as the screen of a mobile device.

Flexography Printing:

Flexography is a method of printing Decorative gift boxes.

While it isn’t commonly used just yet, it’s a promising new technology that will be used in the future.

Flexography prints are made using flexible plastic inks. They are printed onto ordinary cardboard. The minimum order quantity of flexography printing is one thousand Decorative gift boxes per order.

It’s a relatively inexpensive and efficient way to mass-produce custom gift boxes.

Flexography printing is done on a large plate that is then applied to the surface of the box.

The ink is then stamped onto the box, allowing for much more customized designs than screen printing.

In addition to producing custom gift boxes, flexography printing can print business cards and other stationery.

In flexography, the printing process utilizes printed substrates that are flexible and rolled into a cylinder.

18.   What Is The Printing Ink For Printing Of These Boxes?

Following printing inks are used to print these Decorative gift boxes:

  1. Benzene Soluble Chlorinated Polypropylene Inks:

Benzene Soluble Chlorinated Polypropylene Inks are used for gravure printing biaxially oriented polypropylene films through the two-roll process.

They provide good printability, fast-drying, and post-press processing.

Despite their many benefits, inkjet prints are generally less environmentally sustainable.

Polypropylene Inks
The ink used in the printing process contains several solvents, and these solvents must be removed from the final product.

Solvents like toluene and xylene are toxic to the environment and can cause cancer. Chlorinated Polypropylene (CPP) is a poor thermal conductor that can rapidly corrode printing plate rollers.

To solve all of these problems, there has been the development of ink-friendly inks.

  1. Water-Based-Ink

It can be used in the preparation of custom Decorative gift boxes for many markets.

Some of the benefits of using water-based ink include:

  • Lower cost of the product packaging. The ability to print on more than one side of the box reduces labor costs and material costs.
  • Reduced printing time. Less setup time means better turnaround time and lower cost per unit printed.
  • Multifunctional use.
  • Heat resistant.
  • Hydro-resistant.
  • Chemical-resistant.
  • Pollution-resistant.

‘High-gloss inks won’t chip or flake like ordinary inks, and they won’t leave behind a nasty smear like solvent-based inks.

In addition, there are no volatile organic solvents, which reduces the toxicity of printed residues and makes printing safer for employees and customers.

  1. UV Curable Ink:

UV Curable Ink

This type of ink is different from other inks because it can be cured using a wavelength of ultraviolet light.

UV-curable inks contain the following: Pigments:
Often used over flexible substrates, this ink dries or cures into a hard material that allows it to be printed on without causing any damage to the substrate.

  • The best pigments for UV-curable ink are pigments containing titanium dioxide,
  • zinc oxide,
  • white pigments.

When using UV-curable ink, consider:

The inhibition of polymerization,

  • Wetting
  • Surface tension.
  • Pay attention to humidity
  • Temperature
  • Printing plate expansion


  1. Electron-Beam Curable Inks:

It’s a type of ink that you can quickly convert from liquid to solid. This happens by subjecting it to an electron beam of high energy. There is no blocking of the display, allowing clear printing.

Almost any ink can be quickly converted from liquid to solid by ionizing it with an electron beam, resulting in a high-resolution print free of blockage.

The method has a strong penetration power for solid components like fillers and pigments. Thus there is no blockage in print.

This kind of ink has great utility for printing surfaces that can’t be coated entirely with liquid-based inks, such as products with complex shapes and textures.

19.   What Are The Specific Quality Standards For Gift Boxes?

Docorative Gift Standard Quality
In addition to high-quality standards, the gift boxes from our company must also meet certain manufacturing requirements.

Quality standards for gift boxes include:

  • D1968-19
  • D1974/D1974M-16
  • D2658-18
  • D3951-18
  • ASTM B117,
  • Resistance to Corrosion.
  • ASTM B50,
  • Consumer Packaging Testing;
  • CPSIA Phthalate content.
  • D4727/D4727M-17
  • D5118/D5118M-15(2020)
  • (1%) ASTM B117,
  • Resistance to Corrosion.


20.   How Do This Gift Box And Acrylic Gift Box Compare?

Acrylic gift boxes are a type of decorative box used to store and give gifts. Acrylic is the main material of these boxes, which can come in several different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Acrylic boxes are a popular choice for gifting and holding gifts for any occasion. Gift boxes made of acrylic have a variety of skills for all occasions.

Printed Acrylic Gift Boxes:

Docorative Gift Clear Arcylic
It is the ideal gift idea if you want to present a personalized gift.

Clear Acrylic Gift Boxes

Clear gift boxes are good for displaying your images on social media. The transparent material is affordable and perfect for gifts. It comes in a variety of colors, so you can make every gif box unique.

Wedding Acrylic Gift Boxes:

Wedding acrylic gift box: This type of customized acrylic gift box is suitable for wedding occasions. It includes a wide range of sizes, shapes, and surface finishing options.

Decorative gift box:

A decorative gift box is a perfect way to let a loved one know that you care.

Custom Decorative gift boxes are renowned for their beauty and elegance.

Decorative gift boxes for wedding occasions like:

  • Heart shape Decorative gift box
  • Rectangular Decorative gift box
  • Candy Decorative gift box
  • Micro lading Decorative gift box




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