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  • White-paper-printed-box
  • Hot-stamping-box
  • Custom-packging-box
  • Hologram-paper-box
  • Small-paper-box

Custom Printed Paper Box Details

Particularly useful for product sellers, the printed paper box is a great asset. The box will help keep your product dry. Moreover, you can customize the print and size of this printed paper box.

  • Material: Coated Paper
  • Surface: CMYK Printing Double-side, and Hot Stamping
  • Usage: Cosmetic, Gift, Craft, Toy, and Make-up
  • Certificate: BSCI, ISO9001, ISO14001, FSC.

ZTP Paper Box Manufacturer from China

ZTP manufactures cardboard boxes, magnetic boxes, and gift boxes to suit your product’s packaging needs.

The QC department tests our boxes and services to ensure quality. According to the material quality, ZTP custom printed paper boxes can provide reasonable prices for products.

You need not be concerned about the product delivery schedule. Our shipping partner guarantees a specific delivery time.


Certificate 2022

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Detail information

Material Coated Paper
Surface CMYK Printing Double-side, and Hot Stamping
Insert Paper Board
Box type Folding Type
Usage Cosmetic, Gift, Craft, Toy, and Make-up
Certificate BSCI, ISO9001, ISO14001, FSC.


Product details

Double sides printing with a simple box
Double Sides Printing With A Simple Box

Double-side printing refers to the printing of two different colors or graphic images on both sides of a piece of paper. It is an effective way to maximize the overall production of printed materials.

Hologram Box With Full Printing

Hologram is not just a simple 3D optical illusion but it is also a great marketing strategy that is able to trigger the response or reaction of the people towards the product or service. t also allows people to look at the product from a different angle.

Hologram box with full printing
coated paper
Coated Paper

 Coated paper is a paper product that has a layer of coating on one or both sides of the paper to improve the look of the paper, add gloss, or improve the functionality of the paper.

Surface Options

Glossymatte lamiantion
Glossy and matte lamiantion
Glossy and matte varnish
Gold foil hot stamping
Gold foil hot stamping
Silver foil
Silver foil hot stamping
Spot UV
Spot UV
Laser cut
Laser Cut


paper option

box shape option

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Printing box manufacturer
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Whether you have questions or need assistance designing your own bespoke boxes or branding, our packaging designers at ZTP are available to assist you.

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The MOQ for this product is 500pcs.

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