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Professional Handmade Production Line Of Custom Packaging Box

Professional Handmade Production Line Of Custom Box Packaging

ZTP is a reputable company that produces high-quality printed business materials. Full-color printing of custom packaging boxes is just one of our many specialties. We think all enterprises, no matter their size, should have simple access to unique direct marketing and straight mailing materials.

Products from ZTP meet worldwide quality specifications and are well-received in a wide range of industries across the globe. We can ensure absolute client pleasure because of our well-equipped infrastructures, such as cutters, stamping machines, and so on, and our high-quality supervision throughout all production phases. We constantly strive to meet your fundamental standards and demands, and we guarantee that we will follow your personalized packaging box requirements.


Custom Box Packaging And Its Various Specifications

Custom packing is boxing designed precisely for your company and the goods you are creating and transporting. It is tailored to accommodate the product precisely and to secure it better than conventional or commodity packaging. Custom box packaging often requires an additional effort, expense, and time than regular packaging since the package goes through a rigorous procedure.

ZTP’s package design process is flawless, with various features are equally crucial. Printed logos on the boxes, patterns, shapes, photographs, or anything else the firm wishes to incorporate on their custom packaging that remains consistent with their brand may be customized. You may select the characteristics and specs that you would like your box to have with custom packaging.

Custom Packaging With Logos
The importance of the logo on the boxes cannot be overstated. It not only creates a significant impact on customers, but it also helps to learn something about your company. Furthermore, unique packaging raises a company's aesthetic value and opens the door to new clients.
Custom Shipping Boxes With Logo
Have shipping boxes with your logo if you want to market your company through your packing. ZTP manufactures high-quality custom shipping boxes with logo, which are perfect for promoting your brand.
Custom Printed Packaging
Custom printing on your package also includes tactics for gaining new consumers and ensuring that your items get immediately to your clients without faults or breaking their trust. We, at ZTP, offer custom printed packaging where you may put your designs and information, such as your company's website, logo, and descriptions.
Sleeve Box Packaging
Our sleeve box packaging can be made of corrugated cardboard, plastic (PVC, PET), or paperboard. Printing on the packaging boxes will make them stand out and capture the attention of customers.
Custom Cosmetic Packaging
ZTP also provides custom cosmetic packaging that gives your items a distinct personality and captures the interest of consumers. We create printed decorative boxes with eye-catching colors and appealing designs to create a striking impression.
Personalised Packaging Box
This box is made from durable cardboard . It is ideal for storage and packaging of wristwatches, artworks, cloths, and other gift items.

ZTP Capabilities As Manufacturer Of Custom Packaging Boxes

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What are the Benefits of Custom Packaging Box?

Increased Brand Value

A product’s packaging raises brand recognition, adds value, and improves the consumer experience over actual packaging. Packaging is vital in today’s world since consumers are searching for unique and customized items. Dull and conventional things that do not make the buyer feel essential and entertaining are likely to be a significant turnoff and leave something desired.

Moreover, the emotional attachment you will develop with a consumer will be more significant if you can improve your brand recognition through effective custom box packaging and beautiful products. The extension will lead to more extended and recurring consumers, as well as long-term enhanced competitiveness.

Better Customer Experience

Improved packaging, as previously said, results in an improved customer service experience. Professionally designed and produced packaging stands out and makes buyers feel delighted and unique. However, ugly, bland, and monotonous packaging will leave consumers with the impression something might be lacking.

Better Product Protection

Packaging design is a beautiful choice for improved shipment security if you have a specific product or are liable to break. The last thing you would like for your goods is to damage during delivery since this typical box you’re using isn’t an excellent tight fit or has insufficient cushioning. Custom packaging options are great for protecting your goods from many sorts of harm.

Paper packaging ISO certification of Zhongtai Printing
Factory Base On ISO9001/ISO14001 Standard
ZTP pass the ISO9001/ISO14001 manufacturing
Paper packaging BSCI of Zhongtai Printing
BSCI Certificate
BSCI improve social performance in supply chain.
Paper packaging production line
Auto Production Process Line
ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
20 Years Paper Packaging Manufacturing Experience
More Than 20 years Experience
Over 20 years printing and packaging experience manufacturer

Why Choose Custom Packaging Box From Us

ZTP was founded in 2005 and covered an approximate area of 4000 m. It employs 100 people and is a competent producer. In every sector, there are quality teams for marketing, innovation, research, and manufacturing. We will keep track of your purchase until it is sent. As you are aware, we are a trusted manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. As a result, both the cost and the quality of our products are reliable.

Moreover, many businesses have placed their confidence in us in custom box packaging after ordering a variety of items such as paper bags, paper gift boxes, portable bags, cards, and shopping bags. We utilize machineries, along with talented designers who craft packages and paper bags by hand. So, if you are interested in our products and services please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We look forward to establishing successful company connections with new customers all around the globe.

FAQ Guide

  1. How Can I Get Custom Packaging Box For My Product?
  2. What Kind Of Box Type For Custom Packaging Is It?
  3. How Does Custom Packaging Box Be Attracted?
  4. What Is The Purpose Of Packaging Design?
  5. What Is The Link Between Packaging And Marketing?
  6. What Information Should Be On Packaging?
  7. What Kind Of Paper Can Be Custom Packaging Box?
  8. What Are Characteristics Of Packaging Box?
  9. What Are The Main Functions Of Custom Packaging?
  10. What Information Do I Need To Provide For A Quote?
  11. What Type Of Style And Shape Can I Get For Custom Packaging Box?
  12. How Can I Get The Suitable Suggestions For The Designs The Box?
  13. How Can You Show The Design Of My Boxes Before Production?
  14. How Can I Get The Physical Sample Of Box Before Mass Production?
  15. How Does Manufacturer Assure Quality Of Boxes During Production?
  16. How To Choose The Right Type Of Box?

1.      How Can I Get Custom Packaging Box For My Product?

China has become a global exporter of all kinds of packaging boxes, both custom and standard. With an enormous number of manufacturers and more being formed almost every day, it is easy via the internet to know where and how to buy these products from China.

As one of the professional Custom Packaging Box manufacturers and Custom Packaging Box suppliers in China, they welcome you to wholesale high-quality and customized Custom Packaging Box from their production unit. All products in China are at low prices and top quality.

Custom Packaging Box

When you have your product ready to be packaged, you will need first to purchase the proper Custom Packaging Box that will hold your product together.

This is when you will place your order online for the proper Custom Packaging Boxes you will need for your products. You will want to ensure that the Custom Packaging Boxes you get will fit and hold your creation together properly.

If you have just started a business and would like to sell your products online, you might need custom packaging boxes to pack your product.

With so many packaging boxes on the market, choosing exactly what you need can be difficult. In addition, many of them are flimsy and have shortcuts that save money but may sacrifice product quality and performance.

Custom Packaging Boxes are designed with you and your products specifically in mind, using the highest-quality materials to ensure a durable and eye-catching design that will help your company stand out from the competition.

This box is made with 100% recycled materials and shipped through UPS/USPS, FedEx, DHL, and more shipping carriers.

2.      What Kind Of Box Type For Custom Packaging Is It?

Custom packaging box has many kinds. The various packaging boxes can be selected according to different purposes of use.

Packaging design significantly impacts marketing activities, which are the most important to increase sales volume.

Choosing the type of product packaging box for your custom packaging depends on whether your Packaging is for new products or for a retailer who will use the custom packaging box to ship sold products.

Types of Custom Packaging Box

If you decide to choose a custom packaging box based on the price, design, or packaging work, below will give you can find in China market; I hope to help your decision.

Packaging is used to protect the appearance and preserve the shelf life of the products. There are both inner and outer Packaging.

Inner Packaging refers to packaging the products themselves, generally the larger parts, such as sleeves, Cardboard, etc.,

The outer Packaging is made of Cardboard or corrugated paper, generally a large package for transport. Custom packaging boxes are manufactured with both inner and outer packaging types.

A custom packaging box with waterproof and shockproof features will protect the items from external damage. These custom packaging boxes are available with different specifications and sizes. You can choose the ideal one for your article.

3.      How Does Custom Packaging Box Be Attracted?

Custom Packaging Box can be a packaging solution you need in the industry; it can help you complete your product or package by its professional advantage and flexibility.

The custom packaging box is very important in all types of business. Many people notice Most gift boxes and packages like to decorate with special patterns to be personalized, which are on the surface drawing one’s attention. Why should we take custom packaging boxes? There are many advantages for custom product packaging, including elegant, lovely, high-end, fancy, generous and noble. In addition to that, your logo can be shown here and keep your brand in clients’ memory for a long time.

Attractive Custom Packaging Box

The custom packaging box not only presents the product but can also be very attractive to exhibit your brand, business, and products and services.

A custom package box with an affordable price can attract potential customers and carry out certain selling effects as a promotional tool. When looking for a low-cost solution for your next marketing campaign, don’t forget this renewable resource that can be reused for other purposes once the products are sold.

Custom packaging boxes are a good choice if you plan to sell your products online. It helps increase sales not only because you get the best promotional Packaging but also because they let people see what the product contains.

4.      What Is The Purpose Of Packaging Design?

Customers can see the product inside the box, but at the same time, to create a certain atmosphere for consumers. The main aim of packaging design is to attract people’s attention and make people feel happy when they see it.

A custom Packaging Box is a packaging box that can add features like different colors, sizes, stickers, and signatures. This type of box is more expensive than the normal packaging box. A Custom Packaging Box is mainly used for high-value products like gifts, jewelry, watches, etc.

Custom Packaging Design

For a business, their Packaging serves to get their products noticed. It is the first thing that potential buyers will see, and it is often the first step to gaining customers.

The design of a custom packaging box tells people what to expect from your business; when they see your custom packaging boxes, it will say to them what type of product your business offers.

There are many reasons why businesses choose to make their Packaging. Some of the most common use custom packaging as an opportunity to expand their brand, while others use it to give their corporate identity a boost.

As we understand it, Packaging is the outer covering of a product to enhance its Packaging. Packaging has undergone substantial changes in skills, art, and science with time. Urbanization, industrialization, and globalization have added twists to this already exciting industry.

5.      What Is The Link Between Packaging And Marketing?

You can give your product a competitive advantage and build authenticity by custom packaging. The link between Packaging and marketing is sometimes surprising and almost always overlooked. Here are a few links that make a difference in Packaging and marketing.

Packaging is the physical container or wrapper in which a product is sold. Marketing consists of every activity that involves getting that product from the factory to your home.

Marketing creates demand for a product, but Packaging drags the customer into the store or online storefront.

Packaging Vs Marketing

Often, people confuse the terms “packaging” and “marketing.” Although both are involved in marketing a product, they are different.

Packaging marketing is about how customers perceive your product since they see it on the shelves.

Marketing helps promote the product so that when customers get to the store, they associate the product with your brand.

Both Packaging and marketing represent communication channels to customers but are distinctly different in function. Packaging protects products while marketing sells and causes brand recognition.

Packaging is a creative design of product packaging. Packaging also brings products closer to the target group. Marketing is an activity or business that communicates with customers about your product and brand.

6.      What Should Information Be On Packaging?

Packaging is a very important part of any product. Everything from taping to the type of paper and color is important. Packaging should be appealing, easy for customers to read, and easy for the company to fill orders at a warehouse. Some general things on Packaging are descriptions and directions, weights, dimensions, and graphics.

In most cases, the main part of the Packaging, usually the box, will have more information than just your logo and some contact info. If you make your custom packaging, you should use clear and easy to read.

Generally, product packaging always comes together with a product. It also works as the information center of such a product. Its design is a matter of its beautiful look and people’s clear understanding of what they buy.

Packaging Components

Good Packaging should include all details about the product, categories, quantity, weight, ingredients, and more. It should be user-friendly as well. We can assist you with the best custom packaging ideas for industrial or commercial purposes.

Packaging is the part of your product that gets the most exposure. It’s what the customer first sees and interacts with, so it needs to tell them plenty about your products, such as how to use it, where it’s made and how craftspeople make it, etc

7.      What Kind Of Paper Can Be Custom Packaging Box?

The most common paper for custom packaging boxes is Kraft paper, Cello paper, Glossy coated paper, etc.

The specially customized packaging box will be premium-grade paper material worthy of showcasing your brand image.

You can also choose a soda pulp board for papermaking because it is environmental protection paper, which will not impact the environment. It is also high-quality paper and very safe.

In general, a custom packaging box is mainly made of paper material. A business card box is one kind of packaging boxes. It’s common to place business cards in the business card box. Generally, most people use the custom paper box for packaging the products to add value to the items.

Using white Cardboard is one of the most common materials for custom packaging boxes. It will make your custom boxes safer because it can always keep the package clothing in good condition.

If you want to give your custom boxes a good look, make it simpler, or save a package cost, then white Cardboard is a good choice for you. China can offer you white Cardboard with different sizsizesnd thicknesses from 250gsm to 1000gsm.

8.      What Are Characteristics Of Packaging Box?

A custom packaging box is a paperboard carton with excellent properties of paper. Itis is usually used to pack pots that are not very large. The paperboard has good stability, and its surface can be printed as you like.

A customized packaging box is a package for marketing, advertising, and effective show that it is beautiful, practical, and convenient.

A custom packaging box is a packing box that can be produced according to customers’ special requirements; the custom packaging box is widely used in many industries.

Paper for Custom Packaging Box

A high-quality custom packaging box is a type of packaging box commonly used for shipping boxes and carrying containers.

A custom cardboard box is the Packaging that you use to deliver products, equipment, and materials. This can be done as part of a sale or as an alternative to repacking and returning your Packaging.

One of the important things that define a company is its logo; it helps promote and reinforce the brand.

9.      What Are The Main Functions Of Custom Packaging?

Wholesalers and large corporations require custom packaging to ship their goods to clients and customers. The main functions of custom packaging are shipping, storage, display, protection, shipping, and transporting all kinds of goods.

You may never use a custom box, but you’ll need it once or twice. Once you do, an appropriate and tidy package can win users’ hearts and eventually gain their loyalty.

Custom packaging won’t only help you carry or store your items in a more convenient way, but it also gives your products a professional touch that takes your brand to the next level.

Functions Custom Packaging Box

Custom packaging is a significant component of the closing process in marketing management. It refers to the design and manufacturing of a box or container used to sell products or products directly or ensure that the product can be safely transported and stored.

The possibilities are endless as to what can be done with this product. It can be used to gift packaged items like cosmetics in a gift basket, wrapped around a Christmas present to make it more festive, or even store a plethora of smaller objects in one large box.

10. What Information Do I Need To Provide For A Quote?

Requesting a quote involves filling in a short form with your details, and then we get right back to you with an affordable price quote.

We will need you to provide as many details on the specs of your custom packaging box as possible, including dimensions (length, width, and height), quantity, location of your company logo on the packaging box, and any other special design requests you may have for your custom packaging boxes.

To obtain a price quote for custom packaging boxes, we will need the following information:

1) Your zip code;

2) The size of your boxes;

3) The quantity of each box that you would like to order;

4) The type of paper board you would like for the Custom Packaging Box.

Quote Custom Packaging Box

To provide a quote on this item, you need the following information for most of the China manufacturers: The Brand Name, Product Line, Item Number/Code, Quantity, Size and Thickness of Outer Carton, Materials to be packaged, Quantities, and Location.

Exact measurements are also necessary. This will enable the manufacturer to price your needs accurately. Be as specific as possible; the Custom packaging box is not dimensionally limited and provides the most creative designs of all custom packaging options.

11. What Type Of Style And Shape Can I Get For Custom Packaging Box?

Custom packaging boxes can be found in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. The standard packages come in all common sizes like the ones you would find in any printer paper product.

Then there are specially shaped and colored boxes that have holiday-themed prints on them, and then there are custom-made boxes that can be specifically designed to fit your needs.

The custom packaging box is the primary promotional packaging carrier in the product display area, and it can be customized. It can increase your sales and make you stand out from your competitors!

The custom packaging box is made of Cardboard or paperboard and is used to pack or ship other products. The design is based on the shape and style of your product, which should be considered first.

It can be finished with various styles and shapes to meet the needs of different customers. For example, it can be customized into round ones, square ones, rectangle ones, etc. It can also be customized to fit unique product shapes like USB flash drives, Bluetooth earphones, and E-cigarette.

Style and Shape Custom Packaging Box

The shape of the packaging box is vital in impacting the look and appeal of your product to consumers.

If a certain shape and type of paper are used, the product will appeal more. If you are looking into custom packaging boxes, many different options can be utilized to your advantage.

12. How Can I Get The Suitable Suggestions For The Designs The Box?

The core of our business is printed boxes. We offer various box types and sizes for all your packing needs, different packages for different requirements.

There are so many sizes of the box, which is why you need to know the size of the product you have. The designer has a responsibility to develop an appropriate box according to the products. The package should fit in any space with ease while displaying the product inside it.

This Custom Packaging Box is suitable for complex needs. You can custom-size it by setting your cardboard box according to different sizes of products. The product packaging box is a kind of package that wraps the products and implements its function of protection, shipping, and display at the same time.

Designing custom packaging boxes can be tricky, especially starting. There is so much that goes into the whole process, and to get it right, you will need to consider several things, like the product you are Packaging, its purpose, size, weight and composition, and maybe even the box type.

Look for the miter grooves along the side where your custom template should lay. These small grooves allow for a perfect fit between the box and lid.

This infographic is for a custom packaging box. The box can be both promotional boxes and aesthetic boxes. There are different designs of the custom packaging box. In contrast to traditional Packaging, it is cost-effective and with wonderful designs.

13. How Can You Show The Design Of My Boxes Before Production?

You’re welcome to take a screenshot or photo of a similar box in your manufacturer catalog. The larger the screen area of your selection, the better.

China’s manufacturers use these images to show customers how their designs will look before any changes are made to minimize differences between concepting and production.

Manufacturers can upload a PDF or JPEG online to see exactly what your custom branded packaging box will look like before production. You’ll also receive pricing, production times, and an automatic quote within seconds.

Template Custom Packaging Box

By clicking on the sample button in your account, you will find a list of all our standard printing options and can upload a file containing your artwork and save it. Now you’re ready to create a box with your very own design also.

Your design is our inspiration. Presenting China’s manufacturers lets you review your package design the same way it will be printed on the corrugated box, creating a seamless look from conception to order.

14. How Can I Get The Physical Sample Of Box Before Mass Production?

Many customers asked this question, so China’s manufacturer developed a box with a custom packing box sample before mass production.

It is designed to give the customer the experience of the product. The product can be seen in actual size, and you know the quality of your purchase in advance. This is one of our services to enterprise clients who want to cooperate with us and create a good relationship.

Before China’s manufacturer proceeds with mass production, you can order customized sample box packaging. Manufacturers will ship at your address to check the material and quality and ensure everything will be as expected.


15. How Does Manufacturer Assure Quality Of Boxes During Production?

This is how China’s manufacturers assure the quality of our packaging boxes during production. When we start with flat material, it’s placed in sturdy feed cans.

Then the material will be sent to a huge printing machine with a special three-color design and logo printed on it.

An automatic box-making machine cuts the material to the appropriate size; then, the boxes are inserted into another automatic machine that applies glue and staples them closed.

China’s manufacturer inspects each box to make sure it’s completely glued and stapled shut before China’s manufacturer take it off the assembly line and stack them up for shipping.

When making custom packaging boxes, China’s manufacturers ensure the materials we use are of good quality.

China’s manufacturer has a water-resistant tape that is strong enough to hold a package together with wet contents inside and protect any goods that are supposed to remain dry.

China’s manufacturer’s tape is also designed to stick reliably on uneven surfaces, making it perfect for use when you seal your package.

The custom packaging boxes are made to protect and safeguard a product with various uses. The company provides better packaging material that covers all aspects of preserving, protecting, and defending the product worldwide.

With manual operation, each box can be imprinted with specially customized stickers which are important for marketing purposes. The size of each box is as per the customer’s requirement, such as small, medium, or large, depending on their choice.

16. How To Choose The Right Type Of Box?


The type of box you select will depend on several factors, such as ultimate size and length needed, budget considerations, and the specifics of that individual product. Shipping companies’ clients will use the box if the size or shape does not match their strict requirements.

This is because they have to consider space efficiency when it comes to their loading abilities, which means that if the custom package box is not properly packaged, they may need to use more space than necessary as well as end up damaging your items by cutting off excess bulk or taping extra boxes together and using excessive tape around your package.

The first thing to decide is whether it’s time for a moving box or an industrial box. Moving boxes are specifically designed for moving and storing household goods.

Industrial boxes are double walls, heavy-duty corrugated, and stronger than moving boxes. Specialty boxes are also heavy-duty picture/mirror packers, wine crates, and crating.

While there are several different types of custom packaging boxes that can be used to package a product, there is a general way to determine which box is most appropriate for the product.

The first thing to consider is whether or not the product has special shipping needs. These products should be packaged in a box that meets the standards for shipping hazardous materials.

Not all hazardous material boxes are alike, so you may want to double-check before finalizing your purchase with your shipping company.

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