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ZTP is a reputable mailer box company that specializes in custom mailer boxes. We have everything you need when it comes to custom packaging. Besides, we have more than 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing mailer boxes. We always strive to use only the most effective way for producing high-quality custom mailer boxes, as well as delivering them to all our customers on time.

You can choose from various box styles, ranging from essential mailer boxes to more sophisticated designs, depending on your needs. We can also construct any custom mailer box in such a variety of different grades, so whatever you want to keep, move, or ship, our custom mailer box can handle it.

Choose From A Selection Of Custom Mailer Box

ZTP offers a wide range of unique custom mailer box options. If you have a specific style in mind, please let us know. We’re ready to make your wish come true!

Printed Mailer Boxes
ZTP offers a wide range of printed mailer boxes of various sizes and colors, which are all high quality and value. They can also be purchased in quantity.
Custom Corrugated Boxes
Custom corrugated boxes from ZTP come in a range of styles. Prints that are elegant and trendy, and also prints that are economical and of high quality, are available.
Custom Mailer Box With Logo
Custom mailer boxes are a great option for any project. It gives your packaging a cleaner, more sanitary appearance.
Shipping Mailer Box
The regal appearance of our shipping mailer box makes it an excellent choice for any goods package. This bundle can also be customized to match your company's logo.
Flat Mailer box
A flat mailer box is a safe and effective way to send all types of products. They're made using recycled materials and are professionally manufactured.
Corrugated Shipping Boxes
The corrugated shipping boxes come in a variety of colors and styles. It has been demonstrated to be both ecologically friendly and of excellent quality.

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The Perks Of Using Custom Mailer Box

One thing to remember is to order a custom mailer box at ZTP so you can provide a superior packaging solution to your clients. Using all these boxes seems to have a number of benefits, such as being able to help you give your brand a sense of elegance.

As a result, your consumers will be aware of your identification and perceive you as a reliable business. You may also add a benefit for sturdiness to all of these boxes, which are vital if you want to send out a lot of items.

Furthermore, when it comes to shipping, these custom mailer boxes will be able to fit a wide range of items. Furthermore, ZTP uses high-quality materials to ensure that your belongings do not shatter or explode when forced.

Using a custom mailer box has a lot of advantages. Boxes are environmentally sustainable, recyclable, and first-class, to name a few benefits.

Our business success is defined by our long-term relationships with our customers. As a result, we plan to spend time learning about your business and its particular design requirements. We’ll always be there for you, as your victory means a lot to us.

Furthermore, most of our custom mailer boxes are composed of superior cardboard and thus are 100 percent biodegradable, allowing you to conserve the earth while still packing your items.

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Why Is ZTP The Right Choice For Your Custom Mailer Box?

With over 20 years of experience also in the corrugated manufacturing sector, we are a company with a long history and even a passionate attitude committed to providing excellent customer service.

We thrive at producing top-quality custom mailer boxes in a professional manner. Our educated team is here to help you in selecting the right corrugated box for your needs. Other than that, we are always ready to deal with the printing and packaging concerns of our clients. We also have a team of creative designers and manufacturing experts on standby to assist you in creating a remarkable custom mailer box.

ZTP is also focusing to increase the quality of its own products and services in order to secure our clients’ inner tranquility. So, ZTP is the finest place to go if you need high-quality corrugated boxes. We will go out of our way to accommodate you at every stage of the process, such that you may have the packaging that you desire.

Custom Mailer Box – Your FAQ Guide

This FAQ Guide for Custom Mailer Box provides answers to common questions regarding the product. It is organized as a quick reference guide that identifies the best Custom Mailer Box.

  1. What is custom packaging and how does it work?
  2. Why use custom mailer boxes & their benefits?
  3. How custom made mailer boxes are becoming the need of every shipping business?
  4. How to create a unique personalized packaging experience?
  5. Why should you consider custom mailing boxes?
  6. Why custom mailer boxes are useful for faster business development?
  7. What are the things that you need to know about the subscription to the mailer box?
  8. What are the best printing methods for custom mailer boxes?
  9. Why go custom?
  10. How can you ensure that your design is completed correctly?
  11. Why is a custom mailer box a perfect packaging solution?
  12. When is it appropriate to invest in custom packaging?
  13. What is the Importance of product packaging?
  14. Why is ZTP the best mailer box in the business?
  15. What is the significance of customization?

1.    What is custom packaging and how does it work?

Custom packaging is the material that your business develops to package its products. If possible, it should represent your company’s brand identity and be consistent with your other marketing materials such as colors, logos, and fonts.

But why is it so important to have customized packaging?

The customer’s perspective

Even when a customer has placed an order on your website, their interaction with you should not be over. Sending your order in a personalized box ensures that they get it with a smile on their face.

custom packaging and how does it work

Recognizability of the brand

Customers will know exactly who they are receiving their goods from if you implement customized packaging. A unique, imaginative, or even basic packaging design distinguishes your company from the competition.

A third party may come upon your box, which is sitting on a neighbor’s doorstep, and wonder who it’s from.

The ability to easily customize

Using customized boxes, you can quickly and easily change the design to correspond to different holidays, seasons, or products.

Customers might even receive birthday-themed packaging during the month in which they were born. Small details are what cause clients to take notice and desire to continue supporting your company on a regular basis.

2. Why use custom mailer boxes & their benefits?

In order to keep your business running well, you must constantly look for new and more effective ways to optimize your shipping processes.

When it comes to enterprises that deliver a variety of products to their customers, mailer boxes are a must-have item.

You must apply various forms of boxes, such as cardboard boxes, mailer boxes, and corrugated boxes, to preserve your product from harm and to ensure that your clients receive the best product.

Business owners must take into consideration a number of factors and send their products in a variety of customized boxes other than the standard brown cardboard box.

You can use Custom Mailer boxes to help you align the supplies you are distributing, whether you’re starting a new business model or developing a new brand.

Customized boxes are used by logistics organizations for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they might benefit your company in the short and long term.

Lightweight: Due to the fact that they are lightweight, mailer boxes are frequently used to deliver a variety of items. It is not only businesses such as factories and warehouses that utilize mailer boxes; it is also used by individuals who wish to deliver gifts or valuable items to their family and friends.

The most significant advantage of being weightless is that the weight of the box is not included in the cost of shipping the package to its destination.

Transporting products in safety: The cardboard mailer box manufacturers design boxes that are specific to the shape and size of the product that is being transported out.

Mailer boxes are used to deliver your products and goods in a safe manner so that you do not have to be concerned about your products being damaged in the course of transportation.

Depending on your requirements, custom mailer boxes are created from a variety of materials. When it comes to protecting things from damage, mailer boxes are designed to be strong and durable in their construction.

No need for additional fancy wrapping on the outside: If you want to send some gifts or anything unique to your family or friends, you won’t need any additional fancy packing on the outside.

use custom mailer boxes & their benefits

Because cardboard mailer box designs are personalized to your chosen or recommended designs, you won’t need to spend money on ostentatious wrapping and packing.

Affordable: These Custom Mailer Boxes are reasonably priced, making them accessible to people of all economic classes. This is the most significant advantage of these Mailer Boxes.

A variation in price may be associated with the type of cardboard packaging box that is purchased.

Available in all sizes and shapes: The fact that mailer boxes are available in a wide range of sizes and forms is the most significant advantage of using mailers.

Simply inform your dealers of the design of the cardboard box packaging as well as the size of the item that needs to be transported. It will be delivered to your home with all of the specifications met for the design you selected and the material you specified in advance.

Economically friendly: As a result of global warming, mailer boxes are not only environmentally friendly but are also completely harmless to the environment and its people.

The material used to construct the mailer boxes is both environmentally conscious as well as nontoxic.

Labeling is simple: Custom Mailer boxes have been customized in such a way that all of the necessary and mandatory information is written on the outside of the mailer box itself.

Using mailer boxes for labeling and box top advertising is a more convenient option.

Sharp printing: Sharp printing is the most advantageous feature for organizations in the mailer box market since it allows you to print anything on a mailer box in response to a customer’s order.

Everything is much more orderly and understandable now that the mailer box has been installed in the office.

Customize your own: You have complete control over the design of your Custom Mailer boxes. The color and pattern are completely customizable, as is the print. You can even choose the form that you like. It’s also possible to tell your merchant what kind of material you need for your mailer boxes.

Give your customer exclusive experience: Gives your customers a unique and unforgettable experience.  Box top advertising may be a very significant and efficient marketing technique, especially when it comes to providing excellent customer care to customers.

Whenever a client receives a custom design box for the first time, your packaging should instill a positive attitude toward your firm.

The addition of brand-name colors or a simple statement that is pleasing to the buyer can accomplish this goal.

3. How custom made mailer boxes are becoming the need of every shipping business?

If you are doing the same thing over and over again in this ever-growing market, you will not get very far. This is due to the fact that millions of individuals are already doing it.

What distinguishes you from the competition? Your brand must identify what makes it unique and different from the competition.

In order to make something happen, you might take a series of small steps toward it. A minor step in the right direction is the use of custom-made mailer boxes.

They are becoming increasingly important to every shipping company as well as merchants. People no longer want to be confined to a drab brown box.

They are looking for anything that has a touch of creativity and art on it to make it appear more appealing.

We have gone a long way from the days when shipping was accomplished solely through the use of cardboard or containers. Now, in order to be successful in your shipping business, you must do much more than that.

In the following list, you will find a variety of factors that contribute to the necessity of using mailer boxes.

custom made mailer boxes are becoming the need of every shipping business

Discounted Rates

A company will almost certainly invest in something that is less expensive but also more effective. Packages in a mailer box are less expensive than other types of packing.

Furthermore, it is a far better selection due to the fact that it offers a variety of additional amenities. It is composed of lightweight cardboard and is very portable.

Because a mailer box weighs less than a standard box, the shipping costs are lower as well. A multitude of styles and varieties are available, each of which is suitable for a distinct product.

Furthermore, you have a great deal of flexibility in terms of personalization. All of the factors contribute to it being a better option for packaging and shipment.

Despite its small size, it is capable of transporting a wide range of things. This is due to the fact that it may be customized to fit the size and weight of a particular object.

As a result, mailer boxes not only provide a low cost but also provide security for your products. What more could a person possibly want?

The Ascendance of E-Commerce Companies

As a result of the global pandemic, E-commerce businesses grew at an incredible rate in the previous year. People were relaxing at home and buying from the comfort of their own homes.

It provided greater options for the shipping industry if they knew how to make use of them.

During these difficult times, a small mailer box with a custom design provided joy to the lives of those who received it.

Furthermore, this increase would never be reversed. This is an excellent opportunity for shipping companies to take note of the issue and give complete client satisfaction.

Customers expect their purchases to be delivered in attractive packaging even before they have placed their orders. A plain cardboard box does not make for effective packing.

By providing customers with the option of using customer mailer boxes, you can increase customer satisfaction.

It gives those who own the box the ability to customize it to their liking. You will be able to satisfy the greatest number of customers in this manner.

In the Never-Ending Battle for Market Share, Brands

There are numerous brands from which to pick. If you want to keep your business afloat in the current economy, you need to stand out by offering something different, such as a mailer box.

With so many delivery alternatives available, individuals would only choose the best option available. If you are offering them the option of personalization, you can have that as well.

Providing customers with what they want is a positive contribution to your brand’s feedback. Using a custom-made mailer box, you have the flexibility to give exactly what a consumer requests.

They can select the design they want, as well as labels and stickers to go with it. You deliver their package to them in those boxes, and it is a win-win situation for both of you.

It assists you in gaining new consumers and establishing a strong presence for your company.

This tiny move can have a significant impact on the success of your company, both in terms of revenue and popularity.

Sending Gifts to Friends and Family

Gifts have always been available and will continue to be so in the future. Online purchasing has only made it easier to send a present to a friend or family member.

Good gift packing, on the other hand, is something that most people search for.

They frequently use elaborate wrap sheets to cover the plain brown cardboard box that comes with the product.

However, you may provide a better option to individuals, and it is as simple as providing them with a mailer box. Allowing customers to print a box in any design they like, you are ensuring that they are extremely satisfied with your product or service.

Their shipping experience with you would be improved, and they would be more than happy to cooperate with you in the future. They may even spread the word about your company to their friends and family members.

4.    How to create a unique personalized packaging experience?

You’ll need to develop your own customized packaging before you can hand your product over to your customer. Luckily, personalized packaging is now more accessible than ever before.

Because eCommerce businesses do not provide clients with the option to physically observe a product before making a purchase, creating distinctive customized packaging is important.

Not only can your custom packaging provide a positive first impression on your consumer, but it can also serve as an excellent marketing tool for your product as it travels from your business to your customer’s home.

create a unique personalized packaging experience

Product packaging such as mailers and shipping boxes are popular because they not only provide excellent goods protection but also allow you to ship your product straight to your consumer.

Simply select the box size, the box material, and the number of boxes you require.

It takes only a few minutes to receive a fast price, and you may customize the exterior as well as the interior of your box using vector and high-resolution artwork.

You can customize the builder by including your logo or text and changing the color scheme.

5. Why should you consider custom mailing boxes?

There are a number of factors to consider before deciding whether to use custom mailer boxes or not.


As with anything else, it’s important to consider the financial effects of implementing a custom mailer box solution for your packaging requirements.

When getting pricing estimates from manufacturers, you should have a general idea of the design, size, and number (or quantities) that you’ll require – all of these aspects will most likely have an impact on your overall cost.

Please keep in mind that the creation of a cutting die for this type of box may generate a fee. In contrast, a unique box, complete with the appropriate branding and printing, may just be the thing to take your company’s image to a whole new level.

So, of course, money is a consideration, but you also need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of what you’ll receive out of a box like this. Unlike your grandmother’s old shipment box, this one is a little more modern.

consider custom mailing boxes


These boxes are the definition of “custom,” which means that you can essentially design any size box you may possibly require. Of course, the size of the items you are shipping will determine the size of the custom mailer box that is most appropriate for the job.

Keep in mind that if you sell and ship more than one product, you can order multiple sizes to have on hand.


Custom mailer boxes are available in a wide range of colors and may be printed on both the inside and exterior with virtually any design you can think of.

Are you seeking solid-colored boxes that can be used only during the holidays? If so, look no further.

Do you want something printed with your company’s name and logo on it?

Are you attempting to provide your customers with the best possible experience by including surprise printing on the inside of your box?

From a branding standpoint, there are virtually no restrictions on what you may do with these boxes.

6. Why custom mailer boxes are useful for faster business development?

In this modern world, people may purchase nearly anything by just clicking on a few buttons on a computer screen, including products that are difficult to package and send in a standard corrugated carton.

Although it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure that the item arrives at the customer’s location in good condition,

Some web-based shops create their own mailer boxes in order to provide their customers with the best possible protection for their products while in route.

Customer loyalty is important to some of these shops, so they invest a bit more money in making their shipping boxes appealing enough to encourage return business.

Utilize the Big-Brand Approach

Unique packaging has one significant advantage over other advertising techniques: consumers are less likely to ignore it.

There are a variety of scenarios and a lot of reasons why advertising fails to achieve its objectives. Consumers, on the other hand, are unable to avoid packing.

It has been claimed by an e-tailer of party supplies that the expense of custom-designed blue shipping boxes and blue mailers pays for itself in terms of customer loyalty.

A custom-made box that speaks volumes about your company will almost probably cost you a few dollars more, but it is well worth the investment from a marketing and branding standpoint.

Furthermore, if you purchase them in great amounts, you may depend on receiving a better deal and bargains.

Develop Your Company’s Image

When your state-of-the-art shipping box successfully arrives at the destination of the customer, it immediately creates a lasting impression on their mind.

If your mailer box is created intelligently and properly, it has the potential to help your brand stand out in a competitive industry.

custom mailer boxes are useful for faster business development

So, if you want your buyers to remember you as a brand or company for the rest of their lives, don’t leave any stone unturned in your efforts.

When custom-designed packaging boxes are used, the interior content or item appears to be a gift, which causes the buyer to experience great excitement when he or she opens the package.

A Successful Salesperson

Some people have a tendency to keep things that are dear to them in their hearts. In that case, why don’t you design mailer boxes that no one will feel moved to overlook?

In a recent poll conducted on its Facebook page, the eCommerce company discovered that many of its customers keep their mailer boxes in their homes as extra storage space for their belongings.

Taking into consideration the conversation, customized mailer boxes not only provide additional security for your items but also serve as excellent marketing and advertising tool for your company.

As a result of digital printing’s progress and ease of use, it is now possible to obtain high-quality digitally printed custom mailer boxes at a variety of economical prices.

7. What are the things that you need to know about the subscription to the mailer box?

Photographs and logos

Maintain a smooth integration of your logo or design layout while paying close attention to the colors and images. You can even use photographs, patterns, or drawings that you have created yourself.


When it comes to selecting the primary colors for your packaging, it makes the most sense to go with your brand colors.

These are the colors that your clients are most familiar with and will thus resonate the most with them. Your brand colors will assist your customers to recognize your goods immediately and will aid in the development of trust and loyalty.

However, if you want to give your packaging a unique look or feel, you may always experiment with different color combinations.

It is possible to achieve a more established and serious appearance by using dark hues on your packaging. They are also effective for high-end objects or for creating a sense of excitement about what is within.

things that you need to know about the subscription to the mailer box

Use light hues or pastels to give your package a more straightforward appearance, especially when you’re aiming to communicate minimalism or cleanliness through your packing. Light hues tend to work better for brands that are younger in nature.

When you want to attract your customer’s attention and make your package stand out from the crowd, go with bright colors. Colors that are bright and eye-catching are exciting, enjoyable, and memorable.


When creating your boxes, consider using vector graphics to ensure that your design looks beautiful and prints as clearly as possible on the final product.

8.   What are the best printing methods for custom mailer boxes?

In terms of packaging printing methods, there are three basic categories to consider. When it comes to assembling your boxes, however, this should not be a major factor to consider.

Digital printing

Digital printing is typical for small orders, although certain service providers have the capacity to do so for large quantities at a greater cost if the order is large.

By mixing the ink, a machine applies the design and color on the box right on the spot.

To build boxes and customize orders, ZTP uses digital printing to print graphics on the box in either full or partial color using a variety of techniques.

best printing methods for custom mailer boxes

Flexographic printing

Flexographic printing is a type of printing that uses a flexographic plate.

It is the most usual way of printing custom boxes, and it is also the most expensive.

Your box’s design is printed onto a printing plate that serves as a big ink pad for a rotating drum, which picks up the ink and stamps it onto your box.

Label printing using lithography

Lithographic label printing produces a cleaner, higher-resolution print that can be used as a wallpaper substitute.

This approach is printed onto a sheet of paper, processed, and cut before being adhered to the box with an adhesive.

It has numerous advantages, but if you choose to go this path, make certain that you are working with a reliable service provider. Low-quality label printing has the potential to be hazardous.

9.   Why go custom?

Make sure you put some attention into the physical box that you’ll be shipping your product in. When it comes to making a first impression, you only have one shot. This is an excellent chance, so don’t pass it up!

In particular, for one very significant consumer group—millennials—creating a memorable brand experience is important. In order for millennials to make purchasing decisions, they must first have a personal connection with the brand.

go custom

Unique packaging is an excellent approach to impress your consumers and make them feel special from the beginning. Through social media sharing, you’ll be able to increase brand exposure, which will, in turn, boost brand loyalty and sales.

10. How can you ensure that your design is completed correctly?

A captivating design is the first step in creating successful packaging.

Your company most likely already has a logo or a specific color that is linked with your company’s brand. Make an effort to include these features in your boxes or other packing materials.

ensure that your design is completed correctly

It will increase brand awareness and make people more likely to remember you. Your packaging expenses might be increased by a variety of factors, including the type of packaging used.

When assessing your printing options, don’t forget to take into account factors such as cutting dies, printing plates, flute size, die lines, and minimum order quantities.

Keep in mind that printing prices are typically lower for greater volumes of products. So, if at all possible, plan ahead for what you’ll require in the future and place your order appropriately.

11.   Why is a custom mailer box a perfect packaging solution?

A custom mailer box is one of the most important decisions you can make to ensure the long-term success of your company. Customized boxes are excellent marketing tools since they help to increase brand familiarity while also encouraging repeat purchases.

You may use them to communicate your message to your customers and draw more attention to your products, all while keeping things safe and secure in their packaging.

custom mailer box a perfect packaging solution

The dimensions, material, and style of these custom printed boxes can all be customized to meet the needs of the customer. Personalized boxes are the best packaging solution for products that need to be sent or exhibited on a shelf, regardless of whether you own an e-commerce firm or a physical store.

It’s simple to design your own customized boxes from scratch. You can begin by deciding on the specifics of your boxes, such as their size, substance, and coating, before proceeding.

If you want custom boxes that can be used right away when they are delivered, make sure to have them printed with a design that compliments your brand—you may include your logo, choose colors, insert text, and more—and then have them printed.

12.   When is it appropriate to invest in custom packaging?

For new business owners, the most common piece of advice they receive is to “start small and then grow from there.”

And, certainly, it is important, to begin with, whatever resources you have available and to increase your investment once you have a sufficient amount of customers and revenue.

In order to create custom packaging, you will need to make a big financial commitment as well as a large time investment in the development process. Time is worth more than money, but money cannot purchase time.

So, put on your thinking equipment and ask yourself these questions as if you were a wise entrepreneur traversing the face of the earth.

In addition to stickers (or custom stickers), labels, stamps, and pre-designed colored boxes, good alternative solutions include stickers (or custom stickers).

appropriate to invest in custom packaging

True, these aren’t the most professional-looking solutions for your branding, but they can serve as a temporary solution until you’re ready to go into full-scale production.

Who knows, with a little bit of imagination, you might be able to develop your own visual identity using them, complete with a particular stamp or color.

Keep in mind that, in any case, custom packaging provides you with the greatest amount of creative freedom in presenting and advertising your business.

13.   What is the importance of product packaging?

When compared to traditional retail, online retailers have fewer opportunities to improve the customer experience. It is possible that the efficiency of internet purchasing will come at the expense of the physical, hands-on experience with a product online before buying.

In order to create a memorable brand experience for customers and differentiate yourself from competitors, it’s essential that you pay close attention to the interactions you do have accessible to you.

importance of product packaging

If an online retailer offers quality packaging, customers are more likely to make additional purchases from that seller in the future. The same study discovered that excellent packaging improves a brand’s image while also increasing anticipation for its delivery.

For internet retailers, packaging has developed into an extension of their brand. As an example, consider the corporation Apple. A high-end, shiny, and sophisticated product like the one being shipped is typical of the brand’s offerings, which includes the packaging being shipped as well.

Assuming that your organization does not have the resources of Apple, you can still use different, less expensive methods of delighting clients at each point of the journey.

It takes time and effort to build a long-term, expanding brand that brings customers back for more. Customers who return to your business will spend more money with you, and investing in customer loyalty can help you get off the purchase cycle, where you’re constantly looking for new clients.

14.   Why is ZTP the best mailer box in the business?

Many companies exist in the market, but the ZTP is the only one that has gained prominence and trust in recent years. The company is well-known for its wide range of packaging products, particularly customized mailer boxes.

These containers are made to satisfy the specific requirements of the customer based on their business as well as product desires and are available in a variety of sizes.

ZTP the best mailer box in the business

ZTP provides the highest degree of packing in a variety of types of mailer containers, including but not limited to:

  • Multiple-depth mailer containers allow for greater customization of the contents of the boxes.
  • Cardboard and corrugated mailer options provide additional levels of protection; you may adjust the level of protection by selecting fewer or more layers of boxes, up to three layers of boxes in total.
  • Using a locking mechanism on mailer containers improves safety standards while also providing a more appealing experience for clients when they open the mailing boxes.
  • The mailer container with wings and flaps provides a large amount of unbroken space inside the box for your entire product line.
  • Flexible foldable mailer containers give a more adaptable form of packaging for your needs than traditional rigid mailers.
  • The best custom printed mailer boxes will provide you with specific designs printed on the containers to ensure that you stand out among the hundreds of your competitors in the industry.
  • Mailer rigid boxes, custom mailer boxes that have been particularly developed for your product packaging.

The sizes, colors, and shapes of all of these containers have been tweaked to ensure that you will receive one of the most competitive classes on the market and that you will be able to inspire your customers in every way possible.

These containers actually provide the best solutions to build connections with your customers on the market, whether they are purchasing for the first time or choosing you because you are the best.

15.   What is the significance of customization?

Every customer in the market is looking for strategies to improve their position in a new and rapidly competitive market.

Everyone desires something distinctive that will distinguish them from the competition in the market.

So, if you are one of them and are seeking extraordinary marketing methods, look without any further. Then you should reconsider your product printing and packaging strategy.

significance of customization

As a result, you should contact ZTP Custom Mailer Boxes for your packaging needs. Increase the volume of your sales. Make your brand more noticeable in the marketplace by including a logo.

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