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ZTP is a prominent printing and manufacturing company that specializes in custom magnetic boxes. We offer everything you need when it comes to bespoke and printed magnetic boxes. We also have more than 20 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing custom magnetic boxes. With this expertise, we’ve utilized the most effective technique for producing excellent bespoke magnetic boxes and delivering them to our customers on time.

You may choose from a variety of box types, ranging from simple boxes to more complex designs, depending on your requirements. We can also create your custom magnetic box in a number of grades, so whatever you need to store, move, or send, our custom magnetic box can handle it.

Get Your Type Of Custom Magnetic Box

Custom magnetic boxes are available from ZTP in a variety of styles. If your chosen kind isn’t mentioned here, don’t worry; we can create it for you.

Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes
ZTP offers a wide range of magnetic closure rigid boxes in various sizes and colors, all of which are of high excellence. They also have a magnetic cover, which gives extra security.
Cardboard Magnetic Box
Our cardboard magnetic box is an excellent choice for any application. It has magnetic features that make the box more awesome. Besides, it is made professionally using recyclable materials.
Magnetic Rigid Box
Our magnetic rigid box has a noble appearance that makes it ideal for any product packaging. This box may also be modified to match your company's logo.
Cardboard Box With Magnetic Closure
Our cardboard box with magnetic closure is available in a variety of styles. It has been shown to be both ecologically friendly and of excellent quality.
Custom Magnetic Closure Boxes
One of our most well-known products is our custom magnetic closure boxes. They have a magnetic cover and may be personalized.
Custom Magnetic Box Packaging
Our custom magnetic box packaging is highly recommended for packaging used. It is made of high-quality materials and is capable of storing large items.

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Advantages Of A Custom Magnetic Box

One thing to remember is to get a custom magnetic box from ZTP so that you could provide a superior packaging solution to your customers. Using these boxes has a number of benefits, one of which is that they will help you to give your brand a feeling of luxury.

As a result, your clients will be aware of your identification and view you as a reliable business. You may also add the advantage of sturdiness to all of these boxes, which is essential if you want to send out a lot of items.

Moreover, when it comes to transportation, these custom magnetic boxes will be able to handle a broad range of items. Also, ZTP utilizes high-quality materials to guarantee that your items do not shatter or erupt when forced.

Using a custom magnetic box has a couple of features. Boxes are ecologically sustainable, recyclable, and premium, to mention a few benefits.

Our company success is defined by our long-term relationships with our clients. As a consequence, we plan to spend time learning about your business and its unique design requirements. We’ll always be there for you, and your triumph means a lot to us.

Never say that, but nearly all of our custom magnetic boxes are constructed of quality corrugated cardboard and are completely biodegradable, enabling you to preserve the environment while still fulfilling your packaging requirements.

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Why Is ZTP The Best Option For Your Custom Magnetic Box?

With over 20 years of experience in the magnetic box manufacturing business, we are a firm with a long history and a passionate attitude dedicated to delivering excellent customer support.

We excel in creating high-quality custom magnetic boxes in a timely and professional way. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in determining the best kind of magnetic box for your requirements. Aside from that, we are always prepared to handle our customers’ printing and packaging needs. We also have a team of creative designers and production professionals ready to help you create outstanding packaging.

ZTP strives to enhance the quality of its goods and services in order to guarantee our clients’ inner serenity. As a consequence, ZTP is the ideal place to go if you’re searching for high-quality boxes. We would go out of our way to assist you at every stage of the process so that you may obtain the packaging that you want.

FAQ Guide

  1. What Type Of Paper Can I Use To Make A Custom Box?
  2. How Is A Custom Box Manufactured?
  3. What Are The Available Sizes Of These Boxes?
  4. What Type Of Printing Is Best For My Custom Magnetic Box?
  5. What Accessories Can I Place Inside The Magnetic Box?
  6. What Are The Uses Of These Box?
  7. Which Industries Custom Boxes Are Used?
  8. How Can I Use These Boxes As A Gift Box?
  9. How Can A Custom Magnetic Box Be Round?
  10. How Can I Print My Brand Logo On These Boxes?
  11. How Many Colors Custom Boxes Are Available?
  12. How Can A Custom Box Be With A Transparent Lid?
  13. How Can I Have A Magnetic Box With A Window Lid?
  14.  How Many Shapes The Window Lid Of A Custom Box Be Made?
  15. How Can I Decorate A Custom Box?
  16. What Are Custom Magnetic Boxes Made Of?
  17. Are Magnetic Boxes Recyclable?
  18. What Affects The Strength Of A Magnet?
  19. How Can A Magnet That Has Lost Its Strength Be Re Magnetized?
  20. Which Type Of Magnet Used In Paper Custom Boxes?
  21. Why Do Luxury Brands Use Magnetic Closure Box?
  22. How Do Magnetic Closure Jewelry Boxes Use?
  23. Why Are China Specialists Considered The Best For Making Custom Boxes?
  24. What Are The 5 Advantages Of Luxury Magnetic Boxes?

1.    What Type Of Paper Can I Use To Make A Custom Box?

Custom magnetic boxes are made using a variety of different types of paper.

To make a custom magnetic box, you can choose many kinds of paper such as:

  • Kraft paper


  • Corrugated paper
  • Textured paper
  • Cardboard paper
  • C1S and C2S art paper
  • Gold paper
  • Kraft cardboard
  • Silver paper
  • Recycled paper

Different types of paper give varied strength, uniqueness, and texture to the custom magnetic gift box.

While choosing the best kind of paper that suits your business, it is also necessary to select the best thickness.

The thickness of the paper plays an essential role in making your custom magnetic gift box durable and reliable.

2.    How Is A Custom Box Manufactured?

The manufacturing process of custom magnetic boxes is uncomplicated.

The manufacturing of the custom magnetic box is done in multiple steps.

The lid and base of the custom magnetic boxes are made independently.

The manufacturing process of both parts is identical.

The steps include:

  • Cutting of the paper
  • Assembly of the cut paper
  • Use of colored paper

Cutting of the paper

The paper you selected for your custom magnetic box is used in sheets and fed into the machine.

The machine draws the template of the custom magnetic box according to your required dimensions.

There is a margin-left on the sheet of paper to fold inside the box.

The box is cut out of the sheet.

Assembly of the cut paper

The cut piece of paper is then molded into the shape of a box, whether lid or base.

The flaps of the paper are folded and secured with the tape.

It gives a basic structure of the box.

Fixation of magnetic

The magnetic part is fixed at the appropriate place of custom magnetic box with the help of automated machines.

Use of wrapping paper

The box mold is wrapped with wrapping paper that gives the exact finish and looks to the box.

The paper is printed if required.

Then the wrapping paper is cut into dimensions of the box and then glued to the box.

The wrapping can be done tightly or loosely.

Loose wrapping gives a handmade touch to the box that indicates its luxurious look.

3.    What Are The Available Sizes Of These Boxes?


The custom magnetic boxes are available in several sizes.

You can choose your best custom magnetic box by considering the size of the product that you want to place inside the lid and base box.

While choosing your custom magnetic box, make sure to choose a size that gives enough space even after you place your item inside it.

Custom-Magnetic-Box-Different Sizes

You can always custom order your required custom magnetic box size from manufacturers and suppliers.

Here are some of the sizes that you can avail in your lid and base boxes.

Custom Magnetic Box Sizes
Sr. no Measurements in milimeter

(L X B X H)

Sr. no Measurements in milimeter

(L X B X H)

1. 215 x 150 x 40 9. 250 x 250 x 200
2. 167 x 116 x 34 10. 369 x 284 x 90
3. 123x 123 x 97 11. 369 x 284 x 50
4. 306 x 219 x 50 12. 360 x 260 215
5. 215 x 150 x 80 13. 450 x 450 x 220
6. 175 x 175 x 150 14. 500 x 375 x 90
7. 145 x 145 x 285 15. 500 x 375 x 150
8. 306219 x 95  


4.    What Type Of Printing Is Best For My Custom Magnetic Box?


There are a variety of printing technologies that are available for printing your custom magnetic boxes.

You can also custom print your lid and base boxes from custom magnetic boxes manufacturers and printers.

Some of the printing techniques that goes best with your custom magnetic boxes are as follows:

  • Digital printing
  • Offset lithography printing
  • LED UV printing
  • PMS printing
  • Hot and cold foil stamping
  • Flexo-printing
  • Inkjet printing
  • CMYK

CMYK printing

  • Solid color stamping

5.    What Accessories Can I Place Inside The Magnetic Box?


Digital printing

Digital printing is a process that uses digital and optical technology to develop images on your magnetic custom box.

This process develops high-resolution images or images with many colors using a single method on the magnetic custom boxes.

Custom-Magnetic-Box-Digital Printing

One full-color print can be produced in one process, eliminating the need to create plates of different colors.

This helps to minimize color matching times and the time it takes to deliver final products.

Inkjet printing

Inkjet printing is a print technology that allows black-and-white or color images to be printed without using a color negative on your magnetic boxes.

This makes the process more economical since the colors are not built-in, reusing the material and reducing waste.

Furthermore, the inks are delivered through a smaller nozzle than other printers and do not require as much heat to melt the ink particles, which means less heat generation and less noise.

6.    What Are The Uses Of These Box?


When it comes to magnetic boxes, there are multiple ways in which you can use your lid and base boxes effectively in your day-to-day life as well as in your businesses.

The custom magnetic box is used in many ways.

  • You can use a custom magnetic box for food packaging where it acts as a container that can carry food items to their destination while it is safe and minimize the risk of spills.

Custom-Magnetic-Box-Gift sweets

  • The custom magnetic box is the essential component in a gift pack.
  • They are commonly used in jewelry, perfume, cosmetics, gift box, etc.
  • You can also use your custom magnetic box for garment packaging, makeup packaging, confectionery packaging, card box packaging, etc.

7.    Which Industries Custom Boxes Are Used?


A lot of industries employ custom magnetic boxes for their business and packaging needs.

Following are some industries that rely on custom magnetic boxes for their packaging purposes:

  • Retail industry
  • Food industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Apparel industry
  • Gift industry
  • Personal care industry
  • Electronic gadget industry

8.    How Can I Use These Boxes As A Gift Box?

You can pack any and every item in your custom magnetic box to gift it to your loved ones.

You can use the custom magnetic box for different items like a cosmetic magnetic packaging box, bath, and body products magnetic packaging box, custom magnetic gift packaging box, Christmas custom magnetic gift box, birthday custom magnetic gift package, promotional custom magnetic gift box.

You can employ a custom magnetic box for various occasions such as the new year, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

You can attach various accessories to your custom magnetic box-like ribbons, artificial flowers, etc.

You can decorate your custom magnetic box with gift wraps for gifting.

9.    How Can A Custom Magnetic Box Be Round?


You can buy custom magnetic boxes in round shape from the custom magnetic box manufacturers and suppliers as they allow their customers to custom make custom magnetic boxes according to their demands.


Custom magnetic boxes are not only available in rectangle shape.

But you can have custom magnetic boxes in a variety of shapes, including

  • Square shape
  • Oval shape
  • Round shape
  • Octagon shape
  • Heart shape

10.   How Can I Print My Brand Logo On These Boxes?


You can print your brand logo on your custom magnetic boxes using different options of printing.

When you custom print your logo on the custom magnetic box, it is up to you to choose the logo style, location, printing option, finishing type, etc.


You can make your logo prominent using embossing or debossing technique that adds a realistic look to your logo on custom magnetic boxes

11.   How Many Colors Are Custom Boxes Available?


Custom magnetic boxes are accessible in dozens of colors.

You can order your custom magnetic boxes in any color you want, be it in any shade, light or dark.

Every color can be printed on custom magnetic boxes as they are made of paper.


Using suitable printing options is equally important as choosing your desirable color.

Because some printing techniques do not produce desirable results due to color bleeds, but there are plentiful printing options you can choose from.

12.   How Can A Custom Box Be With A Transparent Lid?


You can make a custom magnetic box with transparent lids too.

Transparency of the lid can be achieved using PVC material.

You can also choose whether you want a fully transparent lid or just a partial one, like a window on the top.


Transparent lids give an exotic presentation to lid and base boxes and reflect the interest of potential buyers.

Entire transparent lid or a window lid aids in showing off your packed product effectively to your customers.

13.   How Can I Have A Magnetic Box With A Window Lid?


You can have a lid and a base box with a window lid.

A transparent and clear window is embedded in the lid in this type of lid and base boxes.


These custom magnet boxes are attractive and enhance the grace of the product visible from the outside.

14.   How Many Shapes The Window Lid Of A Custom Box Be Made?

In how many shapes the window lid of a custom magnetic box be made?

Like the shapes of custom magnetic boxes, the windows of packages can also be in various forms.

The lid is made of paper to cut into varied shapes for the transparent window to fit in.

The windows of the custom magnetic boxes can be of the following shapes:

  • Star shape
  • Heart shape

Custom-Magnetic-Box-Heart Shape

  • Square shape
  • Round shape
  • Cross shape
  • Pentagon shape
  • Octagon shape
  • Triangle shape
  • Diamond Shape

15.   How Can I Decorate A Custom Box?

You can decorate the custom magnetic box with different accessories.

The accessories that apply to the custom magnetic box are as follows:

  • Ribbons
  • Artificial flowers
  • Paper flowers
  • Hemp ropes
  • Stickers and labels
  • Beads
  • Tissue paper

16.   What Are Custom Magnetic Boxes Made Of?

Custom Magnetic Boxes are made from a top-quality imported board that has a high percentage of recycled material. It also has the perfect weight and density, making our magnetic boxes extremely strong and long-lasting.

The brand of paper we use is called Duplex Board. It is made from two different colors of paper laminated together. This creates a unique appearance that can be metallic or vibrant and can add more depth to your product’s packaging.

Custom magnetic gift boxes are standard containers used to store small items such as pens, key chains, magnets, candy bar kits, and markers in the promotional products and advertising industry.

Typical custom magnetic box packaging has one or two magnet closures usually consist of a magnet and metal plate/flap that attract each other when pressed together.

Custom magnetic boxes are strong yet beautiful attention grabbers. They make a great gift box because of the sophisticated way they can be presented to your guest or client.


Magnetic box manufacturers have made it easy by making standard sizes filled with any product you want to present.

17.   Are Magnetic Boxes Recyclable?

It all depends on the type of paper being used in the construction of the box. Custom magnetic boxes can be made from several different types of paper stock and various finishes.

Some companies can produce their boxes from 100% recyclable materials but usually charge more for them.

Custom magnetic boxes can be used in various ways for packaging, shipping, and storing goods.

They are cheap, effective, and environmentally friendly due to their recyclable nature.

However, they can be damaged by moisture and sweat, which makes them unusable.

This is where magnet closures come onto the scene.

The answer to whether magnetic cardboard boxes are recyclable depends on the material used in their construction.

In most cases, magnetic cardboard boxes are entirely recyclable and are collected as part of the mixed paper stream.

18.   What Affects The Strength Of A Magnet?


The strength of a magnet depends on composition, shape, and size. In terms of size, the stronger the magnet, the smaller it can be.

The shape also has an effect the strongest magnets have a single magnetic pole. Materials with ferromagnetic properties such as iron, steel, cobalt, and nickel will cling to these magnetic magnets.

The most common magnet in the industry is neodymium-Iron-Boron (neodymium magnets); these are the strongest permanent magnets made today.

The strength of the magnet or magnetic closure box depends on the material it’s made from and how powerful you need it to be.

For instance, if you want to secure something over 100 pounds or outside on a windy day, you’ll need the strongest magnets available.

Magnets have a specific force or pull based on the material, shape, and size of the magnet itself and the steel it is working against.

The key to creating an effective magnetic closure system is matching the correct magnet to the proper application so you can be sure to produce a strong magnetic bond that will stay closed for years and years to come.

19.   How Can A Magnet That Has Lost Its Strength Be Re Magnetized?


The first thing you might wonder is how to re-magnetize a magnet that has lost its strength. The good news is, it’s not as complicated as you may think.

Each time a magnet is demagnetized, a small amount of the magnetic field is lost. But the area is not entirely removed – there are trace amounts left behind.

And if we apply enough Ampere Turns (AT) to exactly counterbalance the AT needed to demagnetize the magnet completely, we can re-magnetize it.

There are three ways to re-magnetize a magnet that has lost its strength; heat, time, or solid material to saturate the magnet’s magnetic fields.

In most cases, the heat method can be used. Heat creates tiny atoms which act like iron filings on a bar of steel and aids in filling in the magnetic field lines back into full strength.

It is pretty easy to spot a magnet that has lost its strength; it is challenging to re-magnetize such a piece of material and maybe impossible in certain circumstances.

The metal used in creating your magnets can be the deciding factor as to whether or not the lost magnetism can be regained.

If the metal used is steel that does not contain any nickel, then magnetism can be achieved again through heat and pressure.

20.   Which Type Of Magnet Used In Paper Custom Boxes?

Two types of magnets are commonly used in paper custom boxes. i.e., natural magnet and synthetic magnet.

Natural magnets such as magnetite are formed when crystals cannot completely separate by moving normal heat to form a permanent magnet.

It is best for ordinary magnetic properties because it is the simplest one in terms of the magnetic structure.

According to customers’ regulations, most customers use ferrite and alnico magnets, but we can also provide samarium cobalt or neodymium magnet according to different products.


Because each type of material has its characteristics for paper custom boxes.

Paper custom box magnetic is classified as “hard coat,” “soft coat,” and “mixed hard/soft coat.” The different category is suitable for other products.

In general, the type of magnet used in most paper custom boxes is soft coat type.

21.   Why Do Luxury Brands Use Magnetic Closure Box?


Luxury brands use magnetic custom box as an alternative to the traditional ribbons, clasps, and ties. This is because of the following attributes:


There is no need to tie or fiddle with a clasp;


Magnetic box can be custom-made from cardboard (or paperboard) or wood (or other materials), making it possible to utilize magnetic effect and avoid using metal except for printed parts;


It is possible to use full-color printing for printed parts, e.g., the front side part;


Luxury brands would like to excite their customers by providing the products in their luxury custom magnetic boxes.

The closure is the most critical element of a magnetic box. Since luxury brands are using them with great success.


22.   How Do Magnetic Closure Jewelry Boxes Use?

Custom Magnetic Boxes Use to close your jewelry boxes in the same manner that you do when you snap on the cover of a book. You can also use it for items that must never come in direct contact with water.

Magnetic custom jewelry boxes are a promotional product designed with a magnetic flap that secures the contents inside the box. There are several variations to this product, so it can be modified to fit your needs.

Magnetic closure jewelry boxes are a hot selling item for boutiques, craft stores, schools, etc.

Using the magnetic jewelry display box will offer a better sale because your customers can see your items at all times, and they have the option of keeping them out in the open so that friends and family members can see what is currently in fashion.


The box is also excellent for personal items as it protects special mementos and keeps them from being lost or broken.

China’s manufacturers deliver to you the custom magnetic box, which is finished with the highest quality materials to keep your items safe inside the box.


23.   Why Are China Specialists Considered The Best For Making Custom Boxes?


The critical element of China specialists is their ability to produce high-quality custom boxes. It’s an enormous market for promotional gifts and packaging items.

China specialists are highly talented creative designers, experts in this field. In the modern world, companies cannot develop without creating their brand and promoting it.

Therefore, they need to attract clients with the help of innovative advertising, and this is where many companies realize the importance of good-looking custom magnetic closure boxes.

High-quality custom magnetic closure boxes help to stand out from the competition and make your company name recognizable among your target audience.

  • China specialists are best for making custom boxes for the following reasons:
  • Experienced workers with skills and talents
  • Significant commitment to innovation, new products, new technologies, and new designs.
  • Lower prices for production and faster turn-around times
  • Pretty good quality control, after all, we are PROUD OF OUR WORK
  • They speak English as well as our native language, which is very helpful for communication.

24.   What Are The 5 Advantages Of Luxury Magnetic Boxes?

The five advantages of custom magnetic boxes are listed below:

  • Luxury magnetic closure boxes are the ultimate packaging solution and a great tool to help promote your brand or message.
  • Choosing a luxury magnetic closure box allows your clients, customers, or employees to open the box and immediately see your product.
  • These luxury Magnetic gift boxes are an excellent way to package an assortment of items, from jewelry, watches, and other accessories to food and candies.
  • Luxury magnetic boxes include full-color printing on both sides of the box and lid, which ensures your logo is seen as well as the product inside.
  • Luxury magnetic boxes are an elegant storage solution created for special occasions. They offer a wide variety of customization options beyond conventional gift boxes.


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