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Wonderful things are said to come in little packages. Whether it’s little boxes, big printed corrugated mailer boxes, or anything else, we believe that good things come in personalized and quality packages. We provide you with the means to design something interesting on the outside, which will excite your buyers about what’s on the inside, with a range of forms, colors, and sizes to choose from.

We not only give you the opportunity to explore your creativity and make your own style, but we also assist you to do it effectively as the only company that offers customized design mailboxes. Also, if you require assistance with anything—from layout to customer support—we’re here to help.

You can choose from a wide range of options in ZTP! Many clients value our ingenuity and competence in printing and packaging services, which is one of our strongest assets.

Select The Corrugated Mailer Boxes Of Your Choice

ZTP manufactures a wide range of corrugated mailer box styles. Please let us know if you have another type in mind. We’re prepared to meet all of your expectations!

Colored Corrugated Mailing Boxes
Colored Corrugated Mailing Boxes are a type of corrugated boxes where the whole box is colored. These boxes are made of very strong paper and are very strong and long-term. 
Custom Corrugated Mailer Boxes
ZTP offers a choice of sizes and forms of customized corrugated mailer boxes. You can find affordable and high-quality prints that are both trendy and gorgeous.
White Corrugated Mailer Boxes
White corrugated mailer boxes are good for any job. It looks more clean and pristine, which is great for medical, food, health, and cosmetics products.
Black Corrugated Mailers
The box is made by black corrugated . There is a corrugated paper between in the two surface paper. It's stronge and also have elegant looks.
Black Corrugated Mailers
Our kraft corrugated mailers come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and patterns. If the boxes are eco-friendly and of good quality, it is a sure thing.
Literature Mailer Boxes
Literature Mailers boxes are great and a safe way to send out stationery, catalogs, and magazines. They are professionally made using recyclable materials.

Advantage Of Using Corrugated Mailer Boxes

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Building Your Brand At ZTP

Our success is determined by our clients’ long-term relationships with us. Therefore, we plan to spend time getting to know your company and its specific packaging needs. We’re all in this together, and your success is also our success.

Not only that, but all of our corrugated boxes are produced from top-quality corrugated cardboard and are entirely recyclable, helping you save the environment while satisfying your packaging demands.

One thing to remember is to order custom mailer boxes at ZTP  so that you can offer a better packaging choice to your clients. There are numerous benefits in using these boxes, one of which is that they will help you in adding a touch of class to your branding effort.

Thus, your clients will clearly identify your brand and recognize you as a dependable company. With these boxes, you may also add the advantage of durability, which is essential if you need to send out a lot of items.

Moreover, when it comes to shipping, these corrugated mailer boxes will be able to fit a wide range of items. Also, in ZTP, we identify suitable material to ensure that your items do not break or burst under force.

Using corrugated mailer boxes has numerous advantages. Boxes are eco-friendly, recyclable, and high-quality, to name a few.

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Factory Base On ISO9001/ISO14001 Standard
ZTP pass the ISO9001/ISO14001 manufacturing
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BSCI improve social performance in supply chain.
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ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
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More Than 20 years Experience
Over 20 years printing and packaging experience manufacturer

Why ZTP Is The Perfect Choice For Your Corrugated Mailer Boxes Needs

With over 20 years of experience in the corrugated manufacturing industry, we are a company with a great heritage and a vibrant culture dedicated to providing great customer service to your business.

We specialize in providing high-quality corrugated mailer boxes with fast response times. Our skilled staff makes it simple for you to choose your type of corrugated boxes. Apart from that, we are well-versed in dealing with our customers’ printing and packaging issues. We also have a team of talented designers and packaging professionals ready to help you develop excellent corrugated mailer boxes.

ZTP strives to increase the quality of its services and products in order to assure client satisfaction. Hence, if you’re seeking high-quality corrugated mailer boxes, look no further than ZTP. We will go out of our way to help you every step of the way so that you can have your desired types of boxes.

Corrugated Mailer Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide

The Corrugated Mailer Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide is a guide that has been written with the intent of learning and informing others about the corrugated mailer box that will best serve their needs.

We will reply to the most common questions we receive from customers and create their answers easily to help you while purchasing a corrugated mailer box.

Corrugated Mailer Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide guides making your product stand out and be remembered.

The book’s goal is to provide a detailed overview of how corrugated packaging works, the benefits, and how it can be used in different types of products and markets.

This book details all aspects of packaging design from scratch, including 3D design tools, file preparation to finishing packaging.

A Corrugated Mailer Box is a durable, corrugated cardboard box used for shipping and storage.

You have many sizes to choose from, and we help you design the packaging solution that best fits your needs.

The Corrugated Mailer Box is perfect for packaging any product that needs to be protected during transit.

Manufactured from the highest quality corrugated cardboard available, it’s lightweight and highly versatile. With a wide variety of sizes, colors, and features, the Corrugated Mailer Box has what you’re looking for to help meet your packaging needs.

  1. What Are Corrugated Mailer Boxes?
  2. What Process Goes Into Making Of These Boxes?
  3. Which Paper Is Used To Making Mailer Box?
  4. How Can You Pick The Right Wall Type For Custom Boxes?
  5. What Are The Different Flute Grades For Corrugated Paper?
  6. What Are The Benefits Of These Boxes For Shipping And Packaging?
  7. What Is About Unrivaled Protection For Transportation And Shipping Safety?
  8. What Are The Options For These Mailers And Endless?
  9. How Can These Boxes Be Environmentally-Friendly?
  10. How Are These Mailers Renewable?
  11. How Do These Corrugated Packaging Boxes Work To Save Energy?
  12. What Is All About Quality Standard Box Certificates?
  13. How Can You Add Excitement To Your Packaging Design?
  14. What Type Of Mailers Products Is Making By The Manufacturers Of Their Design?
  15. What Is The Use Of Custom Branded Packaging Tapes?
  16. What Are The Characteristics Of Corrugated Mailer Boxes?
  17. What Are The Material Options To Make These Boxes?
  18. What Should Be The MATERIAL THICKNESS To Maintain Quality Standard?
  19. Is it possible to print inside and outside of the box?
  20. How can I measure the interior dimensions of the mailer box?

1.    What Are Corrugated Mailer Boxes?

A corrugated mailer box is a type of packaging commonly used by companies to send out products and samples. These boxes have high walls and grooves to prevent damage during shipping and delivery.

The most common type of corrugated box is made from paper and plastic fibers or oriented strand board (OSB).

Corrugated mailer boxes are commonly used as packaging containers for various goods, such as books, clothes, and couriers. Despite the diversity in uses, Corrugated Mailer Box has usually considered a generic term encompassing many different materials.

A Corrugated Mailer Box is a robust and sturdy box made of paperboard. This inexpensive product is lightweight and easy to assemble. It’s used in a variety of situations, including for shipping purposes.

2.    What Process Goes Into Making Of These Boxes?

You know that Corrugated Mailer Box starts their life as trees. That aside, let’s take a closer look at how these boxes are manufactured.

The trees are cut down and bark stripped off; wood chips are ground into a pulp; the pulp is pressed, fluted, and formed into sheets of paper.

A Corrugated Mailer Box machine corrugates the layers of boards, scoring and creasing them. Then it glues them together to create a box.

Kraft Paper-Mailer-Box
Kraft paper is used for the inner liner of the box, typically as a barrier between the cardboard and the printed paper.

The more expensive kraft paper is used for the outer liner of the box – often as a decorative feature or to prevent water damage.

3.    Which Paper Is Used To Making Mailer Box?

Mailers made with our corrugated cardboard have a reinforced, uncoated finish. This makes it resistant to tearing and provides additional protection for your product.

They are manufactured to the highest standards with superior graphics capabilities and 50% more color options than traditional USP mailers.

It also has the best possible edge-protecting film available for retail packaging, giving you a versatile solution that allows for creative design freedom while also providing an excellent return on your marketing investment.

Boxes can be printed directly onto the inside or outside of the box if desired.

What Are The Different Flute Grades For Corrugated Paper?

The flute is a new feature unique to corrugated mailer boxes. It sets them apart from their cardboard cousin, making them more durable and easier to stack.

The size of the flute is measured by the thickness of the walls of the Corrugated Mailer Box between the liner and the flute, which determines the strength and durability of the box.


A-Flute is 1/4″ thick, making it the most durable flute on the market. With its extra protection and durability, it’s an ideal choice for fragile items.

B-Flute is 1/8 inch thick. It’s not as strong as A-Flute, but it’s still plenty strong. You can use this material to make goods or toys Corrugated Mailer Box.

C-Flute is a standard wall thickness Corrugated Mailer Box used for shipping products. It is 3/16″ thick, which means it’s the thickness of two pieces of paper taped together.

E-Flute: Modern printers use rolls of paper for their output. This saves space in the production line, but it’s time-consuming and expensive to print on paper. E-Flute is a much more efficient printer material that can print high-quality graphics while using very little space. It can be stored indefinitely and used for printing Corrugated Mailer boxes with folded flaps.

F-Flute: is a thin, fluted sheet, ideal for printing graphics through the laser transfer process. It has a smooth surface which allows sharp images to be printed on Corrugated Mailer Box.

4.    How Can You Pick The Right Wall Type For Custom Boxes?

There are many different types of Corrugated Mailer boxes to choose from. Sometimes it’s best to use something that provides more protection for your products.

We have items in all shapes and sizes, but some flutes are more significant than others. No matter what size you need, we can help you get it with our Corrugated Mailer Box Accents product line.

Custom Corrugated Mailer Box

Single-face: This is usually sold in rolls, and it’s a single sheet of liner attached to one sheet of Corrugated Mailer Box medium. This type of packaging offers extra cushioning for delicate items.

Single-wall Corrugated Mailer boxes are the most commonly used and come in many sizes and types. They can be divided into two main categories: Standard-size (40″ x 41″) and Mega-size (40″ x 60″).

Double-wall boxes are more durable. They are less flexible than standard single-wall Corrugated Mailer Boxes, which will bend if the package is forced.

Triple-wall: This is the strongest of all Corrugated Mailer boxes for heavy loads. It combines three air or water-permeable, corrugated polyethylene sheets and four liner board facings to provide maximum protection. Combining the three layers provides a barrier to moisture and pests while providing complete protection from abrasion.

5.    What Are The Different Packaging Styles Of These Boxes?

Another important step when Corrugated Mailer boxes are chosen with the correct size. When selecting a box size, keep in mind that the internal dimensions are length, width, and height.

These are some of the most popular Corrugated Mailer Box styles available in a variety of sizes, including varying quantities and dimensions:

Regular Slotted Corrugated Mailer Box is the most common shipping box. The method in which the flaps are secured with tape is unique.

Customers have the option of placing the flaps in the middle or on both sides, on either side of the product.

You can also place a strip of tape along the fold where the flaps meet in the middle of the Corrugated Mailer Box.

You would find a strip of tape on each side of the Corrugated Mailer Box in this case.

A full-overlap Corrugated Mailer Box is a kind of box with two sets of flaps, one on top of the other. It comprises two layers of flaps, covering all sides, making it more robust than its counterparts.

One Piece Folders Corrugated Mailer Box are boxes that come flat, then fold into a box. It’s similar to folding card stock and can be used to organize books or other materials.

Complete Telescope Corrugated Mailer Box: A box with two compartments that fit together. This design provides extra strength. A double-walled container is a great way to ensure that your product arrives in perfect condition, with no leaks.


6.    What Are The Benefits Of These Boxes For Shipping And Packaging?

Corrugated Mailer boxes are among the most common types of packaging for products, and there are many reasons why these convenient containers are so popular.

Corrugated Mailer boxes are an affordable way to package and ship products:


Corrugated Mailer Box is relatively low-cost to manufacture. Most of the time, custom boxes cost less than you might expect.


Corrugated Mailer Box is very lightweight and can be easily stored and shipped, saving money on storage and shipping costs.

Corrugated boxes are a stable source of revenue:

If you’re tired of taking used Corrugated Mailer Box along with your recycling, then make sure they’re in your curbside pick-up schedule.

Many places make it easy to dispose of used Corrugated Mailer Box. Many communities also offer separate boxes for cardboard that are placed out for curbside pick-up. In some cities, paper and cardboard are sorted separately from garbage at the waste disposal site.

Reusable packaging is a robust recycling method:

Reusable shipping Corrugated Mailer Boxes are lightweight, easy to transport, and stacked to save storage space. You can break them down and store them in the attic until you need one for your next move or another future use.

Corrugated Mailer boxes are easy to break down and store, so you can quickly move them from one place to another and use them as decoration or storage.

These Corrugated Mailer Boxes are inexpensive yet very effective at protecting sensitive items. They’re easy to stack and take up less space than containers made of other materials.

It is very eco-friendly to use Corrugated Mailer Box. They are lightweight and easy to transport, so they are perfect for transporting items. They are cost-effective as well.

7.    What Is About Unrivaled Protection For Transportation And Shipping Safety?

Corrugated Mailer Boxes are the most durable container used for shipping. They are also designed to protect items inside from damage.

Corrugated Mailer boxes are designed to be solid and resistant to moisture, so they keep food fresh while protecting it from any potential damage during shipping.

When shipping items, there’s something to be said for using a sturdy Corrugated Mailer Box. If your items are shipped in a Corrugated Mailer Box, they’ll likely arrive safely.

Many companies use corrugated Mailer boxes as a cost-effective way to pack fragile products. They’re also highly durable and can withstand extreme temperatures.

8.    What Are The Options For These Mailers And Endless?

Corrugated Mailer Boxes are an excellent option for packaging; especially If you’re looking to print on a board, you should consider using paperboard.

Corrugated Mailer Box is paper wrapped in a corrugated core. It’s solid and durable and can be printed with full color on both sides.

These boxes are also incredibly lightweight, which adds to the appeal of packaging material.

Corrugated Mailer Box printing is a specialized service where we create custom boxes with your logo and company info. Packages are available in all sizes, shapes, colors, and materials.

9.    How Can These Boxes Be Environmentally-Friendly?

83% of survey respondents think it’s necessary to design environmentally friendly Corrugated Mailer Boxes that could be reused or recycled.

77% of survey respondents think plastic packaging is the least environmentally friendly.

But paper products are the most environmentally friendly, according to 55% of survey respondents.

10.   How Are These Mailers Renewable?

Most of the paper for Corrugated Mailer Box comes from sustainable forests. Most paper companies renew their supply by planting new seedlings instead of cutting down old-growth forests.

The corrugated cardboard used in mailer boxes is made from recycled paper and turned into renewed. Each sheet of Corrugated Mailer Box is firstly shredded into small pieces and then mixed with other fibers.

The fibers are bound together by chemicals that create the grooves and patterns on each cardboard sheet, which gives these mailers their unique look.

Corrugated Mailer Box shipping boxes are an excellent choice for your organization. They can be used for renewal many times before you need to replace them.

Additionally, they are constructed from renewable resources and can be reused for many years.

11.   How Do These Corrugated Packaging Boxes Work To Save Energy?

These sturdy boxes are made using recycled materials, which means less energy is used to produce them.

And when they’re shipped, they only use a fraction of what it would take to ship boxes made with non-recycled materials.

Corrugated packaging boxes are made from recycled materials. This reduces the amount of energy used to produce them.

Also, Corrugated Mailer Boxes are relatively lightweight and can be shipped to destinations faster in an environmentally sound manner.

12.   What Is All About Quality Standard Box Certificates?


You’re probably familiar with the rectangular Postnet stamps on the corners of many corrugated boxes.Box makers started using a rectangular stamp in 1968 when they started relying on shipping and storage.

A Box Makers’ Certificate (BMC) symbolizes professionalism and signifies that the box has been tested to hold a specific amount of weight.

It also requires the Corrugated Mailer Box to be correctly sealed and the contents inside not compromised.

However, it doesn’t mean that the box will withstand extreme moisture or extreme weight.

Corrugated Mailer Boxes are designed to hold hazardous materials, glassware, and food.

They often require additional postage. And it’s essential to promote the environmentally responsible qualities of a company through business correspondence.

13.   How Can You Add Excitement To Your Packaging Design?

When people are unboxing a product shipped to their home or business, they often unwrap it and immediately set it on the counter with the rest of their goods.

Corrugated-Mailer-Box-packaging design
This means that their immediate impression of your brand, whatever it may be, is what’s most likely to stick with them.

Give your customers more than just a box for their product. With customizable Corrugated Mailer Box packaging, you can create a unique package that truly reflects your brand.

By custom Corrugated Mailer boxes, designing a box for each order, you can give your customer additional value and showcase the precise attention to detail that makes your brand stand out.

Custom-design packaging of Corrugated Mailer Box is an essential part of the retail success story.

It’s crucial to have a creative approach to packages that are unique and appealing to their customers.

If you want to get that plus one, you need to develop the perfect combination of custom-designed packaging and branding.

14.   What Type Of Mailers Products Is Making By The Manufacturers Of Their Design?

Fuego Corrugated Mailer Box:

If you’re a fan of hot sauces, then Fuego Corrugated Mailer Box maybe your hot sauce of choice. It offers a variety of flavors and craft-brewed spices that are all about the heat. I also love the design of their packaging; it’s both modern and nostalgic.

FunFitFun Corrugated Mailer Box:

FunFitFun Corrugated Mailer Box has used the entire corrugated box, inside and out. They’ll never be accused of being drab. They’ve covered the whole outside of their packages with colorful graphics by changing their pictures to reflect the seasons.

Hexagonal Shaped Corrugated Mailer Box:

A hexagonally-shaped Corrugated Mailer Box may be functional and eye-catching, but you don’t need to use a corrugated board just for that.


In addition to being perfect for storing small items, a hexagonally-shaped Corrugated Mailer Box is also highly versatile and can be used in many different ways.

You can decorate it however you like or use it to store anything from paper clips to photo albums.

15.   What Is The Use Of Custom Branded Packaging Tapes?

Using this branded packing tape to Corrugated Mailer Boxes can help to stand out from your competitors. It’s a simple but effective way to brand your business.

Adding these simple touches like branded packing tape around your Corrugated Mailer Boxes can go a long way when it comes to branding.

Corrugated Mailer Boxes and packaging tape are easy to brand your business and maintain some consistency in your packaging methods.

16.   What Are The Characteristics Of Corrugated Mailer Boxes?

There are two characteristics:

Shapes & Sizes:

Corrugated Mailer Boxes are an excellent way to get your brand noticed. We can help you choose the best sizes for your products and coordinate with fulfillment services to ensure your mailers go out on time.

Corrugated-Mailer-Box-Sizes & Shapes
China Manufacturer produce your Corrugated Mailer Boxes in the exact size you need.

You can create your Corrugated Mailer Boxes to fit your specific needs. The selection of sizes is wide and varied, ranging from extra small to extra large. For your safety, we do not ship anything more significant than 15″ in depth.

We can make a variety of custom sizes for your Corrugated Mailer Boxes and packaging.

If you’re unsure of the perfect dimensions for your application, you will be happy to help you choose the best sizes that will give your products the best fit and protect them from damage.

Sustainable & Durable:

Corrugated-Mailer-Box-Sustainable and Durable
Custom Corrugated Mailer Box is made from recycled paper to prevent unnecessary waste and is designed to last. We try not to use any extra packaging, so you can easily mail them.

Sustainability is one of our top priorities. Packaging materials are recyclable, and sturdy corrugated cardboard is a sustainable option for shipping letters and packages.

Durable, eco-friendly mailers are made from recyclable materials. They’re strong and won’t break when shipped.

17.   What Are The MATERIAL OPTIONS To Make These Boxes?

Pick one of our standard mailing boxes, or select an option that suits your needs.

Standard White Corrugated mailer Box:

Corrugated-Mailer-Box-Standard white
Standard White Corrugated Mailer Box is a popular choice for packaging. It is made of sustainable and sturdy material and is uncoated for a clean, modern look.

Standard white Corrugated Mailer Box is a popular option for graphics, packaging, and home décor.

Premium White Corrugated mailer Box:

Premium White Corrugated Mailer Box is a rigid, flexible, and long-lasting material. It has a smooth surface with a luxurious feel. Large organizations choose to present premium products and packaging for retailers. Packaging companies use it to create promotional kits, including boxes, pouches, trays, pallets, and more.

Premium White Corrugated Mailer Box is a high-end type of paperboard that is used for retail packaging. It can serve as a premium alternative to the standard white uncoated paperboard used to manufacture manufactured goods and commercial shipping.

18.   What Should Be The MATERIAL THICKNESS To Maintain Quality Standard?

Materials, also known as “cardboard,” are a core component to producing every card box on our site.

We offer several different types of materials and thicknesses to create the perfect product.

To help you choose what is best for your needs, we offer this information in the box specs above. The best way to select the correct material is to measure the dimensions of your box so that we can provide you with options.

19.   Is it possible to print inside and outside of the box?

It is possible. Yes. You can ask manufacturer while booking the order and can share the details. And you can get printed box inside and outside.

White Mailer Boxes

Manufacturer can be contacted online, and speak with the customer representative and can talk about your final product details.

20.   How can I measure the interior dimensions of the mailer box?

To get correct measurements for the interior of a box, it must be laid flat with the lid facing up.


  • The length is measured from the front edge of the Corrugated Mailer Box to bottom edge,
  • Right edge width of Corrugated Mailer is measured to the left edge of the Corrugated Mailer packaging.
  • Corrugated mailer box’s death can be found by measuring from top to bottom.
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