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Professional Handmade Production Line Of Christmas Gift Boxes

ZTP is one of the leading manufacturers of Christmas gift boxes with 20 years of experience in the field. We are offering comprehensive packaging solutions for both personal and business use. Our priority is always on the standard, dependability, and service.

In addition, ZTP sustains the fulfillment of our clients by engaging in endless efforts to enhance the quality of our services and products. The company’s pillar relies on its highly skilled production team, who continuously desire quality and perfection. Not only that, but our team also has the dedication to accomplishing our customers’ packaging needs.

Choose Your Desired Forms Of Christmas Gift Boxes

ZTP is making different forms of Christmas gift boxes that come in different colors, sizes, and prints. You can choose whether you like it to be personalized or decorative Christmas boxes. It’s all up to you!

Personalized Christmas Eve Box
Our personalized Christmas eve box comes along with bright, festive, and pleasant designs perfect for Christmas Eve. For sure, anyone will be happy to receive this box!
Decorative Christmas Gift Box
Our decorative Christmas boxes are elegantly made by professionals. It goes along with merry and lively designs that bring a positive feeling to consumers.
Christmas Gift Boxes With Lids
Our Christmas gift boxes with lids are perfect for any kind of gift item. It is very convenient since it has a cover, which makes it easy to open and seal.
Large Christmas Gift Box
Our large Christmas gift box is completely recyclable and handmade. It is perfect to use for large gifts, like teddy bears, customized pillows, and etc.
Christmas Cardboard Boxes
Our Christmas cardboard boxes are made from durable materials, which are ideal for storing weighty items. It is 100% eco-friendly and high-quality.
Small Christmas Boxes
Our small Christmas boxes are the best packaging for small gifts like makeup, jewelry, and other small items. They come with elegant and bright designs ideal during holiday seasons.

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Why Beautiful Christmas Gift Boxes Matters?

You have spent a lot of time searching for the right gift for your loved ones—whether a family member or a friend. Now, the time comes to wrap the gift you choose. Of course, you would want to satisfy someone with a beautiful and satisfying gift box, especially if it’s a special event.

Thus, having lovely, pleasing Christmas gift boxes will always matter. Besides, you would want to see your loved ones opening the gift with a rewarding expression on their faces.

At ZTP, we always ensure to offer our clients exceptional Christmas gift boxes because we believe that gifts symbolize kindness and love. So, having such a great gift box can make the holiday even more special!

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ZTP pass the ISO9001/ISO14001 manufacturing
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BSCI improve social performance in supply chain.
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ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
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Why ZTP Is The Best Choice For All Your Christmas Gift Boxes Needs

With over two decades of knowledge in the field of printing and packing, ZTP has the power to offer you outstanding Christmas gift box solutions.

We make sure to produce packaging products that are top-quality and cost-effective. Our experts are trained and efficient in giving you ideas and suggestions that fit your preferences.

We are pleased to provide you exceptional services for all your printing and packaging needs. Assuredly, you will be satisfied with our products and services!

ZTP is creating high-quality paper packaging that helps secure and promotes goods. We offer various kinds of paper packaging solutions, including Christmas gift boxes. Furthermore, before we introduce products to the public, we check all of them to ensure that their quality is good.

So, if you’re searching for a reliable printing and packaging manufacturer, ZTP is here. We have lots to offer!

ZTP is a professional printing and packaging manufacturer with two decades of experience. We produce various types of Christmas gift boxes that are perfect for businesses or personal use. These boxes have different colors, prints, and sizes to choose from.

In addition, ZTP is one of the leading manufacturers that offer a variety of excellent paper packaging. We make sure to create gift boxes that fulfill your desires. In fact, our company has skilled designers and a dedicated production team, which utilizes only modern devices and quality materials.

Furthermore, we observe strict standard control methods at each phase of the production process to prevent mistakes and excellent outcomes. Our exceptional dedication to serving quality products has provided us the way over the competition.

Moreover, our innovative design operation has resulted in extraordinary and eco-friendly products. That’s why we have become the best choice when it comes to paper packaging needs.

Christmas Gift Boxes – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Christmas Gift Boxes – The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a comprehensive guide that includes information about Christmas Gift Boxes.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a great reference to find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Christmas gift boxes, Christmas gift boxes use, logos on Christmas gifts, and how to customize your Christmas Gift Box?

The comprehensive guide answers most of your questions and gives you beneficial information on Christmas Gift Boxes so that you can maximize your shopping experience at Christmas Gift Boxes.

This FAQ guide has valuable information about all sorts of Christmas Gift Boxes you may want or need for your upcoming gift-giving adventures.

  1. What Do You Put In A Christmas Gift Box?
  2. Why Should You Choose A Christmas Gift Box?
  3. What Are The Trending Types Of Packaging In Christmas Gift Boxes?
  4. What Type Of Gift Boxes Are Used To Pack Gift In General?
  5. How To Make The Gift Box Special?
  6. What Is Kind Of Material Used In Decorating These Boxes?
  7. What Do You Know About Professional Production Line Of Christmas Gift Boxes?
  8. What Is The Point Of A Christmas Gift Box?
  9. What Do I Put In This Box For Kids?
  10. How To Put Logo On The Gift Box?
  11. What Type Of Wrapping Techniques Are There?
  12. What Are The Uses Of These Boxes?
  13. How Limited Weight For Packaging In Christmas Gift Box?
  14. Which Type Of Paper Is Used To Make These Boxes?
  15. How To Reduce Shipping Cost On Changing The Product Details?
  16. Why Do Some Box Designs Cost Extra?
  17. What Type Of Process Can Be Used For Custom Logo?
  18. Can I Get a Discount If Order In Bulk?
  19. How To Customize My Gift Boxes For Christmas?
  20. How To Get Some Sample?
  21. What Surface Are Treatments Available For Choice?
  22. What Factors That Impact On The Price Of Cardboard Gift Boxes?

1.    What Do You Put In A Christmas Gift Box?

Many gifts can be put in a Christmas gift box. A Christmas gift box is usually utilized to give lovers, parents, grandparents, friends, business relations, and much more.

Christmas Gift Boxes are perfect for any person in the family and anyone you like. The gifts put into the Christmas gift boxes consist of chocolates, cakes, meals, flowers, perfumes, or kids-related items if you purchase a Christmas gift box for a kid.

A Christmas gift box should contain a blend of non-food and food items. There are all sorts of Christmas gift box ideas, and you must decide what best suits your budget and the person you want to buy a gift for.

There is so much to choose from when adding a Christmas Gift Box to your online store. Some items include mugs, cups, coffee/tea, hot chocolate, marshmallows, candy canes, and stir sticks.

You can put a printable tag and ribbon that will add a festive touch to your Christmas gift box.

2.    Why Should You Choose A Christmas Gift Box?

You might be wondering why you should spend money to purchase a Christmas gift box instead of using a wrap for your gift.

There are several reasons why you should use a gift box to pack your present. Here are the top three reasons why you should use a Christmas Gift Box to fill your present.

  1. Makes the outer packaging of the product look attractive:

Attractive Look Christmas Gift Box
Wrapping a gift in a Christmas gift box instead of wrapping it directly in wrapping paper helps make the gift look more beautiful.

Wrapping it in a Christmas gift box also adds an element of surprise and elegance. The idea is to create a beautifully wrapped Christmas Gift Box so that no one will know what is inside.

  1. Add Extra Value to The Gift:

Choosing the Christmas gift box to gift your item will play a significant role in determining its value. You can select the Christmas gift box you want for your item and add more value to it by including a personal touch. Also, choosing a Christmas gift box that suits the occasion will enhance its value.

  1. Allow space for small things like the Gifts to make an impression:

Packing your gift in a Christmas gift box will not only provide you with more room to add some little something along with your gift, but it will also be a nice option for the person receiving the gift.

Cramming extra small things into one Christmas gift box can make it look like the box is fuller. This has the unintended effect of making the package seem more valuable.

3.    What Are The Trending Types Of Packaging In Christmas Gift Boxes?

The top Christmas gift boxes which are in trend are given below:

  1. Customized Gift Box:

Personalized Christmas Gift Box
This gift box is a fun and festive way to celebrate the holiday. It’s the perfect gift to give, to receive, or even to give! It’s great for anyone who loves Christmas or just plain loves surprises!

  1. Decorative Christmas Boxes:

Decorative Christmas Gift Boxes
There are decorated Christmas boxes for every budget and taste. They have a range of designs for attractive and festive displays that accentuate the spirit of the holiday season.

  • Lids Boxes:
Christmas Gift Box with Lids
Open white gift box tied with red ribbon on red background. Horizontal composition with copy space. Directly above. Great use for Christmas and Valentine’s Day related gift concepts.

Lids Boxes can be choosen as one of the best gift boxes made today. These are convenient to use and have a cover, making them easy to open and seal.

  1. Huge Packing:

Large Christmas Gift Box
These are a recycled, reusable Christmas gift box with ribbon handles and decorated with gold ribbon. It is perfect to use for large gifts, like teddy bears, customized pillows, and others toys.

  1. Christmas Cardboard Boxes:

Even though our Christmas decor boxes are made from recycled cardboard and are 100% recyclable, they are just as strong as their traditional counterparts. Each box is made from strong corrugated plastic and includes a sturdy paperboard liner to protect against tears and punctures.

  1. Small Christmas Boxes:

small Christmas boxes are a must-have for small gift items such as makeup, jewelry, and other small items. In addition, reaching out to customers during holiday seasons is a key marketing tactic for retailers.

This is because small Christmas boxes allow them to link their products and services with the holidays in a fun and effective way. In addition, small Christmas gifts fit seamlessly into the season, with their gifts being wrapped in elegant designs ideal for shopping during the holidays.

4.    What Type Of Gift Boxes Are Used To Pack Gift In General?

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift box, look no further. There is a list of common Christmas gift boxes on the internet and can be used on several occasions.

  1. Kraft Paper Candy Christmas Gift Box with Bow Lace Ribbon:

These boxes are perfect for sending sweet treats to friends, family members, and loved ones. They can be used as gifts or for giving out at birthday parties.

Blue Christmas Gift Box

The brown boxes can also be used to send chocolates and candies to colleagues. The white ribbons are ideal for tying on the boxes when you are done packing the sweets inside. This will give a sophisticated finish to this kind of delivery.

  1. Bowknot Christmas Gift Box:

Bowknot Christmas Gift Box
These are small, shiny boxes that are good enough for a present or stocking stuffer. They come in pastel shades of pink, blue, maroon, and more. Each box has a small bow on it made with ribbon to give it a finished look.

  • Gold Ribbon Favor Christmas Gift Box:

Kraft Paper with Lace Christmas Gift Box
The white and golden-colored gift boxes in this range are some of the nicest you will find. The designs are not only eye-catching but also add an air of elegance to the whole presentation.

These Christmas gift boxes fold into a more compact form, ideal for smaller items such as chocolate or small trinkets.

  1. Corrugated Card Jewellery Christmas Gift Box With Ribbon Bow:

Jewelry Christmas Gift Box
This box has been carefully designed to give a charming look to the present. It’s also padded with foam for added protection. This is a perfect choice if you are gifting gifts like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or rings.

  1. Floral Print Christmas Gift Boxes:

Floral Print Christmas Gift Box
If you’re planning a lavish party and would like to give out chocolates or candies as presents, then look no further than this gorgeous box. It comes with a tray, sleeve, and holder, making it easy to keep the goodies in place.

The elegant floral pattern on this decorative box makes it a great choice for any occasion.

  1. Creates & Designs Hand-Crafted Christmas Gift Box with Ribbon:

Hand Crafted Christmas Gift Box With Ribbon
This pretty box is hand-crafted and uniquely designed. It’s made of white and silver, with the lid featuring a glittery design of blue and silver.

The bottom is covered in a pastel shade of bright blue. This gorgeous box can accommodate small things at once and would be the perfect addition to your home.

  • Paper Pep Packaging Collection Plain Christmas Gift Box:

Paper Prep Plain Christmas Gift Box
This box has a lid made of paper and tin, and each box comes with beautiful flower decorations on top of the cover.

It’s perfect for items like cupcakes, candies, chocolates, dried fruits, or other edible items.

  • Silver Bejeweled Christmas Gift Box:

Silver Bejeweled Christmas Gift Box
These silver-wrapped boxes feature a gleaming cover with a bow-embellished with gold. These boxes are perfect for gift items such as home decor, toiletries, and other small items. They are available in multiple sizes and colors.

  1. Paper trail Kraft Party/Wedding Favor Christmas Gift Box with Handles, Print, and Ribbon:

Paper trail Kraft Christmas Gift Box
This is an attractive box with a lace print on all sides that is finished with a white satin ribbon. It is the ideal box for packing cupcakes or chocolates.

  1. Brown Shabby Square Christmas Gift Box:

Brown Shabby Square Christmas Gift Box
The boxes have a brown paper wrapper that is printed with a brown ribbon. The boxes are made of brown cardboard that is reinforced with a brown ribbon.

5.    How To Make The Gift Box Special?

The gift and the wrapping paper are what make a Christmas Gift Box special. But, you can add little something to add that extra bit of excitement and put a smile on someone’s face.

  1. Handwritten Letter

One of the best ways to personalize a gift is with a handwritten note. Add a personal touch by writing your own words to your loved one in a personalized letter inside the Christmas Gift Box. A handwritten note of gratitude will be appreciated as much as the gifts inside.

  1. Greeting Card

You can include a greeting card with your gift. Though a small birthday greeting card might not be as appropriate as the Christmas Gift Box, you may want to add one anyway if you send it to a friend or co-worker. You can also choose which card to place in the holder when you purchase one.

  1. Chocolates and Candies

Candy or chocolate is a universal treat. There’s nothing that brings more joy than candy and no reason to go without sweets when someone gets you a box of chocolates. It’s easy to fill a Christmas Gift Box with sweets, and it can always be topped up with the recipient’s favorite treats.

6.    What Is Kind Of Material Used In Decorating These Boxes?

You can design, decorate, and create Christmas gift boxes to use various natural and manufactured materials.

  • Colorful Buttons
  • Stickers
  • Ribbon
  • Silk Fabric
  • Die-Cutting
  • Decorating shining materials
  • Stationery items
  • Glue
  • Colorful crepe papers
  • Scissor, scale

7.    What Do You Know About Professional Production Line Of Christmas Gift Boxes?

The professional production line of Christmas gift boxes, credit goes to China.

China is one of the biggest producers of Christmas gift boxes and specializes in red and white boxes.

It only provides you with the highest quality products on time. China is dedicated to offering excellent services to customers worldwide.

China constantly strives to provide you with the best quality products and services. China has dedicated production teams that are always working to bring you the latest innovations to feel confident that your order will be delivered with care.

8.    What Is The Point Of A Christmas Gift Box?

The main point is that the Christmas boxes are gifts given to young children on Christmas Day as a break between the excitement of Santa coming and the next day with more presents and activities.

9.    What Do I Put In This Box For Kids?

There are a lot of kids’ articles that you can put in Christmas Gift Boxes. Few are listed below:

  • Christmas Ornament
  • Festive Pyjamas
  • Christmas Socks
  • Festive Mug, Hot Chocolate, and mini marshmallows
  • Reindeer Food
  • Christmas sweets or chocolate
  • Christmas stocking
  • Christmas Storybook
  • Nice List Certificate
  • Christmas Film
  • Bath Bombs
  • Small LEGO sets
  • Novelty head boppers
  • Board Game
  • Giant Chocolate Bar
  • Slipper Socks
  • Festive Onesie
  • Christmas Stamps

10.   How To Put Logo On The Gift Box?

You can embed your logo on the cardboard using Christmas Gift Box; also, you can print only on your customized surface. For example, you can add your logo to the contour of your custom shape gift box or print your logo directly on the Christmas Gift Box.

You can choose from a variety of durable and attractive paper and card stock colors. In addition, you can add your company logo or company name anywhere on the Christmas Gift Box in either color or monochrome. If you would like, you can even print only your custom logo on the Christmas Gift Box’s surface.

11.   What Type Of Wrapping Techniques Are There?

From a various wrapping type, the most important types of wrapping a Christmas gift box are listed below:

  • Map Wrapping
  • Hand-Lettered Gift Wrapping
  • Book Page Wrapping
  • Holiday Mouse Gift Wrap
  • Mini Wreath Wrapping
  • Fabric Flower Petal Wrap
  • Starry Night Wrapping
  • Word Search Wrapping Paper
  • Doily Gift Wrap
  • Ready-to-Wear Wrapping
  • Threaded Pom-poms Wrapping
  • Sheet Music Wrapping
  • Photo Wrapping Paper
  • Duct Tape Wrap
  • Chalkboard Wrapping Paper
  • Tie Gift Box Wrap
  • Pixel Weave Wrapping
  • Sewn Wrapping
  • Watercolor Wrapping
  • Crepe Paper Fringe Wrap

12.   What Are The Uses Of These Boxes?

Christmas Gift Boxes can be used for various purposes such as gifts, packing products like gifts, products related to facilities, delivering gift items, prices of gift items, numerous varieties of gift items, gift basket ideas, white gift boxes, etc. However, few important uses are described below:

  • Christmas Gift Boxes are ideal for the holidays and other special occasions.
  • The uses of Christmas Gift Boxes are used as a present for someone special in your life.
  • Christmas Gift Boxes can be used as a gift for an individual or a group of people.
  • Christmas Gift Boxes can be used for wedding gifts, corporate gifts, graduation gifts, birthdays, homecoming, and other occasions.
  • Christmas Gift Boxes can be used to surprise your loved ones during the Christmas holidays. They are usually put inside a Christmas tree as decoration or given to your friends and family as presents.
  • You can also use them for storing your valuable items such as pictures, documents, and so on.
  • These boxes are ideal for all sorts of gift promotions and chocolate gift baskets, fruit baskets, and gift loaves.
  • Christmas Gift Boxes can be used for storing or present wrapping. They are perfect for making an unforgettable presentation of your gift.
  • Christmas Gift Boxes are used in almost all Easter, Christmas, and various other festivals.
  • It is also commonly given as a party favor item for the guests attending any wedding ceremony.
  • Christmas Gift Boxes Online is using for many years and has been a magnificent head-turner on every wedding occasion.

13.   How Limited Weight For Packaging In Christmas Gift Box?

The standard weight limit for Christmas Gift Boxes that can fit into a box is 15 pounds. But that is NOT an absolute since there may be special needs regarding the “shape” of the Christmas Gift Box.

The shipping weight for most of our Christmas Gift Boxes is 5-12 pounds, but many items which are small in size or weight can ship using the First Class mail option

14.   Which Type Of Paper Is Used To Make These Boxes?

Many different paper types are used in creating Christmas Gift Boxes, including Kraft paper or the more colorful printed gift boxes with recycled content. A variety of sizes and shapes are available depending on the specific needs.

15.   How To Reduce Shipping Cost On Changing The Product Details?

In the online business world, it is difficult to manage the shipping costs for customers. Therefore, many businesses try to reduce their expenditure on shipping when they run out of Christmas Gift Boxes.

There are some simple ways to reduce the costs of shipping after changing your Christmas gift box details.

The biggest advantage of ordering your gift boxes online is that you can reduce the shipping cost significantly.

This is because, to keep the Christmas Gift Boxes competitively priced, many companies offer free shipping.

Many online sellers also don’t charge any delivery fee at all. So this is an excellent way to get a cheap deal on buying gifts and reduce shipping costs over the internet.

16.   Why Do Some Box Designs Cost Extra?

Christmas Gift Boxes designs often cost extra because of the labor and time involved in creating them. For example, a gift box with a beautiful background photo, decorative borders, and coordinating, themed ribbon will take more time than just designing a simple white box.

Extra Design - Costly Christmas Gift Box
If you want different details on each side of the Christmas Gift Box or use a provided picture for a design element, you can do this by sharing notes with the manufacturer.

Most companies charge extra for these designs to cover the cost of that added time and effort.

However, with each company offering various discounted Christmas Gift Boxes options, customers can often find a Christmas gift box at a price that fits within their budget.

Christmas Gift Boxes’ designs come printed in full color on one or two sides with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

In addition, some of the designs have an optional brown kraft base for an additional cost which can be added at the time of purchase when choosing a quantity.

17.   What Type Of Process Can Be Used For Custom Logo?

It is very appreciated to put your logo on Christmas Gift Boxes. There are several options for placement of your logo, such as:

  • Printed Logo
  • Embossed Logo
  • Leather Stamp Logo
  • Laser Engraved Logo

And have different colors and materials for the logo as you want.

paper Logo Christmas Gift Box
You can print your logo using Your artwork, or you can share it with the manufacturer design team will professionally create vector artwork for you. In addition, you can do full-color front and back print onto the boxes using 4C or PMS colors of your choice.

It refers to laser engraving, embossing, hot stamping, silk-screen printing, and so forth.

This depends on what processes the logo and design you would like to use. For example, the manufacturer could also try to create a wood sign with paint or ink.

You can customize almost anything, but manufacturers have limits on quantity depending on the size of the order.

18.   Can I Get a Discount If Order In Bulk?

Yes, you can contact online manufacturers of Christmas gift boxes, and they provide you a discount if you order in bulk quantity.

You must fill in the quote request form and tell the manufacturer how many boxes of Christmas Gift Boxes you need. After discussing the total quantity of Christmas gift boxes and the respective amount, you can finalize the order.

19.   How To Customize My Gift Boxes For Christmas?

If you want to design your own Christmas gift boxes, contact the manufacturer, and ask them to provide you with a quote. They will then discuss your details and requirements to print your design onto the Christmas gift box correctly.

The customer service representative will provide you with details of the product, such as:

  • Material type
  • Dimensions
  • Colors
  • Printing costs
  • Shipping costs

By giving all of this information in advance, you can save time and money. If you need any further assistance with this, you can contact the manufacturer’s customer service for further help.

20.   How To Get Some Sample?

All manufacturers of Christmas Gift Boxes do not provide free samples. However, there is an option to purchase many Christmas boxes and get free samples for your customers.

If you need a large quantity of Christmas gift boxes, please contact us online directly, and we can deliver the orders to your location.

21.   What Surface Are Treatments Available For Choice?

Surface Treatments Christmas Gift Box
The most common methods for surface treatments of Christmas Gift Boxes include the application of:

  • Gloss or matte protective coating
  • UV coating
  • Gold or silver foil stamping
  • Embossing
  • Varnishing

A Christmas Gift Box may be finished in one of these ways.

22.   What Factors That Impact On The Price Of Cardboard Gift Boxes?

Several factors may affect the cost of a Christmas Gift Box.

Cost: The highest price would come from material, which is largely affected by the weight of the number of boxes required for an order.

For example, a large Christmas Gift Box may need several pieces of paper or plastic, which may further increase the price.

Quantity: Having a large quantity to sell increases your potential cost, and it can even lower your price. Orders may even be denied if the quantity is too low.

Printing: Depending on the printing the manufacturer offers, the printing process and use of spot colors will be different.

Surface Treatment: Surface treatments are the most expensive part of a finish because of the labor and materials.

Box Structure: The box must meet technical requirements such as dimension, size, weight, and other specifications. This would be the most significant cost factor for the gift boxes.

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