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ZTP is the major producer of chocolate gift box. ZTP’s whole solution includes layout, template creation, printing, and manufacturing. The company has a lot of experts, multiskilled, and efficient employees in the field of production.

We provide very competitive packaging solutions by merging new ideas, designs, and current technology. Moreover, new equipment is available for product development.

Our success has been attributed to order fulfillment, reasonable pricing, and a comprehensive service system. We’re happy to provide an incredible package solution.

Our Chocolate Gift Box Comes In A Variety Of Shapes and Sizes!

When it comes to chocolate gift boxes, don’t limit yourself to just one. Our boxes come in various sizes and shapes. Feel free to choose what you like, but if what you are looking for is not in our catalog, just contact us, and we’ll be happy to create your desired boxes for you!

Luxury Chocolate Gift Box
Luxury chocolate gift boxes are the top packaging nowadays, especially when it comes to special occasions. It is not only made to impress, but the materials being used are top-notch and remarkable.
Wine And Chocolate Gift Box
Wine and chocolates both have a strong taste and a high level of intricacy. This is an upgrade to your normal gift box. Heavy-duty material is used in the construction of our wine and chocolate gift box, allowing them to protect and secure the products.
Chocolate Bar Gift Box
A chocolate bar gift box is similar to a luxury chocolate gift box, with the exception that it is less expensive. Our products are custom-made and created using first-class materials.
Hot Chocolate Gift Box
We created the best hot chocolate gift box for you, especially for those who like to snuggle up in front of the fire with their favorite mug of chocolate. The materials used are eco-friendly and durable, securing and protecting this kind of product.
Heart Shaped Chocolate Box
Heart shaped chocolate box—the perfect package for showing your love for someone special. You can choose the design or color you like. This box is long-lasting, durable, and eco-friendly.
Chocolate Paper Box
If you think other gift boxes are too pricey and you can't afford to buy one; ZTP has you covered. The chocolate paper box from ZTP is competitively priced and made of environmentally acceptable materials. If you like, you can customize the box's size, shape, and color.

Manufacturing Chocolate Gift Box For Over Two Decades

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What Is The Importance Of A Chocolate Gift Box?

Chocolate reigns supreme when it comes to desserts. People believe that eating chocolate brings them pleasure. Chocolate is a delectable treat that comes in a number of flavors, including dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate, as we all know. It can be found in the form of a cake, drink, or snack.

Chocolate gift boxes are made of high-quality materials. They can also be used to wrap food and gifts. The fact that they are produced from recycled materials is a plus, as is the fact that they are eco-friendly and hence more environmentally beneficial.

Furthermore, these chocolate packaging boxes should be appropriate for the product in order to make a great impression and attract more customers.

ZTP has over 20 years of packaging knowledge and can provide you with one-of-a-kind boxes. We’re one of the most well-known manufacturers of high-quality packaging.

So, if you want high-quality chocolate gift boxes, ZTP is the way to go. All of your boxes and packing requirements can be handled by our experts.

We look forward to providing you with exceptional printing and packaging services. Our products and services will undoubtedly satisfy you.

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ZTP pass the ISO9001/ISO14001 manufacturing
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BSCI improve social performance in supply chain.
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ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
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Over 20 years printing and packaging experience manufacturer

Why Is ZTP The Best Option For Your Chocolate Gift Box?

In the chocolate gift box industry, ZTP has over 20 years of experience. ZTP offers a variety of packaging alternatives, ranging from high-end gift boxes to low-cost options. You’ll have a number of options to choose from.

Moreover, ZTP provides you with high-quality, cost-effective goods made entirely of recyclable materials. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in selecting the right gift box for your needs. Furthermore, we are well-versed in providing satisfactory printing and packaging services to our customers.

ZTP’s objective is to provide you with not just a chocolate box solution, but also to make things as simple as possible for you by providing a one-stop-shop for your complete order.

Chocolate Gift Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide

CHOCOLATE Gift Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide is an innovative, informative, and entertaining publication on everything to do with chocolate and chocolate boxes.

Chocolate Gift Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide is a comprehensive database of interesting facts about chocolate gift boxes. It is created to be helpful as research work for chocolate gift box manufacturers and an entertaining reading resource for enthusiasts of chocolate gift boxes lovers worldwide.

The Definitive FAQ Guide to Chocolate is the primary published collection of expert knowledge on chocolate gift boxes ever compiled. One peek inside, and you will be amazed by what you find. There is enough content in this book to keep you fully satisfied for a long time.

Chocolate Gift Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide is the Most Comprehensive Online Reference for Chocolate gift boxes on the Internet.

  1. How Can You Explore Popular Chocolate Packaging Gift Box?
  2. What Are The Materials Used For Making Chocolate Packaging?
  3. What Are The Printing Options For Chocolate Gift Box?
  4. What Are The Special Finishes For These Boxes?
  5. What Type Of Cardboards Is Required For Preparation Of These Boxes?
  6. What Are The Delicately Crafted Custom Printed Chocolate Boxes?
  7. What Are The Inserts And Dividers For Options?
  8. What Are The Features Of Chocolate Boxes To Improve The Perception Of Packaging?
  9. Why Is The Packaging Important?
  10. What Is The Best Color Scheme Selection & Logo For These Boxes?
  11. What Are The Additional Features That Will Add Further Sweetness To Your Packaging?
  12. Which Material Will Be Best Suitable For Chocolate Boxes?
  13. What Are The Types Of Chocolate Boxes Which Our Company Offers?
  14. How To Get An Attractive Finishing To The Chocolate Boxes With The Help Of Coatings?
  15. How Can You Get Prototypes For Your Chocolate Boxes?
  16. How Does A Packaging Box Improve The Chocolate Value?
  17. What Are The Custom Chocolate Gift Box For Specific Origins?
  18. What Are The Custom Chocolate Gift Box For Specific Origins
  19. What Is Kraft Chocolate Bar Box?
  20. What Are The Contrasting Colors For Chocolate Box?
  21. What Are The Chocolate Box Display Styles?
  22. What Are The Chocolate Packaging Ideas For Export?
  23. What Is The Best Way To Store And Keep Chocolates Box?
  24. Why Should You Focus A Lot On The Chocolate Gift Boxes?
  25. What Is Natural Chocolate Box Design?

1.    How Can You Explore Popular Chocolate Packaging Gift Box?

You can Explore the popular chocolate packaging Gift Box that is ideal for corporate gifts and personal gifting.

The first thing people see when they look at your chocolate gift box is usually the design. It should entice them with artistic beauty and gorgeous design.

With the incredible custom options, you can get designed your own awesome chocolate gift box for your brand’s sweet treats.

Custom chocolate gift box design will entice you to buy by featuring delicious, creative artwork, gorgeous structure, and perfect taste. Manufacturers will create your own unique chocolate gift box design to showcase your products’ best features.

Open your door to the world of chocolate with this Definitive guide to chocolate gift boxes. Chocolate comes in all shapes and sizes, and so do boxes, but when you’re looking to give gifts as a chocolate gift box, it’s hard to know exactly what you’re looking for.

Now you can explore popular chocolate packaging Gift Box with the help of this guide as it will take you through the main things to look out for, from the kind of chocolate to the presentation box that you’ll be giving away on different occasions.

2.    What Are The Materials Used For Making Chocolate Packaging?

There is no single material that is used to make chocolate packaging. Since there are many different types of products available in the marketplace, chocolate packaging is often a combination of other materials.

The package you use will depend on the type and weight of the chocolates and the raw materials used in making them. However few materials for the making of chocolate gifts boxes are listed below:

  • Corrugated
  • Rigid
  • Folding Carton
  • Inserts

The flexible packaging material used for chocolates is a high-barrier laminate that keeps out air and moisture and prevents any damage caused by changes in humidity. It’s completely gas-impermeable.

A chocolate gift box is used to store chocolates, as well as a chocolate gift box. They are found in white and dark colors. It has many compartments inside to make your packing as easy as possible.

A chocolate gift box, or carton, is considered the most classic way to present a gift of chocolate. But as you probably know, chocolate is one of the most fragile products available, and too much moisture can speed its deterioration.

3.    What Are The Printing Options For Chocolate Gift Box?

The trendiest printing options for chocolate gift boxes are described below:

Offset or lithography printing: It is an excellent option for high-quality print jobs with various finish options. It’s a good solution for printing in fine detail, and it includes many different options to choose from.

Flexo printing: It is a high-quality printing method that delivers exceptional results. Flexo printing services are faster, more cost-effective, and more flexible than other options.

Digital Printing: It is A low-cost, high-volume printing option for businesses looking to print on a large variety of different materials.


Pantone: It is a color system created by the company Pantone so that printers can be consistent and accurate with their colors.

Pantone Metallic: It is a standardized color system that provides colors on digital devices and paper.

4.    What Are The Special Finishes For These Boxes?

Choose from various decorative finishes and optional inserts to make your chocolate gift box something extraordinary. You can choose from several color options to match your corporate colors or even copy a company logo to put on the front of each chocolate box. Chocolate printing options include:

Foil-stamping: It is a valuable technique to decorate printed materials like brochures and magazines. The process takes place between two pieces of foil that are sandwiched together on a hot plate. The foil transfers a design, pattern, or logo onto the surface of the foil.

Spot UV gloss: This coating is applied to specific areas and will deliver that exclusive high gloss finish.

Embossing and debossing: Both embossing and debossing can be used to create a raised or recessed texture on paper, leather, fabric, etc. Both processes have the same use, so it would probably be redundant to mention both in the same sentence.

Window patching: It involves covering a window with an appropriate material that matches the color of the building’s exterior and blends in with the environment.

Window cut-out: A window cut-out is a design feature that allows a company to showcase an advertising message without charging the consumer for space. The message will appear smaller on the package than in the store packaging, but the advertising message will appear in its entirety once the consumer purchases it.


5.    What Type Of Cardboards Is Required For Preparation Of These Boxes?

You may have the following types of cardboard for the preparation of chocolate gift boxes:

  • Cardboard gift boxes are a practical choice for packaging chocolates.


  • A variety of types of card stock may be used on the top and bottom of the boxes, as well as tissue and wax papers for presentation purposes.
  • All-purpose uncoated 100lb text weight and 110lb cover weight paper is used to prepare our chocolate Cardboard Gift Boxes.
  • Any suitable quality type of decorative paper can be used, such as boxboard, Kraft paper, or decorative kraft paper.
  • CCNB is a high-quality, environmentally sustainable paperboard that is lightweight and strong. CCNB is also available in various metallic shades that can be used for print and special effects alike.
  • The Art Paper option is a color-coated paper suitable for all printing and finishes.
  • The Metallic paperboard option is treated with a metallic finish and has an odor after printing.
  • The Textured paper option has different textured finishes that are uneven or blurred when printed.
  • Bleached corrugated is a surface treatment on paperboard used to make chocolate gift boxes that give the surface a mild, slightly whitened appearance.
  • The A-flute, b-flute, c-flute, e-flute, and f-flute corrugated cardboard are all designed for a flat surface to make chocolate gift boxes. This allows for the highest quality printing, die-cutting, or other special applications.

6.    What Are The Delicately Crafted Custom Printed Chocolate Boxes?

The Delicately Crafted Custom Printed Chocolate Boxes are high-quality white and dark chocolate gift boxes.

Delicately Crafted Custom Printed Chocolate Gift Boxes are the perfect sweet gift for that chocolate-loving soul in your life.


Its dark and white chocolate color is of the highest quality in the first look and comes in various flavors. These are perfect for corporate events, parties and birthdays, etc.

It is understood that the first impression of the products you sell is significant.

That’s why the best manufacturer creates a carefully curated, unboxing experience that will heighten the flavors of your chocolatey treats.

People expect to see a creative assortment of treats that they can choose from. It’s essential to present your chocolate products in an attractive, secure, and convenient way to browse.

Delicately Crafted Custom Printed Chocolate Boxes help create a beautiful assortment of confectioneries for your customers to choose from.

7.    What Are The Inserts And Dividers For Options?

There are many different options of inserts and dividers for the boxes. The three main ones are the single flap, double flap, and no flap.

Single Flap:

The flaps give the option for a book fold style of box that also provides an increased display area and reduces your package’s storage capacity.

Double Flap:

The double flap also gives you the option to fold the box flat again, giving you an extra area to place more items in or use for labeling.


On the other hand, the non-flap boxes have better storage capabilities but less display area.

The Inserts and Dividers are sold separately to fit the Chocolate Gift Box. The gift box comes with a lid that fits both large and small.

This means that different messages and inserts can be used in each box depending on what you want to say about your product or service.


If you order an insert or divider separately, they will come with instructions for putting together.

Serving trays are an essential part of every fancy catering display. One of the most popular choices is the chocolate truffles and other candies tray insert.

Manufacturer’s experts can create unique chocolate truffles inserts for you that perfectly fit your candies.

You can choose to include inserts and dividers inside your chocolate box. These inserts are specially designed to deliver a meaningful and memorable experience to your loved one or business associate.

8.    What Are The Features Of Chocolate Boxes To Improve The Perception Of Packaging?

Several features will make sure that your packaging gets noticed and gets used and offers protection from breakage and spillage.

Design Your Box with the features specifically for Chocolate gift boxes.

Choosing the proper packaging to protect and display your chocolate confections is an essential component of selling.

A box that is too big doesn’t show off the chocolates inside, but a package that is too small will be hard to open and may be thrown out.

The packaging of the chocolate gift box must appeal to the customer greatly, or else it won’t be purchased

It is essential to use high-quality, attractive boxes for chocolate because they protect it and create moods and feelings that can positively affect the purchase.

9.    Why Is The Packaging Important?

Packaging is essential; a gift without perfect packaging it’s not the right gift. So you have to pay attention to every detail of the chocolate gift box.

Chocolate gift boxes are designed to best showcase your luxury chocolate creations. These boxes are made with pure biodegradable cellophane and are assembled in a unique, embossed centerfold design, with a glossy finish on the top flap.

The unmarred rigid nature of these chocolate gift boxes adds an element of sophistication, while the look and presentation of your chocolates exude luxuriousness and style.

10.   What Is The Best Color Scheme Selection & Logo For These Boxes?

Choosing the printing technique and color pallet will create an appealing look that sets your brand apart from other competitors.

Selecting the right style that suits you is a great way to personalize your chocolate boxes with your logo or message.

Adding a design with several vibrant colors will give your Custom Box Packaging that unique look that leaves no doubt about who they belong to.

The logo will stand out on the printed product. Consider including the organization’s full name, address, phone number, website, and other related information.

When selecting a logo, it’s essential to consider many different factors. The logo should be memorable and easy to identify with.

It’s great to put extra details like the name of your business, address, and phone number on your business cards because these details will help customers recognize you when they’re attending events or browsing in stores.

It should be relevant to your product. The purpose is to show customers what makes this specific product better than the others. The goal is to offer customers the advantages of owning this particular brand.

It should be relevant to your product. A well-crafted tagline should be short enough for the average consumer to remember but long enough that it can stand out and help your brand sell.

It should creatively convey the benefits of your product or service. You can make some spelling changes to make them eye-catching.

A visible on-screen placement is ideal. Most companies use their name or logo for a tagline, but you can choose to use your brand name instead.

11.   What Are The Additional Features That Will Add Further Sweetness To Your Packaging?

With the Chocolate Cardboard Gift Box, you can choose the box’s color, the kind, and size of chocolate truffles within, and even personalize the front with your company logo.

Usually, the chocolate gift box is available in different sizes and comes with various patterns, textures, and paper thicknesses.

The Chocolate Gift Box consists of many decorated materials. It is made up of the best quality paper and is available at low prices.

We make the offered cardboard gift box using modern technology and high-quality raw material that ensure long-term use for our customers.

The outer appearance of your chocolate packages box is not the only feature that needs attention.

I would recommend printing custom chocolate boxes. These boxes will help you attract more customers.
Window and dividers are additional benefits that you should look into when redesigning your chocolate packaging boxes.

Induction-printed clear front and top windows will look great. You won’t need any plastic or polythene bags since the design of your chocolate gift boxes is clear.

As chocolate bars are packaged in attractive boxes, they also let customers see the chocolate gift box and its design. The choice of dividers is a must.

It’s essential to keep these yummy chunks from moving around in their chocolate gift boxes but still allow them to come into contact with other ingredients.

Further, to maintain the beauty of printed chocolate boxes, we apply gloss varnish on the surface. This thin and silky layer causes custom box packaging to be protected from various harmful factors.

My manufacturers provide various gloss varnishes to choose from, including gloss, matt, spot UV, aqueous silver, semi-gloss AQ, and many more in making chocolate boxes.

12.   Which Material Will Be Best Suitable For Chocolate Boxes?

Eco-friendly kraft: It is the most popular material right now. It is made with an environmentally friendly resin that is biodegradable and sustainable, and it works well for both local and international shipments.

Corrugated:  It is a solid and sturdy material that can carry large items without damaging them.

Rigid: You can impress your clients or users with a chocolate gift box by using tough material. They are one of a kind.

Cardboard: A cardboard box is the best material for shipping long-distance. This item is solid and sturdy, so the product reaches your doorstep without any damage.


13.   What Are The Types Of Chocolate Boxes Which Our Company Offers?

It is easier to mod and fold cardboard material. Here are some examples of what you can do for some added interest in your retail store:

  • Truffle boxes
  • Windowed Boxes
  • Wedding Favor Boxes
  • Clear Top Boxes
  • Drawer Boxes
  • Slice Boxes
  • Flip Flop Boxes
  • Closed Boxes
  • Pyramid Boxes
  • Gable Boxes
  • Sleeve Boxes
  • Round Boxes


14.   How To Get An Attractive Finishing To The Chocolate Boxes With The Help Of Coatings?

A small chocolate box can be attractive with the help of a coating. Choosing among the variety of coatings will depend on the decorative purpose for the chocolate box

You can create larger chocolate boxes by using coatings. To make your small chocolate boxes captivating, we offer three types of layers:

  • Matte coatings
  • Glossy coatings
  • Foil coatings

15.   How Can You Get Prototypes For Your Chocolate Boxes?

You can instantly assess the designs of prototypes your chocolate gift boxes are worthy of mass production.

There are three ways to do that:

  • Flat viewing
  • 3D inspection
  • Physical Sampling

You can choose whichever suits your needs.

16.   How Does A Packaging Box Improve The Chocolate Value?

Chocolate gift boxes are designed to grab attention and build desire.

They do this through color, shape, and imagery.

This also encourages sales, as consumers are emotionally connected to the chocolate in their hands.

17.   How Is Chocolate Packaging Useful As A Marketing Tool?

Quality chocolate packaging creates brand value and builds brand authority.

Building brand authority and increasing sales is a two-way street. So it’s essential to have quality chocolate packaging that attracts customers in both senses of the word.

Great packaging is the first step in transforming a good product into a great one. Good packaging gives consumers a desire to buy, and passion leads to sales.

So you can see where it all starts. Plus, good-looking, desire-generating packaging doesn’t have to be expensive.

18.   What Are The Custom Chocolate Gift Box For Specific Origins?

The Origin Chocolate Gift Box is a customized chocolate gift box that offers an attractive look.

This luxury chocolate gift box makes a perfect option for your ideal specific origins like corporate events, promotional events, birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, and holidays.

19.   What Is Kraft Chocolate Bar Box?

Kraft Chocolate gift box is perfect for packaging and gifting chocolates.

The sturdy Kraft box provides an ideal option for gift boxes; when paired with the color gift wrap option, the Kraft Box can be the primary container for your product.

20.   What Are The Contrasting Colors For Chocolate Box?

A chocolate bar packaging that can be used to display the chocolate bar or a stand-alone display.

The design features an orange frame around a cacao bean. While other chocolate boxes are often just black, this one uses complementary colors.


The chocolate bars are covered in matte laminate enclosed in kraft paper for protection and to enhance the chocolate bar’s appearance.

The orange frame and the complementary blue color make everything stand out on the black background.

21.   What Are The Chocolate Box Display Styles?

Display cases are great for displaying your smaller confectionery items. This is a great display case near the register or in places where customers are standing in line.

This will make it easier for customers to grab one when they go and ensure they buy.

22.   What Are The Chocolate Packaging Ideas For Export?

Exporting chocolates is usually an expensive and luxurious process. Keeping them friendly and safe is very difficult, and therefore the means for achieving that goal are essential.

The most important thing is to ensure that they come in attractive packaging that achieves the desired effect on consumers.

If chocolates are not packed well for shipping, they may be damaged during transportation.

To protect the quality of chocolate and sell better chocolate gift boxes, it is essential to ensure that chocolates are securely packed for export.

For the most economical and economically priced chocolate-covering designs, use cardboard, Kraft paper, or any other material that can be shipped to your customers. You can also impress your customers with two-way shipping containers that come in all shapes and sizes to fit your needs.

23.   What Is The Best Way To Store And Keep Chocolates Box?

Since chocolate is a perishable foodstuff, it must be transported and stored in chocolate gift boxes to avoid it going out of date.

This is why you need to use special shipping chocolate gift boxes to keep your chocolate items fresh and delicious for a more extended period.

Chocolate packaging is an integral part of the process. The cardboard, kraft paper, and luxurious paper chocolate packaging help you transport your chocolate products without damaging them.

They also protect the delicate treats from moisture or heat. These packaging materials are among the most affordable and efficient ways of keeping food products dry.

24.   Why Should You Focus A Lot On The Chocolate Gift Boxes?

Be creative and eye-catching. You have to focus that your chocolate boxes are visually appealing and full of unique and special details.

It would help if you also focused on creating memorable experiences for your chocolate buyers. You must include your company name and logo prominently on the box for a professional look.

By prioritizing your customers, you will stand out from the crowd. When you make your customers feel valued and appreciated, they will reward you with loyalty and return more often.

Learning how to provide high-quality customer service is one of the best ways to grow your chocolate business.

25.   What Is Natural Chocolate Box Design?


With geometric shapes incorporated into your chocolate gift box design, you can be sure to attract the attention of those who purchase it.You need to be aware of the colors used on the chocolate gift box. You can also enhance the natural texture by using different shades or surfaces of the same material.

It would help if you were careful with the colors you use on the chocolate box to inspire people who buy it from you.

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