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ZTP is the industry’s largest printing and packaging company. For almost two decades, we’ve been serving and making high-quality chocolate box products. We make every effort to provide you with a  terrific solution for all of your packaging needs.

Our highly trained staff, designers, and packaging experts can provide you with 100% handcrafted, recyclable, and exceptional chocolate boxes. We may also be able to provide you with information and ideas to assist you in selecting the appropriate packaging for your items.

Select The Chocolate Box Of Your Choice

ZTP has a large selection of chocolate boxes to pick from. Take a look at these creative and beautiful chocolate boxes. Moreover, our professionals can create boxes in a variety of sizes and styles.

Chocolate gift box
Our chocolate gift box has a number of choices of various sizes, designs, and colors. They are a great option, not just for birthdays, but also for graduations, anniversaries, and other special events.
Chocolate Packaging Box
Our chocolate packaging box is manufactured entirely from scratch and is recyclable. They're ideal choices if you want to cheer up and make your loved one happy.
Heart Shaped Chocolate Box
ZTP's heart-shaped chocolate boxes are long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and of excellent quality. It's the ideal box for expressing your affection for someone special.
Chocolate Paper Box
ZTP offers chocolate paper boxes in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can find affordable and high-quality prints that are both trendy and gorgeous.
Chocolate Selection Box
With ZTP, you can get a chocolate selection box that is great for storing any type of chocolates. They are completely eco-friendly and recyclable.
Chocolate Cardboard Box
ZTP uses cardboard for chocolate boxes because it is more durable and sturdy than normal paper. We guarantee that the quality of our boxes will meet your standards.

ZTP Has A Capability To Offer You Excellent Chocolate Box Solutions

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Why Is A Good Chocolate Box Important?

his sweet and delectable gift is ideal for expressing your love and care for those you care about. As a result, they must be carefully packaged in chocolate boxes. Furthermore, these chocolate packaging boxes should suit the product in order to create a strong impact and persuade more consumers in purchasing your product.

Delicious chocolates presented in elegant handmade chocolate boxes are likely to entice customers. Hence, consider chocolates in printed chocolate boxes as a gift or favor for anyone on any occasion.

When we hear the term chocolate, the first thing that comes to mind is a sweet delicacy with a mouthwatering flavor. This product has been a genuine source of enjoyment from within, attracting people of all ages.

As a result, if you want prospective customers to visit your store, pay attention to the product’s packaging. Your packaging makes your product more captivating. It will bring excitement and joy to anyone who will receive the package.

If you’re in need of a chocolate box, ZTP has lots to offer. It has a variety of chocolate box selections to choose from. Also, they come in different forms, designs, sizes, and even prints.

Manufacturer Of Chocolate Box For Over Two Decades

ZTP has the capability to offer you excellent chocolate box solutions because of its long-time  experience in the printing and packaging industry.

We assure you that our packaging is both high-quality and cost-effective. Our designers and staff are skilled and mindful in providing you with information and suggestions that fit your interests.

We are glad to serve you with extraordinary printing and packaging services. You will surely be pleased with our products and services!



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ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
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Over 20 years printing and packaging experience manufacturer

Why Should You Buy Chocolate Boxes From ZTP

ZTP has over 20 years of experience in the chocolate box industry. For your packaging needs, we can handle a wide assortment of chocolate boxes, cardboard boxes, paper boxes, and all types of boxes.

ZTP’s mission is to not only supply you with a chocolate box solution, but also to make things as simple as possible for you by providing a one-stop service for the entire order. Moreover, our products are also 100% handcrafted from high-quality, environmentally sustainable materials. They’re durable enough that you’ll be able to use them multiple times.

Custom orders are also welcome at ZTP. You have complete control over the material, color, and surface design of your chocolate boxes.

If you’re looking for chocolate boxes, ZTP is the place to go. We have a team of qualified and competent professionals who can create the package you want. As a result, you won’t be wasting any more time browsing for packaging companies online.

  1. What Is A Good Box Of Chocolates?
  2. What Does Chocolate Box Mean?
  3. What Is The Price Of This Box?
  4. How Do You Make A Box Out Of Cardboard?
  5. How Do You Make This Box Packaging?
  6. What Type Of Packaging Is Used For Chocolate Box?
  7. What Are Chocolate Boxes Made Of
  8. Why Is The Packaging Important?
  9. What Are The Benefits Of Customization?
  10. How Can You Select Color Scheme Selection & Logo?
  11. What Are The Additional Features That Will Add Further Sweetness To Your Box?
  12. How Can We Find A Printable Template Online To Make?
  13. How To Make A Chocolate Exploding Box?
  14. How To Make An Exploding Box?
  15. How To Wrap A Box?
  16. How To Wrap This Box For Shipping?
  17. What Are The Five Types Of This Box Packaging?
  18. What Are The Features Of These Boxes Market?
  19. How To Wrap An Open Cardboard Box?
  20. How To Wrap A Box Without Seams?
  21. What Is Food Safe Packaging?
  22. What Are The 7 Functions Of Packaging?

Chocolate Box – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Chocolate Box – The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a comprehensive guide about the frequently asked questions related to chocolate box-like price, packaging, benefits color schemes, and logo.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide” is a complete, well-known and detailed answers guide to the questions that are primarily in your mind, and you are searching for the solution.

A chocolate box is a perfect gift for any occasion, big and small. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any need.

Each chocolate box is made from start to finish with care and quality in mind. Chocolate Box is a unique and fun gift that combines the best aspects of chocolate packaging and its delivery to your required place.

This unique guide will keep your loved ones guessing at what mystery may be hiding inside in the form of answers to the questions like the purpose, the function, and the types of the chocolate box?

1.    What Is A Good Box Of Chocolates?

A good paper box is not just any box that’s available at the store. It should be sturdy and robust enough to hold your chocolates without bending, tearing, or ripping.

Make sure it has a lid that’s attached adequately because if it comes loose, it could result in your box of chocolates falling on the floor.


Test the weight of the box before you fill it with chocolate, so you know whether or not it will be sturdy enough to hold all that deliciousness.

Square and rectangular boxes are best, while round ones are more prone to tilt over and leak chocolate all over your gifts underneath.

2.    What Does Chocolate Box Mean?

A chocolate box is also known as a chocolate mantle or fondant. It’s decorated with an assortment of handmade chocolates and wrapped in colorful paper.

Chocolate Boxes are the perfect gift for any occasion, from weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and holidays.

3.    What Is The Price Of This Box?

The cost of a paper chocolate box will vary depending on the brand, size, and quantity of the item. The price per box might be $2 to $4 per dozen. In addition to this, premium chocolates may require more packaging, adding fees.

4.    How Do You Make A Box Out Of Cardboard?

To create a chocolate box that can store your chocolates or candies, you’ll need to make a box with two strips of cardboard placed together.

To do this, first cut two slits in one of the strips.

Then, slide your first strip of cardboard into the slot formed in the second strip.

5.    How Do You Make This Box Packaging?

Line the inside of the box with tissue paper to keep chocolate from touching the chocolates.

Attach a small card to the top of each box that explains how to eat chocolates out of the box.

Stack a few boxes on top of one another and place single chocolate in the top layer.

Present large numbers of chocolates with cupcake liners.

6.    What Type Of Packaging Is Used For Chocolate Box?

Commonly, many layers of packaging are used for chocolate bars.

Firstly, a fragile aluminum foil is wrapped by a thin film of paper, and then a plastic wrapper for a chocolate box is added to protect the chocolate bars.

Usually, chocolate bars are packed with a dual-layer packaging system.

Layers Chocolate Box
The first layer is a sugar shell made of sugar, refined cocoa, and milk powder, with an inner film of dark chocolate, and the second layer is a plastic wrapper or cardboard box.

7.    What Are Chocolate Boxes Made Of?

Kraft Paper is a traditional packaging material that is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Paper Chocolate Box
However, it can be more attractive to consumers’ eyes and taste and better shelf life if it is coated in food packaging.

8.    Why Is The Packaging Important?

The packaging is essential for a few reasons. First, it protects the product and makes it look better than it is.

Next, it shows the company cares about its customers and brands enough to go above and beyond their everyday job responsibilities.

The last reason why the packaging is essential is that it conveys a message about what’s inside the package to the consumer.

Chocolate Box Quality Packaging
When you buy something with excellent packaging, you subconsciously think that what’s inside must also be high quality.

There are several factors you should consider. The quality of the packaging is one of the most critical factors.

A shop owner can choose from many different types of packaging.

Cheese or a multi-tiered box makes it easy to display and accessories your products.

9.    What Are The Benefits Of Customization?

The other important factor to consider is customization. With hundreds of different types of chocolate boxes available, there’s a chocolate box that will appeal to any and every customer.

Chocolate Box Custom
The most important thing to remember when selling chocolates is to make sure that your packaging is attractive enough to deliver the best message.

To ensure that your chocolates are delivered beautifully and conveniently, you should look into using custom printed chocolate boxes.

These custom printed chocolate boxes appeal to your customers as a unique way of marketing your products.

The companies that produce the printed chocolate boxes use several printing techniques to ensure the printed stuff is visible on the packaging.

Graphic art is used on packaging is one of the most common uses. In addition to having superior print quality, CMYKs and PMSs are now used for color schemes.

RGB palettes used to be the standard in printing, but they aren’t as popular anymore.

The options are endless, there’s a printing service for any event, and each customer is unique in what they need printed chocolate box as they want.

10.   How Can You Select Color Scheme Selection & Logo?

The chocolate box printing technique will be great for you. The best way to use this technique is to select your desired ink and colors for the printing process.

You can also use it in your advertising medium. Just choose your favorite one and print it on the chocolate boxes.

You can personalize chocolate boxes with a logo on them. Or, you can make your packages look custom with the right design. You can use a mix of colors to create a unique look.

Color Scheme Chocolate Box
To make these chocolate boxes unique, you can add your company logo or name to these custom packaging boxes.

You also have the option of printing a web address on the bottom of the chocolate box. These Chocolate boxes will make a great impression on customers’ minds

These facts about your company will help you grab attention and stand out. It’s essential to choose a logo that reflects the culture of your brand.

Your logo should be relevant to the product, concise enough for easy memorization, visible on the background setting, and easily recognizable by consumers.

This logo also should be relevant to your product. It should be brief enough that it could be easily remembered. Instead of a tagline, try a logo that’s short and easily identifiable in the context of your product.

It should be catchy, memorable, and simple enough that it’s easy to recall.

11.   What Are The Additional Features That Will Add Further Sweetness To Your Box?

  • If you want to make chocolate packaging boxes more attractive, the use of windows and dividers is a good choice.
  • Windows and dividers will add an aesthetic appeal to your chocolate box to put customers in a hunger state.
  • Adding handles to your custom chocolate boxes will make it easier for customers to carry them, and you might not need the plastic and polythene bags as well. With these handles, your customers will be more likely to buy from you.
  • Don’t forget to include clear Die-Cut on the top of your chocolate packaging boxes for customers to see the product.
  • Induction-based vacuum sealers are the tools that allow you to keep chocolates fresh without damaging the product, and they are a great way to ensure that the taste of the chocolates is intact.

Additional Features Chocolate Box

  • Further, just as the printing process is applied to make cardboard boxes glossy and smooth, the lamination process is used to make printed chocolate boxes shiny and smooth.
  • From gloss to matte, spot UV to aqueous, we have many different types and finishes available for you to choose from.

12.   How Can We Find A Printable Template Online To Make?

Go to the web and search for the template you want to print.

Grab some bright paper, such as perforated stationery. You don’t need to print the template on high-end paper, but do an excellent paper that won’t bleed.

Suppose you don’t have a printer. You can also use a scanner to get accurate copies of your drawings, photographs, or any other images you need.

13.   How To Make A Chocolate Exploding Box?

Following tips will help you to an exploding chocolate box.

  • Place treats on the sides of the box.
  • Cut the side of the bottom piece of the second box and slip it into place.
  • Tape down the flaps.
  • Place your treats on the sides.
  • You’ve figured out where everything goes,
  • so now it’s time to tape them down.

14.   How To Make An Exploding Box?

Including a notecard in your chocolate box makes the person delighted for whom you are making your chocolate box.

The outside of the box could be just as luxurious as the contents with a drip-painted exterior and fittingly engraved lid.

Chocolate Box explosion
The secret is our special coating that helps protect the candy from moisture while it’s in storage and on its way to your recipient. Plus, it arrives ready to be eaten – no need to wrap.

The explosion lasts approximately 30 seconds and is the perfect addition to any gift basket or reception table display.

15.   How To Wrap A Box?

When packing chocolate boxes, use bubble wrap first. When you place the chocolates in the box, take extra care to fill them adequately, so they are snug and well-protected.

Chocolate Box Wrapping
For a little extra padding, try using packing peanuts or newspaper. However, you can use bubble wrap as a packing material as chocolate can stick to it, and it won’t provide enough cushioning.

If you want to add even more padding, try packing paper or shredded cardboard instead of newspaper.

To wrap the outer side of the chocolate box, you can use crape papers, ribbons, and other decorating materials.

16.   How To Wrap This Box For Shipping?

The following tips will help you to wrap the chocolate box for shipping.

  • Tape all the seams to slow airflow (like a cold room),
  • Place a few layers of mylar at the bottom of your package.
  • Pull the ice pack out of the cold freezer.
  • Wrap the ice pack inside the chocolate box.
  • Wrap your additional items and tape them to the outside of the package.

17.   What Are The Five Types Of This Box Packaging?

These are the five types of packaging:

  • Classic Packaging
  • Shock Mount Packaging
  • Preservation Packaging
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Vacuum Packaging

18.   What Are The Features Of These Boxes Market?

Few features of the chocolate box are listed below:

  • A chocolate box is available in any shape or size.
  • These boxes have coated in printing ink or chemicals from the manufacturing process.
  •  These boxes are often used for food gifts (chocolate) and other small items.
  • The contents are typically wrapped in cellophane and tied with string.
  • Consumers purchase these as gifts or for personal use.

19.   How To Wrap An Open Cardboard Box?

  • Start by tearing off a piece of cardboard from a box.
  • The first step is to cut along the four edges of the box, like so.
  • Then cut the corner, so it’s also at a 90-degree angle, like pictured.
  • Begin by cutting a piece of wrapping paper, so it fits snugly onto the box and all four sides.
  • Then cut corners off at a right angle so the square paper matches the square box.
  • Repeat on all four corners.

20.   How To Wrap A Box Without Seams?

There are many different ways to wrap a gift without seams.

You can use a gift bag, ribbon, string, or even newspaper.

Another way to wrap a gift is by using tissue paper or pages from a large book.

Significant Crepe papers Kraft paper can also be used so that there is no need for seams to join two pieces.

21.   What Is Food Safe Packaging?

A Chocolate is a packaging box that is safe and suitable for food use.

If you are not sure, the only way to determine whether chocolate qualifies as food-grade is to contact the manufacturer.

Food-grade chocolate boxes are necessary to ship food safely.

They can confirm whether a chocolate box is approved for use in food.

Chocolate Box Food Safe Packaging
When it comes to chocolate packaging, the quality matters.

You can contact the manufacturer of a product if you are not sure if a container is a food-grade material.

If a chocolate box is not approved, it may contain chemicals that could harm your food and soil it in.

22.   What Are The 7 Functions Of Packaging?

Consumer protection is a regulatory function aimed at ensuring public safety, health, and welfare. To fulfill customers’ expectations regarding quality and standard, packaging helps create confidence, particularly regarding quantity.

The seven functions of packaging are listed below:

  1. The Seven Functions of Packaging
  2. Attract Buyers Attention
  3. Protect goods inside the packaging
  4. Be easy to open and use
  5. Describe and give info about contents
  6. Explain the benefits of the sound inside
  7. Provide warranty, warnings, and consumer matter information
  8. Give value, price, and use indic

Transfer: To take Chocolate Box from one location to another. Chocolate boxes are manufactured in production units and then transfer to a shopkeeper or at your doorstep through a middle man.

Carry out: The product is carried to the point of ultimate use. Small chocolate boxes are used to put the chocolates that are then shipped in bulk from factories.

They are then packed into large containers and stored in warehouses before being taken to the distribution centers. They are further loaded onto ships and transported across oceans and continents for sale.

Preserve: To ensure the safety and quality of a product, in most cases, it must be protected and ‘preserved’ for a future period. A Chocolate Box is used to preserve Chocolates from damage or deterioration.

Measuring: A chocolate box is a multi-purpose box. It serves as a fulfillment point for items and as a measuring quantity.

Chocolates are given different weights so that a chocolate box can be weighed out precisely what the customer orders.

Communicate: This is a sign indicating what the product is supposed to do or mean. It may also give information regarding what you should do with the product, precautions to be taken, etc.

Chocolate-Box Display Packaging

Display: it is a powerful tool that has the potential to increase brand recognition in today’s highly competitive marketplace. It is also an effective means of communicating the value of your product to customers.

On display packages, typically, a small portion of the box is used to showcase your product. This can be done in various ways: standees, window displays, panels, banners, or even interactive digital signage.

Glamour: it is one of the most visually appealing products and plays a vital role in most industries. In the paper industry, technologies such as foiling, embossing, and decorating are commonly used.

Health and hygiene: These are of paramount importance, especially in the retail sector.

Consumers should be protected from the dangers of open and loose Chocolate Box packaging to maintain their health and safety.

Packaged products such as Chocolates will help consumers to stay safe and avoid health risks.

23.   Why is the packaging of services a good idea?

Your Chocolate Box packaging is the highest expression of your branding.

It helps your business to get its identity across, communicate the Chocolate Box quality and reputation and helps customers make decisions about whether to buy from you or not.

Trust in an unknown brand will be lost before they can even try to sell their products.

This means that a genuinely effective Chocolate Box packaging design will help businesses get the messages across to the public and customers.

24.   What are the four purposes of packaging?

It is essential to properly package a product to promote its image and help consumers understand how to use it.

The purposes of Chocolate Box packaging should be an example of all four benefits:

  • Protection
  • Convenience
  • Image

25.   What are the types of the chocolate box?

The few common types of Chocolate Boxes are given below:

  • Round chocolates contain toffee.

Chocolate Box Round

  • Square or rectangular Chocolate Boxes are almost always filled with caramel.
  • Complimentary round and square chocolate boxes usually famous.
  • Gleaming foil wrappers type Chocolate Box make good gifts.
  • The bumpy surface of the Chocolate Box makes the chocolate more bite-able.

26.   What are the primary packaging materials?

Materials may include card or paper, foils, plastics, and other materials.

Chocolate Box Packaging produced by combining paper and board materials include boxes, labels, rigid boxes, leaflets, tubes, and corrugated cases.

27.   What do you need to start a packaging business?

Following are the few essential tips to start a business:

  • Plan your Chocolate Box Business
  • Make a Legal Cover
  • Get registered for taxes
  • Open Business Bank Account & Credit/ATM Cards
  • Calculate Business Accounting
  • Apply & get necessary Permits and licenses
  • Apply and get your business insured.

28.   How can I make good packaging?

You can make good packaging after following these tips:

  • Elements of Successful Package Design should be unique and according to market trend.
  • Having detail know how about the colors in market.
  • Consider what colors would work for your Chocolate Box and the market in which it is sold; this is extremely important for success.
  • Limit the number of fonts to ensure the design looks clean, attractive, and creative.
  • Make sure design of your package, logo should contain information of your company.

29.   How do you make a mini chocolate box?

Download the template of a mini chocolate box from the internet.

Draw the lines according to a template and crease the kraft paper.

Chocolate Box Mini
Put the tissue paper inside the box to absorb moisture and prevent chocolate from sticking.

Cut a small opening in a cardboard box to divide it into compartments if need.

Wrap single chocolate in clear cellophane and place it in each compartment for a more elegant presentation.

You can Use a single cupcake liner if there is a large number of chocolates.

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