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For more than 20 years, ZTP is a company that has specialized in the paper packaging industry. We have remarkable cardboard jewelry boxes, cardboard wine boxes, small cardboard gift boxes with lids, heart shaped cardboard gift boxes, white cardboard gift boxes, decorative cardboard gift boxes, cardboard suitcase gift boxes, black cardboard gift boxes, and a lot more products for you.

Consisting of the best designers and professional production technicians, our company uses the best modern equipment in order to make our products. We produce all kinds of cardboard gift boxes with the colors and designs you fancy. At ZTP, you can be rest assured that all the cardboard gift boxes are made with first-rate materials and are handmade.

Different Kinds of Cardboard Gift Boxes To Select From

ZTP produces a wide variety of cardboard gift boxes you can select from. If the thing you like is not included in the list, you can reach out to us. We will be glad to make your request.

cardboard jewelry boxes
Make the most of your jewelry collection with our designer jewelry boxes. Crafted with elegant and modern designs.
cardboard wine boxes
Our cardboard wine boxes are made ideal for storing your beloved wine. These wine boxes are made with rigid material for a more convenient way of moving or storing your wines to let it age.
small cardboard gift boxes
Our little cardboard gift boxes are the perfect size for your present. They are durable and may be embellished in several ways. warehousing and shipping of your items.
cardboard gift boxes with lids
ZTP provides gift boxes with lids for your convenience. They are constructed to last and to be recycled.
heart shaped cardboard boxes
Heart shaped cardboard boxes are perfect for showing how much you love someone. They come in a variety of sizes, and are made of durable material to hold whatever you want to show your love.
white cardboard gift boxes
The white cardboard gift boxes by ZTP are ideal for storing or as a gift wrap on every occasion. It is made with a sturdy material of paper so you can use it many times.
Decorative Cardboard Gift Boxes
ZTP’s decorative cardboard gift boxes are perfectly made for every occasion. It is a fancily decorated sturdy paper material box made durable to last for a long time.
Cardboard Suitcase Gift Box
The cardboard suitcase gift box of ZTP is made with a rigid material to last and hold your gift for a long time. It is in a suitcase-type of box that is made environmentally friendly.
Black Cardboard Gift Box
This black cardboard gift box is made durable to hold your gift in a mystery for a long time. ZTP made sure it is of its best quality and also environmentally friendly.

You Are Free To Choose Material, Color, And Surface Design For Your Cardboard Gift Boxes.

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Manufacturer Of Cardboard Gift Boxes For Over 20 Years

ZTP has the ability to provide you with great cardboard gift box solutions because of its more than two decades of experience in the printing and packaging industry.

We guarantee that our packaging is both high-quality and premium. Our specialists are knowledgeable and mindful in providing you with ideas and suggestions that are suited to your interests.

We are glad to serve you with exceptional printing and packaging services. You will likely be pleased with our services!

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Factory Base On ISO9001/ISO14001 Standard
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BSCI improve social performance in supply chain.
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ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
20 Years Paper Packaging Manufacturing Experience
More Than 20 years Experience
Over 20 years printing and packaging experience manufacturer

Why Should You Buy Cardboard Gift Boxes From ZTP

ZTP has been in the gift boxing industry for more than 20 years. We are skilled in covering a wide range of gift boxes, cardboard boxes, paper boxes, and magnet boxes for your packaging inquiries. The goal of ZTP is not only to provide you a gift box solution, but also to make sure that things will be easy for you by giving you a one-stop service in the whole order.

Moreover, our products are all handmade with environmentally friendly high-quality materials. They are sturdy enough for you to be able to use them more than once.

ZTP is also open for custom orders. You are free to choose what material, color, or surface design you want for your cardboard gift boxes.

Along with that, your box will be safely delivered in a package. All the boxes will be shipped with signed and original labels and cardstock to guarantee you a safe delivery.

Cardboard Gift Boxes – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Cardboard Gift Boxes – The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a specialized guide designed to give the best answers to questions related to cardboard gift boxes.

It contains detailed information that will provide you with all of the information you need, whether you are a business or a personal user.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide is the ultimate, easy to read and understand. This book is unique in its approach to the cardboard gift boxes industry.It takes complex information about packaging for gifts and organizes it in a simple package with all the answers.

This guide covers everything you need to know about choosing the right box for your needs, knowing the best time to buy them, and how you can save money by buying online from a genuine supplier.

Cardboard Gift Boxes – The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a resource that answers frequently asked questions about cardboard gift boxes.

It also describes how to reuse, choose suitable protective, and buy cardboard gift boxes for online businesses.

  1. Why Should These Boxes Be Preferred For Gift Box Packing?
  2. How To Choose Suitable Protective Product Packaging?
  3. How To Reuse The Cardboard Gift Boxes For Beautiful DIY Crafts For Home?
  4. How To Impress With High-End Custom Boxes?
  5. How To Promote Greater Customer Engagement?
  6. How To Make Effective Direct To Consumer Boxes?
  7. How Can It Worth Buy Cardboard Gift Boxes For Online Business?
  8. How To Make Cardboard Gift Boxes Last Longer?
  9. What Are The Tips For Choosing The Right Retail Packaging?
  10. Which Is The Best Way To Choose The Right Cardboard Gift Box?
  11. What Type Of Accessories Can Be Used For Cardboard Gift Boxes?
  12. What Do You Say About Corrugated Carton Versus Cardboard Gift Boxes?
  13. How To Make Product Displays More Meaningful ?
  14. What Is Meant By Green Packaging Company?
  15. How To Make Your Gift Boxes More Enticing?
  16. What Is The Factors Packaging Specialists Consider When Designing Cardboard Gift Boxes Packaging?
  17. What Are The Advantages Of Cardboard Box Shipping?
  18. Why Cardboard Packaging Solutions Are The Best Option?
  19. Why E-Commerce Cardboard Packaging Solution Is A Practical Solution For Online Businesses?
  20. What Are The Things To Consider With Cardboard Gift Boxes?
  21. How Do Businesses Use Cardboard Corrugated Boxes?
  22. Why Are Cardboard Boxes Used To Send All Types Of Gifts?
  23. How To Safely Handle A Cardboard Shipping Box?
  24. What Are The Various Types Of Cardboard Boxes?
  25. Why Should You Use Cardboard Boxes?
  26. How Are Cardboard Boxes Made?

1.    Why Should These Boxes Be Preferred For Gift Box Packing?

Because a Cardboard gift box is an easy and attractive way to package a gift box, think of cardboard gift box packaging as the middleman between a gift and its recipient.

Cardboard boxes have two purposes:

  • To protect the gift item
  • To make it look nice

Making Kraft Boxes could be as simple as cutting and folding Kraft paper.

Kraft is a paper product that is not only cheaper than other materials it also offers important benefits.

For example, it’s extremely strong and durable and can be created using a variety of techniques.

2.    How To Choose Suitable Protective Product Packaging?

Even though various products have different needs, there are still some universal necessities for every product.

One of the most common problems that businesses face is damaged shipments.

This can result in wasted shipping costs and damaged goods.

Businesses must seal their products before they send them off, helping to prevent damage to the product and the cost of making replacements.

The packaging of products can have a big effect on how well the package is received.

The type of box used and any inserts inside can help protect the contents in transit.

Companies should make sure their products are packaged well and arrive in their customers’ incomplete condition.

The following tips will help to choose suitable protective product packaging:

  • Performance
  • Meet Regulations
  • The product
  • Distance

3.    How To Reuse The Cardboard Gift Boxes For Beautiful DIY Crafts For Home?

You can recycle cardboard gift boxes for free at most grocery stores, curbside recycling programs, or drop-off locations.

Most towns have curbside collection services where they take your cardboard box.

Some waste management companies don’t accept wet cardboard for recycling because it can slow down the recycling process.

After wet cardboard gift boxes are collected, the cardboard fibers become less valuable since they are not as useful as dry cardboard.

If your cardboard gets wet, it will be too heavy to carry and will have to be thrown away with other trash.

Cardboard gift boxes are one of the most recyclable materials on Earth, and as long as you’re recycling them the right way, you’ll be saving a lot of resources.

Tips To Get The Most From Cardboard Boxes.

  • Cardboard gift boxes are simple and easy to use for storing things, but they can also be a terrific way to spruce up an otherwise drab room or house.
  • Decorate your cardboard gift boxes with decorative papers, wrappings, or simple labels to create low-cost home decor that is functional as well as beautiful. Assembling several different packages in different ways is a great way to jazz up a room.
  • You can assemble a shoe rack out of cardboard gift boxes from the store. It’s easy to do, and it looks great. If you want to fancy up your shoe rack, start by folding the cardboard box in half.
  • Keep your drawers organized with sturdy cardboard gift box dividers. These dividers help to keep items tidy and tidy up the look of a cluttered drawer. They can be used in any drawer for clothes, utensils, and bathroom items.
  • Photo frames are made of cardboard gift boxes, so they’re easy to assemble. You can decorate your cardboard gift box photo frame with ribbons and other decorations.
  • Cool paper lanterns for your home. Fold cardboard gift boxes into shapes such as triangles and hexagons to make great accent lights in the house.

4.    How To Impress With High-End Custom Boxes?

High-end custom cardboard gift box packaging can turn a good impression into a great one.

When customers order cardboard gift boxes that are handcrafted from high-quality materials, they usually expect to receive a product well-branded and of the finest quality.

Engaging with a supplier directly is the best way to ensure that your cardboard gift box will be represented correctly.

  1. Production process:

It’s important to source custom boxes from a supplier that has a well-organized supply chain. This ensures timely delivery of your orders as requested.

  1. Personalized:

You can make a cardboard gift box that is just as unique and decorative as your regular box.

Add textures for a luxurious feel, but keep in mind the target market demographics and be sure to include holiday-themed high-end cardboard gift boxes that are beautiful and expensive looking.

  1. Simplicity:

A high-end market requires a sophisticated cardboard gift box packaging design.

In this market, the most expensive and sophisticated brands use packaging that wants to succeed in the high-end market will use different cardboard gift packaging options to reflect their status.

  1. Durable:

If you send a custom gift box to someone, it’s important that the box is sturdy and can withstand even rough handling.

If the cardboard gift box is lightweight and can be easily torn, customers will have a less-than-positive impression of your brand.

5.    How To Promote Greater Customer Engagement?

To get customers involved in your promotions, the best thing you can do is to provide them with a ballot box by using a cardboard gift box.

With a little decoration, you can turn unwanted cardboard boxes into incredibly useful marketing tools like lid cardboard gift boxes can be used ballot boxes.

You can use these for promotional campaigns, to collect data, or simply to help you advertise.

If you’ve got cardboard gift boxes lying around, turn them into promotional giveaways today.

6.    How To Make Effective Direct To Consumer Boxes?

Direct to consumer marketing is an increasingly popular business model. Instead of going through wholesalers or retailers, businesses can sell directly to customers. Cutting out the middleman allows them to make direct contact with customers.

  1. Make Appealing Packaging

The design of the cardboard gift box packaging should be eye-catching, attractive, and striking. When consumers inbox a product, they want to feel like they’re experiencing a luxurious experience.

  1. Stabilize the contents:

To further improve the unboxing experience, make sure the product is secured in its box. Using a box with a structured design that holds the product in place, the product will stand up on its own.

  1. Ensure Optimal Sizing:

To make the product appealing, make sure to avoid oversized packaging. Oversized packaging can seem wasteful and untidy; it can also cause damage in transit or result in poor presentation.

  1. Choosing Sustainable Packaging:

Using sustainable packaging conveys an awareness of environmental issues and gives your cardboard gift box a positive image of caring for the environment.

7.    How Can It Worth Buy Cardboard Gift Boxes For Online Business?

Many online business owners take their websites and social media channels very seriously.

However, they should also pay attention to their product packaging. It is important to buy the appropriate cardboard Gift boxes for shipping.

  1. Easy to handle:

Cardboard gift boxes should be sturdy, lightweight, and easy to handle for the courier.

They should be lightweight because heavier boxes can make it more difficult for the courier to handle.

  1. Easy to buy:

A cardboard gift box should be incredibly cheap to produce and buy. They can be made using recycled materials, often made into simple designs, and affordable.

These cardboard gift boxes are a great alternative to more expensive wrapping products.

They are often less expensive than the alternatives, and they can be used for gift-wrapping almost any type of gift, including food and clothes.

8.    How To Make Cardboard Gift Boxes Last Longer?

Cardboard gift boxes are great for storing a variety of items. They come in different sizes and thicknesses, making them appropriate for various storage purposes.

To prolong the life of cardboard gift boxes, however, you need to follow certain precautions.

  1. Choose The Accurate Box:

Double-wall cardboard gift boxes are great for protecting fragile items, but thicker boxes are a better option for sturdy materials.

Packaging should be as light as possible, and over-packing can cause the cardboard gift box to tape. Finally, double or triple walled boxes are recommended for heavier items.

  1. Stack Smartly:

Cardboard gift boxes can be stacked, but you must ensure that the weight is evenly distributed. Make sure boxes with heavy contents are at the bottom and stack the lighter boxes on top.

  1. Consider Coating:

Consider coating them with resins, wood glues, or epoxy to increase the durability of cardboard gift boxes. This will help prevent damage from pests and reduce their chance of rotting.

  1. Tape The Edges:

Cardboard gift boxes are vulnerable to edge damage. Duct tape is an easy way to strengthen the box and make it less likely to have a bulge or tear.

9.    What Are The Tips For Choosing The Right Retail Packaging?

Contrary to popular opinion, plain cardboard gift box packaging will not make your product stand out.

The opposite is true. When consumers see a product that looks like all the others on the shelf, it can limit brand recognition.

Instead of looking for plain packaged products, you should select retail packaging that will help your product stand out from its competitors.

That’s where differentiating factors such as color and size come in handy.

  1. Design:

Retail cardboard gift box packaging is supposed to be appealing to the eye and help sell the products.

For example, a perfume bottle would be best with a colored box and an attractive logo.

If the product is for kids’ toys, bright colors are preferable, including fun logos like cartoon characters.

On the other hand, if something is for adults like cologne, more sophisticated packaging will be preferred.

  1. Quality:

If your cardboard gift box packaging is not neat and professional, customers won’t feel comfortable storing it in their houses.

Make sure the cardboard gift box packaging looks good close up as well as far away.

Also, check which materials are being used to get a sample to see if they contribute to the appearance of the overall product.

  1. Environment:

If you are using a green cardboard gift box, make sure the customers know about it.

You can also mention other green efforts you are taking to help the environment.

Your practice of recycling and using environmentally friendly cardboard gift boxes can go a long way in helping to preserve the planet for future generations.

10.   Which Is The Best Way To Choose The Right Cardboard Gift Box?

Before you begin shopping for a cardboard gift box, be sure to check out some of the most common types and styles like:

  • Trays and folding box along with inserts
  • Decide on which of your products you want to ship or store.
  • Telescope style
  • Determine your need for Additional Support
  • Slotted style


  • Test for Durability

11.   What Type Of Accessories Can Be Used For Cardboard Gift Boxes?

Box inserts and accessories are a great way to give cardboard gift boxes a professional look, but they also allow you to customize the cardboard gift boxes in any way you like.

They can be made of corrugated materials, plastic, or foam boards and can have all sorts of designs.

Box accessories can be designed and printed to match the look of your cardboard gift box or container.

They can be cut, shaped, and formed to fit any packaging you create. Choosing accessories that match your cardboard gift box’s design will make a big difference.

Few important packaging cardboard gift box accessories are as follows:

  • Cardboard Trays
  • Cardboard pads


  • Custom Foam Inserts
  • Cardboard Box Dividers

12.   What Do You Say About Corrugated Carton Versus Cardboard Gift Boxes?

  1. Corrugated Carton:

Corrugated Carton is a strong, reliable material that has been used for years to hold heavy loads.

It is made up of three layers, with the inside and outside being corrugated. This makes it ideal for holding heavy amounts.

The different forms of corrugated cardboard boxes can accommodate products ranging from light to heavy, small to large, and shallow to deep.

These boxes will vary in thickness and the flutes’ depth and may have several different profiles.

  1. Cardboard Gift Boxes:

Cardboard boxes are made from cardboard. A TV is usually made from one sheet of heavy-duty paper or paperboard.

Cardboard boxes are much lighter, thinner, and cheaper than corrugated boxes.

Cardboard boxes are commonly used to carry lightweight products such as cereals, small toys, and even clothes.

Though they provide better protection than standard corrugated boxes, their walls are weaker than what you get using corrugated boxes.

13.   How To Make Product Displays More Meaningful?

There are several ways that a cardboard gift box display can lead to stronger conversions and increased sales for a company.

The first piece of advice is to make the display more interesting. Think about the kinds of things you would be attracted to and why you would be interested in them.

Research shows that distinctive cardboard gift box displays are more effective at generating sales like:

  • Make it informative
  • Touch and Feel
  • Keep it seasonal
  • Plant Power
  • Adopt Technology
  • Minimalism

14.   What Is Meant By Green Packaging Company?

When looking for a box manufacturer, you will want to consider a company that offers Bio-based packaging.

Natural materials used in the construction of the cardboard gift boxes are better for the environment and more eco-friendly than anything made with plastic because:

  • Reduced plastic waste
  • Cost savings
  • Sustainable reuse and recycling
  • Biodegradability
  • Carbon Footprint

15.   How To Make Your Gift Boxes More Enticing?

Cardboard gift box for people who gave a gift order has special packaging designed to impress the recipient and make the gift more memorable.

A good way to make the shopper’s experience even more memorable is by offering a choice between gift boxes, with both the right and left sides being wrapped in tissue paper in different color schemes.

  • Spritz A Scent
  • Insert Samples
  • Add A Bow
  • Tailored Designs

16.   What Is The Factors Packaging Specialists Consider When Designing Cardboard Gift Boxes Packaging?

When businesses need cardboard gift box packaging for their products, it is important to consult independent packaging specialists.

This group can advise businesses on how to design their cardboard gift box packages and ensure that several key factors are taken into consideration like:

  • Consistent Design
  • Choice of Manufacturer
  • Packaging Safety
  • Branding

17.   What Are The Advantages Of Cardboard Box Shipping?

A cardboard gift box is great packing material, especially when used to ship books and other packages.

It’s lightweight but offers strong tensile strength, which means that it can easily handle heavy items.

The cardboard gift box also helps reduce shipping costs because it doesn’t add much weight to the total package.

A cardboard gift box can be easily customized to a variety of sizes and dimensions. Most importantly, it’s extremely easy for businesses to modify their cardboard gift boxes to include their logos and messages in multiple sizes.

When they come in flat-packed boxes, boxes can be stored in really tight spaces. When fans are taken out of the box, they will typically become very flat.

Cardboard gift boxes are useful for a couple of reasons. First, they can be stacked on top of each other to save space. Second, they have a lid that requires little upkeep.

Cardboard gift boxes are also great for shipping because they can be stacked on top of each other, saving space in the truck and preventing damage during transit.

You can use a cardboard gift box to provide a natural way to give your items some extra protection.

Keep your items safe inside the box for up to three years, and then recycle them.

You’ll find that when kept away from liquids, it’s very durable. They can be easily reused, providing even more value to the owner.

Cardboard gift boxes are cost-effective to produce and sell. If a business does decide to pass on the cost of cardboard boxes, it will only have a small marginal negative impact.

18.   Why Cardboard Packaging Solutions Are The Best Option?

To effectively ship cargo, you’ll want to make sure you’ve explored all of the options available to you.

The manufacturer will help you understand all your options for cardboard gift boxes:

  • Economical in Budget
  • Personalized
  • Eco-Friendly


  • Stable Material.

19.   Why E-Commerce Cardboard Packaging Solution Is A Practical Solution For Online Businesses?

E-commerce brands face a lot of competition. To stand out, they need to reposition them.

One way to do this is by using unique e-commerce cardboard packaging solutions.

A designer cardboard gift box can help your brand stand out from the crowd.

While it may not be easy to find an ideal cardboard gift box for a specific business, you can browse through package design templates and create your own.

There are a few benefits to online e-commerce business:

  • Aesthetic Features
  • Easier Transportation
  • Ability to protect content to transit

20.   What Are The Things To Consider With Cardboard Gift Boxes?

As returning customers and repeat customers, you are guaranteed to get what you want.

The recyclable cardboard gift box from the box store will not disappoint you with a “one and done” experience.

Consider the things to buy cardboard gift box:

  • Reliable packaging Solutions
  • Have Variety of Uses
  • A durable manufacturing process

21.   How Do Businesses Use Cardboard Corrugated Boxes?

Businesses use cardboard gift boxes to promote their brands and make sales. It is a favorite packaging material for retailers who ship all kinds of products in various shapes, sizes, and weights like:

  • Shipping various cardboard boxes
  • Brand Contests
  • Cardboard boxes Reused as Ballot Boxes
  • Cardboard POP Boxes

22.   Why Are Cardboard Boxes Used To Send All Types Of Gifts?

There are a lot of different types of items that can be shipped. No matter what you’re sending, have confidence in the cardboard gift boxes you use when shipping.

The right cardboard gift boxes will help you ship the items you need on time, and they’ll also make sure your items are safe and secure.

There are many different shipping options out there, and the options can be overwhelming.

However, with some strategic planning, you can take the next step and start sending items safely.

Those that ship usually use the best packing materials, as this will help protect your items when they arrive.

The stronger and sturdier cardboard gift boxes are going to arrive at your destination in the best shape, so make sure you find the right cardboard gift boxes.

You need to ship items that are fragile to a given destination. The right cardboard gift boxes will protect the same and ensure the items arrive at their destination.

23.   How To Safely Handle A Cardboard Shipping Box?

You must learn how to lift and carry cardboard gift boxes of different sizes and weights.

Not all cardboard gift boxes are created equal, so it’s important to know the differences between a cardboard gift box and its weight or strength.

Lifting Techniques:

The weight of the cardboard gift box depends on the size and type of packaging materials, the importance of the packages, and the number of boxes.

If you need help with heavy cardboard gift boxes, ask for assistance from your coworkers or a temp service.

We believe that the type of cardboard gift box is a more important factor than its size.

Whether your cardboard gift box has two-way slits or not, you should be aware that only lifting one box may not be as detrimental to your back as another.

Whether you are lifting light or heavier box, the muscles should work in the same way to produce force in the direction of the forces acting on the object like:

  • To maintain balance, make sure the front of your feet is wider than the back, and your legs are straight.
  • Squatting is an amazing way to lower your body. It can increase strength and flexibility and reduce the risk of low back pain.
  • Keep your back, chest, and shoulders straight. Don’t bend your upper back forward.
  • Move carefully and with great care.
  • Consider keeping the shipping box close to your body or have it touching you.
  • Take small steps and make progress as you lift the box.
  • When lifting a load, make sure not to bend or twist at the waist.
  • Squat when you place your weight below your waistline.

24.   What Are The Various Types Of Cardboard Boxes?

Few various types of cardboard gift box are listed below:

  • Archive Box
  • Full Overlapping Boxes
  • Self-Locking Boxes

Cardboard-Gift-Boxes-Self Lock

  • Packing Wallets

25.   Why Should You Use Cardboard Boxes?

Because cardboard gift boxes are inexpensive, easy to transport, and can be used in any number of ways to expose your product.

While it is popular to use them to display products at trade shows, they are also nice to have in retail shops and boutiques.

If you’re thinking of opening a retail shop, cardboard gift box displays are better than wooden ones.

  • It is economical in budget.
  • It is versatile
  • It is portable
  • It is Adaptable

26.   How Are Cardboard Boxes Made?

At the plant, layers of kraft paper are placed on a giant corrugating machine and crimped and glued to form corrugated cardboard.

The resulting sheets of cardboard cut, printed, folded, and glued together make a cardboard gift box.

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