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Prepare your product for a stable and safe delivery with a strong and durable cardboard box. ZTP has made significant innovation to produce standard cardboard boxes for product packaging.

ZTP, we offer a wide range of cardboard box designs for your product packing, storage, and shipping solutions. Our cardboard box are made from best known materials for cardboard packaging and can accommodate any kind of object.

You can access our varying designs online to make a quick choice for your quality and custom-made cardboard box. Get any size, shape and quantity of standard cardboard box you want at the most affordable rate.

Choose From Our Catalogue To Get Custom Packaging For Your Brand

If there are no type you want, also you can contact us to create your box type.


Recycled Cardboard Boxes
Get 100% recycled box for your product packaging, storage, and transportation purposes. Our cardboard carton is sturdy and reliable for multiple times usage. It is available in various sizes, for your business and personal use.
Printed Cardboard Boxes
You can customize your box with a unique design to give your product a touch of elegance. Our kraft cardboard box is made with soft and smooth surface to bring the best quality of print designs. We offer free online design to let you see your custom box and you can get sample boxes too for large orders.
Cardboard Box With Handle
This box is made of strong cardboard material with reinforced bottom and varying handle designs for storage and movement of you product items. Conveniently carry your food, cosmetic or electronic item rather than hug it.
Empty Cardboard Box
Get a perfect box to move your items to your new office, home or store item for resale purpose. Our empty cardboard box have thick walls and can hold any kind of item safely.
circle cardboard box
Get our strong circle box for your product shipping and export purpose. Our circle cardboard box is designed to end your shipping worries. The box is built to hold your goods firm and intact during transportation either by road, air or sea, thereby saving them from damage.
Cardboard Box With Window
This box is made from durable cardboard with a transparent window. It is ideal for storage and packaging of wristwatches, artworks, cloths, cakes and other gift items.
Cardboard Drawer Box
Give your customer a unique unboxing experience with our customized drawer box made with excellent foil laminated finish. Drawer box is an ideal packaging solution for your wristwatches, cosmetics, and clothing accessories.
Rectangle Cardboard Box
We produce rectangle box particularly for your longer product packaging. The box is strong, sturdy and cost effective for storing and shipping furniture, carpets, flowers and confectioneries.
Folding Cardboard Box
For easy transportation and delivery of large orders, our cardboard box can be packed in flat shape. The folding cardboard box comes with a manual, clips and tapes to ensure easy assembly.

ZTP Provide Free Design And Free Recycle Paper Box Sample Solution.

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Why Choose ZTP For Your Cardboard Box Packaging

At ZTP, we offer excellent packaging designs, manufacturing and services. This is easily achievable because of our over 20 years’ experience serving our numerous customers. We understand the different packaging needs of our customers, and we provide our customers with the most professional technical support to ensure they meet these packaging needs and promote their brand image.

Asides from the fact that our boxes are affordable, we offer fantastic discounts on your large orders.

We do not compromise standard and quality of our product to ensure that you get the best value for your money. We have our numerous independent customer reviews and continuous patronage to show for our lasting and incredible contribution in the product packaging industry.

For your custom designs and order, contact us to get excellent packaging solution.

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ZTP pass the ISO9001/ISO14001 manufacturing
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BSCI improve social performance in supply chain.
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ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
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More Than 20 years Experience
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Cardboard Box – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Cardboard Box -The Definitive FAQ Guide is a book that will guide you from the benefits of a cardboard box, types of members, how to obtain it, how to make a prop out of cardboard.

It also provides instructions for different patterns and projects that are made from a cardboard box. This book will provide you with detailed instructions and tricks on becoming an effective artist using corrugated boards.

Cardboard Box -The Definitive FAQ Guide is a book written with the main purpose of answering all the questions you have about cardboard boxes. It can prove very useful to anyone who wants to learn new things about such material and its importance for many areas.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a step-by-step, logical, and comprehensive guide to help anyone who wants to know anything about cardboard boxes.

This is a general FAQ guide that deals with all the commonly asked topics on cardboard or paper boxes. We have tried our best to include related links and resources wherever required. In addition, this contains links to other pages on this website and some external websites. Hope you will find this FAQ guide useful.

  1. What Surface Process Can Be Used On The Cardboard Box?
  2. What Does The Term “Cardboard” Refer To?
  3. What Are The Several Types Of Containers Called Cardboard Boxes?
  4. What Are The Broad divisions Of Paper-Based Packaging?
  5. What Are The Multiple Names For Containers?
  6. Which Item Did Increase The Use Of This Box?
  7. How Is A Cardboard Box Made?
  8. What Is The Insert Of The Cardboard Box?
  9. What Are The Traits Of A Trusted Manufacturer In China?
  10. What Are The Product Lines For Cardboard?
  11. How To Get The Packaging Solution Of Your Product?
  12. What Can I Make Out Of These Boxes?
  13. What Can You Make Out Of A Small Box?
  14. How To Reuse A Cardboard Box?
  15. How To Decorate With Cardboard Boxes?
  16. How To Use Cardboard Boxes For Storage?
  17. How To Resize Two Boxes To Make It A Bigger One?
  18. How To Wrap Open Cardboard With Flaps?
  19. How Do You Make It Stronger?
  20. How Do You Figure Out How Much A Cardboard Box Will Cost?
  21. How To Choose Suitable Cardboard For Your Products?
  22. What Are The Types Of These Boxes?
  23. How Can A Cardboard Box Be Waterproof?
  24. What Are The Uses Of A Cardboard Box?

1. What Surface Process Can Be Used On The Cardboard Box?

The surface process which can be used on the cardboard box is called printing, also known as surface decoration.

Cardboard is a versatile material that is used in many ways. It is highly absorbent, insulative and sound, and vibration-proof.

Cardboard can be cut into a variety of shapes, but it does not tear or rip.

Surface Cardboard Box

The three main ingredients of cardboard surfacesare heavy paper, oil, and sawdust. It creates a material that is strong and versatile.

The bands are machine-pressed from single cardboard sheets, and there are no tears or seams in them.

A groove does physical surface treatment at the recycling process to make the top layer more rigid and resistant.

2. What Does The Term “Cardboard” Refer To?

The word cardboard comes from the French word for “boxwood.”Thus, it is a particularly light paper-like material, such as card stock or paperboard.

The consequent will be contingent on the context and the material being referred to.

The term “cardboard” usually refers to material made of paper and used for boxes or decoration.

The term “cardboard” describes the material that is used for shaping a box. Cardboard is usually manufactured from flat sheets of paper.

3. What Are The Several Types Of Containers Called Cardboard Boxes?

Few types of containers known as cardboard box are:

  • Hard Cigarette Pack or Paper Board Box
  • A box or carton of cereal
  • Corrugated Box used for storage archives.

4. What Are The Broad divisions Of Paper-Based Packaging?

According to ISO standards, Cardboard is a paper that contains at least 224 grams per square meter. There are different types of cardboard. If you need to use single- or multi-ply cardboard, you can choose better quality cardboard and it will be reusable.

Corrugated board is a paper-based packaging material that consists of a layer of paper sandwiched between two layers of plastic.

Sometimes known as corrugated cardboard, it’s another kind of cardboard made from paper.

Paper is a general term for thin flat sheets of material made from wood pulp, cotton, hemp, bamboo, or similar fibrous matting materials.

Cardboard manufactured from rags and wastepaper. Today, it is made using various fibrous plants such as trees and grasses, and synthetic fibers such as cellulose.

Cardboard is used in many applications, including food or wrapping items. In addition, it is used for packaging items such as shipment, Cargo services, medicines, etc.

5. What Are The Multiple Names For Containers?

  • Corrugated shipping containers or even cardboard boxes are commonly used in today’s world. The grooved design is offered for different shapes, sizes, and uses. For example, the procedure may vary depending on the shipping use.

Folding Cardboard Box

  • When a cardboard box has been folded, it is called a “folding box.”
  • A setup box is made of sturdy paperboard and includes a sturdy envelope for shipping.
  • The most common kind of paper box is a box made from paperboard. It can be called a “paper” box, “cardboard” box, or “lunchbox.

6. Which Item Did Increase The Use Of This Box?

Cereal Cardboard Box
At the turn of the last century, cereal manufacturers began using lightweight flaked cereals, which required cereal boxes made from cardboard.

This led to a rise in the use of cardboard boxes for cereals.

7. How Is A Cardboard Box Made?

Once the paper rolls arrive at the plant in rolls, they are loaded directly into a corrugator machine.

The machine is huge, usually over 300 feet long. Once inside, the rolls of paper are heated and then folded into a series of small sections.

Making Cardboard Box
These sections are then fed through a machine that compresses them together, making corrugated cardboard.

A cardboard box is a flute that is made up of recycled paper. Two laminated layers are sandwiched together.

Since these layers can also be made from recycled paper, many manufacturers now use it as an alternative to more expensive virgin boards and provide customers with an environmentally friendly gift.

While the exact process varies slightly between manufacturers, the overall creation of a cardboard box generally includes the same basic steps:

  • The box is cut from corrugated sheets of folded cardboard.
  • The sides are attached and sealed with tape or glue.
  • The top, bottom, and flaps are added with a final tape seal.
  • The box is scored into four flaps tobe collapsed for shipping without damaging its contents easily.

There are different types of cardboard boxes, but they all consist of three basic parts:

  • Top flaps
  • Bottom flaps
  • Sidewalls

8. What Is The Insert Of The Cardboard Box?

Custom box inserts, or packaging inserts, are extremely useful tools for brands. These can come in the form of paper inserts, cardboard inserts, or even foam inserts.

Packaging inserts can be used to ensure your product(s) are secure inside your box. This is especially useful for businesses that package multiple items in one box.

Insert Cardboard Box

Cardboard packaging inserts are made from a material that is like the cardboard used in the product packaging, but lighter.

Insert also protect the corners of the box where items are placed and provide a rigid, protective space between the outer surface of the box and the product it contains.

Custom packaging is an excellent way to ensure your product(s) are protected, so they reach their destination in pristine condition.

This is a great way to highlight the features of each product and keep them secure.

9. What Are The Traits Of A Trusted Manufacturer In China?

A trusted manufacturer will be considered with the following traits:

  • If there are over 20 years of experience in paper packaging as a leader in the industry.
  • Their quality products and superior customer service should be a top choice for you around the world.
  • If the paper packaging with recycle material has been passed by FSC, with an FSP certificate anda 1W1 ISO 9001 certified company
  • A trusted manufacturer have been providing the best paper and packaging service for customers around the world
  • Its quality service and competitive price have made itone of the most popular companies in the industry.
  • You must conform to the industry standards for paper packaging.
  • The paper packaging, conforming to 1509001/15014001 industry standards, will help you avoid problems with your packaging.
  • If the manufacturer is BSCI is a worldwide, independent organization that certifies the quality of management systems in industries related to transportation. The BSCI organization regularly reviews companies to ensure their management systems.
  • A fully trusted manufacture has one-stop service teams that provide sales, design, project management, merchandising, and full-service development for your product.

10. What Are The Product Lines For Cardboard?

There are two product lines for cardboard:

Cardboard Packaging Production Line

Cardboard Packaging Production Line

  • The entire paper-making process is automated and integrated into one fully automated line.
  • Before moving on to special papers like tissue papers and cardboards, this line begins with basic paper production.
  • The paper packaging production line has a patented automatic paper box machine that can guarantee orders even in seasonal peaks.

Cardboard Material Production Line

Cardboard Material Production Line

  • A typical corrugated cardboard box is made by inserting fluting between two layers of the board.
  • To have a more flexible product, the roll of fluting is loaded into the corrugated machine, and a roll of cardboard liner is fed in later to be attached to the corrugated medium.


11. How To Get The Packaging Solution Of Your Product?

You must find different ways to add value and protect this product from getting any damage.

It is very important to go for some good packaging solutions when you want your products protected against any unwanted damages or need a promotional opportunity or otherwise.

Cardboard Packaging Solutions
Whether you require custom printed paper boxes with your logo or one of our range of standard paper packaging designs is just right for you, the manufacturer can make your packaging a success.

As a leading paper packaging manufacturer in China, the trusted manufacturer is a member of the International Packaging Federation (IPF), Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and the Better Paper and Packaging Institute (BPPI).

The manufacturer is committed to ensuring that its paper packaging meets international and regional standards and is responsible for meeting all required regulatory requirements.

12. What Can I Make Out Of These Boxes?

  • A lot of interesting things can be made with these cardboard boxes:
  • Use this as a sled to slide down a hill.
  • Use this as a fort or build a playhouse.
  • Use this as a tunnel to crawl through. Use this as a target.
  • Construct a cardboard robot costume through various craft supplies and then act out with friends.

Decorate with Cardboard Box

  • Build a paper airplane. Open the top. Throw stuff in it. Pretend to fly and leave the top open so that you can throw things into the air.
  • Transform a shipping container into a delightful “Mud Café.

13. What Can You Make Out Of A Small Box?

The small sizes of cardboard boxes may be utilized as:

  • Small Cash Box
  • Sample display of different items
  • Outdoor Colorful Tent display
  • Birds’ shapes
  • A map of Town
  • A traffic Model, roads signs
  • Royal Castle
  • Pet House
  • Barbies’ Dream House
  • Exhibition background pasting display
  • Making Kids toys, fruit Shapes

14. How To Reuse A Cardboard Box?

Cardboard boxes may be reused as:

  • Stationery box
  • To Put newspapers
  • To draw and cut alphabets and numbers for kids learning.
  • To make and colorfulbutterflies.
  • To make a key box
  • To use as Memory kid’s box
  • To hold the tickets, coins

15. How To Decorate With Cardboard Boxes?

Turning a cardboard box into a clever storage bin is easy.

Use rope, cut it into strips and use the peel-and-stick paper to create decoration.

Cardboard Robot making
Whether you are hiding toys or filling them with decorative pieces, this project is fun and functional.

Save all your rags, scraps, packaging, and other materials in a cute and practical place.

The cutest storage box to have around the house is made from a cardboard box that has been tape-covered with recycled paper rope.

16. How To Use Cardboard Boxes For Storage?

Do not throw out that old box. Wrap it up with ribbon or use a scrap of fabric to make it extraspecial.

Cardboard Boxes for Storage

Use your creativity to make an awesome gift box or organize your craft supplies in a cute and functional bin.

Turn it into the sweetest storage box. Using rope and a roll of paper, you can make this cute storage bin to hold extra pillowcases, toys, or any other small items in your living room.

Do not let the box go to waste! It can be turned into a cute storage box. All that is needed is a little glue, rope, and some paper.

What a great way to hide toys out of sight in the living room or use it as an attractive decorative accent.

17. How To Resize Two Boxes To Make It A Bigger One?

If the same-sized boxes are being used, one can use the bottom of each box as a template for the other.

Place the bottoms of both boxes together and tape them. This way, you will be able to create a single box out of two boxes. Theseare also known as “Telescoping” boxes.

  • Use two cardboard boxes to make a bigger one.
  • Cut an opening in one box, then place the second box inside it.
  • Tape the two boxes together with duct tape.
  • Make sure to wrap it all the way around and stick it to itself.

18. How To Wrap Open Cardboard With Flaps?

Use the following way to wrap an open cardboard flap:

  • Begin by laying the wrapping paper on a flat surface.
  • Gently fold both sides of the paper towards the middle, folding each side about an inch over to make a half-moon shape.
  • Using tape, seal the edges together and place them on top of the cardboard box.
  • Finish by tucking in the flap and placing it inside the box.

19. How Do You Make It Stronger?

Reinforce any gaps. Many cardboard boxes have glued parts together, and the glue can sometimes come undone and damage the product’s packaging during shipping.

Therefore, some of the best cardboard boxes have reinforced edges that prevent the edges from tearing or splitting.In addition, recycling these parts can reduce waste, conserve materials, and save money.

  • Cut the sides of a long box with scissors, then pad the exposed edges with an old newspaper.
  • Add a cardboard layer at the bottom.
  • Add additional layer(s) of foam on top.
  • Tape all the walls inside of a room.
  • Tape up all the joints and edges of a room, especially around furnishings. …
  • Double-check the product.
  • Double-wrap it, A Word of Caution.

20. How Do You Figure Out How Much A Cardboard Box Will Cost?

For example, the dimensions of a box are 15 inches by 10 inches by 8 inches.

  • Part A (length + width) is 33 inches,
  • Part B (width + height) is 22 inches,
  • Multiplied together they total 65 inches.
  • Unit price is $0.65 per square meter,
  • The cost of a unit is $0.00047 per piece.

21. How To Choose Suitable Cardboard For Your Products?

There is some advice based on your description and requirements.

Hard Carton:

It is usually used for heavy packaging products such as machines, tools, and other ordinary products with good stability.

Soft Carton: Usually used to pack fragile products such as ceramics and glassware with high-density foam inside, protecting the items from breaking well during transportation.

It is easy to choose some suitable cardboard for your products.First, you need to compare the following factors:

  • Bending resistance Short-distance transportation
  • Edge protection Long-distance transportation
  • Protection of goods in the case of bending during handling
  • Safety of goods during storage The ideal choice

22. What Are The Types Of These Boxes?

There are various types of cardboard boxes available depending on where you shop for them.

Types of Cardboard Box

Since every kind has its unique purpose, it is important to know the varieties to purchase the right box for your specific needs.

Major categories of cardboard box:

Cardboard Boxes fall into three major categories:

  • Patterns Cardboard Box
  • Series Cardboard Box
  • Brands Cardboard Box

Corrugated fiberboard Box:

These are also known as a cardboard box, is lightweight and durable in high-humidity environments.

  • It is easy to cut with a knife, and it’s extremely cheap.
  • Cardboard boxes are frequently used for shipping goods.
  • In terms of the environment, cardboard is not renewable, but paper can be.

Matboard Box:

It is an alternative to corrugated fiberboard because it is the strongest of all three but more expensive.

23. How Can A Cardboard Box Be Waterproof?

You can seal your cardboard with spray-on coatings, such as polyurethane, lacquer, or paint.These coatings are safe and non-flammable, but they must always be handled in an airy space, and the layer must be worn for a minimum of 24 hours to allow time for drying.

To seal things, you can use plastic wrap, plastic bags, and other waterproof materials or by covering them with air-tight packaging like shrink wrap.

You can seal things in special waterproof containers for more extreme situations or even enclose them all in a waterproof case.

The surface can be coated with glitter, oil varnish, UV lacquer, latex s…

24. What Are The Uses Of A Cardboard Box?

Few important uses of the cardboard box are as follows:

  • Cardboard boxes are industrially prefabricated paper trays that are manufactured in the form of a box.
  • In contrast to plastic, cardboard is recyclable and environmentally friendly and can be used for packaging various items.
  • The use of cardboard as a packaging material is pervasive, mostly in industrialized nations.
  • They are used to ship goods, send gifts, pack and store items, prepare food, carry certain types of wine, move things in and out of storage, and even use them as an alternative to boxes for various projects.
  • Using boxes instead of not using them can result in broken items and contamination of food items.
  • One common use is cardboard jewelry boxes, as you can put jewelry in an attractive package to give it an effective presence come sale time or leave it out for people to view.
  • Cardboard boxes help protect and preserve the item inside because they are durable and made from quality material that will last, making your whole purpose of having one realized.

There are the following distinct areas of usage for cardboard box:

  • Advertising and marketing,
  • Apparel and fashion accessories,
  • automotive, Building and construction,
  • Consumer electronics,
  • Food packaging,
  • Furniture & household items
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