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When it comes to producing superb black corrugated boxes, ZTP is a well-known packaging and manufacturing company. We’re the “last man standing,” as they say, in terms of supplying a diverse range of consumers in a variety of packaging.

Our boxes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. There are numerous possibilities available to us. In fact, we decided to create a new product called black corrugated boxes, which are made of high-quality, eco-friendly, recyclable, and long-lasting materials that will have an impact when used to package a variety of things that you are endorsing.

Black, we suppose, is the new vogue. Every black corrugated box is tested by ZTP to ensure that it is effective when utilized. Furthermore, we deliver quickly to ensure that you are not unsatisfied with the black corrugated boxes we send you.

Black Corrugated Boxes Collection

ZTP is well-known for its diverse range of sizes, shapes, and colors. To believe is to choose. If you have a specific type of box in mind, please let us know because we welcome suggestions.

Black Corrugated Shipping Boxes
Black corrugated shipping boxes are currently the most common type of packaging as they are biodegradable and so do not affect the environment. In addition, they are built using high-grade materials and are of excellent quality.
Black corrugated mailers are the most common forms of corrugated packaging as they are environmentally friendly. Furthermore, they are manufactured with high-quality materials and are expertly crafted.
Matte Black Mailer Boxes
Matte black mailer boxes from ZTP are ideal for a variety of items. It's a sturdy, long-lasting box with a beautiful design. Furthermore, its color is appropriate for any type of product.
Custom Black Mailer Boxes
The custom black mailer boxes from ZTP are suitable for different types of goods. It's a solid, long-lasting packaging with a stylish view. It is completely recyclable and environmentally friendly.
Black Mailer Boxes Bulk
If you need to send larger things, black mailer boxes bulk is a great choice. It contains sturdy, impact-resistant characteristics that may be used again. Furthermore, you may buy these boxes in bulk.
Black Corrugated Mailing Boxes
Black corrugated mailing boxes come in a number of styles, layouts, colors, and sizes. They've been utilized for mailing shipments and are good boxes.

Why Are Black Corrugated Boxes So Popular In Food And Product Packaging?

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Why Select ZTP For Your Black Corrugated Boxes Needs?


You are kept updated at all times during the creation, testing, and final production processes. We value your opinion as it enables us to improve the conceptual design to meet your needs.


Every piece of packaging that exits our factory has been fully checked and studied to assure its quality and that it is pleasant to use for your customers and can be stored for longer durations without causing harm.


Our manufacturing facility is outfitted with the latest quality control tools. We employ stringent procedures to ensure that each of our custom black corrugated boxes is of the highest quality. Also, we think that our clients are entitled to the finest, hence why we strive to maintain and raise our standards.

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Profoundly Customizable

Do you want a clean layout or something with personalized branding and design qualities? Our boxes can be totally modified to satisfy even the most exacting requirements. We’ll guarantee your black corrugated boxes are perfect on the inside and out.

The packaging influences people’s first impressions of your products. A good impression, in our viewpoint, has significant value!

Allow ZTP to bring out the best in your numbers! If you prefer black corrugated boxes, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide

  1. What Are Black Corrugated Boxes?
  2. What Are The Types Of Walled Black Corrugated Boxes?
  3. How Are The Dimensions Of A Black Corrugated Box Normally Expressed?
  4. What Are Black Corrugated Boxes Made Of?
  5. Apart From Its Composition, What Factors Can Affect The Stacking Strength Of A Box?
  6. What Is A Standard Size Of These Black Corrugated Box?
  7. How Do I Know What Size Box I Need?
  8. What Advantage Is For Order Paper Box From Chinese Supplier?
  9. How Are These Boxes Printed Into Black Corrugated Boxes?
  10. How Are Printed Packaging Boxes Produced?
  11. Why Use “Used” Corrugated Boxes?
  12. What Type Of Box Should I Use From Black Corrugated Boxes?
  13. What Does Box Strength Mean?
  14. When Do I Need Lining, Bubble, Or Fill With My Box?
  15. Should I Consider Custom Inserts Instead?
  16. Are These Corrugated Boxes Eco Friendly?
  17. What Are The Types Of Corrugated Boxes & Sheets?

1.    What Are Black Corrugated Boxes?

Black corrugated boxes are standard shipping boxes that use the two-ply construction of an outer layer of fluted paper with a solid inner core. Because of this construction, these boxes are valued because they are sturdy and protect products inside for storage or shipment.

They are very versatile and can be customized with existing graphics or custom printed logos.

Black Corrugated Boxes
Black corrugated boxes are box or mailing boxes. It is used specifically for packaging, shipping, and delivering products to shops, stores, corporations, restaurants, factories, and homes.

The idea of designing black corrugated boxes came from our customers’ requests. They wanted extra protection for their products not to get damaged or crushed during transport to their customers. So we created black corrugated boxes that fit the needs of our customers.

These boxes are sturdy, durable black boxes with white, adhesive strips on each of the inside corners of the box. The adhesive sticks easily to any box surface.

Black corrugated boxes or black shipping boxes are used for protecting or transporting goods. Black corrugated boxes are solid-colored corrugated with die-cut handles and black or lined with black kraft paper.

2.    What Are The Types Of Walled Black Corrugated Boxes?


Black corrugated boxes are typically available with solid walls, wire-cut walls, or perforated walls.

  • Solid-wall boxes provide the maximum strength and durability with the least weight, making them ideal for shipping packages containing heavy or fragile items.
  • Wire-cut boxes offer medium-weight support with a little bit of giving, making them good for shipping medium-weight items like books and parts; they also make sorting through packages easier if your recipients don’t use them.

Types of Corrugated Paper

The three main types of blank corrugated boxes are:

  • End-walls (also known as pillowcases),
  • Side-walls (the most common wall style),
  • Double-wall (also known as a double wall or #14 wall).

Of the three, double-wall boxes are the strongest. The single constant for these corrugate box types is the fluting pattern.

All corrugated cardboard manufactured today is made using “single flute” or “smooth side” panels.

3.    How Are The Dimensions Of A Black Corrugated Box Normally Expressed?

The dimensions of a black corrugated box are normally expressed in three different ways:

  • The first is the outer dimensions, including the flaps
  • The second is the outside dimensions without the flaps
  • Finally, the “cut-off” size is the size necessary to close the box correctly.

The industry-standard method of expressing the dimensions of corrugated boxes is in inches and eighths of an inch.

Black Corrugated Boxes Dimensions

The top, bottom, and flaps of a box are expressed as a whole number (i.e., 12 x 12 x 12) with prefixes meaning “twelfths” (i.e., 1/2, 3/4, etc.), and the height is written as a number with a “/8” suffix meaning “eighths.”

There is no definite standard as to how the dimensions of a black corrugated box are normally expressed, but some general guidelines can be used.

4.    What Are Black Corrugated Boxes Made Of?

Black corrugated boxes are made of paperboard with a black or pure kraft outside finish. The most common plywood cores used are:

  • C-Flute,
  • E-Flute,
  • A-Flute.

However, other papers are used for void fill.

These black corrugated boxes are made of 100 lb. weight kraft corrugated. They are black, kraft brown, dark brown, or white.

Black corrugated boxes are typically fluted (flute) cardboard or sometimes – white Kraft paper. The fluted nature of the black corrugated cardboard gives it extra strength where it is needed most.

Wherever there is a valley in the corrugated effect, the flute folds over to better protect against rough handling.

The inside walls, or flutes, of a corrugated box, are made from a single length of strong paper stock run through a large roll slitter.

It emerges as two fluted sheets, which are then glued together to form a single “blank,” then cut into final shapes.

The actual boxing processes, crimping all four sides and forming a bottom, are fairly automated and can be accomplished using hand labor or machinery.

5.    Apart From Its Composition, What Factors Can Affect The Stacking Strength Of A Box?

An important factor is the right selection of a box based upon the item it will be used for.

In addition to the packaging material, there are a few other factors that can affect box strength.

The size of the box is key as it determines the amount of cushioning air between the lid and bottom, which in turn impacts how many layers fit together.

The heavier the contents are packaged, or the less space inside a box due to a larger product, the more items are packed together. It should be used stronger material.

Many factors determine the strength of a box. A corrugated board (though generally perceived to be stronger) can lose its strength based on the weight it bears.

Depending on the product inside the box, the weight could affect how strong it is – one method manufacturers use to test box strength is having 50-60lbs loaded into the box and then stacking high levels of boxes like this.

Depending on what you are shipping, the size of the box is an important factor. Some people prefer larger boxes because they are easier to pack, while smaller boxes are sometimes just the right size for their needs.

Manufacturing companies who do not have time to custom print boxes will use generic stock boxes available in various sizes.

Even though these standard boxes might fit certain products, it is always best to have a custom printed box made specifically for your product if you are shipping something fragile.

The strength of the box is affected by its dimensions in case of humidity. As height and width increase, the loading capability decreases.

Black Corrugated Boxes Humidity Factors

You can get more products in for lightweight products or products less than 2 pounds weight, but beware that this changes its weight capacity.

6.    What Is A Standard Size Of These Black Corrugated Box?


These boxes come in various sizes, widths, and heights to accommodate a variety of products. We stock all standard sizes to fit round, square and long items.

The corrugated kraft box can store or ship larger size products, especially when the item is fragile or expensive.

Standard size Black Corrugated Boxes

The internal dimensions are ideally made to fit all kinds of items with improved security on its closures. It comes in a flat pack, which makes it easier to store when not in use.

  • The inner dimension of our black corrugated boxes is 13″ W x 6 1/2″ D x 6 1/2″ H. The outer dimensions are 21 3/16″ W x 11 9/16″ D x 12″ H.
  • There are many different types of these boxes, but the two most common are the 8 ½” x 8 ½” x 16 ¼” box and the 9 ½” x 12″ x 18 ¼”.

This is to help customers determine how many boxes they will need based on the size and weight of their items.


7.    How Do I Know What Size Box I Need?

The best way to find the right size box for your items is by measuring the length, width, and height (in inches).  The shipping box you should purchase depends upon your item’s size and how it will be shipped.

There are so many sizes and styles of boxes available that it is difficult to choose just one. When choosing, you need to consider how you will use the box and what size and shape items you will put in it.

Black Corrugated Boxes Measurement

Also, you need to consider the weight of your product and whether or not the box will be shipped via ground or air service.

Depending on these factors and others, such as delivery time, tools needed for assembly, price, etc., the correct option for your needs may vary.

Here’s how to tell what size box you need:

  • Work out the (LxWxH) measurements of your product.

The margins listed below must be added to these measurements for your box size:

  • A 5mm allowance is added to each side of measurements for reinforcement and folding, a 10mm allowance is used for a bass flute, and a 15mm allowance is used for a double-strength base flute. + 15mm Base Flute

8.    What Advantage Is For Order Paper Box From Chinese Supplier?


The black corrugated boxes are important in the packaging aspect in many different Chinese businesses. Because China has a wide variety of Boxes and you can find the packing tools there too.

The Black corrugated Boxes is a high-quality box that is produced in China. The black corrugated box is a nice and effective way to ship fragile items.

These boxes are made from cardboard. Chinese manufacturer should be your best choice if you want to purchase the black box.

China is the world’s factory. Products are produced there in quantities you cannot even imagine. These products are available at prices you cannot believe.

The quality of these items is inspected with meticulous care. We have found that China is the best place to buy Black corrugated Boxes.

Black corrugated Boxes are the most popular of the corrugated boxes used for packaging goods.

They can be utilized to package varieties of products of different weights and sizes, but the main advantage is the protection they offer for whatever is packaged inside them.

They are affordable, so they can be easily replaced if something is damaged in transport, and they are great for any business on a budget.

9.    How Are These Boxes Printed Into Black Corrugated Boxes?

These boxes are printed in a black corrugated material that can be made to hold almost any type of object.

This product is used all over the world to ensure products reach their destinations safely. Especially fragile products can be protected during shipping by using one of these custom black boxes.

Black Corrugated Boxes Printed logo

These corrugated boxes are printed in black using two different Pantone inks.

Following printing options are available:

  • The first is called Screen Printing. Screen printing uses mesh fabric to block out parts of the image, often used for things with fine details, such as brand logos.
  • The second is called Flexographic Printing. This method uses a press to transfer the tone (pigment) of ink directly into the cardboard passed through rollers on top of coated plates that hold up to 7 colors of ink that transfer into the paper or cardboard.
  • Black corrugated boxes are printed using offset printing machines. The printing area is made of plastic to make sure nothing sticks to the surface. The equipment may use 100-600 mesh inkjet technology to transfer images to corrugated sheets.
  • These boxes are printed using a standard offset press. The ink is applied directly to the corrugated material. The offset printing process enables us to create many different types of boxes with many color options. This process can be done in CMYK 4-color or Pantone colors to meet your brand’s specific needs.
  • An automatic computerized process prints these black corrugated boxes. The biggest part is the printing which takes place in a large room with machines that are hooked to computers.
  • These computers work the machines, which automatically spray paint the design onto the Black Corrugated Boxes (the painting is very important).

10.   How Are Printed Packaging Boxes Produced?


Black corrugated Boxes are manufactured using a process called “Thermofoil” or UV Lamination.

In this process, a white or kraft paperboard adheres to the corrugated with a latex adhesive.

Black preprinted graphics are either screen printed, pad printed, or digitally printed onto the paperboard and then laminated to the box.

After this process, some boxes will be given a black gloss top coat to add extra durability and scuff resistance.

Black corrugated boxes and masters (also known as blank or printed corrugated shipping boxes and masters) are made from recycled materials.

The most common material used to manufacture flat black corrugated boxes is recovered paperboard.

Black corrugated box styles range from the traditional single Wall with kraft flute, dimple die-cut, and natural flute up to the triple walls with kraft inserts.

Black corrugated boxes are made using an inner sleeve, which is the same piece of corrugated paper.

When printing, be sure to put the “good” side facing out, so your logo/artwork shows on the outside of the box.

There are many options for different sizes, configurations, and types of materials. They can be two flutes or six flutes, depending on the specifications needed.

The corrugated shipping boxes are manufactured with several different processes. The most common process that is used to produce these boxes is the high product.

Black corrugated boxes are made up of multiple layers; that is why they can carry heavy items. These boxes were designed to protect products during shipping. This type of box is also known as the flat-bottom container. The container has an easy-to-carry handle which makes them convenient for delivery services.

11.   Why Use “Used” Corrugated Boxes?


The black corrugated box is reusable in recycled cardboard materials. It provides a convenient way to move or ship a couple of items at a time.

The black corrugated boxes are specifically appropriate for packing, shipping, and protecting something fragile.

Used cardboard boxes are useful for more than just Recycling. If you are disciplined, you can find plenty of reuse possibilities for them.

Recycling because the boxes will help reduce waste products and will not harm the environment. The boxes can also be reused for heavy shipping items, for delivery of fragile items, or even used as a tool to organize tools or products within a retail setting.

Each box can be utilized in limitless fashions and will greatly impact reducing waste and the use of materials.

Black Corrugated Boxes ReUsed

It has been said that nothing is better than “used” when it comes to corrugated boxes.

Corrugated mailing boxes are one of the most popular kinds of packaging used by businesses worldwide to ship their products.

Smaller companies often opt for the less expensive paper options, which can be just as strong and sturdy but don’t have the durability that lasts over time.

Used corrugated boxes will offer your business a long-lasting solution that will help you save money come shipping time.

The Black Corrugated Boxes can be reused and recycled, and most importantly, they are very inexpensive. Some companies use them as mailer boxes, and most shipping companies utilize them to ship all their packages.

Used” corrugated boxes can be a great option for several reasons. They are a less expensive option than buying new corrugated boxes.

Our “used” boxes are brand new and updated boxes that look like they’ve been used. They’re made of necessary corrugated to make sure they’re sturdy and durable.

Like our other boxes (new and used), these boxes come in a variety of lengths and different sizes to meet the demands of your business. We guarantee it.

12.   What Type Of Box Should I Use From Black Corrugated Boxes?

The first step to determining the right box is to identify the product that you are shipping. Black Corrugated Boxes ships a variety of boxes for all types of products.

If you are shipping or need to ship your product in a box, Black Corrugated Boxes is the place to go. From wine bottles to jewelry boxes, we have all the supplies you’ll need.

The right box depends on the product you are shipping, the destination, and each company’s method to ship orders. Contact Black Corrugated Boxes online sales associates for advice on the best type of shipping boxes & packing supplies. We ship internationally! We have low-cost rates to suit your budget, big or small.

Whether you’re shipping large, fragile items or trying to carry mailer boxes easily on hand, you should consider choosing one of the many durable, affordable, and convenient black corrugated boxes available.

Strategic features like sturdy double-bottom construction help protect your fragile products.

The type of box you use for packing will depend on how you plan to ship your items. For instance, if you’re sending a piece of delicate equipment, you would want to pair it with a strong black corrugated cardboard box that can protect it from any potential damage along the way.

13.   What Does Box Strength Mean?


Box strength is defined as the weight of the item divided by the strength (X-axis) of the box.

Usually, it is measured in pounds per square inch, with the lower the number, the stronger the box.

For example, a box with a 25 lb. rating is 25 lbs. It has more than enough strength to hold up to 25 lbs. Sellers with a wide variety of boxes need to know their boxes’ strengths so they can sell them safely and avoid refunds.

Black Corrugated Boxes Compression Strength

Box strength is an important factor when choosing a shipping box. Strength is measured in pounds and uses the standard weight of a 10″ x 12″ x 2″ box as a “one-third buffer zone.”

A square bottom and square corners offer the most efficient use of space and secure stacking. Plus, high-quality plastic ends and seals eliminate paper jams in high-speed mail processing equipment.


14.   When Do I Need Lining, Bubble, Or Fill With My Box?


The standard is no lining in the box; the bubble will interfere with the box’s structural integrity.

Fill is used to block out air spaces normally filled by foam rubbers etc. Fill is necessary if your product is outside of the weight specifications of the box,

Bubble cushioning is used if fragile items are being shipped in the same box as medium-weight items. If you are shipping medium-weight items in a heavier-weight box, the bubble is NOT needed.

If you are shipping a product that weighs less than the maximum weight recommended for your box size, you will most likely NOT need to use bubble or filler.

Black Corrugated Boxes Lining Bubble Filled

If your box is flat and small in size, remember that it’s always better to be safe than sorry– use a little extra packaging and tape, and it won’t hurt anything!

There are many factors to consider when determining if you need a lining, bubble, or foam fill depending on your product’s size and weight. Choosing the right combination of liner, foam, and fill for your box is vital to ensure your products arrive in perfect condition.

15.   Should I Consider Custom Inserts Instead?


By ordering the type of custom inserts that meet your needs, you may find that you save money over designing your own.

Corrugated inserts are less expensive when purchased in bulk quantities, usually needed when loading fragile items. Products are designed using the dimensions of the corrugated insert inside.

There are different type of the insert:

  • Corrugated paper insert

Corrugated paper insert

  • EVA or Foam insert

Foam insert

Inserts are made specifically for your product and allow you to keep your message with the product. The inserts are designed with die cuts in the right places to make removing packaging easy once you receive your order.


16.   Are These Corrugated Boxes Eco Friendly?


Yes, these corrugated boxes are eco-friendly. This is because when properly recycled, they can be turned back into new cardboard.

This also dramatically reduces the amount of waste globally since it decreases the need for companies to go out and buy new resources when the cardboard is so easily recyclable.

Corrugated shipping boxes are 100% recyclable and made from 100% recycled materials. It meets the Transport Partnership standard, reducing resource consumption and harmful emissions and improving community livability.

Plus, it’s manufactured using 25% renewable energy. Corrugated paper is also moisture resistant and will not mold when wet

17.    What Are The Types Of Corrugated Boxes & Sheets?


There are numerous black corrugated boxes and sheets on the market, but the two main categories are fluted and solid.

Fluted styles are more decorative, with alternating horizontal ribs running perpendicular to the length of the box.

This style is generally used for fragile packaging items, as it provides additional strength against torsional failure.

Black Corrugated Boxes Sheets

There are many types of walls for black corrugated boxes and sheets. The different types of walls include:

  • Single Wall,
  • Double Wall,
  • B-Flute,
  • C-Flute,
  • Drilling Perforated,
  • Un-perforated,
  • Solid Board.

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