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ZTP is the world’s leading printing and packaging company. For the past two decades, we’ve been serving and making excellent birthday gift box products. We ensure to provide you with a great full solution for all your packaging needs.

Our professional staff, designers, and dedicated packaging specialists can offer you 100% handmade, recyclable, and exceptional birthday gift boxes. We could also provide you with tips and the data you need to choose the right packaging that your clients will appreciate.

Get The Birthday Gift Box Of Your Choice

ZTP is working on a variety of birthday gift box designs. You are free to ask us if you have a different type in mind.

These gift packs are available in a variety of sizes to fit any budget, and they come in a range of colors and materials to suit any style or preference.
Birthday present box
Birthday Present Box features a variety of wonderful birthday presents for your dearest people on this special day. Once you have decided the birthday gift selection in the Box, you can choose to add a Birthday Card to go with it.
Custom bithday box
High quality custom birthday boxes have been designed to make your gift giving efforts a success, no matter where you send it. Custom birthday boxes specially designed for a variety of gift occasions and celebrations.
The Box is a special gift ideas for birthday gift. It's made by a kind of rigid cardboard and it's round type. Can usage for flower, jewelry and craft for elegant gift.
empty birthday gift box
Empty Birthday Gift Boxes is a kind of parcel boxes for birthday gift for kids, and it is an ideal product for all kinds of gift packaging, storage and delivery.
Custom Birthday Gift Box
You can create custom birthday gift boxes and amusing gift packages for any event. There are many size and color for your options.

ZTP Will Create High-quality Boxes That Will Certainly Impress Your Loved Ones

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Why Is The Birthday Gift Box Essential?

Many people enjoy the holidays, but we can certainly say that one of the most wonderful times of the year would be our least favorite: gift wrapping! We’ve all been there. You find yourself staying awake late into the night, slumped over, wrapping all of the gifts that are waiting for your friends and family. In the end, you’re going to need the help of others to massage your back and your hands.

And since we all hate it, it is necessary for making the ideal gift-giving occasion. What is fun if a gift isn’t attractively wrapped, and if it isn’t bringing excitement and pure delight? That is why birthday gift boxes are so important.

We give gifts to tell exactly how thankful we are for someone and how much we respect their value to our lives. Furthermore, the art of gift packaging is like topping on a dessert, necessitating certain ingredients and instruments. The final touches are just as precious as the gift alone.

So, if you’re struggling to make a gift box, ZTP is here. All of your birthday gift box packages can be handled by us. We can create high-quality boxes that will certainly impress your loved ones.

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ZTP pass the ISO9001/ISO14001 manufacturing
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BSCI improve social performance in supply chain.
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ZTP has advanced automatic machine in printing and packaging
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Why Is ZTP The Best Option For Your Decorative Gift Boxes?

With over twenty years of experience in the printing and packaging industry, ZTP can provide you with excellent decorative gift box solutions.

We ensure that our packaging is both high-quality and affordable. Our professionals are well-versed in providing you suggestions, ideas, and recommendations that are tailored with your desires.

Furthermore, we are eager to offer you excellent printing and packaging services. At ZTP, we take pride in our reputation for quality, innovation, and unsurpassed customer service. Our professional team only utilizes state-of-the-art technology and materials in order to retain our credibility as a provider of exceptional quality printing and packaging solutions.

With over two decades of experience, ZTP is a competent printing and packaging company. We make a variety of decorative gift boxes suited for both personal and business use. These boxes come in all sorts of colors, styles, and sizes.

Moreover, ZTP is a major provider of high-quality gift boxes. We make sure that the gift boxes we produce meet your standards. In fact, our company includes a team of skilled designers and production staff that only handles advanced equipment and high-quality materials.

To prevent errors and achieve exceptional results, we use a strict standard management process at each stage of the manufacturing process. Our unwavering commitment to providing high-quality items has given us an advantage in the market.

Likewise, our creative design process resulted in exceptional and ecologically sustainable products. So, when it comes to decorative gift boxes, we are your greatest option.

Birthday Gift Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide

Birthday Gift Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide collects questions and their answers about birthday gift boxes. The format of this book is as a quick reference guide that helps to point out the best birthday gift box ideas all in one place for easy understanding.

Birthday Gift Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide is the ultimate guide to birthday gifts that how can you add a card along with birthday gift boxes. They’ll receive expert answers to questions about the types of birthday gift boxes, size, creation, and getting a sample.

Birthday Gift Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide is a comprehensive informational guide that helps you get answers about the birthday gift boxes.

This guide will also answer the most frequently asked questions that tend to come up when discussing birthday gift boxes for special occasions like birthdays.

  1. How Many Types Of Birthday Gift Boxes To Choose?
  2. How Can I Include A Card With The Birthday Gift Box?
  3. How Can I Create My Gift Box?
  4. What Are The Sizes Of Each Box?
  5. How Can I Get Sample?
  6. How Can I Order Custom Birthday Boxes?
  7. There Is Not Enough Space In The Box For My Personalization. Can I Add More?
  8. What’s The 3D Preview Of My Personalized Item Look Like?
  9. What Are The Things Required To Decorate A Birthday Gift Box?
  10. How Is Birthday Box Made?
  11. How Can Birthday Boxes Be Customized?
  12. What Type Of Material Is Used To Make Birthday Gift Box?
  13. What Are The Options Of Surface Finish For Birthday Gift Boxes?
  14. What Are Birthday Gift Boxes With The Window?
  15. What Are Birthday Gift Boxes With The Window?.
  16. What Is The Manufacturing Process Of Birthday Gift Boxes?
  17. What Are The Uses Of Birthday Gift Boxes?
  18. What Kind Of Accessories Or Trays Could Add To Birthday Gift Boxes?
  19. What Is The Difference Between Birthday Gift Boxes And Flat Packaging Boxes?
  20. How Many Types Of Birthday Boxes Are There?

1.    How Many Types Of Birthday Gift Boxes To Choose?

There are many types of birthday boxes to choose from, but these types are available easily, and you can choose:

  • There are various kinds of Birthday Gift boxes To Chose from on our website.
  • You may select a birthday gift box that you want to send, such as a birthday gift, fruit basket, chocolate cake, cookies, etc.
  • You can present your best wishes on the Birthday card and send hampers cookies online from your doorstep too.
  • The Birthday Gift Box is the perfect birthday gift for you to send this amazing package to put all of your birthday belongings accessories.
  • You also can make custom designs and high-resolution pictures on your own created birthday gift boxes, if needed.

2.    How Can I Include A Card With The Birthday Gift Box?

Birthday Gift Box is a gift presentation box that includes multiple birthday gifts for a special friend, and one of these gifts to include “A Card,” is very excellent and meaningful.

Birthday gift Boxes
The Birthday Gift Box is elegant yet affordable and can be customized with the perfect card and ribbon color.

Birthday Gift Box has everything you need to celebrate a birthday. The box includes a birthday card with room for a personal message, wrapped treats, and a gift bag containing a festive birthday gift.

3.    How Can I Create My Gift Box?

You can create custom birthday gift boxes on the manufacturer’s website.

You can choose the size, color, material, and design specifications.

In addition to that, you can also determine the quantity of birthday gift boxes be ordered.

4.    What Are The Sizes Of Each Box?


The Birthday Gift Box is the perfect gift. There are the following sizes of the birthday gift box in this collection; large and small.

The large gift box has two size options as well: full size and travel size.

The full size measures 7″x7″x2″ and is made for desserts, confections, and treats.

The travel size measures 6″x4″x1 1/2″.

The gift boxes are made from sturdy card stock decorated with a vibrant pattern that coordinates with the collection’s design.

None of the products included can be customized in any way.


5.    How Can I Get Sample?

When choosing a birthday gift for your loved ones, you can ask the manufacturer to send you a sample before purchasing it.

There’s no better way to see the finished project than to give it a try. Also, if you are satisfied with the designs, you can go ahead and order the item from the factory.

If you need a large quantity of a product to match your specific needs, ask the manufacturer to provide a sample.

This is especially handy if you plan on making special-order changes.

For example, if you want a customized product, a sample is necessary to make a final decision.

You can also go online to the manufacturer’s website to see a 3-D model of the birthday gift box you want to order.

If you are happy with this display and would like the manufacturer to proceed with your order, then you can ask the manufacturer to go ahead with this sample.

6.    How Can I Order Custom Birthday Boxes?

There are several ways to place your order.

You can choose the Birthday Gift Box theme and write a custom message on your Greeting Card, or go to Contacts manufacturer and send an e-mail with the picture for Fruits, Treats & Cookies.

The artists will design your order based on the information you provide.


7.    There Is Not Enough Space In The Box For My Personalization. Can I Add More?

We do tend to get pretty creative on the card when it comes to including your special personalization.

But, with this one, it looks like there isn’t enough space in the gift box to add all of your personalization.

What we have done for some customers is the following:

You can add a short message to the “To” field like “Happy Birthday,” and then include some personalized “from” areas like “Me & Mom” or “Me and Daddy,” etc.

8.    What’s The 3D Preview Of My Personalized Item Look Like?

The Birthday Gift Box is a great choice for the biggest gift-giver in your life! With this gift box, they can help a loved one enjoy a birthday to remember all year long.

Filling this birthday gift box is easy and fun with up to 40 unique 3D previews, showing the realistic appearance of each fruit, cookie, and treats.

Show you care by putting together the perfect combination of gourmet snacks, candies, bath bombs, and other sweet treats for the cookies collection!

The 3D Preview will give you a clear image of how your personalized item will look when created.

Our talented team of in-house personalization specialists will review your customization to ensure that the wording and layout are exactly what you’ve requested. You can even see what the back of the item would look like with your custom text. kab

Our Birthday Gift Box is a new, impressive way to give your special someone a memorable experience on their birthday.

It’s unique and stands out among all gifts, making a “wow” impression with its 3D Preview. The Birthday Gift Box includes various treats that you can choose and is the perfect way to send birthday wishes to a friend or loved one.

9.    What Are The Things Required To Decorate A Birthday Gift Box?

There are several ways to decorate gift boxes to make them even more beautiful.

A good tip is to use glitter paint and rhinestones or even craft paper to dress up a plain box.

You can save any other items you receive by cutting them up and using them differently with the box.

Decorate a gift box with balloons, tissue paper, wrapping paper, stickers, and more.

Add items you have saved when shopping for someone else or when receiving a gift from someone.

10.   How Is Birthday Box Made?

  1. Basic Preparation

A cardboard birthday gift box combines recycled paper (flute) and a liner (made from recycled content). These days, the liners are often made from recycled paper or other types of up-cycled materials.

The quality of the boxes used to ship your product is important. Most of the time, the paper that’s used inside portable containers will be recycled.

However, if you have a product that’s more substantial than an e-reader or cell phone case, you may want to consider using recycled paper.

  1. The trees

When a cardboard box is manufactured, two liner types are used: the inner liner and the outer liner.

The inner liner is typically made of cardboard or sometimes paperboard and is used to protect the box’s contents from damage caused by the fluting on the outside of the box.

Kraft paper is attractive; smooth paper is often used to print on the outside of boxes.

Paper liners for testing are usually made of hardwood trees from sustainable sources.

These materials are used because they are less expensive, widely available, and recycled repeatedly.

  1. Pulping

To produce paper, an enormous amount of wood is required.

First, the trees are cut down, and their trunks are chipped.

Paper pulp is made through a mechanical process or by using chlorinated water.

To remove unwanted lignin, wood pulp is diluted with water and treated with a pulping solution.

This process, known as mechanical pulping, results in the removal of lignin from pulp and allows for less expensive wood chips.

However, mechanical pulping is low-value for its higher cost and lower yield of wood chips than chemical pulping.

  1. Chemical Pulping

‘Chemical pulping’ refers to a process for the pulp and paper industry.

Instead of using steam or other thermal energy to soften the wood, chemical pulping uses ‘inorganic acids’ to ease and chemically break down lignin, which is the tough cellulose found in wood.

This produces a superior quality of paper with reduced amounts of lignin.

  1. Fluttering

Fluted Cardboard is a type of corrugation board that consists of multiple layers of material.

The fluted board is used to make boxes and packaging materials. These boards have a wavy surface that is created by the corrugation process.

A single wall box is made from two layers of cardboard with a fluted top and a plain bottom layer.

Double-wall cartons are made from two layers of cardboard with a fluted top and bottom layer.

  1. Production:

The next step in creating a cardboard board birthday gift boxes is to glue the fluting together.

This creates a strongbox structure reinforced with either corrugated cardboard or stiff fiberboard and then filled.

By using a bending machine, boxes are folded along scored and creased lines. Glue is applied to the creases, and the boxes are then sewn together for a beautiful end product.

Box adhesive is a type of glue that is used to seal boxes. Boxes can be made from a variety of different materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, or other types of plastic. However, the most common material is paper.

At last, all those paper scraps from gift wrapping and birthday presents are turned into more birthday gift boxes.

By segregating its corrugated cardboard waste output, using a special high-capacity paper machine, and recycling most of the cardboard, this facility has achieved a sustainability goal ahead of schedule.

11.   How Can Birthday Boxes Be Customized?

The customizable birthday gift boxes are a great gift for any occasion. They’re a proven gift idea that’s never gone out of style.

The available options let you make your perfect birthday gift boxes with a variety of materials.

The options in shape, size, and color of boxes also let you choose your desired option.
There are a variety of options to personalize your birthday gift boxes.

In addition, you can choose a material that makes it more beautiful.

A matte look is very popular these days. You can wrap a Birthday gift box with an elegant matte finish by using non-glossy paper.

Printing your artwork or pictures on the box can make it more personal and classy.

Typing a specific message inside the birthday gift box or on the outside is also perfect for weddings.

You can create a customized birthday gift box and keep it as a keepsake later with your wedding date printed on it.

12.   What Type Of Material Is Used To Make Birthday Gift Box?

Few important materials are listed below to make a birthday homemade gift box:

  • Template
  • Cardboard
  • Measuring Scale
  • Tissue paper
  • Ribbon for presentation
  • Laces
  • Crape Paper
  • Stickers
  • Shining and colorful shapes
  • Glue / Gum-stick
  • Scissor

13.   What Are The Options Of Surface Finish For Birthday Gift Boxes?


  1. Embossing or Debossing

Embossing is the process of printing text onto the soft, non-coated surface, using a heated metal die to make the print permanent.

The heat and pressure cause the surface to soften and indent the print in various patterns.

  1. Glossy Varnish or Matt Varnish

Birthday-Boxes-Matt Varnish

The gloss varnish gives the box a smoother surface and makes it more aesthetically appealing. It is also sprayed on top of the design to give it a more polished look.

  1. Soft Touch Lamination or Hot Stamping:

Film lamination on Birthday closure gift boxes is a long-lasting visual effect that can last for years.

A hot foil stamping technique makes a full-color print that lasts for years. This adds value to the packaging and creates a long-lasting impression that’s hard to duplicate.

  1. Glossy Lamination or Matt Lamination:

For the most part, Birthday gift boxes are made by printing on many surfaces, then finishing the surface with either a glossy laminate or a matte laminate.

A laminate is a transparent sheet of plastic that adheres to the four sides of a print.

Matte and glossy laminates provide extra protection and durability for printed products while offering different levels of aesthetic appeal.

  1. AQ Coating or Spot UV Varnishing:

AQ (anti-quake) coating is also known as spot UV varnishing.

It’s used to finish a premium gift box more luxurious, waterproof, and resistant to sunlight.

Other materials, such as embossing or debossing, are more popular choices for premium packaging.

14.   How many sides of birthday gift boxes can be printed?

You can choose the number of sides you want printed to create your Birthday gift box.

(1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) Your message is printed on the front and back of a Birthday gift box so that you can reach your recipient quickly.

To increase brand awareness among your customers, you can use the front and back as a calling card for your brand’s name or logo.

Birthday-Boxes-Matt Varnish
It can be used as a promotional tool for branding and is a good way to make a prominent market presence.

The number of magnets you want to use will affect the cost required for printing. The price will increase with the number of interests you want to print.

15.   What Are Birthday Gift Boxes With The Window?

Birthday gift boxes with windows are those box designs that have a window on their upper flap.

This is the design that promotes your products or products that you plan to launch.

“Birthday Gift Boxes with Window” will help you stand out from the competition.

Attaching a window to your gift box helps customers understand that your product is unique and special to them.

Birthday gift boxes for gift-giving make you stand out from your competitors, bringing in more sales and customers.

Customers love to open gift boxes. The attached windows make them more likely to buy a product, which is why Birthday gift boxes with windows are top sellers.

A Birthday gift box with an embedded window will likely do even better it will get customers to buy your products instantly.

Birthday gift boxes with attached windows can help you increase your revenue compared to non-window Birthday gift boxes.

16.   What Is The Manufacturing Process Of Birthday Gift Boxes?

The manufacturing process of a Birthday box for gifts is listed below:

You need to select the materials you need to manufacture a Birthday gift box.

You need to determine the size of your box suitable for your product.

You need to create the mold and determine the size and correct shape of your box.

Once you have determined that, the next step is to create the proper materials for your product with the correct shape.

The next step in paper art is cutting out shapes. You can use a paper cutter or scissors to make the edge of your box.

Once you have the sides cut, wrap them with paper and print designs on them before applying the coating.

The next step in paper art is decorating your box by carving cute shapes or designs.

Craft stores sell pre-made gift boxes that are decorated with your designs.

The most important element of the Birthday gift box is the magnet embedded in the flap lining.

It ensures that the flap closes instantly, it protects and holds the product you want to put inside, and it creates a bold logo design on its surface.

17.   What Are The Uses Of Birthday Gift Boxes?

Few uses of the birthday gift boxes are given below:

  • The Birthday gift sets offer you a secure and affordable way to pack your items.
  • The Birthday gift sets are ideal for storing small jewelry, figurines, or small collectibles.
  • The Birthday gift sets allow you to display small items, such as jewelry, figurines, or other small items, in the order they were packed.
  • These boxes are perfect to use to give a gift to a loved one.
  • For birthdays, anniversaries, and more, these boxes are the way to go.
  • Birthday gift boxes are also perfect for promoting your business or brand.

18.   What Kind Of Accessories Or Trays Could Add To Birthday Gift Boxes?

Vibrant and colorful labels
Several accessories are widely used in creating birthday gift boxes. These include:

  • Artificial flowers or leaves
  • Decorative bows
  • Silk fabric
  • Colorful buttons
  • Rope pieces
  • Pompoms
  • Pull-string ribbons
  • Texture wrapping paper
  • Ribbon
  • Artificial flowers

Several accessories are widely employed to make the birthday gift boxes more appealing and decorative.

Birthday gift boxes are an effective way to help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Add some extra flair to your box by using trays inside. You can design the trays, so they’re eye-catching, or you can use them to hold small accessories and other items that will enhance the presentation of your birthday gift boxes.

At a glance, your birthday gift box will attract attention. Attractive birthday gift boxes make your products stand out from the crowd.

At least one tray in your Birthday gift box should have toys, smaller gifts, or other accessories.

Choose trays made of cardboard to make your birthday gift box more versatile and attractive.

19.   What Is The Difference Between Birthday Gift Boxes And Flat Packaging Boxes?


Flat Packaging:

The main difference between them is that flat packaging box is manufactured on machines while Birthday gift boxes are more often made manually.

As the name expresses, the flat packaging boxes are flat-shaped, while Birthday gift boxes can be molded into any desired shape except a balanced form.

Birthday Gift Boxes:

The Birthday gift boxes are perfect for storing small to large items.

The variety of sizes make them ideal for transporting and storing items of varying sizes, such as books, jewelry, or electronics.

The birthday gift boxes can also house smaller items such as paperclips or other small office supplies that cannot fit in an ordinary box.

20) How Many Types Of Birthday Boxes Are There?

From a lot of types of birthday gift boxes, a few are explained below:

  1. Shelf Ready Birthday Gift Boxes:

The new generation of shelf-ready packaging is tailored to the needs of individual retailers.

These birthday gift boxes are designed to look attractive and appealing on retail shelves and attract customers’ attention, as well as to help them find exactly what they’re looking for.

  1. Slide Type Birthday Gift Boxes:

Another helpful new packaging product this year is the slide-open box. The slide-open box can be made with two different parts: a box sleeve and an inner compartment assembled into a package.

  1. Telescope Birthday Gift Boxes:

A telescope box is a storage container that is used to showcase products such as telescopes. It consists of two parts: a base and a lid.

  1. Full overlap Birthday Gift Boxes:

These are the boxes that are perfect for shipping products. They are smartly designed and feature a rugged exterior.

  1. Roll End Tuck Top Birthday Gift Boxes:

A box with a roll-top lid that is easily opened and closed allows shoppers to see what’s inside and understand the product’s value.

Birthday-Boxes-Roll End

The roll-top design is an attractive way to package goods, and it makes it easy for shoppers to see what’s inside and understand the product.

  1. Half Slotted Birthday Gift Box:

These boxes are great for storage. They have an open side so that products can be easily stored and accessed.

  1. Corrugated Trays Birthday Gift:

If you need to display your merchandise, you can choose a corrugated tray to keep items protected during transit.

  1. Regular slotted Birthday Gift boxes:

A standard box is the most resilient packaging format for small items. This low-cost, customizable option is available in many sizes and configurations.

  1. Cardboard Birthday Gift Boxes:

Made from cardboard and corrugated paper, they are easy and inexpensive to produce. They can even be used for the packaging of almost anything.

  1. Shoulder Birthday Gift Boxes:

Shoulder boxes are containers that have lids and bases with a small gap between them to create a space.

If you’re using it to store items, it works just like a box, but if you’re using the space in your design, you can use it to create interesting shapes and patterns.

  1. Rigid Birthday Gift Boxes:

A rigid box is a premium finishing touch for luxury products. It protects everything inside while adding a high-end look to the product.

  1. Folding Birthday Gift Box:

Folding boxes are the most common packaging used in retail stores. They can be extremely useful in getting your product to your customers quickly.

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